TehRealNexGenclose beryl12:27
TehRealNexGensettings>workspace sttings12:28
jerikohrm, how do i kill beryl12:29
TehRealNexGenis beryl in your system tray?12:30
jerikoit was, i did r.click > close12:30
Jester45beryl isnt in the syetm try the beryl-manage is12:30
jerikonow it's half-running12:30
jerikono window borders, but still have the cube12:30
Jester45open the process manager and kill beryl and emerald12:30
jerikoemerald seems to be gone already12:31
jerikothat's the beryl window manager yea?12:31
Jester45then kill beryl and run xfwm4 to get xfce's wm back12:32
jerikothere we go12:32
jerikohrm, desktop pager still only has one now12:36
jerikoi restarted x12:36
jerikonm, got it12:36
jerikojust had to re-add the workspaces12:36
jerikois it possible to use xfwm4 on top of beryl instead of emerald?12:37
=== deep` [n=deep@c-a52a71d5.017-19-626c671.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepjeriko: no, emerald is just a decorator12:39
jerikoah so12:40
jerikoguess i'll tinker with this a bit more12:40
jerikojust installed beryl a few mins ago12:41
TehRealNexGenwoot i managed to get it to create an iso, the solution was to unmount the cd before copying, wierd huh?12:45
vidd_laptopTehRealNexGen, no...you should never mount the cd you are trying to make an iso of12:48
TehRealNexGenheh well learn something new everyday12:51
TehRealNexGenstrange that the fact you shouldnt mount it was not mentioned anywhere12:52
vidd_laptopits a wasted day if ya dont =] 12:52
vidd_laptopwas the tut written in the days before xubuntu auto-mounted by default?12:53
TehRealNexGenthis page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CreateIsoFromCDorDVD?highlight=%28create%29%7C%28iso%2912:55
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=== umbaruba leave
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jerikohrm, i'm at a loss for how to fix the desktop pager issue with beryl01:20
=== nixnoob [n=geoff@ool-18b98bf2.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
nixnoobhey why cant i add a workspace switcher to my top panel?01:20
aliasrushjeriko: what is your problem?01:23
jerikomy desktop pager becomes... smooshed when i load beryl01:26
jerikonot quite sure how to fix01:27
=== umbaruba [n=user@M56b7.m.pppool.de] has left #xubuntu ["ERC]
aliasrushwell... what version of beryl are you using?01:28
=== nixnoob1 [n=geoff@ool-18b98bf2.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
jerikohrm, whatever is current in the repository01:29
jerikohow do i find out?01:29
jeriko0.2.1 looks like01:30
aliasrushwell... you are running xubuntu right?01:30
jerikoinstalled via aptitude01:30
aliasrushgoto to applications>>system>>synaptic package manager01:31
aliasrushand start it.... us the search option and type in beryl.... the version you have will come up01:32
jerikoyea i did01:32
aliasrushare you using xgl or aiglx?01:33
aliasrushor do you not know what that is?01:34
jerikoi kinda do01:35
jerikothe cmdline i chose didn't mention either01:35
aliasrushyeah... you are using aiglx....01:35
jerikothat is newer/better yes?01:35
jerikoi'm using current nvidia drivers01:36
aliasrushwell... yeah01:36
jerikowhich seemed to support aiglx without xgl01:36
aliasrushsorta.... yeah you are using it because of your graphics card and it is open source divers01:36
aliasrushanyways, I do not believe there is a fix for it... I could not find one and I just removed it because I can just switch desktops the way beryl allows you to01:37
jerikoi know but still...01:38
aliasrush<Ctrl><Alt><right mouse button>.... hold all three down and spin the cube.... plus you can set it so you can mouse over or use the mouse wheel at the edge of the screen01:38
nixnoob1hey why cant i add a workspace switcher to my top panel?01:39
aliasrushsorry.... it has something to do with the fact that the native window manager is not in charge of the desktop anymore and the windows environment does not know how to interpret the command01:39
nixnoob1are you talking to me?01:40
aliasrushnixnoobl: are you running and accelerated manager?01:40
=== rexbinary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
aliasrushone sec I have to take my contacts out...brb01:40
=== rex_binary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
aliasrushnixnoobl: are still there:?01:43
=== rex_binary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
aliasrushI am sorry what is the problem you are having?01:45
aliasrushyou are using beryl+xubuntu+xfce and you cannot get a desktop pager to work on your top panel?....can you get it to work on your bottom?01:46
aliasrushnixnoobl: are you still there?01:48
jerikoi have another semi-related question while he's thinking01:49
aliasrushok... what is the question?01:50
jerikois it possible to enable multiple workspaces in regards to the send-to menu?01:50
jerikoeg: right click an app > send-to workspace 201:50
jerikoonly way i can seem to move apps is by dragging off the edge until the cube rotates01:51
aliasrushno... not with beryl.... that is a function of other window managers01:51
jerikoah bummer01:51
aliasrushberyl allows you to move it to the next.... no not a bummer.... there is more functionality with beryl01:51
aliasrushI can do all the same things and more but faster with beryl.... are you familiar how t manipulate your desktop with beryl?01:52
jerikowell, it's not my preferred method, so bummer for me :/01:52
jerikono i'm very new to beryl01:52
jerikoabout 3 hours so far01:52
jerikohow can i move other than a big mouse drag?01:52
aliasrushcool... well press and hold: ctrl+alt+left mouse button.........and move the mouse01:54
jerikothat just rotates the cube for me01:54
aliasrushalso use the beryl manager to select the wheel over effect at the desktop edge...01:55
aliasrushoh I see01:55
aliasrushyou want another way to move windows to other desktops01:55
jeriko yes, the mouse drag is very long01:55
aliasrushwell there are none that I know of exactly01:56
jerikoas i said, bummer :p01:56
aliasrushwhy not just switch to the appropriate desktop and open the app there?01:56
jerikodoesn't always work that way01:57
aliasrushI see01:57
aliasrushsorry man... try #ubuntu-effects01:57
jerikosay i click an mp3 stream out of browser, which then launches media player01:57
aliasrushthere are some experienced beryl users in there01:57
=== tuna-fish [n=tuna@tunamasiina.kortex.jyu.fi] has joined #xubuntu
jerikoi don't want media player sitting on my primary workspace01:58
jerikoso i send to another01:58
jerikomaybe if i had a 30" monitor :)01:58
aliasrushI here ya man01:58
jerikobut indeed, we're getting a bit offtopic for this channel01:58
aliasrushyeah... have you tried #ubuntu-effects?02:00
jerikonah not yet02:01
jerikoonly started messing with it few hours ago, but trying to work as well02:01
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=== nixnoob1 [n=geoff@ool-18b98bf2.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Jester46 [n=ryan@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== aabrahao [i=aabrahao@200-185-229-85.user.ajato.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
aabrahaoto connect to a windows server do I need to install samba?02:17
TheSheepaabrahao: no, but you need some samba client02:21
TheSheepaabrahao: smbclient is a commandline tool, there are some graophical ones, like pyneighbourhood, and you can just mount a samba share with fusesmb02:22
aabrahaosamba client to connect a windows server?02:23
TheSheepaabrahao: yes, the protocol that windows uses to tranfer files over network is called SMB02:25
TheSheepaabrahao: to get/put files, you only need a client, if you want other computers to get/put files on your box, you need the server02:26
aabrahaoand tho share to windows?02:26
TheSheepaabrahao: then you need the samba02:27
TheSheepaabrahao: it's the server02:27
TheSheepaabrahao: I think you should have a 'shared forlders' in your 'system' menu02:28
TheSheepaabrahao: use that02:28
aabrahaoI used shared folder but the windows see the linux workgoup but not the shared folder02:30
TheSheepthat's weird :/02:31
TheSheepaabrahao: maybe you will find something useful here:02:32
TheSheep!smaba | aabrahao02:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smaba - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:32
TheSheep!samba | aabrahao02:32
ubotuaabrahao: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT02:32
aabrahaonice, ill check these links. What means  !samba ?02:33
TheSheepaabrahao: it's a command for the bot, it has the most frequently asked questions remembered like this02:34
aabrahaoand what is bot?02:35
TheSheepaabrahao: it's a program that pretends to be a normal irc user and reacts to certain things being said on the channel02:36
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:36
TheSheepaabrahao: it's a short from "robot"02:37
aabrahaoand rebot is?02:47
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepaabrahao: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot02:58
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=== blahblahx [n=chatzill@c-24-60-166-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
blahblahxcan i install xubuntu onto a firewire external derive03:16
=== blahblahx [n=chatzill@c-24-60-166-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
=== Knightlust [n=Dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #xubuntu
Jester46anyone here know how to set varaibles to a bash script before it run likes ./script.sh -var1 -var2 -var303:32
=== ctgPi [n=fmoreira@] has joined #xubuntu
=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepJester46: var=foo; ./script.sh03:43
Jester46wait i still dont understand, can i have "./script.sh -var1"'s var1 be dynamic03:45
TheSheepJester46: I don't understand03:46
TheSheepvar1="-l'; ls $var103:47
TheSheepvar1="-l"; ls $var103:47
TheSheeplike this?03:47
Jester46ok i making a script that would be a lot simpler to have the user input the infomation before the script runs like location of a file ans some settings can i have them input them before running it03:47
TheSheepvar1=$(cat) <-- like this?03:48
TheSheeponly it requires the user to press ^D to end the input :/03:49
Jester46no thats still not it... like when your giving variables to a program... say mplayer -famredrop -blah -blah03:50
TheSheepJester46: they are passed as $1, $2, $3, etc.03:51
TheSheepJester46: the name of the program is $003:51
Jester46so...  script.sh -Hello -world would have $1 be Hello?03:52
TheSheepno, it would have it '-Hello'03:52
Jester46thats file also03:52
Jester46one last question03:52
Jester46in ruby there is nil is there somthing like that for bash03:53
Jester46is it null?03:53
TheSheepbash doesn't have objects or pointers03:54
TheSheepnil is an 'empty' pointer03:54
Jester46well how can i make the script know if the user didnt input say 3 items03:54
Jester46i think i know03:54
TheSheepyou can do ./script "" "" "" ziew03:55
TheSheepor just use the word 'nil' if you don;t use it for anything else03:55
TheSheepor anything, really03:55
Jester46script.sh hellow world if [ "$3" = ""  ] ; then echo "You missed something"03:56
TheSheepuhm, not sure03:56
TheSheepbut you can try03:56
Jester46there should be a line break after world03:56
Jester46well no becuase if they entered somthing it might mess up the script03:57
Jester46because the if statement would let the script keep going but there isnt correct input03:58
TheSheepyou need to exit(2)03:59
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
Jester46but i saying if they had a $3 but was somthing useless like "asdfasd" it wouldnt work04:00
TheSheephow can the script know if it is useful?04:00
Jester46thats what im saying it cant04:05
Jester46unless i make a really longstring of if commands04:05
=== R[a] ndom [n=random@bas9-toronto01-1242392664.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepJester46: are you sure you want to write this in bash?04:14
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== VeganChick01 [n=carolyn@] has joined #xubuntu
VeganChick01has anyone else had a problem running videos in xubuntu?04:21
Jester45not me04:21
=== vidd_laptop installed libxine-extracodecs and libdvdcss .... no problems here
vidd_laptopVeganChick01, what app you using?04:23
VeganChick01vidd_laptop: i was using VLC, but it didn't make a difference what I used, even watching videos online w/ firefox had the same problem04:24
vidd_laptopdid you instal libxine-extracodecs?04:24
VeganChick01they were distorted, like there was a line down the diagonal and the two split frames were running at slightly diff rates04:24
VeganChick01vidd_laptop: i don't think so. would that help all videos?04:25
vidd_laptopid say about 99%04:25
VeganChick01vidd_laptop: ok. i think you just saved me from not reinstalling xubuntu ;)04:27
=== Jester45 is now known as Jester_bot
vidd_laptopVeganChick01, a re-install would have fixed nothing04:31
VeganChick01vidd_laptop: i wasn't doing it for that. when i updated to feisty, firefox was really messed up04:31
=== Jester_bot is not a bot just checking nicks
vidd_laptopbecause the issue was not with the os...04:32
vidd_laptopok...just so ya know a re-install does not "fix" things like it does in windows04:32
vidd_laptop=] 04:32
Jester_botvidd_laptop: did you copy/paste me?04:32
=== Jester_bot is now known as Jester45
VeganChick01vidd_laptop: haha. i know...i'm an OS X user btw :P04:33
vidd_laptopno...just paraphrased04:33
Jester45more like grammar correction04:37
=== TheSheep just deleted the effect of the last 5 hours of his work by mistake :/
TheSheeptime to go to sleep04:41
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=== thirdy [n=thirdy@] has joined #xubuntu
thirdyany online racing game for xubuntu?05:00
Jester45online... not sure about that05:00
thirdye-games equivalent for linux05:01
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and ubuntugames.org05:01
thirdyok I'll check dat05:01
Jester45!info tuxracer05:01
ubotuPackage tuxracer does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas05:01
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@unaffiliated/crdlb] has joined #xubuntu
tonyyarusso!info planetpenguin-racer05:03
ubotuplanetpenguin-racer: another 3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.1-8 (feisty), package size 273 kB, installed size 744 kB05:03
tonyyarusso(name change)05:03
thirdyany car racing/05:03
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=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
aliasrushhas anyone use xmms with xubuntu?05:16
Jester45i dont i use mpd+mpc but i cant seem to get it working05:17
aliasrushJester45: what is mpd and mpc?05:17
Jester45!info mpd05:17
ubotumpd: Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.2-2ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 127 kB, installed size 404 kB05:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mpd - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:17
Jester45its a cli program that start when your computer starts and is VERY light weight05:18
Jester45mpc is a cli client to it there is also gui client like gmpc and sonata05:18
aliasrushso how do you get it to play music?05:18
aliasrushso you use commands to play your music05:19
aliasrushseems hard to use05:19
Jester45search google its a bit more compliated than gui music player but its worth it. also you can have it stream the audio over your network05:19
crdlbncmpc is also nice05:19
Jester45aliasrush: i have mpc only becuase i have keyboard binding on mpc05:19
aliasrushthat seems like an interesting feature05:19
Jester45aliasrush: you can make ctrl + n to play next song or any other combo05:20
Jester45its really nice if you have a mulimedia keyboard with special play next stop buttons05:20
Jester45aliasrush: and mpc work like "mpc next" for next track "mpc stop" to stop05:21
Jester45and if your X crashes/restarts/logout it keeps playing05:21
aliasrushwow that seems really interesting.... I think I will give it a whirl05:23
aliasrushhow do you maintain play lists?05:23
=== Sultanovich [n=sultan@host242.200-82-90.telecom.net.ar] has joined #xubuntu
aliasrushJester45: are you still there? I am wondering what program you use to download media?05:26
Jester45aliasrush: well... i dont download copyrighted media but i use gtk-gnutella (in repos)05:27
aliasrushgotchya... how do you use gnutella?05:27
Jester45but i guess you wanted to use you could im not advising you in anyway05:27
Jester45its like limewire but faster05:27
aliasrushI find it hard to use?05:28
Jester45becuase its not java05:28
Jester45it has a feild at the top for searches05:28
Jester45you double click the file you want to downloads05:28
aliasrushyeah that is fast05:30
Jester45and if you want it faster you can use gtk1 but thats a bit harder to use05:30
=== Jester45 's gtk1 version used 2mb of ram and use 10% of cpu while SHA1 ing
aliasrushjester45: do you use xubuntu?05:32
aliasrushwow... that is really fast05:36
Jester45told you05:37
=== Jester45 knows his P2P
aliasrushyes indeed05:38
aliasrushJester45: do you know why xmms' menus are ugly... similar to that of windows95?05:38
Jester45its gtk1?05:39
Jester45all white?05:39
aliasrushwell all grey and nothing like the rest of the windows05:39
aliasrushis there anyway to fix that?05:39
Jester45yea its GTK1, try a diffrent program there are some others, it might be skinable im not sure05:40
aliasrushI just downlaoded a 100mb file in 5 mins using gnutella!!!05:40
aliasrushyeah it is skinable.... but its just the menus that are ugly05:40
aliasrushwhy does gtk do that?05:41
Jester45there is 2 versions 1 and 2 GTK2 is what xubuntu uses and is slower but pretty and user freindly GTK1 is faster but ugly05:41
aliasrushso gtk1 is the faster one?05:43
=== aliasrush confused with your last sentence
=== JohanSalim [i=G3b0ys@ip84-223.cbn.net.id] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45ok, GTK1 is the version version GTK2 is the 2nd the 2nd version is what you normaly see in xubuntu gtk1 is is what the gray/ugly apps use05:45
aliasrushoh so it all depends on the app and there is nothing I can really do05:47
Jester45not much05:47
Jester45there are GTK1 themes that make it a bit better but still not much05:48
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@unaffiliated/crdlb] has left #xubuntu ["Ex-Chat"]
aliasrushJester45: do you know how to disable the tooltips in xfce?06:19
aliasrushanyone know how to disable tooltips for that matter?06:20
Jester45nope not off the top of my head06:20
=== Sultanovich [n=sultan@host242.200-82-90.telecom.net.ar] has left #xubuntu ["Abandonando"]
aliasrushman are they anoying!06:22
=== aliasrush hates tooltips!
=== Jester45 moves to fast to see them
=== aliasrush says he sees faster than chuck norris can fight a cheetah!
=== Jester_bot [n=rbot@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester_botWhen Moses parted the Red Sea, Chuck Norris closed it back up and said, "Not on my time." [score=6.0] 06:27
Jester45@part #xubuntu06:27
=== Jester_bot [n=rbot@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has left #xubuntu []
PumpernickelNo bots, please.06:28
Jester45it was only for the chucknorris, sorry06:28
Jester45hes new and i wanted to use it for somthing06:28
Jester45o and did you know ubotu listens to @also06:29
Jester45at least the @part06:29
aliasrushreally.... what is a bot anyways?06:29
Jester45its a program on a computer06:30
aliasrushrunning on your computer?06:30
Jester45it replys to special caractors like ! @ # $ %06:30
Jester45the Jester_bot is mine ubotu is... umm ubuntu's06:31
vidd_laptopJester45, you trying to get banned again?06:31
Jester45not really06:31
vidd_laptopcoulda fooled me06:31
Jester45vidd_laptop: it timed out again06:31
Jester45im tricky like that06:31
vidd_laptopthe bot? or the mail?06:31
aliasrushalright goodnight all06:32
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=== mode/#xubuntu [-o TheSheep] by TheSheep
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Jester45@math pi08:01
Jester45oops darn it08:01
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=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-84-11.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcjoin #xubuntu-devel09:02
j1mcheh.  :)09:02
vidd_laptopya might want to use that "/" symbol...comes in handy sometimes09:02
j1mcyeah, totally.  :)09:03
=== j1mc is a n00b. ;-)
vidd_laptopya think THATS bad.....09:03
vidd_laptopmy msql went down cuzz i didnt comment out a line i used to reset the password09:04
Jester45lol vidd_laptop09:04
vidd_laptopive been going nuts for like 4 hours with it!09:05
Jester45you should of game me that little bit09:05
vidd_laptopi did it like a week ago09:05
vidd_laptopbut when the power went out, it couldnt restart cuzz i got rid of the file it called09:06
j1mcvidd_laptop: sounds rough. . .09:06
vidd_laptopcuzz it was a /tmp file....and who needs THEM wasting space.......09:07
j1mcso you deleted it?09:08
vidd_laptopwell...yeah.....i didnt NEED it...i got in and reset the password....09:09
vidd_laptopgot the server running.....09:10
vidd_laptopforgot what the file was for09:10
vidd_laptopit was named ....something obsene09:11
vidd_laptopin the future, i suppose ill name it something like "go ahead and delete this key peice of xyz app09:12
vidd_laptop=] 09:12
vidd_laptopbut all is well and good in the world again....for now09:13
vidd_laptopdo /tmp files delete themselves ?09:14
=== spar1 [n=sparq@ppp-69-238-20-196.dsl.frs2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
spar1Hey anyone having problems at the 15% mark when installing Xubuntu?09:21
=== Zvezdichko [n=svetlio@ns1.metincom.net] has joined #xubuntu
spar1ANyone get problems at 15% mark for installation?09:30
Jester45im sure someone has, but i dont know anything special about it09:31
Jester45sorry that i cant be of any more help09:32
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcspar1: what kind of problems do you have at 15% installation?09:38
=== spar1 [n=sparq@ppp-69-238-20-196.dsl.frs2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
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Jester45that was fun09:39
Jester45from my side09:39
j1mcJester45: netsplit.  woo09:42
j1mcit was like the matrix in here for a moment.  ;)09:42
Jester45well it droped from 70 to 11 people for me09:47
Jester45there was one yesterday also09:47
j1mcwhat happens with a netsplit, do you know?09:54
j1mcit sounds like some people on irc enter a fourth dimension or something.09:54
Jester45freenode is a network of uni servers netsplit is when one or more denetowkr09:56
Jester45so your connected to yours and im connected to mine but nottogether09:57
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:57
Jester45dang im good :)09:57
=== thirdy [n=thirdy@] has joined #xubuntu
thirdyhow do I run Xfwm4?09:59
Jester45press alt + F2 type xfwm4 then click run09:59
=== grazie [n=grazie@88-111-82-76.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
j1mchi grazie10:05
graziehi j1mc10:05
grazieJust switched broadband service provider...it's looking good :) How's it goin' with you?10:06
Jester45thats good10:06
=== jeriko [n=jeriko@dsl081-076-254.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #xubuntu []
grazieHi Jester4510:07
Jester45what kinda broadband10:10
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5D9F3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45o i c DSL10:14
=== grazie_ [n=grazie@88-111-82-76.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
graziesorry Jester45 ... yeah adsl over the telephone network10:15
grazieI'm living out in the countryside now, but getting nearly 2M... the technology has much improved.10:17
j1mcgrazie: sorry, i was afk.10:17
j1mci'm doing well, thought.  :)10:17
=== spar1 [n=sparq@ppp-69-238-20-196.dsl.frs2ca.pacbell.net] has left #xubuntu []
j1mci think i'm off to bed, though.  :)10:22
j1mctake care, all10:22
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hangthedj!info kooka10:38
ubotukooka: scanner program for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.6-0ubuntu4 (feisty), package size 743 kB, installed size 1204 kB10:38
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Ezep_Notebookhow could i access ttys from X?11:17
Ezep_Notebooki press alt+ctrl+fx and it don't work11:17
MercheloTerminal ?11:21
Ezep_Notebookyes, but tty11:21
Mercheloctrl+alt f2 works for me11:22
Ezep_Notebookmmm... maybe cause im in fluxbox...11:22
Ezep_Notebookbut anyways11:22
Ezep_Notebooki have to can...11:22
=== homebrewcider [n=malandme@219-90-139-185.ip.adam.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
homebrewciderwhat am I doing wrong, my error message on configuring k3b says "cannot create executables"11:27
homebrewcider"configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables11:27
homebrewciderSee `config.log' for more details."11:27
graziehomebrewcider: seems like you're trying to BUILD k3b...is this wht your intend? Do you really want a kde app on a gtk based distro?11:32
grazieyour intentension*11:32
grazieoh dear!11:32
Merchelodictionary anyone?11:32
homebrewciderI've already got a slightly older version of k3b, but I want the latest version with the inbuilt ripping of dvds11:34
homebrewcideris the fact that I've got it installed already the problem?11:34
homebrewciderthe older version that is11:34
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
graziehomebrewcider: best to remove old version, but build may do that for you. Have you built packages from source before? If not, you need the build-essential package installed.11:36
=== shiftplusone [n=shiftplu@c211-28-48-3.frank1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
shiftplusonehey, does xubuntu have system sounds like on startup and such?11:38
homebrewciderI've done from source before11:38
homebrewciderI'll uninstall and install from new and see how that goes11:38
homebrewcidergrazie, what program would you recommend instead?11:39
graziehomebrewcider: you checked the config.log for more details?11:39
homebrewciderit's all greek to me11:39
shiftplusone...and what's the default xubuntu document/image viewer?11:40
homebrewciderwant me to pastebin it?11:40
homebrewciderit's quite long,................. the config.log that is11:41
graziehomebrewcider: I use graveman which is gtk and can rip dvds, but does not have as many features as k3b. gnomebaker is better than k3b on a gtk system, but again may not do all you want.11:42
graziehomebrewcider: yes, pastebin the log11:43
=== Ezep_Notebook is now known as Ezep_Noty
=== Ezep_Noty is now known as Ezep_Notebook
=== grazie doesn't like gnomebaker though....always gives him problems
thirdyxfce is too hard11:45
graziehomebrewcider: think it may be a dependency problem11:50
graziehomebrewcider: have you installed build-essential?11:50
=== deep` [n=deep@c-a52a71d5.017-19-626c671.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #xubuntu
homebrewcidernever heard of it before, but am now11:51
graziehomebrewcider: I'm surprised the repo version of k3b doesn't already support dvd ripping...am I missing something?11:53
kumamotohomebrewcider: the k3b that comes with feisty doesn't have dvd ripping capabilities?11:53
=== Ezep_Notebook is now known as Ezep-ZZzz
homebrewciderdoesn't show up the dvd like it should12:01
kumamotoMine does show the dvd and is capable of ripping.12:04
kumamotoI bet there is something that wasn't installed for assisting with the dvd ripping. do you have automatix installed it can help you on that.12:05
homebrewciderapt-get says latest version already installed12:05
homebrewciderbut latest version is 1.0.112:05
homebrewciderI have 0.12.1712:06
homebrewciderthis is the bit i don't understand12:07
homebrewcidersomethin seems to be happening now12:08
homebrewciderchecking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!12:09
homebrewciderand starting again12:10
homebrewciderchecking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!12:11
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@] has joined #xubuntu
homebrewciderwhat are x includes?12:11
homebrewcider :(12:11
kumamotohomebrewcider: are trying to install it remotely or are u on the desktop?12:12
homebrewcideron desktop12:12
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
kumamotoare you on edgy or feisty?12:15
kumamotoI know my k3b didn't work for crap on edgy once updated to feisty it worked like a charm12:16
kumamotou r now running dapper?12:23
homebrewciderall the repositories say dapper, hehe12:26
kumamotook so change all that to feisty12:26
kumamotothen run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:27
homebrewcider"change all that to feisty"?12:27
Mercheloplease use the update manager to upgrade to feisty12:28
kumamotocheck this out http://www.nongeekperspective.com/2007/05/how-to-upgrade-from-dapper-to-feisty.html12:28
kumamotoit worked for me12:29
=== ZenDJiNN [n=djinn@ABordeaux-156-1-174-196.w86-207.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
grazieUsing update manager should give a safer and more efficient upgrade. Also, upgrading two releases in one step really isn't advisable, even though some folks may have done it without problems.12:31
=== __Krush [n=chatzill@] has joined #xubuntu
=== grazie prefers a fresh install whenever possible
homebrewciderso, upgrading by upgrade manager is the safest way?12:32
homebrewciderdoes that do it one version at a time?12:32
graziehomebrewcider: yes and yes12:33
homebrewciderok, I'll go with that12:33
homebrewcidertime is not an issue12:33
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
graziehomebrewcider: it's very important to backup data before any kind of upgrade12:35
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kumamotoI guess everyone has there own way of doing things love linux12:50
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
Merchelo!info john12:58
ubotujohn: active password cracking tool. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6-40ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 548 kB, installed size 1172 kB12:58
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thirdyI've set xfce to not manage the desktop01:11
thirdynow no icons are showing in my deskto01:11
stryperpretty clean :)01:11
thirdyhow do I undo wat I did? No more right click in desktop01:12
thirdyI thinking of switching to KDE01:12
thirdywats the system requirements?01:13
stryperoh, sys reqs ... yes, I was out... I'm currently using KDE with 192 mbs of ram, Pentium 3 processor:)01:14
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thirdystryper, latest KDE? I have 1.1Duron, 256mbRAM01:47
stryperit's great for you01:47
thirdystryper, I'm using Xubuntu right now, how do I change xfce to KDE?01:47
strypersudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:48
hyper_chthirdy: sudo aptitude install kde-desktop01:48
thirdyis there more apps in KDE dan Gnome?01:48
hyper_chthirdy: use aptitude01:48
stryperTheSheep, yes01:48
thirdynot apt?01:48
hyper_chthirdy: nope... just different ones.... but you can run any app in either gnome, xfce or kde01:48
stryperhyper_ch, what's the difference? I use both of them...01:48
thirdyOverall, KDE is the best?01:48
hyper_chthirdy: aptitude does handle meta-packages better than apt-get01:49
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5D9F3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chthirdy: well, what is the best? That depends on the factors for rating that you apply01:49
thirdyCriteria is: Newbie friendly01:49
thirdyEasy custom themes01:50
hyper_chthirdy: well, what is newbie friendly?01:50
thirdyEasy apps01:50
hyper_chthirdy: you will have to setup criterias for that als01:50
hyper_chthirdy: easy apps is another thing... this is al very much depending on the user...01:50
thirdyKDE has the best apps right?01:51
stryperI like KDE more than Gnome... I personally think that there are more integrated packages for kde than gnome01:51
hyper_chI tend to say the easiest distro for a user is the one that recognizes most hardware out-of-the-box.... the interface doesn't play such a great role I tend to think01:51
thirdysudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:52
hyper_chuse aptitude01:52
thirdyok, nothing more?01:52
hyper_chinstead of apt-get01:52
thirdythen wat will happen next?01:52
thirdyis that the full KDE?01:53
stryperblah I'm currently downloading KDE 4 with apt-get. Can I unterrupt the process and use aptitude?01:53
hyper_chreboot is rarely needed... but not after installation of a new desktop... you just need to log out of your x-session01:53
hyper_chstryper: use download KDE 4 or  kubuntu-desktop? that's not the same01:53
thirdyhow do I do that?01:53
stryperKDE 4...01:53
strypernot Kubuntu-desktop01:53
hyper_chthirdy: ctrl-alt-backspace01:54
hyper_chhmm, is it also a meta-package?01:54
stryperit's being installed in a separate dir and runs alongside kde 301:54
hyper_chwhile it's still downloading it shouldn't matter if you used apt-get or aptitude01:54
stryperI just want to try the new features. I know it's unstable and almost unusable01:54
thirdyhyper_ch, ok then, how do I start kubuntu desktop?01:54
hyper_chwell, you then have a dropdown besides the input box for username and password and in there just select kde01:55
thirdythat will download the stable KDE right?01:57
stryperthirdy, yes ... ;)01:57
hyper_chthirdy: it's the desktop for the kubuntu version of *buntu... it's 3.5.4 or something.... it's stable01:57
thirdyok I'll install it now01:57
stryperhyper_ch, it's already 3.5.7 ;)01:58
thirdyIt's not diff from KDE right?01:58
hyper_chbeen a long time since I used KDE01:58
hyper_chthirdy: it is different01:58
stryperhyper_ch, what do you use now?01:58
thirdyno I min, diff from kubuntu desktop01:58
hyper_chstryper: have a guess (hint: what channel are we in?)01:58
hyper_chthirdy: nope, it's not different from it... it's the kubuntu-desktop :)01:59
stryperthen Xfce... :) but I asked because I have multiple desktop environments01:59
hyper_chstryper: but then I use many kde appz01:59
thirdysudo aptitude install kde-desktop02:00
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.20-16-generic running Xfce 4.4.0, CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), HD: 329/897GB, RAM: 994/1010MB, 145 proc's, 17.12h up02:00
thirdyis that the command? just wanna make sure nothing goes wrong02:00
hyper_chstryper: btw, want to fix your sysinfo script? ^^02:00
thirdysudo aptitude install kde-desktop02:00
hyper_chupstreamed it should be fixed but there hasn't been a *buntu update yet02:00
hyper_chthirdy: yes, that's it02:00
stryperhyper_ch, sysinfo script?02:00
hyper_chstryper: you're using Konversation?02:01
thirdyhyper_ch, stryper, wat language are you using now?02:02
stryperI don't like Konversation ... :) I've been using xchat for years.02:02
stryperthirdy, bulgarian02:02
hyper_chstryper: xchat in KDE?02:02
hyper_chthirdy: what do you mean by "language"?02:02
thirdystryper, Programming Language02:02
stryperhyper_ch, yes, as you said gnome apps may run in KDE and so on...02:03
thirdyCouldn't find any package whose name or description matched "kde-desktop"02:03
thirdyThe following packages have been automatically kept back:02:03
thirdy  libfreetype6 linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-common02:03
thirdy  linux-restricted-modules-generic02:03
thirdyThe following packages have been kept back:02:03
thirdy  app-install-data-commercial apport apport-gtk firefox gimp gimp-data02:03
thirdy  gstreamer0.8-mad hal libgimp2.0 libhal-storage1 libhal1 libnspr4 libnss302:03
thirdy  libpulse0 libsmbclient linux-generic linux-headers-generic python02:03
thirdy  python-apport python-gdbm python-minimal python-problem-report python2.502:03
thirdy  python2.5-minimal samba-common smbclient tzdata unattended-upgrades02:03
thirdy  update-manager update-manager-core vim-common vim-runtime vim-tiny02:03
thirdy0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 37 not upgraded.02:03
thirdyNeed to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.02:03
stryperbut I prefer to use KDE software in KDE because of the integration... I hope you understand me correctly02:03
hyper_chthirdy: do first this:   sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade02:04
hyper_chthirdy: then do reboot02:04
stryperthirdy, I've used C and C++ looong ago now I have no time for programming :)02:04
hyper_chthirdy: and then sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop02:04
hyper_chstryper: well, most people are purists when it comes between gnome/kde appz02:04
stryperhyper_ch, why do you think it's that way?02:05
hyper_chstryper: because it is that way according to my experience02:06
stryperI said it's because of integration with the desktop environment. I use quite a few gnome apps in KDE02:06
hyper_chI use what suits me best02:06
thirdy37 packages upgraded, 5 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:07
thirdyNeed to get 85.6MB of archives. After unpacking 180MB will be used.02:07
thirdyDo you want to continue? [Y/n/?] 02:07
stryperi hope that you don't think that I'm against gnome :)02:07
thirdyCan I delete some unessesary files?02:08
thirdyI need to save space02:08
hyper_chthirdy: you could first remove Xfce02:08
hyper_chand the saved packages02:08
thirdycan I do that after I have KDE?02:09
hyper_chyes you can02:09
thirdyok, show me how to clean my linux partition, after ok?02:09
hyper_chif you want to02:10
hyper_chif you are going to permanently use KDE then you may want to use KDM instead of GDM...02:10
hyper_chduring the setup process you will be asked for this02:10
thirdywats the diff?02:10
hyper_chKDM--> KDE Display Manager02:11
hyper_chGDM --> Gnome Display Manager02:11
thirdyHad hard tym here in linux02:12
thirdyI'm a 1day old linux user02:12
=== Zvezdichko`away [n=svetlio@ns1.metincom.net] has joined #xubuntu
thirdybut I've managed to make java and flash work02:13
Zvezdichko`awayX crashed somehow02:13
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: then restart it02:14
hyper_chthirdy: I'm a... hmm... 3/4year-linux-user :)02:15
Zvezdichko`awayready ;)02:15
Zvezdichko`awaynow I'm back in xfce02:15
Zvezdichko`awayI'd like to try some KDE software to see it in XFCe02:15
Zvezdichko`awayfor example Kopete02:15
Zvezdichko`awayand... :(02:16
Zvezdichko`awayit integrates itself in the system tray02:16
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: yes it does02:16
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: I use k3b, kopete, konversation, ktorrent, krdc, krfb, konqueror, kate, ....02:17
Zvezdichko`awaythen I was wrong all the time02:17
hyper_chwrongt about?02:17
Zvezdichko`awaywell, what I said was stupid... I said that KDE programs don't integrate in other desktop environments02:18
thirdyWats the perfect xubuntu resource site?02:18
thirdyKDE has the most apps?02:18
Zvezdichko`awaybut I don't know why I was wrong. Maybe it was not so years ago ( when we had KDE 2.2 and Gnome 1.4 )02:18
hyper_chthirdy: what do you mean by that "perfect ressource site"?02:19
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: dunno... they did so ever I started using linux desktops02:19
thirdywer u can get the best apps, themes and everything for your xubuntu02:19
Zvezdichko`awaygames? why don't you use your windows games? if you can afford cedega02:20
Zvezdichko`awayOffice suite - i use openoffice. aptitude kubuntu-desktop should have installed Openoffice with kde02:20
thirdyyeah, but I wanna explore linux02:21
hyper_chthirdy: games nore not made for specific desktops... rather for builds for specific distros and/or available as source code02:21
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch, I mean ... yes, you can run whatever you want in *any* window manager. But I mean things like... integration in the system panel or so02:21
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: does kubuntu come with OOo? I thought if features KOffice02:22
Zvezdichko`awaywell, do you remember? when you helped me to install kubuntu-desktop it automatically installed openoffice02:22
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: did I help you?02:23
Zvezdichko`awayyes :)02:23
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: ok *smile* well, I don't remember about OOo02:23
Zvezdichko`awayI remember ;)02:23
hyper_chdid it help what I said you have to do?02:23
Zvezdichko`awaybut now I have Open office, not Kword, Kpresenter...02:23
Zvezdichko`awayyes, of course ;)02:23
=== hyper_ch is just a noob that would like others to think he knows something about linux
Zvezdichko`awaybut I have Kexi installed :)02:24
hyper_chwhat's kexi?02:24
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch :) I'm noob to Ubuntu... I used slackware for a long time02:24
Zvezdichko`awayyou know, no dependencies, just .tgz packages02:25
hyper_chwell, I've had now a debian server for two years but started with linux desktop last august02:25
Zvezdichko`awayinstallpkg neshtosi.tgz02:25
Zvezdichko`awayremovepkg and so on :)02:25
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: sounds complicated *g* I just "grew up" with apt02:25
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch, a portative database program like MS Access02:26
hyper_chms access is portative?02:26
Zvezdichko`awayit's not complicated. .tgz is like .tar.gz. The packages for Slackware are just tarballs02:26
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch, we call it that one in Bulgarian... this is the word02:27
hyper_chI know that tgz are tar.gz ^^02:27
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: well, what do you mean by "portative"?02:27
Zvezdichko`awaywell, it's difficult to be explained but... maybe a database program for office needs02:28
hyper_chhmmm... oh well, never mind :)02:28
Zvezdichko`awayapt-get is quite useful :)02:29
hyper_chit's a good package manager... I tend to think this is the great strength of debian(-based) distros02:29
=== MagicFab [n=MagicFab@ubuntu/member/magicfab] has joined #xubuntu
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Zvezdichko`awayhave you tried rpm?02:29
hyper_chyes I did02:30
Zvezdichko`awayI know that Slackware users have slapt... which is similar02:30
hyper_chI had a RH server in the beginning02:30
Zvezdichko`awayoh, I've had Red Hat 8.002:31
hyper_chI think it was RH 702:31
=== noob [n=noob@81-233-49-201-no58.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chrpm -iHv *.rpm02:31
hyper_chI thought first that is so cool... but then I got hold of debian02:31
hyper_chwith it's repos and dependency manager02:31
Zvezdichko`awaydownloading and installling packages with a simple command02:32
noobis xfce gtk?02:32
hyper_chnoob: yes it is02:32
=== Catoptromancy [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
CatoptromancyI remember someone had a problem with WINE hogging the menu?02:34
Catoptromancylike a week ago02:34
hyper_chthen you remember more than me Catoptromancy... but then Zvezdichko`away already proved my memory isn't the best one02:34
CatoptromancyWell we spent quite awhile trying to figure it ouy02:35
CatoptromancyI figured it out!02:35
Zvezdichko`awayyou mean the Start menu?02:35
hyper_chCatoptromancy: how?02:35
CatoptromancyI just reformatted02:35
CatoptromancyAnd copied all my hidden files/folders in /home/02:35
hyper_chCatoptromancy: well, reformatting the drive helps always :) but I'm sure there's another way to do it02:35
CatoptromancyWhen I put them back into /home/  cuz I made backups02:36
Catoptromancythe menu came back!02:36
Catoptromancythe hogging menu02:36
Catoptromancyso i knew exactly where to look02:36
CatoptromancyI copied my whole /home/ folder to a few DVDs and everything has htt exact same settings02:37
CatoptromancyI didnt even need to reserver list xchat02:37
hyper_chCatoptromancy: so you know the exact config file?02:37
Catoptromancysmoothest reformat ever02:37
Catoptromancywasnt a config02:38
Catoptromancyjust files tucked away in .local02:38
hyper_chCatoptromancy: ah ok02:38
hyper_chmake a howto on ubuntuforums.org :)02:39
CatoptromancyIts actually on a bug report02:39
noobwhat makes xubuntu to be better than ubuntu?02:39
Catoptromancywe really investigated this02:39
Catoptromancywell dunno really, but Xfce is absolutely perfect for me02:39
Catoptromancycept for a few bugs I can work around02:40
Zvezdichko`awayit's very simple ... :) that's why I still prefer KDE02:40
Zvezdichko`awayand I'm currently Downloading the KDE 402:40
CatoptromancyI like simple02:40
Catoptromancydoes exactly what I need it to, nothing more02:40
hyper_chnoob: better depends on the criteria that you apply for judging02:41
Zvezdichko`awayI liked simple before, I liked it very much and I found out that bash is exactly what I need02:41
hyper_chCatoptromancy: ok, then submit the bug at launchpad02:41
CatoptromancyThere is no better distro/windows manager....its all what people prefer02:41
Zvezdichko`awaya friend of mine said to me that I don't know how to hold the mouse ;)02:41
noobwell, one big criteria is how fast it is, is there a huge difference of the ammount of ram it consumes?02:42
noobcompared with gnome02:42
Catoptromancywell people say its faster02:42
Zvezdichko`awayI think that Gnome is...02:42
Catoptromancymore noticable on slower machines I assume02:42
Zvezdichko`awaygnome is not ram-eater02:42
Zvezdichko`awayit's quite simple imo02:43
CatoptromancyWay faster than XP, only thing I can really judge it on02:43
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: gnome uses more ram and xfce02:43
Catoptromancywhen it wants to crash a program, it just crashes.....XP gives you 5 error messages telling you its crashing.02:43
Zvezdichko`awayThis program has performed an illegal operation and for that reason will be killed... er.. shut down02:44
Zvezdichko`awayWindows Really Good edition02:44
CatoptromancyXfce just closes window, no message02:45
Catoptromancyno freeze02:45
Zvezdichko`awaythere's a Crash center for KDE however02:45
Catoptromancyand it still happens more rarely than XP02:45
Zvezdichko`awayof course02:46
Zvezdichko`awaydo you know that Vista has a red screen of death and a blue screen of death altogether?02:46
CatoptromancyI think for looks, usability, and speed Xfce the best manager02:46
Catoptromancyneeds a good balance of them all02:46
CatoptromancySlackware is suppose to be the fastest, yet I barely got it installed02:47
Zvezdichko`awayI'm old slackware user02:47
hyper_chdsl is fast02:47
Zvezdichko`awayit's a bit woody but it;s simple02:47
Catoptromancydsl is fast, even ran on my 60 mb machine02:47
noobbut should I download the 64 bit version if I got a amd64 or just be safe and take 32 bit?02:48
hyper_chhaven't tried feather yet02:48
Catoptromancybut I hated every program it came with02:48
noobI want flash02:48
hyper_chnoob: depends on how much you want to invest time on gettting things to work02:48
hyper_chnoob: as a desktop I recommend up to know 32bit02:48
Catoptromancyamd64 will be more suited to your machine02:48
Catoptromancy32bit will still work02:48
Zvezdichko`awaybtw an offtopic question- is there skype for AMD 64?02:48
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: I don't think so... but the 32bit version could also be made to run somehow... same was with flash02:49
=== darrend_ [n=darren@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_ch!bug 102:50
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents02:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/102:50
hyper_chactually it's not bad.. if the comupter isn't running you can do something different like socializing02:51
Catoptromancyxchat is my socializing02:51
=== T` [n=total@pdpc/supporter/student/T] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chCatoptromancy: hehehe02:51
CatoptromancyI still have 2 DVDs left of programs I need to put back in02:52
hyper_chCatoptromancy: why???02:52
CatoptromancyI copied my whole /home/ folder before I reformatted02:52
hyper_chCatoptromancy: the software is in the repos... all you need is a seperate home partition02:53
Catoptromancynot these02:53
Catoptromancyhalf of it is source code for odd programs02:53
Catoptromancyand the other half is doggie pictures02:53
=== thirdy_ [n=thirdy@] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chiiiihhhh... source code02:53
Catoptromancy2gbs of source02:54
hyper_chhave fun compiling02:54
Catoptromancyits easy with the right libs02:54
hyper_chit takes some time02:54
Catoptromancynot really02:54
CatoptromancyI have 7 workspaces02:54
CatoptromancyI just switch to another when one is busy02:55
thirdy_wat program??02:55
Catoptromancyprobably more02:55
Catoptromancyactaully about 20 programs02:55
hyper_chwell, you can't switch processors ^^02:55
Catoptromancyak my DVDs arent mounting02:55
CatoptromancyI got 2 processors02:55
hyper_chwhy not?02:55
hyper_chwell, 2 processors... 20 programms to compile ;)02:56
Catoptromancywhen I compile my CPU meter flatlines half way up02:56
Catoptromancyso I can still use my other processor02:56
hyper_chme only got a single-core :(02:56
hyper_chdual core would be nice for vmware02:56
=== tripppy [i=polarisx@c220-237-67-224.kelvn1.qld.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
Catoptromancywow my DVD player is messed02:57
thirdy_ok gonna reboot now02:57
Zvezdichko`awayrestart -r now02:58
Catoptromancymy first DVD came up fine02:59
hyper_chCatoptromancy: hmmm... is the second dvd misburnt?02:59
Catoptromancyi hope not02:59
Catoptromancy3rd doesnt work either02:59
hyper_chI don't use dvds for backup... found them to be too unreliable03:00
Catoptromancynow the 1st doesnt03:00
CatoptromancyIm sure its on there03:00
Catoptromancyfirst one mounted fine03:00
Catoptromancynow none of them do03:00
hyper_chmount them manually03:00
Catoptromancydunno how03:00
Catoptromancynever needed to03:01
hyper_ch!mount | Catoptromancy03:01
ubotuCatoptromancy: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Gnome under Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For Edgy, see !fstab and !DiskMounter03:01
Catoptromancyim lazy03:02
CatoptromancyI just added a "mount button" on my panel03:02
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - See also !fuse03:03
Catoptromancydvds a cooking away03:04
noobwhich package installer is there after I install xubuntu?03:04
Catoptromancyor synaptic03:04
CatoptromancyI like using aptitude03:04
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=== Deviad_ is now known as Deviad
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Zvezdichko`awayis anybody still here03:30
hyper_chnope, I dieedd03:41
Zvezdichko`awayyour uptime is over dude03:42
=== tsubasaleguedin [n=tsubasa@ABordeaux-256-1-67-232.w90-11.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
=== StOo [n=none@cpc1-grnk1-0-0-cust348.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
StOohey guys, i'm having trouble getting Xubuntu PPC on an old iMac03:46
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@35.Red-81-38-89.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== hepcat58 [n=joseph@ip68-98-181-209.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
StOoit boots the LiveCD but it's _very_ slow to do so03:47
StOoand once it finally gets to the desktop, it doesn't work at all03:48
StOotrying to install or even open the filesystem results in it freezing03:48
StOoany ideas?03:48
Zvezdichko`awaywhat CD did you use? Alternate ot desktop CD?03:49
Zvezdichko`awaydid the install finish successfully?03:49
StOothe install won't start03:50
StOoit boots the LiveCD, takes forever to get to the desktop03:50
StOoif i double click "install" or anything else03:50
Zvezdichko`awayok, try the alternate CD.03:50
StOoit starts trying to draw the window03:50
StOothen it just freezes03:50
StOoand the CD just spins very, very slowly03:51
StOoi've burned the disc 3 times to 3 different types of CD-R and it's the same with all of them03:51
Zvezdichko`awayyes, same with me, but I was installing on an old PC not iMac03:51
Zvezdichko`awayyes, I know03:51
Zvezdichko`awaytry with the Alternate CD03:51
StOook alternate cd then03:51
StOoi'll try that03:51
hepcat58alternate works much better on older HW03:54
StOoi'm downloading it now03:54
hepcat58how much RAM?03:56
StOoi can't remember.. i think i upgraded it to 51203:56
StOoi don't think ram is the problem03:56
=== E42 [n=E42@88-199-131-150.tktelekom.pl] has joined #xubuntu
StOoit runs OSX03:57
StOobut it's very slow03:57
Zvezdichko`awayI also had the minimum ram with the desktop CD03:57
StOothat's why i wanted to try xubuntu on it :)03:57
Zvezdichko`awayand it freezed03:57
Zvezdichko`awayI used Alternate CD03:57
Zvezdichko`awayStOo, you have to cope with the debian installer pal03:57
StOohow hard can it be? :P03:57
Zvezdichko`awayit's not that hard03:58
Zvezdichko`awaybut sometimes people think it's nightmare03:58
Zvezdichko`awayI don't know why, it's easy enough for me03:58
Zvezdichko`awayit may be difficult for you when it comes to your disk partitions03:58
E42 hi anyone know hot to delete the "Inne" section ??? btw. inne means OTHER , there are some activators cause i was installing diablo2 and warcraft3 by wine . But i dont want this "directory" there03:58
E42and here is a screen http://img400.imageshack.us/my.php?image=200706021545311024x768sov7.png03:58
grazieStOo: I'm one of the few on the channel that run xubuntu on ppc. Give me a shout if you have any ppc specific problems.03:59
StOocheerz grazie03:59
hyper_chStOo: the debian installer hasn't all those fancy graphics that the desktop-based one has... but it's straight forward04:01
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch, I recommended him to use the alternate cd04:01
hepcat58yeah i'm running xubuntu on 128mb...04:01
Zvezdichko`awayI hope I'm right04:02
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: I know04:02
StOodownload just finished, burning it now04:02
E42ok i got it04:02
Zvezdichko`awayOK, can you chat while installing?04:02
StOonot really, the mac is in another room..04:03
StOoi can run between rooms i guess :P04:03
Zvezdichko`awayyes, if there's any problem04:03
StOooh, also.. will i be able to get the airport card in the imac to work or is it unsupported?04:04
hepcat58he's not installing Win, should be fine =P04:04
hyper_chStOo: well, either it is supported or it's not :)04:04
hyper_chStOo: you will see once it's installed04:04
Zvezdichko`awayStOo, you should check whether it has driver support04:05
Zvezdichko`awayhyper_ch, it's not necessary the driver to be in the sources04:05
Zvezdichko`awayif it's not open source :)04:05
=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chok, that airport card is not a wifi card?04:06
StOoit is04:07
StOothat's just apple's name for it04:07
hyper_chthen either the kernel recognizes it or it won't04:08
StOofingers crossed then04:08
hyper_chStOo: google for   "ubuntu hardware" and you should end up in the hardware part of the wiki as first result... there you can check04:09
hepcat58can't wait to beef up my system to a whole 256mb04:09
=== darrend [n=darren@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
Zvezdichko`awaymv * /dev/null04:11
=== darrend [n=darren@43-015.adsl.zetnet.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
=== Zvezdichko`away slaps StOo what happened over there?
hyper_chZvezdichko`away: mv /* /dev/null   ^^04:14
Zvezdichko`awayyes :) that's freaking cool04:14
=== hhlp_ [n=hhlp@64.Red-81-38-140.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chwe shouldn't post stuff like that here04:15
Zvezdichko`awayor it should be better sudo mv /* /dev/null04:15
Zvezdichko`awayyes, that's right. I hope nobody will try this04:15
hepcat58why, what does it do?       XD04:18
=== hhlp__ [n=hhlp@34.Red-83-55-229.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chhepcat58: hmmm.... google for "sudo" "mv" and "/dev/null", then you will know04:18
hepcat58was joking04:19
hyper_chI wasn't04:19
=== Cinnander [n=cinn@cpc1-cdif4-0-0-cust304.cdif.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
hepcat58well thanks for the heads up :-P04:20
=== rokra [n=christor@ANancy-153-1-108-179.w86-204.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
hepcat58sudo rm /*04:21
StOoit detected the airport card fine04:23
StOoasking for the wep key.. i had to come in here to get it :P04:23
=== aabrahao [i=aabrahao@200-185-229-85.user.ajato.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
aabrahaoAfter samba installed, the smb:/// is not a valid location appears when click in a windows network04:24
Zvezdichko`awaywhat are you  talking about04:24
Zvezdichko`away:1 http://kubuntu.org feisty/main kdelibs5 3.90.1-0ubuntu1 [85,5MB] 04:26
Zvezdichko`awayit's painfully slow04:26
hepcat58has anyone run xubuntu off of a USB drive, just for the hell of it?04:27
Zvezdichko`awayjust for the hell I don't know how to make the BIOS to boot04:27
hepcat58i would think that's the main sticking point, yes04:28
Zvezdichko`awayotherwise I Like live distros04:28
Zvezdichko`awayespecially Menuet OS04:28
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hepcat57any ideas why the add/remove dialog loads every time I start up?05:09
vidd_laptopit was probably on when you logged off with "save session" checked05:10
hepcat57oddly i don't even get that prompt...when I click the "quit" icon it just takes me back to the login screen and I have options for restart or shut down05:14
vidd_laptopright-click on it and choose "properties"05:16
vidd_laptopwhat is the default option?05:16
StOowell it installed.. eventually05:17
vidd_laptopStOo, what?05:17
=== Qew [n=qew@82-69-126-225.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
StOobut it's just freezing like it was with the livecd05:17
StOoi start it up, and after about 5 mins of stalling it finally gets to the logon screen05:18
StOoenter username and password and then it just freezes05:18
vidd_laptophow much ram you have?05:18
StOoit's an old, slow iMac G3.. but it runs OSX ffs.. it should be able to START Xubuntu :P05:18
vidd_laptopwhat does dmsg tell you?05:18
StOosorry i don't know what dmsg is05:19
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopdmesg  sorry05:20
vidd_laptopit is a file that tells you what the machine is doing....05:20
vidd_laptopit stores the error message and such05:20
StOook i should point out i'm pretty new at linux so you'll have to tell me how to get to that file :P05:21
vidd_laptopdo [ctr] [alt] [f2] 05:21
vidd_laptopthis SHOULD give you a command line terminal asking for username and password05:21
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StOosorry i went to check on it05:26
StOoit logs in eventually05:27
StOobut it's the same as it was before05:27
Zvezdichko`awayand then?05:27
StOoi.e. takes 10 mins to even start rendering a window05:27
Zvezdichko`awaywith the alternate instal05:27
StOoas if it's running at 1mhz or something05:27
StOoSO slow05:27
=== grazie [n=grazie@88-110-188-160.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== ziosa [n=ziosa@host36-136-dynamic.60-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #xubuntu
StOoso i have no idea what's wrong05:28
StOoi even pulled the airport card out to see if it was that, but it didn't help05:28
Zvezdichko`awayno message? eh?05:28
StOoand pulled one of the ram sticks to see if it didn't like it05:28
StOono, it's as if it's running fine, but for some reason is just incredibly slow05:28
StOosomething messed up somewhere :/05:29
Zvezdichko`awaydoes it get to the blue screen?05:29
ziosahi, i have a problem with configure matrox mga g200...help me05:29
vidd_laptopdid you run the x86 installer or the ppp installer?05:29
Zvezdichko`awaywell, press ahead with the installation05:29
Zvezdichko`awayto see05:29
StOoit's installed already zvez05:29
StOoinstall finished05:29
Zvezdichko`awayhm, does it boog05:29
StOothat's what i'm saying05:29
StOoit boots05:30
StOovery slowly05:30
StOoi can login05:30
vidd_laptopit just takes forever05:30
StOoit takes about 5 mins just sitting there after i hit login05:30
StOothen the desktop finally appears05:30
StOobut it takes like 10 mins to render a window05:30
Zvezdichko`awayvery strange...05:30
StOoif i try to open home05:30
StOothe parts of the window will start to draw05:30
Zvezdichko`awayand the load is slow, too?05:30
StOothe load only seems to be slow once X starts05:31
StOomight be something wrong with X05:31
Zvezdichko`awaysee /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:31
vidd_laptopStOo, so its fine until x loads?05:31
StOowell i can't be sure05:31
StOoi'm gonna try the steps on this page05:31
StOothis migth be the same as i'm getting05:32
aabrahaoAfter samba installed, the smb:/// is not a valid location appears when click in a windows network05:32
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
jgamiosomebody know how to listen radio ?05:36
Zvezdichko`awayyes, with XMMS.. add->url05:36
=== hepcat57 [n=joseph@ip68-98-181-209.dc.dc.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
jgamioZvezdichko`away: what is XMMS05:38
Zvezdichko`awaywhat's up doc?05:38
ziosahi, i have a problem with configure matrox mga g200...help me!05:38
Zvezdichko`awayjgamio, something like WINAMP but it's for linux05:38
Zvezdichko`awaysudo aptitude install xmms05:38
jgamioZvezdichko`away: ok thank you05:38
hepcat57only options I have for the "quit" icon are "quit", "Lock screen" and "quit + lock screen"05:39
vidd_laptopwhich one is the default (pre-selected)?05:40
Zvezdichko`awayyou expect Reboot and Shut Down?05:40
hepcat57default is quit (halt)05:41
hepcat57just looking for a way to remove any "saved session" settings05:41
Zvezdichko`awayis it for Xfce?05:41
=== adam0509 [n=benoit@stc92-1-82-227-107-105.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptopZvezdichko`away, he isnt getting any options....when he clicks it, it seems to crash his x05:42
Zvezdichko`awayoh oh, I've missed it05:42
=== ziosa [n=ziosa@host36-136-dynamic.60-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #xubuntu ["Sto]
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=== StOoOo [n=stoo@cpc1-grnk1-0-0-cust348.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
StOoOoguess what i'm typing on :)05:46
vidd_laptophepcat57, do you get any message in dmesg about xfce crashing?05:46
vidd_laptopStOo, that page clear your issue?05:46
StOoOodisabling DRI solved it05:46
StOoOoit works fine now05:47
vidd_laptopStOoOo, awesome05:47
StOoOothanks for your help guys05:47
StOoOo/slap stoo05:47
Zvezdichko`awaywelcome to Linux05:47
=== hepcat57 shut down the xubuntu pc....time to head outside
vidd_laptopthere are TREES outside....and birds....and05:49
vidd_laptop=] 05:49
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d2-131.rb.ot.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
Zvezdichko`awayand flying computers with ubuntu05:49
hepcat57car console mod w/ ubuntu =P05:56
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BFTDhi all again06:34
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
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Jester45hi BFTD06:43
BFTDhi, dang I'm still having troble with my laptop06:44
Jester45whats wrong with it06:46
Jester45on a defualt install is xorg accerated if glxinfo says i have direct rendering06:49
vidd_laptopBFTD, what issue you having?06:51
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDvidd_laptop It locks up just before the login screen, I see thew mouse cursor for a moment but then the screen goes black and starts to flicker06:53
vidd_laptopBFTD, can you access the tty?06:54
BFTDif I restart without shutting downthe laptop everything works fine06:54
BFTDvidd_laptop nope, the laptop becomes unresponsive06:54
Jester45while its flickering try pressing Crtl + Alt + F106:54
Jester45ok then06:54
BFTDJester45 I tried06:55
Jester45what about before it flickers06:55
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
vidd_laptophow old is the laptop?06:56
Jester45try pressing it over and over again as soon as the Xubuntu loading page goes away06:56
BFTDJester no it doesn't allow me to move oever, in fact lets say I move to the tty durning boot up, it moves me back over to GUI06:56
BFTDvidd_laptop about 2 years old06:56
vidd_laptopdoes it use acpi?06:57
=== hangthedj [n=root@Wheeler-pbdsl3.Stanford.EDU] has left #xubuntu []
Jester45have you thought about installing it as a server then adding the gui ? so that you can make the defualt boot a cli only incase this happens again06:58
BFTDhow do I tell?06:58
BFTDJester45 I did that in the first place and it still would lock up06:59
vidd_laptopwhen you installed it, did you turn acpi off?06:59
BFTDI get this error after I've logged in06:59
BFTD"Could not look up internet address for (may laptops name), This will prevent Xfce from operating correctly.07:00
=== snyft [n=snyft@81-226-206-218-no28.tbcn.telia.com] has joined #xubuntu
snyfti was wondering if it is possible to mount xubuntu iso in windows with daemon tools and install it from there?07:03
Jester45you have to boot with the cd to install it07:04
snyftoh :(07:04
Jester45there is one thing that can install from windows but its not supported here offically07:04
Jester45i will get a link07:04
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
PumpernickelThere's more than one.07:05
Pumpernickele.g; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows07:05
snyftdamn only 6.0607:06
hyper_chhuhu Pumpernickel07:08
hyper_chhuhu Jester4507:08
hyper_chhuhu BFTD07:08
hyper_chhuhu vidd_laptop07:08
Pumpernickelhyper_ch: Was there a point to that?07:09
hyper_chPumpernickel: just saying hello to people that I "know" :)07:09
=== Jester45 feels special now
BFTDhow does one disable X from starting?07:09
Jester45BFTD: you could use a livd cd and edit stuff07:10
hyper_chPumpernickel: "huhu" is a German version for "hi"07:10
BFTDor I could just go into recovery mode07:10
hyper_chPumpernickel: you're not typing? !de | hyper ?07:11
BFTDHow do I disable the splash screen?07:12
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:12
PumpernickelBFTD: `sudo mv /etc/rc2.d/S13gdm /etc/rc2.d/K13gdm`07:12
PumpernickelBFTD: For usplash, just remove the 'splash' option in grub.  You can do that at boot.07:12
hyper_chPumpernickel: have you ever tried "sudo mv /* /dev/null"?07:13
PumpernickelOnly from /dev/urandom.07:13
Jester45i would like to point out that on http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html Wine is not a emulator07:13
PumpernickelAnd that was copying.07:13
=== rexbinary [n=rexbinar@unaffiliated/rexbinary] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDit works now07:18
BFTDall i did was disable splash and quite in the grub07:19
=== aroo [n=justin@] has joined #xubuntu
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chPumpernickel: how long was it copying?07:21
Pumpernickelhyper_ch: Until I ^C'ed it.07:24
hyper_chPumpernickel: why didn't you let it finish?07:24
PumpernickelIt would've continued forever, without the interrupt.07:24
=== Laibsc1 [n=Laibsch@p54B95D9C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== Laibsc1 is now known as Laibsch
=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_ch!bug 107:36
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents07:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/107:36
OGDAtesting testing, do you guy see this?07:37
BFTDloud and clear07:37
Merchelono, i didn't see anything.07:38
hyper_chOGDA: nope, I see nothing07:39
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #xubuntu
OGDAhow do I set my laptop to shutdown when I press the power button07:44
hyper_chwhat does it do when you press it now?07:45
OGDAoh come one, it works on my desktop07:46
Jester45becuase on the desktop the power button is probly controlling the BIOS07:47
snyfthm you have to install xubuntu from textmode?07:49
snyftno ubuntu style as in loading cd and then install it from cd while surfing or whatever07:49
PumpernickelIf you just press it, it generates an ACPI event.  Holding it down for awhile might force it to shutdown.07:50
Pumpernickelsnyft: Both are available, as they are with Ubuntu.07:50
snyftdamn then it must be that alternate install i downloaded07:51
snyftcan you burn xubuntu to a dvd?07:51
BFTDsnyft yes07:52
BFTDPumpernickel I know that07:52
BFTDbut I always liked turnign my system off via the power button07:52
BFTDit just saved me time07:52
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hyper_ch!bug 108:29
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents08:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/108:29
hyper_chMerchelo: yes?08:30
=== stork [n=sh2-136@storkey.plus.com] has joined #xubuntu
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=== aabrahao [i=aabrahao@200-185-229-85.user.ajato.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
=== zutme [n=zutme@c-68-53-59-147.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
aabrahaohi, how can I change permission in all directory, subdirectory and files08:41
ctgPiaabrahao: chmod -R ...08:41
zutmeSo I'm trying to install xubuntu on my laptop and it can't detect my wireless card. It says I may need to load a specail module and to do it I have to go back to the network hardware detection step. But if I go back to that step theres no option given to me regarding loading additional modules. I'm using the alternate installer cd version 7.0408:43
hyper_chzutme: what wifi card have you got?08:43
hyper_chzutme: do you have the desktop cd running?08:43
zutmewell the chipset is rtl8180 which i hear ubuntu supports08:44
zutmethe actual card is a netgear ma52108:44
hyper_ch!wifi | zutme08:44
ubotuzutme: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:44
hyper_chzutme: you can check there whether it's supported08:44
hyper_chzutme: if not, you may want to search www.ubuntuforums.org --> maybe there's a howto on how to get it working08:44
Jester45can i have html import a .txt file so that i can update all my html just by changing the .txt file08:45
zutmeit says its been supported since edgy08:45
hyper_chJester45: does your server support php?08:45
hyper_chzutme: and it does not run with the desktop cd?08:45
hyper_chthen you can make a simple include call08:45
hyper_chzutme: rename the .html file to .php08:45
zutmehyper_ch, im using the alternate disk cause the laptop is a tad slow08:46
hyper_chand where you want to have the text content included do:   <?php include('text.txt'); ?>08:46
Jester45hyper_ch: was that last line for me?08:46
Jester45thats what i was looking for08:46
hyper_chzutme: well, if it is said that it's supported it should be running out of the box08:46
hyper_chJester45: yes, that renaming was for you08:46
Jester45just add that and rename it08:46
zutmehyper_ch, even on the alternate?08:46
Jester45thank you so much you saved me much editing time08:47
hyper_chJester45: yes... or you can tell apache that .html files shall be parsed as .php08:47
hyper_chJester45: with includes you can also make commno layouts and stuff08:47
Jester45well i got css08:47
hyper_chJester45: include a header file and footer file which contains all the site layout :)08:47
hyper_chzutme: during the install there's a wifi detector08:48
hyper_chzutme: it should recognize your card... just make sure the ethernet card isn't plugged in so that the wifi connection is really configured08:48
hyper_chJester45: well, includes don't hinder css :)08:48
hyper_chbut the thegeneral layout can be put into an include file08:48
hyper_chJester45: I meant something like that:  http://phpfi.com/23889608:52
hyper_chJester45: you see in the heater and footer file you have the basic layout of the site...08:52
=== wheels3572 [n=wheels@dsl-69-50-51-206.pivot.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chso you can still use CSS :) but you have the layout of your page in two files...08:54
hyper_chJester45: this is still basic but a first step to real templating ;)08:54
hyper_chJester45: php is great ;)08:56
Jester45see i was lloking for a equalent of bash's $somevar08:58
Jester45and i found it08:58
hyper_chwell, php is far more than just includes... for that you could have SSI08:58
=== ochosi [n=chatzill@chello084114031037.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
snyftok i was wondering how to do this. i want to run a ftp-server on my server with glftpd and i want to share some folders that i have on my other main windows comp. is it only to share them on the network and then add them to glftpd or how do i do?09:02
ochosihi, on booting feisty i receive the error "ata1.00: SET of native returned 0, expected"; everything seems to be ok, but what does this error mean? (couldn't find an answer in the ubuntuforums)09:02
Jester45!samba| snyft09:03
ubotusnyft: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT09:03
Jester45hyper_ch: could you look at this http://vidd.homelinux.net:8080/jester/ and tell me why on the right side the text doesnt wrap Hello starts the include09:06
Jester45the css is at http://vidd.homelinux.net:8080/jester/style.css09:07
Zvezdichko`awaywhat the hell is going on here09:07
hyper_chJester45: well, it's a long word that hello........ that will not be wrapped09:09
Jester45is that the only reason?09:09
Jester45stupid me09:09
hyper_chJester45: I guess so09:09
Jester45yep that was it09:10
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45thanks i would of spent a while on that09:10
=== hyper_ch is not a designer but programmer ^^
=== Jester45 is a movie watcher
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Jester45how do i change swapiness?09:26
hyper_chthe what?09:28
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Eagle_101Does anyone know where synaptic installs Kompare by default? (the file path of it)09:56
=== psesq [n=pseprasa@acgn58.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45find the package in synaptic and right click then goto properties then go to the files tab09:57
Eagle_101ok thanks10:01
Jester45anyone here played spring?10:01
=== BFTD [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDhi all10:17
BFTDoh and thanks all for your help earlier10:17
=== crdlb [n=crdlb@unaffiliated/crdlb] has joined #xubuntu
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BFTDhow can I "print to PDF"?10:26
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DaBeowulfHello, I bet Xubuntu can make better use of my 1GB Ram and maybe even my shoddy GF FX 5200 than Win98SE can.10:54
DaBeowulfI booted from the DapperDrake AMD64 Desktop CD, and hoped to get to access the files on my HDD but I had no luck so far.10:55
Merchelo!samba | DaBeowulf10:57
ubotuDaBeowulf: samba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT10:57
=== dredhammer [n=dredhamm@pool-71-247-6-193.nycmny.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
DaBeowulfSo the disks app under 'system' won't do the trick?10:58
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DaBeowulfAnd thanks for the reply.10:58
Merchelowait, i'm wrong, samba is to do with sharing windows files over a network10:58
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bio_Can you help me boost my volume?10:59
bio_the control in the panel is top11:00
bio_the speakers are all the way up11:00
bio_the high-level software volume is top11:00
BFTDbio_ open terminal11:00
BFTDtype in "alsamixer11:00
BFTDwithout that quote11:00
bio_there it is11:01
bio_BFTD, thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for!11:02
DaBeowulfcan xfmedia play streams from the get-go?11:03
=== grumpymole [n=warren@c220-237-175-49.lowrp1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDno problem11:03
bio_goodnight, and may I offer a happy Ron Paul '08 to you!11:04
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MercheloDaBeowulf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions11:09
BFTDwho's Ron Paul?11:10
DaBeowulfWhee, thanks.11:14
DaBeowulfAnd why can't I update the 'locate' database? It says I lack the rights, I wasn't asked for any login when I booted anyway.11:15
=== sacater [n=sacater@colchester-lug/member/sacater] has joined #xubuntu
Merchelowhat command were you running?11:17
DaBeowulfupdatedb I think11:20
DaBeowulfI also can't run banner or fortune, the two games under usr/games11:22
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d18-126.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
DaBeowulfI had no luck getting xfmedia to play a stream from http://www.slayradio.org so far.11:24
PumpernickelYou're trying to update the slocate db, which is stored on a read-only filesystem?11:25
PumpernickelThat sounds a bit counter-intuitive.11:25
DaBeowulf\o/ My HD is accessable, thank you Merchelo!11:25
DaBeowulfAlso it doesn't appear to play MP3s? :S11:28
PumpernickelLicensing problem; the codec isn't installed by default.11:28
DaBeowulfI see.11:29
=== aliasrush [n=aliasrus@cpe-024-211-104-040.sc.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
DaBeowulfDamn should have encoded to ogg more. >_<11:29
DaBeowulfWhat about aacPlus?11:30
DaBeowulfBut neither Banner nor Fortune running is strange, I mean why are they supplied with the CD then?11:31
=== OGDA [n=thomas@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
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BFTDthe download manager on FF3 sucks11:34
DaBeowulfOh, okay Pumpernickel, how to store the updated DB elsewhere then and make locate use it?11:34
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DaBeowulfAnd Counter-Intuitive is my second name.11:35
BFTDis it?11:35
DaBeowulfOh I don't get the ASCII chars with Alt + Numpad :|11:35
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Catoptromancy_some reason moving a file aroung my FAT32 partition doesnt move the file11:38
Catoptromancy_it just copies it11:38
Catoptromancy_it acts like 2 folders on the same partition are seperate drives11:39
snyftok so i got this error after installing xubuntu. i disabled the harddrive to boot from so i could boot up the xubuntu install cd. then when it finished i added it again. and now i get "error cant find operating system" but if i boot with the cd and choose boot from first hd i get to grub and can choose11:40
snyftany ideas?11:40
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BFTDconfigure: error: QTDIR environment variable must be set12:04
BFTDdang, how do I fix that?12:04
rijoHello. I just installed xubuntu on my laptop. But when I boot into xubuntu, the network doesnt work (altho i think it did in the installation). The sttings looks alright.. Just got dhcp behind a odinary broadband router.. What could be wron?12:05
snyfti hade the same error12:07
snyfti forgot to plug in the cable in the router :p12:08
T`anyone here know if it would matter if you had a fx5200 nvidia card or a $600 vid card if you are only using it for your desktop in 2d mode with twinview?12:09
rijowhen i run ifconfig i get both "eth0" and "eth0:avah" .. what is avah?12:09
T`rijo, avahi is some new type of protocol they added12:10
T`i think you can talk to other computers in your subnet just like windows network sharing12:10
rijoshoudnt my ip adress be after eth0? i dont see an ip anywhere :S12:11
T`it should be if you ar eusing eth012:12
rijoim supposed to. IS there any reconfigure utility i can run?12:12
TheSheeprijo: system->network12:13
rijoTheSheep, cant do much there12:13
TheSheeprijo: sudo /etc/init.d/network restart12:14
rijosays No DHCPOFFERS received12:15
rijowhat that mean12:15
=== StOoOo [n=stoo@cpc1-grnk1-0-0-cust348.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
StOoOohey guys, is there a Flash Player 9 plugin for PPC?12:17
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Merchelorijo: wifi or connected to it12:22
TheSheeprijo: this means that there is a dhcp server in your network that responds to "give me an ip address" requestst with "go away, you won't get anythning"12:23
TheSheepStOoOo: I think not12:24
rijoTheSheep, oh lol. But what can i do bout it. Works from my desktop ubuntu machine. so why not on xubuntu?12:25

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