ompaulSeveas, ... funny thing this Tcl plugin Rehashed01:00
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LjLjrib, all: note that quintin has been in my highlight list for a long time - and banned for a long time, too. he seemed to behave decently lately, but apparently he's not become the most amiable person on earth just yet02:01
LjLtritium, what are you doing...?!02:02
LjLhe's not saying anything02:02
jribLjL: he seems to do ok when he doesn't say anything02:02
tritiumLjL: heh?02:02
tritiumWhat do you mean?02:02
jriblooks like you lagged02:03
tritiumI think I lagged seriously long02:03
tritiumI was wondering what the heck was going on...02:03
LjLyeah, i suppose :)02:03
ubotuMinataku called the ops in #kubuntu02:09
tritiumLjL: what script adds the parenthetical at the end of a ! <topic> > <nick> ?02:24
LjLtritium: no script, it's just a Konversation regex-based autoreplace02:25
LjL^!([^ ] +) > ([^ ] +)   --->   !%1 > %2    (%2, see the private message from Ubotu)02:25
tritiumAh, Konversation...02:25
=== tritium uses irssi with auto_bleh
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LjLtritium: ask jrib, he has the same thing but with irssi02:30
tritiumLjL: okay, thanks :)02:30
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YasumotoHiya. I was wondering if I could be tested for the DCC exploit?03:24
PriceChildHey Yasumoto03:24
PriceChildYasumoto, you seem fine :)03:24
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Yasumotoscore. thanks :)03:25
Arwenanyone here? can someone unban me from #ubuntu+1 ?03:25
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PriceChildArwen, Please don't ping people without asking.03:26
Arwenasking what?03:26
ArwenPriceChild, you said you'd unban me from #ubuntu+1 once it re-opened?03:28
PriceChildArwen, You are unbanned, please play nice, follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and IRC guidelines at _all_ times.03:32
Arwenyes, thank you...03:32
Arwenhuh, I wonder how long I've been banned from #ubuntu now... ah well03:32
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jribtritium: I just have  /alias u say !$0 > $1 (see the private message from ubotu)04:17
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tritiumjrib: thanks!04:44
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ubotuIn ubotu, pike_ said: Python is a high-level programming language only slightly inferrior to Ruby  see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WelcomeToPython07:25
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Seveas'slightly inferior' --> massively suprior you mean08:45
GazzaKyou python fanboy08:48
Seveasruby just sucks08:51
Seveasit's sort of perl, sort of python and sort of smalltalk08:52
Seveasin the end it's worse than all of them08:52
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)08:53
GazzaKbut rubys are red and pretty?08:55
GazzaKI am turning into a right mac fanboi Seveas08:56
Seveasthere are no right mac fanboys08:56
Seveasonly wrong ones08:56
Seveaswe have quite a fw of them at work08:58
Seveasone of them brought a mac mini08:58
Seveasfrontrow is nice, someone should port that to beryl/mythtv/elisa08:59
Seveasbrb, kernel update --> reboot09:00
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ubotuIn ubotu, dazjorz said: !inittab is /etc/inittab was replaced by /etc/event.d/rc-default.11:24
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ubotuEnverex called the ops in #ubuntu01:05
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ndeehey guys, could you test me for that dcc-exploit?02:12
Hobbseendee: yep, you're fine02:13
Hobbseendee: ban removed, thanks for your patience :)02:14
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ndeeno problem, thx :)02:15
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=== ompaul goes away again
nalioth.... and good riddance   :P06:50
Hobbseeyou're nice, nalioth06:51
poningrucan someone fix !beryl it doesnt have links to our wiki helps06:52
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Hobbseeponingru: feel free to fix06:55
Hobbseeponingru: as in, to whatever you want it to sya06:56
Hobbseethen it rebounds here, and we can add it06:56
ompaul poningru you do !beryl foo and then we get told same and fix it07:06
=== ompaul looks at nalioth
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=== nalioth looks at ompaul
=== ompaul waves across the waves
=== effie_jayx looks at ompaul and nalioth
ompaulthis could get silly07:11
PriceChildwhy is there no wind :(07:11
jribPriceChild: are you trying to fly a kite or something?07:18
PriceChildwent sailing :(07:18
naliothjrib: you piss off nickserv today?07:18
naliothjrib: you are not currently identified07:19
mc44iz an imposter!07:19
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naliothjrib: if you're not mode +e, you're not who you say you are  :)07:21
=== PriceChild watches cotton-swab in #defocus and smiles.
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poningrunixternal: can I pm?09:03
=== nixternal wonders why I didn't get a popup box
effie_jayxmaybe you got spam blocker :D09:06
nixternalno no, when my name is highlighted I usually get my popup box I have scripted for remote irssi sessions09:07
effie_jayxohhhhhhhhhhhh I remember09:07
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QuintinYou're all a bunch of fucking morons.09:15
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PriceChildQuintin, Please calm down :)09:15
DBOhe was fun09:15
ubuntu_laptopi was getting there09:15
PriceChildhehe :)09:17
gnomefreakit doesnt use cloak :(09:17
PriceChildgnomefreak, yeah, add nicks to launchpad and ubotu resyncs the list every so often09:18
=== gnomefreak checking and commenting on my ban on Quintin as i have seen that name before
gnomefreaki see he is a big repeat offender09:20
naliothgnomefreak: and listening to you now09:20
gnomefreaknalioth: he knows it too09:20
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naliothQuintin: did you have something for us (other than personal attacks) ?09:28
naliothQuintin: please respond09:31
PumpernickelTrolling by silence... that's a new approach.09:31
Quintinnot really!09:32
tsmithePumpernickel, hehe09:32
Seveasbetter than trolling by insulting09:32
Seveasmore subtle09:33
Seveasless annoying09:33
tsmitheSeveas, subtle?!09:33
tsmitheif Seveas knows about subtle as well, i'm doomed09:33
Seveastsmithe, you don't know subtlety if it hit you in the face :p09:33
tsmitheat least you can spell better than me09:33
=== gnomefreak goes back to looking for office :(
SeveasMS office?09:34
PriceChildno he lost his office...09:34
Hobbseewith pointy clicky vista!09:34
PriceChildwasn't there at work this morning09:34
Hobbseejust like nixternal09:34
PriceChildempty plot of land...09:34
Hobbseenixternal: you didnt tell us you had an ally in your addiction....09:34
tsmithePriceChild, i don't think you're allowed to make that joke09:34
nixternaloh wait a second now09:34
tsmitheit's against the rooles09:34
PriceChildtsmithe, what joke?09:34
=== Seveas wiped vista of a machine the other day
Seveasfelt good09:35
Seveastoo bad it was wiping-by-installing-xp09:35
HobbseeSeveas: you need to help nixternal and gnomefreak through their vista addiction.09:35
Seveasbut the machine already runs ubuntu as well and the owner prefers ubuntu, so not a total loss :)09:35
naliothHobbsee: i think they all need help with their Microsoft addiction09:35
tsmithe"<PriceChild> i'm tempted to say "do you feel tough... do you feel like a real man now seveas?""09:35
SeveasHobbsee, hmm, nothing a sledgehammer can't solve09:36
tsmitheoops that wasn't stringed properly09:36
Hobbseenalioth: hrm, point.09:36
HobbseeSeveas: hahaha09:36
Seveas@lart vista09:36
=== ubotu shows vista a photo of mneptok: http://tinyurl.com/yv5q8h
=== gnomefreak hasnt yet tried vista and not in a hurry to
Seveasgnomefreak, I tried it. Rubbish.09:37
gnomefreakty now i dont have to09:37
Seveasdidn't even need the sledgehammer there, excellent09:38
Quintinvista is useless crap09:38
QuintinIt was nice until I wanted to do something with my PC.  Then the swapping was outrageous (1gB DDR RAM)09:38
Seveasheh, vista and one GB. You need at least 2 :)09:38
Quintinyet the stores sell vista with 1 gb.  or even 512 mb (!).  contrast this with XP or ubuntu which are perfectly useable with 256m, even 12809:39
jribdell recommends 1 to use aero, but I guess that assumes you don't run any apps and just play with your menus09:41
Quintinlike I said, as soon as I tried to actually *do something* .. crunch crunch crunch09:42
QuintinI just don't get it.  it's like they tried to make it crappy and slow :p09:42
Quintinhttp://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,2098817,00.asp  see also the forum comments09:42
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effie_jayxQuintin, well it's your choice...09:46
Quintineffie_jayx: eh?  No it's not.  I don't use vista09:47
effie_jayxcool then09:48
poningruuh... wasnt this the guy who was...09:50
Seveasponingru, ?09:55
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effie_jayxponingru,  nm = network manager?10:04
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: network mangler10:04
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: in thise case, never mind10:04
poningruHobbsee: hey man network manager is cool and awesome10:05
poningrudoes not mangling10:05
poningruunless ofcourse put on a server10:05
effie_jayxI never get the in jokes :S...10:05
Hobbseemost of the time, yes10:05
poningruwhich for whatever reason red hat loves to do10:05
poningruI DO not understand why red hat does that10:05
effie_jayxor arrive late jejejej10:05
poningruit turns on frackin avahi for a server10:05
poningruI'm like WTF10:05
effie_jayxgood lord #ubuntuforums is worst than offtopic by far10:07
PriceChild:( *looks*10:10
effie_jayxPriceChild,  someone just farted a battleship?10:10
effie_jayxPriceChild,  this is the bit that storke me * zenrox grabs elcasey  holds him down and farts a battleship10:11
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freak020Hello. Can an operator assist me in resetting my NickServ password?10:13
naliothfreak020: let's see10:13
naliothfreak020: how about we drop the nick and you can reregister (this time with an email)?10:15
freak020Sure. I didn't think I would forget it this soon. :D10:15
=== poningru registers freak020 really fast
freak020Thanks very much. You have been very helpful. :)10:16
effie_jayxPriceChild,  you owe me one ;)10:17
effie_jayxPriceChild,  about the ban... just kidding10:19
Seveas@pity effie_jayx10:36
=== ubotu installs WindowsME on effie_jayx's computer
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poningruSeveas: now thats just wrong10:40
poningruI mean no matter what10:41
poningruI would not wish that on anyone10:41
poningruthats just wrong10:41
Seveas@lart add slurps up all of $who's memory by installing vista10:41
ubotuOK  Lart #53 added.10:41
Seveas@lart 52 poningru10:41
=== ubotu forces poningru to talk in reverse polish notation for the rest of the year
effie_jayxSeveas, hardly enough I liked me back in the day... :D10:42
=== effie_jayx relfects on his dark past
effie_jayxhey at least I'm honest :D10:44
poningrueffie_jayx: thats just masochistic10:44
Myrtti/me goes to bed listening to Anne of Green Gables from librivox10:44
poningrunext thing you know you like hob's stick of doom10:45
poningrushe's not here10:45
effie_jayxponingru,  Hobbs is cool... she already game doom(tm) enough times before10:46
poningruthat was supposed to be a joke dude...10:46
effie_jayxit still is :D10:46
effie_jayxponingru,  let's just be still and not wake up mneptok ...10:49
=== effie_jayx hides
=== poningru stands very stil

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