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Sannen2diy_: ping01:28
n2diy_Sanne: pong?01:29
Sannen2diy_: remember me helping Bearcat yesterday?01:29
n2diy_Sanne: roger01:29
Sannen2diy_: did you hear from Bearcat? I had to leave yesterday and didn't see if the reboot succeeded.01:30
n2diy_Sanne: I still have the transcript here, after you told him you would stick around for couple of minutes, and what for the reboot, the channel went silent. A got back about midnight EDT, and queried you guys, but no replies.01:32
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Sannen2diy_: ah, ok. Hmmm, I guess then there were troubles. Well, maybe we see Bearcat again. Thanks :)01:33
n2diy_Sanne: roger that, give me a yell if you hear from him, I always have this channel open.01:34
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Sannen2diy_: ok, will do.01:34
n2diy_Sanne: I think I'll stick with Dapper for the time being. :) Curious, why was he using the alternate CD for the upgrade?01:37
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Sannen2diy_: if you want to use a cd as a repository, you need the alternate. The live cd can't be used for that.01:37
Sannen2diy_: I'm also still on Dapper, btw.01:37
Sannen2diy_: the computer Bearcat was on only has dialup, so upgrade over the net would be painful, therefore the cd.01:38
n2diy_Sanne: ah, ok, something else for my todo list, DL the Alt CD. Roger still being on Dapper, with all the trouble I"m seeing in #ubuntu, I can't see Edgy or Feisty as an upgrade option.01:38
Sannen2diy_: I don't know yet what I'll do. In any case, I *will* have to make my backups first, which are nor finished. I might see Gutsy released before I'm ready to upgrade :)01:40
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n2diy_Sanne: roger that, what is your back up strategy? I was playing with Mondo/Mindi for bare metal recover, but that isn't guit ready for prime time, so I've settled on only backing up /home. And I have no motivation to back, Dapper does everything I need it to do, so why bother?01:43
n2diy_motivation to upgrade.01:44
Sannen2diy_: I'm usually paranoid, so I need to backup all my assembled docs, data, work, which amounts to a lot by now. My /home is on a separate partition, but I will backup the most important parts of it anyway, as well as /etc and some intersting files in /var. So far I do it all by hand, that's why it takes so long.01:45
=== Sanne wonders if it's ok to chat in here, or should we better go to *-offtopic?
n2diy_Sanne: roger that, when I do upgrade, I have to remember to create a seperate partition for /home, sure makes life simpler. But before I found Ubuntu, I was rebuilding my box every six months, so I wasn't concerned with back ups, other then putting files onto  a USB drive.01:49
n2diy_Sanne: And I got smart, and built a test box, so when I do want to play, my mission critical stuff isn't at risk.01:51
Sannen2diy_: yeah, that's what I do, really important files get backed up immediately externally. For partitions, I have some non-ubuntu apps under /usr/local, so that's another partition I made that won't get overwritten by a reinstall.01:51
Sannetest box is nice :)01:51
n2diy_Sanne: Yes, and after I had to do a bare metal recovery six months ago, it was a must. I tried to load Flash Player on this box, and lost everything that wasn't on the USB drive, took me three days to recover.01:53
Sannen2diy_: shouldn't we go to #kubuntu-offtopic?01:54
n2diy_Sanne: Why, who's complaining? Are we keeping the ops up?01:55
Sannen2diy_: I'm just not sure if it's ok to have general chat in here... and I would like to follow conventions. But ok if you think we can stay.01:57
n2diy_Sanne: Besides, we are studying back up strategies, that is class work!?01:57
n2diy_Sanne: If we were bothering somebody, we'd know about.01:57
n2diy_Sanne: A couple of days ago I was helping someone in #ubuntu, and he couldn't get pastebin to work, so we came over hear, and he flooded the channel, at my suggestion, there was a minor protest, but no hassles.01:59
Sannethat's nice02:00
n2diy_Sanne: Of course, I don't make a habit of doing that, but the guy needed help and couldn't pastebin, so where was the harm?02:01
Sannen2diy_: correct. But I think there's also a channel named #flood for such things, if you should need it sometime.02:01
n2diy_Sanne: I didn't know that, let me give it a try?02:02
n2diy_Sanne: Yep, and there are people in it too!02:03
Sannen2diy_: of course :) But read the topic, abusers will be frowned upon ;)02:03
n2diy_Sanne: I just added it to my stay connect list.02:04
Sannen2diy_: good thing to have :)02:05
n2diy_Sanne: Yes, I'm suprised the ops here didn't chase me over there the other day?02:06
Sannen2diy_: either they don't know, or didn't bother because it wasn't too annoying. I guess.02:06
Sannen2diy_: most times ubuntu people are very nice folks indeed :)02:07
n2diy_Sanne: Agreed, most of the ops are tolerant minor transgressions. I didn't even realize there was a minor protest the other day, until I reviewed the transcript. Then I contacted the op involved, and he told not to sweat it.02:09
Sannen2diy_: that's one of the best things about the ubuntu community, the nice people. I mean, it really can make all the difference to a new user to stay or to leave, depending on how the first contact with the community is experienced.02:11
n2diy_Sanne: Yes, I've found the entire Ubuntu experience to be fun. When I learned about Shipit a year ago, my first thought was, wow, somebody in the Linux world is getting a clue. When I got my disks, zero trouble with the install, another plus. Six months ago, I discovered IRC, and #ubuntu, and 99.9% of my IRC time as be enjoyable. I've been playing with linux since 99, and by far, Ubuntu has the best community going.02:15
Sannen2diy_: that's nice to hear. Is ubuntu your first linux experience then?02:17
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n2diy_Sanne: no way, re-read my last post, I've been playing with linux since 1999, started with Redhat 5.2, that was a nightmare, never did get X working with it. Then Mandrake 7.0, got X to work, but no printer support at the time. Then Fedora Core 1 which did everything I needed, then Knoppix, because it was the talk of the town, finally, Ubuntu 5.10, and now 6.06.02:19
Sannen2diy_: "I've been playing with linux since 99" /me blushes02:20
Sannen2diy_: did you find the switch to deb based distros from rpm based ones difficult?02:21
n2diy_Sanne: In 99 it wasn't fun! Only support was via email, and most of that was RTFM.02:21
n2diy_Sanne: I wasn't Micro$oft free until about 3 or 4 years ago, when I picked up a printer that linux supported.02:22
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Sanneah. I started end of 2002 with Debian and switched to ubuntu with breezy end of 2005.02:25
n2diy_Sanne: Switching from rpms to debs was a challenge at first. But I have a lot of local support from the local ham radio ops around here, so they helped me through it. I have converted rpms to debs with Alien too, that is pretty cool stuff.02:26
Sannen2diy_: I never used other than debs, so I wouldn't know my way around rpm. But I'm sure today much can be learned by manuals and howtos. That's how I leared Debian. It was tough, took me 3 months to feel comfortable, but it worked.02:28
n2diy_Sanne: And things have come a long way in the last couple of years, Synaptic is a god send to the linux newbie.02:28
Sannen2diy_: yeah, Synaptic is a very nice program.02:29
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n2diy_Sanne: Yes, one of the problems with linux is documentation, programmers are lousy document writers. But that is changing now, with wiki and howtos etc...02:30
n2diy_Sanne: What is the plural for wiki? :)02:32
Sannenot wikis?02:33
n2diy_Sanne: Beats me?02:33
SanneI would say wikis.02:34
n2diy_Sanne: What do you know about networking? A bought two wireless routers, thinking the would talk to each other, but that doesn't work, since the both act as servers?02:35
Sannen2diy_: I don't know much, just enough to set up our little home network with 3 pcs connected to a router via ethernet cables. I know nothing about wireless, sorry.02:36
Sannen2diy_: why do you have two routers?02:37
n2diy_Sanne: Roger that, I have a similar setup here, the routers also have RJ45 ports for ethernet. I have two routers because I thought they would talk to each other, and I could set one up here, and the other one down in the garage, and avoid a 150 run of ethernet cable.02:40
n2diy_150 foot02:40
Sanneah, I see your reasoning. But no, I wouldn't know how to set that up, or if it's possible at all.02:40
n2diy_Sanne: plus, I'm a ham radio op, and I'm allowed to play on the freqs that 802.11b uses, so I can add amplifiers to the routers, directional antennas, etc...02:40
Sannesounds... a bit confusing hehe (I also don't knwo anything about ham radio)02:44
n2diy_Sanne: So what/how is your network connections setup? I've played with VNC, but that is about it. I need to explore ways to backup this box, to my test box, over the network.02:44
n2diy_Sanne: If I got that setup, I could bring the old FC1 box online, and have access, here, to all my old data on the FC1 box.02:44
Sannen2diy_: I have one pc in my room with linux, my hisband has an old windows pc and a new win/linux pc in his room, all three are connected via ehternet cards with cables to a router, which is connected to a dsl modem. His old pc and mine talk via samba. (is this what you want to know?)02:45
n2diy_Sanne: Thanks, but I don't need Samba, since none of my boxes use Winders. I'm just asking in case you had a easy solution. I need to do my homework, and study it more. Why does your husband have an old Winders box, you could breath new life into it with Linux?02:48
Sannen2diy_: no, the old one will retire as soon as he is ready to use the new one, and learn linux :)02:50
n2diy_Sanne: Ok, don't trash it though, you can do good stuff with old hardware, using linux. I have an old 486 that I want to convert to a headless firewall, someday.02:51
Sannen2diy_: we still have all our old pcs, including a 486 :) Not sure what we do with them, though, maybe donate them.02:53
Sannen2diy_: isn't it called nfs what you could use for connecting linux boxes?02:54
n2diy_Sanne: Roger on donating. NFS sounds right, like I said, I need to do my homework and study up on it. Remote Desktop is what I have working now. It's fun to control this box from the test box, and see what is happening, but I don't think that is a "real" network?02:58
Sannedon't know also02:58
SanneI found this for youto read :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo02:59
n2diy_Sanne: Thanks, I'm opening it up now. Won't be doing anything with it tonight though, I have to get down to the Legion by 10 pm, and it is 88 degrees here in the shack, so my motivation is low.03:01
Sannen2diy_: just bookmark it for later, I just thought it might help you evaluate the possibilities. (( degrees is fahrenheit, I assume?03:03
Sanneoh, 31 degrees celsius!!!03:03
Sannethat's hot03:03
n2diy_Sanne: i will book mark it, yes fahrenheit, 88 C. and I'd be dead! :) Yes, it is hot, but not as hot as 88 C. :) Where are you located?03:05
SanneI'm in northern germany, we had nice 25 deg celsius today :)03:06
n2diy_Sanne: wow, getting pretty late there. I'm in Eastern Pennsylvania, and this is a freak warm front for this time of year. But it is forecast to change overnight. Your English is very good, but hisband tipped me off that it might not be your native language.03:08
Sannelol, hisband03:08
Sannethat was a typo! :)03:09
Sanneand thanks for the compliment, n2diy_03:09
n2diy_Sanne: Ok, I see the u and i are next to each other. Had to look, since I don't use the QWERTY keyboard, I'm on a Dvorak keyboard, and the u and the i are next to each other on this too.03:10
Sanneyes, that's right03:11
=== Sanne looks at Pennsylvania via google maps
n2diy_Sanne: Lansford, Pa.03:13
Sannelet me find it03:14
Sannegit it03:14
Sannegot even03:14
Sannepretty green, looks nice03:15
n2diy_Sanne: Coal country, the American Industrial Revolution was born hear. Also, cable tv was invented here.03:17
Sannereally? Sounds interesting.03:18
Sanneman, the usa is sooo big03:18
n2diy_Sanne: It was, but things aren't what the used to be. I've only lived here 5.5 years, the region is in distress, the mines are shut down, and youngsters are moving away, etc. The reason I'm here is it looked like a good place to retire, and I could research my families genealogy. My maternal grandmother grew up in this area.03:20
Sannen2diy_: oh, sorry to hear that about your area. Is it still nice to live there, thoguh?03:21
n2diy_Sanne: Yes it is, most of the folks are friendly, and there still are folks trying to improve the town, bring jobs in etc... Of course, so are the drug dealers, but you have that anywhere. But, I'm a ham radio operator, anywhere there are people in the universe where there are people, I have friends! I new my friends here before I moved, because I was talking to them on the radio before I moved! :)03:25
n2diy_whoops, the beer and heat are catching up to me.03:26
Sannehehe, sounds good. Well, I guess I should think of going to sleep. It was nice talking to you, n2diy_! :)03:27
n2diy_Sanne: roger that, good timing, I should get ready to go to the Legion, 73 to you and your hisband. :)03:28
Sannethanks, take care, bye :)03:28
Sanne(what means 73?)03:32
n2diy_Sanne: google on ham and 73! 7303:32
Sanneok, will do. /me out03:32
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