superm1oh check your spam majoridiot12:26
superm1i did get an answer 7 min ago12:26
superm1and gmail flagged it spam12:26
majoridiotyup.  flagged mine as spam, too... it didn't forward.12:28
superm1i think it is because there is no sender on it12:28
superm1so once your in12:29
majoridiotok... set up.12:30
superm1there is a wysiwyg editor available for editting pages, but i dont like it much myself12:30
superm1i've done most of the pages in google docs and then copied and pasted the html12:30
superm1but if you find a better method or a plugin or anything, we can install whatever we want on the box12:30
=== DaveMorris is old a remembers using notepade/gedit
majoridioti'll play with it later and see12:31
superm1I'm not sure if there is a mechanism for easily uploading files on it as of yet (for pictures), but that is something else that we will need to investigate12:31
superm1haha DaveMorris12:31
majoridiotjust what i need... another freakin editor to learn. ;)12:31
DaveMorrisand I'm only 2412:31
superm1yea thats why i just do mine in google docs :)12:31
superm1it uses what it calls filtered html12:32
majoridiot24... meh.  'tis but a kid12:33
superm1but anyway.  i think the most ideal thing to do would be a few simple docs.  Mythbuntu should be pretty straightforward on its own, but we should at least have a FAQ, a Release Notes, and a short little install guide that walks you through the procedure and outlines the steps a bit more12:34
DaveMorrisanyone here use latex?12:34
superm1i'm going to start using it this fall12:34
superm1on the todo list to learn12:34
=== majoridiot wonders if condoms count
DaveMorrisits nice, esp combined with SC12:34
DaveMorrisbut I'm trying to work out how to do source code syntax highlighing12:35
majoridiotwell, be sure to holla as soon as there is a semi-final image to burn and install...12:35
majoridiot(as far as steps and procedures go)12:35
=== majoridiot udpated the team front page
superm1k majoridiot12:36
superm1ah great :)12:36
superm1i think whats needed also is to identify everyone that we should list on there12:36
superm1as contributing (since they aren't all in the LP groups)12:36
superm1because we'll get rogue780|mythsvr and tgm4883 in here every so often chatting away with some people, and gardengnome (laga) needs to be listed as working on svn packaging now12:37
majoridiotsomeone will need to compile that list... i only know of the ones listed.12:37
superm1ah ok12:37
superm1well i was wondering if I should poke newlinux and a few of the other guys that have been all over the forums12:37
superm1like i've logged in once or twice every day or two, and they just handle all the posts, there is little for me to help with now :)12:37
superm1because then we can get a good breakdown of where people are contributing (support, docs, packaging, mythbuntu, etc)12:38
superm1and list that as well12:38
superm1all in all i think the we'll have 8-12 people listed then on that page12:40
superm1i'll send out some pms tonight when i get hoem12:40
majoridioti haven't had the time or energy to do much in the forums lately- at least not new topics.12:40
DaveMorrisYou just gonna put the irc names, or irc, full name, email, site?12:41
majoridiotonly 7 now12:41
superm1DaveMorris, we should do as much as possible12:41
majoridiotand there are certainly as many more that should be listed, if they so choose12:41
superm1so probably irc, full name and emali12:41
superm1majoridiot, understandable, you can spend hours on the forums and just barely scratch the surface of how many people can use a hand ;)12:42
superm1lately i've been more working on mythbuntu related items than having time for support myself12:42
majoridiot(not counting the ones that want to immediately disregard or argue with your proposed solutions) :S12:42
DaveMorrisbtw do we have backups of the servers taking place?12:44
superm1i'm not sure if imbrandon is handling backups or not12:44
superm1all of our code that is in use is in bzr12:45
superm1so in the event something died, that is simple checkout12:45
DaveMorrisif not I've got a machine here which can download them, I've got about 300GB left on my raid 5 atm12:45
=== defendguin [n=supertux@cpe-72-181-7-135.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrisbut I'm sitting on the end of DSL, so only 2Mbit/sec12:45
superm1DaveMorris, we should check with imbrandon if he is handling it or not.  If not, at least backing up drupal, /home,  and a few things in /etc would be a good idea12:46
DaveMorrisI still need to sort out the dumping my mythtv databases nightly12:47
superm1the packages do it for you12:48
superm1they back it up to a directory in /var12:48
superm1i think weekly12:48
DaveMorrisdo they12:53
DaveMorrisstill on the same drive though ;)12:53
superm1well you set up a cron job to scp them out12:54
superm1somewhere else12:54
superm1or to at least move them somewhere else12:54
DaveMorrisyeah I know12:58
DaveMorrisjsut not got around to doing it yet12:59
superm1DaveMorris, you said next week you'll be able to look more into mythdora and knoppmyth's method of presetup and module loading order right/01:00
DaveMorrisbendaily is checking out mythdora01:00
DaveMorrisI've got knoppmyth01:01
DaveMorrisbut yeah netx week01:01
superm1well i'll be ready to drop in whatever you find out by next week hopefully01:01
superm1with where i'm at with ubiquity thus far01:01
DaveMorrisI've got a ncie box setup to try it on etc01:01
superm1doesn't even need to necessarily be on a box, you can do it all in a VM01:02
superm1i think01:02
DaveMorristhe only problem I can see, is that we won't have a big enough databases of devices etc01:02
DaveMorrisI'd rather put it into fesity+201:02
DaveMorrisand put in feisty+1 a way fro peple to report back the settings  they have to get  cards working etc along with details of cards01:03
superm1well the database will be there already from these other distros i'd tihnk01:03
superm1but won't really know untli you look into it01:03
DaveMorrisyeah, but we might not be able to steal there databases etc01:05
DaveMorrisI've no idea what the licenicing side of things are01:05
superm1well i'd imagine they are GPL, but you'll have to see01:05
superm1if they are some other license, we can always adapt too01:05
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@71-12-14-250.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
ompaulsuperm1, anything else I can help with, btw he had removed the TV card :-( but we will put it in on the next visit01:06
superm1ah good ompaul .  I think thus far we're good for channel stuff01:07
superm1thanks for stopping in and getting all of this going for us01:07
ompaulwell I had the joys of UDS and 3 years of ubuntu now so I kind of do some payback ;-)01:07
ompaulone has to build ones gnewsense from ubuntu you know ;-)01:08
superm1oh is gnewsense based from ubuntu?01:08
ompaulmost certainly01:08
=== superm1 looks at gnewsense.org
ompaulwhen stallman and shuttleworth met in tunis at some summit (internet society thing I think) they both said gnubuntu and meant different things01:09
superm1thats the first thing that came to mind for me too01:10
superm1so whose idea is this more like?01:10
ompaulwell I had an audience of one for the distro01:10
ompauland he now runs it01:11
ompaulI told the guy with the multiple of millions of users I would get the audience of one running ubuntu by code if it was not by name01:11
ompaulit seems I managed to do that01:12
superm1this looks like a very neat project you've got going here01:12
ompaulwith the help of the brains of the outfit01:12
ompaulbrian brazil01:12
ompaulor is that brain brazil :)01:12
ompaulso now ya know01:12
ompaulthe fact that the fsf runs it on servers now and so forth is kinda cool01:13
ompaulI got ubuntu dapper and feisty gnewsense and gnusense-kde running on different boxes01:13
ompaulkind of mad01:13
ompaulbut you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs01:14
ompaulor was that smashing kernels01:14
superm1thats gotta feel great to know you've got big guys like that using it01:14
ompaulit has its moments01:14
ompaullets just say my name is well known in some places01:14
ompaulohh no get him off the phone :)01:15
superm1when i moved up to my current location and started my internship, i was talking to some guys that work up here about what i do with mythtv and ubuntu.  and their reaction was wow! so i'm using your packages, nice job dude!01:15
Davieyompaul, wha's the difference between gnewsense and debian?01:17
ompaulDaviey, the debian kernel is more polluted01:17
Davieywith non-free stuff or just bloat?01:17
ompaulnon free01:17
ompaulthat is our only bug01:17
Davieylike intel's wifi module?01:18
ompaulehh are you on the gns site?01:18
Davieymaybe i should see if you have a FAQ :)01:18
ompaulgnus not solaris (ohh yes it is)01:18
ompaulor will be some day01:18
ompaulDaviey, go to the "builder script" stuff and checkout the gen kernel script01:19
ompaulit tells you the crack we remove01:19
Davieyyes sir01:19
ompauldude chill :-)01:19
ompaulyou can as easy tell me to shhhhhh :)01:19
DavieyOh don't worry, i say "yes sir" to everybody01:20
=== ompaul has short hair and a management job when he is not suffering with a flu like bug
Davieypoor ompaul01:20
ompaulI filed it but the doc said Won't Fix - here have some time off work and some drugs01:20
ompaulthey might help a little but its a won't fix01:20
=== ompaul has a phb kind of role as the only techie / it manager in his job
DavieyI think the idea of a fully free OS is great!  - But i won't use it until the wireless drivers are made free :(01:21
ompaulwell the chance of that as long as cards are not made on a per market basis is slim01:22
ompaulhowever there are people who know the story and they are not totally not listening they are pretending not to01:22
ompaulthere is a market for fanatics01:22
ompaulthe question is it wide enough to build you a card that works where ever you are on the planet01:23
ompaulwhich by the way is the justification for the binary blobs but there ya go01:23
ompaulwell there are more politics to it than that but that is another story01:23
Davieyheh..  I guess you have your own repo's?01:24
ompaulwell they are essentially ubuntu's repos with very few changes01:24
DavieyDo you merge from upstream then remove what you don't like?01:24
ompaulwell kind of01:25
ompaulwe take main and universe01:25
ompaulobviously not restricted01:25
ompaulthen we remove one or two packages01:25
ompauland kill off some files in the kernel and rebuild it01:25
ompauland then01:25
ompaulkill off firefox and rebuild it with the name burning dog01:25
Davieyand obv. not multiverse :)01:25
ompaulit gets symlinked to firefox01:26
Davieyare mozilla foundation happy with that?01:26
ompaulthey got no choice01:26
Davieydidn't debian get burned for that?01:26
ompaulit is not branding01:26
ompaulno they got burned for calling it firefox01:26
ompauland changing stuff01:26
ompaulwe got a link to not break the desktop01:26
ompaula symlink01:26
ompaulthat would be an upstream thing01:27
ompauland then we would have two problems01:27
DavieyIsn't IceWeasel firefox without the branding/logo's?01:27
ompaulIW from debian --- ehhhh or IW from the FSF01:27
ompaulwe have no branding or logos01:27
ompaulwe also don't do extention downloads01:27
ompaulas most of them are non free01:27
ompaulso you can't download extentions with bd01:28
ompaulso we looked at that01:28
ompauland we though you know we could but we have this thing called binary compatibity with upstream as far as possible01:28
ompaulso there is a third way01:28
ompaulburning dog01:29
ompaulfire       fox01:29
ompaulany one see the pun?01:29
ompaulany two see the pun?01:29
Davieyburning vixon :)01:29
ompaulthat would be aluding to the species01:29
ompaulburning bob would have been possible but not very PC01:30
ompauland the logo for "bob" with the pipe01:30
Davieyompaul, sounds like a great project..  wish you luck :)01:31
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
ompaulohh noooooes its jono01:31
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
=== ompaul runs
ompaulright I am off to the land of sleep cheers01:38
superm1Daviey, any chance ot poke around with setting up the metas today o no?01:40
Davieysuperm1, which ones?!01:40
superm1haha very funny01:40
DavieyI've got meta's coming out my ears.  ;)01:41
superm1out your ears and into bzr?01:41
DavieyYou mean the theme meta's?01:41
superm1the build script metas01:41
Davieyoh..  I haven't started that yet01:41
DavieyAlmost finished the theme meta's tho ;)01:42
superm1oh forgot to tell you today01:42
superm1guess what was uploaded ?01:42
Davieyyour lieing01:42
superm1mythbuntu-artwork-usplash is coming into gutsy!!!!!01:42
=== Hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Daviey*surely* there was _something_ wrong01:42
superm1crimsun uploaded it yesterday evening01:42
DavieyAn extra space character at EOF or something...01:43
superm1well if there was, he let it go01:43
=== Daviey checks for bug reports
Davieyjono, are you still here?01:44
jonoDaviey: about to go01:44
DavieyAs community rep - can you do us a favour?01:44
jonoDaviey: what?01:44
Davieykick canonical's mailing list admins into touch?01:44
Davieybeen waiting 2months + for a ML01:44
Davieyfor ubuntu-mythtv01:44
superm1(@l.u.c of course)01:45
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyjono ?01:52
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
jonoDaviey: I can try01:54
jonodid you file an RT?01:54
superm1i did jono01:54
jonowill check into it tomorrow01:54
jonoI am off to bed now01:54
superm1night jono01:55
Davieynn, thanks jono01:55
=== Hugol1 [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
jononp :)01:56
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1okay majoridiot i'm gonna take off from work for the evening.  i'll be back on an hr or two02:08
superm1when i get home and eat02:08
majoridiot(on phone)02:08
a5benwillisEither of you guys good with getting php5 to work with edgy?02:21
a5benwillisits killing me here02:21
a5benwillisoh no's, super left already02:21
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== QuadForce [n=chatzill@71-12-10-224.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
a5benwillisanybody here tonight?03:17
QuadForcehelp please03:17
QuadForceI'm trying to rip a dvd using mythdvd... i have the disc in the drive, but it just says "No jobs. Checking and/or waiting for DVD. anyone got an idea?03:17
superm1QuadForce, try starting mtd03:29
superm1before mythfrontend03:29
superm1a5benwillis, i'm here03:29
superm1whats up?03:29
a5benwillistrying to help this guy with mythdvd03:29
a5benwillisI got my apache issue fixed :-)03:29
a5benwillisI have the same issue with mythdvd so it would be nice to see how to fix it03:30
a5benwillisor make it work if it aint broke03:31
superm1Well can't say i've ripped a dvd ever with it.03:32
superm1Its been on my todo for ages03:32
defendguinis it just me or is the music player interface for mythtv lame?03:32
superm1actually there is a bug opened about it that i was supposed to look into a while ago03:32
superm1a5benwillis, if you dont get it sussed out by later on, i'll see if i can look at it.  i'm merging d-m packages right now with us03:33
superm1defendguin, yes it is03:33
QuadForcewhen I try "mtd" I get a bunch of libread errors03:33
a5benwillisdid you use sudo?03:33
QuadForcelibdvdread: checkvalue failed03:34
a5benwillissudo apt-get install libdvdread03:35
a5benwillisthat may have to be done from source... cant remember03:36
QuadForcecant find package03:36
a5benwillisI have it installed. let me see if I still have the link03:36
superm1sudo apt-get install libdvdread303:36
superm1you'll probably also need libdvdcss2 (but i'm not sure about that)03:36
a5benwillisthat links for libdvdcss203:37
rogue780|mythsvrso...ubotu works different here?03:37
rogue780|mythsvrwhoa...what the heck happened?03:39
rogue780|mythsvrok...um, so sorry about that paste thing. I have NO idea how it happened. I was at work from 7:00AM 'til 5:00PM....so, again. quite sorry03:42
=== superm1 pokes ubotu with a sharp stick
rogue780|mythsvranyone have any theories on what could have caused it?03:43
superm1hm guess ubotu decided to break03:43
rogue780|mythsvr<ubotu> For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:44
superm1rogue780|mythsvr, no ideas how that could have happend03:45
superm1as keescook said, my xchat window turned into a xmas tree: )03:45
keescookrogue780|mythsvr: cats?  :)03:47
a5benwillissuperm1: still getting a funny error with mtd03:48
a5benwillis"*** libdvdread: CHECK_VALUE failed in ifo_read.c:1417 ***03:48
a5benwillis*** for c_adt->cell_adr_table[i] .cell_id > 0 ***03:48
a5benwillisinstalled libdvdread and css03:48
superm1a5benwillis, do you have another dvd to try?03:51
=== Chadarius [n=Chadariu@c-71-228-30-253.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1one that you know is rippable at least03:54
=== Daviey [n=Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieysuperm1, come quick03:56
Davieyyou there?03:56
superm1whats up?03:56
a5benwillisas in unencrypted03:56
Davieyarg http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_org_opening_to_the_public_soon03:58
superm1oh no.....03:59
Davieyoh yes :(03:59
superm1imbrandon,  you there?03:59
superm1you might want to be ready with pegasus03:59
Davieyneed a new hamster?04:00
DavieyTrying to formulate a 'reply' - but so tired can'04:00
DavieyWant to say - 'it's very alpha atm' etc04:00
superm1why are you awake still?04:00
DavieyMy RSS - mythbuntu alarm clock woke me04:01
Davieymonitors RSS feeds and sets off an alarm if mentioned04:01
superm1rss alarm clock04:02
superm1thats a new one04:02
Davieynot really - daughter woke up04:02
superm1are there two other mythtv derivatives that i dont know about?04:04
superm1for ubuntu or is this person just very poorly mistaken?04:04
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:04
superm1woah ubotu, that was so 20 minutes ago04:04
Davieyi'm sure04:06
DavieyI would like to make a warning to anybody intending to try the ISO - it's still very alpha.  Currently it can be used as a Mythtv fronted directly from the livecd.04:08
DavieyHowever, we are still working on the installation procedure for a frontend/backend install.  So i would advise people hold off really testing it for the time being.04:08
DavieySoon we should have a mailing list, that we can announce a beta iso on - watch this space.04:08
Davieydoh.. bleedin xchat04:09
a5benwillisthanks Daviey04:09
superm1thats good, beat met to finding my digg pw04:09
Davieyfirst line went pm, others went here.  sorry a5benwillis04:09
Davieysuperm1, gotta love cookies04:10
Davieyno idea what mine is either04:10
superm1my desktop has it saved, but that desktop is in the living room since my frontend died.  its my current fe now04:10
Davieyanyway, gonna try bed again04:12
superm1a5benwillis, yes unencrypted is the best bet to make sure everything else is sane04:17
a5benwillisQuadForce is the one trying it... Im just helping04:19
QuadForcegot an older movie to show up04:19
QuadForcehow do you "Process Selected title" ?04:20
QuadForcei hit tab, but it never goes there04:20
=== frank23 [n=frank@CPE001839c1904e-CM00080d26a042.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
frank23If I install the mythweb in feisty, is the web interface only visible from my computer or can others (on the internet) connect?04:53
frank23what are the default settings?04:53
superm1your computer and the internet04:53
a5benwillisif your computer is internet accessible yes04:54
frank23superm1: How can I disable access from the internet?04:54
frank23superm1: (or at least protect it)04:55
superm1put it behind a router04:55
superm1is the easiest way04:55
superm1or create a htaccess file04:55
superm1or just bind apache to the localhost interface04:55
superm1rather than all interfaces04:55
frank23superm1: it's already behind a router...04:56
superm1then dont forward port 8004:56
superm1and you'll be fine04:56
frank23superm1: ok04:56
frank23superm1: How would I bind apache to localhost? do you mean the loopback interface?04:58
frank23It works!04:59
frank23I was wondering... why was the automatic daily mythfilldatabase disabled for datadirect? Wouldn't the once a day update with the 'let server decide when' setting be a suitable default?05:08
superm1u have to set it up in the frontend now05:11
frank23If the frontend is never on, the backend would not get schedule updates?05:13
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1imbrandon, you there?06:07
imbrandonsuperm1: You sent me a contentless ping.  This is a contentless pong.  Please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I am around.06:07
superm1imbrandon,I was going to ask you about ulive, how soon do hotels and such fill up for these sorts of things?06:07
superm1frank23, its just for setting up for the first time06:33
superm1the backend handles doing the job06:33
superm1its because it will get data from datadirect indicating when to do a guide update next06:33
superm1based on tms's rotation schedule06:34
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54a5f2f6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Daviey [n=Daviey@ubuntu/member/daviey] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Daviey, your up early?09:03
superm1or maybe i'm going to bed late again....09:04
Daviey@work :(09:04
superm1i dont know the difference anymore09:04
DavieyMust be silly o'clock for then superm1 ?09:10
Daviey- for you...09:10
superm1well i've been kludging at this merge all night09:11
superm1with mythtv and mythplugins09:11
superm1running into little things here and there that are turning into trouble09:11
superm1and requiring a rebuild09:11
superm1at the same time i was trying to fix mythweather usign the patch on trac09:11
superm1but its turning out to be a packaging mess because it also introduces several new binary files09:12
Davieyoh, that's a point have you merged the changes that IMDB require?09:14
DavieyWhat merge are you doing with mythtv & plugins?09:15
Daviey- imdb, i see it has :)09:16
Davieyold news eh?09:17
superm1w/ new version at debian multimedia.  its been a long time since i merged with christian's changes09:18
superm1so i also want to send him back up a list of the stuff we changed09:19
DavieyI was wondering about debian upstream actually09:19
DavieyAre you supply a diff?  Or list of changes?09:19
superm1well the way that we've been doing it is a list of changes09:20
superm1and what he is interested in upstream i give him more info09:20
superm1in the mythtv packages i'm making all the depends on msttcorefonts change already09:21
superm1to fake-msttcorefonts | msttcorefonts09:21
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1so your locked in at that name now :)09:21
DavieyI was going to question that name09:21
superm1well actually i havent committed to bzr yet09:22
DavieyWasn't sure if -motu would like it09:22
superm1you've got about 40 minutes to decide09:22
superm1well can you think of a better name?09:22
superm1er more appropriate name09:22
Davieynot easily..09:23
superm1well i'm just going to commit this for now, it can always be changed though09:23
Davieythat scared me09:25
superm1i was just going to comment that i need to learn to work on one thing at a time, or get a bigger workspace.  its bad when two monitors isn't enough09:26
Davieyhehe - i can't see it easily09:26
DavieyA note on the recent db bug09:28
Davieybug 10995009:28
Daviey- that affects all kubuntu users?09:28
Davieyubotu's being slow eh?09:29
=== superm1 hits ubotu a few times
superm1I've got the fix for that one in this upload though09:29
superm1if i'm remembering it correctly09:29
superm1about update-notifier09:29
DavieyIsn't update-notifier a KDE thing?09:30
superm1I didn't think it was09:30
DavieyI'm wrong09:30
superm1well its partk of ubuntu-desktop and edubuntu-desktop depends only09:30
superm1so perhaps09:30
superm1well what is the comparable product in kubuntu then?09:31
DavieySupports gnome, kde and xfce :)09:31
superm1oh good09:31
Davieyso it should be fine :)09:31
superm1okay then depend on update-notifier isn't a big deal09:32
superm1its only needed for mythtv-database anyhow09:32
superm1so a frontend only kde system won't getit09:32
Davieydoes that mean a backend requires X?09:32
superm1well not necessarily09:32
superm1yay. the mythweather fix i did works09:33
DavieyOh this is silly..... update-notifier is any WM but depends on - 'update-manager' which is gnome centric!09:34
DavieyWhat was the problem with mythweather?09:34
superm1it broke a month or two ago09:34
superm1when msnbc changed their site09:34
superm1it also depend on a ton of gtk things09:35
superm1that is really silly09:35
DavieyDoes seem a suitable fix - but i won't be surprised if kder's file a bug09:36
superm1well there is no other way to really do it09:37
superm1if we are going to use update notifier to tell the user via a gui09:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109950 in mythtv "mythtv-database configuration cannot connect to MySQL database" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10995009:38
superm1wow that was literally 10 minutes delayed09:38
DavieyThat sounds like a bug itself09:38
Davieylet's file a bug against the bug bot :)09:39
superm1maybe it caught the same thing that majoridiot got09:39
superm1he was in here for a bit earlier....09:39
DavieyThink i was 'bout09:40
DavieyI created his mythbuntu.org account :)09:41
superm1right.  hopefully you dont catch his bug too then!09:41
Davieybug 11657409:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116574 in ubuntu-bots "Recently ubotu has become very slow are echoing bug info" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11657409:44
superm1its not just bug info though, they were slow with things like09:44
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV09:44
superm1or !dvd09:44
superm1ubotu, you are bad at letting me make examples09:45
Davieyplease don't think he's intelligent :)09:45
superm1okay i need to learn which is xchat09:48
superm1and which is gnome-terminal09:48
superm1like make one black or something09:48
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superm1damn that was a long email to christian10:02
superm1ended up with 23 attachments10:03
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1gardengnome, you here?10:09
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
gardengnomesuperm1: yes10:27
superm1gardengnome, I just finished merging with d-m for our packages10:27
superm1so the results are in bzr if you want to use them towards the svn ones as well10:28
superm1and the mythweather patch *did* work10:28
superm1for 0.20-fixes10:28
gardengnomesuperm1: FYI, people (developers) were concerned about legal issues.10:29
gardengnomeseems that the patch breaks the TOS of the data sources10:29
gardengnomeor something10:29
superm1I thought that it came off of weather.com sources10:30
superm1which were open xml feeds10:30
gardengnomesorry, i just woke up because someone didn't understand the "call first" that was put under the delivery address of a new windows.10:30
gardengnomemaybe they were concerned about the radar images10:30
gardengnomei'll try to see if i can locate it in my backlog10:31
superm1well radar images have been coming from weather.com for a long long time10:32
superm1this is new to get the data from them though10:32
gardengnomei've asked for the logs10:36
gardengnomei can't recall any details.10:36
superm1well that will really suck then if we cant use this patch10:36
superm1it was annoying to put together :)10:37
gardengnomedon't worry until you've seen the details :)10:37
superm1there are new images in it, so they had to be tgz'ed and then uuencoded.  so during build after applying the patch, they have to be uudecoded and then extracted10:37
superm1well not a big deal for you to add to svn though.... i got the leg work here done :)10:38
gardengnomethanks ;)10:38
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1just make sure to catch the build-dep on sharutils and a few changes to debian/rules to reflect it10:39
gardengnomesuperm1: was that #3327?10:48
superm1sounds right10:49
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Davieysuperm1, still here?11:22
superm1shouldnt be....11:22
superm1i was just in bed and heard the laptop start beeping :)11:22
Davieybug 4699211:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 46992 in mythtv "Make mythtv depend on xmltv-util" [Medium,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4699211:22
Davieybeen re-opened11:23
superm1I dont think determining locations is possible by apt11:23
superm1when installing a package like that11:23
Davieywell afaik i don't need xmltv for dvb over the air transmission of tv guide11:24
Davieydo i?11:24
Davieyso even location is no good11:24
superm1its in the recommends for mythtv-backend already anyway11:24
Davieyi would say that most uk myther's use dvb cards11:24
Davieyanyway, whats the time there?11:25
superm1night Daviey ......11:25
Davieyor dd11:25
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rogue780|mythsvrompaul, um, I would have said sorry if I had been home and not at work06:53
rogue780|mythsvrompaul, and what do you want to talk about?06:53
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
ompaulrogue780|mythsvr, you seemed to have a pasting issue happen yesterday06:54
ompauljust a little one ;-)06:55
rogue780|mythsvrright. can't explain it. I was at work in a secure area for 14 hours yesterday06:55
rogue780|mythsvrand no cats06:55
ompaulso someone moved the keyboard or whatever06:56
rogue780|mythsvrno one could have though. my dogs stay down stairs, and my wife was also at work06:56
ompaulso it suddenly had a case of the I will repeat the last X lines in the channel06:57
ompaulwhich client?06:57
rogue780|mythsvrX Chat06:57
=== ompaul is now mystified
ompaulI have it set up here to back scroll 10k lines06:58
rogue780|mythsvrso now I sit with my ubotu pm window active instead of this channel06:58
rogue780|mythsvrI have it set up 3k, and everything is logged06:58
=== ompaul is a little more irc than he is anything else in fact ompaul wonders if he is not just a little too virtual :)
ompaulctrl alt and L might be useful walking away from the keyboard, it is my guess that someone moved the keyboard or  mouse or both06:59
ompaulI have dogs but they leave the keyboards alone, all they want is my seat07:00
rogue780|mythsvrthere is no keyboard or mouse attached to this computer07:02
rogue780|mythsvrit's controlled through vnc07:03
rogue780|mythsvrthere might have been an erroneous command sent then VNC timed-out yesterday about the same time though07:04
rogue780|mythsvrthat's my best  guess as I look back through the logs07:04
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ompaulthats interesting07:20
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_is there a good book on linux?07:34
=== superm1 [i=malimonc@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
ompaultgm4883_, there are many, depends on your knowledge, and aims07:39
ompaultgm4883_, join me in #ubuntu-offtopic for this one :-)07:40
ompaul5 mins and we will have you with at least two if not three books that will get you started / sorted07:40
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=== Topic for #ubuntu-mythtv: Welcome to #ubuntu-mythtv:: paste http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org :: mythtv on the wiki, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV :: Have a great day
=== Topic (#ubuntu-mythtv): set by ompaul at Wed May 23 18:08:13 2007
gardengnometgm4883_: in the status screen08:30
tgm4883_do i need to be looking through the frontend?08:31
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has left #ubuntu-mythtv ["""]
gardengnometgm4883_: it's also accessible in mythweb. or just enter "uptime" in a shell08:32
tgm4883_hmm, cause im checking mythweb and cant find it.  In the backend status or the statistics08:33
gardengnomebackend status08:33
tgm4883_i must be blind, i still dont see it08:33
gardengnomei don't have a mythtv box handy at the moment. i can't look it up for you08:34
tgm4883_yea it's not there, ill check my frontend08:35
tgm4883_found it on the frontend, but not through mythweb.  Only 8 days here08:36
superm1keescook, ping08:44
keescooksuperm1: pong08:45
superm1keescook, I've got the two packages added here: http://pegasus.imbrandon.com/~supermario/personal/dists/feisty/mythtv_testing/08:45
superm1There are orig.tar.gz's and dsc's and diff.tar.gz's08:45
superm1since its a new upstream versoin08:45
superm1(and test builds on feisty if you were interested in running)08:45
keescookah, cool!08:45
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superm1tgm4883_, only 8 days..... my record was like 95 days for my myth box (and it only changed from a power outage)08:52
=== MegaQuark [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1keescook, I think you mentioned in one of the bug reports to make a package called mythtv-backend-utils.  I opted for mythtv-transcode-utils instead (made more sense since it's used on both backend or frontend)09:02
keescooksounds good09:03
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tgm4883_superm1, yea i had some problems about 8 days ago that i had to reboot09:27
tgm4883_i basically had an unresponsive system09:27
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
tgm4883My usual way of setting channels is by scanning in mythtv-setup.  Is there a way to add channels that I know are there (and are viewable by the card in a previous setup) but not by scanning?09:39
superm1you can probably force add them via mysql09:40
superm1but a scan is probably the safest way09:40
superm1analog or digital channels?09:40
tgm4883when i first set it up the scan didn't find it09:40
tgm4883atsc HD09:40
superm1well you can do a scan outside of myth09:40
superm1and import a channels.conf09:40
tgm4883that sounds like the way to go09:41
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883i just hope it finds them this time09:41
superm1in my experience, the myth scanner has caught everything available to me though09:41
superm1no more than i find outside09:41
superm1are you sure the stations are still broadcasting?09:42
tgm4883Does the channel scanner use anything from zap2it09:42
tgm4883yea my qam capable tv still gets the channels09:42
superm1then these aren't ATSC.... they are QAM64/128/256?09:43
tgm4883my bad09:43
tgm4883atsc is the HD channels?09:44
superm1are you doing a scan on *all* qam transports, or only rescanning existing?09:44
superm1ATSC is used for digital over the air09:44
superm1were you doing ATSC scans (when you should have been doing QAM)?09:45
tgm4883my tv is both qam and atsc capable.09:45
tgm4883i want to get the OTA channels that comcast provides.09:45
superm1but via qam09:45
superm1go back in the scanner and make sure you chose the right options09:46
tgm4883currently i only get a few on my HD550009:46
tgm4883sec, i have to install vnc on it.  No keyboard on it09:46
tgm4883? are the repos down?09:48
superm1I know ubuntuforums was getting hammered really hard this morning09:48
superm1maybe archive.ubuntu.com is too09:48
superm1consider using a different mirror perhaps09:49
tgm4883i never did change them to my country, would that help?  It's simply making it us.archive.ubuntu.com right?09:49
superm1well I usually grab a local .edu mirror09:50
tgm4883whoa, just installed09:50
superm1they seem not to have a lot of load09:50
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883ah, ill grab one a little later09:50
=== rogier [n=rogier@141-116-dyn.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883ok, superm1, installed and ready, full scan, cable freq, qam 256, existing channels get minimal updates09:57
tgm4883ok, its scanning09:57
tgm4883i suppose its going to give me a long list of nothing channels again09:57
superm1Yup :*(09:57
tgm4883for some reason some channels i dont get have like 30 subchannels09:57
superm1on demand channels09:57
superm1that other users are watching09:57
superm1they are kinda useless to keep in there though since they are so unpredictable09:58
tgm4883yea i manually remove them each time09:58
tgm4883i finally plan on implementing my ir transmitting this weekend to my tv09:59
tgm4883so at least one of my projects will be finished09:59
superm1hopefully it works better for you then it did for me10:00
superm1what kind of tv again? (brand)10:00
tgm4883but they use LG codes for the remotes10:00
tgm4883i think thats who makes the screen10:00
superm1oh thats very convenient10:00
tgm4883your still doing ulive right?10:01
superm1You coming?10:04
=== MegaQuark [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883trying to, i have to see what my schedule is like for work10:05
tgm4883ill make a decision around the close of early admission10:05
superm1Ah.  Airfare is getting really pricey too10:05
superm1i just picked up my ticket two days ago.10:05
superm1it went up 178 dollars from two weeks ago10:06
tgm4883been there done that10:06
superm1so at this point i'm wondering if there is any chance canonical might be in the mood for reimbursement for those talking?10:06
superm1or who to even talk to about that10:06
superm1keescook, would you know ^?10:06
superm1or maybe even subsidizing hotel costs or something to that effect10:08
superm1i guess at this point, any bit would help :)10:08
keescooksuperm1: honestly, I'm not sure how sponsorship works.  I'll get you some details.10:09
superm1cool thanks.10:09
tgm4883awesome, it found the missing channels10:10
superm1ah so you must have been doing the wrong scan before10:11
tgm4883yep i think so10:12
tgm4883Is there something in the works for .21 (or maybe im just setup wrong).  My HD5500 Gives me Fox, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS all in HD, (so does my motorola 6200) but if i schedule a show (ie 24) it will only record on the card that i originally told it to.  I think this is cause they are different channels (HD 5500 is 12_1, STB is 712)10:14
superm1you have both firewire and the hd5500?10:14
superm1i'm taking it10:14
superm1well two possible solutions10:15
superm1either rename the channels on the hd5500 to match up with the stb10:15
tgm4883i thought about setting them both up using the same zap2it profile, but heard somewhere that it caused problems10:15
superm1or when scheduling, have it be allowed to record on any channel10:15
superm1and just set the SD variant channels to lower priority10:16
superm1make sure its like -15 or -2010:16
superm1i got bit by that with heroes a week ago10:16
tgm4883i can set a channel priority?10:16
superm1in the frontend10:16
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superm1good evenin Daviey10:30
Davieyevening, night or afternoon?10:31
superm1well you wanted me to start working UTC time sooo10:31
Davieyarg. my main email server is down10:31
superm1ompaul, I was a bit curious, if I didn't turn on my IRC cloak, I get this message during login to freenode: You are exempt from K/D/G lines. congrats.10:33
superm1What does that actually mean?10:33
ompaulsuperm1, that is a strange one - let me see10:34
ompaulsuperm1, looks like a bug10:34
DavieySounds like a good thing!10:34
superm1it appears that i get some sort of native cloak too "nat/ibm/x-2da15b152997841b"10:34
Davieyibm get special exception?10:35
ompaulthat might explain it all10:36
ompaulthe node is not going to get killed10:36
superm1does ibm have an exemption from it?10:36
ompaulbut if you cause grief from there10:36
ompaulnormally the kline would do some kind of work around the ip10:37
Davieyompaul, he's a known trouble maker IMHO10:37
ompaulDaviey, this we know10:37
ompaulsuperm1,  it is like a condeference10:38
ompaulyou can't take out 100 people if one of them is a fool but you can have the 99 looking for the one10:38
ompaulconference that is10:38
tgm4883how do you add channel data to a channel that has the same station id as another channel?10:40
tgm4883that made no sense10:40
Davieywhy would it have the same station id?10:41
tgm4883if i have a tuner with some channels, and add a second tuner with the same stations (but on different channels) how do i go about adding channel data to those channels?10:42
tgm4883did that make more sense or more confusion?10:42
tgm4883superm1, basically the channels that i rescanned and found, they have no channel data (the have the same stnnum as on the STB 6200)10:45
Davieyif the channels are the same, you can share the data source10:45
Davieydon't need to repopulate10:46
Davieythat's one of the great things with relational databases :)10:46
tgm4883you mean a single zap2it profile?10:46
tgm4883I'm looking mythweb under channel info, but the only thing im comfortable changing in there is the xmltvid and name.10:48
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tgm4883there is just not alot of info about that page, is there a manual or something for mythweb?10:50
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superm1Daviey, did you run the iso yesterday and see the new options for the interface in ubiqiuty?11:31
Davieyno :(11:32
Davieyi've dl it tho11:32
Davieyneed to reinstall vmplayer or something11:32
Davieyi wanted to do it today - but haven't really had a chance11:33
=== MegaQuark__ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1just try virtualbox11:33
superm1its a pretty quick install11:34
superm1works as good (or better) than vmplayer11:34
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883virtualbox no worky for me :(  it is  a great program though11:37
superm1afternoon DaveMorris11:37
superm1saw your comments on that bug about xmtv11:37
Davieyvirtualbox did give me hassle last time i tried. - it's based of qemu & kemu - so should be fast :)11:38
=== MegaQuark_ [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrissuperm1: I assume I was correct about what I said11:45
=== DaveMorris had been waiting for someone to tell me I was wrong
superm1i mean i dont know any way that we could go around it.  it really is an extra dep for a lot of people11:45
DaveMorrisI don't use it, as I use the OTA packages in the UK11:45
DaveMorrisalso does Mythtv work without tv listings?11:46
superm1well it can function without them i'm pretty sure11:46
DaveMorrisnormal TV works without it, and is perfectly usable.11:46
superm1but i cant say i've ever tried11:46
DaveMorrisbtw whats expect of me in the CC meeting?11:47
=== Daviey had problems with the backend keep crapping out on version 0.19 without listings
Daviey0.21 seems to split everything into 30min segments without listings (Unknown)11:48
=== MegaQuark [n=gary@pool-71-117-203-17.ptldor.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrisactally my .20 worked without listings when the radio times stuff broke11:48
superm1DaveMorris, well show up, and speak up if they start asking questions :)11:50
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rogue780|mythsvrtgm4883, where do I see what?12:02
tgm4883lol, the uptime, but that was resolved a while ago12:02
tgm4883thanks for the reply though12:02
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rogue780|mythsvrtgm4883, I'm actually looking at the display on gkrellm though12:04
tgm4883we got it figured out though, although i still cant find it though mythweb12:04
tgm4883found it in the frontend12:04
tgm4883i only had 8 days, but had to restart today :(12:05
tgm4883i dont think something is working right and plan on needing another reboot in about 8 days12:05
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