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yuriyryanakca: did you get it figured out?01:36
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DaskreechHow are you?02:38
jjessegood, home from a busy day shopping w/ my wife02:38
jjesseso finally checking email, etc02:39
DaskreechI read that as shopping for my wife ...02:40
Daskreechhow was shopping? :)02:40
jjesseit basically was my wife buying stuff for herself...02:40
DaskreechYeah but it's great doing things as a family02:41
jjessebut it was good, because of the amount of time I travel, i rarely get to spend much time with her02:41
Daskreechand a whole day too. that's a rare treat02:44
jjesseyea it was really nice a whole day03:00
jjessewe went outlet shopping which was like an hour away03:00
jjesseso we w"03:00
jjessewent "out of town"03:01
Daskreechon the town :)03:01
jjesseso you know you've been working in vmware too long when the first thing you do to swtich windows is hit ctrl-alt to release the widnwo adn then alt+tab03:02
jjessewhile i was in kontact :(03:02
Daskreechanyone have Vista?03:11
DaskreechOr dual booting with vista to be more precise?03:11
Daskreechmanchicken_: Heehee03:15
jjessei have vista03:19
DaskreechDual booting?03:19
=== Huahua [n=hua_@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jjessenot dual booting, but it is on one of my computers03:19
Daskreechsomeons is saying that the grub guide given no longer works with Vista03:19
jjessei thought that was correct03:19
Daskreechand !sudo has Gnome specific help stuff but no KDE equivi03:23
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DaskreechRiddell: ping04:21
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claydohHobbsee: congrats on joining the core dev team!04:42
Hobbseeclaydoh: thankyou :)04:42
Hobbseei dunno where eveyrone gets this info from, though04:42
claydohubuntu-devel mailing list :)\04:43
Hobbseeahhh :)04:43
claydohnot too high traffic so i noticed it esily04:43
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Hobbseeheh, true04:49
=== Hobbsee should split her ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-devel-discuss mail
Hobbseesomeone's been going thru teh moderation filter for one of them, bringing large blocks of mail04:49
nixternalOK, what needs immediate attention Hobbsee? let me start working here and get your core-dev skills smokin' :)04:50
Hobbseenixternal: hehe.    not sure, to be honest04:50
Hobbseenixternal: there's still al ot of bugs coming in, and most arent filed upstream04:51
Hobbseeperhaps you could go thru the kde packages and file usptream, and reject whatever you think upstream wont fix for kde 4?04:51
nixternalwe could do that, let me guess...kdepim?04:52
Hobbseei was thinking kdelibs04:54
Hobbseebut any of the big metapackages for kde04:54
Hobbseeor kdebase04:54
Hobbseekdelibs is a black art to me, you may know more on it04:54
nixternala little bit as I help with one small part of it...kdoctool ;)04:55
nixternalwhy that is in kdelibs I will never know...but hey, who I am to say anything, just give me a job and away I hack04:55
nixternalman, I have got the most gorgeous beach wallpaper now...I love the colors04:55
Hobbseehehe :)04:55
nixternalbrb...news is coming on..and then we can bug hack...if you come up with a link, link me...give me about 10 or 15..gotta catch the weather and see how much damage was done in our area from this evenings storms04:57
=== Daskreech wants :)
DaskreechGHNS it :)04:57
Hobbseeor better still, have all of them done by the time i come back from work04:58
Hobbseefile anything relevatn in debian04:58
Hobbseewho's up for fixing system settings?05:15
Daskreechcan the Live DVd be used as an apt repo ?05:17
nixternalwhat is wrong with system settings?05:31
=== Daskreech flips out a list
Hobbseenixternal: tried to run it on gutsy yet?05:44
=== nixternal fires up gutsy
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AgarFuhi all12:56
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Hobbseeevening all01:38
=== tmske [n=thomas@dD5E0D32D.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
seele'lo Hobbsee01:46
Hobbseehow's it going?01:46
Jucatoevening Hobbsee, seele! :)01:46
Hobbseehiya Jucato :)01:46
Jucatooh goody! seele's here :)01:47
Jucatoseele: just wanted to ask you something. is there a sort of, um.., "subject" or field of study about making (graphical) user interfaces?01:50
Jucatoum more on theoretical/practical stuff, not the coding involved :)01:52
seeleJucato: it depends, do you mean technical or design01:52
Jucatodesign mostly01:52
seeleah, well.. it is in practice a very large field, so you could come from very different backgrounds01:52
=== Jucato is interested in GUI's :D
seeleinteraction and interface design is the most direct01:53
seeleclient or web?01:53
seeleusability is another way, however i dont think you get enough design theory to do anything too exciting01:53
seeledo you look to take classes or just learn more about design and that sort of the thing?01:53
Jucatojust learning by myself mostly :(01:54
=== Jucato can't go to school... nor does he think any school in the Philippines would offer those kind of things...
Jucatojust looking for search terms that I could research on, if there's such a field of study01:55
Jucatobasically, I'm very interested in GUI's, interface design most probably. especially like how you create innovative or new designs... without sacrificing usability :)01:56
=== Jucato looks at a certain Adept :P
seelegetting to know interface guildeines is probably the best way to get to know client interfaces and their requirements01:56
seelehah, yeah01:56
seelethat is a good syndication of blogs, but a lot more web interface01:57
Jucatoah! HCI :)01:57
seelebut hci is tricky because it has computer science roots01:57
seeleand it is less qualitative and more quantitative01:58
Jucatono problem. I'm currently studying programming :)01:58
seelethere are some good book lists too.. ill have to find some01:58
seelei'd stay away from text books unless you want hard-core theory01:58
seeleone of the easiest activities to start with is a heuristic or expert review01:59
Jucatowell, maybe theory and application. would be nice to go hand in hand :)01:59
seeleif you look up those terms, you will find some guidelines on how to conduct one01:59
JucatoI'm interested in this field mostly because I see a lack of HCI people who are also programmers (or vice versa)... so seeing if I could help in that area :)01:59
Jucato"HCI and Usability people"02:00
seeleah, yes.. well there is enough about programming to fill someone's head as much as there is enough hci to fill someone's head02:00
seeleusually there isnt much room for the other thing once you become an expert, hehe02:00
JucatoI'll try my best, then :D02:00
Jucatohopefully maybe one day there will be a specialized field for that kind of thing...02:01
seelehmm.. maybe, but its the matter of being a jack of all trades, but master of none02:01
Jucato(sound a lot like Konqueror... another UI mess...)02:01
seeleeven in specialities in computer science, you usually pick a field such as security, programming languges, hardware, etc.02:01
seeleyou may be very good in two which complement each other, but it would be hard to know everything about everything02:02
Jucatohm... true.. it will be very hard....02:02
Jucatomaybe I can specialize on programming but take HCI on the sidelines :)02:03
Jucatoseele: thanks for the input. at least I know where to start now :)02:04
JucatoI'm still in the non-GUI programming stuff (just learning C++), so I wanted to get an early start :)02:05
seeleJucato: sure, if you do anything like an expert review on adept, let me know and ill go through it with you and give you feedback02:05
Jucatoseele: thanks! though I don't think I'll be brave enough to tackle Adept just yet... but it has been an itch I couldn't scratch since... um.. the first time I saw it? :D02:06
Riddelladept has a usability plan, the problem is having someone coding it02:07
Hobbseehi Riddell02:08
Riddellmorning Hobbsee02:08
Riddellseele: you still at linuxtag?02:08
Jucatomornfall still maintaining it on his side?02:08
Jucato(and hi Riddell! :D)02:08
seeleRiddell: yeah02:09
Riddellseele: did you see the kubuntu vs ubuntu talk?02:09
RiddellI'm curious to know if Paul bothered to turn up02:10
Riddellmm, he does seem to be in the right country impressively02:10
seeleah, no.. i havent been to any talks, i've been in printing meetins most of the time02:10
Hobbseewhich paul?02:10
RiddellHobbsee: you know, the one in our naked photographs02:11
HobbseeRiddell: er, i'm damned sure we werent naked....02:11
Jucatolol :)02:11
=== Hobbsee thought she was more careful with drinks than that :P
Riddellspeaking of naked, I saw Ian McKellan get his kit off last night02:12
Riddellin Shakespear too, so it's cultural and stuff02:12
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Hobbseesure sure02:13
Hobbseeyou seemed to have liked this fact.02:13
RiddellSylvestor McCoy was there too, it's not ofter you get to see Gandalf snogging Dr Who02:14
=== Hobbsee thinks you still should ahve brought your kilt and such to UDS.
=== Hobbsee idly hopes that no one decides to quote any part of this log....
HobbseeRiddell: i dont suppose you'd happen to know when Dr Who is on in australia again?02:18
=== Hobbsee wonders if paul has attempted to chat up Riddell's girlfriend again since UDS.
RiddellI put the photo of me and him in the pool on her desktop background and now she just comments on what a fit body he has, humph02:20
Hobbseehaha, awww.02:20
HobbseeRiddell: you really should have called her earlier02:20
Hobbseeinstead of waiting until the second last night02:20
Riddellmy phone was lost!02:21
HobbseeRiddell: even when it wasnt lost you still refused to ring her!02:21
Riddellwell it costs a fortune02:21
Hobbseeso does anything02:21
Hobbseedoes voip not exist for your laptop, or something?02:21
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HobbseeRiddell: actually, if it did, your laptop would probably overheat and shut down02:26
Hobbseeso probably sensible you werent going to use it02:26
Riddellit would as well02:26
Riddellhttp://bexless.livejournal.com/617194.html  this lady seems to have enjoyed the performance I saw quite a lot02:26
HobbseeRiddell: you people are strange...02:29
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Hobbseenixternal: how did you go with those bugs?02:52
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siretartgrr, why doesn't anyone tell me that my last ffmpeg upload was broken. (fixed now)03:13
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Riddellsiretart: does that mean tonio can upload the new kaffeine?03:26
siretartRiddell: the new kaffeine needs the new xine, right?03:36
siretartRiddell: after the ubuntu3 version of ffmpeg got built, xine-lib needs to be given back on all archs,03:37
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siretartRiddell: okay, ffmpeg is ready now. Now we need xine-lib built, then you can have the new kaffeine uploaded06:19
siretartRiddell: I'd suggest to give-back xine-lib, no idea if mithrandir is working today06:19
siretartneed to run now, cu tomorrow!06:20
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ryanakcahmmm. this might be interesting: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KIO+Slave+sysinfo:++-+Kubuntu+7.04+package?content=58704 ... add the sysinfo KIO Slave...07:19
ryanakcaRiddell: can you upload the kmilo patch please? http://packages.ryanak.ca/pool/ryan-gutsy/kmilo/kdeutils_3.5.7-1ubuntu2.debdiff07:19
Riddellryanakca: got a URL that the patch came from?07:21
Riddellor a web page with more info rather07:21
Riddellryanakca: http://blog.guillermoamaral.com/2007/04/14/patch-kde-kmilo-compact-dialog/ ?07:23
Jucatoor http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/KMilo+-+Customizable+DefaultSkin?content=5628707:25
kwwii_so we need new kmilo artwork?07:25
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ace_suareshi, I need to start a program from the browser. The program is qemu. Can this be done ?07:46
ace_suaresI also need to feed qemu some command line options07:46
ace_suaresI made a file association in Konq with /bin/bash and lo and behold, I can create a html document with a link to a file that will07:46
ace_suaresstart qemu with the desired images and options07:46
ace_suaresbut, it's very unsafe, of course.07:47
ace_suaresso, I'd lik to start qemu instead of bash, but how do I feed the command line options ?07:47
nixternalace_suares: this is a development channel, and it is the weekend, so an asnwer to that would be easier to get in #kubuntu the support channel07:48
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ace_suaresnixternal: okidoki.08:04
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yuriyhuh? where did guidance go? there is no extragear/utils08:30
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Riddellyuriy: probably moved to extragear for kde 3, whereever that is09:18
Riddelltry branches09:18
yuriyah, that makes sense, thanks09:26
yuriyhmm i guess this was just done 4 hours ago09:28
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mhbgood evening10:03
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alterooRiddell: ping11:41
Riddellalteroo: hi11:53
alterooRiddell: Would it make sense to have a Gnome Menu in the KMenu?11:53
Riddellalteroo: I don't like separating classes of applications into a sub-menu11:55
Riddellusers don't know what a gnome app is, and they shouldn't have to11:55
alterooRiddell: Yeah I was trying to think of a threshhold but I guess the Kmenu doesn't work that way11:56
Riddellxdg menus do have a gnome tag, it's users who don't need to care11:57
alterooIf someone has say more than 5 Gnome apps it could prompt for a menu11:57
alterooRiddell: I know But if Both KDE and Gnome are installed the menus get very messy11:57
alteroohaving a way to organize would make people a) more likey to install both and b) More likely to stay in KDE11:58
alterooActually thinking about it It wouldn't be a bad idea to have them flip that on manually11:58
alterooThat might solve the problem A bit like the Debian Menu11:59
Riddellyay, more configuration options11:59
Riddellwe don't install the debian menu, it's in universe11:59
Riddellif you install applications, they will appear in the menu11:59
RiddellI don't mind a package in universe which does the sub menu, if such is possible12:00
alterooRiddell: ok There is a deb on the kde-look that sorts out all Gnome apps to a sub menu12:02
alterooRiddell: Thanks :)12:03
RiddellDaSkreech: put it on revu then12:07
DaSkreechRiddell: sure12:07

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