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kylembryce/timo, working on merge of mesa 6.5.3 from experimenta (thank jcristau)07:01
kylemthen i need to bisect and find which patches fix fullscreen gl on i965 for feisty 6.5.2 *cry*07:02
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kylemtepsipakki, why'd we remove lesstif-dev from build-deps in mesa?07:30
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brycekylem: great08:18
jcristaukylem: maybe because you didn't build libGLw?08:18
kylemok. that explains that.08:19
kylemjcristau, thanks!08:19
kylem(i was trying to figure out how a few changelog pieces fit together...)08:20
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keescookbryce: appres 1.0.1 sponsored.  :)09:46
brycegreat thanks09:47
bryceI'm almost done with beforelight, just need to test the deb09:47
keescookcool.  I'm morbidly curious to know what caused the weird paths...09:47
bryceyup, I think I figured it out, but would appreciate your doublechecking on it09:50
bryceok, you got mail09:55
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brycekylem: do you know if the i810 driver on feisty supports custom modelines?10:49
keescookbryce: nice work tracking down that path bug.  :)  did your patch fix it?  (I would have expected a patch to Makefile.in too)11:23
keescookyou can examine the debian contents with "dpkg-deb -c PKG.deb"11:24
bryceit seemed to prevent the creation of the extra subdirs for me, but I wasn't 100% sure11:24
bryceI didn't know if Makefile.in needed to be patched, or if that would be autogenerated11:24
bryceok cool, I was wondering how to do that11:24
ubotuNew bug: #27421 in linux-source-2.6.15 (main) "Logitech RX300 mouse extra-buttons without kernel events" [Medium,Rejected]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/2742111:26
keescook"automake" (usually run prior to tarball creation) makes Makefile.in from Makefile.am.  "configure" makes Makefile from Makefile.in, so in this case, looking at the debian/rules, it (correctly) doesn't rerun automake, so I think Makefile.in will need patching too.11:26
bryceok yeah11:27
bryceI had initially tested with Makefile.in (and Makefile) corrected.  I tried to back out those changes to be sure11:28
keescookcool; I figured the dpkg-deb investigation tool was the missing bit.  also, the build log dumps a similar report (which is where I noticed it)11:32
bryceyeah I'm building a checklist to go through for these packages11:46
brycein the future I hope to scriptify some of the steps, so tools that allow for detecting issues like these are handy to know about11:46
jcristau'debdiff old.deb new.deb' is useful too, when you want to check changes in the package contents11:48
keescookbryce: also, check for useless whitespace (empty lines in 00list, or ^ +$11:49
keescookin changelogs, etc)11:49
tepsipakkigah, I didn't have the time to push the x11* changes11:50
tepsipakkihey dudes, I'm drunk11:50
bryceheh, congrats11:51
tepsipakkibryce: whoa11:51
tepsipakkianyway, I'll push the changes tomorrow11:51
tepsipakkiso, hopefully we all have a syncable apps-suite by Monday :)11:52
brycewhat will that include?11:53
bryce(so I can avoid duplicating efforts)11:54
tepsipakkiall the numerous apps11:55
bryceah, ok, I'm working on non-x* ones11:56
tepsipakkidoing xrandr merge was ok, I understood that there was an alpha release coming soon11:56
tepsipakkithey should be ok, but I'm wary about it11:57
bryceit's good practice for me in any case11:57
tepsipakkiof course11:58
jcristautepsipakki: the packages will be in NEW for a while11:58
jcristauhopefully not too long11:58
tepsipakkijcristau: yeah11:58
tepsipakkitoday was too busy for me to commit the changes11:59
tepsipakkithere could be some patches missing, but packaging itself should be _perfect_ :)11:59
tepsipakki(patches from ubuntu12:00
tepsipakkiignore me :)12:02

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