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Corbeauxanyone here?12:13
CorbeauxI'm trying to reinstall GRUB on an HP-DL380, I tried using the rescue option on th install CD but I'm probably entering the wrong options for root(hdx,y). Anyone has suggestions?12:15
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kr8hello people... anyone here care to help me with a mdamd raid issue on edgy?01:24
kr8make that, mdadm :)01:24
kr8why on earth does mdadm-raid try to assemble md0 on boot when i have no md0 ?01:26
kr8or rather, why does initrd do this even after a dpkg-reconfigure mdadm with a sensible and accurate mdadm.conf for an md10 ?01:27
kr8i have a feeling this issue is resolved in feisty from what i have read but I wondered if there was a hack/fix/patch magic spoon that will help me now...01:28
kr8many thanks, i hope you have a nice hot cup of coffee standing by ;-)01:29
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GrueliusHey all, im having trouble getting samba to work. I had it setup perfectly on gentoo however i cant get it to work right on ubuntu. What i want to do is have all users who dont have the right credentials get set to a guest account however if i login with my details i can shift files e.t.c.04:20
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Rescue9anyone home?04:36
Rescue9Kewl... usually freenode has full rooms but no one chatting. :-P04:36
Rescue9I'm thinking about switching from Gentoo to ubuntu-server, but have a few questions first04:37
Rescue9How "stable" is the apt-get upgrade? I do upgrades with gentoo, but EVERY time I do, something breaks! I'm tired of that. How does ubuntu fair in the upgrade department?04:38
Rescue9come on guys.... someone has to have experience upgrading their server?!?!?!? 04:41
Burgundaviaif you are using a stable version of Ubuntu, it is very stable04:43
Burgundaviahowever, that depends on your server needs04:43
Burgundaviawhat are you doing with this?04:43
Rescue9LAMP, IMAP server, Firewall, ispconfig, etc. 04:44
Burgundaviaok, that is pretty simple stuff04:45
Burgundaviado you understand the divide between main and universe?04:45
Rescue9yea... nothing big... Gallery2 and WOrdpress w/mysql takes up most my processing power04:45
Rescue9Um... I believe so. Main is stuff that ubuntu people make sure works well... universe is just opensource that others work on??04:46
Burgundaviasort of04:46
Burgundaviamain is supported by Canonical with free security updates04:46
Burgundaviauniverse is supported by teh community and only some packages get security update04:46
Rescue9aah. ok...04:46
Rescue9I had something like that in mind... just didn't come out right.04:47
Burgundaviabasically, figure out exactly which packages you need and look them up on packages.ubuntu.com04:47
Rescue9what am I looking for?04:48
Rescue9Not "packages" but what am I looking for when I look them up. :-P04:48
Burgundaviathe package name04:48
Burgundaviawhether they are in main or not04:48
Burgundaviawhich version you can get04:48
Burgundaviabasically, for a server, you have two different version choices04:48
Burgundaviayou can use 6.06, which is now a year old, but is supported on the server until 200904:49
Rescue9yea... LTS and non"lts"04:49
Burgundaviaor you can use 7.04, the recently released version, which is only supported for 18 months04:49
Burgundaviaor sept 09, basically04:49
Rescue9Personally... I don't want or expect to use Canonical support. I've worked with linux enough to fix my own problems. My main reason for moving to Ubuntu is to avoid too many problems though. :-P04:50
BurgundaviaI enjoy the security support04:51
Burgundaviait makes my life a lot easier04:51
Rescue9So what you're saying basically is that if it's in main or universe, then it should upgrade cleanly every time, but if it's not, then it's anyones guess?04:51
leoneland  remember  universe has no official  security updates  even  there are    and  not   security announces04:53
Burgundaviathe packages in the ubuntu archive have fairly high standards04:53
Burgundaviayou may run into issues still, but remember to report them as bugs04:53
Rescue9kewl. That helps lotz. At least I'm only taking a chance with a few packages, vs the whole system when upgrading. 04:53
leonelso  you  must  know what  are you using from universe   and if there's  a bug  you should report it  in lauchpad04:53
leonelso it can get attention and get fixed04:54
Rescue9when a new ubuntu comes out though, the universe will be upgraded most of the time to include the bugfixes right?04:54
leonelbut remember  there's no oficial support  for universe 04:54
leonelRescue9: yes04:54
Burgundaviaand there is an update tool04:54
leonelin case  you need  a newer package  you can  backportit   or request  a backport  from the next new version 04:55
Rescue9my biggie was the compile time gentoo took up when updating my 800mhz 256M server. :-P04:55
Burgundaviawelcome to binary distros, they are much better04:55
Rescue9ok... elaborate on backports a bit.... sorry if this is newbie stuff but I'v only been using ubuntu for 3 weeks. loaded it on my laptop and have loved it since!04:56
Burgundaviathe only place I can see compiling to gain 1% is if you have that massive server farm and 1% means an hour or more of processing time04:56
leoneleasier  cleaner   and  faster to install04:56
Burgundaviabackports are packages taken from the development version of Ubuntu and rebuild in a stable environment04:56
Rescue9I liked the saying that I saw in the forums "I want to spend time working with my OS, not on my OS."04:56
leonelha ha04:57
Rescue9so I can request backports of security issue packages, and they "might" get built?04:57
Burgundaviapretty much04:57
Rescue9Ok... that brings another question. Gentoo has a GLSA (Gentoo linux security advisories) that kept me informed of security holes. If the package isn't in main and I have to keep an eye on it myself... where do I find out about holes?04:58
Rescue9amd i going to have to monitor the cert myself?04:58
leonelor suscribe to the announce list for that package04:59
leonelBurgundavia: there's only  for main and restricted  not  for  universe05:00
leoneluniverse has no announces05:00
leonelRescue9: I use  clamav   and it's on universe   and  I'm suscribed to the clamav announce list  05:01
Rescue9where would I go to subscribe? I can't find it on packages.ubuntu.com05:01
leonelRescue9: even  you can  fix  those packages  backporting the  bugfix   and let a sponsor  to upload your fix05:01
Rescue9yea... clamav was one I was looking at in the univ.05:01
leonelRescue9:  I've patched  today  clamav  for  feistyt05:02
Rescue9I'm good at fixing problems... but not coding. :-(05:02
Rescue9anyway.... how to subscribe?05:02
Burgundaviafor the security stuff?05:02
leoneland  I'm looking to fix  dapper's  clamav05:02
Burgundaviarss or security-announce05:02
leonelRescue9: what packages  need  a  from universe 05:03
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Rescue9not sure right now... have to look them all up. :-P Clamav for sure.05:03
leonelclamav  is  safe now  even  there's the  message that the package is outdated  but has the  security bugs  fixed 05:04
Rescue9I'm starting from scratch on a new machine... so there is a lot going into it. spamassassin, etc.05:04
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leonelfor this case  you can  go to the  spamassassin  mailing list  and suscribe for announces   once there's a security bug05:05
Rescue9WOW..... mysql isn't in main?!05:05
leonelyou can  reportit in launchpad05:05
Burgundaviashoudl be05:06
Burgundavialook for mysql505:06
leonelmysql-server-5.0  is in main 05:06
Rescue9you mean the spamassassin mailing list through http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/MailingLists05:06
leonelfor that package 05:07
Rescue9I was looking at mysql-client05:07
leonelor search for the CVE05:07
Rescue9it's not05:07
Rescue9See... I'm getting a bit of a lesson in security, and thats what I need more than anything.05:07
Rescue9I always relied on building the newest package to fix bugs, but if I can track the bugs myself... then I don't have to constantly upgrade.05:08
leonelmysql-client-5.0  is in main05:08
Rescue9Are you guys on all the lists that aren't in main?05:08
leoneljust the packages I use :)05:08
Rescue9leonel: yea... duh. :-P05:09
leonelsquirrelmail  clamav   for example05:09
Rescue9yea... squirelmail is another I need.05:09
leonelthat's updated  05:09
Rescue9so by looking at the packages.ubuntu.com site... if it says universe next to it, it's not in main... but if it doesn't say anything, it's in main?05:09
Rescue9thats where I was mistaken. I thought it would say (main)05:10
Rescue9Ok.... here's an OT, but how do you keep up with what you've installed?05:11
Burgundaviadpkg has a list of installed packages05:13
Rescue9does it tell if they are in main, univ, etc?05:13
Burgundaviathere are different components05:14
leonelgood question ..05:14
Rescue9leonel: ??05:15
leonel<Rescue9> does it tell if they are in main, univ, etc? ...05:15
leonelthat question ..05:15
Rescue9aah.. thx.05:15
Rescue9lets get back to the backporting. whats the site to request a backport or to "submit" a backport?05:16
Burgundaviavia the backports team and launchpad05:16
Rescue9thanks. I'm looking at the launchpad page too.05:17
Rescue9I registered a few days ago in response to pigdin not getting any love. :-P05:18
Burgundaviapidgin is a tricky one, apparently05:18
Rescue9why? WOrks good with the get-deb pkg I got05:18
Burgundaviaget-deb should be not trusted on a server05:18
Rescue9I'd assume they don't want to backport cause it "clases" with gaim.05:19
Burgundaviathe other issue is the sheer number of other package they would need to backport05:19
Rescue9Burgundavia: agreed... it's on my lappy.05:19
Burgundaviathe same issue exists with FF05:19
Rescue9yea... but theres a bin for FF isnt' there?05:19
Rescue9in the repository?05:20
Burgundaviayes, but Firefox is the rendering engine for about 15 other apps05:20
Burgundaviaanything that uses gecko thus also needs to be backported05:20
Rescue9aah... yea. I see what you're meaning now.05:20
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Rescue9it was unfortunate that Sean had to change the names, but thats what happens with big money gets threatened.05:22
Burgundaviahe should have bowed sooner05:22
Rescue9ROFLOL!!!! someone has already put up a pigdin.im site. for aMSN.05:23
Rescue9we'll agree to disagree there. I think he should have stuck it out. 05:23
Rescue9Thanks a lot for the information guys. I'll definitely be lurking the room. 05:26
Burgundaviasounds good05:26
Rescue9leonel: I'd like to chat with you more about security one day soon.05:33
Rescue9Thanks again guys!05:34
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GrueliusDo you guys know how i can speed up printing using windows drivers through samba?06:20
Grueliuswindows almost locks up06:20
Grueliususing the http://server:631/printers/name prints things real fast06:24
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r00tintheb0xAnyone got any "hard" problems they want to throw @ me, please feel free to do so.06:27
foor00tintheb0x: Help! How can I change the root password!?!?06:31
r00tintheb0xjust type it in here06:31
foopasswd r00tpwindab0x06:31
foooh, wait, the user goes there, darn it06:31
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Grueliushow do i rebuild my raid5 array if the partition names have changed07:03
r00tintheb0xAnyone with advanced problems that no one else can seem to solve... please don't hesitate to contact me. If i don't answer right away, thats because im in #guruhelp. :D07:15
PumpernickelOr #smug.07:16
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r00tintheb0xfoo, dont make me stab you with my ub3rn3ss...07:21
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foor00tintheb0x: :P07:22
r00tintheb0xfoo, join my new chan man07:26
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r00tintheb0xok, im making a samba server that is going to bind to the windows active directory server using winbindd. This samba server is also going to be our NIS and NFS server. For some reason, i can pull users and groups from the AD with gwbinfo... but i can tconnect to samba shares through the AD accounts.11:06
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kr8anyone have a clue whats broken on 7.04 latest kernel and what the fix is? i'm running on last 6.10 kernel for now... :(12:14
kr8for some reason a remount of / fails with a device busy and then the /root/dev dir creation fails (of course) and i get dumped into a busybox prompt with nothing...12:15
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eldunconeed a quick hand if at all possible04:34
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Wookstaim having a problem with ubuntu feisty server... i have an old box which was running ubuntu desktop (edgy eft) and i just re-installed to fiesty server but now every time when the system tries to start it gets past grub, i get a "Starting up..." message and then the system resets, how can i debug this issue?07:45
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kr8 Wooksta: boot the recovery image or edit the boot line and remove "quiet" to see more details.08:28
Wookstakr8, thanks just re-installing atm then i'll give it a try :)08:29
kr8Wooksta: if you run the recovery image, remember you get dumped into single user and an exit will continue to boot. not sure if all the modules are the same between that and the regular kernel image for the same version.08:30
Wookstakr8, ok cheers08:33
kr8Wooksta: np :)08:33
Wookstakr8, while im here, do you know of a good ftp server i can install? (wanna set this system up as a LAMP server with ftp & subversion as well)08:34
kr8Wooksta: i use vsftp but proftp might be better - if its in ubuntu...08:34
Wookstakr8, ok cheers :)08:35
Wookstakr8, i've tried booting the recovery image / removing the quiet from the normal grub entry but it still dont work, i get "Starting up..." in the top corner for about 1-2 seconds then it resets09:00
Wookstacould it somehow be pointing to the wrong kernel or something?09:01
kr8no you would see that...09:02
Wookstabizzare :<09:02
Wookstaim just checking my install cd to make sure everything is ok09:02
kr8have you tried removing/disconnecting any non-essential peripherals?09:02
Wookstanot yet, its bizzare though i installed debian 4.0 just to test it and it installed / ran fine :S09:03
kr8some usb devices and sata devices cause loooooong delays in starting but perhaps something you have attached is causing the box to reset.09:03
Wookstano periphrials bar monitor/keyboard/network attached09:03
kr8maybe a memory issue? running it too close to the end of its max speed?09:03
Wookstascsi cdrw in it09:03
kr8if you don't need it too boot remove it. its a good place to start.09:04
Wookstaok will try that after this check09:04
kr8run the memtest on it thru 1 pass minimum just to see.09:04
Wookstaits been runing fine with edgy dekstop on it09:04
Wookstawill do as well09:04
kr8the server kernel is more tuned though and will likely contain drivers not used for desktop.09:05
kr8can you boot the live version?09:05
Wookstaok, i'll rip out the scsi controller after the tests09:05
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Wookstais the live version on a seperate disk?09:06
kr8yeah, on one of the other cd/dvd's09:06
kr8try booting the live version of 7.0409:07
Wookstai could try , i know for desktop i cant install using the live gui as there aint enough ram09:07
Wookstaits an old machine 09:07
Wookstacyrix 700mhz cpu with 256 of ram :D09:07
kr8can't recal how to get rid of the splash screen though so you see all the goings on, going on :)09:07
kr8is cyrix even supported?09:07
Wookstano idea :P09:07
Wookstaedgy worked well on it09:08
kr8best check then, you could be chassing a red herring...09:08
kr8you not trying to run the 64bit version are you? ;-)09:09
Wookstano :P09:09
kr8just checkin09:09
Wookstagive me a lil credit :P09:09
Wookstanot too much though :P:09:09
Wookstathe cd integrity check failed09:09
Wookstaon a samba .deb file09:10
kr8well i only say that as i expect the loader is still going to be 32bit... so you would get so far... then die. no idea what 64bit code does on a 32bit cpu... it may just cause a reboot :D09:10
Wookstathink i should try another download / burn?09:10
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kr8do a mem check, you need to know your minimum spec is capable and stable.09:10
Wookstamem test running just now09:11
Wookstai tell a lie its 128 mb :D09:11
kr8get some more ram you fool. lol09:12
Wookstanah i just need it to run apache for my dev and thats it :P09:12
=== kr8 slaps Wooksta with the ubunto minimum hardware HowTo... hard.
Wookstaits just an old banger made out of parts from pcs lost long ago09:12
kr8and you want to dev what on it? 09:13
Wookstawell dev on my system09:13
Wookstatest / run web server on it09:13
kr8don't think that box is upto it inho...09:13
kr8imho even09:13
Wookstahehe it was running a vent server well enough for about 3-4 months ne ways :P09:14
kr8better off runnin a minimal vm to do that.09:14
kr8anyway teatime here... have fun :)09:14
Wookstawill do & cheers for the help, enjoy ur tea09:15
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cottimaI am confused about ubuntu in general, but my main questions are:  If server edition has just what it needs (I like) how does LTSP work without graphics?  2)does the desktop edition have everything or could I used the server then add what i need from the ubuntu repos?10:32
Burgundaviaboth servera nd desktop come from the same repos, use similar kernels, etc.10:33
Burgundaviato use LTSP, you would need to install stuff ont eh server10:33
cottimaSo, the only diff is a config file on what packages to install?10:33
Burgundaviabasically yes10:34
Burgundaviawhat is installed is controlled through seeds and tasks10:34
cottimaso I should read up on seeds and tasks10:34
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Burgundaviaseeds are pretty easy10:34
Burgundaviatasks are controlled through tasksel and are generally highlevel things, like a dns server or a lamp server10:35
Burgundaviabasically, in the case of the server, the server seed is enough to get your computer up and running and nothing more, not even an ssh server10:35
Burgundaviathose are the seeds10:36
Burgundaviathen you choose a task afterwards10:36
cottimaso ubuntu has centralized the configuration in tasks?10:37
Burgundaviatasks are actually a debian thing and are still pretty new in ubuntu10:37
Burgundaviathe server team is still building more tasks10:37
Burgundaviaof course, a task is nothing more than a group of packages to install10:38
cottimaoh, I am a lazy fedora user, so that is why I do not know about tasks10:38
cottimaSounds very simple10:39
Burgundaviaso the key difference between fedora and ubuntu is the sheer number of packages in our repository, based on our debian heritage10:39
Burgundaviaalso, there is a difference in how long things are supported and what those things are10:39
Burgundaviabasically, each version of Ubuntu is supported for 18 months, except for our LTS release, which is supported for 5 years on the server10:39
Burgundaviaby support, we are referring to free security updates10:40
Burgundaviahowever, only things which are in the "main" repository are supported in this way10:40
Burgundaviathose in universe may or may not be, that depends on the community10:40
cottimais it pretty simple to upgrade between versions?10:41
Burgundaviarecently, yes10:41
Burgundaviabetween 6.10 and 7.04 there is a tool to update servers10:41
Burgundaviathat tool existed for earlier versions of ubuntu, but only graphically10:41
cottimathat is still good for desktop use.10:42
cottimaAre you a debian user by default?10:42
Burgundaviacame from RH8 to Ubuntu in 2004510:42
Burgundavia2004, rather10:42
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cottimaWith your transition did you find ubuntu easier and the same for easier in terms of managing?10:46
Burgundaviamuch easier10:47
BurgundaviaI run a group of WBEL and Ubuntu at work10:47
Burgundaviathe ubuntu stuff is a magnatude easier to control10:47
cottimaAnd do you think a lazy linux user could improve linux skills in ubuntu (commandline, security, etc.)?  In other words so a lazy user such as myself would do better to the point of being on other distros in command line?10:48
Burgundaviaubuntu has a lot more sane defaults, so it is less hard to really screw up10:49
Burgundaviasuch as no open ports or running services by default10:49
Burgundaviaor sudo by default10:49
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cottimaokay, is swtiching between run levels in desktop possible, so if I need I could kill graphics?10:50
Burgundaviadebian/ubuntu do not use run levels in the same way10:50
Burgundaviathere is no 3/5 distinction10:51
cottimais it possible to turn the graphic server X on and off though10:51
=== YourMomsHero [n=cirish@ip24-251-191-203.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
cottimaHow would that be done?10:53
BurgundaviaYourMomsHero: your nick is a little bit rude10:53
Burgundaviahmm, not certain10:53
BurgundaviaI run all my servers headless and my desktops not10:53
cottimaCOX communications has needed a new new for a while, but fits the prices sometimes10:54
YourMomsHeroBurgundavia: thx10:54
cottimaif I do not know how to do a command though and want to do it graphically, do I do it from another machine or could i turn the start X or whatever ubuntu does and then kill it?10:57
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cottimaYourMomsHero do not feel bad, all I can get is that cable co. for my internet10:58
BurgundaviaYourMomsHero: no, I am qute serious. I would like you to change it10:58
cottimaoh, i was looking at his ip not his nickname, sorry.  yeah our society is too vulgar11:00
cottimaBurgundavia I really appreciate your help.11:00
Burgundaviano worries11:01
cottimaThank you!11:01
BurgundaviaI am frequently here11:01
cottimaThat is good to know11:01
cottimaI am looking for a distro away from Fedora11:01
YourMomsHeroBurgundavia: do you have nothing better to do than worry about my nick....?  I wasn't even actively chatting in this channel til you started talkin to me.  Either way, no I won't change it :)11:01
=== pirroh [n=pirroh@host170-65-dynamic.8-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-server
cottimaYourMomsHero do you live near the star city?11:03
YourMomsHerostar city? i'm in phx, az11:03
pirrohhi, maybe someone of you have read the same question on the general channel, I beg pardon for that11:03
cottimaOH, you have Cox Comm. as your ip11:03
pirrohanyway, I'm trying to upgrade a dapper minimal install to a fresh feisty server11:03
YourMomsHerocottima: yeah they're pretty big here11:03
cottimasame here, but I would like to have Verizon since they are a bit pricy11:04
pirrohoops, gotta go, hope to find you here later :)11:06
YourMomsHeroif Verizon ever brings their FiOS service to my area I'll jump on it11:06
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #ubuntu-server
cottimaYourMomsHero SAME HERE!!!11:19
cottimaEveryone, food time for me, thanks and have a blessed evening.  Hope to see everyone again soon.11:23
=== fernando [n=fernando@unaffiliated/musb] has joined #ubuntu-server
foocottima: See ya11:29
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=== gejr [n=geo@062016209061.customer.alfanett.no] has joined #ubuntu-server
gejrI'm trying to add python to my apache server11:48
gejrHow does ubuntu's apache handle this? as of now it recognizes .php files, but no .py files11:48
gejrI thought there would be an addhandler for .php in apache2.conf, but php isn't even mentioned in the file11:49
leonelsudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-python11:49
gejrso how does the apache server know how to handle php files?11:49
gejrleonel: I have added that and the module is loaded11:49
gejrwhat is this mptest? I have no file called mptest on my system11:50
gejri'll try following that guide11:51
gejrthank you11:51
leonelit's your python script    mptest.py11:51
leonelyou can use   a handler    or  a dispacher 11:51
leoneli mean11:52
leonelyou can use   a handler    or  a  publisher11:52
leonelthe handler is a script that will respond to all requests in a directory11:52
gejrI don't want python to only work for one filename?:)11:53
leoneland with a publisher  you can make python work  with  many  python scripts 11:53
gejrso with this example it'll only work for mptest.py and no other .py files?11:53
leonelthat's a handler11:53
gejri feel pretty useless now. Guess I have to read up a lot on this :/11:53
leonelfor that example11:54
gejrok..with that in my apache2.conf i get "No module named mptest"11:54
leonelis configured for    /test  on  your   htdocs 11:54
gejrI altered it to /11:54
leonelof you  request  http://yourserver.com/test/a/b/s/c/e/e/f/sa/as11:54
gejrsince my example .py file is in /var/www/11:54
leonelthat request will be responded by mptest11:55
leonelyou need to put  mptest  in your  python  path 11:55
gejrand mptest is any python file i create?11:55
gejrit's confusing...is this python script valid? #!/usr/bin/python \n print "something"11:56
gejrwith a real new line of course..11:56
leonelbut that something  must be    Content-type11:57
gejrthat's what's in my mptest.py now11:57
gejrit's now in /var/www/mptest.py11:57
hadsYeah, does mod-python require you to send a Content-type header first?11:57
leonelgejr: if  you want  like  php  does    check the config  for   the publisher11:58
gejrwhat's the publisher?:)12:01
gejrI'm trying my best to get it to work the way of that guide now12:01
gejri'm really struggling.. :S12:03
gejrit keeps trying to download the script12:03
gejri now have /var/www/test/mptest.py12:04
gejrwhich contains what i found in the first link you gave at http://modpython.org/live/current/doc-html/inst-testing.html12:04
leonelyou need to put  mptest  in your  python  path 12:04
leonelnot in your browser12:04
leoneli mean 12:05
leonelnot in your apache 12:05
leonelin your python path12:05
gejrhm..this might be the problem12:05
gejrwhat's my python path?:D12:05
leonelsys.path 12:05
leonelprint that in python12:06
gejrgot a lot of hits on that one12:06
gejr/usr/lib/python2.5 ?12:06
leonel or12:06
leonelyou can12:06
leonelmkdir  /home/mypythonscripts12:06
leoneland in your apache cnfiguration12:06
leonel  PythonPath "sys.path + ['/home/mypythonscripts'] "12:07
gejranywhere in apache conf?12:07
leonelwhere you configured  your  mptest ..12:07
gejr[ ]  as in optional right? I don't need the brackets?12:08
leonelhave you worked with  python before ?12:08
gejrbarely..I've only created really simple scripts.12:09
gejrI'm used to using php for web-stuff. Now I just wanted to try python for that12:09

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