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xivulonHi all10:58
xivulonI am ago, one of wubi devs10:58
xivulonhi evand11:01
cjwatsonxivulon: I'd love to talk with you at some later point, but it's nearly 11pm and my wife is pestering me to get off the computer :)11:44
xivulonhi colin, 23 here as well11:45
xivulonand wife calling me as well11:45
evandhello xivulon11:45
xivulonI guess we have parallel lives11:45
xivulonhi evan11:45
xivulonI am ago11:46
xivuloncolin, evan, whenever you want we can have a chat on that11:46
evandanytime works for me, but if you have any questions you can always just type them here and I'll respond when I can.11:46
cjwatsonthere's ubuntu-installer@lists.ubuntu.com for less synchronous conversation, too11:47
xivulonwhatever you guys prefer11:47
xivulonevan I was also tackling m-a11:47
evandhow's that going, by the way?11:47
xivulonI think there is an issue with os-prober11:47
xivulonm-a works if the installation is on a different partition from the one containing windows11:48
cjwatsonit's a fairly well-known problem that os-prober doesn't look at mounted partitions, if that's what you mean11:48
xivulonwhen it's in the windows partition os-probers fails to detect it11:48
xivulonyep that is exactly it11:48
xivulonin our case the windows partition is mounted11:48
cjwatsonit's not as trivial to fix as you might think because os-prober needs to skip whatever's mounted on /target during installation11:48
cjwatsonbut I have been hoping we can get that fixed properly in gutsy, without introducing bugs by forgetting that little wrinkle11:49
xivulonthe windows partition is not mounted on target though11:49
cjwatsonyes, I know11:49
cjwatsonbut that's why you can't just make os-prober be happy with mounted partitions, 'cos it'll break other stuff11:49
cjwatsonso the fix needs to be aware of that11:49
xivulonwhere else is os-prober used?11:50
cjwatsond-i and ubiquity11:50
xivulonwhat I was planning was to patch os-prober on the fly11:50
cjwatsonplease don't11:50
xivulonwithout touching the code upstream11:50
xivulonok I won't11:51
cjwatsonno, that's really bad11:51
cjwatsonthis bug affects regular d-i too11:51
cjwatsonthere is no reason it shouldn't be fixed properly there11:51
xivulonany suggestion for me in the short term?11:51
xivulonor shall I just leave m-a for the time being?11:51
cjwatsoncome up with a good fix and send a patch? :-)11:51
cjwatsonI'd certainly welcome it and I'd review it11:51
xivulonI'll have a look at it, but not in the coming days11:52
cjwatsonI'm off work for the next four days anyway11:52
cjwatsonspeaking of which, night ... :)11:52
xivulongood night colin, nice talking to you11:52
evandgoodnight cjwatson11:52
cjwatson("please don't"> I mean, it's free software and you can do what you like, I'm just recommending against :-))11:53
xivuloncolin I trust your suggestions11:53

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