asacnight ... i am not here on weekend01:06
asacmonday evening probably01:06
asacgnomefreak: ^^01:06
asaci have holiday trip to sea island :)01:06
asaci am off for that time :)01:07
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gnomefreakAlexLatchford: you here?11:51
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: how doe june 5th 1800UTC sound for meeting?11:53
AlexLatchfordErm.. It should be okay11:54
AlexLatchfordhave got exams throughout June11:54
AlexLatchfordbut not one then11:55
gnomefreakk ill see if i can get that time. if you cant make it than its all good i just need a few it should be fine answers ;)11:55
AlexLatchfordcool cool11:55
AlexLatchfordYou see the Places announcement John?11:58
AlexLatchford(For Firefox 3)11:58
gnomefreakbut i have newest ffox 3 waiting to be uploaded11:59
gnomefreakit should be alpha 5 i am getting ready to upload11:59
AlexLatchfordYeah its set for release on June 1st12:03
gnomefreakgood :)12:03
gnomefreakill talk with asac about it and see how likely it is to get in gutsy as final12:04
gnomefreakill try to get uploads done this weekend but its not looking really good as of this moment12:04
AlexLatchfordcool cool12:05
AlexLatchfordIf B2 is planned for September, then final is Feb/March time12:06
AlexLatchfordso probably not..12:06
AlexLatchfordAt the earliest12:07
AlexLatchfordand with bringing in the new Gecko version and Cairo stuff it will have a fair number of bugs I think..12:07
gnomefreakyep it will.12:10
gnomefreakdid you finish the meetings page yet?12:10
AlexLatchfordnot yet.. Ill do it today12:11
gnomefreakok ty. i have to add agenda point later once i figure out the details12:11
AlexLatchfordCool Cool.. I am just reading up on the whole Mobile Device OS based on Ubuntu now12:12
AlexLatchfordkinda worrying me that the developers and support teams could be spread a little thin12:12
AlexLatchfordwith the whole Dell thing and now this.. its a good step.. but will take a fair bit of managing12:12
AlexLatchfordgnomefreak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Meetings12:20
gnomefreakty you didnt have to do it now :(12:21
AlexLatchfordmeh took 2 minutes :)12:22
AlexLatchfordbeen putting it off for weeks anyway12:22
gnomefreakok that is done for now, ill ping pricechild later to find out the details :)12:30
gnomefreakok i added member section and my agenda point. next i have to ping Admiral_Chicago about someone later :)12:36
gnomefreakhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Meetings :)12:38
gnomefreakguess i will start emailing folks about their membership12:38
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Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: i'm around now...awake at an unholy hour01:14
Admiral_Chicagograbbing a shower and breakfast, bbiab01:16
gnomefreakACTION grabbing shower and i have to run out for a bit. Admiral_Chicago how do you feel about jen going up for mozillateam membership at next meeting? if you think its a good idea please have jen add info to the meetings page (if jen needs help with wiki/LP stuff someone can metor him/her on it before meeting. im asking you because you have already been mentoring him. i am gonna email the other proposed members and see if they s01:21
gnomefreakok im off01:21
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Admiral_ChicagoI'm all for her for membership, she has been actively pursuing this clue file thing but I'l have to talk to her though01:56
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