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cliebow_anyone know why we opted for x11vnc for tcm?01:09
Burgundaviatalk to cbx3301:10
LaserJockx11vnc as opposed to ?01:11
crimsunfreenx or something else?01:11
crimsunor maybe clairvoyance?01:12
LaserJockwell, freenx would be kinda overkill wouldn't it?01:12
crimsunI don't know the requirements, so I have no idea whether it would be.01:13
cliebow_i kind a thought he was using swf2something01:13
LaserJockx11vnc attaches to an existing X01:13
cliebow_LaserJock, i use it all the time in 4.201:13
LaserJockwell, it might be used eventually, I don't know01:14
cliebow_im trying to help paablo get tcm running..over in #ltsp01:14
cliebow_but x11vnc doenst show as pkg in the chroot01:15
Burgundaviaswf is non-free01:16
LaserJockyeah, I guess that might be difficult in our default install01:16
cliebow_how would i know what repo the pkg would be in?01:17
cliebow_x11vnc that is01:17
cliebow_thanks! ill pass that on01:17
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LaserJockmy laptop keeps freezing on me03:10
Burgundaviait might be network manager03:14
Burgundaviamine does that and also doesn't bring the LCD up when I open the screen03:14
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LaserJockBurgundavia: it just freezes up? no mouse activity or anything?03:17
LaserJockfxch: just discussing why my laptop freezes sometimes03:24
fxchCan you tell us the detail, maybe someone can help you03:27
LaserJockwell, Burgundavia suggested that maybe it was network manager03:27
LaserJockit just hard freezes every once in a while03:27
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fxchis cpu busy?03:28
LaserJockI think perhaps03:29
LaserJockit gets pretty hot03:29
LaserJockbut I can't ssh in or anything03:29
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LaserJockmust have been too much for him ;-)03:36
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mindslantWhen I run edubuntu feisty from live cd I have all the regular programs.  When I load it onto dell desktops, most of the education programs are missing.  In the package manager calls up the program it says my i386 archictecture isn't suported05:46
LaserJockmindslant: The LiveCD doesn't install the educational apps unfortunately05:47
LaserJockwe had a bug in the Feisty LiveCD05:47
LaserJockyou can get the educational apps from the Classroom Server Add-on CD05:47
mindslantGreat, there's a simple solution. thx05:48
mindslantWhy won't adept or synaptic load them?05:48
LaserJockWell, that would work too05:49
mindslantNot when I've tried05:49
LaserJockbut you'd need to download them from the internet05:49
mindslantnot the repositories?05:49
LaserJockyes, they are in the repositories05:49
LaserJockwhat did you try specifically?05:49
mindslantgcompris and the potato man (my daughters fave)05:50
LaserJockok, so you opened up synaptic?05:50
mindslantI opened up add/remove programs.  I'm not sure if it's default synaptic or adept05:51
LaserJockneither actually05:51
LaserJockthe program is gnome-app-install05:51
LaserJockand then you selected gcompris?05:51
mindslantyes sir05:51
mindslantDo I need to sudo in a terminal05:52
LaserJockyou shouldn't05:52
LaserJockI'm repeating what you're doing, so I can see what's going on05:53
mindslantappreciate it05:53
LaserJockok, so I got potato guy and gcompris selected05:53
LaserJocknow I'm gonna hit the OK button, is that what you did?05:53
mindslantsays my architecture (i386) is not supported05:53
mindslantI can't even select them05:53
LaserJockoh, how odd05:53
mindslantGCompris Administration cannot be installed on your computer type (i386). Either the application requires special hardware features or the vendor decided to not support your computer type.05:54
mindslant6.06 let me05:54
LaserJockyikes, that's not right at all05:54
LaserJockok, can you open up a terminal for me?05:54
mindslantFinally, I'm not asking a noob type problem.  sure can05:54
mindslantit's up05:55
LaserJockok, can you pastebin the contents of /usr/apt/sources.list ?05:55
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:55
mindslantpastebin is new05:56
mindslantto me05:56
mindslantone sec05:56
LaserJockit's much nicer than pasting everything into here05:56
mindslantIn the terminal I'm trying to cd to /usr/apt/sources.list...no go05:58
mindslantis !paste a command for the terminal05:58
LaserJockjust do less /usr/apt/sources.list05:58
mindslantI'm still learning to convert from old dos commands to linux commands05:58
LaserJockthen put what you get in http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org and give me the URL when you submit it05:59
LaserJockit's like a whiteboard for people to toss up notes and things05:59
mindslantSuper neat idea05:59
mindslantNo such file.  Sorry I'm being such a slow learner here.  Is 'less' a command?  I cd'd to /usr and did ls, didn't see an apt sub-directory06:00
LaserJockok, try this:06:01
LaserJockcd /etc/apt/06:01
LaserJockless sources.list06:01
LaserJockit was my mistake with /usr06:01
LaserJockit should be /etc, sorry06:01
mindslantYep, lots of stuff came up06:01
mindslantdid the paste bin06:03
LaserJockok, so what is the URL?06:04
LaserJockso is that all that was in that file?06:05
LaserJockyou might have needed to scroll down a bit06:05
mindslantthere was some more, I don't know how useful it will be06:06
LaserJockI don't think it will be06:07
LaserJockdid any of the lines start with "deb"06:07
LaserJockwithout a "#" in front?06:07
mindslantdeb cdrom:[Edubuntu 7.04 _Feisty Fawn_ - Release i386 Binary-1 (20070415)] / feisty main restricted06:08
LaserJockand that's the only one?06:08
mindslantthis came up when i did cd /etc/apt...less sources.list06:08
mindslantyes sir, that's the only one06:08
LaserJockok, we're doing good now06:08
mindslantgood news06:09
LaserJocknow, is this a pretty new installation?06:09
LaserJockhave you done much of anything since installing?06:09
mindslantIt's a pretty unused installation so far06:09
LaserJockok, well I'm going to have to go figure out if this is a bug06:09
mindslantI get this problem on all the dells at my school and a different model at home06:10
LaserJockbut first let's fix it06:10
LaserJockhmm, if you want to install Edubuntu I'd really recommend using the Classroom Server CD06:10
LaserJockyou can do the Workstation option it has if you don't want all the LTSP Server stuff06:10
mindslantfinally I'm doing more than evangelizing for the community, I'm bug hunting.  Right now I need to give a demo to the school, then if they like it distribute it06:10
LaserJockok, so lets fix this for you06:11
mindslantthank you so much06:11
LaserJockok, so go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources06:12
mindslantI'm there06:12
LaserJockok, you want to click the first 3 check boxes06:13
LaserJockfor main, universe, and restricted06:13
LaserJockgo them checked?06:14
LaserJockand you can do the Download From:06:14
LaserJockok, no go to the Updates tab06:15
LaserJockand check the first 206:15
mindslantok, did I need to do anything with "Download From:" or was that just a test?06:16
LaserJockin Download From: you should see Main Server and a local mirror06:16
LaserJockyou probably wan the local mirror06:16
mindslantmain server and server from US06:16
LaserJockUS is usually pretty good06:17
mindslant(not at world politics)06:17
LaserJockok, so now you can hit the "Close" button06:17
mindslantit asked me to reload and is now downloading changes06:18
LaserJockyep, good06:18
mindslantlooks like it's going to be doing that for another 10 minutes06:18
LaserJockare you on dialup?06:19
mindslantdown to 3 minutes06:19
mindslantit's confused06:19
LaserJockmaybe it just needed a minute to warm up ;-)06:19
LaserJockwhile it's doing that06:20
LaserJockyou said it's happened on several machines?06:20
mindslantI have a software update available in the menu bar06:20
LaserJockon all the ones you've tried?06:20
mindslantTwo types of dell desktops06:20
LaserJockyeah, you'll probably have quite a few updates06:20
mindslantOlder ones from a couple of years or more ago06:21
LaserJockok, so once the reloading is done06:23
LaserJockyou should be back to Add/Remove and it should work06:23
mindslantok, I'll test it once all the other updates are done06:23
mindslant...in 4 hrs06:25
mindslantthis time I don't think it's confues06:25
mindslant4321 B/s download06:25
LaserJocksometimes if you get a bad US server you can restart it06:26
mindslantjust cancel and go again, or do I need to manually pick a different server first?06:27
LaserJockthe US server is actually a bunch of servers so sometimes it gives you a slow one06:27
mindslantnow it says 48 minutes06:27
LaserJockwell, I can't find a bug report for this issue06:29
mindslantnow 9 min. I'm glad I'm helping06:29
LaserJockI'll have to try a Desktop CD to see if I can reproduce it06:30
LaserJockwhat happened is when you installed from the Desktop CD it didn't put in the repositories06:30
LaserJockso it was just lookin on the CD, which doesn't actually have any packages in it06:30
mindslantI understand.06:31
LaserJockheah, you want to file the bug?06:32
mindslantall my install disks (which I checked for defects) came from the same downloaded image.  Maybe I just got a bad one.06:32
LaserJockwell, it's possible I suppose06:32
mindslantUh...you could put my name there but I'd probably not give enough/right information for the report to be amazingly helpful06:32
mindslantunless it's a hassle for you06:33
LaserJockmindslant: nah, I'll walk you through it06:33
LaserJockthen you'll know how06:33
mindslantubuntu bugs area?06:33
mindslantbig red "report a bug" button06:33
LaserJockUbuntu uses Launchpad for most all development06:34
LaserJockit does translations, bug tracking, etc.06:34
LaserJockso there you can hit the red "Report a Bug" button06:35
mindslantI'm logged in and I have a prompt06:35
LaserJockok, so you're at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug ?06:36
mindslantOne line summary:  Desktop installation fails to install all repositories06:36
LaserJockok, let's put Edubuntu Feisty Desktop CD installation fails to install all repositories06:36
LaserJockok, next page06:37
mindslantnot today "06:37
mindslantLaunchpad is offline at the moment for maintenance. It should be back, better than ever, soon. Thanks for your patience. "06:37
mindslantlet me reload06:37
mindslantI"m Irish, you'd think I'd have more luck06:38
LaserJockshould be back06:38
mindslantI got the next page06:38
LaserJockok, so just give a little account of what happens06:39
LaserJockwhen you get it done let me know what the bug number is06:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 118334 in Ubuntu "Edubuntu Feisty Desktop CD installation fails to install all repositories" [Undecided,Unconfirmed] 06:46
mindslantDid you notice on the main bug page the number one bug (critical and in progress) is MIcrosoft has too much market share.  I don't know if that's always there but it's hilarious06:47
LaserJockit was bug #106:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/106:47
mindslantI have always loved linux humor06:48
LaserJockMark Shuttleworth filed that for the very first bug in Launchpad06:48
mindslantLove Mr. Shuttleworth06:49
LaserJockok, I'm gonna clean you're bug up a bit06:49
mindslantI'm sure it could use it06:49
LaserJockmindslant: nah, it wasn't bad06:51
LaserJockI just made it so the bug was filed against ubiquity06:52
LaserJockwhich is the DesktopCD installer06:52
LaserJockand I'm subscribing the Edubuntu Bugsquad06:52
LaserJockmindslant: ok, sir. I've held you up long enough ;-)06:53
LaserJockthanks for reporting the problem06:53
mindslantMe?  I look forward to the day I can help others06:54
mindslantThank you for all the help06:54
LaserJockwell, that's what we're here for06:54
LaserJockwe volunteer our time because somebody helped us too :-)06:54
mindslantI get lucky enough that I always find a quiet room and one really devoted volunteer06:54
LaserJockIrish Luck? :-)06:55
mindslantIt's not a super power you can call on, kicks in whenever06:55
LaserJockwell, I'm downloading the Desktop CD .iso now06:56
LaserJockit's getting late so I'll probably try to give it a go tomorrow06:57
mindslantOkay, want my e-mail in case there's more specifics I can give later?06:57
LaserJockactually, I've got it in Launchpad06:58
LaserJockunless you've got a better one06:58
LaserJockyou're subscribed to the bug now so when anything happens with it you'll get an email06:58
mindslantokay, I'll keep an eye out.  I'm thinking it's either my specific download was bad or it's just this era dell06:59
LaserJockwell, there shouldn't be any issue with hardware06:59
LaserJockwe've had a bugger of a time with our Feisty Desktop CD06:59
LaserJockwe really don't use it much and it's not our recommended installtion method07:00
LaserJockwe went to two CD for Feisty07:00
LaserJockto get more education apps and still keep all the Ubuntu stuff07:01
LaserJockbut that caused some problems with the Desktop CD07:01
mindslantwhat is the significant advantage of the Classroom Server CD07:01
LaserJockyou can use it to install an LTSP Server07:02
LaserJockwhich is what a lot of Edubuntu users in schools, etc. want07:02
LaserJockyou can also install the Workstation (which is like a normal desktop)07:02
LaserJockit's a text-based installer so it's not as shiny as the DesktopCD07:03
LaserJockbut it's fast to install and more flexible07:03
mindslantThat's the thin client right?  I'm just worried that the 256 ram box we got donated would run well as a thick client to 20-30 computers07:03
mindslant*would not run07:03
mindslant*Thick Server07:03
LaserJockno, but with 256MB of Ram a Workstation off the Classroom Server CD would be the fastest/best install07:04
mindslantwhat are the recommended basics for the server of the thin client network07:04
LaserJockI've got to get to bed07:05
mindslantno problem, thanks for everything07:05
LaserJockbut I'll leave you with a doc that should give you some answers ;-)07:05
mindslantThank you so much.  Go to bed.07:05
LaserJockhave a good night07:05
LaserJockand thanks for dropping by07:05
LaserJockgood luck ;-)07:05
mindslant: - D07:05
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pygihi folks03:53
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pygihi mindslant :)04:42
mindslantsomebody is here.04:42
mindslantI got a problem I was getting some help with last night.04:42
mindslantIt's listed as Bug #118834.  Once I install edubuntu 7.04 onto somewhat older dells, non of the educational programs are available...any ideas?04:43
mindslantNevermind, it just started working04:44
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FunnyLookinHatHey...  if when I first setup the thin-client server I couldn't correctly configure it because I only had one NIC, how can I start the config process again?06:58
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LaserJockGood morning Edubuntu land!08:00
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cottimaHello, has anyone used LTSP?08:08
LaserJockdo you have a specific question?08:09
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LaserJockoh my gosh!11:31
LaserJockI just had my first LTSP session11:32
LaserJockin vmware11:32
LaserJockbut still11:32
LaserJockfirst time I've ever booted up a thin client \o/11:32
stgraberLaserJock: oh :)11:34
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stgrabervmware is really a good software for that kind of stuff, here I'm working on an install for a school I'll do in a month or so, I've : a win2003 domain server with a copy of their AD schema, an edubuntu server, 2 thin clients11:35
stgraber(I'm working on using the Win2003 server to auth users without having to join the Windows Domain or extend the LDAP schema with the Unix things)11:36
stgraberso basically checking for the validity of the user informations, retrieve the Full name and the primary Groups from LDAP and then create a local account11:36
stgraberjust great to be able to test all of this on my laptop everywhere I want without having to take 3 computers with me :)11:37
stgraberbtw, I saw somewhere that some meta packages would be done to easily install education packages for a specific schools type, for example edubuntu-secondary or things like that, is there a list of the packages that would be included in those meta ? (I'd like to have a list of potential packages for a secondary school)11:40
LaserJockstgraber: hehe11:41
LaserJocknot yet11:41
LaserJockbecause I haven't created the packages11:41
LaserJockto start with it'll mostly be science packages I'm guessing11:42
LaserJocksince they are fairly prevalent11:42
LaserJockstgraber: hopefully soonish I'll have a reasonable draft of the package lists11:51
stgraberoh, good thing11:56

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