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beunoBurgwork: take a peek at it, I think I added most of what was in my head on there12:13
Burgworkok, cool12:19
beunoBurgwork: I was thinking of having a quick interview with you for this issue of UWN related to your nomination (and approval) for CC, quick one, 4 or 5 questions, I'm going to do that with all of the new ones, but I thought since your the one I have the closest...12:24
Burgworkfunny, given I am being interviewed at this very moment for our internal newsletter12:24
beunoI'll email the questions to you today or tomorrow, sound good?12:25
beunoBurgwork: "internal newsletter"?12:25
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Burgworkthe one Userful sends to our customers12:42
beunowell you seem to be popular these days then  :p12:43
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Burgworkhmm, google just pinged me asking if I wanted to interview with them01:16
beunoBurgwork: "the big one"01:16
Burgworkapparently they are looking for coders, of which I am not one01:17
jendaBurgwork: that sentence seems quite coded to me ;)01:18
beunoBurgwork: I think some recruiters are taking information about people from Ubuntu, since I got membership, I've been aproached several times with job offers01:18
boredandbloggingshould that be advertised as a perk of membership?01:18
Burgworkand I do highly suspect they look through such lists01:19
boredandbloggingthat would motivate some people01:19
beunoBurgwork: I would say almost 100% they do, I got them in my @ubuntu address01:19
Burgwork"become and Ubuntu member and be scouted by Google!"01:19
Burgworkhowever, they emailed my @gmail.com addy, not the ubuntu.com one01:20
beunoBurgwork: maybe you have that one as a "preferred" one in launchpad?01:20
BurgworkI wonder if they screenscrape sf.net, LP, etc, looking for top contributors01:20
Burgworkanyway, Google is the black abyss01:20
Burgworkgo there and you are never heard from again01:21
beunoha, yes, I've heard that many times01:21
Burgworkonly a relatively few end up working on open source projects01:21
beunothe only example I can think of is Mozilla, most of the top dogs are paid by Google01:22
boredandbloggingthink they have started releasing some of their mysql hacks recently01:22
beunoboredandblogging: yeap, and made they fed a LOT of wine patches when they released Picasa under Linux01:23
beunobut in comparison to the amount of open source people they hire, they do give very little back I think01:23
boredandbloggingtrue, but the PR of them using Ubuntu and OSS to run all their stuff is nice01:24
Burgworkagain, only a select few01:25
Burgworkthose they hire for specific open source projects, like the mozilla people, or the samba or the linux kernel people01:25
Burgworkeverybody else disappears into the maw01:25
beunoyeap yeap, that's very true01:26
Burgworkbeuno: interview answers sent01:35
Burgworknow I am off home01:36
beunoBurgwork: thank you very much01:36
beunoI'll be doing the same in a bit01:36
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Burgundaviahmm, no beuno02:48
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Burgundaviabeuno: have you seen the Catalonian UWN page?04:00
Burgundaviabeuno: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CatalanTeam/UWNreport?action=diff04:01
beunoBurgundavia: no, there is a UWN in catalan?04:01
Burgundaviaanyway, need to eat04:01
beunohow did you come across that?   did anyone send it or did you just bump into it?04:03
beunowell, we hace our "Team of the Week"04:04
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Burgundaviathe latter04:17
beunoheh, funny he went through all that work and didn't contact me...04:19
Burgundaviaor mysefl04:23
Burgundaviavery odd04:23
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jendajuliux: cwap09:04
juliuxjenda, ?09:04
jendajuliux: they just wrote up an exam I have to attend on 26/609:04
juliuxoh no09:04
jendajuliux: would 27 work for you?09:04
jendaGreat, I'll ask pitti.09:05
jendajuliux: pitti has taekwondo on wednesday - he'd prefer friday the 29th.09:08
jendajuliux: how's that day with you?09:09
beunojenda: where are we going on a trip to?     :p09:09
jendabeuno: come to think of it... you could just as well drop by in Dresden, too :)09:10
juliuxbeuno, we have a small airport here;)09:10
jendabeuno: although, i'll be arriving there at 3AM and leaving at 2AM, so...09:10
beunoyay!  Dresden!09:10
beunojenda: how are you going?  plane?09:10
jendabeuno: Student Agency bus :)09:10
beunoI might be able to go to prague, then to dresden, then go back to Madrid09:11
jendabeuno: I don't suppose you have an ISIC card? Dresden and back on the same bus as me would then cost you $35 USD09:11
jendajuliux: what do you think about that?09:12
beunojenda: I don't think I do, no, what would the regular fee be?  what would be do in dresden besides meet cool people?  (I assume there's a purpose for the trip?)09:12
beunonot that Im picky, just curious  :p09:12
jendabeuno: I'm picking up about 12 gigantic organic chemistry books for my friends.09:13
jendabeuno: also taking some stickers there and some shirts back.09:13
jendaregular fee... lemme see...09:13
juliuxjenda, about what?09:13
jendajuliux: about beuno coming along :) We would have a truly international meeting, then :)09:14
juliuxwhy not09:14
beunowell, I've got about 6 or 7 days to wonder around, so everything sounds pretty good to me  :D09:14
beunoI'll be all hyped afeter debconf, might be good to get back into the Ubuntu spirit   :D09:15
jendabeuno: I'll ask them today about the price of an on-the-spot-bought-full-price-ticket09:15
jendanow... off to latin exam.09:15
jendaThis sounds like great fun :-D09:15
beunojenda: good luck09:15
jendathanks 09:15
=== beuno waits patiently for his pbuilder enviroment to finish building
jendabeuno: I think the ticket would be about $50, then.09:17
jendait can be pulled down to the $35 if I buy it straight away - but there is no option to cancel it later.09:18
jendaI should be running.09:18
beunojenda: doesn't sound like much, especially since that will leave me half way back to where I ahve to end up09:18
beunojenda: go, have "fun"09:18
jendabeuno: ah09:22
jendabeuno: I was talking about a return ticket09:22
jendabeuno: one-way will be cheaper.09:22
beunojenda: go, we'll talk later, it's a holiday here today, I'm here all day  :p09:22
jendashould be pretty close to half :)09:22
jendaok, ok, ok :)09:22
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jendabeuno: yo12:00
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ukubuntuHi All, quick Q - I appreciate it is a big step having DELL on board, but should the http://www.ubuntu.com/ homepage have such an advert without saying that it is an advertisement, and did Canonical/Ubuntu gain revenue from it?12:01
jendabeuno: Are you under 26 years of age? I'll assume you are - that makes $20 for a fixed ticket or $25 for a movable/refundable one. The fixed ticket also has to be bought 30 days ahead... which means monday. I bought meself an open ticket...12:03
jendaukubuntu: I'm afraid that's not a question for the Marketing Team...12:03
jendaukubuntu: I've been wondering the same myself.12:03
ukubuntuthanks jenda, can you tell me who to ask?12:04
jendaukubuntu: AFAIK, it hasn't been discussed with the community and is a purely commercial decision. However, it advertises computers with Ubuntu, so I suppose it supports the project too.12:04
jendaukubuntu: matthew nuzum is the best man to ask.12:04
ukubuntuthank you, I will go looking12:04
elkbuntuthen you get into 'why not advertise system76'12:19
Madpilotbecause there's no actual partnership between Canonical & S76, AFAIK12:20
jendaWell, I think that it should have been discussed with the community, if it's to be on ubuntu.com.12:21
elkbuntuguys, check the front page now12:50
elkbuntuerr.. i've been misreading sorry12:50
elkbuntuonly just noticed it12:50
elkbuntuand by gawd that is big :-/12:51
elkbuntuthat thing takes up my ENTIRE screen12:51
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jendajono: any idea how long that humongous Dell advertisement is intended to hang on ubuntu.com?01:08
jonohey jenda01:09
jendayo 01:09
jonono idea01:09
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jendatoros: yo02:25
yarddoggood morning02:26
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torosmorning? I just finished my second lunch... :)02:42
yarddogits 06:42 here :)02:42
toros6:42? I can't move before 8.30 a.m.02:44
torosI am just unable to do it :)02:44
yarddogheh, i have to be at work at 8am02:44
torosAnd I nead about 15 minutes to really controll my movement :)02:44
yarddogi need an hour02:45
torosI have to be at work at 9.3002:45
yarddogi get off work at 16.3002:46
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yarddogi think that is about 9.30 utc?02:46
yarddogerr wait02:47
yarddogi get home about midnight UTC time02:47
yarddogi didnt know i worked nights, lol02:47
torosi live in central-europe, (CET zone)02:48
yarddogi am in new mexico, usa, MST zone02:48
yarddogi think that is -7 UTC02:49
yarddogor -602:49
yarddognot sure02:50
torosaccording to google, UTC-702:50
=== yarddog hugs google
yarddogso are you UTC+x?02:51
torosUTC+2 in summer02:51
torosUTC+1 in winter02:51
yarddogso we're probably -6 in the winter then02:52
yarddogim getting confused, its too early02:52
yarddogits almost 16.00 where you are at now?02:53
=== yarddog blinks
=== yarddog sighs
yarddogi need more coffee :)02:53
yarddogok, so you're 8 hours ahead of me :)02:55
yarddogi wish my 8 hours were over with at work already02:55
yarddogwell, im off, have a good 'evenin' :)02:56
torosbye :)02:56
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bordymeatballhat, you're alive06:56
meatballhatbordy: virtually, yesh....    ;-)06:59
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meatballhatjenda: ! :)  howdeeee07:47
jendameatballhat: I'm not really here ;)07:50
tsmitheyes, he's 'studying'07:50
meatballhatjenda: the Czech apparition07:50
jendatsmithe: actually, today I'm just getting ready to study :)07:51
tsmitheok. he's `translating`07:51
jendaI had latin exam today... dunno if I passed yet...07:51
jendanah :)07:51
jendaI'm downloading study-stuff to take with me, because I'm going outta town for the weekend. I have two exams at the end of next week: Politology and Constitutional Law.07:52
tsmitheoh how fascinating07:54
jendavery 07:57
beunojenda: so there isn't much difference between buying it now and closer to the date?08:30
jendabeuno: for the open ticket, there is no difference.08:30
jendabeuno: or you can buy... make me buy... the fixed which is $5 cheaper.08:31
jendaIt's better to buy ahead anyway, because the bus could also fill up.08:31
jendaBut if you get the open ticket, we'll have the option of changing the time/date.08:31
beunojenda: alright, lemme see now what it would cost me to get ober to prague...08:32
jendado dat08:32
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boredandbloggingBurgundavia, Burgwork: ping09:52
Burgundaviaboredandblogging: pong09:52
boredandbloggingi've got family visiting this weekend, not sure how much I'll be able to help with the UWN, just a fyi09:53
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Burgundaviano worries09:54
BurgundaviaI have free time, so I can work on it09:54
Burgundaviathanks for all the work previous09:54
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