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gnomefreakyay my first package was accepted :)11:18
hjmfgnomefreak: congratulations! :)12:05
gnomefreakty :)12:07
AlexLatchfordasac: have you released a DOM Inspector for yet?12:39
AlexLatchfordsays mine is incompatible and it is already at the newest revision, so I am presuming no12:40
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: firefox no longer builds that iirc but i will check to make sure12:59
AlexLatchfordyou sure? would be strange to drop it in between .3 and .412:59
gnomefreakmaybe it was tbird that doesnt build it01:00
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: dom inspector is built with ffox so its there01:00
AlexLatchfordyeah, in Ubuntu it is an add-on package01:00
AlexLatchforddont think it has been released for .4 yet01:01
gnomefreakyep it was tbird it was dropped from01:01
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: they should release at same time sice all is uploaded is source. the archive builds the binaries01:01
AlexLatchfordhmm okay01:01
gnomefreakfirefox-dom-inspector: Installed: (none) Candidate:
gnomefreakits there atleas tin gutsy01:02
gnomefreakare you feisty?01:02
gnomefreakit didnt release for feisty01:03
gnomefreakhold that thought i am checking something01:03
gnomefreakit released for feisty as well01:03
AlexLatchfordand its 4+101:03
AlexLatchfordso its not working then..01:03
AlexLatchfordits not then..01:03
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: define not working01:04
AlexLatchford1 sec01:04
gnomefreakhmmmm ok let me look at something that might cause that01:06
AlexLatchfordthat it with
AlexLatchfordcool cool01:06
AlexLatchfordit worked fine with the -mt6 build01:06
gnomefreakgive me a few im gonna grab source to see what he changed.01:07
AlexLatchfordcool cool01:07
AlexLatchforddo we have a meeting on Tuesday?01:07
gnomefreakno maybe on the 12th01:08
gnomefreaksomeone else took the spot we wanted01:08
AlexLatchfordah okay01:08
gnomefreakmaybe monday ill ask everyone in here if its cool.01:08
AlexLatchfordhmm.. Monday I have to be somewhere at 7GMT01:09
AlexLatchfordthink thats 6 UTC01:10
gnomefreakpm or am?01:10
gnomefreakso 1800 is out01:10
AlexLatchfordwell have the meeting without me01:10
AlexLatchfordhave you heard from David recently?01:11
AlexLatchfordI sent him an email the other day and he never replied01:11
AlexLatchfordabout 2 weeks ago now actually01:11
gnomefreaki sent him one months ago and i havent heard back. however at one of the meetings someone was talking to him (maybe on phone)01:11
AlexLatchfordhmm okay01:13
AlexLatchfordhe pretty much stopped on March 26th01:14
AlexLatchfordand hasn't said much since..01:15
gnomefreakdo you use the forums much?01:17
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: looking at source i dont see any reason that would cause that. maybe when archive created binaries it got messed up. i would talk to asac on monday (he said he wouldnt be here this weekend01:41
AlexLatchfordcool cool01:42
AlexLatchfordand no I dont use the forums at all01:42
gnomefreaki thinking about adding a post about our team and archives and other info but im not sure how to word it yet01:45
AlexLatchfordwant me to draft one and mailing to the list?01:46
AlexLatchfordmail it *01:46
gnomefreakAlexLatchford: if you can01:46
AlexLatchfordwill do01:46
gnomefreakty sir01:47
=== gnomefreak bbl time for walk
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Admiral_Chicagobug 9151905:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91519 in firefox "MASTER Firefox Crash [@~nsCOMPtr_base]  [@~nsInstallInfo]  [@nsSoftwareUpdate::InstallJarCallBack] " [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9151905:30
Admiral_Chicagohttp://pastebin.ca/531472 should be the revision...Jen isn't around..05:34
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Admiral_Chicago_JenFraggle: i made a revision to your clue file but it looks good for the most part07:15
Admiral_Chicago_did someone have teh pastebin link i put in here earlier07:15
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xjdriver69JenFraggle: does kopete have a clue file written?08:44
xjdriver69btw. this is Admiral_08:44
JenFraggleno it doesn't08:55
xjdriver69JenFraggle: i'm not registed on this account..09:00
JenFragglexjdriver69: does that mean you can only message in the channel and not pm?09:03
xjdriver69JenFraggle: identified now..09:06
JenFragglei'm confused09:10
asacok will be here tomorrow12:06
asac... as usual ... in sunday mode12:06
asachjmf: i would like to reject bug 94021 for firefox ... and confirm for flashplayer-nonfree12:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 94021 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [with munmap ()]  -- libflashplayer.so " [High,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9402112:10
asacwill your "script" still detect that bug to match dupes?12:10
asacor will this hide the bug for you?12:10
asachjmf: oh ... i confirmed MASTER bug 73857 ... now i see you want to review12:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 73857 in firefox "MASTER firefox crashed [@ XPC_WN_Helper_NewResolve]  [@ js_LookupPropertyWithFlags] " [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7385712:13
asachjmf: will you now miss it?12:13
asacyohhoo ... just closed the IM_get_context master bugs12:19
asac98 duplicates :)12:19

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