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DarkSun88Hi all11:03
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zul@schedule montreal03:58
ubotuSchedule for America/Montreal: 12 Jun 11:00: Kernel Team | 13 Jun 08:00: Edubuntu | 14 Jun 12:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Jun 13:00: Xubuntu Developers | 19 Jun 15:00: Technical Board | 20 Jun 16:00: Edubuntu03:58
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:ubotu] : Current meeting: Kernel Team | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 13 Jun 12:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 14 Jun 16:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Jun 17:00 UTC: Xubuntu Developers | 19 Jun 19:00 UTC: Technical Board | 20 Jun 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu
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zuldo do do04:51
philthdo do do doooo04:55
philthSmoooooke on the water..04:55
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BenCwaiting for someone05:01
=== amitk [n=amit@a81-197-135-210.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenCthere he is :)05:02
BenCOk, agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting05:02
BenCTeam status will be short05:02
=== cr3 [n=marc@pdpc/supporter/bronze/cr3] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenCfirst I'd like to welcome amitk, just starting with us today05:02
BenCamitk has a strong background in linux power savings and similar areas05:03
=== amitk waves
BenCkyle is currently at UME sprint, and rtg is away this week05:04
BenCgoing to skip around in the agenda. I don't want cr3 to sit idle watching our discussions, so lets get the KVM stuff out of the way first05:05
BenCI did a test logon to the KVM this morning with cr3, and it went pretty well05:05
BenCso this should give us some excellent access to machines in their centre05:06
BenCcr3: did you have any comments on the kvm at this point?05:06
dholbachRock On, amitk!05:06
BenCGuess not, let's move on :)05:07
BenCheno: I assume you are representing the debian-qa team for that agenda item?05:08
BenCerr, distro-qa05:08
henoBenC: indeed05:08
=== BenC smacks head
henoyes, I'm a DD now ;)05:08
cr3BenC: should I mention the 3 annoyance points discussed together?05:09
BenCcr3: I think they are worth mentioning, yes05:09
cr3so, after testing the KVM setup with BenC this morning, these are three annoyance points which I would like to address before the next meeting:05:10
cr31. requiring a VPN to the certification network might conflict with local addresses05:10
cr32. list of machines in machines.txt is a pain, I really hate how machines are scattered all over the place: text file, salesforce and wiki. I really want this to all appear in the hardware certification website, if that makes sense to everyone too.05:10
cr33. having to refer to machines by the kvm id is also a pain, might as well have a canonical id which can be used as a reference everywhere05:10
cr3If there are point that should be given higher precedence, please let me know.05:10
BenCthe vpn is the ugliest...would be nice to have an ssh tunnel instead05:11
BenCor even an stunnel with client side certs05:12
cr3BenC: I had originally tried with an ssh tunnel but had problems, so vpn was the quick and dirty solution. I'll try again, I'm sure there's a way to get it working somehow05:12
BenCcr3: if you need more testing, let us know05:12
cr3BenC: thanks for the offer :)05:13
BenCcr3: ok, thanks for dropping in and getting this setup done05:13
BenCI've noted the items and the action item for working on killing vpn05:13
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenCheno: so, what does distro-qa have in store? :)05:15
henoJust wanted to introduce the distro-qa team. We will keep track of certain high impact bugs that originate from our HW testing, our partners of from support. My thinking is to assign hese to the kernel-team and give them a non-zero priority so they show up on everyone's radar. It's of course up to you how you divide that up within the team.05:15
heno(just the kernel bugs, obviously)05:19
=== camrdale [n=camrdale@d64-180-228-60.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenCthank goodness :)05:19
BenCassigning to kernel-team and giving priority is exactly how we handle bugs now...is there some way to flag the bugs that need more immediate attention?05:19
henoThey'll be subscribed to distro-qa and I can also tag them05:19
henoI'll also feature certain bugs at the weekly distro meetings05:19
BenCarbitrary tags are a complete mess we can't manage (or enforce)...so distro-qa subscribe sounds like a good filter05:19
henook, cool. that's already in place05:19
BenCah, excellent05:19
BenCheno: would it make more sense to pull kernel related bugs into the kernel team meeting instead of distro? Only downside is we are bi-weekly05:19
henoare the ones we are following so far05:19
cr3heno: could HW testing or support tag the bugs for you?05:19
=== camrdale [n=camrdale@d64-180-228-60.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
cr3heno: reason I offer is that we already have to set milestone and perhaps priority, so setting a tag wouldn't be any more work05:19
henoBenC: if I could email a list to someone to present here that might work well05:20
henocr3: right, I still have to think a bit about how best to group these05:20
henopeople have mixed luck with tags, as Ben says05:20
BenCheno: sure, email me lists as you feel appropriate and I'll add it to the agenda for our meetings05:21
BenCmight be more focused than the distro meetings05:21
henoso, just a heads up for now. I'll work more on this process and we'll speak in London05:21
BenCsounds like a plan05:21
henoright, that's true05:21
henothanks, that's it from me05:23
BenCheno: I might just make it a rolling agenda item to discuss high prio distro-qa kernel bugs05:23
BenCwe can update the bug status based on the discussion05:23
BenCadd comments and such05:23
henogood idea05:24
BenCheno: ok, thanks for your time. In London, the kernel team will be having frequent break out sessions to handle some coordination, so we can do something with you as well05:24
henogreat, let's schedule a session05:24
henoon this and bug workflow in general05:25
henopop quiz: how many open bugs against the kernel today? :)05:25
BenCgutsy, about 25 :)05:25
BenCfeisty is like 700-80005:26
henoBenC: which is great, because that's the important number05:26
henoabout 3000 total05:26
henobut much of that is just noise at this point05:26
heno(which is an issues in itself)05:27
henowe should consider some mass closings at some point, at least at EOL05:27
BenCI did that for 2.6.12, IIRC05:27
henoah, right, yeah the old ones are nearly empty05:28
BenCSo let's move on to gutsy kernel hand-off05:28
BenCamitk, pkl_: Unfortunately, it's just us 3 here. I would rather do this with all 5 of us, but I can't hold off on it, so we'll start here, and I'll bring kyle and rtg up to speed later05:29
BenCThe basic idea here is that gutsy kernel is where all the action should be at, but because of my initial process for "each team member is responsible for a kernel", it's become quite isolated05:31
BenCI want to totally, over a period of time of course, get my hands off it, and get the rest of the team working on it05:31
BenCas a group05:31
BenCthe only twitch to this process is git is funky when we're working with w rebased tree and > 1 developer accessing it with the intention of writing to it05:32
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenConce 2.6.22 is released, this wont be much of an issue anymore, since the rebase will stop05:33
BenCso we need a good process for you guys to not step on each others changes05:33
BenCor at least, good communication about who is doing what, and when someone plans a rebase to linux-2.6.git05:33
BenCbut aside from the technical issue, the process should just be a free-for-all of everyone doing whatever needs to be done05:34
BenCwith normal discussion on kernel-team@ for anything that would be considered questionable05:35
amitkwhy can't we all have our own trees, and we (individually) are responsible for rebasing to the gutsy tree?05:35
=== mvo_ [n=egon@p54A6685D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
zulthats what kind of happens now doesnt it?05:35
BenCamitk: you can have your own tree, and you can keep it on kernel.ubuntu.com if you want05:36
BenCbut the lifetime of changes in that tree are going to be very very short05:36
zulwhat I would do is send an email to kernel-team@ with a diffstat asking for a merge *shrug*05:36
=== mvo__ [n=egon@p54A65FD2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
BenChow this is all going to work will be a work in progress...there are three goals to this: 1) Get the team working on stuff, and 2) Get the team working together more closely, and 3) Give me more time to step back from day-to-day dev stuff so I can make sure the rest of the team has what it needs to get things done05:40
BenCSo this is a heads up of some upcoming process changes in our devel cycle, and some expectations of what you guys will need to do05:42
BenCany questions? :)05:43
=== fernando_ [n=fernando@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
zulnope but I guess the community people is involved with that stuff as well?05:43
pkl_BenC: none at the moment...  It all sounds quite sensible, the test will come when we try to do the co-ordination in practice.05:47
BenCthey can be, yes...but frankly my focus is on making sure that people we hired have work to do05:47
amitkwho QAs the code?05:47
BenCamitk: most original code we write gets sent to kernel-team@ list, and needs at least one other person to sign-off on it05:47
BenCamitk: we try to mirror normal upstream kernel development as much as possible to make it easier for people to work with us who are already used to working with lkml/git/linus (and vice versa)05:47
BenCbut we're kind of making kernel-team == Linus in that comparison05:47
amitkthere is no problem till someone decides to rebase to Linus' tree, right?05:47
BenCright, and that shouldn't happen often, and it only happens until our target version is released (2.6.22, right now)05:47
BenCit's a quirk, but a big one...some one will have to say "heads up, I'm doing a rebase this weekend, so push all your changes if you want to make things easier"05:48
amitkwill a fixed rebase schedule help?05:48
BenCyeah, that's what I'm thinking05:49
BenCfriday night rebase parties :)05:49
amitkso we rebase once (or twice) a week, say, wed and fri, and deadline to get code in is previous day05:49
BenCtwice a week is probably good, after hours, maybe someone different can do it each time05:50
BenCaction item for me, create schedule for rebase during devel cycle, create upload schedule matching milestone releases05:51
BenCprocess for rebase, process for group development on devel tree05:51
BenCI think we're good for today unless anyone has any last minute issues to bring up?05:52
pkl_after hours in the US for the Europe based people will be really after hours.  In practice this will probably mean early in the morning...05:52
BenCpkl_: we'll make it a UTC time frame, everyone will just need to be aware of how it affects their work day05:53
BenCsomething like 17:00 UTC05:54
BenCok, thanks everyone for joining, especially to heno and cr3 for taking time to talk with us05:55
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PriceChildmc44, smells06:18
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shawarma@schedule copenhagen10:23
ubotuSchedule for Europe/Copenhagen: 13 Jun 14:00: Edubuntu | 14 Jun 18:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 16 Jun 19:00: Xubuntu Developers | 19 Jun 21:00: Technical Board | 20 Jun 22:00: Edubuntu | 21 Jun 20:00: Mozilla Team10:23
fabbione@schedule aalborg10:27
=== j_ack [n=jack@p508D8080.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
fabbioneit just doesn't know about continental dk TZ.... :)10:37
fabbioneshawarma: btw.. the last weekend in June i will be in rhus/Randers10:37
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
shawarmafabbione: I'll be leaving for the server sprint that Friday, unfortunately. My girlfriend is there with her father the week leading up to it and then we have the weekend together over there.10:45
fabbioneshawarma: oh right.. too bad...10:45
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