xivulonnight everyone12:23
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switcher53456236hi there. dont know if this is the right place to ask but tell me if not:03:11
switcher53456236i'm currently running the life cd and in the process of installing ubuntu 7.04 on amd64.03:11
switcher53456236I choose the manual partition method and want to reuse an existing ext3 partition on this system (a broken ubuntu installation).03:11
switcher53456236I checked the format checkbox for this partition and click on "edit partition" to tell the installer that this partition will be my root file system.03:11
switcher53456236But: leaving the "edit partition" dialog the installer always wants to shrink this partion.03:11
switcher53456236is there a way to tell the installer NOT to change the size of that partition?03:11
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