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man-dihello tashiro 07:49
man-ditashiro: how are you?07:49
tashirohi man-di07:49
tashiroman-di: where was the debian java channel again?07:50
man-dion irc.oftc.net07:50
man-didebian moved from freenode to oftc some time ago07:51
tashiroah yes, thanks.07:52
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artabrahaoanyone has ideia why the immage does not appears in http://shoppingcarba.com.br/ ?04:42
man-diit appears for me, its a flash video04:43
artabrahaothe thumbs images?04:45
man-diah, these ones, no04:46
man-diartabrahao: ask the maintainers of this page04:46
artabrahaothey really don know04:47
man-dithey should, they are responsible for it. I dont really see what is the relation of this problem to this channel04:48
man-dithey use a php script to deliver the image04:49
man-dithis doesnt seem to work04:49
artabrahaoI cant user apache, appears an errro04:50
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