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dAndyis there a way to make up start drop privileges to a non-root user before starting the process?02:55
AmaranthdAndy: that should be up to the process03:18
Amaranthdoesn't start-stop-daemon do that for you, btw?03:19
dAndyi was under the impression that upstart made it so you dont need to use start-stop-daemon03:23
dAndybut that answers my question03:24
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ion_This is a Unix system. I know this.11:12
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Keybukdamn, there's no event when a user is added to the system <g>03:36
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ion_keybuk: echo '/sbin/initctl emit user-added "$1" -eUSERNAME="$1" -eUID="$2" -eGID="$3" -eHOMEDIR="$4"' >>/usr/local/sbin/adduser.local06:49
KeybukI was thinking from the point of view of detecting new users and watching their ~/.? directory07:03
Keybukthough I'm starting to think the /var/spool/? method might be needed07:03
ion_So the users would edit their personal upstart stuff via something like crontab(1) and access control would be implemented via something like /etc/cron.{allow,deny}?07:05
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KeybukAlexExtreme: after complex-event-config09:09
Keybukwhich has a timeline of despair09:09
AlexExtremehmm ok09:10
Keybuksince I want to get that out of the way, as it's the most important piece of the missing puzzle09:10
Keybukand still haven't reached a happy idea with that yet09:11
ion_We must add some Enterprise and XML.09:14
ion_And regular expressions, those will fix everything.09:14
KeybukWrite it in mono!09:17
=== AlexExtreme grabs his heart and falls over :P
Keybukwe could use RSS to define states09:20

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