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stevenrushing_howdy howdy, anyone about?01:37
Burgundaviaon my way out01:43
stevenrushing_have a moment?01:43
Burgundaviaif it is quick01:43
stevenrushing_how do you access outside of your user folder in server?01:44
stevenrushing_i can't access outside.  i can't login as root.  i can sudo things, but can't get out of my folder01:44
stevenrushing_(maybe that is quick, not sure.  =)01:44
Burgundaviaroot is disabled01:45
Burgundaviaif you mean how do you move around, you use cd01:45
stevenrushing_i get cd01:45
Burgundaviaand it tells you don't have permission to view anything outside /home?01:45
stevenrushing_but it won't let me see anything outside my user folder...01:46
Burgundaviayou cannot ls the folders?01:46
stevenrushing_=)  thank you very much01:47
stevenrushing_sorry to waste your time.  =)01:47
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stevenrushing_lalala a few moments of someone's time?  =)  simple stuff mostly01:58
stevenrushing_as Burgundavia has discovered  =)01:58
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player2:sigh: Darwin sucks03:30
player2back to ubuntu...03:31
player2has anyone ever successfully configured pam_ldap and libnss-ldap to talk to a Mac OS X Server OpenLDAP server?03:31
player2`ldapsearch -x uid=diradmin |grep dn` gives me 'uid=diradmin,cn=users,dc=wloyx,dc=loyola,dc=edu'03:33
player2but `ldapsearch -D 'uid=diradmin,cn=users,dc=wloyx,dc=loyola,dc=edu` fails with 'user not in database'03:33
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stevenrushing_needing some help making my server accessable outside my network if possible...03:53
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cy_is there a way to install ubuntu-server when i only have ssh access to a started rescue system ?12:17
h4wk0Explain further12:21
cy_well.. i have a debian system installed on a server.. now i can reboot it into a rescue system (where i can mount my original system lets say under /mnt/debian) .. i would now like to install ubuntu-server from there on..12:22
cy_the live system is also based on debian, so there is "debootstrap" present..12:22
cy_also: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-125936.html  ... is a question im asking myself too..12:30
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=== cy_ pokes you all with a stick
pipesouch 01:03
cy_youre alife! :D01:04
cy_i always get that wrong01:04
pipeskinda, as alive as one can be after a few bottles of wine 01:04
pipesas to your question. I really dont know =\01:05
Kamping_Kaiserwith specifiying a range of ports in iptables is it '50-100' or '50 - 100' (spaces or not)01:05
pipes1-2 afaik01:05
pipesno spaces 01:05
Kamping_Kaiserbugger. oh well01:05
Kamping_Kaisercy_, install ubuntu, then strip out the packages you dont need (should be 5 min job with debfoster)01:06
cy_debfoster ? mhhhhhhh01:07
cy_yeah i am debootstrapping atm01:07
cy_doing a cross install using this tutorial: http://ftp.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/doc/manual/en/apcs03.html  .. seems kinda out-dated .. but we'll see01:07
cy_any way to select grub as default bootloader and not lilo ?01:11
Kamping_Kaiserinstall it should do01:13
cy_yeah i just noticed01:14
cy_thanks tho :)01:14
cy_it worked01:28
cy_hurray! *g*01:28
cy_# apt-cache search ubuntu-server01:28
cy_edubuntu-server - edubuntu servers01:28
cy_ubuntu-serverguide - The Ubuntu Server Guide01:28
cy_but no server package :(01:29
Kamping_Kaiserits probalby the -base and -minimal seeds, plus a few extras01:40
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ampacheIs this the right channel to discuss php web app packaging05:34
mralphabettry ubuntu-motu06:33
mralphabetwell that's not the right channel06:34
ampacheUbuntu mentoring front desk pointed me here that's why I ask06:34
mralphabetI was right, just typed it wrong06:36
mralphabettry #ubuntu-motu06:37
ampachek thanks06:37
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williubuHello to everyone!08:42
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williubuIve installed on a Notebook in free partion hda3 ubuntu-server feisty 7.0408:43
williubuinstallation a usual with no problems, 08:43
williububut after restarting, loading grup from mbr, system hangs and shows "Int14: CR2 ..."08:44
williububut if i select the old ubuntu dapper on hda7, no problems at all.08:44
williubuIve check in /boot/grub/menu.lst and cant detect any errors.08:45
williubuAny ideas ?08:45
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qmanhello everyone, I was hoping to get some suggestions...I'm trying to set up a ubuntu box as a router/firewall, DNS, and DHCP server for my network, but I'm having a nightmare just trying to get it working. My biggest problem is with firewall software. See, iptables is rather confusing, and I just can't find any firewalling software (or software interface) that's simple enough and works.10:30
qmanI found some software I liked, called shorewall, but I can't get it working10:30
qmanNo matter what I do, once I start the firewall, no packets will go in our out any interfaces10:31
qmanSo, I was hoping someone here could suggest something else that would be more simple to set up than iptables.10:32
\shqman, firewalls are concepts, what you mean is an easy way to maintain a packet filter 10:33
qmanyes, that's what I mean10:33
qmansorry for the incorrect terms10:33
\shqman, try fwbuilder10:33
\shbut it shouldn't be run on your packet filter server10:33
qmanI did try fwbuilder, but there are so many options, I couldn't figure out how to use it10:34
qmanthe machine I'm working with has four interfaces10:34
qmanthree different internal networks, and the internet10:35
\shqman, don't you have someone who has a clue about network security? because without the knowledge, you are lost anyways,even with a gui...you break more things then you fix10:36
\shfirst read something about iptables10:36
\shon http://www.netfilter.org/ there are lot of examples and good howtos how to manage netfilter/iptables10:37
qmanwell, I do know a lot about networking, and I have set up iptables before with some simple filtering rules10:37
qmanbut only on a system with one interface10:37
\shtry it at home with your local box, to succeed with some easy things, e.g. nat10:37
\shthen try to make it big, with more then one interface :)10:37
\shor buy some good things from securecomputing or cisco, even when cisco is crap in things like packetfilters and FW concepts10:38
qmanwell, I guess the major problem is that I have more than two sides 10:39
\shqman, so try to work on the first interface (e.g. the internet one) and then work up to the next three10:40
qmanshorewall simplified it fairly well, but it doesn't do me any good if it doesn't run10:40
slackwarelifeqman: you can use arno iptables: http://rocky.eld.leidenuniv.nl/ (there is a pkg build for Ubuntu/Debian). I use it on my Slackware Server ;)10:49
slackwarelifethe config file is well comment10:50
\shslackwarelife, it won't give him any help....if he has trouble to understand what's going on when he configure 4 interfaces in different ways with different rules, a gui won't help...he should start with the frontnetwork and work up to the other network interfaces10:51
qmanI understand how it works, at the packet level10:52
qmanI just don't understand how to actually configure the software10:52
qmanto do what I want it to do10:52
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\shqman, that's what I meant..10:55
\shfwbuilder is quite easy to understand, when you know how netfilter works in general and how the packets flow between the interfaces10:56
qmanwell, the problem with fwbuilder I had, was that I couldn't figure out where to put which rules so that they would be applied correctly10:57
qmannone of the presets had any relevancy to my goal, so there was no starting ground to go from10:57
qmanfor example10:58
qmanif I wanted to block traffic from "group 1" to "group 2", would I put the rule in the "group 1" tab, or the "group 2" tab? the software made it possible to do either, and neither seemed more correct10:59
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qmanall the documentation on the fwbuilder site seems to be beyond that level, and I couldn't find any help in that regard11:01
\shyou deny in group 2 that traffic flows from group 111:01
\shor you deny traffic to go group2 in group1 depends what you really want...if you want a deny all all rule in group2 and opening up for special services, then deny all all in group 2 is better then deny all all to group2 in group1, just because it clutter up your rules a lot when you have to let other services go to group2 from group1..but this you have to decide. 11:03
qmanso it can go either way, even if it makes no effective difference?11:04
qmanthat clears up a lot of the confusion11:05
\shqman, it makes an effective difference, not that you will see it in the first place, but depends on your network traffic...and depends if you want clean rules on different interfaces11:05
qmanaside from the rules themselves, I didn't understand what the difference was if I denied traffic on it's way out of group 1, or on it's way in to group 2, given that I use specific source and destination of the groups themselves11:07
\sh the packet will stay a bit longer in the kernel ip packet queue11:08
\shwhich can take cpu cycles11:08
qmanso, performance wise, it's probably better to deny it sooner, but otherwise, doesn't really affect traffic11:09
\shdepending on your nettraffic11:09
qmanok, that really helps11:10
qmanthat was one of the big things I just couldn't rationalize11:10
\shperformance wise it's better to use a specialized appliance for this....but the sooner the better...if you don't need any services going to group2 you should block directly on the internet iface 11:10
qmanwell, the box is almost 2GHz, I've only got a 5M/512k internet connection, and the priority is small business, so performance isn't critical11:12
qmanok, so now, the only thing left to really clear up, is the way fwbuilder associates an interface with a group and a network11:14
qmanand I think this pdf should answer that11:14
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peanutbhas anyone gotten a working asterisk install with the asterisk web config?11:16
Burgundaviawhich web config?11:16
peanutbi was thinking the digium one, but anything that works.11:17
Burgundaviathere are two major ones, the digium one and the freepbx one11:19
peanutbwhich is easier to install?11:21
peanutband has the most features?11:21
foopeanutb: Go install Trixbox and be done with it.11:40
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