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mdzcprov: I have an upload which has built successfully, but the binaries are not in the queue or in the archive as far as I can see12:45
cprovmdz: which one ?12:45
mdzcprov: https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/34737112:45
cprovmdz: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haf-marketing-release/0.3.4ubuntu112:46
mdzcprov: no binaries on that page12:47
cprovmdz: I'm checking12:50
cprovmdz: should it build 'hildon-*' binaries, is that correct on 'Resulting Binaries' portlet ?12:54
mdzcprov: correct12:54
mdzthose look like the correct names12:55
mdzdo they only show up on the source package page when they have been published?12:56
mdzanyway, I don't see why they aren't published12:56
cprovmdz: no, resulting binaries doesn't have to be published12:57
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mdzcprov: source package page12:59
cprovmdz: yes, in source package page they have to be published01:00
cprovmdz: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+queue?queue_state=2&queue_text=hildon01:00
mdzcprov: i.e., https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/hello shows (published) binaries, but https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/haf-marketing-release says "No binaries have been generated for this release."01:00
mdzcprov: aha, thank you. I looked in output from the 'queue' tool and in /srv/launchpad.net/ubuntu-queue but found nothing01:00
cprovmdz: it's in accepted queue, will be published in a bit (~ 5 min)01:01
mdzcprov: so it will be published in this next run?01:01
mdzcprov: so I must wait for that to finish, then retry the hildon-desktop build, then wait for that, approve the binaries, then wait for next publisher run01:01
cprovmdz: `LPCONFIG=ftpmaster ./scripts/ftpmaster-tools/queue -Q accepted info hildon` shows it 01:03
mdzcprov: queue -Q accepted info | grep hildon as lp_archive@drescher shows nothing01:04
mdzcprov: ah, looks like it was just processed01:04
mdzit is pretty difficult to follow an upload all the way through the process from upload to binary publishing01:05
cprovmdz: yes, links are messy and sourcepackage page doesn't present overall information 01:08
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cprovlfittl: I have disable 'auto-overrides' for PPAs (yes, they were enabled for testing). IFW, now it will respect expanded Section: syntax ('[component/] <section>')01:23
lfittlcprov: ok, thanks, will try another upload then :)01:24
cprovlfittl: you can blame *me* for passing wrong information, sorry.01:24
lfittlheh, no problem01:24
=== cprov goes for food
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BjornTlifeless: is there no reviewer meeting today?08:17
=== elkbuntu [n=melissa@ubuntu/member/elkbuntu] has joined #launchpad
lifelessBjornT: there is, at 160008:22
lifelessthats 22 minutes ago, sorry!08:22
lifelessman I'm freezing here08:22
lifelessspiv: ping08:23
lifelessjamesh: ping08:23
lifelessthumper: ping08:23
=== Hobbsee throws lifeless into a pool of lava to warm up.
lifelessawww, how sweet08:23
lifelessif a little... permanent08:23
lifeless== Agenda ==08:24
lifeless * Roll call08:24
lifeless * Next meeting08:24
lifeless * Queue status.08:24
lifeless * Are reviews fair/balanced?08:24
lifeless * Preimplementation call status08:25
lifelessjamesh: ping08:26
lifelessthumper: ping08:26
lifelessits 0600 UTC now right ?08:26
spivlifeless: 0626, yeah.08:26
lifelesswell yeah08:26
jamesh"date -u" says 06:2608:27
lifelessthumper: last call for .nz08:27
lifelessBjornT: you talked about review fairness last week in .eu right ?08:28
BjornTlifeless: yeah (or a couple of weeks ago)08:29
=== Fujitsu [n=william@c58-107-52-79.eburwd7.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #launchpad
lifelesswe haven't talked about it in .au though IIRC?08:30
spivNot that I am aware of.08:30
lifelessfinal agenda08:30
lifeless== Agenda ==08:30
lifeless * Roll call08:30
lifeless * Next meeting08:30
lifeless * Queue status.08:30
lifeless * Are reviews fair/balanced?08:30
lifeless * Preimplementation call status08:30
lifeless * Meta review duration08:31
lifelesslets do this08:31
lifeless== Next meeting ==08:31
lifeless2007-06-19 at 0600 UTC08:31
lifelessall in favour interrupt the next point08:31
lifelessall *not* in favour ...08:31
spivThat's also a Tuesday?08:31
lifelesssame bat time08:32
lifelesssame bat channel08:32
spivIs the plan to switch to Tuesdays permanently?08:32
lifelessI thought thats what you had voted to do. I was surprised that you did that in the convenors absence but still :)08:32
=== allenap [n=allenap@] has joined #launchpad
spivIIRC, I didn't express an opinion either way ;)08:33
lifelessare you fine with this time?08:33
spivYeah, this time is ok with me.08:33
spivI was just asking to make sure there's no confusion.08:34
lifelessso pending-reviews looks like a bomb dropped on it08:34
lifelessthats at least partly my fault - I find the incremental branches hell to allocate - and partly the Queens birthday here.08:35
spivA bomb called "first round of a time-based release cycle" :)08:35
lifelessquick count08:35
lifeless32 branches08:36
lifelessone at 54 days? 08:36
spivI have reviews for my two in progress, should be done tonight.08:36
lifelessreviewer workload is sneaking up08:37
lifelessstatik has 5K to review - but these figures are bogus aren't they ?08:37
spivYeah, incremental diffs.08:38
BjornTyeah. bug-workflow-3 depends on two other branches, and the first one is really big.08:38
lifelessso we can't really tell a) how many 'units of work' are blocked on review or b) how much review work really is involved.08:39
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lifelessI've asked SteveA to allocate time to jamesh to implement this.08:39
BjornTthat would be nice, i've wanted that functionality for a long time.08:40
lifelesswell the developer workflow appears to have changed. So I think its critical now rather than optional.08:41
lifelessSteveA: ^08:41
lifeless * Are reviews fair/balanced?08:41
lifelessBjornT: what did the .eu meeting conclude, for anyone at this one that hasn't read the minutes.08:41
spivIs there a record of the .eu team discussion on this?  I couldn't find the relevant minutes.08:41
lifeless(which btw are not linked on the wiki)08:41
BjornTwell, it's in https://launchpad.canonical.com/ReviewerMeeting20070523, "if overwhelmed, push back to general queue"08:42
lifelessnor AFAICT on the launchpad or lp-reviews list.08:42
lifelessoh, that far back. Ok08:43
lifelessare you sure thats the same discussion?08:43
BjornTthe main idea was that every reviewer should be expected to spend a more or less equal amount of time reviewing.08:43
spivOh, I did see that one.  I didn't realise it was the same topic.08:43
lifelessno this is not the same topic08:43
lifelesslet me introduce this topic08:43
BjornToh, then what's this about? :)08:43
lifelessTheres been a concern raised that developers that have been around longer are having their code put under substantially less scrutiny than new developers regardless of their development experience.08:44
lifelessnow, this may simply be that the folk who have been around longer are passing through the same checks and balances more easily08:46
lifelessor it may be that we are not actually being as thorough.08:46
lifelessI've had a look myself and it didn't seem biased to me.08:46
lifelessbut I think its important that a topic like this get talked about openly and clearly.08:47
lifelessbecause the review process is a key one, and one that could easily demoralise developers if they felt it was unfair.08:47
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lifelessany comment, or stunned silence?08:48
spivI agree with what you've said.08:49
BjornTit would be good if the people that are complaining would point out a few examples08:49
lifelessso r 4236 was pointed out as a case where someone felt this may have happened.08:50
spivReviewers can make mistakes, and developers should feel free to disagree with a comment made by a reviewer.08:50
lifelessnow if you look at that review there are plenty of things jamesh said08:52
=== spiv is looking
lifelesshe missed one minor thing which is import alpha-sorting08:52
jameshfor r4236 (and related commits), we have been working under time pressure08:53
lifeless> +        stepthrough, Navigation, RedirectionView,08:53
spivimport alphabetising is hardly showstopper.08:53
lifelessOh, I agree. But if a new developer is called on it, its fair for them to expect senior developers to be held to the same or even a higher standard.08:54
jameshthere were definitely some issues with the branch that could have been done better, but I made the call to get it in so we could fix them and do further work in parallel08:54
lifelessso we don't aim for perfection on every merge; we're aiming to balance:08:55
BjornTand considering the diff for r4236 is 6314 lines, it's easy to miss a few minor things.08:55
lifeless - branch size08:55
lifeless - urgency of delivery08:55
lifeless - overall importance08:55
lifelesswe have an already agreed process for merging things we've decided 'will happen' with fixups later.08:56
lifelessAIUI openid was one of those things?08:56
lifelessjamesh: ?08:58
jameshlifeless: yeah.  We are dealing with an external contractor for some of this, so it is not workable to keep things out of tree til perfect08:58
lifelessthen I'd like to say in reply to this concern, something like:08:59
=== dneary [n=dneary@mne69-9-88-163-116-163.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #launchpad
jameshthat's probably the biggest difference between it and other similar cases08:59
lifelessWe're not aware of a bias to senior/long service developers. 08:59
thumperlifeless: sorry, was having dinner09:00
lifelessThe given example went in under the 'its going to happen' policy where the code is polished further after it lands, and this has in fact happened/is happening.09:00
lifelessall in favour?09:01
lifelessthumper: no prob09:01
spivlifeless: sounds good.  But maybe it could have been clearer that that landing happened under that policy?09:01
lifelessI think thats a good point.09:02
lifelessI can't remember if we ended up documenting the process, I think the discussion about that got sidelined into 'what wiki page it should go on' when Bjorn was talking with Joey.09:03
lifelessbut the policy was clear in our minutes :)09:03
lifelessBjornT: happy with that response? jamesh ?09:04
BjornTyeah. although, it would be good to make it more clear.09:04
lifelessBjornT: which 'it'09:05
BjornTto make it more clear, that the branch needs to be landed quickly, and will be polished later.09:05
lifelessBjornT: I agree with that. However this branch *was* landed quickly, and *is* being polished. (jamesh <- is that right)09:06
=== Spads [n=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #launchpad
BjornTwhen we discussed it a while a go, i think we talked about adding a [fasttrack]  tag to pqm, or something like that.09:07
BjornThaving the policy documented somewhere would be nice :)09:07
lifelessright. So I'm separating out the reponse about bias, and the making the policy clear discussion.09:07
lifelesson the former I want consensus09:07
lifelesson the latter I know we already have it.09:08
BjornTthere should also be a way of tracking the work to polish the branch.09:08
lifelesscan you add that to the agenda for .eu and next week's .au? We are about to run out of time.09:08
lifeless * Preimplementation call status09:09
lifelessBarry brought this up09:09
lifelessare you doing pre-imp calls? Are you nagging when you get a branch that didn't have one? Are they useful? Are pre-imp-called branches better?09:09
thumperI think it is handy to have so the reviewer knows that it has been talked about09:10
thumperI haven't really been nagging, but then most have some entry now09:10
lifelessmmm, thats really just an appeal to authority though.09:10
BjornTi didn't have any last week (except for a few in-person ones with gavin), since i was on a sprint.09:11
spivI've had some calls with jml, and I think they've been useful.09:11
lifeless * Meta review duration09:11
lifelessThis was in the minutes 09:11
lifelessand I'm back09:11
lifelessso - 09:11
lifelessI think the meta-review should stop when the meta-reviewer is satisfied that the reviewer knows the ropes09:12
thumpersounds fair09:12
lifelessjust like a branch is let through when the reviewer is happy with the branch09:12
spivSounds reasonable.  As a data point, I'm happy with thumper's reviewing, so I'd expect the other new reviewers are probably doing equally well.09:13
lifelessany other business?09:13
thumperjust to clarify09:13
thumperam I still sending reviews pending spiv's approval?09:14
lifelessask spiv :)09:14
thumperspiv: ?09:14
spivthumper: as of right now, you're on your own ;)09:14
spivthumper: I'll review the reviews you've already sent me.09:14
=== jamesh was happy with thumper's reviews while spiv was away too
lifelesswelcome to the non-provisional status thumper !09:16
=== thumper bows
lifelessmeeting over09:16
spivlifeless: thanks09:16
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=== mpt again finds that a bug he was about to report was reported by Matthew Paul Thomas last year
mptThwarted by my past self!09:29
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SteveAlifeless: hello10:17
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lifelessSteveA: hi10:19
SteveAlifeless: in my "away" scrollback, I had some ^^^^ from you.10:34
lifelessI was giving you hopefully more context than I put in the email you should have gotten overnight10:35
SteveAso, it's worth the effort for me to look through the scrollback?10:37
lifelesslet me recap10:39
lifelessreviews are very hard to allocate at the moment because of the use of incremental branches10:39
=== schwuk [n=dave@ubuntu/member/schwuk] has joined #launchpad
SteveAlifeless: joey and thumper had a suggestion about having more than one person allocate reviews, concurrently, to take some load from you10:39
lifelessall the statistics that had made it relatively straight forward are broken, and the number of branches is high10:40
SteveAbecause we're comparing the work to mainline?10:40
lifelessI'm more than happy to have multiple people allocating, that won't solve the root problem though10:40
lifelesswhich is that you cannot use the numbers as guidance now10:40
lifelessyes because of that10:40
lifelessSo I think its very important to either stop doing incremental branches (which has its own costs) or fix the current tool (which requires developer effort)10:41
lifelessI don't have the time to fix it myself right now unfortunately.10:41
SteveAcan you sketch out what the fix would look like?10:41
lifelesstheres a header in the wiki page saying what branch the diff should be like. the cronscript would be changed to diff against that when its present.10:42
lifelessshould be very straightforward for someone familiar with the code (and there are two such people that I know of - me and jamesh)10:42
SteveAok.  and we need to make sure that forthcoming launchpad features in this area10:43
SteveAcan cope with the same kind of branch10:43
lifelessthats the core of it; theres more that could be done, but thats the key item.10:43
lifelessI'm aware we dont want to invest heavily in the non-launchpad solution10:43
lifelessand yes the lp integrated reviews will need to handle this situation.10:43
SteveAok, thanks10:45
SteveAwho can we ask to be a second allocator of reviews?10:45
lifelessI suggest bjornt or salgado10:45
lifelessbecause they are familar and in a different timezone10:45
lifelessand different country10:45
SteveAonce we have the single sign on stuff done, I'd like to ask jamesh to improve the review cron script10:45
lifelessso they won't typically hit the same holidays10:45
SteveAsure, let's ask salgado10:45
SteveAwould you mail him?10:46
SteveAas the coordinator of reviews etc.10:46
lifelessand if they do it in their morning we get 12-hour latency rather than 23:55 as at the moment, so its more than just a load sharing win.10:46
=== _thumper_ [n=tim@125-236-193-95.adsl.xtra.co.nz] has joined #launchpad
lifelessthe SSO stuff, is that days/weeks/months away? The key tweak is probably under a days work for jamesh.10:49
lifelessSteveA: ^10:50
lifelessif it looks like stretching out, please consider giving him a morning to see what he can do.10:52
SteveAis there a bug on this?10:52
lifelessI believe so10:53
SteveAthe question is, to what release do we target the bug10:53
lifelessbut with the deprecation of lp-development-infrastructure I'm not sure where to find it10:53
SteveAif jamesh has finished his single sign on work, then 1.1.6 is possible10:54
SteveAotherwise, we can shoot for 1.1.710:54
lifelessfor single sign on?10:54
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Hobbseemorning carlos 11:46
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cprovgood morning02:13
Hobbseemorning cprov!02:13
cprovHobbsee: hi there (note that I'm not mentioning any names today)02:13
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j^how can i delete a branch?02:29
j^i wanted to add another svn mirror and it ended up trying to mirror a bzr branch02:29
j^now i can not delete it02:30
=== cate [n=cate@cepew121208.ethz.ch] has joined #launchpad
mwhudsonj^: you can't delete a branch02:32
mwhudsonj^: you can mark it obsolete though02:32
mwhudsonj^: can you give some details?02:33
j^what i wanted to do was to register another django svn branch to merge them using bzr02:33
j^ended up to create a bzr branch https://code.launchpad.net/~j/django/multiple-db-support02:34
j^which is wrong02:34
j^why does launchpad add a bzr branch if it can not import it from the url provided?02:34
j^would want to delete that now02:34
cateI've some problem on log in.  I've no error, but I'm alway "not logged". Some hits?02:34
oojahcate: Are you sure that you have allowed cookies for launchpad?02:35
=== Watersevenub [n=Watersev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
cateoojah: thanks. It seems I clicked the wrong cookies' button.  BTW firefox should have a search function02:39
oojahcate: Search for what?02:40
catefor the coockies in the allow and block windows (as in the stored cookies list)02:41
oojahAh, ok.02:41
oojahYeah, that would make things easier.02:42
cateyes, because they are not ordered by second level domain02:42
mwhudsonoops, i shouldn't ask for more info then have lunch03:00
cateis it possible to close o change status of a bug?03:01
j^is it possible to add another vcs-import to a project? or is vcs-import no longer provided? fail to find a way to add branches other than bzr03:02
mwhudsonj^: you can only have one vcs-import per project03:02
=== mpt_ [n=mpt@121-72-129-224.dsl.telstraclear.net] has joined #launchpad
mwhudsonbecause of the way the importer works, if you imported from both svn.example.org/trunk and svn.example.org/branches/foo you'd get two (as far as bzr could tell) unrelated branches03:03
j^ah ok, in that case i can not use launchpad for what i thought i could03:04
mwhudsonwhat are you trying to do?03:04
j^i wanted to merge two svn branches i do not have write access to03:05
mwhudsonah hm03:07
mwhudsonyou could try bzr-svn for that03:07
j^requires svn 1.5-trunk03:08
mwhudsonor a patched svn03:16
mwhudsonyes, the installation is a pain03:16
mwhudsonthe svn in feisty is good enough :)03:16
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mrevellTheuni: hi03:18
TheuniI'm wondering how to deal with upgrading a bzr branch that is hosted on launchpad so it becomes usable for tags03:18
TheuniShould I just delete that branch and push it again? 03:18
TheuniWhen I try upgrading it gives me this error:03:18
Theunibzr: ERROR: Permission denied: u'/~alphaflowforms/alphaflowforms/trunk_ctheune/.bzr.backup': [Errno 13]  Can only create .bzr directories in branch directories: .bzr.backup03:18
mrevellmwhudson: Is that something you can help Theuni with?03:18
=== Fujitsu [n=william@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #launchpad
mwhudsonTheuni: log in with lftp or something, delete the .bzr directory and push again (with --use-existing-dir)03:26
mwhudsonthere's a bug somewhere about this03:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 118653 in launchpad-bazaar "Need --no-backup flag or similar to upgrade remote repos on launchpad" [High,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Jonathan Lange (jml)03:27
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beunowhere can someone suscribe to a package to recieve email notifications on pathces and bugs  (think, debian maintainer)03:36
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Fujitsubeuno: Heh, that'd be too good to be true. You can get notification on bugs by heading to the bugs page for the source package and finding the right Actions link, but that's all.03:42
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beunosorry, got disconnected03:48
beunowhere can someone suscribe to a package to recieve email notifications on pathces and bugs  (think, debian maintainer)03:48
Hobbseesubscribe to ubuntu-bugs mailing list?03:50
Hobbseenot sure apart from that03:50
beunoHobbsee: but he just wants to be notified for a specific package (his packages)03:50
beunoI thought you could dothat in Launchpad03:50
Hobbseeyou can subscribe to all bugs and such on a package (bugmail settings from the bugs page) but not patches as well, iirc.03:51
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ubotuNew bug: #120037 in launchpad "Action reported in email as done by owner rather than administrator" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12003704:26
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shirishguys can somebody help me, I filed a bug in launchpad & also got acknowledgement for upstream debian bug no. how do I enter it in launchpad?04:51
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shirishBjornT: do you have any idea how to do that?04:55
jameshshirish: you want to link the Launchpad bug to the debian bug?04:56
shirishjamesh: right04:58
jameshshirish: on the bug page, there is some text like "Also affects:  +   Upstream    +   Distribution"04:58
jameshif you click on the "Distribution..." link, you can pick Debian from the distribution list and enter the URL of the Debian bug report04:59
jameshsubmit that form and you're done04:59
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shirishjamesh: how do I find the url, I got the bug no.  I used submit@bugs.debian.org to submit the bug, got an acknowledgement there with the bug no. 05:00
kikohe ll o05:01
jameshshirish: go to http://bugs.debian.org/NNNN (where NNNN is the bug number)05:01
jameshshirish: it will redirect you to the bug's URL05:01
shirishah ok that's cool05:01
shirishyippee, task completed05:02
shirishI gotta write that whole thing down somewhere05:03
shirishI mean the whole process.05:03
jameshshirish: the Debian task on the bug should now get updated as the remote Debian bug's status changes05:04
shirishjamesh: thanx05:09
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ubotuNew bug: #120052 in soyuz "Component mapping for new source packages" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12005206:05
Hobbseeany LP admisn around?06:07
=== Hobbsee pokes jamesh or something
Hobbseematsubara: doesnt seem alive, either06:12
matsubarahello Hobbsee 06:12
matsubaraHobbsee: how can I help you?06:12
Hobbseematsubara: ooh, you are here.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/11946706:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119467 in kubuntu-meta "make non-essential packages Recommends and not Depends" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  06:13
Hobbseematsubara: last comment.06:13
Hobbseematsubara: seeing that, fairly easy as to how to help :)06:14
matsubaraHobbsee: thanks for bringing that up. I've requested deletion.06:15
catewith a nice username ;-) https://bugs.launchpad.net/~hahahahaha/ 06:16
Hobbseematsubara: thanks06:16
Hobbseeindeed.  pity it came up in my inbox, as i'm subscribed to teh bug06:16
Hobbseeit's pretty impressive - the LP message ended up coming up as possible spam06:16
ubotuNew bug: #120053 in rosetta "upstream translation of digikam not imported (once again)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12005306:20
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ThangalinAnyone know who runs this site: https://answers.launchpad.net/azureus ?08:07
ThangalinIs anyone here alive?08:08
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ThangalinSo, kiko ... Do you know who is in charge of the answers.launchpad.net/azureus site? :-)08:09
kikothat's a question with two answers08:09
ThangalinI don't mind people raising from the dead to answer questions.08:09
kikois run by us, of course08:09
kikoI'm not sure what azureus is.08:09
ThangalinAzureus is a bittorrent client.08:09
Hobbseeyay, kiko!08:10
ThangalinSo how do I find out who can change something at the azureus part of the website?08:10
kikoThangalin, okay so far. so why do you want to know? :)08:10
ThangalinTwo reasons.08:11
Thangalin1. There is a spelling boo-boo.08:11
Thangalin2. I'd like to get an e-mail address removed from the website.08:11
ThangalinAny ideas on how to go about this?08:12
kikoI see08:12
kikowhat e-mail address?08:12
kikoand why's the spello?08:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 83594 in azureus "[feisty] azureus wont open after update of java" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  08:12
ThangalinThat's the one, ubotu.08:13
ThangalinAnd this page: https://answers.launchpad.net/azureus/08:13
Thangalin"Azreus BitTorrent Client"08:13
ThangalinShould really be "Azureus BitTorrent Client"08:13
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ThangalinFor some reason when BUGabundo quoted me, it included my e-mail address.08:14
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ThangalinThat was some serious quick finding, ubotu. :-)08:16
mwhudsonhuh, whoever registered the azureus project typoed the name08:16
ThangalinWell that was silly of them.08:16
mwhudsonit was08:16
ThangalinNo way to change it, eh?08:16
mwhudsonnot for me08:16
mwhudsonyou need an admin08:17
mwhudsonlike kiko, for example08:17
=== mwhudson ducks
ThangalinI really don't care about the typo; but I'd really like the e-mail address removed. :-)08:17
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ThangalinIs that going to be an issue?08:19
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ThangalinAllo? Is this thing still on? ;-)08:22
kikoI'll fix it. I'm very busy right now.08:24
ThangalinThanks, Kiko. I appreciate it.08:24
ThangalinTake it easy, eh? :-)08:24
kikotypo fixed.08:24
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kikoas for your email address08:25
kikoI can't help you directly08:25
ThangalinAnyone in particular I should pester/08:25
kikoand I honestly think it's a wasted effort to even try to protect it08:25
kikoif you don't want your email address cited on the internet, you can't use it publically08:25
kikobut ANYWAY08:25
kikoI will talk to an admin to see what we can do about it.08:25
ThangalinGracias. And I agree with you completely. I have a secondary e-mail address I use for public stuff -- I forgot to use it when signing up at Launchpad.08:26
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superm1_Hi guys, How do you add a task for a bug?  Say it affects several ubuntu packages, and I want to notate that as 2 tasks to fix on the bug?10:33
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crimsunsuperm1_: Also affects distribution11:02
gnomefreaksuperm1_: click on distribution11:02
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superm1_thanks crimsun & gnomefreak.  got that bug cleaned up now11:33
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