rogue780|mythservanilla kernel?01:12
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superm1gardengnome, did imbrandon mention anything about the buildd's while i was gone?01:48
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superm1Daviey, u there?02:42
superm1keescook, crimsun eventually gave the +1 on libhdhomerun: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2007-June/001684.html :)02:45
superm1i'm going to talk to SD though about getting the package name chaned02:45
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keescooksuperm1: cool.03:03
superm1keescook, i'm trying to determine everyone that has sponsored packages for me to fill out my motu app, but i'm not sure how to retrieve that information about who did what uploads.03:04
superm1any suggestions?03:04
keescookbest I cant think of is to check the signatures on all the uploads in feisty-changes and gutsy-changes :(03:05
superm1Well thats doable03:05
superm1i dont have that many uploads03:05
superm1how do i check them off those?03:05
keescookthere's also this: https://launchpad.net/~superm1/+packages  but that's just the package list03:05
keescookooh! the changes files are clickable now03:06
keescooke.g. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/7297913/mythplugins_0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu3_source.changes03:06
superm1okay so how can i get information out of that though?03:06
keescook gpg --verify mythplugins_0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu3_source.changes03:07
keescookgpg: Signature made Wed 11 Apr 2007 08:14:03 PM PDT using DSA key ID 7D2BCE8503:07
keescookgpg: Good signature from "Sarah Hobbs (Nickname: Hobbsee) <hobbsee@nospammail.net>"03:07
superm1so gpg figures out how to contact the keyservers and all03:07
keescookwithout them in your keyring, it may just say "7D2BCE85", in which case you'll need to do  gpg --recv-keys 7D2BCE8503:07
keescookI think...03:08
superm1i wonder if seahorse is a little more intelligent03:08
superm1because i know it will search keyservers for you on a lot of stuff03:08
superm1you've got an address @ kernel.org keescook ?03:09
superm1do some kernel patches in your days?03:09
keescookI'm not much of a kernel hacker, but I am a kernel.org sysadmin03:10
superm1ah neat03:10
superm1okay well this shouldnt be too bad then.03:10
superm1i'll just get all the .changes files that are still avail03:10
superm1keescook, it looks like this is missing my first uploads, is this page automatically purged of old stuff do you know?03:18
keescookit shouldn't be purged of them03:49
superm1well i know for sure that i had uploads for 'mythtv' in 2006, but none are showing up03:50
=== superm1 thinks this will be the longest 12 days he's experienced in a long time waiting for a response now.
a5benwillisguys, whats the gui for mysql called?04:11
a5benwilliscant remember and need to install it :-)04:12
superm1there is phpmyadmin which we commonly refer to here04:12
superm1for a web browser gui04:12
a5benwillisknew abt that one but never actualy used it for looking at table data04:13
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felipe__Hello anyone alive here?05:00
superm1Hi felipe__05:01
superm1whats going on?05:01
felipe__Hi there. I just installed MythTv on my ubuntu 7.04 I want to see my music on the listings but the mp3 dont show up. I already changed the path to my music directory. This is my first time with mythtv so Im a bit lost here05:03
superm1felipe__, the easist way to explain mythmusic: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MythMusic05:05
felipe__ok thanks for the link05:05
superm1you've already read through this and how to create a playlist?05:05
felipe__not yet but at a quick glimse it only explain how to import music from a cd05:07
superm1well it shows how to make playlists and such too05:08
superm1which is how you will be playing music05:08
superm1in the music manager you control what music is visible05:08
superm1and create playlists that you will call upon05:08
felipe__Thanks for the help Ill read the web page tomorrow, right now I have to go. take care05:12
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defendguinsuperm1: you around?05:52
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superm1defendguin, yes07:27
superm1whats up?07:27
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gardengnomesuperm1: nope10:24
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wilHi, How can I rerun mythfilldatabase manual so that I can select the channels to grab? It is grabbing way too much now11:22
wilAnd also they don't show up in the channel list in mythtweb11:23
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BalachmarHi, My ir remote doesn't work with mythtv. I am following the howto on ubuntu docs.03:15
BalachmarAnd irw detects the buttons, so lirc is working, but I cannot seem to get it to work with mythtv, or vlc or anything else really And I have downloaded a lircrc.mceusb file and placed it in the right place03:16
Balachmarvlc responds to nothing really...03:16
Balachmarand mythtv doesn't respond to a single button either03:17
BalachmarCan no one help me with my remote control/03:55
BalachmarBecause I just changed every button into the buttons that are in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf and it still doesn't work03:56
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superm1hi Balachmar, you placed the lircrc.mceusb in ~/.lircrc04:27
defendguinhey mario04:28
superm1hey defendguin04:28
superm1i fell asleep last night while on IRC still... :=)04:28
defendguinme too04:29
defendguini need to setup the box so that i can send the tv into low power mode04:29
Balachmarsuperml: yes that is correct it should have a copy or ln in .mythtv/lircrc as well04:32
superm1Balachmar, were you customizing it at all?  That the syntax could have broken?04:34
superm1You can use ircat to test the .lircrc file04:35
Balachmarsuperml: no, it was just in the wrong place04:35
Balachmarirw worked fine04:35
superm1irw will test the lircd.conf04:35
defendguin00000000000017bd 00 Power Hauppauge_350  is what irw saw the power button press on my remote and it just takes me back to the main mythtv menu04:36
superm1Balachmar, see the ircat man page.  it will explain how to use it04:36
Balachmarsuperml: It already works, but thanks for the help04:37
BalachmarDoes anyone know how to setup mythtv to use acpi wakeup?04:37
superm1oh very good :)04:37
superm1Balachmar, there is a page on  the wiki that majoridiot wrote about it04:37
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV04:37
superm1defendguin, as for putting the tv in low power mode, you can force test it using xset commands04:38
defendguinlets see xset dpms off?04:41
defendguinor would only standby be the thing i should try04:42
superm1well you'll have to see what modes your tv supports04:43
superm1mine only supports off i think04:43
defendguini need to do something different with my ssh session04:44
superm1you have to export DISPLAY=:0 typically04:44
superm1or do it via vnc or at the console04:45
defendguini set DISPLAY=:0 after i get logged in?04:45
superm1well you can do it for that particular command if you want04:45
superm1DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force off04:45
superm1and such04:46
defendguinXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server04:46
defendguinXlib: No protocol specified04:46
defendguinxset:  unable to open display ":0"04:46
superm1then thats because gdm locked it down04:47
superm1by default04:47
superm1you have to either go into gdmsetup04:48
superm1and enable that, or use a local console or vnc04:48
defendguini unchecked the box that said deny tcp connections  to x server04:53
superm1yup thats it04:53
defendguini guess i need to reset the x server after that04:53
defendguin4404 tty7     SLs+   0:09 /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth vt7   it doesn't have the -nolisten tag in it anymore04:59
defendguinbut i still get the same error04:59
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defendguinsuperm1: it still won't let me connect05:05
superm1you restarted gdm?05:05
superm1you can try doing xhost +05:06
superm1which will allow connections from anything05:06
superm1X has a level of security preventing connections unless your authenticated as well05:06
superm1so that drops the security05:07
defendguinxhost + xset dpms force off?05:07
superm1you might have to do the xhost + at console05:07
superm1DISPLAY=:0 xhost +05:07
superm1you can try05:07
superm1but if that doesnt go, then at console05:07
defendguinno worky05:08
superm1okay one more solution then05:09
superm1create a file /etc/X0.hosts05:09
superm1and thats it05:09
superm1and then restart gdm05:09
superm1that will add the ssh connection to the list of known hosts that can connect05:09
defendguinhaha ok i was able to turn it off05:13
defendguini tried DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force on and it just sits there05:13
superm1so it doesnt come back from dpms?05:15
defendguinnot that i can see05:16
defendguini guess i can restart gdm to get it back05:16
superm1try xset foce -dpms05:17
superm1to force turning dpms functionality off05:17
superm1(forcing it on)05:17
defendguinthe box is non responsive now05:19
BalachmarCan somebody help me with getting acpi to work, because it still doesn't work. It works when I do it manually, but somehow mythtv doesn't put the wakeup time into /proc/acpi/alarm when it shuts down05:19
defendguini should have never tried to restart gdm05:20
superm1Balachmar, I can't say i've ever experimented with it.  If you'll be around the channel for the day, i'll send majoridiot an email and see if he can pop in05:20
superm1and give you a hand05:20
Balachmarsuperml: well I will be in this channel as long as it doesn't work :)05:21
gardengnomeit's not that hard05:21
gardengnomein mythtv setup, enter the correct time format and something like "echo "$time" > /proc/acpi/alarm" as the settime command05:22
gardengnomemake sure that /proc/acpi/alarm has got the right permissions05:22
superm1its root:root on m box currently, so you might need to write a udev rule to override that so that a person in the mythtv group can change it05:24
gardengnomejust stick "chown mythtv:root /proc/acpi/alarm" into /etc/rc.local ;)05:24
gardengnomeudev is too bloated sometimes05:24
gardengnomeacpi wakeup doesn't work correctly for me, unfortunately:(05:25
superm1wouldn't root:mythtv be a better idea?05:25
gardengnomeprobably ;)05:25
superm1and you need to chmod it g+rw then too05:25
superm1if you do it as the group, then a regular user account that watches mythtv can handle it as well05:25
superm1(since they will be in the mythtv group implicitly)05:25
defendguinsuperm1: standby works05:26
superm1and you can wake up and such too :)?05:26
defendguinuse the same command with on?05:27
defendguindpms force on?05:27
Balachmarok, here it tells me to add sudo nopassword stuff to sudoers05:27
superm1thats another way to do it05:28
superm1if you do it as sudo, then no group membership would need to be changed05:28
superm1probably the better way to do it matter of fact05:28
defendguinsuperm1: yup it comes back on05:28
superm1great defendguin05:28
defendguini'm gonna try suspend05:29
defendguinthat works05:29
defendguini wonder what is the power difference between these modes05:29
Balachmarproblem is, that that aint working...05:31
Balachmarsorry I was too soon saying that05:31
defendguinsuperm1: i turned on to watch tv and try suspend and that really puts a lag into my ssh session05:32
defendguinnow im trying to turn it back on and that might be an issue05:32
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Balachmarok, the user can now write without problem to /proc/acpi/alarm05:33
Balachmarbut mythtv still doesn't write there05:34
superm1which user can, and which user is mythtv running as?05:34
Balachmarat wakeup command it says: sudo sh -c 'echo $time > /proc/acpi/alarm'05:35
BalachmarI'm running it with the same user05:35
gardengnomewhy did you put "sudo" in there?05:35
gardengnomeit's probably sitting at a password prompt now ;)05:35
Balachmarbecause I'm doing it the "nice" way05:36
Balachmarwith sudo and then giving the user privileges to do that without password05:36
gardengnomedoes that mean you used visudo?05:36
superm1yes you have to use visudo to modify /etc/sudoers05:37
superm1you cant do it by hand05:37
gardengnomeoh yes you can05:37
superm1you can???05:37
defendguinwow there is like a 5 minute lag between my keypresses and and what happens in the ssh session05:37
gardengnomeit's just not a smart thing to do05:37
gardengnomesuperm1: sure05:37
superm1why is there that big fat warning then?05:37
gardengnomesuperm1: just do it [tm] . visudo just performs some sanity checks which is highly advisable on ubuntu because you *need* sudo05:37
BalachmarActually I did it by hand, because it doesn't really matter since I am the only one on the computer now05:37
gardengnomeBalachmar: it does matter because you might lose sudo access05:38
Balachmargardengnome: ok well I didn't :) next time I'll use visudo :)05:38
gardengnome"The "Q" option should be used with extreme care because if visudo believes there to be a parse error, so will sudo and no one will be able to sudo again until the error is fixed.05:39
gardengnomefrom the sudoers man page05:39
Balachmarnow my backendserver wont start05:41
Balachmarnfslockfile or something05:41
Balachmarneeded sudo in front of it before it started05:43
superm1how are you starting the backend?05:44
superm1dont do that05:44
Balachmar:) why?05:44
superm1sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start05:44
superm1sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart05:44
superm1the init script does it cleanly05:44
Balachmarok, will do next time05:44
superm1and starts it as the appropriate users05:44
superm1and permissions and such05:45
Balachmardo changes in sudoers take effect immediately?05:58
Balachmarbecause with the stuff in my soduers file it doesn't work at the moment05:58
Balachmarok, so I don't need to reboot each time05:59
BalachmarI don't need to put anything in command to execute before shutdown do I?06:05
superm1dont know, myself.06:08
Balachmarbecause it seems that mythtv doesn't put the time into /proc/acpi/alarm still06:10
Balachmarit still asks for a password...06:10
gardengnomewhat did you put into your sudoers?06:11
Balachmarwell, I guess I have found it I will know in 20s06:14
defendguinsuperm1: well standby and return from standby works great06:14
Balachmarok it didn't work06:15
Balachmarthis is the line I put into sudoers06:15
Balachmar%mythtv ALL = NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, /proc/acpi/alarm, etc/init.d/mythtv-backend06:17
superm1very good defendguin06:17
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defendguinsuperm1: it goes on and off so fast i'm not too sure how much energy i'm gonna be saving06:18
gardengnomeBalachmar: are you sure you can files like /proc/acpi/alarm in sudoers like that?06:18
superm1defendguin, thes why the off mode is likely better if you can get it to work06:18
Balachmargardengnome: no, but it says so here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/Install/WhatNext/ACPIWake?highlight=%28mythtv%29%7C%28acpi%2906:19
defendguinsuperm1: well i can probably get it to work there is just a serious issue of lag06:20
gardengnomei didn't find that howto06:20
gardengnomei'm gonna try that guide06:21
Balachmargardengnome: ghe geh06:21
defendguinit goes off just fine but when i try to turn it back on it may take a long while06:21
defendguinhmmm   worked great that time06:21
defendguinthat may be because i had previously turned -dpms06:22
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defendguinsuperm1: once i turned dpms back on things don't work very smoothly when i try to get it turned back on06:23
superm1thats weird06:24
defendguintook about 1 minute from the time i did DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force on otv turning back on06:25
Balachmargardengnome: it is only not that great especially the last bit is just plain weird about the mythwelcome06:25
gardengnomeBalachmar: maybe, but it's got some additional information about acpiwakeup.. i'll let you know if it works for me06:27
Balachmargardengnome: I have changes sudoers to allow all for mythtv group without password and that seems to work...06:37
Balachmargardengnome: So maybe I should add some more to that line06:37
gardengnomei've just shut down the box and i hope it'll wake up06:49
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gardengnomeit's recording now :)07:16
Balachmarwhat did you fill in in the sudoers file?07:18
gardengnome%mythtv localhost = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/mythshutdown, /usr/local/bin/setwakeuptime, /sbin/shutdown, /07:19
gardengnome /usr/local/bin/setwakeuptime is a small shell script that'll turn the wakeup time into UTC time.07:19
gardengnome# by Tino 'Scorpi' Keitel07:19
gardengnomeecho -n "Setting wakeup time to "07:19
gardengnomedate -u -d @$107:19
gardengnome#date -u -d @$1 "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" | sed "s/^20/00/" > /proc/acpi/alarm07:19
gardengnomedate -u -d @$1 "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"  > /proc/acpi/alarm07:20
gardengnomekinda like that07:20
superm1gardengnome, how does it wake up though if a remote frontend needs the machine?07:20
gardengnomesuperm1: wake on lan.07:20
gardengnomesuperm1: i have yet to configure that07:20
superm1well. what if that remote frontend was say a netboot off that backend though...07:20
gardengnomewell, what if some smart-ass was making up corner cases? ;)07:21
gardengnomei have to admit that's a real problem, though.07:21
superm1that same smart ass has that exact same setup though07:21
gardengnomei've got one box i'd love to netboot07:21
superm1i never setup acpi wakeup for that reason, have no idea how to get around the symantic of such a netboot07:22
gardengnomesuperm1: the netbooting frontend could still have a small usb stick or something whose software would WoL the backend07:22
gardengnomesuperm1: i've also got a wrt54g running openwrt on my network whichcould be used for such causes07:22
superm1me too07:22
superm1thats how i hand out the dhcp info07:22
superm1to where the kernel is stored07:22
gardengnomesame here07:22
gardengnomemy tftp server is on a virtualbox VM07:22
gardengnomeok, it's dinner time. ttyl07:23
superm1cya gardengnome07:23
superm1Daviey, u here?07:24
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gardengnomesuperm1: hum. in mythweb.postinst, we a2dissite mythweb if /etc/apache2/sites-available/mythwebdir exists. however, is mythwebdir is already disabled, adissite will fail, causing dpkg to abort. is this intentional or should we ignore such error conditions?08:30
superm1irgnore such error conditions i'd say08:31
superm1those side step crazy cases, remember ;)08:31
gardengnomeit happened here :)08:31
superm1did you disable mythwebdir?08:31
gardengnomeyes, because i was using other svn packages08:32
gardengnomei've just installed proper ones (eg mine)08:32
gardengnomewell, i'm still busy installing them because those packages are not entirely compatible :)08:32
=== gardengnome pokes dpkg with a stick
gardengnomeall worky it seems :)08:34
gardengnomei'm getting a .dmrc error message using the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend package. have you seen this?08:42
superm1what error?08:42
gardengnomeoh, i found the cause08:44
gardengnome /home/mythtv/ is owned by mysql:mysql08:44
superm1it should be chowned on package insteall08:44
gardengnomethe .dmrc error message mentioned that the permissions should be fixed08:44
gardengnomesuperm1: really? maybe i fscked it up. :)08:44
gardengnomei'll check the postinst script08:44
gardengnomeit's only chowned if the file doesn't already exist08:46
gardengnomei suppose it was me who accidentally broke those permissions08:47
gardengnomesorry for causing confusion :)08:47
superm1how did you break them though08:47
superm1i'm a bit confused by that08:47
gardengnomethe story probably goes back to the year 151208:49
gardengnomewhen the bavarians came up with the purity law for beer08:50
gardengnomei really have no clue. :)08:50
gardengnomenow the box immediately goes to the frontend08:50
superm1you must have mixed up stuff in the process of installing packages08:52
superm1and removing them08:52
gardengnomeit's been this way for a long time08:54
gardengnomei just never bothered to fix it08:54
superm1gardengnome, do you know of anything to edit ogg/theora video?08:55
gardengnomenot off-hand, no. i'd try avidemux08:56
superm1tried ;(08:56
superm1doesnt handle theora08:56
superm1i generated a video of a mythtv desktop install using gtk-recordmydesktop08:56
superm1that i was going to use for ulive, but i wanted to take out the cruft of like package downloading08:57
superm1and such08:57
superm1cinelerra eh08:58
superm1that was in '05, wonder if current releases handle it08:58
superm1i dont really want to go into the cvs mess of things08:58
ompaulI had some random thoughts about streamed materials and the "cpu hoggage" that takes place un streaming and encoding them for human use08:58
ompaulplayback :)08:58
superm1ompaul, your so backwards sometimes08:59
gardengnomesuperm1: do you know where  this "Session=mythtv-xsession" is defined? i've seen it in .dmrc bzut i don't know where it'd tell it to start mythwelcome instead of mythfrontend :)09:00
ompaulwhat if there was something $like selinux where $like is very variable, thus keeping some power in backup for other likely events09:00
ompaula qemu for a single application if you like - chroot with hard walls09:01
superm1ompaul,  isnt that called a kernel scheduler?09:01
superm1and 'nice'?09:01
rogue780|mythserhowdy everyone09:02
ompaulsuperm1, automagically09:02
superm1you nice something to a high enough priority and you have those hard walls already09:02
superm1hi rogue780|mythser09:02
ompaulsuperm1, it would be in that space09:03
superm1so ompaul couldnt this be implemented as another kernel scheduler that would watch for particular processes09:04
superm1that automatically get higher priority09:04
gardengnomesuperm1: thanks09:04
superm1gardengnome, you just gave me a good idea09:04
superm1with mythwelcome, do you still start mythfrontend?09:04
superm1or does mythwelcome handle that for you09:04
gardengnomesuperm1: mythwelcome *can* handle that for you. it's configurable09:05
superm1what is more common to do?09:05
superm1because i'm thinking, what if /usr/share/startmythtv.sh sources something in /etc09:05
superm1that can have a TRUE or FALSE09:05
superm1to use mythwelcome instead09:05
gardengnomesuperm1: that'd be smart.09:05
superm1so someone can easily switch it09:05
gardengnomesuperm1: we'd need to tell people it can be changed, though ;)09:06
gardengnomewhy does startmythtv.sh reside in /usr/share/?09:06
superm1because it does09:07
superm1can you think of a better more standard place for it?09:07
ompaulsuperm1, it would be more of a "choke" that would apply to keep processes down at a sane level to allow others to appear fast enough without causing the running applications to feel too much09:07
superm1ompaul, I guess i'm still not seeing the difference from that and having somethign to automatically 'nice' misbehaving processes09:08
gardengnomesuperm1: /usr/bin/ ?09:09
gardengnomeompaul: can't ulimits do that?09:09
superm1well its not intended to be started by a user though09:09
superm1only by a login session09:09
superm1so it shouldnt be in there $PATH09:09
gardengnomesuperm1: true. but i'm afraid any modifications will be lost after an upgrade.09:10
superm1gardengnome, they will, unless the packaging is set up in a more friendly manner09:10
superm1like what i mentioned above09:10
superm1to source something in /etc09:10
superm1like /etc/mythtv/session09:10
superm1or /etc/default/mythtvsession09:11
gardengnomesuperm1: can't we put startmythtv.sh into /etc/?09:12
superm1then it wont be updated with package updates necessarily09:13
superm1so thats why /usr/share/mythtv made the most sense to me09:13
gardengnomei think it will be updated if it wasn't modified.09:13
gardengnomebut i'm not sure09:14
superm1well /usr/share/mythtv works :)09:16
gardengnometrue enough09:16
superm1so gardengnome does it make most sense to have mythwelcome replace mythfrontend then?09:19
superm1you think09:19
superm1in this sourcing magic09:19
gardengnomei'm not sure. it adds convenience09:21
gardengnomebut it feels bloaty somehow09:21
superm1well i mean it can be turned on and off09:21
gardengnomeof course it makes sense then :)09:21
gardengnomei hate vibrating hard disks :( that computer is really loud. *sigh*09:21
gardengnomei'm gonna fix that with some cable ties and a free 5 1/4 bay09:22
superm1haha there you go09:22
gardengnomesuperm1: is there a frontend log?09:23
superm1its saved to ~/.xsession-errors09:23
gardengnomeshould be easy enough to add that09:24
gardengnomenice, thanks09:24
gardengnomeno, that's not a real frontend log09:24
superm1well its a session log09:24
gardengnomesomething like mythfrontend -l /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log09:24
superm1oh nothing atm09:24
gardengnomewrong user :(09:25
gardengnomeit's there in /home/mythtv :)09:26
gardengnomeyour packages rock.09:28
gardengnomeit's never been so easy09:28
superm1thanks.  I'm trying out the change right now on my fe.  as long as it works, i'll send you a diff to apply to your packaging too09:30
gardengnomei wish i could force myself to read "man sudoers" and memorize everything. but it's just too boring ;)09:31
superm1okay the sourcing magic works correctly09:38
superm1and mythwelcome even spawned mythfrontend for me too09:38
superm1this exact same method can be used to start offering other window managers too09:41
superm1and extra settings09:41
gardengnomei was going to time the boot process09:47
superm1gardengnome, can you not get DCC's?09:47
superm1or is it my end here09:47
gardengnomeonly to find out it decided to check a file system09:47
gardengnomesuperm1: no, i can't09:47
superm1oh ok09:47
gardengnomethis box is locked down rather tightly09:47
gardengnomesuperm1: please send it to laga@laga.ath.cx09:47
superm1well i just put it into the bzr branch09:47
superm1you can grab it from there09:47
gardengnomein which bzr branch?09:48
gardengnomei'm always getting confused09:48
superm1the 'mythtv' one09:48
superm1there are 3 branches09:48
superm1one for mythtv09:48
superm1one for mythplugins09:48
superm1and one for mythbuntu09:48
gardengnomeah, good09:49
gardengnomewhat about myththemes?09:49
superm1doesnt have a branch09:49
gardengnomewhat exactly is taking place in mythbuntu now? and why was i supposed to check out from there first?09:49
superm1in mythbuntu is the weekly build script09:49
gardengnomei'll have to take a look at that one, too09:50
gardengnomebut that can wait :)09:50
superm1in mythtv is the debian packaging for mythtv09:50
superm1and in mythplugins is debian packaging for mythplugins09:50
gardengnomemy mythtv box takes 82 seconds from power-on to a fully functional mythfrontend. that's pretty impressive for a "vanilla" install09:51
superm1still dont have that number that our goal is.  0-fully installed and booted in 29 minutes :)09:52
gardengnomemy hardware always requires fiddling09:53
gardengnomeor i always prefer non-standard solutions like inputlircd09:53
superm1never even heard of htat09:55
gardengnomeit's nifty09:56
gardengnomeit translates /dev/input/ stuff into lirc events09:56
gardengnomejust like lirc using its dev/input driver, but with less configuration09:56
gardengnomeand we all know that configuring lirc sucks.09:56
superm1thats kinda backwards.09:57
gardengnomelirc does have some advantages10:01
gardengnomeand mythcontrols doesn't recognize all of the buttons if i use the native /dev/input interface.10:02
gardengnomewriting a lircrc isn't more work than hacking up an xmodmap10:02
superm1i guess10:03
superm1how come its not more commonly used ?10:03
gardengnomeit's rather new, i suppose. ;)10:04
gardengnomeand lirc is a standard10:04
gardengnomesuperm1: do you have the URL to the bzr branch for me? one last time? i know i'm being dumb about this, but i do have trouble locating information in launchpad :)10:39
superm1i can gra bit10:40
superm1co from that url10:41
superm1for mythtv changes10:41
gardengnomeyou can "gra bit"?10:41
superm1i'm quite talented10:43
gardengnomethat's awesome.10:44
superm1okay so apparently cinelerra sucks10:44
superm1it kept seg faulting10:44
superm1so i just used vlc to convert to mpeg410:44
superm1and i'm editting in avidemux2 now10:44
gardengnomei've just accidentally deleted my trunk packaging work. i managed to stop it "rm -rf mythbuntu/" right before mythplugins/debian and mythtv/debian was deleted10:44
gardengnomealmost everything else is gone10:44
gardengnomethat was a close call.10:45
gardengnomeof course, i dont have any backups ;)10:45
superm1are you on LP gardengnome ?10:46
superm1we should make a bzr branch for the trunk packaging10:47
superm1are you in ubuntu-mythtv right now?10:47
gardengnomei'm "laga".10:47
gardengnomein the team? no.10:47
superm1I'll add you10:47
superm1you can then upload a new branch10:47
superm1do two seperate ones10:48
superm1and mythplugins-trunk10:48
superm1you have to "bzr init" in each of them10:48
gardengnomei'll RTFM, thanks10:48
superm1k :)10:49
superm1i dont know if there is a manual per say though10:49
gardengnomei'll bug you if i need to know something10:50
gardengnomesuperm1: do i need to add my ssh key to launchpad in order to commit $things?11:01
gardengnomeguess i'll do that then.11:01
gardengnomei don't know muchabout ssh or cryptography. is it safe using my normal public ssh key?11:05
superm1as long as you dont lose that private key11:06
gardengnome-trunk$ bzr init http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv-trunk/11:19
gardengnomebzr: ERROR: Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()11:19
gardengnomesuperm1: care to tell me what protocol i have to use?11:19
gardengnomedo i have to register a branch before committing?11:29
superm1you just push it11:36
superm1you dont register on LP11:36
superm1if you push to  "bzr push sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv-trunk"11:36
superm1i belive11:36
gardengnomei get that error then: http://www.pastebin.ca/53159511:38
superm1try this11:39
superm1if you push to  "bzr push sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv/mythtv-trunk"11:39
gardengnomehey, that worked11:40
superm1for mythplugins:11:40
superm1if you push to  "bzr push sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythplugins/mythplugins-trunk"11:41
gardengnomethanks :)11:44
gardengnome"ignored 23 file(s).11:44
gardengnomeIf you wish to add some of these files, please add them by name.11:44
superm1which files were ignored?11:44
gardengnomeannoying. do you know how i can get a list?11:44
gardengnomei don't know.11:44
superm1bzr stat11:44
superm1i think11:44
superm1or bzr info11:44
superm1or bzr diff11:44
superm1one of those 311:44
gardengnomethere were some stale files that were ignored, like debian/libmyth-0.20/11:49
superm1you mean like debian/libmyth-0.20~11:49
superm1stuff with ~ at the end11:49
gardengnomelike, temporary directories11:50
gardengnomei'm paranoid enough not to want to leave my name all over the place11:52
superm1you should try to do a "debuild -S -sa" before uploading.  it will make a source package and make sure that there are no errors11:52
superm1also it will make sure its clean11:52
superm1so you dont get extra cruft11:52
gardengnomei'll need to get a fresh svn checkout then11:53
gardengnomebecause i deleted mine ;)11:53
gardengnomei'm already uploading, but i guess i can just revert11:53
superm1what i do11:53
superm1is keep the whole directory there11:53
superm1and have a .bzrignore11:54
superm1that ignores all the mythtv stuff11:54
superm1and then do a debuild -S -sa -i11:54
superm1which will ignore the .svn directory and .bzr directories11:54
superm1when debuild'ing11:54
gardengnomethanks, i've just created the .bzrignore12:12
gardengnomeyour help is much appreciated :)12:12
superm1very good :)12:12
superm1this will help to keep the changes between yours, the weekly builds, and ubuntu stable all very similar12:13
gardengnomei'm going to commit my .bzrignore as well12:13
superm1good idea12:13
superm1thats what i do too12:14
gardengnomei should have gotten yours, then12:14
superm1you probably could base off of it too.12:14
gardengnomealthough ls > .bzrignore was not terribly hard12:14
superm1make sure that .svn is in it too12:14
superm1in the .bzrignore12:14
superm1ugh finally got this video made12:15
gardengnomeyay :)12:16
superm1i captured in gtk-recordmydesktop12:16
superm1transocded from ogg/theora to mpeg4 with vlc12:16
superm1editted it in avideumx212:16
=== gardengnome beers superm1
superm1transocded to ffmpeg/mpeg4 again12:16
superm1and have it all done :)12:16
superm1thanks gardengnome12:16
gardengnomesounds like a lot of work ;)12:16
superm1for a 4 minute resultant file: yes12:17
gardengnomei'm glad to have my mythtv box in a semi-working state again. i just need to move it next to an antenna outlet, get tv-out working and make it quieter.12:17
superm1while you get tv out working, watch closely what you do for itb12:17
superm1because i'm going to be adding that to ubiquity in a week or two hopefully12:18
gardengnomei doubt that ubiquity will come with detailed soldering instructions for a VGA->SCART cable12:18
gardengnomehaving tv-out support in the installer would rock12:18
gardengnomethere are different thoughts of school, though, regarding the fine-tuning ;)12:19
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
gardengnomei bzr added .bzrignore, but bzr push tells me:12:26
superm1what is?12:26
gardengnomelaga@prometheus:~/dev/mythtv-trunk/ubuntu$ bzr push12:26
gardengnomeUsing saved location: sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv/mythtv-trunk/12:26
gardengnomeEnter passphrase for key '/home/laga/.ssh/id_dsa':12:26
gardengnomeNo new revisions to push.12:26
superm1bzr commit12:26
gardengnomei guess svn has a different workflow then12:26

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