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rgat76it seems that ubuntu dapper it not friendly with wifi02:34
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DBOhiya nathan__04:40
=== Spiker__ [n=cory@72-160-160-71.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu-classroom
nathan__hi someone told me to come here to get a help04:40
DBOok lets get you using your new desktop like a pro =)04:40
DBOI did =)04:40
nathan__alright sweet04:40
nathan__lol ok04:40
DBOOk lets start with the most basic thing, installing new software04:41
nathan__alright sounds good04:41
DBOso you see the menus at the top right?04:41
DBOok see the one that says applications?04:42
nathan__or do u mean top left?04:42
DBOgo in there and click "Add/Remove"04:42
nathan__i found it on the top left and i clicked add programs?04:43
DBOyep =)04:43
DBOyou are doing fine04:44
DBOdid a new window pop up04:44
DBOok so this is the primary way you can install supported software on your system04:44
nathan__alright sweet04:44
DBOthis contains a large variety of different software from passtime games to office software to educational suites04:44
DBOclick on Games on the left04:45
nathan__lol i did04:45
DBOScroll down till you find Sudoku04:45
DBOand check the box next to it04:46
DBOthen press the apply button04:46
DBOit will ask you if the changes you have made are what you want04:46
DBOclick apply again04:46
nathan__there isn't one called that04:46
DBOok pick a different game04:47
DBOanything that looks interesting04:47
DBO(just nothing that starts with a K, Ill explain that later)04:47
nathan__ok i picked one04:48
nathan__im installing04:48
nathan__downloading actually?04:49
DBOit downloads it and installs it for you04:49
nathan__does that mean i download a game or software each time i install it?04:49
DBOyes, when you select new software to install it downloads it from the internet04:49
DBOif you are on a dial-up modem or have to pay through the nose for bandwidth there are ways to help mitigate your bandwidth usage04:50
nathan__what happens if i download it from somewhere else? and save it to my desktop or someitng does it still do that or is that more of an advanced thing to do?04:50
DBOyou wont find yourself doing that04:51
DBOI take it you are an Apple user?04:51
nathan__lol no04:51
nathan__i just am not used to the typing commands and stuff04:51
DBOok generally speaking you shouldnt need to go into the command line too much04:52
DBOyou see a lot of that in #ubuntu because for guys like me its easier to get people to do exactly what we want that way04:52
DBObasically when we tech support the user becomes our eyes and hands into their terminals =P04:52
DBOhowever now that you have downloaded a single piece of software04:53
DBOlet me explain the difference between ubuntu and the windows world when it comes to installing software04:53
nathan__yes and im playing it04:53
nathan__so it worked04:53
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DBOin Ubuntu almost every piece of software you might want to install is kept in what is called a repository... this can be thought of as a giant software server04:54
DBOanything you want can be accessed through these servers04:54
DBOyou dont run install programs04:54
nathan__ok gotcha04:54
DBOyou dont have to download it yourself04:54
DBOits all just at your fingertips and you dont really have to worry about the gritty details, thats our job =)04:55
nathan__so what your are saying is that EVERYTHING is free?04:55
nathan__so basically its a server over the internet and i just download the stuff i want04:55
DBOand you can uninstall stuff the exact same way you just installed it04:56
DBOone word of warning however04:56
DBOsoftware in the linux world has what are called "dependencies"04:56
DBOthis means one piece of software might rely on another04:56
DBOfor example04:56
DBOyou see the clock on the top right of your screen?04:57
DBOif you click on that a little calendar pops up04:57
DBOthat calendar is actually managed by another application called Evolution, which is a personal information manager (email, notes, contacts, and calendar)04:57
DBOso for that to work, you must also have evolution installed04:57
DBOso what would happen if you were to try to uninstall evolution you ask?04:58
nathan__hense dependencies lol04:58
nathan__it wouldn't work04:58
DBOwell... because that little calendar at the top right depends on it, it will uninstall that too04:58
nathan__ok good to know04:58
DBObecause dependencies are not suggestions, in linux they are mandatory04:58
DBOhowever, that said, the package manager will take care of that for you04:58
nathan__how would u find out what is linked to what?04:58
DBOif something depends on something else, it will install both for you04:58
nathan__like how do u know that the callender is linked04:59
DBOhow do I know myself?  I know how it works04:59
DBObut here is the general rule04:59
DBOeverything you install yourself you are allowed to uninstall04:59
DBOeverything else is considered to be part of the base system04:59
DBOand should not be removed04:59
nathan__alright so just like windows05:00
DBOsimple enough?05:00
nathan__yes i think05:00
DBOok, so one thing you will find is that in Ubuntu there are three levels of software support05:00
DBOthere is officially supported software05:01
nathan__do i have the latest verison of Linux?05:01
DBOunofficially supported software05:01
DBOand non-free (as in not GPL, still free as in money) unofficially supported software05:01
DBOcurrently, you only have enabled access to the first type05:02
DBOlets go ahead and enable the last two since it gives you access to more software =)05:02
nathan__ok sweet05:02
DBOso now we need to enable them05:02
DBOif you go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources05:03
DBOit will ask you for your password again (security is everything)05:03
DBOand then a new box will pop up05:03
DBOdo you see it?05:03
nathan__its not there05:03
DBOok no big deal05:05
nathan__ok good05:05
DBOgo to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager05:06
DBOsometimes my menus differ from users because I have a bad tendency to change things =P05:06
DBOSynaptic is the big scary brother of the add remove program you used earlier05:06
DBOthis thing shows you EVERYTHING you would want to know about software available to you05:07
DBOin here we are going to go to Settings -> Repositories05:07
DBOand a now window will pop up05:08
DBOthere are 5 or so checkboxes05:08
DBOgo ahead and check them all =)05:08
DBOthen press the close button05:08
nathan__breezy badger?05:08
DBOoh thats why its not there, you are on 5.1005:09
nathan__i take it i need these updates05:09
DBOthat came out a little less than two years ago05:09
nathan__lol i just got it from a friend05:09
nathan__but he said it was old05:09
nathan__and u update it like every 6 months05:09
DBOthats ok, nice thing about Ubuntu, you can upgrade it =)05:09
nathan__ok so what i need to do is update ?05:10
DBOyeah just close everything05:10
DBO(except this chat)05:10
DBOwe will use the update manager05:10
DBOis there System -> Administration -> Update Manager05:12
DBOavailable to you?05:12
nathan__ok so don't do anything with the other thing05:12
DBOjust close it all down05:12
nathan__synaptic close right05:12
DBOyep =)05:12
DBObtw, are you on highspeed05:12
nathan__about 150 down05:12
DBOdo you get charged by the bandwidth or is it unlimited?05:13
nathan__i get charged if i got over but yeah I wont05:13
nathan__cause i haven't downloaded in a long time05:13
nathan__i get 80 GB a month05:13
DBOok well let me lay out the two options here05:13
nathan__i use about 30 average05:13
nathan__228 megs05:14
DBOoption A) we go through the upgrade procedure, this means you dont have to reinstall but since badger is so old, we have to go badger -> dapper -> edgy -> feisty05:14
DBOthe other option is to have you download the feisty install CD and reinstall05:15
DBOwhich will save you bandwidth and probably time05:15
nathan__ok so how do i do that?05:15
DBOare you comfortable enough to be able to install it on your own?05:15
nathan__lol i got this one didn't i LOL05:15
DBOI wasnt sure05:15
nathan__however i don't like the damn boot loader05:16
DBObut yes you did =)05:16
DBOI can show you how to make the boot loader pretty =)05:16
nathan__i have windows XP, Vista, and this05:16
nathan__i have acronis boot loader and i love it05:16
DBOshhhh... those are heathen words around here =P05:16
DBOwhere do you live (need to know to get you a fast mirror)05:17
nathan__West of Chicago about 50 Miles05:17
DBOhey, Im in michigan =)05:18
nathan__how big is this final going to be?05:18
DBOthere you go05:18
DBO1 CD worth05:18
nathan__dvd or CD05:19
DBOyou have a CD burner?05:19
nathan__do i have the software on here?05:19
DBOgoodie =)05:19
DBOyes you do05:19
nathan__or do i have to download something?05:20
nathan__what's it called?05:20
DBOgoooooood question05:20
nathan__2% done05:20
DBOi think its called gnomebaker05:21
nathan__lol ok?05:22
Spiker__The basic one?05:22
Spiker__Doesn't it do it from Nautlis?05:22
DBOdid it do that in breezy?05:22
Spiker__If I remember correctly05:23
DBOnathan__, when it finishes downloading see if right clicking on it gives an option to burn it05:23
DBOit should...05:23
nathan__im installing gnomebaker05:23
Spiker__Or just open your cd drive in Nautlis, and it should have something for burning cd's05:23
DBOwell he needs to burn an ISO not a data CD05:24
DBOI know nautilus hasnt properly checked for that until recently05:24
nathan__so i installed the software05:24
DBOwanna see what my desktop looks like while you wait?05:25
Spiker__Quick question05:25
Spiker__Is there some way I can have my wifi connect at startup without having to use the keyring manager?05:25
Spiker__That's been bugging me for the longest time05:26
DBOyeah, you need to specify its settings in /etc/network or whatever the hell it is called, which interface is your wireless?05:26
DBOand WEP, WPA?05:26
nathan__DBO be right back i need a cd05:27
Spiker__All with a broadcom :/05:27
DBOhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2711949   <--- check that out Spiker__05:27
DBOif you get lost feel free to ask05:28
DBOhttp://img91.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotwn7.png  <--- my previous desktop05:28
Spiker__Ah, it's not a problem with connecting, I just want to know if there's someway to skip entering a password to unlock it05:29
DBOthats how you do it05:29
DBOif you add the information to /etc/network/interfaces05:29
DBOit wont ask05:29
nathan__pretty sweet picture DBO05:30
DBOsince Network Manager is no longer handling it (I hate that thing)05:30
DBOnathan__, I love customizing =)05:30
nathan__i can tell05:30
nathan__someday lol05:30
nathan__yeah this is not taking as along as i thought05:31
DBOwhat, the download?05:32
nathan__20 percent05:32
nathan__said an hour when i started05:32
nathan__so what else do i need to know how to do?05:33
DBOfor now, you are doing well =)05:35
DBOlets get feisty going05:35
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LjLubotwo part02:21
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alvinshay alguien aqui?09:23
alvinsanybody here?09:23
naliothhi alvins09:29
alvinshow are you?09:29
naliothok, what's up?09:29
alvinsi'm from venezuela09:29
alvinsi have a little question09:29
alvinsmy english is not so good, but i'm work in it09:30
alvinsi've a laptop toshiba tecra a6 sp56109:31
alvinswhat application a i need to install to monitoring my cpu, the frecuency and temperature?09:31
alvinsi think that the temperature is so hot and i can't monitoring it09:34
alvinscan you help me?09:34
naliothalvins: they weren't able to help you in #ubuntu ?09:37
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azteechhi everyone. Anyone here have a link to any howto's for dual booting 32- and 64-bit feisty?10:38
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