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BenCunhappy: wireless-dev git tree01:18
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unhappyBenC, U mean this: linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-dev.git @ git.kernel.org?10:39
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unhappyoh, i got it.10:53
unhappyIts John Linville's git tree10:53
MidMarkguys there is some delays in linux kernel to appears in update manager? I got only updates for restricted modules, nvidia driver and linux-libc-dev11:00
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MidMarkI repeat: linux-image-generic point still to .15 and not .16, restricted modules are updated aswell nvidia drivers, if someone updates then breaks things because X will not start anymore apart back to nv instead of nvidia driver11:31
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LureMidMark: linux-restricted-modules-common does not include much (no kernel code), so it is safe12:17
LureMidMark: I am sure the remaining packages will follow soon (they need archive admin to get them trough binary NEW)12:17
MidMarkLure: ok but for people who has nvidia this is not so safe12:18
MidMarkI think that if I will updates and will break my feisty12:18
LureMidMark: why? no nvidia stuff is in the packages that were updated. Is there any report of brekaing on nvidia?12:18
MidMarkor I'm wrong?12:18
MidMarkLure: I mean nvidia-glx abi bump12:19
MidMarkfrom .15 to .1612:19
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LureMidMark: also modules go in separate dir - see /lib/modules/2.6.20*12:20
AmaranthMidMark: having nvidia-glx get upgraded does not hurt, it's just the X driver12:21
Amaranthas long as your linux-restricted-modules and linux-image don't get out of sync (and those are parallel installable so no worries) you should be fine12:21
MidMarkAmaranth: if I install nvidia-glx .16 with kernel .15 will X starts??12:24
Amaranthit should, yes12:24
MidMarksure? strange12:26
Amaranththe version is because it comes from the linux-restricted-modules package12:26
Amaranthbut it's _just_ the X driver, it'll work with any kernel module of the same version12:27
Amaranthversion being 963112:27
MidMarkthen ok, but I don't want to try12:27
MidMarkwait for kernel image that seems quite late12:27
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bdmurraywhat package did ipw3945 run off to for the gibbon?07:45
zulubuntu-modules i think07:59
Nafallobut rt2x00 seems to have gone AWOL?08:00
johanbrThere's an rt2x00-source package in Gutsy. Maybe it's not meant to be built in-tree anymore?08:16
Nafallothat's because we import it from Debian :-)08:17
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xhakercrimsun, regression on 2.6.20-16 SB450 Acer, ping me back please08:59
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