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dotwaffleAnyone here in Finland? Looking for someone to interview for AssemblyTV about Ubuntu and/or FLOSS in August.09:38
dotwafflemsg in private if interested.09:40
Burgundaviatry the marketing and the loco-contacts lists09:40
dotwaffleone step ahead of you - drafting an email now ;)09:41
dotwafflethought it best to pop it in here first09:41
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Burgundaviadotwaffle: one person I would try and contact is Henrik. He is in Helsinki09:54
dotwaffleDo you have any contact details, or will a google search be best?09:54
Burgundaviahe is articulate, a Canonical employee and all around great guy09:54
dotwaffleAh, super :)09:54
dotwaffleHenrik Nilsen Omma <henrik canonical com> ?09:55
dotwafflethx =)09:55
Burgundaviadotwaffle: I have also flagged it for the UWN09:55
dotwafflecheers - can't make it TOO prominent a feature, Windows Vista is a core sponsor, but I've been told it's ok to do a small interview or feature etc.09:56
dotwaffleGet the word out etc ;)09:56
Burgundaviadotwaffle: you heard about operation cold comfort?09:57
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Burgundaviahey gerry09:58
dotwaffleno - should I have :S09:58
gerrymorning all 09:58
gerryyou might all like to know there is a new starter in Canonical marketing this morning 09:59
Burgundaviadotwaffle: so MS Canada has this shiny icehouse in a Toronto square over teh winter, showcasing Vista09:59
gerryKat Kinnie, working with me in the Millbank office09:59
dotwaffleBurgundavia: Ah, yes, I did hear about that ;)09:59
Burgundaviawe will have to haze^^WWWwelcome them properly, gerry09:59
Burgundaviadotwaffle: the plans for that penguin are freely available10:00
Burgundaviagerry: what sort of projects is kat going to be working on?10:00
dotwaffleBurgundavia: Can't be disruptive - they give us money to sponsor the event10:00
Burgundaviashowing up a giant penguin is not really disruptive10:01
dotwaffleit's a possibility, let's put it that way :)10:02
gerrymight take a day or so to get systems up and running etc but i am sure she'll introduce herself soon enough10:08
gerryby the way anyone here from france? 10:08
gerryor is there anyone in ubuntu marketing from france who is not online right now? 10:08
Madpilot #ubuntu-fr is apparently fairly active - might want to go right to the source10:11
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BurgundaviaMadpilot: does my latest blog post show up with images for you?10:15
MadpilotBurgundavia, in planet.u.c, yes.10:15
Burgundaviacool, they were not working before10:15
Madpilotnice dropshadows. messing about in the GIMP?10:15
Burgundaviapurely default GIMP10:15
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jendahello gerry11:18
jendagerry: did you get my email about the forums?11:18
jendagerry: I'm having some trouble communicating there, which is why the announcement never happened :/ at least there was the sticky.11:19
jendagerry: and as for loco team people - the best place is #ubuntu-locoteams - Yann and olive are two french loco/marketing guys.11:20
jenda(both frequent the channel)11:21
gerryhi guys should have marked myself as away12:33
gerryi'll head direct to france12:33
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Mike_Fjenda:what's up01:46
jendaFighting with a .mdb file :(01:47
jendaa _very_ important one :(01:47
Mike_Fokay, i'll catch you later then01:47
jendaMike_F: no, no - I'm available :)01:51
Mike_Fi was think about making flash sticks with ubuntu on them and wanted to ask if i can use the freedom poster01:54
Mike_Fi would sell them though ebay as a way to cross promote ubuntu and my own business01:55
jendaof course01:55
jendait's GPL :)01:55
jendaand CC-SA01:55
jendayou better check that out with trademarks@ubuntu.com01:56
jenda(regarding the crosspromotion)01:56
jendaand read the trademark policy01:56
jendathat's outta my jurisdiction :D01:56
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juliuxhey Vorian 01:57
VorianI got your message on IRC yesterday :)01:57
juliuxVorian, cool01:58
juliuxjenda, i have bad news for you01:58
VorianThanks juliux :)01:58
jendajuliux: oh no01:58
juliuxjenda, could be that i am not in dresden the last week of june01:58
jendauh oh01:58
jendanow that's bad news :(01:58
jendaI need you there on the 29th :D01:59
juliuxjenda, i get a phone call yesterday, and there is a company who whants to give me an apprenticeship training position but bevor that i should make a three week internship by them01:59
juliuxand perhpas this intership starts at 25th june02:00
jendaand there's no way to move that or make a hole in it for the 29th? Beuno and I both have a ticket already.02:00
juliuxit is not 100% sure but it could be02:00
jendawell, try to keep free if you can - it would complicate matters a lot. But if you can't, you can't.02:02
Mike_Fjenda: I have no clue after reading the trademark stuff.02:02
jendaMike_F: in that case, write them an email :)02:03
Mike_FI that i am trying to do is recover the cost of the flash sticks02:03
jendaMike_F: I'm not a big fan of the trademark policy myself02:03
juliuxjenda, trademark policy is important02:03
jendajuliux: of course - but I think the one we have isn't right.02:03
juliuxjenda, then go to the cc;)02:04
jendafirst to tm@u.c02:04
jendaI have an email half written - it takes a lot of concentration to get all my argumentation together :)02:04
Mike_Fi would perfer a phone call02:05
jendaI hate my english accent.02:07
jendaMike_F: and they take only emails, because they get a lot of them.02:08
jendaThey can also discuss what you wrote, etc.02:08
jendaYou have to outline what exactly you want to do, and essentially ask if its OK.02:08
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=== beuno drops in
beunojenda, juliux, jeep me updated on that02:14
beunojenda: I'll be going to meet you anyway  :D02:14
jendabeuno: :)02:30
Tm_Thi kids02:30
jendabeuno: we'll have an extra day of drinkin' ;)02:30
VorianI wanna come too02:30
jendaVorian: you're invited :)02:31
Vorianyou have a plane ticket for me? 02:31
Mike_Fjenda: I guess they are just going to be linux sticks02:33
jendaMike_F: you should check with Linus ;)02:34
jendaVorian: erm... no? :)02:34
Vorianjenda, ok then 02:34
Vorianboston  it will have to be :)02:34
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jendaVorian: got a ticket for me? :)02:38
Vorianjenda, nope.  but sabdfl said he was going to get one for you.02:39
jendaSomething tells me it'll be increasingly hard to get sponsorship.02:39
Vorianhere's an idea02:40
Vorianmake a python script that helps people install programs02:40
Voriancall it02:40
VorianAutomated Installer x02:40
VorianThat's a sure way to get a ticket02:41
jendaI quit teh installer script business almost two years ago ;)02:41
jendaAnd BTW, if I did do that, I wouldn't need a ticket.02:41
jendaI'd be god, and thus be everywhere :)02:42
Mike_Fjenda: if ubuntu's trademark policy should be as clear as the Linux(R) policy 03:07
Mike_Fit would be easier for people that need to make a living03:08
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Vorianjenda, I made a poster for you04:27
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orethriusWhat's everyone been up to...?09:07
orethriusBesides the obvious, of course.  ;)09:07
Tm_Tobvious would be...09:12
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orethriusWell, besides the general marketing drive - perhaps some specific actions, or even development work?  Just curious.09:49
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=== RoAkSoAx hi all - hola a todos
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