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mayorbuttesI suppose this might be a bit off topic, but what irc server (if anyone has experience with it) do you guys prefer to run?01:19
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fernandohey all02:13
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danpif i wanted to see how kickstart was implemented in ubuntu, what package would i look at? what does the installer run?05:04
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Burgundaviadanp: debian-installer05:34
danpyeah. kickseed is what reads the kickstart file and turns it into a preseed for d-i...that's what i was looking for05:35
danpi'm surprised that LVM and RAID support are still missing05:36
danpi guess that's just because of the d-i limitations for that stuff05:36
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Burgundavialvm and raid are supported by di05:37
danpbut via preseeding?05:38
Burgundaviano idea, I don't preseed05:38
Burgundaviasmall enough install that I can be lazy05:38
player2argh, why would pam_ldap (and ldapsearch for that matter) fail to bind as "uid=<my user name>,cn=users,dc=my,dc=server,dc=com" :(05:38
danpi have a lot of two-drive servers and i'd really like to be able to automate an install that does something like a 32G ext3 /, 2G swap and the rest a volume group with a logical volume at 80% on /srv or similar05:39
danpwith RAID1 across the two drives05:39
Burgundaviadanp: I have no idea. d-i shoudl do that05:42
Burgundaviaplayer2: what is it looking under?05:42
player2i'm attempting to set up ldap against an opendirectory server (OS X Server 10.4 to be exact)05:44
player2if i do ldapsearch -x |grep dn, i can get my account's dn05:45
player2so i know i can at least to a simple bind05:45
player2but if i try to use that DN to do a bind, it fails05:45
player2claiming that the user doesn't exist05:45
Burgundaviaopendirectory is just openldap05:45
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player2am i using the wrong dn when attempting to bind or something equally stupid?05:55
Burgundaviathat is what I am thinking is happening05:59
Burgundaviatry without the cn=users05:59
Burgundaviajust the dc bits05:59
player2ldapsearch -D 'uid=kmsluder,dc=wloyx,dc=loyola,dc=edu'06:00
player2asks for pw, provided... ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)06:00
player2        additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no user in database06:00
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player2|bang-heaagh forget it06:07
player2|bang-heastupid nickname limit06:07
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Burgundavialdap is a fun and sticky problem06:08
player2yea, indeed06:08
player2i think ldap was invented to torture people into sticking to vendor-supported solutions06:09
Burgundaviapretty much06:10
player2alright, well if you have no ideas then i have no ideas06:17
player2so i might as well go to sleep06:17
player2ty for your help06:18
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Fezzlerconfused about root in GUI / GNOME06:24
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dsdgmorning, when i am a user and want to su - to root, i dont want to type my passwd....i added the following line to /etc/sudoers but it still askes me for a passwd, any advice? username    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL09:44
shawarmadsdg: Are you typing 'su -09:49
shawarmadsdg: Are you typing 'su -'?09:50
dsdgsu -09:50
shawarmayou should do 'sudo su -'.09:50
dsdgstupid mistake, i need a coffeee :)09:51
shawarma1) because it's the right way :-)  and 2) because you're fiddling with sudo's config and not su's.09:51
dsdgthank you man!09:51
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KnowledgEngineerthe ubuntu-server installer make more question compared to ubuntu-desktop installer?10:22
KnowledgEngineeri can install ubuntu-desktop but i do not know if i can install ubuntu-server10:23
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StonekeeperHi. I'm trying to move from CentOS to ubuntu 6.06LTS for my servers. My primary controller has a binary blob driver (but I'm able to compile a wrapper for ubuntu to get it working). In 7.04 there is the ability to load drivers at install time. Is there a way of doing this in 6.06? Or will i have to slipstream it? thanks.10:51
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StonekeeperI'm going to use reconstrunctor12:32
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RobNyc-workwhere can I download ubuntu server?02:30
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StonekeeperRobNyc-work: www.ubuntu.com03:01
RobNyc-workty 03:02
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lausohi guys. I am having some problems with an automatic installation, and thought that you may be able to help me.04:15
lausoI am installing a server using using the automatic installation. After reboot, a script is run to finish up the instalation. One of the steps is to install mysql. Unfortunately, a dialog is shown to inform me that if I am using NIS (and I am), I should do some specific configurations.04:17
lausosince the script is running by itself, I cannot tab and enter to say "ok".04:17
lausoI tryed to redirect the input from a file, but it seems not to work with ncourses interface  of whiptail. Do you have any idea of how could I solve this problem?04:18
lausoI though of removing whiptail (linking it to an empty script), but that is not general, and wouldn't work to install java (to accept the agreement).04:19
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Skaagsomething is taking up 1.6gb of ram on my server04:52
SkaagI stopped mysql, apache, memcached04:52
Skaagand still 1.6gb04:52
SkaagI have a feeling it's a memory leak05:01
`6ogtry top, then sort by memory usage05:01
danplauso: maybe need to use a preseed file to answer that question05:14
danpinstall it on another machine and then do debconf-get-selections | grep mysql and you might see something about that05:14
danpon my machine it looks like it's mysql-server-5.0/nis_warning05:15
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lausohi danp. thanks a lot. It was exactly what I needed06:08
Stonekeeperhi. does anyone know how i can load a 3rd party kernel module on 6.06 server install? thanks.06:16
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danpanyone using preseeding for installs and setting up RAID/LVM with the preseed early_command?06:28
lausodanp, can I use the preseeding mecanism even after the install is done?06:33
lausohow to I invoke it in script?06:35
lausohow do I invoke it in a script?06:35
danphold on a sec06:35
danpoh, yeah. you use debconf-set-selections06:36
lausogreat. It worked like a charm for mysql. Thanks a lot06:44
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ph1zzlehey guys, is there a quick way to install mod_rewriet for apache2 on edgy?08:30
ph1zzleapt style way?08:30
fooph1zzle: There is no "apt-style way"08:30
fooph1zzle: a2enmod rewrite 08:30
ph1zzleso that is a command I just found out08:31
=== foo nods
ph1zzlethanks foo08:34
=== foo tips hat
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FlyingSquirrel32How do I let people know there are problems with the nessusd package?09:39
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