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calcso a close to standard config dell E1505 is $649 vs $728 but it has a intel 950 vs ati x140003:08
calcof course for linux intel is better than the ati binary only junk anyway03:08
calctoo bad it appears the linux stuff is hidden on dell's site like it has been for the past ~ 7-8 years03:09
calcor at least i can't find it on their page without knowing the direct url to go to03:09
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calchmm actually i was a bit blind its on the main page, but its a temporary main image thing03:13
calcso when it goes away it won't be easily accessible anymoe03:13
calcer anymore03:13
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calcah i found the permanent way to access it for a user by accident03:15
calcyou have the use the menu bar at the top, if you select laptops from the center of the screen it doesn't mention anything about the freedos/ubuntu hardware03:15
=== calc gives dell a passing grade though it still isn't as obvious as he would like
Burgundaviaumm, look at dell.com now03:27
jmgBurgundavia: nothing on frontpage03:28
ajmitchjmg: it does also redirect by country03:29
Burgundaviait is part of a rotating banner03:29
Burgundaviaubuntu is one of 4 options03:29
ajmitchchoose 'united states', and I get a big "By Popular Demand. Ubuntu Has Arrived"03:29
jmgajmitch: oic03:29
Burgundaviadoesn't redirect for me03:29
ajmitchBurgundavia: but that's because canada is part of the US, right?03:30
Burgundaviabloody aussies03:30
calcajmitch: rotates for me in the US also03:35
calcbut it is accessible if you go to the top menu bar drop downs03:35
Burgundaviawhich ones?03:37
calclook for "open source" on the desktop and laptop menus at the top03:38
calcoh yea you don't see those until you pick an item off the front page first03:38
=== ajmitch doubts they'll be supplying them in NZ for awhile
=== calc notes he is in the US
calci'll probably end up getting a gateway from best buy when they are on sale, they seem to be the best bang for the buck right now03:40
calchttp://www.gateway.com/retail/mt6831.php <- they put that on sale for ~ $900 USD every few weeks it seems03:40
StevenKHeh, heh. Gateway. Gateway tried to come out here about year ago. Within six months they were gone.03:40
ajmitchgateway bought a local pc dealer & then disappeared03:41
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calcthe E1505N isn't too bad of a deal though03:42
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calcHobbsee: hi04:01
Hobbseeheya calc :)04:01
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dholbachGOOD MORNING!07:35
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pittiGood morning07:37
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crimsunare uploads being queued?08:00
pitticrimsun: how do you mean?08:00
pitti(yes, they always land in a queue until soyuz accepts them, every 5 mins)08:01
crimsunoh, nm, just saw the accept.08:01
crimsunpitti: I didn't think I missed the processor at :55 (.upload's timestamp is :53)08:02
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=== pitti nags Riddell about bug 64695; by policy it needs to be fixed in gutsy before I accept it into feisty-updates
nagspitti, guess that message is not for me ;)09:21
pittinags: nope; get a nick which is not an English verb :-P09:22
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ubotuLaunchpad bug 64695 in kdebase "If GDM is the default display manager KDE logout dialog is missing shutdown and restart options" [Medium,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/6469509:36
FujitsuNice lag, ubotu.09:40
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ompaulFujitsu, it is having other problems at the moment, I've called the doctor for ubotu 09:49
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pittislomo: yay, Debian bug 425863 solves the amd64 FTBFS of texlive-bin10:15
ubotuDebian bug 425863 in texlive-bin "FTBFS: teckit/libtool yields multiple definition errors" [Serious,Closed]  http://bugs.debian.org/42586310:15
pittislomo: so I'll see to fixing that .la problem  so that it'll finally build for ia64, too10:15
StevenKpitti: I've got a stupid question about scribus if you've got a sec.10:16
pittiStevenK: "don't ask to ask, just ask" :)10:16
StevenKpitti: Bah. :-P10:16
=== Fujitsu greases the bot.
StevenKpitti: One of the changelog entries you added for scribus was, "Scribus.pot: Add strings from desktop file.", I'm just wondering if you can give me a cluebat?10:17
pittiStevenK: ah, sure10:17
=== StevenK waits for "*whack*" :-P
pittiStevenK: do you know what a .pot is?10:18
StevenKpitti: Sure. I managed to hack gettext support into Linda.10:18
=== glatzor [n=sebi@p57AEFA1B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKI even have scars from it.10:18
pittiStevenK: so, since hoary we use langpacks for translating .desktop files10:18
pittiStevenK: i. e. we add the gettext domain to the *.desktop files and have gettext translate Name/Comment, instead of (or, rather, in addition to) using the static translations in them10:19
dholbachI'm sure StevenK knows what pot is ;-)10:19
StevenKdholbach: Bah.10:19
pittiStevenK: that's why we need the Name/Comment C strings in the POT, so that Rosetta sees them10:19
StevenKpitti: Sure, I've added the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain to the .desktop, it's just how to get them from the .desktop into the .pot10:19
pittiStevenK: sorry; I just wanted to know at which level I start the explanation10:19
pittiStevenK: that might have been one of the packages which are not intltool'ized, thus I just copied the strings manually, I think10:20
pittiideally the build system would take the desktop.in and have it in POTFILES10:20
pittiso if scribus is intltoolized now, that would be indeed much better10:21
StevenKNo POTFILES{,.in}, so I doubt it.10:21
pittibut if it does not rebuild the .pot during package build, then copying the strings manually works10:21
StevenKI don't think it does, no mention of .pot in debian/rules.10:21
pittiso that hasn't changed then10:22
Riddellpitti: kdebase and hwdb-client updated in gutsy with patches from -updates10:22
pittiRiddell: yay, thanks10:22
pittiRiddell: (I already accepted them in feisty-updates)10:22
StevenKpitti: The build system jumped from autobork to cmake, just to make the merge more interesting.10:22
StevenKAnd the 2.4Mb patch on patches.u.c was oh so helpful, too.10:23
slomopitti: sounds good, thanks :) you might also want to sync the new texlive-bin that was uploaded yesterday10:24
pittislomo: right, that's what I meant10:24
slomopitti: ah the patch is in the new upload already?10:25
pittislomo: but before doing that I need to understand that .la problem and fix it, so that it won't FTBFS on ia64 again10:25
pittislomo: yep10:25
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-devel
slomocool :)10:25
=== mbiebl [n=michael@e180069178.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKpitti: So, copy over {Name,Comment,GenericName} ?10:25
RiddellMithrandir: could you give back some packages where the build-deps didn't want to install at the time?  kdelibs, kdegames (ia64), kdeartwork (ia64), kdeutils (ia64), kdeaddons (ia64) and kdegraphics 10:25
pittiStevenK: yes10:25
StevenKRiddell: Do you mind if I borrow^Wsteal your kaffeine merge?10:26
slomopitti: thanks for caring for this :)10:26
RiddellStevenK: ask tonio about that, he's the kaffeine fanboy10:26
StevenKpitti: Thanks so much for your help. :-)10:26
StevenKTonio_: Mind if I look at the kaffeine merge?10:26
pittiseb128: alright, so libcairo.la is mentioned in libgnomecanvas-2.la, libnotify.la, libpangocairo-1.0.la, libgmodule-2.0.la, and libpoppler.la10:26
pittiStevenK: you're welcome, thanks10:27
pittiseb128: that means we need to rebuild all those source packages before texlive-bin can build?10:27
seb128pitti: why?10:27
seb128pitti: what is the bug?10:27
pittiseb128: still the 'libcairo.la' FTBFS of texlive-bin on ia6410:27
RiddellStevenK: I'm pretty sure he's already working on it, but do go ahead with any other kde package10:27
seb128pitti: one of those -dev should Depends on libcairo-dev and doesn't10:27
pittiseb128: ah, I see10:28
seb128pitti: if you mention libcairo.la you have to use the corresponding Depends10:28
pittiseb128: libgnomecanvas2-dev, for example10:28
StevenKRiddell: Sure, I'll look at one once I've taken my dirty mitts off of scribus.10:28
seb128pitti: right10:29
seb128pitti: should we clean the .la rather than adding extra Depends?10:29
Tonio_StevenK: not at all, but I have to test a patch first10:29
pittiseb128: neither does libnotify-dev10:29
StevenKTonio_: Would you rather I left it?10:29
pittiseb128: I think I should rather ask you this question10:29
Tonio_StevenK: well the point is that I already have the package done here :)10:29
seb128pitti: yeah, I'm all for cleaning the .la10:30
StevenKTonio_: Ah, yeah, well.10:30
seb128pitti: I'm taking care of it now10:30
Tonio_StevenK: I'm just waiting a bit for upload10:30
StevenKTonio_: Okay, what about exiv2?10:30
pittiseb128: I would just like to have a working texlive on ia64, since it causes a whole lot of pacakges to ftbfs 10:30
seb128pitti: easier way is to upload texlive with a Build-Depends on libcairo-dev10:30
pittiseb128: hm, that would mean reintroducing ubuntu delta10:31
seb128pitti: wait10:31
Tonio_StevenK: nothing about that, you can work on the package if you want :)10:31
pittiand texlive doesn't need cairo, so that doesn't sound justified; it only needs libpoppler10:32
=== chand| [n=rsamson@linagoraberri.pck.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo [n=mvo@p54A675F2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: ^ so since libpoppler.la mentions libcairo.la, but libpoppler-dev doesn't depend on libcairo-dev, should I upload a new popopler with the -dev dependency in the meantime?10:33
seb128pitti: yes, do that and then give a retry to texlive10:33
pittiseb128: that would sound more appropriate to me10:33
=== agoliveira [n=adilson@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128right, I was just looking at the build log to see where to add the missing depends10:34
pittiseb128: right; I'll just sync the new version from Debian afterwards which also cares about the amd64 ftbfs10:34
pittiseb128: thanks10:34
seb128libpoppler-dev seems to be correct10:34
=== pitti hugs seb128
=== seb128 hugs pitti
=== persia [n=persia@ubuntu/member/persia] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: hm, while I'm at it, shall I just merge poppler?10:34
StevenKTonio_: Great, thanks.10:34
seb128pitti: yeah10:35
pittidholbach: stealing poppler merge from you10:35
seb128pitti: we had a discussion with dholbach some days ago10:35
Riddellthat libpoppler depends on cairo is a bug, that's what libpoppler-glib is for10:35
seb128pitti: Debian renamed the libs10:35
dholbachpitti: fine with me10:35
seb128Riddell: it's not a real Depends, that's .la being annoying10:35
pittiRiddell: it's just meant to be a temporary fix until all the .la files disappear, AFAIUI10:36
Riddellok, that makes me happy :)10:36
seb128Riddell: and the Depends will be added to the -dev which should not make a difference for kubuntu CD, etc10:36
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-252-237-96.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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pitti-Package: libpoppler-glib110:39
pitti+Package: libpoppler1-glib10:39
pitti-Package: libpoppler-qt110:39
pitti+Package: libpoppler1-qt10:39
pitti-Package: libpoppler-qt4-110:39
pitti+Package: libpoppler1-qt410:39
pittiseb128: so it's these three we need to do transitions for10:40
seb128the rdepends are small though10:40
pittiyep, and it even seems we can sync poppler10:40
pittiDebian doesn't install the .la file any more10:41
pittiso let's do it correctly right from the start10:41
pittionly thing I wonder about is 003_glib_pkgconfig_fix.patch10:42
pittiah, that's in Debian, too, just different patch name10:42
carlosseb128, pitti: Do you think is 'safe' to update to Gutsy today?10:42
pitticarlos: it works for me at least10:43
carlosthat's enough10:43
pittiI upgrade every day10:43
seb128carlos: should be fine10:43
Tonio_siretart: ping ?10:44
carlospitti: btw, next week we should be able to start exporting Gutsy language packs from Launchpad. Do you need to do anything special to handle that?10:44
pittiRiddell: are you fine with the poppler library transition happening now? (lib package name changes)10:45
pitticarlos: yay!10:45
pitticarlos: no, just tell me, then I'll set up the cronjobs accordingly10:45
Riddellpitti: no time like the present, what's the name change?10:45
pittiRiddell: (rebuilds of krita, kdegraphics, and okular)10:46
pittiRiddell: libpoppler1-qt -> libpoppler-qt1, libpoppler1-qt4 -> libpoppler-qt4-110:46
Riddellfine with me10:46
pittiRiddell: I can care for that as well, I just want to tell you to avoid conflicts with your work10:46
pittiRiddell: should be no-change rebuilds, unless you want to update any of those three ATM anyway10:47
Riddellpitti: however it seems that kdegraphics needs an svn version of poppler to be able to still use poppler10:47
pittiRiddell: not sure; when I sync the Debian package it would be more or less like the current gutsy one, except for the lib name change10:48
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiRiddell: i. e. if it's broken after that rebuild, it's probably broken now already10:48
=== nuu [n=neuro@85-18-14-28.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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pittiRiddell: anyway, I won't clean up archive cruft in the next few days, so we have some time for the transition10:50
pittiRiddell: oh, there's a kdebase upload in accepted; too bad that it'll miss the poppler upload :/10:59
Riddellpitti: kdebase doesn't use poppler11:00
pittierm, right; sorry11:01
ograseb128, dholbach, so whats that about gnuchess being replaced by gnome-games ? what do i have to do to build apps that build-depend on gnuchess (like gcompris http://librarian.launchpad.net/7824279/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.gcompris_8.3.1-3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz) ?11:05
seb128ogra: keep using gnuchess11:06
seb128ogra: that's not because gnome-games ship it that you can't use the standalone version11:07
ograi just realized, there was never a gnuchess in main, so it never was build depended on it11:07
ogranow gnome-gam,es provides it11:07
=== glatzor [n=sebi@p57aeee27.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== ogra curses about gcompris new size ... 100M for a source package is simply to much
dholbachmdz: can you make ubuntu-dev a member of motu please? else I can't offer mentoring for ~motu (this mail would go to universe-bugs@ and not to all ubuntu-dev members)11:19
=== dholbach is not a member of ~motu :-/
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachand best to make ~motu-council an administrator of ~motu, so we can do polls and stuff11:20
StevenKogra: Compare that to linux-restricted-modules. :-P11:20
mdzdholbach: does launchpad allow a A to be a member of B when B is also a member of A?11:21
mdzdholbach: I think we should describe your problems on launchpad@ and discuss the best way to fix them, rather than trying some hacks11:22
mdzthe bugmail thing in particular is already a hack that we've said should work differently11:22
StevenKPersonally, I dislike having two groups.11:22
dholbachStevenK: me too11:22
Amaranthglatzor: why did you reassign bug 116751 to compiz?11:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116751 in beryl-core "Upgrades of Edgy systems that used the former Beryl packages fail" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11675111:23
Amaranthah, i see, the compiz-quinn packages might be to blame11:25
Amaranthotherwise to get compiz on edgy they'd have to be using a 3rd party repo11:26
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Fujitsuogra: That's why you have two CDs these days.11:27
=== shiyee [n=Shiyee@homer.cs.aau.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== HlTMAN [n=silence@unaffiliated/hltman] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranththat log really sucks, i wish it's just show the output of apt-get dist-upgrade :P11:28
=== mvo does the uucp merge
ograFujitsu, well, this release would have been the first one since edubuntu exists where we managed to get a proper package from debian which we could just sync11:28
=== Hobbsee_ waves
=== LongPointyStick attacks Fujitsu
FujitsuIt's the attack of the clones.11:29
=== Fujitsu runs faster, but is still attacked.
=== LongPointyStick attacks Fujitsu, and leaves him brutally murdered in the corner of #ubuntu-devel
=== Hobbsee sharpens LongPointyStick
glatzorAmaranth: seb128 asked me already some minutes ago.11:30
glatzorAmaranth: He wanted to reassign it to beryl11:30
seb128I did11:30
Hobbseeick, beryl.11:30
=== ogra hands Hobbsee a mop and a bucket and points to the corner
=== mvo does tftp-hpa
=== Hobbsee delegates it to seb128.
seb128no way11:31
=== LongPointyStick points in the direction of seb128...
AmaranthDude, run11:32
=== LongPointyStick ponders where seb128 should be poked.
=== seb128 hides
=== ogra looks for another bucket
=== Fujitsu becomes undead and consumes LongPointyStick.
=== LongPointyStick searches seb128 out, and murders him brutally, and covers him in the dead Fujitsu
FujitsuAw... :(11:33
LongPointyStickFujitsus must stay ead.11:33
LongPointySticker, dead.11:33
MithrandirLongPointyStick: stop killing people!11:33
FujitsuWe are violent tonight, aren't we?11:33
FujitsuLongPointyStick: We have few enough human resources as it is.11:33
=== LongPointyStick abducts Simira, adn brings her to australia.
FujitsuOoooooh, nasty.11:33
LongPointySticksee, not killing people.11:34
LongPointySticknot everyone, anyway.11:34
=== Fujitsu 's soul departs to haunt #ubuntu-motu forever, away from the terror that is LongPointyStick.
pittiMithrandir: libhildon1-0-dbg_1.0.5-1ubuntu5_i386.deb is empty; to fix that, maybe you can remove it altogether? We don't need -dbg packages after all11:35
elkbuntuwhelp.. good to see the CoC as effective as usual in here :11:36
LongPointyStickNowhere is safe!11:36
pittiMithrandir: and while you are at it, could you please rename libhildon1-0 to libhildon-1-0 to match the soname?11:36
seb128-1-0 is ugly11:38
=== Hobbsee glances at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/116789
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116789 in Ubuntu "ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list is not working" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  11:38
Mithrandirseb128: I blame upstream.11:38
seb128why do they need to version the name in the first place?11:39
Hobbseelooks suspiciously pebkac - but it's an interesting thing to report in a place that's bugs in ubuntu11:39
Mithrandirpitti: I'm not sure I want to drop -dbg, since I'd like to avoid diverging too much from upstream11:39
pittiMithrandir: fine for me, but the package should not be empty11:40
mvoKeybuk: I take bpalogin if you don't mind (from the merges list)11:40
Mithrandirpitti: that I can agree with. :-)11:40
pittiMithrandir: if you want to keep the name, I'll accept them; if you want to match the soname (prefered IMHO), I'll reject the current binaries11:40
MithrandirI'll see if I can get upstream to change the soname, and if not, I'll change the package name.11:41
pittiMithrandir: alright, thanks11:42
=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvoRiddell: I took your xdg-utils merge11:48
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukmvo: sure11:49
=== mvo takes toshset and dwells in some fond memories for that package
=== zerbero_2 [n=jga@pD9E61E33.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Riddellmvo: thanks11:50
=== Hobbsee_ waits for the ghost to kick in...
Hobbseethere we go.11:52
=== Watersevenub [n=Watersev@242-172.dial.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHobbsee: /ns ghost Hobbsee <yourpassword>11:54
Hobbseepitti: i use it so often that nwo i just use /ghost11:54
=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukAmaranth: ping?12:09
AmaranthKeybuk: pong12:10
KeybukAmaranth: curious about the new compiz "git" version12:10
Keybukis this still a pre-beryl-merge thing?12:10
Amaranthcompiz isn't merging :)12:10
Amaranththe 'merge' is compiz-extra and beryl12:10
RiddellMithrandir: could you give back kdeedu, it should be buildable now12:11
Amaranthsince the compiz-extra guys had like 3 original plugins and all the beryl plugins ported to compiz12:11
Keybukright, but that merge depends on some compiz things in git, no?12:11
Amaranthit does12:11
Keybukis that in this git package?12:11
Amaranththis should have what they need, yes12:11
Keybukwhen do we expect compiz-extra to contain the beryl guys stuff?12:12
MithrandirRiddell: given-back12:12
boniiI am using Acer Aspire 1641 NWLMI laptop with Feisty. It has got acerhk module loaded but though the wireless hardware switch works for on and off its led doesnt glow. Can someone help me out. I was pointed to this channel from #ubuntu12:14
AmaranthKeybuk: compiz-extra can probably be removed from the archive at this point12:15
AmaranthKeybuk: afaik there are no plans to maintain a 'compiz-extra' tarball any longer12:15
seb128Amaranth: is the current compiz-extra compatible with the new compiz or should I remove it now?12:16
Keybukso how do I get the beryl plugins for compiz?12:16
Amaranthseb128: it's not12:17
dholbachmdz: I'm just trying to solve the universe-bugs@ thing differently. You seem to be ubuntu-bugs@ admin - is lists.u.c just slow or do you have to approve every subscriber to the list manually?12:18
Amaranthseb128: my compiz-core package has a Breaks in there for it12:18
mdzdholbach: that list is open subscription12:18
mdzdholbach: I have no idea if any part of the process is slow12:18
dholbachmdz: don't worry - I'll try to be patient and wait then :)12:19
seb128Amaranth: will you update compiz-extra with the new plugins or get a new package?12:19
gnomefreakbonii: please join #ubuntu and ask your question.12:19
Amaranthseb128: new set of packages from the beryl guys12:19
seb128k, I'll remove compiz-extra then12:20
=== antonym55 [n=antony@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
FujitsuYay! Good to see that bug source disappear for now.12:20
boniignomefreak: That is what I had done but there someone pointed me here saying it might be a module problem and the developers may help me out12:20
gnomefreaknot in the last 4 hours12:20
KeybukAmaranth: when do we expect the new set of packages?12:21
gnomefreakbonii: they shouldnt have sent you here for support anyway12:21
AmaranthKeybuk: i dunno, whenever they do a release12:22
Amaranthor at least have a working build system12:22
KeybukI'll talk to Robert later and find out, I guess :)12:23
seb128Amaranth: compiz-extra removed12:24
Amaranthi don't really want to package 0.0.0+git20070525 so i'm hoping they do a release soon :)12:25
Keybukany particular reason?12:26
seb128I'm fine packaging git ;)12:26
seb128if that's usuable12:27
maswanAnyone have the 2.6.15-28.53 linux-image[s]  still around? I can't seem to find them anywhere in the archive[s] , is there some special archive somewhere perhaps?12:27
seb128maswan: launchpad library12:27
Amaranthwell, they don't even have a working build system yet so that's not much of a concern right now12:27
Amaranthbut mostly just because i don't know what to name the packages :)12:27
Fujitsulaunchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/2.6.15-28.53, probably.12:27
Amaranthi know i'm not calling them compcomm-plugins-foo12:28
maswanthanks, awesome. hopefully we can go back to something that works for the time being then12:28
FujitsuExcept for the .22 being wrong.12:28
AmaranthKeybuk: that's the temporary name12:28
Amaranthit's not beryl anymore either :)12:28
Amaranthi was thinking renaming compiz-plugins to compiz-plugins-core and calling the compcomm stuff compiz-plugins-foo12:29
Amaranthsupposedly eventually non-essential plugins will move from compiz to the compcomm guys so the name will eventually make sense :)12:29
KeybukI'd still rather we had some package, with a temporary name, containing some plugins sooner12:35
Keybukand sorted out issues like the name later12:35
Keybuksince that way we're spending more of the release cycle testing, debugging and fixing problems12:35
Keybukand less waiting on a plugin drop12:35
maswanFujitsu: well, that was quite easy to guess when I got a 404. :) Found it, hopefully we'll have a kernel again that doesn't fall over every 5 minutes.12:35
=== lmveloso [n=lmveloso@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== thekorn [n=thekorn@a89-182-3-73.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonmaswan: bug #?12:38
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C1A48C.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maswancjwatson: Working on it12:39
AmaranthKeybuk: as soon as they have a working build system and such i'll make packages12:40
=== giskard [n=giskard@62-101-126-218.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukAmaranth: I'm getting white boxes where there should be drop-shadows12:41
Keybukany ideas?12:42
=== ajmitch [n=ajmitch@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthheh, seems like only nvidia doesn't get that now12:42
Amaranthi have no idea what's wrong, the hacky fix we had in feisty is still there12:42
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maswancjwatson: It happened to be a resonably important production system, so workaround first, bug reports later. :)12:49
maswancjwatson: Now I'm just waiting for launchpad to unbreak, and I'll get you a bug #. :)12:50
seb128Keybuk: should we use the milestone for gutsy bugs rather than abusing critical?12:54
pittiseb128: I'd love to, except that the gutsy milestone was removed for some reason12:55
pittiseb128: we probably should create gutsy tasks12:55
seb128pitti: get a driver adding it back? ;)12:55
seb128no we shouldn't12:55
seb128tasks are for backport12:56
=== pitti agrees
seb128pitti: I think we had no gutsy milestone12:56
seb128we just need to get one created12:56
=== madduck_ [n=madduck@clegg.madduck.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: we did have one, it was renamed 'obsolete' and then removed12:57
=== mvo [n=mvo@p54A675F2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: hum, weird, what happened to bugs using it?12:57
Keybukseb128: we've been told we can't use it for this12:58
Keybukso bug importance will have to do for now12:58
seb128how come we can use milestone?12:58
=== mvo wondered that too
seb128I'll have to use a note on my desktop to keep track of bugs now? that's plainly stupid ....12:59
Hobbseeseb128: it's progress - means you cant have unlimited bugs to keep progress of.12:59
pittithe purpose of milestones is different from the purpose of tasks, at least in my interpretation12:59
pittitasks -> version tracking; milestones -> release management12:59
seb128tasks are for backport01:00
=== Keybuk doesn't know
Keybukit's confused the buggery out of me :p01:00
seb128there is not point to use a gutsy task since bugs apply to gutsy by default01:00
pittiseb128: well, 'version tracking' for bugs we want to backport, yes01:00
Keybukwe weren't using it the way the Malone people thought we should be, or something01:00
seb128Keybuk: who decided the change? can we discuss that somewhere?01:00
seb128well, the normal way would be to provide us an another way before removing the one we are using01:01
Keybuk*shrug* indeed01:01
KeybukI really don't know the full story though01:01
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Keybuk: who knows?01:01
Keybukthe summary I have is "use Importance for now"01:01
seb128I don't want to use importance01:01
Keybukpitti knows more than I?01:01
seb128I've plenty of polish bugs I want to look at for gutsy01:01
=== `23meg [n=m@ubuntu/member/-23meg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128I'll no mark hundred of bugs critical just to keep them on my list01:02
=== mvo (ab)uses "later" for this currently, but he really wants a 7.10 milestone
persiaA tag might work, if you just want a list of bugs, but that is probably a different type of Malone abuse.01:02
pittipersia: it would be even worse, since less structure01:02
seb128and anybody can abuse from tags01:02
seb128where milestone has access control01:03
Keybukthe access control for milestone is ubuntu-drivers, no?01:03
Keybukthe problem with the milestone is it's what the release manager uses01:03
pittiit was broader, not sure how broad; ubuntu-qa maybe?01:03
seb128I think it's ubuntu-core-dev01:03
seb128might be qa01:03
Keybukso if anyone can post to the milestone, then the release manager suddenly has 1,000 "must be fixed for release" bugs01:03
pittiall I know is 'it worked for me'01:03
pittiKeybuk: let's as Mithrandir, but I don't think that happened so far01:04
seb128Keybuk: well, it used to be that only trusted people could set it01:04
pittito the contrary, we were often encouraged to milestone bugs01:04
=== pitti apologizes to Keybuk for complaining to him; wrong target
seb128the "must be fixed" is important bugs milestoned01:04
Keybukseb128: we defined that really late in the cycle as a hack around the problem that anyone could target to a milestone01:05
seb128I've plenty of low importance bugs milestone as my "todo for next stable"01:05
seb128Keybuk: I don't think it was an open setting, it has always been restricted01:05
seb128maybe to ubuntu-qa which is too much01:05
MithrandirKeybuk: while it has been abused slightly in the past for non-rc items, it's always been my position that I'd much rather have too many bugs nominated and have them turned down than miss important bugs.01:05
seb128but it was not open01:05
KeybukMithrandir: do you know where the ubuntu-7.10 milestone went, ooi?01:06
Mithrandirwe ended up defining critical + high + milestone as RC, where critical + milestone is "will hold up", high + milestone as "fix or document workaround".01:06
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
MithrandirKeybuk: no, I thought I added one, but I can't have, or launchpad have turned forgetful.  I can't see the knob I've used to add them in the past, so I wonder if that's linked to -drivers.01:07
pittiMithrandir: I'm 100% sure that there had been an ubuntu-7.10 milestone in the past01:07
Mithrandirthen LP ate it01:07
pittisince I added it to a few bugs, and now they have a tag 'ubuntu-obsolete-milestone'01:07
seb128I've asked on #launchpad01:07
Mithrandireven more so since I haven't been able to find a way to remove milestones in the past.01:08
Keybukthe interesting thing in this period is defining release criticalness on a per-feature basis01:08
KeybukCritical Milestoned bugs on a package before FF should mean that if the bug isn't fixed, the feature is dropped01:08
HobbseeMithrandir: then someone needs to feed launchpad more often!01:08
=== eggauah [n=daniel@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
MithrandirKeybuk: maybe not as categorically, but as a rule of thumb, yes.  We expect new features to have bugs, even serious ones.01:09
=== carlos [n=carlos@163.pool85-48-166.static.orange.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukright, I'm trying to define a way to make certain bugs highly visible01:10
Keybukthe metacity->compiz migration bugs, specifically01:10
seb128high importance, ubuntu-7.10 milestone01:10
Keybukbecause these are blockers for switching people from one to the other01:10
Keybukseb128: why high and not critical01:10
Mithrandirfrom the rumours I've heard, sabdfl doesn't like how we're using milestones.  I'm not sure how he wants them to be used, though.01:11
Keybukhigh has other things mixed in, and Malone doesn't show the milestone in the compiz bugs list01:11
seb128I'm fine with critical if that's really the importance and not a way to workaround the lack of milestone01:11
Keybukfundamentally I want to be able to show Mark a list of bugs when he asks how's it going01:11
Keybukand they should be obvious01:11
seb128I still want the milestone to list bugs I've to work for gutsy01:11
seb128s/work/work on01:12
Keybukyeah, I use milestone for that myself for Upstart :p01:12
seb128Mithrandir: well, I'm fine not using milestone if there is an another way to list bugs I want to work on for gutsy01:12
Keybukpersonal milestones/tags? :p01:13
pittidoko: wvstreams accepted; will you care about the soname transition?01:13
KeybukI don't think LP can list "all bugs assigned to me and tagged FOO though?"01:13
=== oracle [n=madduck@clegg.madduck.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128Keybuk: tag are open01:13
seb128anybody can change them01:13
=== oracle is now known as madduck
seb128and I don't want random user changing my TODO :p01:13
carlosseb128, pitti: Fonts are quite small with Gutsy... Do you have the same problem?01:13
=== pitti looks at the NEW queue and blinks
pitti  210842 | S- | iceape               | 1.1.1+u1-0ubuntu1    | nine days01:13
pitti         | * iceape/1.1.1+u1-0ubuntu1 Component: main Section: net01:13
pittiI thought we didn't want that?01:14
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti blacklists
seb128carlos: yes, g-s-d is looking at the screen DPI now01:14
Mithrandirpitti: asac wants it, in universe.01:14
seb128pitti: I think we want01:14
pitticarlos: yes, I had; I just increased their size a little and then forgot about it01:14
MithrandirKeybuk: afaik it can.01:14
seb128pitti: the mozilla team want all of them to universe IIRC01:14
pittiMithrandir: erk @ even more firefox copies without security updates01:14
carlosso it's supposed to use the right value now?01:14
pittiasac: what's the point of iceape?01:14
seb128carlos: we will make that better, not sure what is right way for now though01:14
seb128carlos: yes01:15
Mithrandirpitti: indeed.01:15
maswancjwatson: 11681501:15
MithrandirKeybuk: I'm wondering if it's really a usecase for bugs that depend on other bugs.01:17
MithrandirKeybuk: like "blocked" in the debian bts.01:17
KeybukMithrandir: or a use case to have "custom bug lists"01:17
Keybukand define milestones using them01:17
Mithrandiror nicknames for lists of bugs.01:18
Keybukso anyone can create a bug list, and nominate the person/team who can accept bugs into the list01:18
Keybukanyone can propose to any list01:18
Keybukrelease could have milestone lists owned by the RM01:18
=== pitti empties binary NEW, yay
Keybukindividuals and teams could have their own lists of interesting bugs01:18
MithrandirKeybuk: yes, and you can have more than one list, and list of lists.01:18
Mithrandirso I could have an uber-list of all my -archive and -mobile bugs, but I could also have those separate, as well as any casper bugs, any pkg-config bugs, etc.01:19
Keybukand I could have a personal todo01:19
ajmitchyay, waiting for root fs01:20
Keybukseb128: btw, feel free to renominate these bugs any way you want - just as long as there's an LP url I can use to see them all :p01:21
asacpitti: what point do you want to know :)01:21
=== EtienneG [n=etienne@ubuntu/member/EtienneG] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiasac: why do we need even more copies of mozilla code in universe which more or less just differ in the name and will never get security updates?01:21
Hobbseepitti: testing?01:22
HobbseeMOTU council would probably vote them out, though01:22
asacpitti: more or less i want it to mentor mozillateam contributors on packaging mozilla applications01:22
ajmitchno wonder, I no longer have the right lvm stuff in initramfs, but evms is there & gives different device names01:22
=== pitti mumbles something about PPA
=== shiyee [n=Shiyee@0x53585488.abnxx4.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpitti: we don't have seamonkey01:22
asacso what do you mean with "just differ in name" 01:22
=== ogra-classmate [n=teacher@p548AFC70.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiasac: ah, right, the iceape was the 'old' complete suite, not firefox01:23
asacpitti: exactly01:23
pittiasac: well, the argument of 'unmaintained copies' still holds, but if you wish...01:23
asacpitti: further the iceapps are the perfect playground to test things like building against xulrunner et al01:23
mvoinfinity: I take your scim-chewing merge if you don't mind01:24
=== wereHamster|away is now known as wereHamster
=== Yvonne [n=01101110@pdpc/supporter/active/Yvonne] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonhow badly do we reckon livefs builds will fail today?01:32
KeybukAmaranth: hmm, plane isn't working properly for me01:33
StevenKHow badly did they fail last time?01:33
cjwatsonhmm, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/gutsy_probs.html suggests it won't be pretty :)01:33
cjwatsonStevenK: not at all, since that was the final build for feisty01:33
KeybukAmaranth: I have 12 desktops, configured in 3 rows, and the switcher shows them properly01:33
FujitsuIs this the first gutsy run, or has something particularly special happened?01:33
cjwatsonthe first run01:33
KeybukAmaranth: but I can only use Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down to move between two of them01:33
KeybukAmaranth: and the switcher doesn't update01:33
cjwatsonhmm, probably need to upload ubuntu-meta01:33
AmaranthKeybuk: because you have 2x2 viewports and 12 workspaces01:34
=== TeTeT [n=spindler@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukAmaranth: this means nothing to me ...01:34
KeybukAmaranth: in metacity, I had 12 desktops in 3 rows01:34
StevenKcjwatson: When was that generated? kdepim ought to be fixed.01:34
KeybukAmaranth: that wasn't migrated properly to compiz, but I could set the number of desktops again in the switcher01:34
AmaranthKeybuk: you want to change number_of_desktops to 1 and change the hsize and vsize to 4x301:34
cjwatsonStevenK: there's a timestamp at the top01:34
KeybukAmaranth: ?01:34
StevenKSo there is.01:35
KeybukAmaranth: the switcher doesn't offer those settings01:35
AmaranthKeybuk: the switcher applet needs to be patched to know about viewports01:35
StevenKPerhaps I need to order glasses.01:35
Amaranththis is in gcon01:35
Amarantherr, gconf01:35
KeybukAmaranth: which keys do I need to change?01:35
Amaranthnumber_of_desktops, hsize, and vsize01:35
=== cprov [n=cprov@canonical/launchpad/cprov] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKcjwatson: a kdepim upload (4:3.5.7-1ubuntu2) was uploaded 21 hours ago, and ought to fix some of those problems.01:36
cjwatsonStevenK: if it fixes it, it hasn't built *shrug*01:36
StevenKAccording to LP, it has.01:36
cjwatsonbritney does not have a habit of being wrong01:36
cjwatsonit's almost invariably the packages01:37
StevenKHrm. Binary NEW, maybe.01:37
=== Hobbsee checks for kdepim breakage
KeybukAmaranth: ah yes, that's much better01:37
cjwatsonno kdepim in NEW01:38
Hobbseebah.  not too much kde stuff there.01:38
Hobbseecjwatson: no, it's uploaded now.  some of the kde stuff was given back too01:38
StevenKI daresay kdebase, kubuntu-meta, and kdepim are all related.01:38
cjwatsonbear in mind that it is often not the fault of the uninstallable package01:38
HobbseeStevenK: kubuntu-meta isnt01:39
cjwatsonnetworkstatus-dev (the uninstallable in question) is timestamped 27 March01:39
Hobbseecjwatson: can you tell me when that'll be run again?01:39
Hobbsee(yay for being mid kde-change)01:39
cjwatsonHobbsee: hourly; see the timestamp at the top01:39
=== Spads [n=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseecjwatson: ah, sorry, thanks.01:39
=== StevenK mades a note to kill one of his uni group, and looks at one of the uninstallables.
KeybukAmaranth: also 0.5 still betrays the "windows mapped before compiz are invisible" bug01:40
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonit's running at the moment actually01:40
=== Hobbsee calculates...an hour and a half since some of kde was given back. probably not time for it to build yet, and run the tool.
cjwatsona publication cycle is needed there too01:40
cjwatsonif it's in progress, don't worry about it01:40
StevenKThis guy seems to be one of those people who has the mistaken assumption that all web pages need to look great 640x480 and no other size.01:40
=== iwj [n=ian@xenophobe.extern.relativity.greenend.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseesome of it is, i'm not quite sure how much01:40
=== ``23meg [n=m@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukis there some composite-related option needed on intel chips01:42
KeybukEXAA or something?01:42
Hobbseenot for 965, iirc01:42
cjwatsoneasiest way to diagnose britney problems is to debootstrap a gutsy chroot and try 'apt-get install <uninstallable>'01:42
=== Keybuk has 945
=== Fujitsu has a 915, and doesn't need anything special.
Keybukjust seeing if there's a way to fix the white box issue01:44
ogra-classmateKeybuk: which driver are you using?01:48
Hobbseecjwatson: looks like networkstatus-dev is an obsolete binary from kdepim01:49
=== phanatic [n=phanatic@ubuntu/member/phanatic] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra-classmatei noticed in feiswty the -intel driver doesnt work on the 915 of the classmate, havent tried the gutsy one yet though01:49
cjwatsonHobbsee: ok, it can safely be ignored in the uninstallables list then; it'll get hoovered up at some point01:50
Hobbseecjwatson: cool - wasnt sure if you wanted to do the hoovering now :)01:50
cjwatsonpitti: sexy-python needs an inclusion report; gnome-app-install uses it now01:50
pittiyup, that doesn't sound too scary01:51
ogra-classmateKeybuk: the 810 doesnt have the whitebox issue for me, but you need the resolution tool from universe01:52
LureHobbsee: networkstatus-dev is needed for building knetworkmanager01:52
LureHobbsee: I suspect something was lost during 3.5.7 switch01:52
HobbseeLure: it has no source...or my apt-cache is buggered.01:52
HobbseeLure: debian doesnt seem to know about it either01:52
LureHobbsee: Tonio_ has added this in feisty01:52
LureHobbsee: yes, because they do not care about it01:53
=== Hobbsee wonders if and how she missed it, then.
LureHobbsee: this was part of feisty specs01:53
LureHobbsee: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuFeistyNetworking01:54
HobbseeLure: doesnt mention -dev, but OK01:54
LureHobbsee: it was part of kdepim change Tonio_ did01:55
LureHobbsee: it was new heaer files needed to compile knetworkmanager01:55
Hobbseei'm saying i wonder how it got missed in the merge.01:55
Hobbsee(not how it origianlly got there)01:56
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Keybukogra-classmate: which version of compiz?01:57
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otavioHello folks. I'm preparing a release of laptop-detect to Debian but I'd like to know if the laptop-detect-udeb is being use by Ubuntu Installer? (it's not on d-i)02:00
dokopitti: not today02:01
cjwatsonotavio: no, it's not02:01
pittidoko: no, not that urgent, just eventually02:01
cjwatson(it's in universe, so can't be)02:01
pittimr_pouit: erk @ install/disksearch:: rule of your disksearch source package02:03
pittimr_pouit: (similarly, debian/dirs); I recommend to intltoolize that package, so that you get some sane 'upstream' rules for msgfmt'ing and installing po/gmo files02:04
pittimr_pouit: please also clean the orig.tar.gz a bit (*.gmo and *.pyc)02:06
ogra-classmateKeybuk: feisty final02:08
cjwatsonThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:08
cjwatsonThe following packages have unmet dependen  python-qt4: Depends: python-sip4 (< 4.6) but 4.6-1ubuntu1 is to be installed02:08
cjwatsonKDE folks, what's up with that?02:08
StevenKOh bugger!02:09
StevenKI merged python-sip4, so I'll deal with -qt4.02:09
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siretartI just got two mails from archive@ubuntu.com: the first one is 'Accepted boxbackup', the 2nd one is 'boxbackup rejected'02:10
RiddellStevenK: thanks, it should just need a sync from Debian02:10
siretartis this something I need to worry about? (it is a sync from debian)02:10
StevenKRiddell: Right, I'll check properly after the MOTU meeting.02:10
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=== Hobbsee clearly needs a highlight on "kde folks"
=== mruiz [n=mruiz@ubuntu/member/mruiz] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Bye!"]
otaviocjwatson: ok, good. I'll drop the udeb then02:12
=== bdgraue [n=bdgraue@dyndsl-085-016-109-218.ewe-ip-backbone.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseeright, ignoring kdebluetooth-irmcsync, kdegraphics-kfile-plugins, krita needs fixing for the poppler stuff, networkstatus-dev needs fixing due to a botched merge (yay, me), pyqt4 we know about, as well as the rdeps, and sparc kdelibs we're ignoring02:22
Hobbseenot too much to action there, at least :)02:22
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=== oracle is now known as madduck
Hobbseepitti: can we borrow you in -meeting please?02:26
alleeHobbsee: fwiw: kdebluetooth-irmcsync is gone in kdelbuetooth-dbus-integration branch02:26
=== madduck [n=madduck@seamus.madduck.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseeallee: right, so it's an old binary, and Tonio_ hasnt done the merge yet?02:27
Hobbseepitti: thanks02:27
alleeHobbsee: there's only a kdelbuetooth-dbus-integration in svn. No release yet.  I've made some experimental debs on my disk. That's all02:28
Hobbseeallee: ahhh, gotcha.02:28
=== madduck [n=madduck@debian/developer/madduck] has left #ubuntu-devel []
Keybukogra-classmate: that's fine for me02:33
Keybukogra-classmate: it's only today's git compiz that has the white box issue02:33
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pittiFujitsu: please fix sixpack-bibtex.orig.tar.gz to include a COPYING file; I accept the source new because the current sixpack package does not have either, but it's imperative that it gets fixed02:35
Fujitsupitti: OK, I'll try to whip one up.02:37
pittiFujitsu: just take it from /usr/share/common-licenses and check that the files are actuually GPLed :)02:38
FujitsuYeah, the last bit is generally the problem.02:38
pittiFujitsu: hm, the 'other' sixpack has the very same problem; very confusing02:38
FujitsuHeheh, I love these ambiguities.02:39
=== Watersevenub [n=Watersev@242-122.dial.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
saispoBenC: ping ?02:47
BenCsaispo: pong02:47
saispohi :)02:47
=== j_ack [n=jack@p508da6fc.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
saispokernel source for feisty are not accessible with git on kernel.org now ?02:48
pittiyay, texlive-bin built on all arches!02:48
=== pitti bounces
=== StevenK giggles
seb128pitti: I'm remove-package evince-gtk02:48
Keybuksaispo: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git02:48
seb128pitti: evince does multibuild now with a gtk variant02:49
pittiseb128: ++02:49
pittiseb128: oooh, great!02:49
=== pitti -> lunch, bbl
=== seb128 work breaks as well
pkl_saispo: git is now on kernel.ubuntu.com, git-clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/<project>, for feisty, replace <project> with ubuntu/ubuntu-feisty.git02:52
robertjsomeone on the payroll really ought to get in touch with dell to have them add a "tell me more" (or whatever dell calls it) link to the canonical support offerings that tells you what the difference is between basic and standard support02:54
robertjthe information is there on the first page, but usually they have links inside the customization area for each machine that fill you in on details02:55
robertjapparently the preferred term is "Help Me Choose", you can see it on the pages before and after maintanance selection when customizing a machine02:56
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=== svolpe_gerrath [n=Gerrath_@mail.lifecor.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
muxecoidHelp me pick an IDE for C/C++ please. My reqs for IDE: 1. GUI C, C++ support. 1.1. Method/function trees. 1.2. Autocompletion offering completion options of proper type. 2. Automatically generates configure scripts for make (maybe jam?). 2.1. Create tarballs easily. 2.2. Adding non-source files to the project. 3. GUI for Revision control support. 3.1. Store different versions/branches in different dirs and switch easily between them. 3.2. GUI for c03:00
saispoBenC, pkl_, Keybuk : ok, big thanks :)03:00
maswanBenC: I can only give you a dmesg of .53 running on that machine, still interested?03:00
Hobbseemuxecoid: #ubuntu03:01
Hobbseemuxecoid: please see the /topic03:01
BenCmaswan: really need dmesg from the new one to see if there's some incriminating evidence before the crashes, but .53 is a good start03:01
muxecoidSorry, I just want to know what IDe is used by ubuntu developers :)03:02
maswanBenC: I can give you that today, I can try to reproduce this under artifical load on .55 on monday.03:02
Hobbseemuxecoid: vi, emacs.03:02
BenCmaswan: thanks03:02
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FujitsuHobbsee: Good one!03:02
=== Hobbsee headdesks
=== ogra-classmate [n=teacher@p548AFC70.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomed would've been a better answer03:02
Hobbsee"thou shalt read the topic, or thou shalt have an appointment with the pointy stick"03:03
StevenKIs that the offical motto of ubuntu-ops?03:03
Hobbseei dont think we have one03:03
Hobbseebesides, i'm not on the council anymore.03:03
Hobbseenot even proposed for it :)03:03
ogra-classmateBenC: i'm online with the ralink ;)03:04
robertjwhen a spec is marked review, who is it that actually does the review?03:05
Hobbseesmurf and co, i believe03:06
=== gouki_ [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robertjjust wanted to make sure it magically happened and I wasn't supposed to poke someone03:07
=== adamant1988 [n=adam@doc-24-206-202-2.el.wv.cebridge.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== afflux [i=fnord@pentabarf.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
FujitsuIt depends if it's a slightly sane (probably targetted) spec.03:08
Hobbseenot sure03:08
=== alex-weej [n=alex@halls-129-31-82-59.hor.ic.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robertjFujitsu: Proposed for gusty, low priority03:11
Hobbseerobertj: are you writing it?03:11
robertjHobbsee: maybeish03:12
robertjHobbsee: there is some gtk+ stuff I can do it will just take time but I have a possible volunteer03:12
robertjthe other is changes to the pam stack and adding reqs to ubuntu-minimal03:12
persiaMithrandir: please give back gmsh on ia64 (thanks pitti)03:12
Hobbseei suspect you can just implement it without approval, but dont quote me on that03:12
robertjHobbsee: apart from the gtk+ stuff there isn't really anything to implement I don't think. It should be like a 3 line diff03:14
Hobbseei'd suggest just doing it, then03:14
=== CarlFK [n=carl@c-76-29-9-184.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittipersia: due to texlive?03:15
persiapitti: Yes.03:15
=== zul [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiMithrandir: please hold on with give-backs on ia64 due to texlive; it's not yet in the arhcive03:16
=== persia apologises profusely for excessive excitement
pittipersia: curious; libkpathsea 2007-9 is there for ia64, but not texlive-base-bin03:18
FujitsuBinary NEW?03:18
pittiah, no03:19
pittiit's in universe on ia6403:19
=== pitti moves
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BenCogra-classmate: firmware working?03:27
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiBenC: good morning03:27
BenCpitti: Hey03:27
pittiBenC: ISTR that we still need to talk about kernel crashes and apport?03:27
=== robertj files #116846
robertj<ahem> bug #11684603:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116846 in pam "patch to add directory inclusion for pam config file" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11684603:28
=== otavio [n=otavio@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ompaulI will be back as soon as I can be03:29
ompaulwoops wrong window03:29
otaviocjwatson: Hi. Is possible to sync laptop-detect with the new sid one?03:29
ogra-classmateBenC: compioled from the latest serialmonkey CVS hourly tarball ... no NM support, but works03:30
=== HiddenWolf [n=HiddenWo@136.131.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenCpitti: yeah...the current situation is that pulling vmcore works...but it's a map of the entire memory area, so a command needs to be run on it to shrink it down (will be included in kexec-tools, so if vmcore is there, so should this command)03:31
cjwatsonotavio: it'll go onto the merge list automatically03:31
ogra-classmatebtw compiling stuff on the classmate isnt as bad as you would expect :)03:31
cjwatsonotavio: (http://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html)03:32
ogra-classmateBenC: the Makefile from the ralink tarball was broken somehow03:32
pittiBenC: IIRC that vmcore file should be picked up by the apport init script (maybe indirectly) and be converted to a proper apport file, right?03:32
cjwatsonotavio: if all the changes have been incorporated, whoever looks at it will verify that and ask for a sync03:32
ogra-classmatemoving the firmware to /etc/Wireless/... didnt helpp either03:33
otaviocjwatson: AFAIK they all were merge03:33
otaviocjwatson: if something is missing I'd like to push on it to avoid diverting without reason03:34
BenCpitti: right, but unless you want a 1G file in attachment, it's useless as-is :)03:34
pittiBenC: right; I mean, it is no problem to call any script during that process03:34
BenCpitti: apport should pick up that it's there, and if the user wants to include it with the bug report, then apport should preprocess it with a command to bring it down to something reasonable like 70Megs03:34
pittiBenC: well, it'll slow down boot a bit, but *shrug*03:34
BenCpitti: I'll email you details today03:35
pittiBenC: ok, thanks; I'll think about it when I understand the details better03:35
cjwatsonotavio: sure, understood; somebody will look at it once the new version is on the merge list03:35
=== LeeJunFan [n=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiBenC: is there an easy way to get a core of a running kernel? that would be nice for the testsuite03:36
cjwatsonotavio: we are working our way steadily through that list at the moment, and don't otherwise need reminders :-)03:36
BenCpitti: actually, there is...the command that processes vmcore, can also process /proc/kcore the same way03:36
pittiBenC: aah, that vmcore file is nothing else than a copy of /proc/kcore? nice03:37
BenCpitti: so for the testsuite you could use /proc/kcore instead of /var/crash/vmcore03:37
pittithat sounds fine03:37
BenCpitti: Basically, but not exactly03:37
pittiI'm just keen on having tests for everything I add to apport03:37
otaviocjwatson: ok03:40
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ogra-classmateBenC: so what do i do with that working driver now? (even though i'd appreciate NM support)03:46
BenCogra-classmate: I'll get the driver packaged up in linux-driver-backports for feisty03:47
ogra-classmatedid you manage to get the driver from the ralink tarball building?03:47
BenCthe tarball I got with NM support03:47
ogra-classmatei didnt manage to get that to build here03:47
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=== giskard [n=giskard@62-101-126-218.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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HobbseeLure: ping?03:57
LureHobbsee: pong03:58
=== mthaddon [n=mthaddon@canonical/launchpad/mthaddon] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HobbseeLure: do you know if networkstatus-dev just needed to be added back, as is, to kdepim, or if more was to be added?03:58
LureHobbsee: just need to be added back (it is juct couple of .h files afair)03:59
HobbseeLure: great, okay, willfix.03:59
LureHobbsee: see feisty package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_contents.pl?searchmode=filelist&word=networkstatus-dev&version=feisty&arch=i38604:00
Hobbseeyeah, i found it04:00
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pittidoko: yay, ia32-libs is in anastacia04:16
=== pitti demotes
sbalneavcjwatson: Could you help me with a bit of an ssh coding question?04:17
=== siretart makes a note to merge ia32-libs and ia32-libs-sdl
seb128pitti: did you accept evince-gtk?04:17
pittiseb128: accept? it's not in NEW04:17
cjwatsonsbalneav: I can trry04:17
seb128I mean the new binary from evince04:17
pittiseb128: no, why? evince-gtk exists since dapper04:18
seb128pitti: ah, it failed to build04:18
sbalneavShould we /query, or do it here?04:18
seb128pitti: right, but it's built by an another source package now (and there is a new -dbg)04:18
dokopitti: cool. finally04:18
pittiseb128: if a binary moves between sources it doesn't need NEWing04:18
pittiseb128: ah, for the -dbg then04:18
sbalneavHere's the issue: slow terminals are having problems with ldm being written in python04:19
sbalneavso we need to reimplement in C04:19
seb128pitti: I was just wondering why it's not in NEW, and the explanation is "cc: /build/buildd/texlive-bin-2007/build/source/inst/lib/libkpathsea.so: No such file or directory"04:19
seb128pitti: I hate .la04:19
cjwatsonsbalneav: here's fine04:19
sbalneavwe plumb the connection in ssh04:19
mneptokseb128: San Francisco is nicer04:19
pittiseb128: erk, which packages' fault is that?04:19
=== gicmo [n=gicmo@p5491F7A9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: hum, in fact doesn't look like a .la problem. I would blame texlive-bin04:20
seb128gicmo: Alter! How is gutsy going for you? ;)04:20
sbalneavHowever, I need to control ssh via the terminal (for passing the password), mainly becaus the ssh-askpass mechanism doesn't work if you're sshing into a machine with an expired password (i.e. pam's going to ask you for a new one)04:20
seb128pitti: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16703004:20
ubotuGnome bug 167030 in gconf "/tmp not cleaned up, which causes bad results if user's UID changes" [Critical,New]  04:20
seb128pitti: http://librarian.launchpad.net/7834709/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.evince_0.9.0-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz04:20
gicmoseb128: pretty good so far!04:21
seb128rock on ;)04:21
gicmosome font minor font issues04:21
gicmobut fixed that04:21
sbalneavso what I need is the C magic necessary to control ssh like how something like expect would do it04:21
seb128gicmo: the font size issue is g-s-d looking at the screen DPI now04:21
seb128gicmo: that's the changes federico did04:21
seb128I'm not sure which that gives an ugly result04:21
cjwatsonsbalneav: I'd be pretty wary of that, because you're going to end up relying on human-readable text which might well change between ssh versions04:21
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: I don't know; the command specifies /build/buildd/texlive-bin-2007/build/source/inst/lib/libkpathsea.so explicitly as part of the linking04:22
sbalneavcjwatson: agreed, but I don't feel like trying to fix ssh-askpass functionality to handle pam password expires :) that's a little beyond my ken.04:22
pittiseb128: and of course that doesn't exist04:22
seb128pitti: it must get it from a .pc or something04:22
seb128pitti: I'm trying to figure where04:22
seb128texlive-bin 2007-9 (tar) [70,7MB] 04:23
pittiseb128: libkpathsea-dev ships a .la file, let me check04:23
seb128I've -8 atm04:24
seb128$ grep buildd /usr/lib/libkpathsea.la04:24
seb128hate hate hate04:24
seb128pitti: ^04:25
pittiseb128: shall I upload a -9ubuntu1 and kill the .la?04:25
Mithrandirpitti: please.04:25
seb128yes please04:25
sbalneavcjwatson: any suggestions?04:25
cjwatsonsbalneav: I'm just looking at a few things04:25
sbalneavcool, thx04:25
MithrandirI think we should make shipping .la files RC.04:25
pittiok, I'll do that and send it as a bug towards Debian04:25
pittithey are fast with accepting patches04:25
seb128I'm pondering make cdbs debhelper rule use clean-la.mk by default04:26
Mithrandirseb128: doit.04:26
=== giskard [n=giskard@62-101-126-218.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mthaddonLaunchpad is going down in 15 mins for a code update. Estimated downtime is 10 mins or less.04:30
pittiseb128, Mithrandir: uploaded04:30
=== seb128 hugs pitti
=== bonii [n=boni@unaffiliated/bonii] has joined #ubuntu-devel
boniij #fedora04:30
=== Arador [n=dcg@108.pool80-103-0.dynamic.orange.es] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonsbalneav: from the ssh end, you just need to make sure to invoke ssh with -t04:32
cjwatsonsbalneav: the trick is going to be getting hold of the tty though04:33
cjwatsonactually, it might be easier to allocate a pty/tty in the wrapper, and make sure that ssh inherits that as its controlling tty04:34
pittiseb128: ok, sent to BTS; with some luck we can sync it again in a few days04:34
sbalneavcjwatson: any pointers to some example code on that? :)04:35
cjwatsonyou can use openpty to allocate it, and ioctl(TIOCSCTTY) to make it the controlling tty04:35
cjwatsonsshpty.c in openssh itself would be one place to look04:35
=== dholbach_ [n=daniel@i59F72E56.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonyou can then read from / write to the master end of the pty04:36
cjwatsonyou shouldn't then need to use ssh -t, since it'll have a tty already04:37
=== Hobbsee starts to wonder if there's anything cjwatson *doesnt* know.
cjwatsonsometimes all you need is to be able to look stuff up faster than the next guy ...04:40
sbalneavThat'll get me pointed at the right direction.  excellent.04:41
=== ogra-classmate [n=teacher@p548afc70.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Keybuk successfully compiled and installed the beryl wall plugin into gutsy's compiz-core
seb128Keybuk: what videocard do you have?04:45
=== seb128 has white borders around menus since the compiz upgrade on his ATI
Keybukseb128: -intel04:46
KeybukI have the same bug04:46
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@upstream/dev/RadiantFire] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukexpo is kinda broken04:50
mvoWTF wiki.ubuntu.com just ate my changes04:50
=== mvo radiates anger towards it
mvo"The authentication database is temporarily unavailable. Anonymous access only.You are not allowed to edit this page."04:51
=== Hobbsee suggests mvo offers more sacrifices to the launchpad gods
Hobbseemvo: [00:29]  <mthaddon> Launchpad is going down in 15 mins for a code update. Estimated downtime is 10 mins or less.04:51
Keybukah, expo is broken unless it's loaded before fade04:51
=== mvo grumbles grumbles grumbles
mvothans Hobbsee04:52
pittimvo: back button doens't help?04:55
=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Gone"]
pittimvo: btw, you might want to take a look at editmoin. It's 100% pure love04:55
ogra-classmatepitti: POST data04:55
mvopitti: I use it a lot, just not this time04:55
=== ahuman [n=oem@ool-43557e7c.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvopitti: maybe back helps once LP is back, currently it keeps telling me editing is impossible04:56
mvopitti: I don't know if it still knows about my changes04:56
pittihm, this is still not packaged04:56
ogra-classmatesponsor a MOUT ;)04:56
pittiogra-classmate: oh, I was going to do it myself now, since spending 4.5 hours on the NEW queue bored me04:57
pittibut if someone is interested in packaging it, sure04:57
Hobbseepitti: s/bored me/ made me insane/?04:57
pittiHobbsee: just avoid the letter 'q' for a while :)04:57
Hobbseepitti: q?04:57
pittiHobbsee: the alias for 'queue'04:57
crimsunbinary NEW will have something in it soon ;)04:57
Hobbseeis "q" accept or something?04:57
=== Monk-e [n=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
cjwatsonHobbsee: it's the tool to manipulate the queue05:00
Hobbseeahhh, i see05:00
cjwatsonqueue override, queue accept, queue reject, etc.05:00
Hobbsee+ queue block_this_uploader_from_the_archive05:00
Keybukseb128: it only seems to affect panel and transients though05:01
Keybukif I set the shadowing to toplevel only in the decoration prefs, it's fine for those windows05:01
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kylemmaswan, hey, i'll have a test kernel for you in a bit.05:33
maswankylem: thanks, but I'm not going to be onsite until monday most likely.05:37
kylembasically your setup is ultra-crackful.05:38
kylemlike, afs... wtf. :)05:38
maswanheh. :)05:38
maswananyway, I'm already late for dinner, so later in a bit. :)05:39
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pittiogra-classmate: so, it's packaged now :) just waiting for niemeyer to release a good upstream tarball with a license05:58
gnomefreakare we getting rid of gimp or is this a bug?05:59
pittignomefreak: poppler transition going on05:59
gnomefreakah ok05:59
ogra-classmatepitti: ah, cool05:59
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=== j_ack [n=jack@p508DA6FC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
maswankylem: hmm. do you think our setup is crackful enough that noone else is likely to get bitten by this? (if it is just us, I'll just postpone it totally to monday, otherwise I'll try testing it tomorrow)06:17
kylemmaswan, yeah, i'm pretty sure... ben pointed out you see your first oom (on a 1page (4K) allocation) within 5 minutes of boot on .5306:18
maswankylem: well, normally it is a bit smoother than that, this was under max load (booting with lots of queued things, as compared to tasks dropping in now and then), but yes.06:20
=== Gman_ [n=gman@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128, Mithrandir: hmm, I uploaded new texlive-bin almost two hours ago, and no sign of it in Soyuz06:21
seb128did you get an accepted mail?06:21
pittihm, no06:22
ogra-classmatedid you upload to debian ? :)06:22
pittinope :)06:22
pittioh, yay06:22
pitti15:30:04 DEBUG   Considering changefile texlive-bin_2007-9ubuntu1_source.changes06:22
pitti15:30:04 DEBUG   Overriding distribution: ubuntu06:22
pitti15:30:04 DEBUG   Finding fresh policy06:22
pitti15:30:04 ERROR   Unhandled exception from processing an upload06:22
pitti -> http://librarian.launchpad.net/7835045/yVsG6yuaidYPcjD3NeIWVsBdyq0.txt (ERROR:  column "gotchi_heading" does not exist at character 10906:22
pitticpro1: ^ any idea?06:22
ogra-classmatehackergochies are part of the upload process now ? wow06:23
seb128pitti: distribution "ubuntu", is that normal?06:23
pittiseb128: last time I checked that's the distro we all use :) but I don't know, I guess so06:24
seb128pitti: k, just to be sure you didn't use "ubuntu" instead of "gutsy" to the changelog entry ;)06:24
seb128iz soyuz bog06:24
pittiDistribution: gutsy06:25
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pittidesrt: dude! how are you?06:26
desrtpretty fine06:26
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-devel
desrtchillin' in the sun06:26
seb128it's too hot here06:26
desrt27C here06:27
pittioh, shit06:28
pittiseb128: it just occured to me that we cannot quite sync poppler yet, I need to add Conflicts:/Replaces: to the new libraries for the old names06:28
=== mvo_ [n=mvo@p54A675F2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: ok, it's in accepted now06:34
seb128pitti: Debian renamed it as well, they didn't use the Conflicts, Replaces?06:36
cjwatsonpitti: I put https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportSexyPython in the queue, btw06:37
cjwatson(since it existed already)06:37
pittiah, thanks06:37
pittiseb128: I don't see how that works without; you cannot install them side-by-side, since the .so name is identical06:38
seb128pitti: I'm just wondering why Debian didn't use a Conflicts,Replaces06:39
seb128they changed the naming for Debian so they should need it as well06:39
pittiseb128: indeed06:40
seb128maybe not the qt4 package though06:40
=== Treenaks burns himself on gutsy-current :)
Treenaksoh well.. I guess this'll fix itself06:41
seb128I'm sure they would be happy to apply the diff so we can sync though06:41
seb128hi Treenaks06:41
seb128Treenaks: did you read my question about pppoe yesterday?06:41
pittiseb128: yep, I'll send it to them06:41
seb128pitti: thanks06:41
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=== Lure_ [n=lure@89-212-19-55.dynamic.dsl.t-2.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: uploaded and sent06:49
=== seb128 hugs pitti
pittiugh, what a Friday; just archive stuff and package fixing, nothing productive...06:49
seb128pitti: archive is productive06:50
seb128you unblock other people ;)06:50
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astro73_I have code, how do I turn that into a package for ubuntu?07:20
ion_Try #ubuntu-motu07:21
astro73_k, thanx07:21
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ogra-classmatehmm, sylpheed has no .desktop entry ? :/07:53
=== Peps [n=pepito@105.Red-88-18-121.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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carlosmvo_: ddtp template for universe is approved now, it should be imported soon08:20
=== doko [n=doko@dslb-088-073-125-118.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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TheInfinityhello ... one question ... i'm active in (k)ubuntu support a little bit and most questions we get are about video drivers. the user can't repair anything if installation failes, they dont know how to use vi and xorg.conf and they dont get help via console so that they have to switch to windows - or saying that *ubuntu is crap. iperhaps a solution ... would it be possible to have 2 xorg.confs?08:28
TheInfinityif it fails loading the main file it loads something like an failsafe file to give the user a gui?08:28
=== pbn [i=pbn@k-lined.info] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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LureTheInfinity: check this https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/bullet-proof-x08:32
mrsn0TheInfinity i do similar on another network, 10 says 99% of issues are ati ? ;)08:34
TheInfinityah ok somewhere else had this idea, too - good :)08:34
TheInfinitymrsn0: the last ones we get were nvidia08:34
TheInfinitymost because of not good reading of the user08:34
mrsn0the new restricted drivers manager in feisty seems to help lots of new users08:34
TheInfinitybut if xorg does not start the GUI-user sits there and thinks "ooohhh ok"08:35
mrsn0but for people with 8800gtx or recent ati cards, i mention 'envy' to them in the mean time08:35
mrsn0i look forward to unbreakable X :D08:35
ogra-classmatewell, with restricted-manager it shouldnt happen that the user sits in fron of a not starting xserver08:35
ogra-classmateit does a ton of checks before switching the driver08:36
TheInfinityogra-classmate: i just had this some minutes ago so i got this idea - but i was not the first, this whitepaper is the right direction i think :)08:36
TheInfinityusers try it manually when it does not work automaticly ...08:37
TheInfinitybecause they want to try things (which they dont understand)08:37
ogra-classmateTheInfinity: 1i'm talking about the guio tool to switch to a proprietary driver, not about the spec08:37
ogra-classmatethat spec is three or more releases old08:37
=== pkl_ [n=phillip@unaffiliated/pkl/x-764568] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TheInfinityhmm .. i'm kubuntu user ... is it possible that this gui is not that perfect in kubuntu?08:38
TheInfinityi never used it because i like vi ;)08:38
ogra-classmateTheInfinity: restricted-manager as we ship it in feisty08:38
ogra-classmatei dont think its in kubuntu at all yet08:39
TheInfinityok i just wonderes about it ...08:39
TheInfinityso this should be the first thing to do08:39
ogra-classmatethere are only so many developers that can port stuff over ;)08:39
ogra-classmateso kubuntu is a bit behind with some new things usually08:39
ogra-classmate(which is not a bad thing since the most evil bugs were squashed in ubuntu then )08:40
TheInfinitysomehow a pitty because germany is KDE country and lots of people search alternatives for suse which becomes not really better ....08:40
=== sn0 [n=sno_@cpc3-blfs6-0-0-cust294.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra-classmateTheInfinity: only because germans dont know whats good for them ;) 08:42
ogra-classmateich versuch seit gnome 1.2 die leute zu ueberzeugen ;)08:43
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra-classmatebut at some point i gave up :)08:43
TheInfinityi use kde for myself - its all a question of getting used to it and personal likes and dislikes08:43
TheInfinityok that means answering video driver questions until guty08:44
TheInfinitythats a good aim ;)08:44
ogra-classmatewell, you could help porting the app over :) Riddell surely needs every helping hand08:45
tsmitheogra-classmate, classmate eh. how's ubuntu on it?08:45
ogra-classmatetsmithe: not at all :P08:46
ogra-classmateits edubuntu ! ;)08:46
TheInfinityogra-classmate: after my vordiplom i'll try *g*08:46
ogra-classmateand its great 08:46
tsmitheok. how's /ed/ubuntu on it? :P08:46
ogra-classmatea tad slow but fully functional08:46
tsmitheis it just a smaller, lower-powered normal x86 laptop?08:46
tsmitheor is it funky?08:46
ogra-classmateevolution doesnt like my 2gig mailbox though08:46
ogra-classmateits a standard celeron M 900 with 256 M ram and 2gig flshdisk08:47
tsmitheso it's not too bad then08:47
ogra-classmatei even compiled some things on it todat08:47
=== ct2rips [n=ct2rips@p5486A2CF.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsmithebit more ram might be nice tho..08:47
TheInfinityogra-classmate: kmail does not like mine, too - thats something which i find somehow a pitty ... no real groupware client like outlook running with linux ...08:47
tsmitheogra-classmate, :S how was that?08:48
ogra-classmatetsmithe: great, i got my wireless card working now08:49
tsmitheit's not an intel wireless standard jobby?08:49
ogra-classmateTheInfinity: well, eveo is usually the only thing apart from mutt that can handle mine, but i'm running all that on a 2 gig usbflash drive (including OS and /home)08:50
ogra-classmatetsmithe: you would think so ....08:50
ogra-classmatebut apparently thats to expensive :P08:50
tsmitheso what is it then?08:50
tsmithe(please not broadcom :P)08:51
ogra-classmateprice is the most essential criteria for this thing08:51
TheInfinityogra-classmate: i just was in conflict with the idea of having shared adressbooks, shared kalenders with sending schedule entrys around and so on + linux - bad for a guy who always sayd outlook is crap ;)08:52
tsmithehmm i've had awful troubles with ralink..08:52
ogra-classmateevo sint so far away from outlook08:52
ogra-classmatetsmithe: me too ... still not solved 100% but nearly08:53
TheInfinityogra-classmate: it becomes better and better, yes08:53
TheInfinityi hope it will soon be a real alternative for users who are used to outlook08:53
tsmitheogra-classmate, do you have a good link for docs? (i'd rather use the ralink than my acx100 if i could)08:53
TheInfinitythis would break one one the main office arguments for windows08:53
ogra-classmatetsmithe: well, i just compiled the tarball from serialmonkey.org08:54
tsmitheheh ok08:54
=== kalon33 [n=kalon33@i02v-62-34-145-118.d4.club-internet.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra-classmatetsmithe: but intel is helping a lot with that, the ralink driver will get a lot better soon08:54
tsmitheoh cool08:54
tsmitheit's good to have their folks working with us08:55
ogra-classmateyeah, totally08:55
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carlosmvo_: your .pot file is now imported09:03
=== `23meg [n=m@ubuntu/member/-23meg] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ompaulogra-classmate, you got something called email, you may have heard of it :)09:06
johanbrogra-classmate: There was just a question in #ubuntu-kernel why the ralink driver isn't in the Gutsy kernel build. Has it been taken down for improvements?09:07
ogra-classmatejohanbr: BenC is actively working on it09:07
BenCjohanbr: it is there, but it's in linux-ubuntu-modules09:08
ogra-classmateompaul: yeah i just got sylpheed running on this tiny thing and yours was the first mail i got, thanks09:08
johanbrOh, I see. Thank you.09:08
ompaulogra-classmate, :) hope you can follow my ramblings09:09
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
=== ompaul flies over to ogra-classmate to set up imap so he can trash boxen at a rate of knots :)
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-195-12.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogra-classmateompaul: i could follow them qafter several liters of beer, so i suspecdt i'll mange the same while being sober ;)09:09
=== ompaul chuckles
ogra-classmatei'm using imap ....09:10
=== ompaul is trying to be funny please don't stop me :)
ogra-classmatebut over all i have 200000 messages in about 50 folders09:10
ogra-classmatesomehow the flashdrive is to slow for that ... but sylpheed works somehow09:11
=== ompaul only has about 50k
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ompaulvideo updates only 09:12
=== ompaul ponders
mvo_carlos: super! thanks09:13
luisbghey ompaul 09:14
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ompaulluisbg, hey, I asked you something about 5 days ago, check your messages, if you can't find it I'll find my logs09:15
ogra-classmatei wonder if balsa has still an upstream09:16
ogra-classmateits a beautiful small mail app ....09:16
luisbgompaul, yeah, wanted to talk to you about that09:16
ompaulluisbg, pm me 09:17
ompaulwe are slightly off topic for here :)09:17
luisbgelmo, ping09:27
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glatzorhello bryce10:12
=== HlTMAN [n=silence@unaffiliated/hltman] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bryceheya glatzor!10:14
glatzorbryce: displayconfig now has got an --xconfig option that allows to specify an alternative config file. Furthermore it now survives a config file without any screens, monitors and graphics cards.10:15
=== kalon33 [n=kalon33@i02v-62-34-145-118.d4.club-internet.fr] has left #ubuntu-devel []
glatzorbryce: quite trivial changes. I added a fallback xorg.conf to my repository too.10:16
=== gicmo_ [n=gicmo@p5491d198.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
glatzorbryce: displayconfig will try to detect the gfx card and if it fails it adds a vesa card10:16
glatzorbryce: bzr co http://glatzor.de/bzr/displayconfig-gtk/sebi10:17
glatzorbryce: sudo ./displayconfig-gtk --data-dir=data -xconfig=data/xorg.conf.fallback10:18
glatzorsmall typo. should be: --xconfig=data/xorg.conf.fallback10:18
=== rodrigo [n=rodrigo@unaffiliated/notaffiliated] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo_ hugs glatzor
rodrigoplease, how do i know how the package was configured?10:19
glatzormvo_: aren't you supposed to be on vacations?10:19
=== glatzor hugs mvo too
mvo_glatzor: tomorrow :)10:19
ogra-classmateglatzor: oooh, can we have it without -gtk as well ?10:19
rodrigowhat options was used on "./configure"... 10:19
glatzormvo_: still two hours to work :)10:19
ogra-classmateglatzor: i.e. scriptable10:19
ogra-classmatethat would give me a major improvement in ltsp10:20
mvo_glatzor: haha, right10:20
glatzorogra-classmate: for sure. all the magic is done by the guidance backend.10:20
mvo_glatzor: I did not notice that its that late already10:20
bryceglatzor: excellent10:20
mvo_displayconfig rock da house10:20
glatzorogra-classmate: bryce: but I am not sure how update-to-date the used pcitables are.10:21
bryceglatzor: I had a question on the MonitorDB -- where does this info come from?  It seems a tad out of date and I'm wondering if there's an easy way for us to refresh the data, other than manually poking in values for unsupported monitors?10:25
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== pkl_ [n=phillip@unaffiliated/pkl/x-764568] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bryceglatzor, great to hear of the fixes in displayconfig-gtk.  If I have time today I'll try to roll out a new package, and play with it some more10:29
mvo_bryce, glatzor: I push a displayconfig-gtk/ubuntu branch to the displayconfig-gtk group so that we can all work on a shared tree 10:30
mvo_bryce: the data comes from kde guidance, I'm not sure where that comes from, but it would be cool if we could write a converter to get the information form discover and the fedora display-settings into dc-gtk10:31
brycebdmurray, cool thanks for the obsolete bug cleanup work :-)10:31
brycemvo, yeah I agree10:32
brycemvo, any idea where guidance gets the data?10:32
mvo_bryce: unfortunately not :/ we should just ask them :) very friendly people10:33
glatzorbryce: I am writing an email to simon at the moment10:33
Lurebryce: just pink sebas or _Sime in #kubuntu-devel10:33
glatzorbryce: mvo_: So no problem to add a further question :)10:33
mvo_thanks glatzor10:33
brycemvo, discover may be a good way to work around if no info is in the db, but I don't know if we can trust it 100%, so getting up-to-date data into MonitorsDB would be ideal10:34
bryceI've wondered if we could write scripts to scrape the pdf's from manufacturer's sites10:34
bryceor alternatively if we could set up a web form for users to enter data for missing monitors, that can be reviewed and added10:34
mvo_I wonder how much data is already out there in other free packages? e.g. SaX or the fedora thing10:35
mvo_geting data directly from the users is good too10:36
brycemvo, *nod* that's a thought too10:38
brycethis is why I'm curious about the origins of the info from guidance10:38
=== jikanter [n=jordan@c-24-12-220-77.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bryceas a test, the past couple days I've been reviewing the reports of monitor misdetections in LP; often their monitors aren't in this database, which makes me worry since much of the reason for the GUI tool is to resolve exactly those issues10:39
bryceI've also found at least two vendors (Apple and Acer) that have monitors with no published H/V frequencies I can find online at all, which is quite troubling10:39
bryce(well, these are laptop LCD's, not monitors exactly)10:40
=== Lure [n=lure@89-212-19-55.dynamic.dsl.t-2.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
glatzorbryce: mvo: http://www.linuxfibel.de/xconfigurator.htm (monitors) and http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Tools/XFdrake (cards)10:42
glatzorbryce: both tools are mentioned in the beginning of the files10:42
glatzorbryce: oh sorry, I did not pay attention to the language of the first document :)10:43
brycehehe, damn us monolingual usians ;-)10:45
bryceactually I took a couple years of german in high school, but that was long ago10:46
bryceI only remember the curse words10:46
mvoglatzor: that one is still used in fedora?10:48
glatzormvo: bryce: I will cc you the mail.10:50
glatzormvo: needs to be checked10:51
brycecool thanks10:51
mvoglatzor: thanks!10:51
mvook, I think I should start packing now, the train goes tomorrow morning10:52
glatzormvo: have a nice trip!10:52
mvothanks glatzor!10:53
glatzormvo: and come back relaxed :)10:53
mvoglatzor: I will (I hope)10:53
=== mvo waves
brycecya mvo, have fun!10:53
mvothanks bryce! 10:53
=== Monk-e [i=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
glatzorbryce: the KDE wiki page mentions a reconfiguration on runtime feature of x. do you know anything about this one?11:04
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lureglatzor: xrandr 1.2?11:04
=== sn0 [n=sno_@cpc3-blfs6-0-0-cust294.belf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bryceglatzor: yeah sounds a lot like xrandr11:08
bryceI don't know of any other runtime reconfiguration in recent Xorg11:08
=== Fahuadai [n=mark@cpc1-port2-0-0-cust23.cos2.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
glatzorbryce: seems that I have to finally use Launchpads bzr repositories directly and not let it mirror mine.11:10
glatzorbryce: do you know of any launchpad policy changes?11:15
bryceno I don't11:15
glatzorbryce: this morning I could reject bugs of gnome-app-install ...11:15
glatzorbut now it only tells me that I am not the assigned person, the maintainer nor the reporter11:16
glatzorAdditionally out of the same reasons I cannot assign the bug to me :)11:17
glatzorKind of boot strapping problem :)11:17
bryceyeah I don't know if there have been changes; I haven't seen any announcements about new launchpad releases or policy changes11:17
brycejoin #canonical-sysadmin11:18
brycemaybe ask on #canonical-sysadmin?11:18
glatzorbryce: Oh, I am a fool. My login was not remembered :)11:20
glatzorbryce: It is getting late here in Europe :)11:20
\shit is late in europe ;)11:21
bryceaha :-)11:22
glatzor\sh: I had a late shift today and arrived one hour ago back at home. So I have got a small lag in my day time.11:24
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glatzorbryce: should we add a dialog that asks the user if he or she wants to run displayconfig to a different source repository or should I add one to displayconfig?11:27
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glatzorbryce: I pushed my changes to the ubuntu branch. Would be nice if you could verify the fallback xorg on your computer.11:28
bryceok cool11:28
glatzorThe fallback xorg.conf of displayconfig to be exactly.11:28
bryceby source repository what do you mean?11:29
glatzorbryce: https://code.launchpad.net/~displayconfig-gtk/displayconfig-gtk/ubuntu11:30
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