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cheeseboywhy cant i ping my server?01:33
cheeseboybut it can ping other pcs01:33
cheeseboyand other pcs can ping other pcs01:33
cheeseboyinternet is working01:34
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cheeseboyanyone there03:22
cheeseboycal u help03:38
olembeg you pardon? 03:39
olemhave you got any problem/issue?03:41
cheeseboy<cheeseboy> why cant i ping my server?03:41
cheeseboy<cheeseboy> but it can ping other pcs03:41
cheeseboy<cheeseboy> and other pcs can ping other pcs03:41
cheeseboy<cheeseboy> internet is working03:41
olemnetmask issue?03:41
cheeseboyhow i check?03:41
olemI mean, perhaps you set a incorrect netmask value on your server, for example:03:41
olem . you're on (V)LAN /2603:41
olem . you set a /24 netmask on your server03:41
olem . so your server can ping others03:41
olem . while other cannot03:41
cheeseboyi dont rember setting that03:41
cheeseboyput it can ping others03:41
olemsee your network admin, he will probably help you better than I (I dunno you network plan)03:42
cheeseboyim network admin03:42
olemyes. you can if you've got a broader netmask (and are in the same wire)03:42
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olemso you're sure about your netmask on your server?03:42
olemI mean, sure to be the correct one?03:42
cheeseboydunno how to check or change03:43
olemto check, see /etc/network/interfaces03:43
olemfor example, a valid entry could be:03:44
olemiface eth0 inet static03:44
olem address
olem network
olem netmask
olem broadcast
olem gateway
cheeseboyeth1 is set03:44
cheeseboybut supposed to be eth003:44
cheeseboyolem so if i change to eth0 think thayll fix it?03:45
olemcan you issue an 'sudo mii-tool' to see what iface is connected out there ?03:46
cheeseboyi usally dhclient eth0 to bring internet up03:46
olemcan you copy/paste here your /etc/network/interfaces ?03:46
cheeseboyi have no x03:47
olemah... then... manually copy past it :-)03:47
olem(albeith you have mouse support of course)03:47
olemso, what you're /etc/network/interfaces tells us about eth0 and eth1 ?03:48
cheeseboyauto lo03:48
cheeseboyiface lo inet loopback03:48
olemok - fine03:48
cheeseboythat all u want?03:48
olemnext : eth0 and eth103:49
olemlo is the loopback iface (lo0/
cheeseboyiface eth0 inet static03:49
cheeseboyi just changed from eth103:49
cheeseboynetmask 255.255.003:50
cheeseboygateways wrong too03:50
cheeseboyauto eth003:51
cheeseboythats it03:51
olemok. I see the following error: s/adress/address/03:51
olemand, are you sure to be on a Class B network (/16) ? not in a Class C (/24) ?03:52
cheeseboyno i dont even know what that means03:52
olemI guess your in a Class C. If so, your issue is 'netmask 255.255.0' which should be 'netmask'03:52
olemClass B network are 'large' network from 16xxx addresses.03:53
cheeseboyoh yea it is that03:53
cheeseboytypo my bad03:53
cheeseboyhow i reset all my internet on ubuntu?03:53
olemClass C are 'tiny' networks (even if your may subnet them in tinier ones) for 255 addresses03:53
olemwhat do you mean by "resetting all my internet"?03:54
cheeseboydisconnect reconnect w/ new settings03:54
olemIf you want to 'restart your network' to apply new parameters, you just have to issue 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'03:54
olembut be sure of your parameters prior to network restart... if you're teleworking :-)03:55
cheeseboyfailed to bring up eth003:55
olemsudo tail -f /var/log/messages ?03:55
olemcould inform you about why03:56
cheeseboynot much info there03:57
olemok. so, you should issue an 'sudo mii-tool'03:57
olemto see to what physical iface you've got a jack plugged in.03:57
olem(to be sure about eth0 and eth1)03:57
cheeseboyfails on both03:58
olemfor example, on my laptop, I don't use eth0 and when I issue 'sudo mii-tool', it returns me something like :03:58
olemolem@lembox:~$ sudo mii-tool 03:58
olemeth0: no link03:58
olemSIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth1' failed: Operation not supported03:58
olemto tell me:03:58
olem . hey dude, no cable in eth0 ('no link')03:58
cheeseboycept  oppisite eth0 and eth 103:58
cheeseboyeth1 no link03:59
cheeseboyeth0 that other error03:59
olem . hey dude, I cannot stat about your eth1 (cause it's the wireless iface, and don't support this interrogation)03:59
olemwhat does eth0 tells?03:59
cheeseboyyes its wireless03:59
olemSo, you'r mii-tool reports that :04:00
olem . eth1 is a wired interface, with no link (no cable in)04:00
olem . eth0 ??? (I did not understand)04:00
cheeseboy<olem> eth0: no link04:01
cheeseboy<olem> SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth1' failed: Operation not supported04:01
cheeseboycept switch et1 w/ eth004:01
olemso you're mii-tool tells you that:04:01
olem . SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported04:02
olem . eth1: no link04:02
olemand your /etc/network/interfaces is configured this way:04:02
olemauto lo004:02
olemauto lo04:02
olemiface lo inet loopback04:02
olem# wireless04:02
olemiface eth0 inet dhcp04:03
olem# wired04:03
olemiface eth1 inet static04:03
cheeseboyeth0 and eth1 are wireless04:03
cheeseboybut eth1 doesnt work04:04
cheeseboyand i have eth0 configures as static04:04
cheeseboyso i can rember ip easier04:04
olemhum... strange mii-tools returned a eth1 with 'no link' if it's a wireless iface... but, well, who knows (perhaps some drivers support this PHy...)04:05
olemanyway, can you please spell me the /etc/network/interfaces relating to eth0, to be sure there is no issue?04:05
cheeseboyauto lo04:06
cheeseboyiface lo inet loopback04:06
cheeseboyiface eth0 inet static04:06
cheeseboyadress 192168.1.10204:07
cheeseboynetmask 255.255.255004:07
olem  ==> be sure to have exactly : address
cheeseboyya typos here04:07
olem(2 'd' to address)04:07
olemok. 04:07
olemand netmask :)04:07
cheeseboyauto eth004:08
olemadd (before auto eth0) :04:08
olem network
olem broadcast
olemand /etc/init.d/networking restart again04:09
olem(after saving the file of course :)04:09
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cheeseboyfailed to bring up eth004:10
olemok :(04:10
olemcan you comment all the declarative parts for you eth0 and try these ones:04:10
olemiface eth0 inet dhcp04:10
olemauto eth004:10
olemand (save) /etc/init.d/networking restart ?04:11
cheeseboyya h/o04:11
olemjust to see04:11
cheeseboydhclient brings it up04:11
olemwhat does your ifconfig (or ip addr show) returns?04:11
olemregarding eth0 of course04:12
cheeseboy192.168.1.102 wen i use dhclient04:12
olemnetmask/broadcast/ ?04:12
olem'ip addr show' should returns you something like that, relating to eth1 :04:14
oleminet brd scope global eth104:14
olems/eth1/eth0 :) 04:14
olemIn fact, if you can negociate an @IP via DHCP and ping outside, you are sure you wireless conf is okay (wpa_supplicant.conf I suppose)04:15
cheeseboyi nvr touched it04:16
olemSo, if your /etc/network/interfaces configured in static mode (iface eth0 inet static, and all the stuff) does not bring up your iface, the problem is in the /etc/network/interfaces : a typo error or something like that04:16
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Burgundaviaolem: can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces?04:17
olemFrom my point of view, with what I understand of your network topology, your /etc/network/interfaces should be exactly this one :04:17
olem# loopback04:17
olemauto lo04:17
Burgundaviaolem: ahh, pastebin04:17
olemiface lo inet loobpack04:17
olem# eth0 - wireless but static04:17
olemauto eth004:17
cheeseboyBurgundavia, olem is helping me w/ the problem04:17
olemiface eth0 inet static04:18
Burgundaviaright, sorry04:18
olem address
olem network
olem netmask
olem broadcast
cheeseboyi had those but in different order04:19
olem gateway 192.168.1.XXX (I dunno what is your gw, but you should)04:19
Burgundaviaolem: please use pastebin next time04:19
olemplace them in that order (I'm not sure this will impact)04:19
Burgundaviayou also will want a auto eth0 before the iface line04:19
cheeseboythats what it said04:19
olemBurgundavia, why do you want me to c/p my /etc/network/interfaces with all my gory comments in there? :)04:19
Burgundaviaolem: because I thought you were cheeseboy04:20
Burgundaviacheeseboy can you pastebin that file?04:20
cheeseboyno x04:20
olemBurgundavia, I dunno what the hell you're drinking, but I'm okay for the same thing ;)04:20
olemuh... 4:20 AM! I'm gonna go to bed... 04:21
cheeseboywhere i put auto eth0?04:21
cheeseboywait olem04:22
cheeseboyi need help :(04:22
olemyou can put 'auto eth0' before, or after the declaration segment for an iface.04:22
olemusually, I place them in the begining of my /etc/network/interfaces04:22
olemlike: 04:22
olemauto lo04:22
olemauto eth004:22
olemauto eth104:22
olemand then, I declare those interfaces (lo, eth0 and eth1)04:23
olembut, well, you can in fact place the 'auto' directive anywhere in you file, excepted in a declarative bloc04:23
olem(man interfaces for more04:23
olemok. I'm gonna go to bed. 04:24
olemcheeseboy, cross check your /etc/network/interfaces with Burgundavia 04:24
cheeseboyit broke worst04:24
cheeseboynow says network is down04:24
Burgundaviacheeseboy: can you pm me that file then?04:24
olemI' pretty sure you've got an error in it. It's trivial to correct, if you repeat _exactly_ your /etc/network/interfaces here.04:25
olemthx Burgundavia :)04:25
cheeseboyBurgundavia, how?04:25
cheeseboyBurgundavia, i have to type it all :(04:25
cheeseboyBurgundavia, wait it just magically fixed04:27
cheeseboyhow i add samba user and pass?  04:29
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massctrlhi all, does ubuntu server have xen packages?04:35
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necrite_hi all04:42
lionelhi necrite_04:43
lionelmassctrl: yes, xen packages are in ubuntu server. 04:43
massctrltnx lionel04:44
massctrlI have found a link meanwhile04:44
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massctrlk I'm not familiar with ubuntu-server, what's the default mailserver ?04:50
massctrlis it exim like Debian's ?04:50
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lionelmassctrl: no one is installed by default05:13
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massctrllionel: ok good to know, docs are talking about postfix,... https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/email-services.html 06:16
massctrlmy fav anyway ;-)06:16
massctrlby the way anyone knows if there are any hardware vendors that will support ubuntu server ?06:16
lionelI would also advice postfix, but you're free to choose :)06:16
massctrlI mean Hp is offering commercial debian support, which is kind of nice, ... but i'm not that keen on debian,...06:17
lionelmassctrl: I use Dell, HP is also well supported (as used in Canonical DC :))06:17
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Ali_ixdoes apt-pinning work on ubuntu at all?07:09
Ali_ixhow do i get it working on feisty?07:09
shawarmaIt just does.07:52
shawarmaIf that's all the detail you're going to give, all I can say is: it already works.07:52
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Ali_ixthanks shawarma,08:26
Ali_ixshawarma: i want to exclude linux-headers and linux-image package to being updated with auto update,08:27
Ali_ixhow can i do this? which priority  to set?08:27
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shawarmaAli_ix: Just put them on hold.09:08
shawarmaAli_ix: Much easier.09:08
shawarmaAli_ix: Heck, it's even easier than that. :)09:08
Ali_ixshawarma: on hold? ho to do this?09:08
shawarmaAli_ix: Just remove linux-image.09:08
shawarmaAli_ix: Not linux-image-2.6.whatever, but linux-image and either linux-image-server or linux-image-generic.09:09
shawarmaAli_ix: Those are the packages that depend on the newest and hence it's them that take care of having your kernel uptodate.09:09
shawarmaAli_ix: Why do you want to do this?09:09
Ali_ixshawarma: i have some good and stable config with 2.6.20-13 kernel on ubuntu, and dont need any kernel update now :}09:10
Ali_ixshawarma: i want to exclude kernel-related packages fro auto update09:10
shawarmaAli_ix: Um.. Ok.09:10
Ali_ixshawarma: some one advised to use pinning09:10
shawarmaAli_ix: There's no need.09:11
shawarmaAli_ix: You using the server images?09:11
Ali_ixshawarma: no, desktop images on feisty09:11
shawarmaAli_ix: Ok. "apt-get remove linux-image-generic"09:12
shawarmaAli_ix: That should do it.09:12
shawarmaAli_ix: I'm curious why you're asking here, though?09:13
Ali_ixshawarma: isnt it nessecary for later?09:13
Ali_ix*necessary 09:13
Ali_ixshawarma: what is within linux-image-generic-* package? just linux headers and sources? :)09:14
shawarmaAli_ix: Well.. Yes, in the same sense as the kernel updates are necessary, but it's those you don't want?09:14
shawarmaAli_ix: linux-image-generic-* are the actual kernels.09:14
shawarmaAli_ix: The headers are in linux-headers-generic-*09:14
shawarmaAli_ix: You should *not* remove linux-image-generic-*.09:15
shawarmaAli_ix: Only linux-image-generic.09:15
shawarma(no suffix)09:15
Ali_ixoh, got it :d09:15
Ali_ixthanks shawarma :)09:15
Ali_ixshawarma: this is a virtual package to the latest apackage build, isnt it?09:16
shawarmaAli_ix: Yes. That's how we make sure people get kernel updates.09:17
shawarmaAli_ix: Well.. Kernel updates when there are ABI changes, anyway.09:17
shawarmaAli_ix: If you want to be completely sure nothing updates your kernel without asking, you should do:09:17
shawarmaAli_ix: "echo linux-image-generic-`uname -r` hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections"09:18
shawarmaAli_ix: Gotta run!09:18
Ali_ix:D some strange command :D09:18
Ali_ixshawarma: thanks very much 09:18
Ali_ixshawarma: thanks again, and bye ;)09:33
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