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chenrano2002I can't find the related "linux-headers-2.6.20-15.generic" on 64bit ubuntu server 7.04 CD, how to install the linux header?09:45
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jeyrieshello !04:23
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DrFEARdon't know if this is the channel for this...but...08:39
DrFEARI have a problem with updating my kernel...08:39
DrFEARanyone can help me?08:40
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JanCDrFEAR: what problem?08:55
JanCDrFEAR: remember that this is a development channel though08:55
JanCfor support, #ubuntu is a better choice08:56
DrFEARi'm there...09:00
DrFEARbut they can't find the solution09:01
DrFEARI have Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn with kernel 2.6.20-15-generic09:01
DrFEARit says that there are updates available09:02
DrFEARwhen I try to update, it show an error with dependencies09:02
DrFEARi can install programs and all09:03
DrFEARbut everytime i install one, it keep trying to install the same kernel09:03
DrFEARJanC: Keep trying to update to version 2.6.20-1609:04
gesercan you paste the error message in some pastebin?09:05
DrFEARI think that isn't necessary, so if i can't update my kernel, i'm looking a way to avoid this updating09:05
DrFEARit's in spanish...XD09:05
DrFEARit tries to install 4 packages09:06
DrFEAR linux-image-generic09:06
DrFEAR linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-16-generic09:06
DrFEAR linux-restricted-modules-generic09:06
DrFEAR linux-generic09:06
DrFEARwell 509:06
DrFEAReach one depends on the previous09:06
JanCDrFEAR: how do you try to upgrade ?09:06
DrFEARI wasn't trying to upgrade, I only upgrade when the system shows me that there are new upgrades available09:07
DrFEARin that list, there was the kernel update09:08
DrFEARi thought that there wouldn't be any problems09:08
DrFEARand here i am09:08
JanCand what does the error say?09:10
DrFEARdpkg: error al procesar linux-generic (--configure):09:11
DrFEAR problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar09:11
JanCit doesn't say which dependencies are missing?09:11
DrFEARdependencies problem, left without configuring09:11
DrFEARall the packages above09:12
JanCI just upgraded to 2.6.20-16.2809:12
JanCwithout any problems09:12
DrFEARif I can't upgrade the kernel, I just want to make that upgrading stop09:12
JanCmaybe you must update the package database09:13
JanCand then try again?09:13
DrFEARhow do i do that?09:14
DrFEARwith apt-get update?09:14
DrFEARI already did that09:14
JanCthat's one way yes09:14
DrFEARdidn't work09:14
JanChave you tried 'apt-get dist-upgrade' ?09:16
DrFEARit tries to upgrade again...reaching the same error09:16
DrFEARwhat if...09:16
DrFEARI reinstall my ubuntu....:S09:16
JanCI'm sure there is a better solution09:17
DrFEARI could't find it09:17
geserwhat happens when you try to install the five packages by hand with apt-get?09:18
gesersudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.20-16-generic09:18
geserand so on for the other ones09:18
geserone of them should produce an error which might help further09:19
JanCI suspect something went wrong with an earlier install...09:19
JanCor upgrade09:20
JanCDrFEAR: you haven't pinned one of those packages to a certain version?09:21
DrFEARdon't know09:21
DrFEARI've never touched the kernel...09:21
DrFEARI'm too newbie to do it09:22
JanCDrFEAR: try what geser said  :)09:24
DrFEARsame thing...:S09:27
DrFEARsorry, i'll try to reinstall 09:27
DrFEARthe winbugs way :S09:28
johanbrDrFEAR: You really shouldn't have to reinstall for something as simple as that.09:29
DrFEARit's driving me @@09:29
johanbrDrFEAR: Try "sudo dpkg --configure -a".09:30
DrFEARi'm gonna put all the error...sorry if its too long...09:30
DrFEARtwo lines per time09:31
JanCDrFEAR: use a pastebin09:31
DrFEARoh, well, I learned something new today :D09:32
DrFEARI put the link here?09:33
DrFEARlike that?09:33
JanCthat looks like it might be useful  :)09:34
DrFEARsorry, is in spanish...09:34
DrFEARfrom Colombia, I'm Oscar by the way...thanks for the help :)09:35
JanCI can read a little bit of Spanish  :)09:36
DrFEARlucky me! :)09:37
JanCmy parents worked in Venezuela for 2-3 years before I was born, a friend of them worked in Colombia for about 20-25 years, another friend of them works in Guatemala for 30 years or so, etc.  :)09:39
DrFEARmany sources to learn a little bit of spanish09:39
DrFEARi'm used to put that smiley09:40
JanCseems to be a problem with 'update-grub'09:40
JanCdid you edit /boot/grub/menu.list by hand?09:40
DrFEARlet me see09:42
DrFEARoops, yes09:42
JanCit might be that if you did that, you did something wrong   :)09:42
DrFEARi have the grub like suse09:42
DrFEARa little bit more graphical09:42
DrFEARbut i remember what did i do...09:43
JanC"graphical" shouldn't be an issue in itself09:43
JanCas long as you don't change things inside the marked area for 'update-grub'09:43
JanCor break the menu.lst because of bad syntax09:44
DrFEARI only added one line09:45
DrFEARgfxmenu /boot/grub/message.ubugrey09:45
DrFEARwhat if I remove it, reboot, and get back?09:45
JanCI don't think that's the issue09:49
JanCRunning postinst hook script /sbin/update-grub.09:49
JanC[: 25: ==: unexpected operator09:49
JanCexec: 25: -a: not found09:49
JanCit's something about "25"  :)09:50
DrFEARmaybe it's line # 25 on update-grub?09:52
DrFEARI see a ==09:53
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DrFEARmaybe it doen't found the operator -a09:57
DrFEARin the line09:57
DrFEARexec -a update-grub /usr/sbin/update-grub.real $*09:58
DrFEARwhat if....I remove that -a09:58
JanCwhere do you see the '==' ?09:58
DrFEARanother pastebin09:59
DrFEARthanks for helping, man10:00
DrFEARhope I'm not wasting your time10:00
JanCbtw, unrelated, but you should use sudo instead of working as root  :)10:03
JanCit's safer10:04
DrFEARoh, I thought that su were safer10:05
JanCdepends on what you mean by "safer"10:05
JanCwith sudo it's less likely that you accidentally break your system  :)10:05
DrFEARwell, that's true10:07
DrFEARright now I'm looking for deactivating root pw10:08
DrFEARto get back to sudo10:08
JanCit won't fix your problem though (AFAIK)10:08
johanbrDrFEAR: I know roughly what the problem is. Edit update-grub (the file you just put on pastebin) with a text editor. Put comments (#) on lines 17-21 and 23-25. 10:08
DrFEARall set10:10
DrFEARtry again?10:10
johanbrAlright, try the "dpkg --configure -a" again.10:10
JanCjohanbr: there are 2 update-grub on most systems10:11
johanbrJanC: Right. And it seems like on of them is a slightly broken shell script.10:11
JanC/sbin/update-grub & /usr/sbin/update-grub10:11
DrFEARsame error10:12
DrFEARbut changed 5 to 2210:12
DrFEARin exec: 22 : -a not found10:12
JanCit seems like DrFEAR looks at an /sbin/update-grub that's different from the one I have though10:12
JanCDrFEAR: edit /etc/kernel-img.conf to have:10:13
JanCpostinst_hook = /usr/sbin/update-grub10:13
JanCpostrm_hook   = /usr/sbin/update-grub10:13
JanCmaybe that will fix things10:14
JanCbut I wonder how you got the wrong /sbin/update-grub script10:14
johanbrJanC: My guess is that the breakage is caused by the change of the default /bin/sh shell from bash to dash. 10:15
JanCjohanbr: then still, why wasn't his system updated?10:16
johanbrDrFEAR: JanC's suggestion sounds good. Or you can try editing line 22 of the file you just changed to just say "exec -a /usr/sbin/update-grub.real $*".10:16
johanbrJanC: Oh, you mean that the update-grub script is an old version still? I don't know. Maybe he just hasn't updated the grub package yet?10:17
JanCSeveas should fix his pastebin  :-(10:17
DrFEARit already says exec -a /usr/sbin/update-grub.real $*10:18
DrFEARin both of them...the one in /usr/... and the one in /sbin/...10:19
JanCexec /usr/sbin/update-grub "$@"10:19
JanCthat's what it says here...10:19
johanbrDrFEAR: Oh, sorry. I meant "exec /usr/sbin/update-grub.real $*".10:19
DrFEARohh ok10:20
DrFEARthat's what I thought10:20
DrFEARin both of them?10:20
JanC( and for some reason, pastebins hate me :-( )10:20
johanbrDrFEAR: Yes. Did you try JanC's suggestion already?10:20
JanCchanging /etc/kernel-img.conf should be enough, I think10:21
DrFEARno, it don't say "$@", it says "$*"10:21
DrFEARi think it's the -a10:21
JanCDrFEAR: the kernel-img.conf should be changed anyway  :)10:22
DrFEARalready changed10:22
DrFEARit says like a thousand times: [: 25: ==: unexpected operator10:24
DrFEARsomething changed: [: 25: ==: unexpected operator10:25
DrFEARexec: 22: update-grub: Argument list too long10:25
johanbrDrFEAR: Hmm. Another option: change both update-grub files back to what they were at the start, then change #!/bin/sh at the top to #!/bin/bash .10:31
DrFEARthanks everyone for your time10:34
DrFEARthanks johanbr, thanks JanC10:35
DrFEARhoping that I didn't waste too much of your time10:35
johanbrDrFEAR: You're welcome. Glad it worked. :)10:35
DrFEARthanks man10:35
DrFEARJanC: Thanks too10:36
DrFEARgonna rebooy10:37
DrFEARthanks, thousand thanks and blessings10:38
DrFEARgood luck to everyone10:38
JanCDrFEAR: if the #!/bin/bash/ worked, you most likely will have more problems...10:39
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