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LaserJockhi Madpilot05:50
Madpilotevening LaserJock05:50
Burgundaviahey Madpilot05:50
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LaserJockhi beuno06:18
beunoevening LaserJock06:18
beunohows it going?06:19
LaserJockoh, pretty good06:19
LaserJockdoing some Edubuntu support at the moment06:19
beunoanswers on launchpad?06:21
LaserJockno #edubuntu06:23
beunooh, always fun doing support on IRC  (and time consumig)06:26
beunoLaserJock: I was thinking the other day, what is the MOTU team needing most at the moment?06:37
LaserJockmore people06:37
beunoright, I got the feeling that was the case06:38
beunohow about specifically?  as in tasks06:38
LaserJockwell, more people to become MOTUs06:39
LaserJockto sponsor things06:39
LaserJockbut it depends on what stage we are at06:39
LaserJockright now we're doing merges mostly06:39
beunohow long is the process between packaging and actually becoming a MOTU?06:40
LaserJockit depends06:40
LaserJockif you can devote some time to it06:40
beuno(these are just random questions, I'm going to go through it anyway)06:40
beunoI can/will   :D06:40
LaserJockbut if you put your mind to it 2 months or so I'd guess06:40
beunoI'd like to start in MOTU, and then go up to Debian to be able to sponsor uploads there too06:40
beunoI'm heading to debconf next week, so I'll spend most of part of the next month packaging06:41
LaserJockah, cool06:41
LaserJockI've never been to debconf06:41
LaserJockprobably never will06:42
beunowhy not?06:42
LaserJockunless they have one in Las Vegas06:42
LaserJocktaking time off, travelling06:42
LaserJockUDS is enough for me06:42
beunoright, I'm just starting to get me feet wet within this whole packaging thing, so guess I'm still "testing"06:44
beunoI'd love to go to the next UDS06:47
beunonot sure if I'll be able to get sponsorship though06:47
beunoI can take the time off work, but I can't afford the trip06:47
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LaserJockafternoon Burgundavia09:23
Burgundaviahey LaserJock09:23
LaserJockfeeling better?09:23
Burgundaviaa bit09:26
Burgundaviapain is now just a low grade annoyance09:26

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