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superm1gardengnome, if you don't want to have to check out the bzr branches of mythtv and mythplugins to see my changes last night, you can see them on a repo I threw up too: http://pegasus.imbrandon.com/~supermario/personal/dists/feisty/mythtv_testing/01:22
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tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, is there a bookmark button on your mce remote config?07:23
tgm4883_laptopah, just missed him07:23
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gardengnomerogue780|mythsvr: wtf is broken with your irc client?02:19
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superm1Daviey, i added us to the CC pagre07:52
Davieygood stuff07:53
Davieyhey.. must be bored... trialing irssi07:53
superm1you are?07:53
Davieyadded a 'notifer' attached to mythvosd - so when my name is said - i get a ticker on the bottom of the screen07:54
superm1wow thats pretty sweet07:54
Davieygonna me annoying methinks07:54
superm1Daviey, Daviey Daviey Daviey07:54
Davieyyour interupting neighbours!07:55
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superm1any luck with any of your three items your working on?07:56
DavieyI've almost finished splitting up the install script07:57
superm1ah wonderful07:58
superm1thats the one i was hoping for ;)07:58
Davieyand the themes07:58
superm1i'm going to be flying tonite, so I'll work on more ubiquity stuff on the plane07:58
superm1(offline of course)07:58
Davieygoing anywhere nice?07:59
superm1so if you have any updates before then let me know, and i'll bzrupdate my local copy07:59
superm1Home Home (not school home).  Haven't seen my family since x-mas07:59
DavieyI've got the parents-in-law staying over this weekend... so i need to get the house ready08:00
Davieyso i won't be able to check anything in for at least a few hrs08:01
superm1i'm not driving to the airport for another  6 hours or so08:01
superm1so take your time08:01
superm1if you dont get it in, i'll finish some other rough edges on ubiquity still tonite08:01
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a5benwillisCan either of you help me with this issue?08:06
a5benwillisI get this error ""Error was encountered while displaying video""08:06
a5benwilliswhen a program boundry is crossed08:07
superm1thats on svn isn't it?08:07
a5benwillisyes svn08:07
a5benwillisnot packages08:07
a5benwillisthis is the biggest bug I need to squash so I can go full time on myth08:07
superm1didnt svn switch to a new way of handling boundaries08:07
superm1like on 30 minute segments it automatically switched08:08
DavieyWithout listings - doesn't 0.21 do that?08:08
a5benwillisyes, thatswhen I have the problem. Not EVERY 30 mins though, its sporatic.08:08
superm1Well if its on boundaries, i would guess that the device is'nt properly being closed during program changes08:09
superm1perhaps it needs to be closed for a longer period of time08:09
superm1before reopening08:09
a5benwillisis there a setting for that?08:09
a5benwillisSat is slow at opening/closing anyway08:09
superm1there is a setting to never close dvb devices08:10
superm1so that myth will always leave it open08:10
superm1that might be a good one to enable for this sort of problem08:10
superm1eg it will just switch frequencies as needed08:10
a5benwillishmm, that might work08:10
superm1tis in mythtv-setup08:10
a5benwillisis itin the card settings or?08:10
a5benwillisok, Im about to recompile anyway to try a new EIT bug fix. I'll check it out08:11
a5benwillishow can I get the .21 svn?08:11
superm1when you checkout, just checkout trunk08:12
superm1rather than 0.20-fixes08:12
a5benwillisah ok08:12
a5benwillisso trunk is better, more bleeding edge?08:12
superm1well better is an arguable adjective08:12
a5benwillisdo I need to do anything considering Ive been running fixes onthis box?08:13
Davieybetter reliable?08:13
a5benwillisjust checkout trunk and compileinstall?08:13
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superm1well back up your database08:13
superm1because once you go trunk, you cant go back to 0.20-fixes08:13
superm1unless you drop and restore your database08:13
a5benwilliswant to backup db anyways.08:13
a5benwillisbut no other versioningissues.08:14
a5benwillisthanks! about to start08:14
superm1good luck :)08:14
a5benwilliscant get my db to backup08:25
a5benwillis"mysqldump -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -c > mythtv_backup.sql"08:25
a5benwillisperm denied08:25
superm1is your password really just mythtv for that mythtv user?08:25
a5benwillisI just did "sudo su" and it worked08:27
superm1what does the -c do?08:27
a5benwillismust have been a rights issue08:28
a5benwillisworked as root08:28
superm1perhaps in the directory you were working in08:28
superm1thats why08:29
a5benwillistried with sudo as well08:29
superm1well sudo cant do redirects08:29
superm1unless you use a tee08:29
a5benwillismakes sense08:29
superm1thats from a few days ago.  i just learned about tee from that08:30
a5benwillisshouldI have to reinstall my themes and plugins when going to trunk?08:30
superm1plugins yes08:31
superm1themes likely no, but no guarantees08:31
a5benwillisbah, mythweather hasntbeen working anyways lol08:31
superm1there is a patch for it on trac08:31
superm1that i just applied to the ubuntu packages08:31
superm1two days ago08:31
a5benwillisyou guys hear abt Dell and Ubuntu?08:32
superm1speaking of which, keescook did you get a chance to look those over?08:32
Davieya5benwillis: no, do tell :D08:32
superm1Daviey, you really haven't heard?  http://www.dell.com/open08:32
a5benwillisDell is now offering three models preinstalled with Ubuntu Fiesty08:32
DavieyI'm teasing! who hasn't!08:33
a5benwilliswell bah to you :-)08:33
DavieyI even blogged aboout the logo on the ubuntu guys t-shirt on ubuntu planet08:33
a5benwilliswere a Dell shop at work so Im very happy08:33
=== superm1 needs to start a blog and join the planet too
a5benwillislots and lots of dells. Im surrouded by Dell servers08:33
a5benwilliseven have a few edubuntu dells :-D08:34
Davieysuperm1: i only started my blog for that reason08:34
superm1think perhaps mythbuntu.org's rss stream can join there?08:36
DavieyWe'd need to set up a 'News' page really for that08:41
superm1well its already set up08:46
superm1that front page is new s posts08:46
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a5benwilliswhat website?08:49
superm1a5benwillis, www.mythbuntu.org08:50
a5benwillisare you guys heading that up?08:50
a5benwillislove the splash08:50
a5benwillistoo bad I cant apply the patches I use to it. I'de love to use it.08:51
superm1thank rogue780|mythsvr he got it going :)08:51
keescooksuperm1: sorry, haven't yet; does the bzr branch match the packages you pointed me at?  (I haven't had time to even check that; yay kernel security updates)08:51
superm1yes keescook the bzr branch should match those packages08:51
superm1i updated it right before i built them08:51
keescooksuperm1: awsome.  :)08:51
superm1a5benwillis, starting with gutsy you'll be able to install the splash without mythbuntu if you want08:52
superm1it is just a package called mythbuntu-artwork-usplash08:52
superm1keescook, in bzr though you won't get the tar.orig.gz08:55
superm1oops orig.tar.gz08:55
=== keescook nods
superm1you can grab it from pegasus or from debian multimedia (whom we merged)08:56
a5benwillisdownloading iso now.08:58
a5benwillisWanted an easy frontend to play with08:58
superm1my roomate was able to run the disk as a HD frontend himself09:12
superm1i was surprised that the driver it loaded for his vid card could handle it, but happy nonetheless :)09:13
a5benwillisI'll try it on my wifes pc when I get home09:16
superm1keescook, did you poke at all about reimbursment for travel to ulive?09:24
superm1a5benwillis, the only thing - once you jump to trunk, mythbuntu probably won't be able to connect to your backend09:29
superm1no guarantees if it does or doesnt09:29
a5benwillisnow you tell me lol09:31
superm1well i dont know if they had a protocol jump at all09:31
a5benwilliswhich packageshould I use for taglib to get mythmusic to work?09:31
superm1if they did, that breaks any old versions.  it will tell you09:32
a5benwillisI dont think they had any prorocol changes09:32
superm1i think09:32
a5benwilliswell, thats already at newwest version09:33
superm1if nothing else though you'll get the warning doesn't hurt to try (re: mythbuntu live fe)09:33
a5benwillisgot this error when compiling the plugins "MythMusic requires taglib.09:34
superm1you can try09:35
a5benwillissweet! thanks09:35
a5benwillisthat did it.need to add to my guide09:36
keescooksuperm1: I did, but haven't heard back yet.09:36
superm1ah okay keescook. thanks a bunch09:36
a5benwillissuperm1: Do you know the trak idof the patch for mythweb?09:37
superm1332 something09:38
superm1dont remember offhand09:40
superm1and dont have my laptop with me (i'm at work)09:40
a5benwillisthis lookslikeit09:41
a5benwillisitchanges mw to look to weather.com instead of msnbc09:41
a5benwillishate this space bar LOL09:41
superm1the way i did the ubuntu patch i included the icons and such too, but you can manually do those09:42
superm1gardengnome, did you determine what was questionable about the way the patch was done?09:43
a5benwillisOh nos!09:44
a5benwillisthe diff fileis empty on trac09:44
a5benwillisthink I foundit down further09:46
a5benwillismythweather still broken in mythbuntu?09:55
superm1atm yes09:55
superm1its only the gutsy packages that have hte fix09:55
a5benwillisjust makingsure itwasnt me09:55
superm1rogue780|mythsvr, you need to tie up your cats09:57
a5benwillissuperm1: upgrade to trunk done10:02
a5benwillisrunning setup now, its updating the schema. Kind of suprised me10:02
a5benwilliseck! guess I have to restore my database???10:04
superm1if your moving to trunk thats normal10:04
a5benwillisunder setup everythings gone10:04
a5benwillisok, as long as its normal10:04
a5benwillisno, wait, itsall there10:05
superm1what happened?10:25
a5benwillisjust didnt look right for a sec10:28
a5benwillisguess I need to patch mythweb as well to make mythweather work10:28
gardengnomesuperm1: sorry, i forgot to get back to you. no-one of the developers seemed to have the logs handy and relevant discussion took place on a private mailing list. they suggested we take a look at the source's TOS ourselvesd10:32
gardengnomesuperm1: i hope i wasn't just producing FUD :(10:33
superm1No i was just curious10:33
superm1gardengnome, you going to be able to come to the CC meeting next week?10:35
gardengnomewhat's that?10:36
superm1community council meeting10:36
superm1we're running to be officially recognized as a ubuntu team10:36
superm1so hoping to bring as much of us as possible10:36
superm1its at 21:00 UTC on May 2910:36
gardengnomethat should be possible. i'll try to make it although i'm not really contributing much10:38
=== gardengnome spent today at the vet's and shopping...
superm1haha.  well you're working with the svn packages10:38
superm1which will for sure be a major help10:38
superm1especially come a few months from now when 0.21 is released10:38
gardengnomei'll try hard to dedicate some more time to those packages during the next days so i can upload something10:39
superm1sounds good :)10:39
gardengnomebut for now, it's beer and movie time. 10:40pm :)10:40
superm1night gardengnome10:41
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a5benwillissuperm1: ?11:42
a5benwillisis there any way to verify IP in mythbuntu? I dont see a terminal11:43
superm1right click the desktop11:43
superm1and you can pull up a terminal11:43
superm1thats probably a good idea for us though to add a terminal icon to the desktop11:43
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