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walkintomeDoes anyone know if there are any available design opportunities for Ubuntu? I'm a designer who would really like to lend a hand to the team. http://halfwayglad.deviantart.com Here's some of the stuff I've done if there are any people here. I know it's all based on existing stuff, but I offer my online portfolio to demonstrate the quality. I am very creative and hardworking and would love to have the opportunity to design 04:18
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MadpilotDoes anyone know offhand where the system keeps it's icon artwork? I'm looking for the Human iconset.04:32
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darkmatterMadpilot, /usr/share/icons04:46
Madpilotfound it - thanks, though04:47
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troy_syet more ubuntustudio raves... :)06:53
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darkmattertroy_s, it may be a mac port.. but you may appreciate the nature of this08:19
troy_sdarkmatter: Quite cool... that yours?08:29
darkmatternope... thats my fav mac theme.. lyrae ported it to gnome08:29
darkmatterdid a damn good job too.. only thing thats missinbg is the embossing on the menus08:30
darkmatterthey look like parchment in the actual mac version with a nice wallpaper pattern08:30
darkmatterbut these are just off white :/08:31
darkmattertroy_s, but something like that, with the wooden menus and toolbars blended in.. the palette you sent.. and the overall look you wanted for ubun2.. but with the more appropriate mahogany-ish/amberish shades to the would and the down/up/x metacity stuff and the mistish buttons could be really slick08:38
darkmatterand your paper texture for the main window stuff08:39
darkmattertroy_s, at any rate, I'm stealing the rc... thats almost perfect padding08:42
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