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tgm4883_laptopwhat does a pvr-150 come up as when you lspci?02:40
Davieytgm4883_laptop: not sure02:49
Davieybut my Nova-t shows up as:02:49
Daviey00:0a.2 Multimedia controller: Conexant CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [MPEG Port]  (rev 05)02:49
Davieyhope that helps02:50
tgm4883_laptoptrying to help someone in the forums, it seems that when they add the capture card it doesn't save02:52
Davieywonder if it's a db issue03:06
Davieyanyway.. need sleep03:06
tgm4883_laptophow do you remove and purge the mythtv database for a reinstall of mythtv.  apt-get remove --purge mysql?03:08
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superm1good evenin DaveMorris07:19
superm1and Daviey07:20
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DaveMorrismorining superm111:25
=== gardengnome installs feisty in virtualbox
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superm1ah good gardengnome.  can finally test out those svn packages then, eh? :)06:09
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gardengnomei've just done an svn up and am rebuilding now;)06:10
superm1i built a new package last night too06:11
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gardengnomei heard you got some freebies from those people :)06:14
gardengnomell resync to bzr later tonight06:14
superm1Yup, just got mine in yesterday right before my flight home06:14
superm1so after i landed, you bet your butt the first thing i did was set it up on my laptop06:14
gardengnomeheh ;)06:15
gardengnomenew hardware is always nice06:15
gardengnomeand those hdhomerun boxen have to be very nice06:15
superm1oh gotta run.  i'll tell you about it later :)06:17
gardengnomehola a5benwillis06:19
a5benwillisjust seeing who was online today06:19
a5benwillischans are fairly busy today06:19
gardengnomeit's saturday06:23
a5benwillisvery nice weather here though. I should be outside06:26
gardengnomeit's sticky here06:26
a5benwilliswhat part of the world?06:26
gardengnomegermany, close to the french border06:27
gardengnomequite hot, too06:27
a5benwillisah, US here06:27
gardengnomeand i'm too cheap to turn on AC in my car ;)06:27
a5benwillisalways sticky in the US South06:27
a5benwillisworking on my brothers myth box. watching it compile :)06:28
gardengnomeah, are you using svn head?06:28
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gardengnomeyep, nice06:29
gardengnomei've just finished building mythplugins_svn20070511-13505-0.0ubuntu3_all.deb ;)06:30
a5benwillisman, wish I could use the packages06:30
gardengnomewould be nice if i could upload something usable tonight06:30
gardengnomei could give them to you, but it'd rather not till i tested them myself. that could save you a lot of trouble ,)06:31
a5benwillisI actually cant use the packages. too many patches go into my boxes06:31
a5benwillisI use DVB so theres some 'other' things going on.06:31
gardengnomeinvolving encrypted channels?06:32
gardengnomethere's a thunderstorm coming06:32
a5benwillis'other' things lol06:32
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defendguinfor playing a dvd in mythtv i have to install a dvd player on my own?07:33
Hugolpdefendguin: what?07:35
defendguini still have to install a dvd player07:35
defendguinlike ogle07:35
defendguinor mplayer07:35
HugolpIve never watched a dvd actually, but I though that with the internal player you could07:37
HugolpMaybe someone else can tell you07:37
Hugolpwhat happen when you try to watch a dvd with the internal player?07:38
defendguinnot according to the mythtvdvd package description in synaptic07:38
defendguinthe screen goes black for a fraction of a second then goes back to the optical media menu07:38
Hugolpthen you got your solution07:40
defendguinHugolp: well i always double check myself07:42
defendguini guess i also need decss07:46
defendguindoesn't seem to be working really well07:55
Hugolpdefendguin:  can you watch the dvd in totem or other player?07:57
defendguinjustin@mythtvserver:/dev$ ogle -u cli /dev/cdrom07:58
defendguinERROR[ogle_nav] : faild to open/read the DVD07:58
defendguinDVDSetDVDRoot:: Root not set07:58
defendguini'm wondering if the OS sees the dvd drive07:59
Hugolpthen its not a mythtv problem08:01
defendguinnope its not but all this should be taken care of if i install the mythtvdvd plugin08:01
a5benwillishow do I change the filter view when looking at whats been recorded?08:14
a5benwillisright now I see all the livetv recordings08:14
gardengnomei'm amazed how accurate those dpatch descriptions are08:30
gardengnomee.g. debian/patches/05_11372.dpatch08:31
gardengnomeespecially because that patch just renames a define AFAIK08:31
gardengnomea5benwillis: hit "m"?08:31
tgm4883_laptopwhere would i follow progress on the firewire driver?08:52
defendguinkernel development mailing lists?08:56
tgm4883_laptopis that where it is?08:56
gardengnomeare the normal ubuntu packages compiled with DTS support?09:02
gardengnomemythfrontend --version might tell09:02
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gardengnomesuperm1: how do i get your latest changes?09:30
gardengnomei see09:30
gardengnome  latest revision: Fri 2007-05-11 19:36:38 -050009:30
gardengnomehere when i bzr checkout http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythbuntu/devel/09:30
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gardengnomeall relevant patches are updated now \o/11:12
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