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newz2000hey guys, anyone around10:29
beunonewz2000: yeap, hey10:30
newz2000cool. So James Troup asked me to do an update of the drupal version on the Fridge, since its quite out dated.10:31
newz2000I've done a few test runs locally, and I've gotten to the point where it "works" (technically speaking).10:31
beunogreat great, very needed10:31
newz2000Unfortunately, some of the modules aren't supported on the 4.7 version, which is not even the most upto date version.10:31
newz2000Even the Fridge theme is not compatible with the 4.7 version of fridge. :-(10:32
newz2000I'm thinking about doing a test install in a semi-public area so that people on the fridge team can look for errors or problems.10:33
newz2000just curious if anyone has any strong feelings about this10:33
beunoI don't, Burgundavia?10:33
newz2000maybe I should send to the mailing list10:33
Burgundavianewz2000: a test install sounds like a great idea10:34
Burgundaviasadly my knowledge of brain surgery and drupal are at about the same level10:34
newz2000Well, I'm just going to do it and put it up somewhere... I guess I'm kind of thinking out loud. :-] 10:35
newz2000I wish I was alloted the time to do our idea about switching platforms on the fridge.10:36
Burgundaviawhat were you thinking?10:36
newz2000I don't know. :-) I'm just going to do a semi-public install and send a message out to the fridge editors.10:37
newz2000They can beat it up and help me find probs.10:37
newz2000I mean you can beat it up.10:37

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