LaserJockhi pygi12:20
pygihey Laser12:20
pygihow is it going?12:20
LaserJockit's going12:33
LaserJocksorry, was afk12:33
LaserJockworking on some Edubuntu stuff12:34
LaserJockand research12:34
pygino problems12:36
LaserJockpygi: how are you doing these days?12:50
pygiLaserJock, pretty good, but very tired12:51
LaserJocksounds like me :-)12:52
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Rob_Hello to all02:16
Rob_I just downloaded edubuntu, and I am trying to get it to run on my Dell Precision 53002:17
Rob_It boots fine and then it stops and exits to a shell and says that it could not open the tty.02:18
Rob_Any ideas?02:18
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LaserJockRob_: which Edubuntu disk are you using?02:20
Rob_7.04 PCx8602:20
LaserJockI'm not great with the Desktop CDs02:21
LaserJockthey've always worked pretty fine for me02:21
LaserJockare you wanting to install Edubuntu?02:21
Rob_Sure. It may be that I have a bad disk02:21
LaserJockyou should be able to run the disk check when you boot the CD02:22
Rob_It does the same thing with that\02:22
LaserJockthat's no good02:22
LaserJockyou can do a checksum on the .iso02:23
LaserJockthat's the first place a disk can go wrong02:23
Rob_It may be the disk.02:23
LaserJockif that's ok then you can try reburning02:23
Rob_I did the checksum and it is good02:23
Rob_I will re-burn the disk02:23
Rob_Can you burn the iso to a dvd?02:23
LaserJockok, so back to a previous question, are you wanting to install Edubuntu or just check it out?02:24
LaserJockyes, you can02:24
Rob_Check it out.02:24
Rob_We homeschool, and I would like to see what it offers.02:24
LaserJockI was homeschooled02:25
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Rob_i'm back02:32
Rob_Laser: any ideas?02:32
LaserJockwell, you could try reburning02:33
Rob_thanks--gotta go take care of the kids02:34
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tristan_anyone experience with a multiseat thin client setup in edubuntu?11:30
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bronzetristan_: aren't all LTSP setup inherently multi-seat?  or are you talking about multiple users per thin client?02:13
tristan_i was talking about the last one02:14
tristan_when I have to buy a PC for each client it doesn't make sense anymore to use thin clients ;p02:15
bronzeuse the $139 units from devon IT02:18
Kamping_Kaiseryou dont need the whole pc, so it makes a fiar bit of sense in a lot of cases02:18
tristan_well, I already have an old PC which may do the job02:18
tristan_and it's capable to do multiseat things02:18
tristan_but I want to use thin clients to gain more power (since the server has more CPU power)02:19
tristan_and more memory02:19
bronzethen use that.  be aware it wont save you any money on pwer consumption.02:19
bronzeUnless you calculate power used per seat, which is a win.02:20
tristan_but is it possible to make a multiseat thin client?02:21
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tristan_I buy some cables and a switch today anyway, to give it a try02:23
Kamping_Kaiseri still dont get what multiseat means02:23
tristan_multiple keyboards,monitors,mouses02:24
bronzeon a single CPU02:24
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pinch150gIs there anyone that has had experience installing on a Dell Precision 530 workstation?02:40
pinch150gAnyone here?02:42
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tristan_can anyone tell me if it increase the quality of a thin client when it has 256MB instead of 64 of 128?05:27
tristan_or 19205:27
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tristan_screwed my PC06:10
nixternalman, I had one hell of a funny comeback for that one :)06:17
nixternaltristan_: what happened?06:17
tristan_i took the dualhead videocard out of my pc06:17
tristan_and put another old crappy PCI videocard in it06:18
tristan_and removed the networkcard with bootrom06:18
tristan_for one gigabit networkcard06:18
tristan_so I can make a server of it06:18
tristan_and can put the videocard in this one06:18
tristan_and the networkcard in my thin client06:18
tristan_but for some reason it causes some *beep beep*06:18
nixternalwell, you probably didn't screw it to bad...have you tried reconfiguring xorg?06:18
nixternalso it doesn't get past bios06:19
tristan_maybe I should connect the monitor to it06:19
nixternalhave you tried putting the old hardware back in to see if it goes away?06:19
tristan_and a keyboard06:19
tristan_and see what happens then06:19
tristan_my thin client doesn't work properly yet either06:20
nixternalhrmm, possible to have the "halt on all errors" set in bios..but I didn't think that would cause beeps06:20
tristan_since the videocard or the monitor isn't working06:20
tristan_never had errors on any PC I builded06:21
tristan_always were working immediately06:21
tristan_except that time I forgot to put a fan on the CPU06:21
nixternalya, I have had luck with new builds, I tend to destroy systems when I decide to tear them down and clean them out :)06:22
tristan_may I ask where you're from?06:23
nixternalchicago unfortunately :)06:23
tristan_do they have "give-away-stores" there?06:24
tristan_or something like that?06:24
nixternalI only wish...we do "give-aways" though at our lug meetings06:24
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nixternalthere are some used pc places that I can usually get a good deal on stuff...older usually06:24
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tristan_nixternal: I'm setting up thin clients and stuff for a give-away-store now06:26
tristan_and free internetspace06:26
nixternalthat rocks06:26
tristan_and next week or so I want to fix a hotspot too06:27
nixternaloh...I know what you mean by give-away-store now..ya we do have a couple in chicago actually06:27
nixternalsome of the LUG guys and also Free Geek do the same06:27
tristan_nice :)06:27
tristan_what is LUG?06:27
tristan_ohw wait06:28
tristan_i know06:28
tristan_this is a squat btw06:29
tristan_how common is squatting there?06:29
cbx33hey all06:30
nixternalhiya Petey06:30
cbx33howz it going nixternal06:30
nixternalhow goeth the Python mastah!06:30
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cbx33yeh good06:30
cbx33been getting up to some tricks06:30
cbx33hehe :p06:30
nixternalI have been learning Python and PyQt4 here lately06:31
cbx33python just rocks doesn't it06:31
nixternalI bought a few books that I have been skimming through and using hte Python documentation that is everywhere06:31
cbx33the python docs I find a great resource06:31
nixternalPython is nice...for some reason some of the syntax reminds me a little of VB06:31
cbx33i like the whitespace reliance06:31
nixternaloh yes06:31
cbx33makes a messy coder like me write clean readable code06:32
nixternalI was using Eric to do some Python, but I think I am just to addicted to using Kate06:32
=== cbx33 isa gedit addict
nixternalwell, you know I am rockin' the KDE :)06:34
nixternalthat is why I have stoked that Edubuntu will be featuring some KDE love finally :)06:34
cbx33that is pretty awesome06:35
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LaserJockhi cbx3308:16
encompasscbx33: have you tried scribes?  That one has some great progress.08:24
pygiand I'm going to package it pretty soon :)08:38
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pygiencompass, ^_^09:11
encompasspygi: sup sup09:17
encompasspygi: oh I see ... cool thanks... not to hard to install strait, but we all know deb is the way to go09:18
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jonathan_Anyone willing to assist w/ an Edubuntu LTSP server setup?09:19
pygijonathan_, just ask09:19
pygiencompass, yup ^_^09:19
pygiencompass, should be done next week AFAIK09:20
jonathan_setup has 2 nics one setup dhcp other defaulted to roaming...09:20
jonathan_the clients don't see a dhcp server09:20
pygimeh, we should write that somewhere (or did we already?)09:21
jonathan_how should the second nic be setup?09:21
pygiI think it's pretty common problem09:21
jonathan_Do I have to change the dhcpd.conf for my setup?09:27
pygiperhaps, or something09:27
jonathan_So out of the box, with 2 nics installed, Edubuntu doesn't play...09:28
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LaserJockjonathan_: I think it's supposed to work out of the box09:29
LaserJockbut I'm not positive09:29
LaserJockyou might look in http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/handbook/C/09:30
tristan_http://www.edubuntu.org/images/ltsp_inet.png <- it's the suggested config?09:30
jonathan_tristan yes that's my setup09:30
tristan_i want to use that setup to09:30
jonathan_i setup eth1 as dhcp going out to the internets09:30
jonathan_it did not ask me to setup eth009:31
tristan_but in my setup the server also gonna be the webserver voor chillispot09:31
jonathan_so when i took a look at it in networking, it notated it was roaming09:31
LaserJockyeah, I'm wondering about that09:31
jonathan_Laserjock the documentation you gave does not tell you what to do w/ the second nic09:31
jonathan_checking out some threads... it notates to put a nic at
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