Daviey6 reboot, 0 off and 1 single user mode (borked mode :)12:27
DavieyThat relies on there already being a script called mythtv-backend in init.d12:28
superm1_well it will be there12:28
superm1_after mythtv-backend is installed12:28
superm1_so if this is added to a postinst script12:28
superm1_for mythbuntu-live12:28
superm1_but in the interim is put in the build script12:29
superm1_and then during postrm script they can all be reactivated12:29
DavieyUninstall symlinks: update-rc.d -f mythtv-backend remove12:29
superm1_thats all it takes/12:29
Davieyeasy as pi12:30
DavieyI had a real headache working out how to do when i wanted my tvon/tvoff python script to fire12:30
superm1_could you add that to the build script then and commit it ?12:30
superm1_I'm not going to be home for a few hrs :)12:31
superm1_just at some step later than the mythv-backend install, but before the second chroot12:31
DavieyHopefully i won't bork it :)12:31
DavieyBy end of Step N: eveything is installed?12:33
Daviey#Step N: Preinstall all other options12:33
Davieyapt-get -y install -o Acquire::Retries=$APT_RETRIES ubuntu-mythtv-frontend mythtv-backend-master lirc lirc-modules-source module-assistant mythweb openssh-server mythtv12:33
Daviey#Step U: Remove our fake scripts12:34
DavieyThat could become - fix scripts12:34
DavieyRight before STEP 6 which is gen chroot iso script12:34
Davieylaga: do you have a vanilla mythbuntu machine?12:36
Davieyor the livecd handy?12:36
Davieybetter re-create my virtual machine12:37
lagaget some snapshots next time :)12:37
Davieyapache-perl isn't installed with mythweb?12:38
superm1_Daviey, its not?12:39
superm1_Daviey, that fix scripts section is quite urgent.  It prevents pegasus from running everything we install in the chroot :)12:40
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrishey guys if you tried asking me something in the last 6 hours you'll have to ask me again, as I left myself signed on at work12:42
Davieysuperm1_: just about to commit12:42
DavieyDaveMorris: you missed it all.. nevermind12:43
Davieyit was great!12:43
superm1_great DaveMorris :)12:43
DaveMorriswhat did I miss?12:43
superm1_great Daviey :)12:43
superm1_okie dokie, hopefully i be back later this evening.  ignore superm1, he is a sign on from home that i forgot to sign off.  i'll try to kick him but i think he autorejoins12:44
Davieysuperm1_: if apache2 is installed by default i'll need to deal with that aswell12:44
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+o superm1_] by ChanServ
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has left #ubuntu-mythtv [requested]
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o superm1_] by ChanServ
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_Daviey, it is installed by default12:45
Davieyso that's 4 services12:45
superm1_(because of mythweb)12:45
superm1_mythtv-backend mysql and apache212:45
superm1_thats 312:45
superm1_whats the fourth?12:45
Davieyplus apache-perl12:45
superm1_thats a service?12:45
Davieyseems so12:45
DaveMorrisits an apache module12:45
superm1_does it have an init script?12:46
Daviey" Start the apache-perl HTTP server."12:46
Davieydeffo has an init script12:46
superm1_hm i dont think i've ever seen it12:46
DavieyThis isn't a clean machine i might add..12:46
DavieyDaveMorris: does your's not have it?12:46
DaveMorrisI'm not running perl12:47
superm1_let me double check mythweb depends12:47
DaveMorrisbut let me check12:47
DavieyDaveMorris: what does "find /etc/rc* | grep apache"  return for you12:47
Davieyon backend12:47
Davieyapache-perl not a requirment then :)12:48
Davieysuperm1: having personality issues?12:48
lagamother/gf making up his quit messages?12:48
Davieylaga: don't assume - could be bf :)12:49
lagaDaviey: well, if you start being PC, you might as well include those people with even more interesting preferences12:50
Davieythey can dpkg --reconfigure12:51
lagatrue. some religious groups use dpkg--reocnfigure --force12:51
DavieyArg!  why is bzr using VIM rather than nano12:51
Davieyit was using nano before re-install >:(12:52
lagaDaviey: export EDITOR=`which nano` ?12:53
Davieywhere's that then12:53
DaveMorrisDaviey: because vim is better12:53
DaveMorrisDaviey: you giving a lightling talk at LRL about mythbuntu ?12:54
Davieyheh - no12:54
DavieyJuski is doing one on mythtv12:54
DavieyAnd has included us on his handout12:54
=== DaveMorris wonders we should knock up some mythbuntu business cards ?
Davieymethinks DaveMorris is keen12:55
DaveMorrisI can get them printed at the uni you see12:55
DavieyDaveMorris: awesome - fancy getting me some ubuntu business cards :)12:56
Davieywith my pgp key on12:56
DaveMorrisI'll find out the price12:56
Davieysuperm1: ping01:09
=== Daviey worries that bzrupdate took too long on mythbuntu.org
DavieyDaveMorris: you can still just exec mythbuntu_install.sh with no params?01:14
DaveMorrisbtw can you check if suprm1 has changed the proxy setting to lowercase?01:16
Davieywill do01:16
=== DaveMorris uni send the cards out to be done profesonially
Daviey#Proxy if needed01:17
Davieyif [ -z "$HTTP_PROXY" ]  ; then HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy.url01:17
Davieyis that ok?01:17
DaveMorrisok it all needs to be lowercase, and can you make it default to nothing01:17
Daviey#Proxy if needed01:18
Davieyif [ -z "$http_proxy" ]  ; then http_proxy=""01:18
Davieyis that ok?01:19
DaveMorrishttp://www.logiprint.co.uk/index.php?c=visitenkarten_4w&bereich=vk&cardtype=4w&provid=gen_business_cards is what you want daviey, ubuntu 1 side and mythbuntu the other01:19
DavieyDaveMorris: check the changelog01:20
DaveMorrislink for the lazy01:20
Davieypenny for the guy01:20
DavieyNot too bad prices on them cards01:21
Davieyi looked briefly ad thought naa01:21
DaveMorrisyou should def get doubled sided ones though01:21
Davieyumount: /tmp/mythbuntu_iso/proc: not mounted01:23
Davieyumount: /tmp/mythbuntu_iso/sys: not mounted01:23
Davieyumount: /tmp/mythbuntu_iso/dev/pts: not found01:23
Davieyumount: /tmp/mythbuntu_iso/var/cache/apt/archives: not mounted01:23
Davieyfind: /tmp/mythbuntu_iso/lib/modules/: No such file or directory01:23
DavieyUsage: umount [-hV]  umount -a [-f]  [-r]  [-n]  [-v]  [-t vfstypes]  [-O opts]  umount [-f]  [-r]  [-n]  [-v]  special | node...01:23
DavieyStarting cleanup for Mythbuntu build, Fri Jun  8 18:23:21 CDT 200701:23
DavieyClean eh?01:23
Davieymight clean that up next update01:24
Davieywow imbrandon's local mirror is fast01:24
DavieyI'm doing another build now.. wonder how it will turn out01:25
DavieyIt's a real nusiance that you can't just patch the iso :D01:25
DaveMorrisI'll be doing some run throught installs soon to help sort out this testing framework for others to follwo01:25
Davieythat would be great01:26
Davieyi really want to set up an RSS feed of ISO's so we can autograb them when built01:26
DaveMorrisI think we need to lower the barrier to entry for the others01:26
Davieywould make hometesting much easier01:26
DaveMorrissuprem1 was gonna mae the new versions apt-get upgrade once booted before installing01:27
Davieyyeah.. good for beta.01:27
Davieybut bad for bugtraqing tho01:27
Daviey'What version are you running'  "Depends what day you ran it :)01:27
DaveMorrisnot really, because the bugs will either be against the iso, in which case a new iso is released, or they are against the packages installed01:28
Davieylooking at the build.. we've still got loada stuff that could be stripped out01:29
DavieyAny idea what the recent kernel security updates are about?01:30
DavieyChangelog not propogated yet, my end01:30
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
keescookDaviey: the USN covers it: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-470-101:39
Davieykeescook: ahh.. somebody in my LoCo had this bug01:52
Davieytried to fix it for them... but had no idea why it wasn't working01:53
keescookDaviey: yeah, there are a bunch of weird things involved with that kernel update.  Hopefully this will make things better.01:53
rogue780|mythsrvhas mythdvd improved any since .19?01:58
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@71-12-14-250.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyrogue780|mythsrv: not sure i can remember 0.19 :)02:03
Davieyrogue780|mythsrv: do you use the Internal player or xine/mplayer?02:03
Davieyrogue780|mythsrv: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Release_Notes_-_0.20#MythDVD02:04
rogue780|mythsrvdon't use anything atm....hell I don't even have an optical drive in my frontend02:05
rogue780|mythsrvcurious is I should try to get it running, or if it'd be a waste of time02:05
DavieyIMO the Internal player has improved loads.  Previously i had to use xine.. prefer standard interface of Internal player02:05
Davieyrogue780|mythsrv: Do you have a need for DVD's?  If so then yes :)02:06
rogue780|mythsrvI have an antiquated dvd player that I'm using now....but I'm a fan of centralization....the fewer things I've got to have plugged in the better in my book02:06
DavieyOn the few occasions i have used mythdvd it has done it's job.  But i prefer ripping and using mythvideo02:07
Davieymythdvd doesn't save paused/exit location like mythvideo AFAIK02:07
rogue780|mythsrvargh...now I've got to learn how to make cookies/sessions (other topic....my $5M idea...)02:08
rogue780|mythsrvunfortunately ripping and such isn't very wife-friendly atm02:08
rogue780|mythsrvI'm glad PHP is proving easy to learn.02:09
rogue780|mythsrvDaviey, have you seen the new gtk theme that superm1 put together?02:15
Davieynot yet02:15
Davieynoticed it was submitted to revu tho02:15
Davieyoww plush02:15
rogue780|mythsrvis that...good?02:15
rogue780|mythsrvI'm working on a GDM theme currently. I'm going to try to mirror what he did with the look02:17
Davieysounds great02:17
Davieyhttp://www.mythbuntu.org/files/iso/  fair few iso's there now eh?02:17
DavieyDaveMorris: ping02:28
OpenMediaSupportHas a decision been made on the default desktop manager for the frontend? Like the way the normal MythTV install on feisty defaults to OpenBox02:29
Davieywe're pretty confident on using openbox.  why do you ask?02:29
OpenMediaSupportWe are considering GPL ing all of our NZ specific stuff and additing it into Mythbuntu02:30
OpenMediaSupportPlus also supporting Mythdora02:30
DavieyWhat goodies do you have?02:30
OpenMediaSupportWe currently use fluxbox, but I like the look of OpenBox02:30
OpenMediaSupportWe can autoconfigure and update manage all of the NZ specific stuff - IR Blasters for SkyTV. Freeview + Sky + Terrestrial EPG feeds. MHEG-5 support for NZ freeview digital02:31
DavieyI initially wanted fluxbox or ratpoision, but was quickly convinced02:32
OpenMediaSupportPlus leverage all of our testing02:32
DavieyHow are you autoconfiguring IR blasters?02:32
OpenMediaSupportYeah we are currently based on Knoppmyth + fluxbox but with an enhanced MythTV 0.20-fixes build02:32
OpenMediaSupportThere are a couple of SkyTV specific IR codes, and then dpkg-reconfigure lets you perform the selection.02:33
OpenMediaSupportPlus a wrapper script to control the firing of the blaster that appears to work on all NZ STBs02:33
DavieyIs that based on end user shell script or GTK chooser?02:33
OpenMediaSupportNormal dpkg configuration stuff - modifies lines in /etc/default/irblaster02:34
OpenMediaSupportShould work with gui or command line02:34
=== Daviey has never had a need for irblaster.. not sure any of the other devs have either. So i think we'd value your goodies
OpenMediaSupportWe have also been backporting bit of MythTV trunk - There are quite a few DVB related niggles in 0.20-fixes that my customers have shown up.02:35
DavieyOpenMediaSupport: so you've had a chance to try the alpha iso?02:35
OpenMediaSupportNot yet.. NZ Broadband is interestingly constrained :(02:35
OpenMediaSupportPlus dealing with some customer issues out of our trac queue.02:35
DavieyOK.  tbh we are gobsmacked how many people have downloaded the _ALPHA_ iso02:36
OpenMediaSupportI have a prototypr myPVR build based on Feisty, and only minor tweaks were required to port over our existing mypvr-* support packages02:36
Davieyand we haven't had that many bug reports02:36
Davieyso that's a positive thing02:36
OpenMediaSupportAlso I manage mythtv.co.nz. Just working on a news release on Mythbuntu in the background.02:36
DavieyOpenMediaSupport: that's great - but make sure you have a big fat warning that it is still alpha02:37
OpenMediaSupportWhats the best way (other than grabbing the ISO) to really get involved here.02:37
Daviey- we didn't even expect it do get onto digg :s02:37
DavieyOpenMediaSupport: Hmm.. well all out source-code is on launchpad bazar branch02:38
OpenMediaSupportNot surprised. Got seriously slashdotted when we lauched myPVR 1.0. NZ sites aren't usually geared up for that level of hits02:38
OpenMediaSupportYeah i'm on Launchpad. Need to play with bazar.02:40
DavieyWell at one point our server was chucking out 80MB/s!  Site pratically died02:40
DavieyOpenMediaSupport: We'll have to have a chat with the other guys; not sure how we can implement country specific options at this stage02:40
OpenMediaSupportA lot of our testing will help all users, especially some of the additional backports from SVN trunk02:40
DavieyBut i think it's certainly something we would find useful to add.  Do you have a download / repo we can take a look at?02:40
OpenMediaSupportPlus the IRBlaster framework could easily be extended.02:40
DavieyI think the next big thing we want to add is lirc support out of box.  Currently trying to work out how best to that.02:44
DavieyOpenMediaSupport: Can i ask, how many mythboxes you sell in NZ?02:44
DavieyAm i right in saying your UTC+12 ?02:44
OpenMediaSupportYup At the moment. Where are youi?02:44
DavieyI'm UTC+1 - another is UTC-6 US02:45
DavieyCommunications can be fun :)02:45
OpenMediaSupportNo worries i'm originally from Liverpool02:45
OpenMediaSupportIts great as we can leverage all of the UK and European DVB work as the DVB network is only just starting here.02:46
Davieypudlion eh?02:46
DavieyI really like some of your cases02:46
DavieyI've never seen the 180 before; who makes that?02:47
OpenMediaSupportThe Asus M2NPV-VM boards rock. Feisty loves them :)02:47
OpenMediaSupportWe don't have DVB-T here yet - http://www.mypvr.co.nz/mypvr/myPVR%20FreeView.html, so we have to support DVB-S cards, Sky NZ STBs and analogue02:48
DavieyIf you can pop back in about 3-5 hours, 'superm1' would like to talk to you - i'm sure02:48
OpenMediaSupportI'll be here all day (off and on)02:49
DavieyAnyway, i must go to bed.  Nice speaking to you02:49
OpenMediaSupportCatch you round.02:50
rogue780|mythsrvOpenMediaSupport, that's pretty nice. I've been considering setting up a similar enterprise here in America02:55
rogue780|mythsrvOpenMediaSupport, what kind of remotes do you provide with myPVR?02:56
OpenMediaSupportWe use standard Hauppauge MCE compatible remotes at present as they have really nice hot keys that we auto map to the correct functions03:00
=== jose [n=jose@pool-71-113-61-197.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
joseExcuse me - can anyone help me with getting video to display properly on nvidia tv-out?05:22
OpenMediaSupportWhat sort of nvidia card have you got, and what typ of TV-out do you want to use?05:33
joseThe card's an... 8800 GT, I think05:34
joseAnd - well, the tv-out is S-video, NTSC05:34
joseIt's already working, I think05:34
joseI can see a black screen, with my mouse cursor becoming a big X when it's over the TV desktop05:35
joseBut my problem lies in displaying much of anything on it05:35
joseI mainly want to display video on it, figuring I could run Totem/Mplayer with a "-displa 1" parameter05:35
joseBut - no dice.05:35
joseerr - "-display = 1"05:36
joseI mean05:36
joseBut yeah - any idea how to get it to play video?05:37
OpenMediaSupportSo you are running dual head then?05:41
joseThough I'm not running cinerama or anything05:42
joseJust two separate desktops05:42
joseWith the secondary desktop being nothing more than a blank screen05:42
joseSo all I need is to be able to run a command from display 0 that runs totem/mplayer on display 105:43
joseI should have probably stated "black screen" instead of "blank"05:47
joseSince it IS working - it's just black, with no desktop or icons or anything.05:48
OpenMediaSupportexport DISPLAY=:1.005:54
OpenMediaSupportmplayer videofile05:54
josedoesn't work, I'm afraid05:56
josestill displays nothing, save for my mouse cursor05:57
joseAmong its many error messages, mplayer displays:05:57
jose[MGA]  Couldn't open: /dev/mga_vid05:58
joseopen: No such file or directory05:58
jose[MGA]  Couldn't open: /dev/mga_vid05:58
jose[VO_TDFXFB]  Can't open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory.05:58
jose[VO_3DFX]  Unable to open /dev/3dfx.05:58
josevo: couldn't open the X11 display (:1.0)!05:58
josevo: couldn't open the X11 display (:1.0)!05:58
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Daviey, did you push your commit?06:12
OpenMediaSupportThink he has gone to bed.06:30
OpenMediaSupportsuperm1 - Daviey said to talk to you about getting more involved. We have been producing a MythTV PVR here in nz - http://www.mypvr.co.nz06:31
OpenMediaSupportWe can definately help with a lot of testing, plus we have a lot of experience with lirc and irblasters etc.06:31
superm1OpenMediaSupport, i'll speak in a few min.  i'll brb06:33
OpenMediaSupportAlso put up a posting at http://www.mythtv.co.nz/mythtv/06:33
OpenMediaSupportjose - Sorry I've never tried to debug that sort of dual head environment before. Is it started as a seperate X session? I'd expect it to be :1.006:35
joseAny idea how I'd be able to tell?06:35
joseoh riight06:35
OpenMediaSupportI'm assuming there is no window manager running?06:35
jose'cause I can't drag windows to and fro06:35
joseNot on the TV, right06:36
OpenMediaSupportexport DISPLAY=:1.0; xterm06:36
josexterm Xt error: Can't open display: :1.006:36
OpenMediaSupportls -l /var/log/X*06:37
jose-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28239 2007-06-08 19:17 /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:38
jose-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 28481 2007-06-08 19:15 /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old06:38
OpenMediaSupportOk so you are running a single X instance06:39
OpenMediaSupportexport DISPLAY=:0.1; xterm06:39
joseJust hangs there06:40
OpenMediaSupportNothing on either screen then?06:40
OpenMediaSupportOk on your main screen start nvidia-settings and see what it tells you about your layout06:41
josewon't start..06:42
joseah, there we go06:42
OpenMediaSupportwrong DISPLAY ;)06:42
joseit tells me there's both an xscreen 0 and an xscreen 106:42
OpenMediaSupportHmm so it should be :0.106:43
=== OpenMediaSupport is now known as OpenMedia_Steve
joserunning that command, though06:44
joseit just... kinda hangs06:45
OpenMedia_Stevewhich one nvidia-settings or xterm?06:45
superm1hi OpenMedia_Steve06:46
superm1so you guys are selling presold boxes I take it?06:46
OpenMedia_StevePre loaded - fully configured and supported.06:46
OpenMedia_SteveWe were based off Knoppmyth originally, but I have a development build using Feisty06:47
joseTHAT'S why your nick sounds so familiar!06:47
superm1and how is it working for you thus far?06:47
OpenMedia_SteveWe have a support layer to do a lot of the configuration smarts for NZ.06:47
OpenMedia_SteveMarket here just isn't ready or big enough really. Feedback is excellent and good referals. We also have had good reviews off the local press.06:48
superm1very good.  i've heard a lot of NZ stuff can be messy06:48
OpenMedia_SteveThere isn't an official or unofficial EPG source.06:48
superm1so how do you guys handle guide data then?06:48
OpenMedia_SteveWe take care of all of the channel setup, and can support Sky TV NZ STBs.06:48
OpenMedia_SteveGuide data can be grabbed off a number of web sources as well as EIT data off DVB-S06:49
superm1unfortunately only a few days off EIT I imagine though06:49
OpenMedia_Steve7 Days of EIT, plus we have an MHEG-5 guide here in NZ with 8 days.06:49
OpenMedia_SteveWe worked on the MythTV and RedButton support for the NZ MHEG platform - see http://mythtv.co.nz for details06:50
superm1I can't say i'm familiar with MHEG506:50
superm1ill have to take a look here06:50
OpenMedia_SteveIts also used in the UK on DVB-T06:50
superm1So at this point your considering adapting ubuntu install of knoppmyth then?06:51
OpenMedia_SteveWe need to update from what is effectively a sarge based build to get all of the newer video drivers06:52
superm1(which ubuntu provides newer drivers)06:52
OpenMedia_SteveWe currently use a 2.6.15 kernel so we are stuck with an older ivtv driver and only some DVB drivers can be easily backported.06:53
OpenMedia_SteveOur normal hardware is either A8N-VM CSM or M2MPV-VM from Asus and they rock when running Feisty.06:53
superm1I can see for a commercial venture would require a very stable kernel release06:53
joseHmm... sorry to keep on bothering06:55
OpenMedia_SteveI know a lot of homebrew users who consider switching to myPVR because of the features we have as standard that they still haven't gotten running.06:55
OpenMedia_SteveJose - No worries.. Running out of ideas.06:55
josebut I was wondering - do you think my xterm setup is just not right?06:55
OpenMedia_Steveexport DISPLAY=:0.0; xterm06:55
superm1jose, do you have gdm setup to not prevent X forwarding?06:55
superm1you wouldnt be able to do that if X forwarding is disabled06:56
joseSteve, that last commands opened a terminal on my first desktop06:56
OpenMedia_SteveOk so xterm is working then06:56
josesuperml: How do I tell?06:56
superm1well if that worked, no need to worry06:56
superm1attempt, DISPLAY=:0.1 xterm06:57
superm1to launch on the second display06:57
josewithout export?06:57
superm1you dont necessarily need it06:57
superm1if you prefix the command that way06:57
josejust hangs, as well06:58
superm1what sort of dual head setup is this?06:58
superm1or seperate x screens06:58
joseMy TV output06:59
josedisplays little more than a black background06:59
joseand mouse cursor06:59
superm1jose, can you post your xorg.conf in a pastebin07:00
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:00
superm1I want to double check how you have things setup07:00
OpenMedia_SteveGotta drop out for a couple of minutes. Testing some Wake to record stuff07:00
superm1Ok OpenMedia_Steve we'll speak some more in a few07:00
josethanks for taking over, superml07:02
joseAnd thanks, Steve, for helping so far07:02
superm1ok the xorg.conf looks fairly clean07:06
superm1what window manager are you using?07:06
superm1and your not using compiz07:06
superm1or beryl are you?07:06
joseI think I AM using compiz07:07
superm1you are?07:07
joseWas not aware that was a problem07:07
superm1thats likely exactly it07:07
superm1i ran into that myself07:07
superm1on an older setup07:07
superm1that i used seperate x screens07:07
joselemme turn that off07:07
joseok yeah07:08
joseDISPLAY=:0.1 xterm07:08
joseworks GREAT now07:08
superm1I looked for a workaround for that for ages07:09
superm1and the only possibility appears to be to use twinview07:10
superm1which i wasn't interested in switching to07:10
joseno big deal07:10
joseI wasn't erally using compiz for anything07:10
jose DISPLAY=:0.1 totem movie.avi --fullscreen07:11
joseSeems THAT works GREAT07:11
joseMany thanks for figuring that out.07:11
superm1Glad to be able to help :)07:13
joseDo you know07:13
joseIf in Totem07:13
joseThat "nvidia tv-out"07:13
joseeven works?07:13
superm1I'm not sure.07:14
superm1haven't ever tried it07:14
joseAll I've read on the subject suggests it's just a placeholder07:14
superm1I always just launched totem as07:14
superm1DISPLAY=:0.1 totem %f07:14
superm1where %f is file07:14
josefair enough07:14
superm1which is easy enough to put in mythvideo07:14
joseis that an argument that can be used in bash scripts?07:17
superm1in bash scripts you'd do it a little differently07:24
joseah ok07:24
superm1use "$@"07:24
superm1that passes arguments on07:24
joseWITH the quotes?07:24
superm1i used to do something like this:07:25
superm1let me put it on a pastebin07:25
josewhat are the nvidia-settings lines for?07:26
superm1well that is something i used to do07:27
superm1because i didnt want opengl vsync on07:27
josesort of07:28
superm1so i would turn it off before starting xine07:28
superm1play the file07:28
superm1and then turn it on when closing it07:28
superm1but you get the idea, that passes all the arguments of the script to xine07:28
superm1and launches it on :0.107:28
superm1jose, if you can, keep track of things that you come across when getting things setup this way07:30
superm1i meant to document it when i did07:30
superm1but i didn't get around to it, so it will be good to have everything you run into down07:31
superm1it can be added to the wiki at07:31
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV07:31
superm1i'm sure there are other people that will be able to benefit from this info as well07:31
joseYou're suggesting I document the command/issue down?07:31
superm1well everything related to getting a dual screen setup going07:32
superm1including mythtv/videos on the second screen07:32
superm1if you can07:33
josegotta figure out where to put it07:34
joseBut ok07:34
josesounds like fun07:34
superm1well just for now take some notes down in a text file at least07:34
superm1one of us can help you format it07:34
superm1and get it on the page07:34
superm1the content is the more important part07:34
jose'tis already written down07:34
joseAlas, I won't be able to get any of this done today07:35
joseBut, I'll try to get to it07:35
joseit's the least I can do, after all07:35
superm1no hurry07:35
joseso good to be back in ubuntu, though07:36
joseThis video-playing, and utorrent, were my two biggest hurdles07:36
joseBut today, they have been conquered, and all is well07:36
superm1good good07:36
joseone last question, if I may07:45
joseNow that I have totem running on the other monitor07:45
joseI know I can run it with command-line switches07:45
joseand control almost everything from my first screen07:45
joseAny idea if someone's already made a program to control Totem from another desktop?07:46
superm1if you use a remote07:48
joseah well07:50
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OpenMedia_SteveOh the joys of debugging ACPI Wake08:11
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5E8A1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
OpenMedia_SteveSweet. Got ACPI Wake + MythWelcome working ;)09:05
superm1OpenMedia_Steve, :)09:16
superm1OpenMedia_Steve, were you basing from the wiki page?09:16
superm1that majoridiot wrote09:16
superm1or another source09:16
superm1i know laga and someone else were working off that page09:16
OpenMedia_SteveI used the Ubuntu Wiki and Myth Wiki as guides. Needed a couple of changes due to the Knoppmyth based environment vs Ubuntu.09:17
OpenMedia_SteveI had already checked the ACPI Wake manually.09:17
OpenMedia_SteveJust running a wake up and record now. Need to make sure it shuts down again and then wakes up for the following show an hour later.09:17
OpenMedia_SteveLooking good though. Had some of my customers asking for this to save on their power bills.09:18
OpenMedia_SteveHopefully grumpy will have all of the zero ticks low power stuff ;)09:18
superm1on standalone single machine setups, yes it works wonders09:18
superm1if you have something more like a set of netboot frontends though, or anything distributed across a network for that matter, it can get messier09:19
OpenMedia_SteveThats what most of my install our. Hence the nice compact case with decent audio and video support.09:19
josehey guys09:19
OpenMedia_SteveProblem is finding lightweight hw for frontends that is HD capable.09:19
joseI thought I should tell you09:19
joseThat now, I got totem running on the tv - direct from a desktop shortcut, no less.09:20
OpenMedia_SteveHere comes the big one :)09:20
superm1Alright, so you wanted to do what possible to help us out.  I guess my first question would then be what types of resources are you meaning?  Helping with getting mythbuntu code together here, testing, documentation, support structure?09:20
joseI have a little "Enqueue" script, with which to right-click on files09:20
joseAND FINALLY09:21
joseA separate panel, featuring next/last/seek/etc. buttons, all of which control the TV totem from my desktop.09:21
OpenMedia_Stevesuperm1 - All of the above. I have test rigs I can run code on, Debugged a lot of lirc/irblaster stuff. Rework some of the myPVR docs to be generic, Plus NZ specific enhancements to simplify setup09:22
joseAnd which, thanks to ubuntu's art team, look rather nifty.09:22
OpenMedia_StevePlus my experience with "consumers" which have very different requirements over normal Linux users.09:22
superm1jose, sounds like you have things working pretty well :)09:22
OpenMedia_SteveAnyhow gotta bale09:22
OpenMedia_SteveDinner time.09:22
OpenMedia_SteveHome made Pizza :)09:23
superm1OpenMedia_Steve, OK we'll chat more through the next few days then09:23
OpenMedia_SteveYeah. I'll try and remember to leave my IRC on from time to time ;)09:23
josesuperml: Aye. And all thanks to - well - to the exclusion of 3D-acceleration.09:23
superm1jose, 3D accel shouldn't be broken, just running compiz/beryl09:24
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5E8A1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1with this type of setup09:24
joseFair enough.09:24
superm1you can probably take it a step further if you really wanted to turn off compiz automatically when launching something on the tv09:28
superm1and then turn it back on afterward09:28
superm1but i'm not sure its worth the effort09:29
joseThat... yeah09:47
joseWould be a bit much.09:47
joseAnyway - thanks again for all your help.09:47
joseI must get to sleep. Take care.09:47
superm1Daviey, I finally figured out why your changes didn't show up in my 'bzr update' command09:53
superm1i had to do a merge09:53
superm1(for the first time, ever)09:53
superm1and it went surprisingly smooth09:53
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DaveMorrisDaviey: pong11:11
superm1oh man.  i should get to bed if DaveMorris is already up :)11:12
superm1silly ubiquity.....11:12
DaveMorrisis 10am here :)11:13
superm1well i'm closer than before in killing this annoying DB bug at least..11:14
DaveMorrissounds good11:14
superm1morning laga11:26
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superm1laga, sort out the mythweb fun?11:27
lagasuperm1: not yet, was busy with RL yesterday.11:27
lagasuperm1: you can't use my changes for 0.20 anyways :)11:28
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superm1laga, :(, dont think they will be portable11:30
lagawe should be able to use those regular expressions to modify the old .htaccess11:34
lagabut do we need a backport? i doubt it11:35
superm1well supporting it on the 0.20-fixes if its going in mythbuntu11:40
lagawhen does it have to be ready?11:41
superm1well get it working on trunk, and then we can worry about getting it on 0.20-fixes11:42
superm1i'll just leave the options disabled in the ubiquity gui until ready11:42
superm1woohoo.  that was the first install that went through with my DB fix.   it worked ! :)11:43
superm1i can kick off a build of these debs now, and then finally get to bed11:43
laga^what options?11:43
lagashouldn't that be handled by the debconf frontend?11:43
superm1i was adding to the ubiquity installer11:44
superm1directly options to set the mythweb password11:45
superm1if you'd like to11:45
lagadoesn't ubiquity provide a debconf frontend?11:47
superm1well it does, but there has to be a gui side of things to it11:47
superm1i can just disable the gui until the packages reflect it11:47
superm1thats part of all this that i've been working on :)11:47
lagacare to explaihn to me how it works? does it use debconf at all or does it duplicatethe new mythweb.postinst changes?11:50
superm1laga, I've been trying to experiment directly calling the postinst changes11:54
superm1but haven't been able to11:54
superm1so i've been duplicating code to an extent11:55
lagaew :(11:55
superm1but it needs to chroot to run the code11:55
superm1which becomes really messy11:55
superm1because env variables need to be escaped11:55
superm1and then perl code running in the chroot needs to be double escaped11:55
superm1and so do sed scripts11:55
superm1thats the biggest thing that was slowing down fixing this DB problem that I was working at11:56
lagathat sounds annoying :(11:56
superm1to say the least11:56
superm1if you pull in revision 4911:56
superm1of the mythbuntu branch11:56
superm1you can see what finally was the working result11:57
lagaalright. does ubiquity just ask the same questions as in the debconf templates or does it actually modify the file system?11:57
superm1or browse it through the webif11:57
lagasuperm1: i'll take a look11:57
superm1its ubiquity/src/ubiq*/d-i/source/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-apply11:57
superm1for the file11:57
superm1well thats all about how i want to handle it11:57
superm1i can pass the same questions11:57
superm1but how i interpret the answers needs to be manually taken care of11:58
superm1in that apply script11:58
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superm1Daviey, there appears to be more to this update-rc.d magic then you've put12:15
superm1I fixed mythbuntu-apply's other DB stuff, but this still fails12:15
superm1i think its just a matter of the word "defaults" after the update-rc.d mythtv-backend12:16
superm1okay but its really past my bed time (by like 5.5 hours)12:18
superm1i'll speak more in the later AM12:18
lagai'll have read your code by then, i hope12:20
lagagotta mow the lawn now12:21
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DaveMorriswould it be possible to password protect certain dir's for mythvideo ?01:40
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ubotuNew bug: #114529 in mythtv (multiverse) "MythTV does not detect all channels" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11452905:41
DavieyDaveMorris: password protct?05:43
Davieydo you mean within the myth interface?05:43
DavieyAIUI you can add passwords to certain files, but not folders05:43
DaveMorrisyeah, so you can put all your 18 rated video's in a dir, and protect that whole dir from your kids05:49
DaveMorrisI'm thinking along of it been sued in mythvideo05:49
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tgm4883_laptopcan anyone recommend me an IR receiver that is good for recording an lircd.conf file?09:33
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Davieytgm4883_laptop_: still looking?10:26
DavieyWhat sort do you want?10:26
DavieyDo you have a serial port on your frontend?10:26
tgm4883it's so i can record my remote10:27
tgm4883i have the usbmce2 remote and receiver on my frontend10:27
tgm4883but have problems recording the remote, superm1 suggested that the mceusb2 was not a good recorder10:27
tgm4883and that a serial solution is much better10:28
Davieytgm4883: i have no experience with the mceusb2; but suprised it won't allow recording10:29
tgm4883it allows it, just not very good at it10:29
Davieytrying to find a link, to the one i would recommend10:30
tgm4883it could also be the tv not liking the ir transmissions also, but i figure that this is probably the only way to test10:30
Davieytgm4883: your US?10:33
Daviey$15 sound reasonable?10:33
tgm4883_laptop_sounds great10:34
Davieyhe now uses plastic encolosure's - but here is a pic http://lnx.manoweb.com/lirc/mids/img_3101.jpg10:35
DavieyIt's not too difficult to build yourself; but it's a nightmare trying to work out if it's the hardware or software configs - when it doesn't work10:36
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lagahi steve11:15
=== OpenMediaSupport is now known as OpenMedia_Steve
OpenMedia_SteveSo is there details on a Mythbuntu apt repository that can be applied to Feisty?11:17
DavieyOpenMedia_Steve: hey11:19
DavieyThat's a weekly build from 0.20-fixes svn tree11:19
Davieymaybe not ideal for production tho :)11:19
OpenMedia_SteveThats why I have test rigs :)11:21
OpenMedia_SteveI'm going to add some MythTV trac tickets today for some of the backports we use to see if I can get any of them into 0.20-fixes. It would greatly simplify things.11:21
DaveMorrisDaviey: do we have 2 versions of mythtv packages then, stable and bleeding ?11:22
Davieynot at the moment11:23
OpenMedia_SteveThe really cool bit i'm waiting on is the multiple recordings per digital multiplex11:23
DaveMorriscoz I'd only wanna be pulling down the auto builds if I was hopping for it to fix a fault, or on a test machine11:24
DaveMorrisOpenMedia_Steve: when is the due to be completed ?11:24
DavieyOpenMedia_Steve: I'm not certain that weekly builds are live yet.  Better speak to superm111:25
Davieyhe was working on that11:25
OpenMedia_SteveLook at http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/search?q=#3326 for details on the multiplex support11:27
OpenMedia_SteveOr http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3326 if the other link doesn't work11:28
OpenMedia_SteveOk Just loaded a couple of backports into MythTV SVN for 0.20-fixes. One for NZ MHEG-5 support, and the other resolves a lot of jerky/skippy video issues on LiveTV.12:12
=== OpenMedia_Steve Rebooting for kernel upgrade - better fix my PATA DMA issues
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