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bersaceHi all11:20
bersacemy membership is about to expire in 7 days11:20
bersacecould any admin fix that  ?11:20
bersacetroy_s:  ping11:21
bersaceandreasn: ping11:21
andreasnbersace: pong11:21
bersaceandreasn: could you please change my expiration date for my launchpad artwork-team membership ?11:22
andreasnwell, yes, I probably could11:22
andreasnis it expiring, I didn't know it could do that...11:22
andreasnhow is gnome-scan going these days?11:23
andreasnhm, I'm not sure I can find you on this list: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art/+members11:31
andreasnahm there you were11:32
andreasnshould I set the expiration to never instead?11:33
andreasnor just extend it for one year?11:33
andreasnbersace: ok, fixed11:35
bersaceandreasn: thanks11:35
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darkmatternothlit, ping08:47
troy_sdarkmatter: What music browser is that?08:48
darkmattertroy_s, banshee08:50
darkmatterbuttons fixed08:51
darkmattertroy_s, I'm debating rename the theme to Ozone...08:53
darkmatteror Hal-i-frekkin-luja xD08:53
troy_sgod not another o thing08:53
troy_sSomething like 'Elderly People Prefer Asparagus' is a little better...08:53
darkmatter"My Buttons are Better than Yours!"?08:54
troy_sor "What Might Happen When You Are Trapped In a Bunker With A Peter Fonda Lookalike."08:54
darkmatter"ARRGGHHHHH!!! MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!!"08:55
troy_sanything creative beyond say the 'AHHHS' or 'OOOOS' -- VistAH, AquAH, PlasMAH, FAHck08:55
troy_si like that08:55
troy_sOr 'These Goggles Do Nothing."08:55
darkmattertroy_s, if it wasnt for a guaranteed lawsuit Id call it "Goooogleez" and use the google eyes for the window menu... ;)08:58
nothlituse xeyes08:59
darkmatterI admit.. it looks macish due to that meacity... but tonight I start on the actual themes metacity... and the mac reference dies :P09:03
nothlitdarkmatter: the buttons aren't nearly as subtle as the scrollbar and co, but the sources of light still seem funky to me lol09:05
darkmatterI'll probably do the final build against murrine (so I can have pretty selected items in lists n trees)09:05
darkmatternothlit, yeah.. still tweaking09:05
darkmatterneed to lighten the grad on the buttons a bit09:06
troy_si'd like to see the prettified scrollbars and progressbars09:06
troy_sthe rest is all pretty oatmeal -- which is a good thing.09:06
bersacevery nice09:06
troy_sdarkmatter: Pretty well suited for a Lua port... maybe you should talk with dborg.09:06
darkmattertroy_s, yeas.. I like "oatmeal".. especially since the redone them is based on ui sketches I did.09:07
troy_sdarkmatter: The tango outline is still heavy though.09:07
darkmatterwhich will need to be mockedup so all can se why the theme looks the way it does09:07
bersacetroy_s: do you know the plans for this release cycle ?09:08
troy_sdarkmatter: Stripped down minimalism is quite nice when it has the odd 15%-20% pretty in it.09:08
troy_sbersace: There are none, there never will be any, and it will end up looking the same.09:08
bersacetroy_s: fine09:08
darkmattertroy_s, tango oulines gone.. ceot on the notebook (it renders weird in alpha.. may need to opaque the boarders09:08
troy_sbersace: So don't worry yourself -- everything is on course :)09:08
troy_sbersace: Unfortunate, but again, if you want aesthetics, you need someone who cares about culture and aesthetics at the top.09:09
troy_sbersace: As much as I despise the man, S. Jobs is an ace of spades in that regard.09:09
darkmatters jobs is the god of appeal.. its his one strong suit09:09
troy_sbersace: He _believes_ in strong aesthetic decisions and (now that his ipods sold over 100 million) realizes that design influnces adoption.09:10
troy_sdarkmatter: Well he is the god of snake oil salesmanship.09:10
darkmatterand bill gates is the king of web2.0 gfx :P09:10
troy_sdarkmatter: But he does have a redeeming quality to him -- he appreciates art and culture.09:10
troy_sdarkmatter: sabdfl is closer to billg than s.jobs.09:10
darkmatterand it even shows in the design of the os09:11
darkmatterosx is the finest looking thing out there currently09:11
troy_sdarkmatter: Little lost, uber conservative, and a distinct lack of innovation in the realm of aesthetics.09:11
troy_sdarkmatter: Unfortunately I would agree with you... that said, when you have two items to choose from...09:11
darkmattertroy_s, agreed09:11
nothlitjobs is anti drm, thats the one thing that i do like09:12
troy_sdarkmatter: The one thing that the very well trained and educated designers at Apple know -- its that aesthetic values shift.  It isn't a 'right or wrong' issue -- it is 'how does this piece fit into the contemporary trends.09:12
troy_snothlit: He was _not_ anti drm09:12
troy_snothlit: You fell into his fecking snakepitch09:12
troy_snothlit: He was 100% pro drm, and in fact, only became the anti-drm pioneer when he realized that the true masses were going to take it down.09:13
troy_snothlit: Granted -- he jumped on the wagon at a very good time.09:13
troy_snothlit: And for that, he deserves some credit... he is at least _ahead_ of the rest of the idiots... but not much better.09:13
nothlittroy_s: hmm, i've read stories about him fighting with the big 5 almost since the beginning of itunes09:13
troy_snothlit: Spin spin spin spin09:14
troy_snothlit: Remember, the early shift of the ipod was to present a completely monopolized media player.09:14
nothliti mean during09:14
nothlitnot afterwards lol09:14
troy_snothlit: Get in deep with mp3 support, flog drm to keep people locked in.09:14
troy_snothlit: And do it all behind the scenes and out of the daylight -- how many people immediately embraced iTunes without realizing that their music would only play on their system?09:15
troy_snothlit: It was slimy to say the least.09:15
troy_snothlit: Classic Apple...09:15
troy_snothlit: I lived through the bloody tyranny of Apple when they had 98% market penetration -- it was a sad sad era.  Want a mouse?  It is a DIY connector!  Disk drive?  That too... come to apple... we will help you... we will save your soul.  lol.09:16
=== troy_s outs...
darkmattertroy_s, yup09:38
darkmattertroy_s, unfortunately gnome-artists dont follow trends... there more concerned with "WOOOO!!!! I can make the ui look like its constructed from GUMMY BEARS!!!"09:39
darkmattertroy_s, like gnomes newest "theme" Gummy... its nothing more than a gelatinous version of clearlooks09:42
bersacedarkmatter: are you behind http://darkmatter.thegamecreators.com/ ?09:43
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darkmatteras in.. its not a theme. a them is something "original" recolouring and shifting gradients doesn *NOT* count as a theme09:43
bersacekwwii: Hallo !!!! :D09:43
darkmatterbersace, nope09:43
kwwiihi bersace09:44
darkmatterbersace, if I was I'd dump the 2.0 graphics ;)09:44
kwwiibersace: are you from the bordeaux?09:44
bersacekwwii: no, Paris09:45
bersace(remember UDS-Paris)09:45
nothlitdarkmatter: hmm i enjoy the availability of recolours09:45
=== bersace goes bed
bersace'd night all09:46
andreasndarkmatter: there are some people working on putting some new themes into gnome-themes-extras09:47
andreasndarkmatter: perhaps your theme can go in there as well09:48
andreasndarkmatter: hold on, let me find the url09:48
andreasndarkmatter: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/GnomeThemesExtras09:48
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darkmatterandreasn, looking09:48
darkmatternothlit, I enjoy the avalibility of recolours to. but thet are not *themes* as so many pimp them as. they're just colorschemes09:50
darkmatterand yes... thats an anal observation09:50
darkmatteroh!!! need to screenie the redone tooltips!09:51
darkmatternothlit, troy_s,  http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=526601048&size=o <--- no more sticky notes!09:54
darkmatterand yes, the 2pix curve on the corners was a PITA09:56
kwwii_evening all09:58
kwwii_I am going to add a wiki page with instructions for using the automaticArtworkBuilder ...it is not finished yet, but it is a beginning and if anyone wants to help let me know09:59
darkmatterl8r all10:36

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