crimsunSimonAnibal: back up both /var/lib/dpkg/available, cp available-old to available? If available-old exhibits it, too, back up both, remove both, then apt-get update12:25
SimonAnibalthe available-old works12:27
SimonAnibalmaybe not, give me a sec12:28
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happywithedHello there12:46
happywithedCan anyone here direct me to the documentation read to enable the USB ports on my thin clients?12:47
happywithedAnyone? I am using Edubuntu Feisty12:52
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crimsunogra: taking the pulseaudio merge if you don't mind. I've backported the DoS vuln fixes (pA ticket 67).07:33
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willvdlMorning folks08:17
LaserJockuh oh08:18
LaserJockit must be getting a bit late08:18
LaserJockI saw will go to bed and now I see him getting up08:18
=== HedgeMage [n=HedgeMag@ubuntu/member/hedgemage] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlnah, you didn't see me last night ...08:21
willvdlhad dinner party08:21
willvdlLaserJock, what's your local time?08:21
=== RichEd [n=richard@dsl-245-162-81.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdmr kryptic kurt ... wassup with the nick ?08:25
`6ogmy connection must have reset. this is one of my spare nicks08:26
=== `6og is now known as Kamping_Kaiser
Kamping_Kaiserand while i'm `6og i get some time off ;)08:26
RichEdsneaky sneaky08:28
Kamping_Kaisersometimes you have to be ;)08:29
highvoltagemorning RichEd and Kamping_Kaiser08:32
Kamping_Kaisermorning/arvo highvoltage08:32
RichEdhi highvoltage08:32
=== RichEd was wandering who arvo was for a moment ... doh
Kamping_Kaiserlol :|08:33
willvdl:) it's called "arvie" over here08:34
RichEdhi willvdl ... vodacom behaving now ?08:42
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlRichEd, seems it wasn't vodacom...08:43
RichEdwas your equipment faulty ;) ?08:44
willvdlpcmcia buggy in feisty08:44
willvdland a virus in windows :)08:44
=== highvoltage would still blame vodacom ;)
highvoltagewillvdl: will you be around next week? people are pesting me for videos, I'll have to do something about that!08:44
LaserJockwillvdl: 12:00am08:59
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ograLaserJock, still around ?11:16
highvoltageogra: about those videos (saw you mentioned it in meeting-hilights), I'm ~1000km from home atm, and willvdl has my camera and tapes, I'm getting it from him on monday, then I can get it all ripped11:18
ograhighvoltage, no hurry11:19
ograits great they exist, if they are online one day in the far future thats fine as well :)11:19
highvoltageok. it should be by the end of next weekend at the latest.11:20
=== willvdl_ [n=will@dsl-145-245-33.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
ograoooh sillyness ....11:23
ograthis release would have been the first one where we didnt need to touch gcompris ...11:24
=== willvdl_ is now known as willvdl
ograbut now gnome-games provides gnuchess which didnt exist in main before so it wasnt a build dependency ...11:25
ograif you build it now, it finds something that provides gnuchess (gnome-games) and indeed it tries to build against it ... which doesnt work because there is only a gnuchess replacement11:26
=== ogra bangs his head against the wall
highvoltageohno, even.11:33
ograhey, and its only 100M source11:34
ografun to upload if we get a new upstream in the middle of the release cycle11:35
=== n2diy_ [n=darryl@] has joined #edubuntu
willvdl100M source for a chess game?11:52
willvdlthat's one intelligent chess game11:52
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moquistogra-classmate: what exactly am I ampersanding to get nbd to run in the background? I'm looking at /opt/lt.../etc/init.d/nbd-client but it's non-obvious...02:00
=== SimonAnibal [n=sruiz@c-69-245-220-180.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
moquistogra-classmate: I'm guessing just "$0 activate", though.02:01
=== cliebow_ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
moquistogra: ^^^^ (whichever of you is here :)02:04
moquistogra: no reduction in time to monitor detection from adding nolapic noacpi02:07
ogra-classmatemoquist: ltsp-client-setup is where you want to look02:08
=== creadorcreativo [n=insane@201-221-204-14.bk11-dsl.surnet.cl] has joined #edubuntu
moquistogra-classmate: k; i ampersanded nbd-client in ltsp-client-setup02:18
moquistmost of the time leading up to the monitor detection comes after 'nbd_server" in syslog on the server; I guess X is probably being configured then.02:20
moquistogra-classmate: static X config is the last of the things that we've discussed that I haven't tried, so hopefully that will help.02:20
ogra-classmateit will02:22
moquistOy. It was *slower* with nbd& and nolapic noacpi02:22
ogra-classmatebut still, there is a kernel issue, i'm sure02:23
ogra-classmateare you actually sure its the -386 kernel, not the -generic one /02:23
ogra-classmatethere were some issues with the kernel package during feisty dev02:24
ogra-classmateso if you installed from an early pre version you might have the wrong kernel02:24
ogra-classmatecheck that02:24
moquistedubuntu 2.6.20-15-38602:24
moquistogra-classmate: No, this is the released version.02:25
moquistogra-classmate: so what is involved in me using static xorg.conf? If I just copy the generated one into the chroot, will that get used, or do I need to tell it somewhere not to do all the detection stuff?02:26
ogra-classmateyou need to add an entry to lts.conf02:26
ogra-classmatelike it was in 4.202:27
=== moquist was just figuring that out
moquistogra-classmate: we shaved off a minute with static xorg.conf02:36
moquistnow: 238: seconds after DHCP success to login prompt02:36
moquistogra-classmate: list of modules loaded on the TC (in case you're interested, or in case you see anything immediately suspicous): http://n01se.net/paste/99?pretty=yes02:46
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willvdlogra, at what stage in the devel cycle do apps get considered for main inclusion? anytime before the freeze?03:18
ogra-classmateany time03:18
ogra-classmateuntil very short before release03:19
ogra-classmateit really depnds on the complexity03:19
moquistCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=40 really makes use of those processors... ;)03:19
willvdlogra-classmate, thanks03:20
willvdlwould have thought before feature freeze03:20
ogra-classmateno, it really depends on the app03:20
ogra-classmateits favorable to have it done before FF though03:21
ogra-classmateso you get more testing03:21
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlogra-classmate, last one: when does the process of choosing apps for the CDs usually start and end?03:37
willvdlat UDS we were implying that that would happen at each UDS but I can't see how03:37
ogra-classmatethere was no such process yet, we just added stuff if we thought it would fit until now03:37
ogra-classmatethe *plan* was that it *should* happen in the future at every UDS03:38
willvdlhmmm, just thinking of chickens and eggs :)03:38
willvdlnot to worry, I'm being cryptic.03:38
ogra-classmatefor feisty for example, LaserJock and me just sat down and he suggested science apps from universe03:38
ogra-classmatethe last poackage went in shortly after beta iirc03:39
moquistmmmmm. chicken. eggs.03:39
=== moquist is hungry
ogra-classmatestop taklking about food03:39
willvdlogra-classmate, I think I have a solution03:39
willvdlmoquist, gnaw on your fingers, that should take the hunger away03:39
ogra-classmatewe shouldnt do anything this time but get the voting mechanism up03:40
ogra-classmatethen next time we have a list toreview and compare against what we currently have03:40
willvdlogra-classmate,yeah. I'm just putting finishing touches on the spec03:41
moquistwillvdl: I'm still hungry, and now I'm getting blood on my keyboard.03:42
willvdlhad a really good look at appdb.winehq.com and have stolen some ideas from there03:42
willvdlmoquist, try swallowing the finger. that should also work03:42
ogra-classmatedid i say i got the wireless card on the classmate working ?03:42
moquistwhat did it take?03:42
ogra-classmatewillvdl: uuuh, that could lead to bowl hugs03:42
willvdlliquid laughs03:42
ogra-classmatemoquist: compiling the upstream source from serialmonkey.com03:43
ogra-classmateit doesnt work with NM but is usable vial the network-admin tool03:43
=== moquist nods
=== moquist cheers the kernel compile along
moquist4 procs at 99%, and this is *still* taking a while.03:44
ogra-classmatei'm looking around, there seem to exist NM patches as well somewhere03:44
moquistIt's been 2.5 years since I ran gentoo. I'd forgotten how long this takes.03:44
ogra-classmatebut i'm compiling my stuff directly here .... on the classmate ... its not as badd as one would think :)03:45
moquistOf course, at that point the only modules I built were the ones I explicitly configured. Now I'm getting everything in Ubuntu *minus* what I got rid of.03:45
willvdlogra-classmate, it's an 800MHz cpu right?03:47
moquist900 IIRC03:47
willvdlL2 cache?03:47
ogra-classmateyep 90003:47
ogra-classmate64k :P03:47
willvdlsounds like my desktop at home03:47
=== willvdl shudders at that thought
willvdlI'm not kidding03:48
ogra-classmatewell,m the screen is a bit smaller i guess ....03:48
ogra-classmatebut then you have a handle ....03:48
willvdlthe whole thing is a bit smaller!03:48
ogra-classmateheh, yes03:48
willvdland infinitely cooler03:48
willvdlbtw, some merchant banker buddies of mine want some classmates too...03:49
ogra-classmatewell, the keyboard needs some trainiong03:49
willvdlgnaw on your fingers until their thinner03:49
ogra-classmatei'm still not good enough03:49
moquistI emailed larry and ajit to see if we could get some as SFD prizes, but no response so far. :(03:49
willvdlque es SFD prize?03:50
ogra-classmatesoftware freedom day03:50
moquistwillvdl: http://softwarefreedomday.org <-- we run some contests in association with the day03:50
willvdlpor supuesta03:50
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@mail.legalaid.mb.ca] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavhey moquist!03:59
moquistsbalneav: didja get jibraltar?03:59
sbalneavSure did!  Thanks!04:00
=== jbrefort [n=jean@mar44-2-82-227-215-241.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== moquist laughs
=== willvdl decides voting to remove applications is probably not a very good idea
=== DShepherd [n=dwight@] has joined #edubuntu
DShepherdI want to install the kde edutainment package on ubuntu. What is the name of the package?04:29
DShepherdogra-classmate, thanks04:31
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SimonAnibalSo, does anyone else feel a little strange about Ubuntu's main site being a screaming advertisement for Dell, while Dell's main site says not a thing about Ubuntu???05:38
SimonAnibalAnd by screaming, I mean that the entire screen is an advertisement in 1024x76805:39
SimonAnibalOh, wait a minute, I guess they just recently did put Ubuntu up on the first page05:40
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=== Hilmar [i=root@lada.kom.auc.dk] has joined #edubuntu
HilmarEnyone from Denmark inhere!?!?!?!05:44
willvdlmaybe ask in Danish :)05:45
Hilmarnogen herinde fra danmark??05:47
HilmarA friend and I just started a project for getting linux in schools and we would like to use edubuntu.dk for the webpage05:49
Hilmarwe will be testing skolelinux and edubuntu to find the best solution... If edubuntu turns out to be it, well then edubuntu.dk would be optimal05:50
Hilmarwhos doing the edubuntu.com webpage?05:51
yuriyHilmar: you might want to see what your loco is doing too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanishTeam/05:52
HilmarIm part of the loco team... we just got the page up and running :)05:55
willvdlyou listed on the LoCo team pages?05:56
Hilmaryeah... Hows the progress on edubuntu? and does anyone know about skolelinux?05:56
willvdlvery familiar with skole05:56
Hilmarokay... I havent tried anything out yet.. doing the final project this week05:57
Hilmarare there any big differences?05:59
willvdlbetween edubuntu and skole?05:59
willvdlI personally haven't used skole but I know the apps involved05:59
willvdlyou looking into thin-clients at all?06:00
Hilmarmy buddy and I have borrowed a class room and 24 computer for the summer... We are going to test different setups for at school06:00
Hilmarwe start in a month since we both have examinations til then...06:01
willvdlgreat! We'd love to hear about your experiences.06:01
willvdlPlease send us news on edubuntu-users mailing list :)06:01
HilmarI will06:02
SimonAnibalErm, wait, no, Dell has a rotating banner that shows Ubuntu every fifth or so visit, maybe less, and no other indicators that it is offering Ubuntu as an option unless you get that banner and click on it06:02
Hilmarmaybe we'll create a #edubuntu-dk channel06:02
willvdlSimonAnibal, www.ubuntu.com06:02
willvdloh, that's what you're talking about06:03
willvdlthe "big" picture06:03
SimonAnibalwillvdl, Precisely.06:03
SimonAnibalIt's not big, it's my entire browser real estate06:03
SimonAnibalAnd if Dell's site had at least some consistent acknowledgement that it's offering Ubuntu as an option, I guess I wouldn't feel like this was so one-sided06:04
willvdlpic is 653 x 36006:04
willvdlwell, it becomes a Canonical support question I guess06:05
SimonAnibalWell, the point is I hit ubuntu.com, and besides the header, it's the only thing I see06:05
SimonAnibalAnd in my experience, people don'06:05
SimonAnibalt scroll down06:05
ogra-classmatelooks fine on the 800x480 display here06:06
willvdlogra-classmate, half of my 19"06:06
SimonAnibal:-/ the reason I bring it up isn't how it looks. It's pretty and I would have definitely expected Ubuntu to advertise the fact that it's available on Dells now.06:08
SimonAnibalBut I guess the entire "above the fold" on the main page does seem a little extreme06:08
SimonAnibalEspecially when Dell doesn't mention it on their main page unless you happen to get that one random banner06:08
SimonAnibalI can't see how anyone who went to Dell's site would notice the Ubuntu option unless they either followed an external link directly to it, or they happened to be in the 20% or so of people who actually see that banner when they go there06:09
willvdlSimonAnibal, it won't be there like that permanently06:10
ogra-classmateSimonAnibal: well, it pays my loan so i wont complain06:10
SimonAnibalI guess I am the only one who's bothered by the one-sidedness of this relationship06:11
SimonAnibalDoes Dell ship world-wide?06:11
ogra-classmateonly us06:12
ogra-classmatefor now06:12
ogra-classmatei dont find it to one sided if you compare the sizes of the companies at least06:13
LaserJockogra-classmate: I'm here now for a minute06:13
ogra-classmateLaserJock: so06:13
ogra-classmateLaserJock: gnuchess was never in main06:14
ogra-classmateso gcompris never bothered to use it as a build-dep06:14
willvdlwhy would gcompris have gnuchess as a dep?06:14
LaserJockdoh, I wondered why it was gnuches ould be in Main06:14
ogra-classmatenow gnome-games provides gnuchess, gcompris finds it but doesnt find any headers (indeed, since the chess shipped in gnome-games isnt gnuchess)06:15
LaserJock*why gnuchess would be in Main06:15
ogra-classmateso it fails ....06:15
ogra-classmatesilly silly silly /:06:15
LaserJockso we should just remove the dep on gnuchess?06:16
ogra-classmatewell, likely even only set a configure option06:16
ogra-classmateit doesnt have a fixed build dep on gnuchess06:16
=== bdoin [n=coudoin@home.gcompris.net] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockogra-classmate: there is a Build-Depends on gnuchess06:21
ogra-classmatethen we need to drop it, i thought there was none06:21
LaserJockok, I'll drop the build depend, see if a ./configure flag is needed and get you a debdiff to sponsor this weekend06:24
LaserJocksound ok?06:24
highvolt1geweekend, weekend, IT IS THE WEEKEND!06:24
ogra-classmategood that we didnt do a manual merge btw06:25
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
ogra-classmate100M are way to much to upload06:25
highvolt1geogra-classmate: wow, gnuchess still causing headaches?06:25
ogra-classmatehighvolt1ge: nope, gcompris size rather06:25
ogra-classmateif it were a 100K package it would already be fixed06:26
ogra-classmatethe fix is trivial, but pushing around 100M, doing testbuilds etc is taking ages06:27
=== ogra-classmate [n=teacher@p548AFC70.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
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willvdlYeeha, got the app review spec done. up for review now07:03
willvdlit's a bit convoluted, I may just add some realistic scope planning since it's a big project07:03
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p57A976A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@] has joined #edubuntu
willvdlciao guys. see you all next friday!07:07
moquistogra-classmate: is there a good way to tell the kernel *never* to load a certain module?07:12
Rondommoquist: blacklist07:13
yuriyhi cbx3307:14
moquistRondom: where?07:14
Rondommoquist: /etc/modprobe.d/yourfilename  with the content blacklist module_name07:14
moquistRondom: K; I was guessing that but I wasn't sure. :)07:14
Rondommoquist: what's your module with problems called?07:14
moquistlast time I looked at modules configuration it was gentoo, and a 2.4 kernel... :p07:14
moquistpcmcia_core :)07:15
=== moquist is preventing the TC from loading unnecessary crap
Rondomecho 'blacklist pcmcia_core'|sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/pcmcia_core07:16
Rondomthe filename doesn't matter07:16
=== moquist nods
Rondomit's only for you to keep an overview07:16
moquistogra-classmate: I tried blacklisting a bunch of modules and still no progress.07:43
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool235.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
moquist...in case you were wondering.07:45
=== moquist switches to a different window
=== happywithed [n=administ@] has joined #edubuntu
happywithedHello everyone08:11
happywithedI have a beginner question08:11
happywithedHow do I make a folder appear on the desktop of all the LTSP clients?08:12
happywithedIn otherwords, I would like to create a folder where I can place files for all the students to see08:12
happywithedAny ideas?08:12
Rondomhappywithed: I'm not familiar with the ltsp-stuff, but creating a symlink on the desktop of all users should do the trick (adjust teh permissions if you don't want them to delete the symlink)08:20
happywithedRondon: thanks.08:28
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Burgundaviathis might be interesting for allow sysadmins to run random crap http://pam-sessionrun.aeruder.net/09:17
ogra-classmateuh, scary ...09:19
ogra-classmatebut handy :)09:19
Burgundaviaindeed, slightly scary09:20
Burgundaviabut useful for a kiosk setting09:20
LaserJockbah, latest comment on bug #11371909:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 113719 in ubiquity "Edubuntu Feisty Desktop CD install doesn't install the education suite" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11371909:26
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockis it possible to have a 7.04.1 just for Edubuntu?09:27
ogra-classmateand then ?09:27
LaserJockwell, if we're able to fix the Feisty Desktop CD what would we do?09:27
LaserJockjust replace the current .isos or call it 7.04.109:28
ogra-classmatehow would you fix it ?09:28
LaserJockwell, I don't know what exactly is wrong09:28
ogra-classmatenote that more than ten lines of change in any code wont be allowed09:28
ogra-classmatethere is nothing wrong it works as intended09:29
LaserJockah, it needs to pick up more than the -desktop09:29
ogra-classmateubiquity deliberately uninstalls everything thats not in -minimal -standard and -desktop09:30
ogra-classmatethe edu apps are in ship-addon and -live09:30
LaserJockbut ...09:30
LaserJockyou can add packages to the files it uses, I'm pretty sure09:30
ogra-classmateusers are supposed to use the addon cd for the edu apps09:30
LaserJockwell, *I* know what to do09:31
LaserJockbut it's pretty sucky when you install an educational distro and end up with no edu apps09:31
LaserJockthey are there when the person boots the CD09:32
LaserJockI'm pretty sure we could tweak the manifest files and fix this09:33
LaserJockbut perhaps Colin wouldn't go for that09:33
ogra-classmatethat would break ubiquity essentially09:34
ogra-classmateits like it is by design09:34
ogra-classmatei'll sit down with colin during gutsy and we'll work out a fix09:35
LaserJockwell sure, but the "by design" is screwing the Desktop up09:35
ogra-classmatebut for feisty it is like it is09:35
ogra-classmatewe failed in naming the addon cd right09:36
ogra-classmatethats the main problem here (its called "server"-addon)09:36
LaserJockit shouldn't be Server Addon is what you're saying?09:36
LaserJockwell, that's true09:36
ogra-classmatethe livecd should have been called demo09:36
ogra-classmateand probably not have ubiquity09:37
LaserJockbut I think there is a fundamental flaw when the people don't get the same desktop they see on the LiveCD as when it is installed09:37
LaserJockat least to this radical step09:37
LaserJockwhat we *should* do for feisty is adjust the download pages09:37
ogra-classmatebut thats a price we had to pay for the spliut09:37
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ogra-classmatethe archive, soyuz and germinate as well as ubiquity cant handle it differently atm09:38
LaserJockan say that the Desktop CD is for demo purposes and that you need the Server Addon CD to get full functionallyity09:38
ogra-classmatesomething like that09:38
LaserJockto me the way a lot of the mirrors have it09:38
LaserJockthe Desktop CD is the first in the list09:39
LaserJockand the wording indicates it's the one you want unless you are doing an LTSP server09:39
ogra-classmateyeah, its alphabetically i think09:39
LaserJockwell, the HTML part though09:39
ogra-classmatewhich is clearly wrong09:39
LaserJockwe *should* be able to change that09:39
ogra-classmatethe livecd was alsways an unloved child of mine09:40
LaserJockI'm not sure who's in charge of those09:40
ogra-classmatecolin i think09:40
LaserJock"The desktop CD allows you to try Edubuntu without changing your computer at all, and at your option to install it permanently later. This type of CD is what most people will want to use. "09:40
LaserJock^^ is what we need to change09:41
LaserJockif we work up new text for that do you think you could get colin to change it?09:42
ogra-classmatebut talk with RichEd and will first09:42
LaserJockI think I might just email edubuntu-devel so they can weigh in09:43
ogra-classmatethey are responsible for docs and marketing stuff09:43
LaserJockI just think it's a real issue for adoption if we are telling people to use a LiveCD that doesn't give them any edu apps09:43
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ogra-classmatewell, gutsy will fix it09:44
LaserJockI think personally I'm for removing ubiquity from the LiveCD and calling it a Edubuntu Demo CD09:46
LaserJockuntil the point where ubiquity can handle multiple CDs or we do a DVD09:47
ogra-classmatei dont think there is an opportunity to change feisty09:55
ogra-classmategutsy will have it solved anyway09:55
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pygihi folks12:14

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