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TerrinHello, I am having an issue on using ubuntu partition tool, when i go to partition it states (even with guided) that my free space is not large enough to partition, which...is bogus seeing as i have about 70gigs free, any assistance would be appriciated =] 01:42
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raptor45any idea why my laptops speakers work on some programs but not others?01:56
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bitteris there no xubuntu 7.04 for ppc, or just the beta?02:09
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Jim___testing testing02:20
j1mcJim___: try /msg nickserve . . .   if you want to talk to the nickserv02:21
j1mcsorry... /msg nickserv  (no "e" at the end)02:21
j1mcif you want to change your nick, just type /nick "your new nick" w/o the quotes.02:21
Jim___i have a general problem in xubuntu, do i need to register with nickserv to get assistance? (newb question)02:21
j1mcnope.  what's the issue?02:22
TerrinI as well have an issue =] . if maybe when you are finished with Jim you could assist?  I am having an issue on using ubuntu partition tool, when i go to partition it states (even with guided) that my free space is not large enough to partition, which...is bogus seeing as i have about 70gigs free, it is slightly annoying02:23
j1mcJim___: you still there?02:23
Jim___For some reason, any window that opens up is automatically attacked to the top of the screen.02:23
Jim___I'm uploading an image so you can get a better idea what I mean02:23
Jim___That should work.02:24
j1mcJim___: are you running beryl or compiz?02:25
Jim___Nope. Although this only happened after I ran my first update on the system. I installed 7.04.02:25
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j1mcJim___: unfortunately, i'm not sure what the problem is.  have you tried rebooting?02:26
j1mci'm not a total expert, though.02:26
Jim___Yes. And it starts up the same.02:27
maxamillionJim___: hit alt+f2, that will bring open a run dialog, enter "xfwm4 &" (without the quotes) and hit enter, that should fix it .... and then you are going to want to make sure you check "save session for future login" next time you logout and the issue should not come back02:27
Jim___THANK YOU SO MUCH! This has been annoying me for some time.02:28
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Jim___How simple was that, heh.02:28
Jim___But thank you very much, I appreciate it very much.02:28
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TerrinNow that the issue is solved, I am sorry to be annoying about this =]  but would somone mind giving me a couple minutes of there time to help me with my annoying issue =] 02:29
maxamillionJim___: anytime :)02:29
maxamillionTerrin: shoot02:29
Terrin I am having an issue on using ubuntu partition tool, when i go to partition it states (even with guided) that my free space is not large enough to partition, which...is bogus seeing as i have about 70gigs free, It seems odd to me02:29
maxamillionTerrin: you running the live cd?02:30
Terrinany ideas what might cause that particular issue?02:30
TerrinI am running the live CD02:31
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maxamillionTerrin: ok, well what i assume is that the free space might still be held in the partition table for some reason, so go to Applications->System->Gnome Partition Manager and erase all partitions off the disk (assuming you want xubuntu as the only OS on the drive, if not then just clear the extra space) and then try running the installer again02:32
Terrinok I would like to duel boot in to windows =]  I am new to linux, a coworker keeps raving about it, and it sound awesome =] 02:32
maxamillionTerrin: oh it is ... it is :)02:33
Terrinso assuming I want to run both opperating systems for now?02:33
Terrinwhat do I need to do?02:33
Terrin=] 02:33
maxamillionTerrin: it would be soooo much easier to show then to explain02:35
Terrinim not sure how to give remote access via Linux =P02:35
Terrinor I would02:35
maxamillionTerrin: have you seen this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot?02:36
maxamillionerr... minus the '?'02:36
maxamillionTerrin: that might help you02:36
Terrinexcelent I am reading it02:37
maxamillionTerrin: awesome :) ... sorry i wasn't of more help, i literally haven't installed windows on a machine i own in over 7 years02:37
=== maxamillion has been linux-only for some time now
Terrinalright ill try that =]  see what the issue is02:38
Terrinand ill come back in a bit02:38
Terrin=] 02:38
Terrinthank you very much02:38
maxamillionno problem, anytime :)02:39
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SurfnKidhi anyone know how to kill the tty terminals03:58
SurfnKidand not have them load/03:58
TheSheepSurfnKid: why?03:59
SurfnKidah just the man i want to speak04:00
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SurfnKidsomeone ( forget his name ) said you knew how to disable them04:00
SurfnKidcuz i cant find the /etc/inittab file04:00
SurfnKidim on ubuntu edgy04:00
SurfnKidtrying to free up resources04:00
TheSheepSurfnKid: it's there, at least for me04:01
TheSheepin /etc04:01
SurfnKidubuntu edgy?04:01
TheSheepsheep@ghostwheel:~$ ls -al /etc/inittab04:01
TheSheep-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2008 2006-05-23 12:39 /etc/inittab04:01
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Clarrisa_2008does xubuntu have a LAMP server option install?04:02
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: yes, it's the same as ubuntu04:02
TheSheep!lamp | Clarrisa_200804:02
ubotuClarrisa_2008: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:02
SurfnKidno such file or directory04:03
TheSheepSurfnKid: looking at the modification date of that file, maybe it's a leftover from dapper...04:03
SurfnKidyeh agentone said it was removed but you knew how to tweak that04:03
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, I know what lamp stands for.  but I have an older pc, and I've been running ubuntu 6.06, Lamp server only, with no guy, because it was too slow when I installed the desktop ubuntu.  so eveyrthing is running fine for over a year. then I get this bright idea to upgrade to 6.1.  now I can't see the network anymore... I can't get to my data, etc. etc..04:05
TheSheepSurfnKid: ah, it seems the config is moved into /etc/event.d04:05
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, I was looking into xubuntu to see if I could somehow recover my mysql, apache2, etc. installation and configuration so that I don't have to reconfigure those DAMN config files again by hand.  I'd like to use a GUI only when I'm configuring, then unload it for when the server is just running04:06
Clarrisa_2008TheSheep, oops, GUI, not guy04:07
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: wait, one step at a time04:08
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: after upgrading to 6.10 it doesn't see the network?04:08
Clarrisa_2008i'm so frustrated... I have all of my wordpress blogs on this thing, it's basically all I use it for, but I was loving it.... It's my life's journal in it.04:09
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: we will get it working, calm down :)04:09
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: the upgrade process wouldn't destroy any configuration without asking for confirmation04:10
Clarrisa_2008thesheep. no,it doesn't.  I get a red error box that flies buy when it's booting up, that I didn't get before, and, even though I used to have the network inteface set to a static local ip address, it now only shows the ipaddres of
SurfnKidTheSheep, so to stop 5 ttys do i edit all tty(1-6) and replace start with stop?04:10
TheSheepSurfnKid: not sure, I don't know this new system04:11
TheSheepSurfnKid: but you can just disable the alt+ctrl+fN switching in your xorg.conf04:11
Clarrisa_2008thesheep.... when I type ifconfig, it's  it only did this after my apt-get update, apt-get upgrade...  My netowrk card is a SMC 1244 network card.04:11
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: what happens when you type 'ifconfig -a' ?04:12
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, it has two network lights on the card, so I no it's connected to the swithc router...04:12
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, let me try that, one sec04:12
SurfnKidTheSheep, oh ok, will that disable the ttys tho?04:12
TheSheepSurfnKid: why do you need them disabled?04:13
SurfnKidi read on linuxjournal they consume memory and can be freed04:13
TheSheepSurfnKid: they really take less resources than, for example, your mouse driver04:13
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atarinoxis anyone around to help me w/ a wireless problem04:14
TheSheepSurfnKid: you can chek with top how much memory they take04:14
atarinoxi can connect to my home network fine if it's secured, but can't connect if it's open04:14
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, well I get a "lo" device which is the loopback I was talking about and a sit0 device04:14
atarinoxthis all happened after the upgrade. my wireless chipset is RTL818004:14
TheSheepatarinox: that's weird, it's usually the other way around04:15
SurfnKidTheSheep, jesus, 159604:15
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, the sit0 device talks about ipv6, etc.04:15
atarinoxTheSheep: yeah, i'm having a hell of a time trying to find some help04:15
TheSheepatarinox: I have practically no experience with wifi myself :(04:15
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, it looks like it doesn't recognize my ethernet card anymore04:15
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: ok, lets see if the apropriate module is loaded, try 'modprobe | grep net'04:16
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: sorry04:16
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it's 'lsmod' not 'modprobe'04:16
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, that just puts me back to the bash prompt.  returns nothing04:17
TheSheepyou don't happen to know how was the module for your card called? :)04:17
Clarrisa_2008thesheep I posted this link in another forum.  part of it is from my interfaces file... the middle part... I can't remember what the top and bottom are... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22368/04:18
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I can see there are quite a lot people on the forums with your card and problems04:20
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, the top is what I got when I typed: lspci -v, at least it's part of what I got, I could only paste part of it in the pastebin, because I had to type the whole thing out and thought the ethernet card portion was the important part.  It looks like it's loading a linksys driver for it or something.  it's an SMC card as I said04:20
Clarrisa_2008thesheep an SMC card?04:21
Clarrisa_2008i thought SMC cards where great04:21
=== Xjdriver69 [n=aaron@m0e5e36d0.tmodns.net] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008I can't figure out why it's says linksys, when it's an smc.04:21
Clarrisa_2008I hate linksys by the way04:21
Clarrisa_2008quit using them years ago04:21
TheSheepsame chipset, I guess04:22
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, what should I do, I'm desparate04:22
Clarrisa_2008there is only one RED error that flashes buy when I reboot, but I can't pause it to see what it is saying.  well actually there is two, one is about the mail server which I never ever got working in the first place.  the other error is foreign to me04:24
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, doesn't ubuntu output what happens to a log or something?04:24
=== punktux [n=victor@68-190-218-2.dhcp.psdn.ca.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008If I could somehow copy that log to a floppy or something.... or, would a livecd help me here?04:25
punktuxhow come xscreensaver daemon is not running by default on beryl on xubuntu?04:25
TheSheepthat pastebin gives me most of the info I need04:25
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I'm searching now for a solution :)04:26
Clarrisa_2008crossing my fingers04:26
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: try typing 'sudo modprobe tulip'04:27
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: and then 'dmesg | tail' and see the last line04:27
Clarrisa_2008I'm logged in as root right now.. so I typed modprobe tulip....nothing returned... just the bash prompt04:28
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: yes, it writes to dmesg04:29
Clarrisa_2008thesheep the second command returned a screen full of info04:29
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you want the last line04:29
Clarrisa_2008it will take me a minute to type it in to a pastebin04:29
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: here is the howto, by the way: http://www.linuxforums.org/network/ask_dr._unx.html04:30
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: seems he's got the smae problem04:30
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: if modprobing tulip brought your eth, you can just add it to your /etc/modules and it will be ok04:31
Clarrisa_2008well I'm confused.  the last line, says * reloading postfix configuration04:32
Clarrisa_2008the line before that reads:04:32
Clarrisa_2008hang on04:32
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: check 'ifconfig' if it lists your card now04:33
Clarrisa_2008the sheep.  the second to last line reads: (I had to actually type this myself as I can't paste of course, no network connectiong): [42954112.960000]  eth0: ADMtek Comet rev 17 at 0001b800, 00:50:bf:FE:91:A4, IRQ 1104:35
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: ok, you should see eth0 now04:35
Clarrisa_2008ifconfig still shows the lo device which is only the loopback/04:35
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: ifconfig -a04:35
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: type /etc/init.d/network restart  to have your network up now04:36
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: add a line with 'tulip' in it at the end of /etc/modules to have it loaded automatically on every startup04:37
Clarrisa_2008um I must be typing in something wrong... /etc/init.d/network restart returns "no such file or directory"04:38
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TheSheepClarrisa_2008: but 'ifconfig -a' does list eth0 now?04:39
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008yes, it does04:39
Clarrisa_2008no ip address for it that I can see though04:39
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: then just add it to the /etc/modules and restart04:39
Clarrisa_2008add what?04:40
Clarrisa_2008oh the tulip04:40
TheSheepwonder why it is not loaded automatically04:40
TheSheepsome autodetection must fail04:40
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Clarrisa_2008it's rebooting04:42
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: wonder why you lack the /etc/init.d/network04:43
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: maybe not all packages were installed properly during the upgrade?04:43
Clarrisa_2008I don't get it, I'm sure I used that command a few moments ago04:43
Clarrisa_2008I think that might be the case04:44
Clarrisa_2008because I didn't get a "reboot now" message that I read I was supposed to get after a successful upgrade04:44
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: try doing 'apt-get -f install' when it comes up04:44
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it will lst errors if there were any04:44
Clarrisa_2008ok..hang on04:48
TheSheepis the network working, by the way?04:53
Clarrisa_2008THEsheep... OK, we are making progress I think!!!  after rebooting it twice. on the second time, it said something that the volume had been mounted like 30 times but never been check...so what was cool. is that I was able to type what the error was before it finished the disk check...04:53
Clarrisa_2008thesheep AND I now see my network card when I type ifconfig and it's at which is the static ip address I gave it a long way back a year ago...04:54
Clarrisa_2008YES, I can ping it and it's replying04:54
Clarrisa_2008now I can finally putty into it...04:54
Clarrisa_2008Here is the error that sweeps by on boot up: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22374/04:55
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: looks like you need to finish that upgrade04:56
Clarrisa_2008thesheep....something is screwy though... I can't putty in because I get a bunch of: flashing on the putty screen:04:57
Clarrisa_2008-bash: /dev/null: Permission denied04:57
Clarrisa_2008thesheep, but it does finally give me a bash prompt04:57
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: that's because udev didn't load04:58
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you need to install the remaining half of the system you're missing XD04:59
Clarrisa_2008The sheep... ok after doing apt-get -f install I get the following: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22375/05:02
Clarrisa_2008that stupid courier package is not even really installed right, I was trying to install some sort of mail server software on this box and I wasn't really understanding it, then gave up a couple of months ago...05:03
Clarrisa_2008if getting rid of that somehow will let the upgrade continue... I would gladly do it05:03
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: apt-get install --reinstall courier-authdaemon05:04
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: ah, and throw in -f05:04
Clarrisa_2008where do I put the -f at the end of that long command you just gave me?05:04
TheSheepdoesn't matter05:05
Clarrisa_2008ok, different message when I typed that... look at the bottom of this pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22376/05:06
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you may try using aptitude instead of apt-get, it's a little smarter05:08
Clarrisa_2008how do I do that?  isn't aptitude a GUI tool?05:08
Clarrisa_2008I will do whatever you ask.  you are the first one who has helped me get anywhere with this.05:09
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: just use 'aptitude' instead of 'apt-get', it has the same command-line options05:10
Clarrisa_2008so, aptitude -f install?05:10
Clarrisa_2008crap, it did the same thing, it gave more messages, acted like it was going to fix it, but ended with the same results05:12
Clarrisa_2008I can pastebin it if you want05:12
TheSheepmaybe try uninstalling the two offending packages?05:13
Clarrisa_2008ok, be glad to.  which ones? and how?05:13
TheSheepaptitute remove -f --purge courier-authdaemon05:13
Clarrisa_2008ok, it tried to reinstall it because of dependencies, the first time I said ok, go ahead, it failed agian, so I tried your the purge command agian, this time I said NO05:16
Clarrisa_2008E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.05:17
TheSheepwell, do it05:17
Clarrisa_2008a bunch of shit is flying by my screen a bunch of perl messages, etc.05:18
Clarrisa_2008perl: warning.... blah blah...setting up blah blha....05:18
Clarrisa_2008I"m wondering if this was what was supposed to happen when the upgrade took a dump05:18
Clarrisa_2008setting up python 2.405:19
Clarrisa_2008etc.. etc..05:19
TheSheeplet it finish05:19
Clarrisa_2008I'm really wishing I would have never upgraded from 6.06.1 to 6.1 in the first place..... I thought at the time it would help me stay current.. usually a good thing I think, but I should have left well enough alone05:20
TheSheep"don't fix what works"05:20
Clarrisa_2008do you know if 6.1 edgy is even stable?05:20
TheSheepthere are unix servers running continously for 30 years05:21
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it is stable, iw wouldn't be released if it wasn't05:21
Clarrisa_2008ah.... that sounds like netware.  I still have clients running those, but not for 30 years05:21
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: but it has a number of, uh, "rough edges", because there were 2 months less time to make it05:22
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: the most recent is fesity, 7.04, it was released in april05:22
Clarrisa_2008next time I'll just let it stay that way.   I really don't know how a person becomes an expert on linux....  there are so many flavors, distros, etc. everybody seems to install things in different places depending on the distro,  it's maddening!!!05:22
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: of course, but after some experience with different distros you start to see through it -- it's like you can take any text editor an use it, even if you don't know where the options in menus are -- you can find them05:24
Clarrisa_2008I have been a netware admin / database programmer /and now learning C# ( and a little php) but I don't know how people become experts with linux.  It's like you have to know C programming language to understand it or something... I've only used higher level programming tools05:24
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: bash and perl are more useful in it -- they are pretty high level05:24
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: there is that distro that has all the scripts written in python too05:25
Clarrisa_2008I have a book on bash, but trying to earn a living and am torn as to what will make me money and keep me employeed here in good old Utah05:25
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: the truth is that you learn unix by soaking in it05:25
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: can't learn it from books, you just use it, and it comes05:26
Clarrisa_2008oh ok05:26
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: after a while you start thinking like the developers, and you just know where they would put things05:26
Clarrisa_2008I only have time at night to futz with it.... during the day I'm doing MS SQL/Foxpro/ C#...  so much to learn and only one lifetime05:26
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: then your girlfriend dumps you and your friends stop inviting you to parties05:26
Clarrisa_2008where do you live05:27
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: Poland05:27
Clarrisa_2008oh my hell05:27
Clarrisa_2008what time is it there?05:27
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: six o clock05:27
Clarrisa_2008am ?05:27
Clarrisa_2008wow, why are you up so early?05:28
TheSheepI'm up so late05:28
Clarrisa_2008no sleep wow05:28
Clarrisa_2008are you a native of Poland05:28
TheSheepyeah, some problems with it recently05:28
Clarrisa_2008do you have ancestors that were involved in the holocaust?05:29
Clarrisa_2008should I not have asked that?05:29
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: my father's parents emigrated to Denmark during the war, my mother's father was held in a prison camp05:30
Clarrisa_2008but he lived through it?05:30
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: yes, but never ever wanted to eat turnip again05:31
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I didn't really hear many stories from them -- I guess they wanted to spare me it05:31
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: they died before I was old enough to actually hear it and understand something05:32
Clarrisa_2008I bet.  I"m so sorry for your people, your country & your region.  Your people have suffered so much through the early 1900's ....05:32
Clarrisa_2008how old are you?05:32
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: 2705:32
Clarrisa_2008m or f?05:32
Clarrisa_2008male or female05:32
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: male. no need to be sorry, it wasn't you who did it, and it wasn't me either05:32
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: besides, there were lots of horrible things happening on both sides05:33
Clarrisa_2008I know.  I just hurt when I read and see pictures of all of the meanness back then.05:33
Clarrisa_2008I fear that our country will be next bad war, because of what has happened in Iraq.... I have 4 children.  I fear for their safety, their future....  war stinks05:34
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I wouldn't like to be near USA in the next few years -- it's like being in Germany in 193905:34
Clarrisa_2008I know.... the 9/11 was terrifiying to me.  and I live 3000 miles away or more...05:35
Clarrisa_2008what evil people will do in the name of religion....05:35
Clarrisa_2008My linux box finally stopped all of the mssages..05:35
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: lets hope it will all be resolved peacefully somehow05:35
Clarrisa_2008but not sure if it did everything it needed to because again, it didn't tell me to reboot05:35
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: that's good05:35
Clarrisa_2008yes let's hope05:36
Clarrisa_2008but shouldn't it say something aobut rebooting05:36
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: try to remove that courier-authdaemon again05:36
Clarrisa_2008it did say at the end Errors wer encounteered while processing: courier-authlib-userdb and vsftpd05:36
Clarrisa_2008I wish I had never install that stupid courier.... I couldn't get it to work anyway05:36
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: no wonder, if the install was corrupted05:37
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: try removing the packages that cause errors, you can install it back later05:37
Clarrisa_2008it says Score is -68, then talks about dependencies and that I should install courier-authlib [0.58-4ubuntu1 (edgy)] , and upgrade courier-authdaemon [0.47-13ubuntu5.1 (now) -> 0.58-4ubunut1 (edgy)] ...  then it asks Accept this solution Y/n/Q?05:39
Clarrisa_2008yes i would love to get rid of it!!! I don't care if it's installed at this point, I can learn again about it later and try again, if it would just go away for now05:40
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: hit 'n' until you see a solution that involves uninstalling it05:40
Clarrisa_2008ok, I did that... now it's sitting at "removing courier-base... and it's just sitting there... cursor is on the next line, without the bash prompt05:41
Clarrisa_2008I just hit enter though and it gave me back the bash prompt05:42
Clarrisa_2008not sure if that interrupted it or not05:42
TheSheepit shouldn't05:42
Clarrisa_2008how can I tell if the upgrade is done05:42
TheSheepaptitude -f install05:42
Clarrisa_2008check out pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22382/05:45
Clarrisa_2008do I need to reboot first or something?05:45
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: no, do /etc/init.d/vsftpd stop  and try again05:46
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-84-11.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008ok, I did that... here are the results: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/22383/05:48
Clarrisa_2008so it start the vsftpd server back up first, then gets the dependency problems, not sure if they are the same05:49
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: one error less :)05:49
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: dpkg -r courier-authlib-userdb courier-authlib05:50
TheSheep.oO( next step will be manually hacking the package database )05:50
Clarrisa_2008that game me a dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove courier-authlib which isn't installed05:52
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: that's all?05:52
Clarrisa_2008then I tried aptitude -f install.... it said it was to remove 2 and 1 not upgraded, instead of remove 3 and 1 not upgraded.  seems we are getting closer mabye05:52
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008whenever I do the aptitude -f install.  it seems to hang at REmoving Courier-base...   then I hit enter and it gives me the bash prompt05:53
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: how about apt-get ?05:53
Clarrisa_2008it also says that I shoudl run dpkg --congiure -a again05:54
Clarrisa_2008when I did dpkg --configure -a again, this time it just gave me the bash prompt05:54
Clarrisa_2008as if nothing happened05:54
Clarrisa_2008crud, I have a : prompt... I must have done something to put me in a man page or something05:56
Clarrisa_2008when I click on the window i get a message HELP --press return for more, or q when done...05:57
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-84-11.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has left #xubuntu []
Clarrisa_2008Q puts the word ESC at the bottom of the screen05:57
TheSheeplowercase q...05:58
TheSheepor :q05:58
Clarrisa_2008ok, it's back to the "Removing Courier-base ...  the cursor is below that line... nothing happending05:58
Clarrisa_2008it says a couple of lines above... Package is ina  avery bad inconsisten state - you should resintall it before attempting a removal.05:59
Clarrisa_2008terminate called after throwing an instance of std::logic_error  What(): basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid... aborted.  then I get the removing Courier-base ... with the cursor, no bash06:00
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: maybe you should edit /etc/apt/sources.list back to dapper, do 'apt-get update' to fecth the old package list, reinstall that package, then edit sources.list again and do update again and proceed?06:00
Clarrisa_2008that sounds scary06:01
Clarrisa_2008the server is actually running right now, at least sort of...   should we try a reboot first?06:01
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it's not windows, reboot won't help and may be worse -- better fix things while the server is still running] 06:02
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace every 'edgy' with 'dapper'06:03
Clarrisa_2008will this just allow me to go back to dapper and stay that way or are there other things that will be screwed up if I stay at dapper?06:04
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: your system is about 50% dapper and 50% edgy now06:05
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: the packages from edgy won't be "downgraded" to dapper06:05
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it's easier to go to edgy at this point06:05
Clarrisa_2008ok, all replaced to dapper06:10
Clarrisa_2008now what06:10
TheSheep'apt-get update'06:10
Clarrisa_2008it's flying thorugh a bunch of stuff of course06:11
TheSheepit loads the package list for dapper06:11
Clarrisa_2008but how are we going to get rid of the stupid courier-auth or whatever06:11
Clarrisa_2008it's done06:11
Clarrisa_2008do I : apt-get upgrade06:11
Clarrisa_2008or do we kill the courier thing somehow first06:12
TheSheepapt-get install --reinstall courier-authdaemon06:12
Clarrisa_2008returns more info on dependancies.... and to" try apt-get -f install with no packages (or specify a solution)"06:13
Clarrisa_2008The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:14
Clarrisa_2008  courier-base: Depends: courier-authlib but it is not installable06:14
Clarrisa_2008                Depends: courier-authlib-userdb but it is not installable06:14
Clarrisa_2008E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).06:14
TheSheepwhy are they not installable? :/06:15
Clarrisa_2008no clue06:15
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: maybe edit the sources.list and have both sets of packages (for dapper and for edgy) available at the same time?06:16
Clarrisa_2008it's actually giving me the same messages as before06:16
Clarrisa_2008how do I do that?06:16
Clarrisa_2008I tried the apt-get -f install and it hands on removing courier basss ... again06:17
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: just copy the lines and change the 'dapper' to 'edgy' in half of them06:17
Clarrisa_2008Reading package lists... Done06:17
Clarrisa_2008Building dependency tree... Done06:17
Clarrisa_2008Correcting dependencies... Done06:17
Clarrisa_2008The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:06:17
Clarrisa_2008  courier-base courier-authdaemon06:17
Clarrisa_2008Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.06:17
Clarrisa_2008The following packages will be REMOVED:06:17
Clarrisa_2008  courier-authdaemon courier-base06:17
Clarrisa_20080 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 1 not upgraded.06:17
Clarrisa_20082 not fully installed or removed.06:17
Clarrisa_2008Need to get 0B of archives.06:18
Clarrisa_2008After unpacking 696kB disk space will be freed.06:18
Clarrisa_2008Do you want to continue [Y/n] ? y06:18
Clarrisa_2008dpkg: error processing courier-authdaemon (--remove):06:18
Clarrisa_2008 Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should06:18
Clarrisa_2008 reinstall it before attempting a removal.06:18
Clarrisa_2008terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'06:18
Clarrisa_2008  what():  basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid06:18
Clarrisa_2008root@ubuntu:/etc/apt# (Reading database ... 25802 files and directories currently installed.)06:18
Clarrisa_2008Removing courier-base ...06:18
Clarrisa_2008see the autoremove above?06:18
Clarrisa_2008what does that mean06:18
=== usr_rob [n=usr_rob@c-c6dae055.105-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: the new apt-get (the one in edgy) can detect when a package was only needed by other package, and remove it when it's no longer needed06:19
Clarrisa_2008it's just taking me in the same stupid loop... use apt-get -f install.... then trys to remove then hangs06:19
Clarrisa_2008I"m not exactly sure how to copy the lines as you said, but I can give it a try.06:20
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I think there should be some parameter for dpkg to force removing of that package06:20
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it seems we won't make any progress until we get rid of that broken package06:20
Clarrisa_2008what about the following force options of kpkg: remove-reinstreq [!]    Remove packages which require installation06:22
Clarrisa_2008  remove-essential [!]    Remove an essential package06:22
TheSheepyou need --force-remove-reinstreq06:23
TheSheepah, you found it too :)06:23
TheSheepdpkg has the same06:24
Clarrisa_2008so the full command should be?06:24
TheSheepdpkg --purge --force-remove-reinstreq courier-authdaemon06:24
TheSheepor even 'dpkg --configure -a --force-remove-reinstreq'06:25
Clarrisa_2008when I type that, it just gets me bash prompt nothing seems to happen06:26
Clarrisa_2008I tried the apt-get -f install and it hands on removing courier basss ... again06:27
Clarrisa_2008it's like an endless loop06:27
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you can try editing /var/lib/dpkg/state and remove these courier packages from there06:28
Clarrisa_2008root@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg# ls state06:29
Clarrisa_2008ls: state: No such file or directory06:29
Clarrisa_2008root@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg# ls06:29
Clarrisa_2008alternatives   cmethopt        info     parts             status06:29
Clarrisa_2008available      diversions      lock     statoverride      status-old06:29
Clarrisa_2008available-old  diversions-old  methods  statoverride-old  updates06:29
Clarrisa_2008that is what I have in my dpkg folder06:30
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: status, sorry06:30
Clarrisa_2008oh ok06:30
Clarrisa_2008this is a long file06:30
Clarrisa_2008do I search for something06:30
Clarrisa_2008Package: courier-authdaemon06:31
Clarrisa_2008Status: deinstall reinstreq half-configured06:31
Clarrisa_2008Priority: optional06:31
Clarrisa_2008Section: mail06:31
Clarrisa_2008Installed-Size: 19606:31
Clarrisa_2008Maintainer: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke@linuxia.de>06:31
Clarrisa_2008Architecture: i38606:31
Clarrisa_2008Source: courier06:31
Clarrisa_2008Version: 0.47-13ubuntu5.106:31
Clarrisa_2008Config-Version: 0.47-13ubuntu5.106:31
Clarrisa_2008Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1), libgdbm3, libpam0g (>= 0.76), courier-base (>= 0.4$06:31
Clarrisa_2008 /etc/init.d/courier-authdaemon a78447b8d73f1fcb1f700b1a1fe700f606:31
TheSheepok, ok06:31
Clarrisa_2008 /etc/courier/authdaemonrc 3266814e077a05b5664578b06b5ca03906:31
Clarrisa_2008Description: Courier Mail Server - Authentication daemon06:31
Clarrisa_2008 This package contains the authentication daemon for the06:31
TheSheepchange the status line06:31
Clarrisa_2008 Courier Mail Server.06:31
TheSheepto 'purge ok not-installed'06:31
Clarrisa_2008there is also a huge chunk for courier-imap06:32
TheSheeplets try to limit our hacking to that one single package for now06:32
Clarrisa_2008ok, I made a backup first of the status file.  then made the change you suggest06:33
Clarrisa_2008anything else?06:33
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@72-161-144-87.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheeplets try it now06:33
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: it should think the package is uninstalled now06:34
Clarrisa_2008try what?  I forgot which command we are going to do next06:34
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: that will leave you with some files lying around, but you can remove them manually later06:34
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: spkg --configure -a06:34
Clarrisa_2008I don't even care about extra orphan files as long as I can get this upgrade to finish06:34
Clarrisa_2008 dpkg --configure -a06:35
Clarrisa_2008dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 984 package `courier-authdaemon':06:35
Clarrisa_2008 Configured-Version for package with inappropriate Status06:35
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepnot so easy to cheat :/06:36
Clarrisa_2008apparently it feels your status is "inappropriate" :)06:36
Clarrisa_2008this is what cracks me up that people say about linux "oh, but it's so EASY, everything is in TEXT files!!!"   they don't mention that they are 10,000 text files and that they are all extremely cryptic lol06:37
Clarrisa_2008what next?06:37
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: not really, at least you can try to do something, with binaries you'd be just stuck06:38
Clarrisa_2008do I restore the copy of status?06:38
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: ok, restore that backup, lets try something else06:38
Clarrisa_2008ok done06:38
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: how does /var/lib/dpkg/info/courier-authdaemon.postinst look?06:39
TheSheepsorry, .postrm06:39
TheSheepand .prerm06:39
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
Clarrisa_2008if [ "$1" = "purge" ] ; then06:40
Clarrisa_2008        # remove runtime files06:40
Clarrisa_2008        rm -rf /var/run/courier/authdaemon06:40
Clarrisa_2008# Automatically added by dh_installinit06:40
Clarrisa_2008if [ "$1" = "purge" ]  ; then06:40
Clarrisa_2008        update-rc.d courier-authdaemon remove >/dev/null || exit $?06:40
Clarrisa_2008# End automatically added section06:40
Clarrisa_2008that's it06:41
TheSheepis your /dev/null still read-only?06:41
Clarrisa_2008uh, not sure... how do I check06:41
TheSheeptry 'echo hello > /dev/null'06:41
Clarrisa_2008returns nothing...prompt06:42
TheSheepso it works06:42
Clarrisa_2008what does?06:42
TheSheepwell, /dev/null is a dummy, "blackhole" file06:42
Clarrisa_2008oh ok06:42
TheSheepyou can throw anything into it and it will just disappear06:43
TheSheep > redirects output of a program06:43
TheSheepecho just outputs whatever you tell it06:43
TheSheep'echo hello' just prints 'hello'06:43
Clarrisa_2008oh ok06:43
=== feliciano [n=felician@] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: put a '#' at the beginning of the line starting with 'update-rc.d'06:44
TheSheepthat comments it out06:45
TheSheepand try the 'dpkg --configure -a' now06:45
felicianohi there... Why the firefox font dont change whne I change de xfce fonts??06:45
TheSheepfeliciano: firefox has its own font settings06:45
TheSheepfeliciano: yes, it's stupid, agreed06:46
felicianoand... where can I change it?? I try whit some content parameters.. but not change06:46
Clarrisa_2008ok, I changed it06:46
Clarrisa_2008then ran the dpkg --configure -a.... it just took me back to the prompt06:47
TheSheepfeliciano: edit->preferences->content->fonts&colors->advanced06:47
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: then try apt-get -f install06:47
felicianoTheSheep... which one is the menu font??06:48
Clarrisa_2008i tmay be giving me the same message it says 2 to remove and 1 not upgraded.... 2 not fullinstalled or removed.  continue...? I say yes06:48
TheSheepfeliciano: ah, no, that one should be taken from the system06:48
Clarrisa_2008dpkg: error processing courier-authdaemon (--remove):06:49
Clarrisa_2008 Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should06:49
Clarrisa_2008 reinstall it before attempting a removal.06:49
Clarrisa_2008(Reading database ... terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'06:49
Clarrisa_2008  what():  basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid06:49
Clarrisa_2008root@ubuntu:/var/lib/dpkg/info# 25802 files and directories currently installed.)06:49
felicianoTheSheep... that was my question06:49
Clarrisa_2008Removing courier-base ...06:49
felicianoTheSheep... :p06:49
felicianoTheSheep... I change to dejavou the system font... but firefox dont change it06:49
TheSheepfeliciano: probably firefox has a different dpi set than the rest of your system, so the fonts are of different size...06:50
TheSheepfeliciano: or is the font face wrong too?06:50
felicianoTheSheep... the font is wrong06:51
TheSheepfeliciano: you might want to try to rename or remove the whole .mozilla/firefox directory and let the firefox take the defaults from the system06:52
felicianoTheSheep... if I delete that folder... firefox going to create again??06:53
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5F37F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepfeliciano: yes, but you will lose the current settings06:53
TheSheepfeliciano: and bookmarks06:54
felicianook, I'm going to save the bookmarks06:54
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: I give up, you might want to ask on #ubuntu -- your problem is not xubuntu specific, so they should be able to help you better06:57
Clarrisa_2008ok, I don't blame you06:57
felicianoTheSheep... It didn't works06:57
Clarrisa_2008you got me Much farther than I was before.06:57
Clarrisa_2008at least I can login06:57
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you can check here later too -- there will be more people06:58
Clarrisa_2008but should my breezy's be replaced with edgy's?06:58
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: wasn't it dapper?06:58
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: generally, ubuntu only supports upgrading one version at a time06:59
Clarrisa_2008what am I running now?06:59
Clarrisa_2008edgy or dapper?06:59
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: part of one and part of the other06:59
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: don't worry, they are pretty much replaceable07:00
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: but it would be good to have it fixed in the long run07:00
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: you might try another thing07:01
Clarrisa_2008what's wierd is that I can go to my home pages, and run my wordpress blogs, etc... looks like wordpress and mysql and php are working fine07:01
Clarrisa_2008what is that07:01
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: check the exact version of your courier-authdaemon (using apt-cache policy), go to http://packages.ubuntu.com, download the .deb for it, and try reinstalling it form that deb witj dpkg -i --reinstall07:02
TheSheepthat might fix it07:02
Clarrisa_2008ok, tomorrow I'll try that07:03
Clarrisa_2008thanks again for all of your help!!!07:03
Clarrisa_2008you rick07:04
Clarrisa_2008you rock07:04
Clarrisa_2008and you are very patient07:04
Clarrisa_2008go to sleep07:04
TheSheepClarrisa_2008: hehe, thanks, good luck07:05
Clarrisa_2008if you think of anything else, send me an email at sandy@lssinc.us07:05
felicianofirefox dont take the system font07:05
TheSheepfeliciano: you might want to ask at #ubuntu, maybe they will know07:07
=== mindframe_ [n=mindfram@ip68-106-174-142.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
felicianoTheSheep... I found this problem just with some fonts07:08
=== mindframe_ [n=mindfram@ip68-106-174-142.br.br.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
felicianoTheSheep... may be the ttf have some kind of problem07:08
TheSheepfeliciano: this is feisty?07:08
TheSheepfeliciano: well, then...07:09
TheSheep!bugs | feliciano07:09
ubotufeliciano: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots07:09
felicianodo you think this was a bug??07:10
TheSheepfeliciano: it is obviously a bug, but it's hard to tell whether it's firefox, fonts, font handling, or just the default configuration07:11
felicianoAnd I think if this is a bug of firefox07:11
felicianonot of ubuntu07:11
TheSheepfeliciano: we gather all bugs there and then let the developers know07:11
TheSheepfeliciano: we say that the bugs are "forwarded upstream"07:12
felicianook... I search if anyone write it yet07:12
TheSheepyou may even find a solution :)07:12
felicianothen i write the bug... thanks TheSheep07:12
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darwin81Why does the default Xubuntu install have to look like GNOME?09:15
Myrttidefault xubuntu install looks like ubuntu09:16
Myrttinot even ubuntu looks like gnome09:16
darwin81Well I never used GNOME outside of Ubuntu, but the screenshot on the GNOME official website looks a lot like the setup of Ubuntu: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.18/notes/C/09:22
darwin81Myrtti: Well I never used GNOME outside of Ubuntu, but the screenshot on the GNOME official website looks a lot like the setup of Ubuntu: http://www.gnome.org/start/2.18/notes/C/09:22
=== sigmamu188 [n=jwheeler@cpe-70-116-80-78.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
sigmamu188is there any way to make the shutdown command with out using sudo09:26
sigmamu188can i change the privileges of the command09:26
sigmamu188so that i dont have to type a password when i type it09:26
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biouser_I have lost my panels and rebooting doesn't bring them back09:40
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biouser_I have lost my panels and rebooting doesn't bring them back09:41
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biouser_I have lost my panels and rebooting doesn't bring them back09:45
graziebiouser_: don't keep repeating yourself...folks answer as soon as they can09:46
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graziebiouser_: hit alt+f2 and enter "xfce4-panel"09:47
biouser_more people had joined09:48
biouser_that did the trick09:49
biouser_grazie, now I can just save this session and they will be back on boot?09:49
biouser_grazie, thanks09:50
biouser_Ron Paul 2008, please.09:52
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darwin81Does anyone else think that the new release of Xubuntu is more bloated?10:17
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
darwin81Does anyone else think that the new release of Xubuntu is more bloated?10:24
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Catoptromancycant drap and drop files anymore11:40
Catoptromancywith read and write acces11:40
Catoptromancyon both11:40
=== grumpymole [n=warren@c220-237-175-49.lowrp1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyeven more interesting11:43
Catoptromancydidnt really do anything except close thunar and reopen11:43
Catoptromancynow it works11:43
=== CoRnJuLiOx [n=jrtuvera@] has joined #xubuntu
CoRnJuLiOxok, i've just installed a sound card, and when i booted up my PC and got to the desktop, the 'task bar (one w/the start menu in xfce)' didn't show up. its not there and i don't know how to get it back11:48
CoRnJuLiOxany ideas?11:48
CoRnJuLiOxi'm on xubuntu 6.0611:48
Catoptromancyyou have at least 1 panel?11:50
CoRnJuLiOxCatoptromancy: no.11:51
CoRnJuLiOxnothing. just a desktop11:51
Catoptromancydoes right click bring up a menu?11:51
CoRnJuLiOxi can get the start menu thing by right clicking, but i need the rest of the bar too11:51
Catoptromancytry mouse your mouse off screen11:52
Catoptromancymaybe it changed resolutions11:52
Catoptromancyand you cant see panels11:52
CoRnJuLiOxCatoptromancy: doesn't look like it changed resolutions, my mouse doesn't go off screen11:52
Catoptromancywhen it happened to me I held mouse at edge of screen and it scrolled over11:53
Catoptromancythere should be a panel option in settings11:53
CoRnJuLiOxCatoptromancy: nope, its the right resolution. i changed resolutions just to be sure.11:53
Catoptromancythere isnt a panel option11:54
CoRnJuLiOxno panel options in setting11:54
Catoptromancybut there "should" be one11:54
CoRnJuLiOxthere isn't.11:54
Catoptromancya few people had this problem in here11:54
CoRnJuLiOxis there a console command to bring it up?11:54
Catoptromancyi think it should be added in next version11:54
CoRnJuLiOxah, its in the settings manager11:54
CoRnJuLiOxbut clicking on it does nothing11:54
Catoptromancypanel options?11:55
CoRnJuLiOxits between orage and preferred applications.11:55
Catoptromancyim in feisty so menu is a bit different11:55
CoRnJuLiOxi just downloaded the feisty iso.11:55
Catoptromancyleave CD in drive and use update manger to install11:55
CoRnJuLiOxwhats the console command to bring up the xfce settings manager11:56
CoRnJuLiOxi'm saving the CD for my new HD.11:56
Catoptromancysetting manager all in the right click11:56
CoRnJuLiOxyeah, but clicking on 'panel' doesn't do anything11:56
Catoptromancywell no idea other than update11:56
CoRnJuLiOxi'm hoping to get some output.11:56
Catoptromancysomeone will know in here eventually11:57
Catoptromancy6 in the morn pretty slow11:57
CoRnJuLiOxholy hell11:57
CoRnJuLiOxxfce4-panel fixed it.11:57
Catoptromancyin terminal?11:57
CoRnJuLiOxi'll remember that.11:58
CoRnJuLiOx'when your task bar doesn't appear, try running 'xfce4-panel' in console'11:58
Catoptromancygood guess11:58
CoRnJuLiOxthanks for the help11:58
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: glad you're now sort. losing panels was a common problem on edgy. looks like is still happens on feisty quite often. at least you've learnt how to fix it :)12:04
CoRnJuLiOxgrazie: i'm on dapper.12:11
CoRnJuLiOxi'm about to burn the feisty iso. edgy doesn't work on me becuase i have a VIA board, and i can't boot it even w/the acpi=force/off option.12:12
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: sorry missed that...looks like it was a problem on dapper too then12:14
CoRnJuLiOxgrazie: eh. closing the terminal i started it from kills the panel too. is there a config file that i can add xfce4-panel to so i'tll automatically start whenever i log in?12:14
CoRnJuLiOxi know theres something like that, i just don't know where it is.12:14
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: yeah that's because your running it in forground. Use "xfce4-panel &" in the terminal or use alt+f2 rather than terminal12:16
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: the & puts the process into background12:17
CoRnJuLiOxgrazie: ok, thanks12:17
CoRnJuLiOxwill the & shove anything i enter into teh background?\12:17
Catoptromancyinteresting must ttry this $ thing12:22
CoRnJuLiOxi still lose it when i close the terminal12:22
=== rokra [n=christor@ANancy-153-1-106-102.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancyvery cool12:23
Catoptromancyheh 1 program I always have running I needed the terminal open for, just put an & and the of the shell12:23
CatoptromancyCoRnJuLiOx, I guess you could me a shell for it12:24
Catoptromancymake a12:25
Catoptromancynot sure how to have it auto start12:25
Catoptromancyput an & at end of script12:25
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: that shouldn't happen....did you try the alt+f2 method?12:26
CoRnJuLiOxgrazie: alt+f2 does nothing12:27
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: erm...maybe not supported on dapper...I don't know for sure12:28
CoRnJuLiOxctrl+alt+f2 brings me to something like a terminal, but it says 'tty' at the top.12:28
grazieCoRnJuLiOx: that's  a virtual console...works for f1 to f6 as well. use ctrl+alt+f7 to return to desktop12:32
=== Dr`Maison [n=fred@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-164-174.adsl.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
CoRnJuLiOxif i were to upgrade using the xubuntu cd, would i need any extra space on my HD (i don't have much left)01:11
=== ZenDJiNN [n=djinn@ABordeaux-156-1-157-19.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
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=== CoRnJuLiOx [n=jrtuvera@] has joined #xubuntu
CatoptromancyCoRnJuLiOx, how much space left?02:15
kumamotoCoRnJuLiOx: yeah but don't know how much space is needed I would say a 1or2GB to be on the safe side02:17
CoRnJuLiOxCatoptromancy: less than 1 GB left02:18
CoRnJuLiOx30GB drives just don't cut it.02:18
CatoptromancyI guess you could make a CD and backup some files, then erase them, update02:20
Catoptromancyand see how much space there is to put them back02:20
Catoptromancyheh I have 40gbs of MP3s on DVDs02:20
Catoptromancythey just dont fit02:20
Catoptromancyon a HD02:20
=== ron_o [n=ron@12-210-173-139.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
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Catoptromancymake sure to keep double space for a CD burn02:22
Catoptromancy600mb left only make a 300 mb cd02:22
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kumamotoCoRnJuLiOx: go buy a new drive they are now cheap 250GB below $10002:31
CoRnJuLiOxkumamoto: yeah, i'm waiting on a new drive02:31
CoRnJuLiOx160 GB02:31
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=== hhlp [n=hhlp@154.Red-83-39-235.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
kumamotoanyone running any dev software in xubuntu like say bluefish?02:38
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kalikiana_kumamoto, I am running glade2 and scite for development, if that helps.04:25
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@pool-72-82-96-61.nrflva.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
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=== asmith42a [n=adams@p248n30.ruraltel.net] has joined #xubuntu
asmith42aWhat is the command to open an xcfe terminal?04:31
=== Lectus [n=freddy@20150002250.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
kalikiana_asmith42a, Just 'Terminal'.04:34
kalikiana_Or start it from Applications->System->Terminal.04:34
Mercheloapital t04:34
asmith42aI thought so, but that didn't work. Ubotu says xfce4-terminal. I'll try that04:34
asmith42aThat worked.04:35
asmith42aI was putting a launcher in the panel and needed the command.04:35
kumamotokalikiana_: can u access say a file at a given url04:41
kumamotoam using scite too but don't want to upload and download files all the time want do devs in realtime04:41
kalikiana_kumamoto, What you want sounds like a wish which is technically impossible. Use svn or something similar.04:43
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=== Jester46 is now known as Jester45
=== xjkx [n=vulto@201009053245.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxsudo apt-get install w32codecs isnt working06:17
kalikiana_xjkx, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7527806:22
=== drowfx [n=drowfx@blankertz.org] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxi play mp3 :P06:22
xjkxbut i dont play good videos06:22
xjkxcompilation :<06:22
xjkxapt-get should work =D06:23
kalikiana_xjkx, You need a repository with the package, it's not in the official repos. ;)06:23
=== somerville32 [n=cody-som@ubuntu/member/somerville32] has joined #xubuntu
=== kalikiana_ waves at somerville32
kalikiana_Well, bbl. Good luck xjkx.06:24
somerville32kalikiana_ :)06:24
=== kalikiana_ is now known as kali|away
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jadhgso, if a person wanted to have power management on a laptop for, I don't know, maybe not have it suspend on closing, what would be the XFCE equivalent?06:31
=== ZenDJiNN [n=djinn@ABordeaux-156-1-157-19.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
jadhgbtw, aside from an applet, one way to do what I was looking for above is to edit /etc/acpi/events/lidbtn and remove the script action= talks about06:42
jadhgbut I was hoping for something more gui for the rest of the userbase06:42
=== mikey-x [n=43b8ee33@alcor.lunarpages.com] has joined #xubuntu
mikey-xdoes the latest xubuntu release come packed with beryl working out of the box?06:43
mikey-xbut regular ubuntu does?06:44
mikey-xis that desktop environment specific ?06:44
jadhgwell the most support for it has been written in gnome and kde06:45
jadhgand the window decorators I know of are for gnome06:46
Jester45mikey-x: ubuntu has compiz not beryl06:46
jadhgso it might conflict with some items in xubuntu06:46
ZenDJiNNsomerville32, it doesn't take a lot to get ot working in xubuntu, although it's still a bit flaky. :)06:46
Jester45mikey-x: compiz is stabler but has some gnome parts so its not going to be in xubuntu or kubuntu becuase they are not gnome06:46
jadhgoh hey, i'll ask once more and then stop, is there a gui power management "thing" for xubuntu?06:46
mikey-xoh ok06:47
Jester45its pretty easy to get beryl working if you have open source direct rendering support06:48
Jester45run "sudo glxinfo| grep rendering" and if you get a yes then you should just install beryl and it will be ready (install beryl manager also its lots of help)06:50
Jester45can you theme gtk1?06:56
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Rynux91anyone here that is actually here and possibly help me with a puzzling problem?08:14
hyper_ch!question | Rynux9108:16
Rynux91everytime I try to open Terminal to some some stuff...the desktop crashes...08:17
Rynux91to do some stuff*08:17
hyper_chRynux91: don't open the terminal then08:17
Rynux91but I need the terminal to install java...or automatix...08:18
hyper_chyou don't need automatix08:19
hyper_chRynux91: what does syslog say?08:19
Rynux91where is the syslog on Xubuntu?...I'm a newbie here08:20
hyper_chRynux91: /var/log/syslog08:20
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91it says...08:26
Rynux91May 25 14:23:48 ryan-linux gconfd (ryan-4803): Received signal 15, shutting down cleanly08:26
hyper_chthere's more in syslog I tend to think08:27
Rynux91May 25 14:23:48 ryan-linux gconfd (ryan-4803): Exiting08:27
Rynux91May 25 14:23:48 ryan-linux gdm[4461] : gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :008:27
Rynux9124:08 ryan-linux gconfd (ryan-5684): starting (version, pid 5684 user 'ryan'08:27
=== abd [n=abd@dns1.kielletty.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chRynux91: something has messed up your x-server it seems08:28
Rynux9124:08 ryan-linux gconfd (ryan-5684): Resolved address "xml:readonly:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory" to a read-only configuration source at position 008:28
Rynux91any way to fix it?08:28
abdmen , how can I know PC on network (as " net view on win32)08:29
hyper_chRynux91: I have no real clue what the problem is08:30
hyper_chwhat does this return:  sudo ls -al /etc/gconf/xml*08:30
hyper_chwhat does this return:  sudo ls -al /etc/gconf/gconf*08:31
Rynux91how do I do that in terminal...if terminal crashes the desktop everytime I run it?08:31
hyper_chRynux91: try booting in safe mode08:32
abdmen , how can I know PC on network (as " net view" on win32)........08:32
Rynux91explain how to boot in safe mode (still a newbie)08:32
hyper_chwell, safe mode is one of the options when you restart your computer08:32
Rynux91I'm assuming a press Esc...08:33
hyper_chyou need to reboot08:33
Rynux91bbl then08:33
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu []
abdhey geeks , how can I know PC on network (as "net view" on win32)........08:36
hyper_chabd: what do you mean?08:37
abdon win32 "net view " tell me how is on the LAN --> what we do in linux ?08:38
hyper_chI know who on my lan is08:40
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91I think I mistyped the command >_<08:41
hyper_chabd: open synaptic or adept and search for net, network or stuff like that08:41
hyper_chRynux91: sudo ls -al /etc/gconf/gconf*08:42
Rynux91I forgot the space inbetween -al and /etc08:43
abdI'm asking if there's a command .. not softw!!08:43
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chabd: maybe there is sw for it08:44
=== unikon [n=unikon@unaffiliated/unikon] has joined #xubuntu
=== ZenDJiNN [n=djinn@ABordeaux-156-1-126-198.w90-5.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
abdno sw in bash08:44
=== vidd [n=vidd@static-72-86-132-215.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@72-161-56-234.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== vidd is trying to remove directories in CLI....what is the option to delete non-empty dir's?
Jester45-rf i think08:49
vidd" invalid option -- r"08:50
Jester45hi vidd :)08:50
viddhello Jester4508:50
Jester45i tend not to look at the names first08:50
hyper_chvidd: sudo rm -Rf /path/to/dir08:51
Jester45so close08:51
hyper_chok, sudo may not be required... depending on the permissions08:51
=== Lectus [n=freddy@20132195237.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
viddthankya much hyper_ch08:52
Jester45hyper_ch: would you know how to take a screenshot with cli?08:52
viddty Jester45 for your attempt =] 08:52
Jester45so i can bind it to a button08:52
hyper_chJester45: yes08:52
hyper_chJester45: I found a tut on it... I'll pastebin it08:53
Jester45:) i was close one little shift away08:53
=== vidd was doing rmdir....not rm
vidd3 letters off08:53
hyper_chJester45: imagemagick plus that script... http://phpfi.com/23692708:55
hyper_chnow he left08:55
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@72-161-56-234.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45sorry about that08:56
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45beryl killed all my windows08:56
hyper_chJester45: imagemagick plus that script... http://phpfi.com/23692708:56
hyper_chJester45: don't use beryl08:56
Jester45why not08:56
Jester45its fun08:56
Rynux91it says...08:56
hyper_chcool... dell has notebooks with ubuntu:   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45438608:57
hyper_chbut it's US only so far I think08:57
Rynux91total 808:57
Jester45yea if i get a notebook i wanna get one of those08:57
hyper_chRynux91: what about the rest? there should be more.. like the permissions08:58
Jester45the only thing keeping from geting one then putting linux on it is compatiblity problems08:58
hyper_chRynux91: that's why I posted:  sudo ls -al .....08:58
Rynux91-rw-r--r-- 1 root root    0 Apr 15 09:19 %gconf-tree.xml08:58
Rynux91I'm copying it line by line..08:59
hyper_chRynux91: it's ok08:59
Rynux91drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Apr 15 09:19 .08:59
=== DRF [n=d@host81-155-87-205.range81-155.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chRynux91: run this:   sudo chmod -R 0755/etc/gconf09:00
Rynux91drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 Apr 15 09:17 ..09:00
hyper_chRynux91: run this:   sudo chmod -R 0755 /etc/gconf09:00
Rynux91(blank line)09:00
hyper_chJester45: got the script for making screenshots?09:00
Rynux91total 809:02
hyper_chRynux91: did you run what I told you?09:02
hyper_chRynux91: run this:   sudo chmod -R 0755 /etc/gconf09:02
Rynux91I have to reboot to do that >_<09:02
hyper_chdo that09:02
Rynux91away with me!09:03
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu []
=== hyper_ch pokes Jester45 on the nose
Jester45i got sidetracked09:04
=== Catoptromancy_ [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45setting shortcut09:04
hyper_chJester45: why shortcut? I thought you wanted it to run from cli=?09:05
Jester45i do im making it a keyboard short cut09:06
Jester45i dont want to have to open a program or click a panel button09:06
hyper_chJester45: ah ok... well, I did the full screen associate with printscreen09:07
hyper_chJester45: and windows only with shift-printscreen09:07
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
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Rynux91that command didn't do anything...09:09
Rynux91unless I have a typo..09:10
Rynux91could you show me that command again...09:10
Jester45that script isnt commented out right09:10
hyper_chRynux91:   sudo chmod -R 0755 /etc/gconf09:10
hyper_chRynux91: well, it does something.... if you don't get any error message, then the command run fine09:10
hyper_chRynux91: right now your permissions on the files are wrong and I set them correct again09:11
hyper_chRynux91: so it may all be good now09:11
Rynux91well..I was expecting a response or something...09:11
hyper_chRynux91: try to run some cli command09:11
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91ok...did I misinterpret what you said?09:12
=== dobbbob [n=dobbbob@] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45it worked09:15
dobbbobis there a program that will let me change the default power governors? i want to use powersave when running on battery09:15
hyper_chRynux91: well, does it work now fine for you when you run something from the cli or is x-server still crashing?09:16
Rynux91still crashing09:16
hyper_chRynux91: hmmm, then I don't know... it seems your system has somewhat be bugged... the permissions of that folder were wrnog and I think more stuff is wrong on your cojmputer.... what you have done so far?09:18
=== Rynux91 gets out the chainsaw
=== Riot777 [n=riot777@aasp195.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91this is a fresh install of Xubuntu...09:19
Rynux91so far I haven't done anything...09:19
Rynux91the computer was having issues with xp though...which is why I replaced it with this...09:20
hyper_chRynux91: didn't you say something about automatix?09:20
unikonRynux91 you did the right thing09:20
unikoninstalling Xubuntu that is09:20
Rynux91I had Xubuntu on this PC before...09:21
=== zbrown [n=rufius@unaffiliated/zbrown] has joined #xubuntu
zbrownis there a way to get the Update-manager to run in the task bar when there are updates available?09:21
Rynux91then I formatted the hard drive and installed this on the entire hard drive...09:21
Rynux91I did say something about automatix...09:21
hyper_chzbrown: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade09:22
Rynux91on the last install of Xubuntu...I used automatix to install Java...09:22
hyper_chRynux91: hmmm, strange.... I thought maybe automatix has corrupted something...09:22
hyper_chRynux91: java can easily be installed09:22
Rynux91this computer doesn't have anything installed that I have done...09:22
Rynux91everything that's on here is from the install disk...09:23
=== Moose [n=sam_kirs@host86-136-216-224.range86-136.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
zbrownhyper_ch: I need it to be in gui mode for my dad09:23
zbrownwell actually i'll just ssetup a cron-job for it...09:23
LectusI think Java is available at Add/Remove programs... I might me wrong...09:23
hyper_chzbrown: sorry, didn't read right09:23
=== Moose [n=sam_kirs@host86-136-216-224.range86-136.btcentralplus.com] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chRynux91: I'd tend to think another clean install would probably be the best09:23
Rynux91no worries :)09:24
Rynux91thank goodness I don't use this computer for anything important :P09:24
hyper_chRynux91: it's really strange that the permissions were not right09:24
=== grazie [n=grazie@host86-138-251-192.range86-138.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91so do you think I should burn a new CD?09:25
hyper_chRynux91: I don't think it's cd related...09:25
hyper_chRynux91: otherwise it should have reported errors during installation09:25
LectusRynux91, Why do you need automatix to install Java? Go to add/remove programs, select all available packages and search for Java09:26
Lectusactually xubuntu makes it very easy to install programs =] 09:26
Rynux91that's easier then 6.0609:26
Lectus7.04 rulez09:26
hyper_chRynux91: or use command line... you can where you can write your own installation script that will make a total reinstall quite painless09:26
Rynux91I switched from 6.06 to 7.04...big change imo09:27
unikonhow so09:27
Rynux91there is a trash bin..09:27
Lectusyes... 7.04 even asks if want to install mp3 support libraries... in 6.06 it's needed to install it by hand09:27
Rynux91the floppy drive and file system are on the desktop..09:27
Rynux91the menu is differnt..09:28
LectusRynux91: You can customized it to look how you want09:28
unikonprefers a minimalist desktop09:28
Rynux91I know...09:28
Rynux91I love that09:28
LectusI'm using Aqua theme... it rox09:28
Rynux91I'm still using the same theme...09:28
Rynux91but I changed the panels a bit...09:29
hyper_chunikon: Rynux91: Lectus: here's my small install script... the first few packages need user feedback... the rest is auto-installed... I have /home on a seperate partiton - meaning I don't need ton configure the programs anymore...   http://phpfi.com/23693309:30
Rynux91so how do you use the script? (still a newbie)09:30
hyper_chRynux91: well, you will have to have the repositoires and then you just run it by:   sudo sh script.sh09:31
hyper_chRynux91: But that is what I use.... for you it may be other things09:31
LectusI'm still newbie on Linux too.09:31
Lectushyper_ch: Thanks for the script. I'm learning a lot with it.09:31
Rynux91well...I'm new to linux...so I currently have no methods to anything...09:31
hyper_chand I use aptitude because I want to have the recommended packages also...09:31
hyper_chRynux91: if you are low on diskspace you would use apt-get instead of aptitude09:32
Rynux91this computer has 40GB09:32
Lectuspython is also good for creating automation scripts09:32
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chLectus: this is all bash... very simple commands :)09:33
hyper_chLectus: it just runs a set of commands that you can enter in the terminal also09:33
hyper_chRynux91: I have almost 900GB09:33
Jester45like a windows bat file... if you know about them09:33
Rynux91wow lol09:34
hyper_chyes, good comparision Jester4509:34
Lectushyper_ch, really time saver. I'll create my own script so everytime I reinstall xubuntu I'll run it and get my programs back without the need for sitting down and typing every command.09:34
Rynux91my personal computer has 160GB main drive and a 80GB backup drive devided in 2 and the second drive for a possible future in linux...09:34
hyper_chLectus: just be sure to backup the sources.list and appropriate files09:35
LectusXubuntu is by far the best distribution I've tried. I love having the same Ubuntu repos and still a light and fast desktop (XFCE) that looks beautiful! I'll never migrate to Vista! Xubuntu suits my needs! :D09:36
hyper_chLectus: tried fluxbox yet?09:37
hyper_chas desktop09:37
Lectusyes, but XFCE looks more beautiful09:37
Rynux91I have a vista laptop...I would've used XP except Compaq wont let me get XP09:37
Rynux91Vista is pretty differnt then XP09:38
Jester45thats one thing i hate about MS, they will not let you keep their semi good versions09:38
LectusVista is too bloated09:38
Jester45and they force bad ones at you09:38
Rynux91but vista is as compatible as Xubuntu running wine when it comes to running programs :(09:38
LectusI'm dual booting XP, but as soon as they stop supporting it I'll use only Linux (more especifically Ubuntu and it's friends).09:39
Rynux91I used to dual boot XP...09:39
LectusI'll stopping upgrading my machine just for running the newer but not more secure windows version09:39
Rynux91but it became as unstable as a drunk guy on a unicycle going across a power line...09:40
LectusMy XP is very messy. I don't even boot it anymore except for games09:40
hyper_chwell, I wouldn't worry so much about vista being bloated but more about what the NSA has to do with Vista09:41
Jester45im like you Lectus09:41
Jester45vista is helping fix bug #109:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/109:41
LectusXubuntu looks so much more organized. I don't have unused DLLs on my system anymore, thanks to the excelent package managing09:41
hyper_chI just wonder how any company/government/lawyer/.... can use windoze... they can't know what is being reported to the NSA09:41
Rynux91most of the computers except this one run Windows..09:41
Rynux91mostly because I can't find a reason to switch what works...09:42
Rynux91I only switch when Windows doesn't work..09:42
LectusI'm actually running Linux for learning and trrying programming here (too much windows programming gets boring). I'm day by day trying to get people in my home to use linux, so one day I can safely uninstall Windows and do my gaming on a PS3 with the money I saved from Windows. :D09:44
Rynux91the computer sitting next to this one runs windows...is only a year older then this one and runs windows fine...this one became so unstable...windows kept crashing everytime I opened more then 3 apps...09:44
hyper_chLectus: don't try to persuade them too hard... they could be disappointed if they try and some stuff doesn't run out of the box09:44
hyper_chLectus: I rather make such comments as: "oh viruses? I don't have to worry about them anymore"09:45
Jester45or get everything working first then show them09:45
Rynux91I'm not pushing anyone to use linux...just explaining it...09:45
hyper_chLectus: or "gee your personal firewall is hogging down the system"09:45
hyper_chLectus: "I haven't had any BSOD for years...."09:45
Rynux91honestly...I want a mac with bootcamp...09:46
Lectusyes... my sister is really impressed on how programs load so much faster on xubuntu than winxp09:46
Rynux91I convert all old unstable machines to linux...09:46
Jester45hyper_ch: how about "O wow so you have to manualy update your programs" or "tell me again why you have 2 firewalls"09:46
hyper_chthe thing my mom likes is that it's very easy to get programs09:46
Rynux91although if all my family switched to linux...I'd be less needed...and lose money :S09:47
Rynux91or I'll still be needed...just for differnt reasons..09:47
hyper_chwell, my mom hardly calls me anymore since she has been accustomed to linux09:47
Rynux91currently...I help my family with thier computers with common windows problems...or switching from a old computer to a new one..09:48
hyper_chRynux91: actually you could charge them if everything is running fine with their computers... something like an uptime guarantee instead of a downtime one :)09:48
LectusI think most newbie windows users won't use Linux because they are educated to think "Windows is the computer and IE is the internet". They doesn't know what an OS is. They think Windows is part of the computer. So Linux looks very hackish and unprofession. This is the hard part of migrating newbie windows users to linux.09:48
Jester45you could always make a remote x session and do stuff for them from your computer :) while they still can work09:48
Rynux91my friend thought linux was a virus...09:49
Rynux91so he thought I was some sort of hacker when I told him I play with linux...09:49
hyper_chwell, linux does fit some specifics of a virus more than windows does09:49
hyper_chvirii are small09:50
hyper_chthey are efficient programmed09:50
hyper_chthey work09:50
Jester45user base is growing09:50
Lectusthis is very common thought. Newbie people look at Windows and think it's the only true OS, because it comes already installed. All other OS are hacker thing and should not be touched.09:50
Rynux91one issue I have with linux is there are so many distros...09:50
Rynux91it's as confusing as picking a version of windows vista... :S09:51
hyper_chRynux91: that's just your brainwashed windows thinking09:51
Rynux91only it's alot cheaper :P09:51
Lectusyes... I installed too much distros09:51
hyper_chm$ fucked up to have relesed so many versions of vista09:51
Jester45Rynux91: you have to look at it positivly, wide range of choices09:51
Lectusand still can't decide09:51
=== hyper_ch just sticks with debian-tree
=== bleda [n=Turk@unaffiliated/bleda] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45just make a extra partition and have fun09:52
Lectusthe choices are good, but every distro has good and bad things which makes it hard to decide09:52
Rynux91well...the advantage I'll admit is the fact I can burn myself a disk of a distro to try it out...and not worry about cost...and installing linux is rediculously easy...09:52
Rynux91when I first installed xubuntu...I whent..."wait...that's it?"09:52
LectusI think xubuntu is great balance of usability, lightness and good-looking. That's why I use it.09:52
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91thankfully I've never had to install windows from scratch...09:52
Jester45i tried about 10 but i came back to xubuntu ubuntu was close but not customiable and kubuntu was to bloated, debian was hard to get working and was a mixture of kde and gnome stuff09:53
Rynux91I've had the disks that emachines gives out...09:53
Jester45gentoo just takes to long09:53
=== zenrox [n=zenrox@pool-71-115-195-12.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91I'd love to try fedora core but it has too many disks...09:53
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45get a dvd or a few :009:54
LectusI'm waiting fedora 7 that will come in live CD09:54
LectusI prefer installable live CD distros09:54
Rynux91most of the windows...now linux users(or half and half) run fedora core....09:54
Lectusthat's why I like ubuntu and its friends09:54
hyper_chRynux91: what makes you think that moste linux userss run fc?09:55
Rynux91the only thing I use linux for is for the most basic purposes...09:55
Rynux91such as writing documents...09:55
Rynux91checking my email..09:55
LectusRynux91, on such poor machines you could try puppy linux that runs off CD, USB pen drive or HD. And it runs fully in RAM freeing up the CD drive.09:55
Jester45dsl does that also09:56
Lectus90mb distro09:56
Rynux91I tired Damn Small Linux...but the graphics were messed up...09:56
hyper_chLectus: I use DSL09:56
LectusI prefer puppy over DSL09:56
Lectusnicer default programs09:56
Jester45dsl in a ram disc is fast09:56
Lectusmore customizable09:56
Rynux91that and DSL didn't click with me the way Xubuntu does...09:56
Jester45dsl is smaller09:57
Rynux91I don't need too small though...09:57
Lectusfor desktop use I like Xubuntu better09:57
Lectusbut as portable distro Puppy or DSL or Slax are good09:57
Rynux91just something for 1Ghz Celeron and 256MB of RAM09:57
Jester45i have dsl on a usb drive and i use it at school09:57
hyper_chJester45: same here.... DSL, OOo, ... that's what I used to write on my master thesis at uni09:58
Rynux91kinda funny...09:58
Rynux91I use alot of non microsoft programs on windows...09:58
Lectushyper_ch, did you try Puppy?09:58
Jester45many programs are non ms09:58
Rynux91mostly since I can't afford M$ Software09:59
hyper_chLectus: nope09:59
hyper_chM doesn't have many programs09:59
Rynux91although I do like windows live...I'll give them that...09:59
hyper_chthey basically have three things09:59
hyper_chwindows, windows server and office09:59
Rynux91but I use portable apps most places I go...09:59
Lectushyper_ch, try it. I liked it better than DSL. And it can be remastered with 1 click and then selecting packages to remove or install, and then creating new ISO. I remastered Puppy with IceWM, nice themes and only the appz I need with very little linux knowledge.10:00
Rynux91I have firefox portable, gaim portable, thunderbird portable, OO.o portable...10:00
Rynux91sudoku portable :)10:00
hyper_chthe only thing I added to dsl was OOo10:01
hyper_chbut that's linux... it's about choices10:01
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
Rynux91I love my portable apps...10:01
hyper_chRynux91: :)10:03
Rynux91I use OO.o on my machine since I couldn't get word 2003 because I don't have a internet connection on my personal computer10:05
Rynux91I use firefox on all the windows machines that have internet connections...10:05
Rynux91I was going to use OO.o on my sister's machine...but her PSU is dead :S10:05
hyper_chOOo I had problems with Office for styling even a 15page scientific paper10:06
hyper_chOOo is much better at consistent styling across the whole document10:06
Rynux91I also use google docs and spreadsheets so I can transfer documents really quick...10:07
Lectusyes google docs rulez... no need to install word procesor10:07
hyper_chhaven't tried writing a doc on google yet10:08
hyper_chbut I have some spreadsheets online... of course only non-confidential stuff10:08
Rynux91I don't honestly have anything confidential past counting how many pennies I have in the jar and each mint and year they were...10:10
hyper_chI do have confidential stuff10:10
Rynux91I'd assume you would...you're problobly 20 years older then me...10:11
Rynux91or at least 15...10:11
hyper_cholder than 1510:11
hyper_chRynux91: did you reinstall already?10:12
Rynux91not yet10:12
Rynux91I reinstall tonight...10:12
Rynux91problobly at 2am...10:12
hyper_chyou're way behind ;)10:13
Rynux91why do your colours keep changing?10:13
hyper_chbecause of a setting10:14
Jester45it changes when he says your nam10:14
Jester45Rynux91: this10:15
hyper_chRynux91: it's called highlighting10:15
hyper_chRynux91: it alerts the other so he'll know he ha a new mesage10:15
hyper_chRynux91: this is especially nice when there's much talk in a channel so that you can follow it10:15
hyper_chin *ubuntu it's good manner to highlight... in other channels it isnt10:15
Rynux91forgot :S10:16
hyper_chand you have tab completion... writ the first 2-3 letters of the name and then press TAB10:16
Rynux91hyper_ch: like this?10:16
hyper_chRynux91: yeppa10:16
LectusDoes anyone know any free online storage service for backing up documents and such?10:17
Jester45if there is more than 1 way after the first 2 or 3 then a list of names appear10:17
hyper_chand once you have highlighted, you can just press tab again for the next thing10:17
hyper_chyou don't need to write the first 2-3 letters10:17
Rynux91oh...now I remember...10:17
Rynux91are there any apps that can sync with a ipod?10:17
Jester45Lectus: i could let you store it on my ftp server10:18
hyper_choh, ubotu doesn't work here10:18
Jester45Rynux91: um yea10:18
Jester45i have to remeber10:18
Rynux91I have a video ipod...so...10:18
hyper_chLectus: for  20.- you can already rent a full server10:18
Rynux91I was looking around and one program was imcompatible with modern ipods...10:18
unikonAny of you plan on buying one of the new Dells http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/linux_3x?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs10:19
hyper_chunikon: once they offer it in Switzerland10:22
unikon true10:22
Lectushyper_ch, how easy is it to install DSL to USB pen? I think I'll try it for a presentation at uni...10:22
hyper_chLectus: hmm, the only problem I had was to have it format to fat3210:23
hyper_chtjat was an issue at first10:23
Lectusbut it seems my mp3 player is already FAT3210:23
Lectusso, I just need to delete the contents and copy DSL files?10:23
hyper_chLectus: I found a howto somehwer10:24
Rynux91I just remembered what I was going to ask about 29 minutes ago...10:25
Rynux91I want to be able to run java apps I come across online...but I'm unsure which part I need10:26
hyper_chI sort of followd a smiliar guide:   http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2007/01/02/all-in-one-usb-dsl10:26
hyper_chI remmeber... that hp-format tool didn't work through vmware....10:27
LectusRynux91, install JRE from add/remove10:27
hyper_chso I had to fully use windows10:27
Lectushyper_ch, will DSL write to multi-section CD-R like Puppy does?10:27
hyper_chLectus: I thought you wanted to put it on a usb stick?10:27
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Lectushyper_ch, yes... but just asking10:28
hyper_chLectus: dunno about cd10:28
LectusI'm trying DSL on qemu, it has a nice GUI for it's size10:28
Lectusis it fluxbox you talked about?10:28
hyper_chyes it is10:29
=== jordan_ [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
jordan_where can do i get the xubunutu desktop backgrounds?10:31
=== zials [n=amistr@bas3-windsor12-1177903367.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chjordan_: what do you mean?10:32
jordan_i have gnome installed and I would like some of the xfce background wallpapers10:33
jordan_any ideas?10:34
Catoptromancygoogle images has alot10:34
hyper_chinstall xubuntu-desktop10:34
hyper_chcopy them over10:34
hyper_chremove xubuntu-desktop10:35
hyper_chinstall xubutnu in a vm10:35
hyper_chget the wallpapers10:35
hyper_chdelete that vm10:35
jordan_thats a good idea10:35
jordan_do you use xubuntu?10:35
jordan_do you know what folder they would be copied into?10:35
jordan_if i install xubuntu-deskop?10:35
hyper_chin gnome you can select wallpapers from any folder10:37
hyper_chbut i have no clue where they are stored for xubuntu10:37
jordan_thanks for the ideas10:37
jordan_ill give em a try10:37
jordan_i just get sick of the orange bg on gnome10:37
jordan_and i like those xbunutu ones10:38
=== bitter [n=none@c-76-111-184-170.hsd1.wv.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
bitteranyone using ppc?10:39
hyper_chwhy not using xubuntu?10:39
bitterwill i be able to dist upgrade to fiesty beta after installing 6.06?10:40
jordan_im new to ubuntu and a friend (obviously bias) told me that ubuntu is further developed than xubuntu10:40
jordan_or that it is more stable or something10:40
jordan_any comments on that?10:40
hyper_chxfce is jut a different desktop that does not offer all gimmicks and modification stuff that gnome or kde does10:41
hyper_chit's more geared towards low-end machines10:41
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
jordan_i have a core 2 duo e6400 so i dont think i need an os geared towards low end pcs10:42
jordan_what is it missing?10:42
bitterit's lightweight10:42
bitterit uses xfce410:42
Jester45jordan_: they are at the same level gnome (ubuntu) is older but they still use the same core parts10:42
bitterrather than gnome10:42
bittersome people like a minimal system, so xubuntu is for them10:43
jordan_i like the colors and things of xubuntu10:43
bitterif you have ubuntu10:43
Jester45jordan_: you might just like it better and have a few higher end machines but i put xubuntu on them becuase i like it better10:43
hyper_chjordan_: only because an os is geared towards low-end machines it doesn't mean you can't use it on a high end machine... I like the simplicity of xubuntu....10:43
maxamillionjordan_: i am sitting infront of an athlon64 X2 4600+, 2gb ddr2 ram, xfx geforce 7900gtx, dual 21" hi-def lcd panel workstation and i run xubuntu because i like it better10:43
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-179-145.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
jordan_what do you guys like about it better?10:44
maxamillionjordan_: its geared to be lightweight, not feature-less10:44
jordan_im not opposed to making the switch10:44
=== SamRose [n=SamRose@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chjordan_: it looks nicer, is straight forward... has all the stuff i need...not bloated...10:44
Jester45i like the interface and the mixutre of customization but simple10:44
hyper_chhowever I run quite a bit of KDE appz10:44
maxamillionjordan_: for me, i like xfce better than gnome .... gnome is too automated and treats me like i'm an idiot, has too much going on ... i like things to be simple and easy to use ... which is what xfce gives me10:44
maxamillionso i use it :)10:45
hyper_chin the end it's about choice... use what suits you most10:45
jordan_so if i install the xubuntu-desktop packet from the packet manager can i be using xubuntu just by changing my session at the login screen?10:45
hyper_chthe only eye candy that I have is the wallpaper changer and transparency on windows10:45
hyper_chjordan_: exactely10:46
jordan_well, i think im gonna give it a try10:46
hyper_chjordan_: be sure to isntall xubuntu with aptitude :   sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop10:46
bitterhyper_ch: can i dist upgrade to the feisty beta rather than release?10:46
bittersince it doesn't exist for ppc yet10:46
Jester45jordan_: just as a note, you can use all the same programs from ubuntu in xubuntu10:46
maxamillionjordan_: well, yes and no ... you will be using xubuntu-desktop but xubuntu actually runs faster off a fresh installation compared to a ubuntu+xubuntu-desktop ... but it sounds like your machine would make that small performance hit not even be noticable10:46
hyper_chbitter: dunno anything about ppc10:46
jordan_whats the aptitude install do?10:47
hyper_chjordan_: and some of the default install appz will be different from a xubuntu install10:47
maxamillionbitter: yes, the dist-upgrade will just upgrade to the current feisty repositories regaurdless of if its officially stable10:47
Jester45aptiude is a smart package installer10:47
hyper_chjordan_: aptitude is a command line packager... it's better at handling meta-packages like xubuntu-desktop10:47
maxamillionjordan_: aptitude is god :)10:47
jordan_thanks for all of your help10:47
=== maxamillion huggles aptitude
jordan_well, im gonna restart now10:47
jordan_be back in a few10:47
maxamillionjordan_: okies10:47
hyper_chjordan_: it takes a little while to download :)10:48
bittermaxamillion: thanks. is the beta any good?10:49
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== jordan_ [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionbitter: not sure, i don't own a ppc machine10:51
bitterany ppc people hang out in here?10:52
bitteri've got etch installed on it, maybe i should just stick with that10:52
=== jordan__ [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45or drapper10:54
hyper_chetch is a fine system10:54
maxamillionbitter: not so many since the project lost official support10:54
maxamillionbitter: not to be rude, but how experienced of a linux user are you?10:55
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chbitter: if a distro runs for you then use that...10:55
bittermaxamillion: actually pretty well10:55
bittermaxamillion: i'm just lazy as hell10:55
jordan__so, no im in xfce but i get an error when I try to open the window manager or window manager tweaks saying, "These settings cannot work with your current window manager"10:55
hyper_chjordan__: you have used KDE before?10:56
jordan__ive seen it10:56
jordan__tried it back with 6. something10:56
hyper_chI mean on what did you install xubuntu now?10:56
maxamillionbitter: well, if you plan to move away from the *buntu world eventually you should try out debian ... its a little rough around the edges because its still geared towards the advanced crowd, but it has official powerpc support :)10:56
jordan__but not for lnog10:56
bittermaxamillion: i had gentoo on this machine before, and i just wanted something with some good binary packages10:57
jordan__hyper_ch: i installed xubuntu-desktop.  I dont understand your question10:57
maxamillionjordan__: can you open a terminal and type "ps aux | grep xfwm4" and tell me if that spits anything back at you?10:57
bittermaxamillion: so, i got etch installed on it, and it's bare except for xfce4 and xorg10:58
maxamillionbitter: well ubuntu is just a snapshot of the debian unstable repositories and then developed and modified from there, so the userspace experience for system management should be the same and packages are actually more stable in debian ;)10:58
jordan__maxamillion: it came back with a bunch of numbers10:58
maxamillionbitter: oh, you have etch installed?10:58
bittermaxamillion: yes i have etch installed right now10:59
bittermaxamillion: even boots10:59
maxamillionbitter: yeah, you kinda have to modify everything from the ground up10:59
jordan__jordan 15388 0.0  0.7  15364  8140  ?  S10:59
bittermaxamillion: right10:59
maxamillionjordan__: what does it say at the end of that line (might have wrapped to a new line)10:59
jordan__grep xfwm411:00
bitterbut that's probably less of a pain than installing xubuntu and upgrading, which has a nice default setup i think11:00
bitterplus, debian actually supports ppc11:00
maxamillionbitter: here are two screenshots, one from my home machine running xubuntu edgy and the other from my home machine running debian etch: http://swooh.kicks-ass.org/~adam/homeXubuntuEdgy.png .... http://swooh.kicks-ass.org/~adam/debianEtchXfce.png11:00
maxamillionbitter: after all the modification i do, both look the same and act the same ... but debian is faster and more stable ;)11:01
maxamillionjordan__: yeah, then that means you aren't running xfwm411:01
jordan__hmm...i installed xubuntu-desktop from synaptic, is that not right?11:01
maxamillionjordan__: which is why the window manager tweaks won't work ... you are probably still running metacity from gnome (which is known to happen)11:02
bitteryep, that's what i've got on my screen11:02
hyper_chjordan__: I told to use   sudo aptitude isntall xubuntu-desktop11:02
jordan__i had already done it the other way11:02
jordan__before u said that11:02
bittermaxamillion: so i'll just tweak it a bit11:02
hyper_chjordan__: try it in the terminal11:02
maxamillionjordan__: in that terminal do "sudo killall metacity" (this will make your desktop look goofy for a minute) and then do "xfwm4 &" and things should be better11:02
jordan__so i removed the packet, then did it how u said to do it11:02
hyper_chjordan__: how much did it download?11:03
jordan__hmm, not much11:03
jordan__was very quickl11:03
hyper_chit should download a couple of hundred megs11:03
hyper_ch(I think)11:03
jordan__maxamillion: metacity: no process  killed11:04
maxamillionhyper_ch: yeah, i think so ... unless something else he installed previously pulled in a bunch of the deps11:04
maxamillionjordan__: what? ... hmmm11:04
=== maxamillion is confused
hyper_chjordan__: try in the terminal:  sudo aptitude remove xubuntu-desktop && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop11:04
jordan__when i ran sudo killall metacity it said that no processes were killed11:04
jordan__hyper_ch: I get the following...Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:05
maxamillionjordan__: yeah, that means metacity isn't running ... and i don't know what would be managing your desktop if that isn't11:05
hyper_chjordan__: close synaptic11:05
=== maxamillion slaps synaptic
jordan__well, i did something11:06
jordan__but not much11:06
jordan__its already done11:06
hyper_chjordan__: post the output here:    www.phpfi.com11:06
jordan__i posted it11:07
hyper_chpaste the url here that you got now11:07
maxamillionwhoa ...11:08
maxamillionyeah, somethings not right11:08
maxamillionshould be pulling in ALOT more packages11:08
hyper_chI assume synaptic f**** it up11:08
jordan__so, am i stuck?11:09
maxamillionjordan__: not entirely ...11:09
hyper_chI think psychocat has all the packages... lemme check11:09
maxamillionpsychocat is an awesome resource :)11:09
jordan__i have beryl installed but it isnt running11:09
jordan__does that matter?11:09
maxamillionjordan__: nope11:09
jordan__can i use beryl with xfce?11:09
maxamillionjordan__: i think i might even have it around this machine somewhere but i haven't used it in months11:09
=== GrueTamer [n=gruetame@CPE-72-133-203-78.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionjordan__: yeah, i used it with xfce for a while ... but beryl ultimately annoys me11:10
jordan__haha,what aspect?11:10
maxamillionjordan__: i mainly just don't see the point, it doesn't make me any more productive11:11
hyper_chthat should do it11:11
hyper_chrun that line (it's very, very long)11:11
=== maxamillion recommends a copy and paste
hyper_chwhat's copy and paste? ^^11:11
hyper_chpsychocat listed all packages that need to be removed... so my assumption all these need to be isntalled :)11:12
maxamillionhyper_ch: lol, i would imagine so11:12
jordan__so this is going to remove the ubuntu desktop?11:12
hyper_chjordan__: no, it shouldn't....11:12
hyper_chjordan__: befor your press ok.... pastebin the output of what aptitude will do11:13
maxamillionjordan__: no no, he was saying those are the packages listed to remove xubuntu-desktop so if you do the reverse, it should install it11:13
jordan__check this: Remove the following packages:11:13
jordan__Score is -30111:13
jordan__Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] 11:13
hyper_chjordan__: don't accept11:14
hyper_chjordan__: trhy this:  http://phpfi.com/23697311:14
jordan__i keep getting this:11:14
jordan__Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?]  no11:14
jordan__Resolving dependencies...11:14
jordan__*** No more solutions available ***11:14
jordan__The following actions will resolve these dependencies:11:14
jordan__Remove the following packages:11:14
jordan__Score is -30111:14
jordan__Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] 11:14
hyper_chyou neeed to press "n"11:14
jordan__i tried that too11:15
jordan__now this is what it get with the new one u sent me11:15
hyper_chhmmm.... interesting11:16
hyper_cheverything is already installed...11:16
hyper_chwhat did you do?11:16
hyper_chwith your system?11:16
jordan__i installed xubuntu-desktop from synaptic before you told me to do it with the aptitude ones11:16
jordan__then i went back into synaptic and removed it11:16
jordan__then i did the stuff from the terminal u asked for11:17
jordan__including aptitude whatever11:17
jordan__and now we are at this point11:17
hyper_chok, then do this:11:17
jordan__im running xfce right now11:17
jordan__im doing all of this from within xfce11:17
maxamillionnow here is where *buntu meta packages mess things up11:17
hyper_chwe'll first remove all the xubuntu packages and reinstall them11:18
hyper_chhmmm, maybe he should have logged in first into ubuntu?11:20
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionas much as i hate to say this, it might be better to use apt-get to install them because it won't perform as many meta package checks (just like synaptic doesn't) and that might resolve the issue11:20
jordani just restarted x11:20
hyper_chjordan: did it remove all that stuff?11:20
jordaneverything shut down when i ran that last command11:20
maxamillionmixing package managers can prove to be problematic11:20
jordanseems like it11:20
jordanhow can i be sure?11:21
jordaneverything closed before i saw a confimation that it was complete11:21
jordanshall i run it again, but this time from within gnome?11:21
jordanso that it doesnt shut me out?11:21
hyper_chok, pastebin the output here before again:  http://phpfi.com/23697311:21
jordanwait, u want me to run that command?11:22
jordanat that link?11:22
hyper_chbut before you say ok, post the output here11:22
=== Rynux91 [n=ryan@cpe-75-179-133-65.woh.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu []
jordansudo apt-get install abiword abiword-common abiword-plugins anthy gnumeric-common gnumeric-gtk gqview gtk2-engines-xfce gxine hal-cups-utils libaiksaurus-1.2-0c2a libaiksaurus-1.2-data libaiksaurusgtk-1.2-0c2a libanthy0 libchewing3 libchewing3-data libexo-0.3-0 libgdome2-0 libgdome2-cpp-smart0c2a libglib2.0-data libgoffice-0-common libgoffice-gtk-0-3 libgtkmathview0c2a libjpeg-progs libmodplug0c2 libots0 libpcre3 libpulse0 libt11:23
jordan1-5 libtagc0 libthunar-vfs-1-2 libwpd-stream8c2a libxfce4mcs-client3 libxfce4mcs-manager3 libxfce4util4 libxfcegui4-4 libxine1 libxvmc1 mousepad mozilla-thunderbird orage python-cups python-exo scim-anthy scim-chewing scim-hangul scim-pinyin system-config-printer thunar thunar-archive-plugin thunar-doc thunar-media-tags-plugin thunar-volman-plugin vim-runtime xarchiver xfburn xfce4-appfinder xfce4-battery-plugin xfce4-clipman-p11:23
jordanlugin xfce4-cpugraph-plugin xfce4-dict-plugin xfce4-fsguard-plugin xfce4-icon-theme xfce4-mailwatch-plugin xfce4-mcs-manager xfce4-mcs-plugins xfce4-mixer xfce4-mixer-alsa xfce4-mount-plugin xfce4-netload-plugin xfce4-notes-plugin xfce4-panel xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin xfce4-screenshooter-plugin xfce4-session xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin xfce4-systemload-plugin xfce4-taskmanager xfce4-terminal xfce4-utils xfce4-verve-plugin xfce411:23
jordan-weather-plugin xfce4-xkb-plugin xfdesktop4 xfprint4 xfwm4 xfwm4-themes xscreensaver xubuntu-artwork-usplash xubuntu-default-settings xubuntu-desktop xubuntu-docs11:23
hyper_chwell, use a pastebin11:23
jordansorry everyone11:23
jordanthat was a mistake11:23
jordanE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.11:23
=== sercanii [n=chatzill@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chok, run first:   sudo dpkg --configure -a11:23
maxamillionjordan: please don't flood .... it can result in a ban ;)11:23
jordansorry again11:23
jordani ran that11:24
jordanthen what?11:24
hyper_chpastebin the output of it11:24
hyper_chnow again:   http://phpfi.com/23697311:25
hyper_chbut before you press ok, pastebin the output11:25
=== T` [i=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chjordan: ?11:26
jordanthere is no ok11:27
hyper_chthat looks a lot better11:27
hyper_chlogin back into xfce session11:27
jordanctrl alt backspace?11:27
jordanthen login with xfce session?11:28
hyper_chor you can normally log out of the session11:28
jordanthanks for all ur helpeveryone11:28
=== gilang [n=gilang27@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamillionwell that was quite the interesting issue11:31
hyper_chhe's not back yet11:31
hyper_chand it's been now 3min11:31
gilangdude,why do xubuntu's apps show up on my ubuntu GNOME session?can I hide them?11:33
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chgilang: why shouldn't they?11:34
maxamilliongilang: because gnome's menu is dynamic and will show everything installed ... kde, xfce, or otherwise11:34
hyper_chjordan: that took long... something not working?11:34
jordanhyper_ch: i am back, but i dont have a menu bar on the top or bottom of my screen11:34
gilangI just don' want them to show up11:34
hyper_chjordan: you are back into?11:34
jordanbut just a desktop and some folders11:35
maxamillionjordan: alt+f2 and type in the run dialog that pops up "xfce4-panel &"11:35
jordanno menu bars11:35
jordancheck run in terminal?11:35
jordanor leave it unchecked?11:35
maxamillionjordan: then click "run" and it should be fine, and then make sure to select "save session for future logins" and it shouldn't ever happen again11:35
maxamillionjordan: no, leave it unchecked11:35
GrueTamerjordan: if what maxamillion doesnt work, go into the terminal, type "sudo killall xfce4-panel &"11:35
GrueTamerbut it should work fine11:36
jordanfirst thing didnt work11:36
GrueTamerjordan: go into the terminal and type "sudo killall xfce4-panel &"11:36
GrueTamersee if that works11:36
hyper_chjordan: alt+f2 didn't work?11:37
jordanalt+f2 didnt work11:37
GrueTamerhit ctrl+alt+backspace11:37
GrueTameritll restart xorg11:37
maxamillionjordan: ctrl+alt+backspace will kill X ... your gui will go away11:37
GrueTamerexcept it comes back for me after that11:37
GrueTamerbut it if doesnt, its a simple startx away11:38
GrueTamerjordan: do what maxamillion said now11:38
hyper_chif it doesn't come back:    startx       at te terminal11:38
GrueTamerstartx will only work if x is killed, so you have to do a ctrl+alt+backspace to kill it11:39
gilangwhat is the difference between apt-get install xubuntu-desktop with apt-get xfce4?11:39
maxamillionit will come back, X is in the run level by default11:39
jordanwhen i do ctrl alt backspace it takes me back out to my login prompt11:39
gilangI mean "apt-get install xfce4"11:40
GrueTamergilang: i believe that xubuntu-desktop comes with everything xubuntu comes with, but xfce4 only comes with basic xfce411:40
GrueTamerjordan: yeah11:40
jordanshould i do it now?11:40
maxamilliongilang: xubuntu-desktop is a meta package that pulls in alot of extras, like abiword, artwork, xfce4-goodies, and everything else that comes with xubuntu by default11:40
hyper_chjordan: yes11:40
=== zenrox [i=zenrox@pool-71-115-195-12.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== maxamillion will brb
gilangoh I see11:40
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
jordandidnt work11:41
hyper_chjordan: better now?11:41
jordanstill dont have menu bars11:41
hyper_chpress  ALT+F211:41
GrueTamertry adding in menu bars manually11:41
hyper_chdo you get the run prompt?11:41
jordanalt+f2 then what?11:41
hyper_chthen:   xfce4-panel &11:41
jordandidnt do anything11:42
hyper_chjordan: hmmm....11:42
hyper_chjordan: press ALT+F211:42
jordanthere is what appears to be a tiny little menu at the top left11:42
GrueTamerwith that starish thing?11:42
jordanjust a tall rectangle11:42
jordanno star thing11:42
hyper_chand then do:   sudo apt-get -y install xfce4-panel11:42
GrueTamergood idea11:43
jordanrun :  sudo apt-get -y install xfce4-panel in alt+f2 dialoge?11:43
hyper_chbut there might be a problem11:43
jordandidnt do anything11:43
hyper_chwhen you right click the desktop, can you create a launcher?11:44
GrueTamerjordan: take a screenshot of your desktop right now and upload it11:44
GrueTameri want to see what you mean by that rectangle11:44
hyper_chcreate one11:44
jordanfor what?11:44
GrueTamerbecause it might be that you lost your menu bar and you just need to make a new one11:44
jordancreate a launcer for what?11:44
GrueTameror two, or whatever11:44
hyper_chname: terminal11:44
hyper_chcommand: xfce4-terminal11:44
jordanwant me to check userstartup notification or run in terminal?11:45
hyper_chjust create that launcher11:45
hyper_chrun it11:45
jordanGrueTamer: where should i upload to?11:45
hyper_chit will open a terminal11:46
jordani have a terminal11:46
GrueTamerjordan: just upload it to imageshack.us if what youre doing right now doesnt help you get your panels back11:46
hyper_chgood:   sudo apt-get install xfce4-panel11:46
hyper_chpastebin the output11:46
hyper_chwell, paste it here11:46
=== GrueTamer prepares for a lot of text, perhaps
hyper_chthere shouldn't be a lot of text11:47
GrueTamerif it installs, there may be11:47
jordanjordan@jordan-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install xfce4-panel11:47
jordanReading package lists... Done11:47
jordanBuilding dependency tree11:47
jordanReading state information... Done11:47
jordanxfce4-panel is already the newest version.11:47
jordanThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:11:47
jordan  tcl8.4 php5-common11:47
jordanUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.11:47
hyper_chok, run  thise from the panel:11:47
jordan0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:47
jordanfrom the panel?11:47
hyper_chI mean run this from the termianl :)11:47
hyper_chdo you have now panels?11:47
hyper_chif not, what is the output?11:48
jordansaid its already running11:48
GrueTameralright, upload that screenshot11:48
GrueTamerive got a hunch11:48
hyper_chjordan: run this:   ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:48
jordanany place to upload it in particular?11:48
jordanor is anywhere fine?11:48
GrueTameri dont care11:48
=== Tampler [n=Mbvana@] has joined #xubuntu
jordanjordan@jordan-desktop:~$ ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:49
jordanjordan    6362  0.0  0.7  39492  8268 ?        S    14:40   0:00 xfce4-panel --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 117f00010100011801286470000017408000811:49
jordanjordan    6569  0.0  0.0   2884   768 pts/0    S+   14:48   0:00 grep xfce4-panel11:49
hyper_chrun this:   kill 636211:49
hyper_chany output?11:50
jordannothing seemed to have happened11:50
hyper_chdo agaon:   ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:50
hyper_chwhat have you got now?11:51
hyper_chbtw, you can use the up-arrow to display the previous commans run :)11:51
jordani can use the up arrow11:53
hyper_chwhat's the output now?11:53
jordanjordan@jordan-desktop:~$ ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:53
jordanjordan    6597  0.0  0.0   2884   760 pts/0    S+   14:53   0:00 grep xfce4-panel11:53
hyper_chgood... now do:     xfce4-panel11:54
hyper_chjordan: do you have them now?11:54
jordando this from the terminal:  xfce4-panel11:55
jordanor from alt+f2?11:55
hyper_chfrom the terminal11:55
jordan still dont have them11:56
jordandid u see my screen shot?11:56
hyper_chjordan: ok, do again  ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:56
jordanjordan@jordan-desktop:~$ ps aux | grep xfce4-panel11:56
jordanjordan    6624  0.0  0.0   2880   760 pts/0    S+   14:56   0:00 grep xfce4-panel11:56
GrueTamerjordan: the link didnt work for me11:57
jordanu sure?11:57
hyper_chok.... run this:   sudo apt-get --purge remove xfce4-panel11:57
jordanjust click on the http part11:57
hyper_chlink worked for me11:57
jordando i want to continue?11:58
jordanit is asking if i want to remove that stuff?11:58
jordando i want to?11:58
GrueTameri see the problem11:58
hyper_chwhat stuff?11:58
hyper_chjust xfce4-panel or more?11:58
jordanwhatever was included in that command u sent me?11:58
hyper_chjordan: paste it here11:58
GrueTamerjordan: right click on the rectangle11:58
jordanumm, the xfce4- batter-plugin11:59
jordanxkb plugin11:59
hyper_chok, paste it on phpfi11:59
GrueTamerjordan: what happens when you right click on that rectangle?11:59
jordanits gone now11:59
GrueTameror is it too late11:59
GrueTamerdangit, i think i know what to do, too11:59
hyper_chGrueTamer: the config files are messed up12:00
hyper_chGrueTamer: that's what I suspect12:00
GrueTameri wouldnt be surprised if that rectangle is the remnants of a screwed up panel12:00
jordani think it was12:00
GrueTameri needed confirmation12:00
jordancuz it had some "customize panel" when i right clicked on it12:00
=== GrueTamer hugs his wmii, with no panels to even worry about
hyper_chjordan: log back into gnome12:00
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
jordanim back in gnome now12:01
hyper_chjordan: run this:  http://phpfi.com/236987   --> but make first a phpfi entry12:02
hyper_chjordan: of what it will remove12:02
maxamillionGrueTamer: you actually run wmii?12:02
hyper_chpress Y12:03
=== gilang [n=gilang27@] has left #xubuntu []
jordank, its removing them all12:04
hyper_chjordan: and also removing the config files for those... I think they were messed up12:05
hyper_chok, now let's install them again12:05
jordanwalk me thru it please12:05
hyper_chactually pastebin first:   sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop12:05
jordanpastebin after typing that command?12:05
jordanor right now before typing that command?12:05
=== bitter [n=none@c-76-111-184-170.hsd1.wv.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
hyper_chafter typing the command12:05
jordani didnt click yes12:06
hyper_chclick n12:06
hyper_chand pastebin this:    ls -al ~/.config12:07
hyper_chpastebin thsi:  ls -al ~/.config/xfce4/panel12:08
hyper_chrun this command:   sudo rm -Rf ~/.config/xfce*12:09
jordank, didnt do anything12:09
hyper_chit did :)12:09
hyper_chit just didn't generate an output12:10
jordanno output12:10
hyper_chnow do:   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop12:10
jordanhit y or n?12:10
jordanim assuming y12:10
hyper_chwhat does it say?12:10
jordanAfter unpacking...12:10
jordandisk space will be freed12:11
=== gilang [n=gilang27@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chcan you pastebin it?12:11
hyper_chjordan: Y12:12
jordannow there is another one12:12
hyper_chpress Y12:12
jordandownloading a coulpe hundred megs12:12
hyper_chit's downloading them?12:12
jordanmaybe now, it is ubpacking and selectnig12:12
hyper_chI tend to think you should the .debs already have12:12
jordani htink it is just unpacking them and now it is setting them up12:13
hyper_chwhat we did is purge the computer of all the xubuntu packages and config files12:13
hyper_cheven manually deleted the left overs in your home folder12:13
jordanand now we reinstalled them?12:13
jordanits done12:13
hyper_chand then do a clean install of them12:13
hyper_chgood, try it now12:13
jordanlog out and then back in?12:13
hyper_chif you havne't got a panel then I don't know any further12:14
jordanwith xfce?12:14
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
jordanthanks, it seemed to have worked12:15
jordanbut i still cant access the window manager12:15
jordanor window manager tweeks12:15
hyper_chwhy not?12:16
jordan"these settings cannot work with your current window manager (Metacity)"12:16
hyper_chmaxamillion: you are being asked for12:16
=== Nomemohes [n=chatzill@host176.201-252-214.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chjordan: you have a xfce desktop now?12:17
jordannice pretty blue and all12:17
maxamillionwhat, sorry12:18
maxamillionhyper_ch: what's going on?12:18
hyper_chmaxamillion: he's got panels but metacity is DM12:18
hyper_chmaxamillion: how to change that... I don't konw12:18
maxamillionlol sory12:18
maxamillionjordan: "sudo killall metacity" and then "xfwm4 &" ... then click "save session for future logins" and it should be fine12:19
hyper_chmaxamillion: maybe a bit more detailed for him :)12:20
hyper_chmaxamillion: using terminal or alt-f2?12:20
maxamillionjordan: in terminal12:20
maxamillioni should have specified12:20
maxamillionjordan: the first command should make all your window borders dissapear and the second one will make them come back (but they will probably look different)12:20
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=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
jordansorry, can i have those commands agani12:22
hyper_chjordan: did you normally log-out?12:22
hyper_ch[00:19]  <maxamillion> jordan: "sudo killall metacity" and then "xfwm4 &" ... then click "save session for future logins" and it should be fine12:22
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jordanall from the terminal?12:22
hyper_chjordan: yes12:23
=== jordan [n=jordan@adsl-68-127-95-248.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chdid you save the session before?12:24
jordanas soon as i run the first command, i am unable to type another12:24
maxamillionjordan: you are unable to type another?12:25
jordanthe window borders disappear but i cant type12:25
=== maxamillion thinks we might need to do some config file hacking
hyper_chanyeay, I need to go to bed12:25
hyper_chgood luck12:25
jordani really appreciate the help12:25
jordancould this problem be related to beryl?12:25
jordanhyper_ch: im sure ill be needing your assistance again sometime12:26
jordanim trying really hard not to go back to vista12:26
maxamillionjordan: its possible its related to beryl, but probably only if you changed a confid file somewhere while reading a tutorial to do it12:27

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