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Mithrandirmoimart: well, I'm not in MTV, so pinging me is kinda useless. :-)12:40
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moimartMithrandir: I didn't know, I just thought so :)01:21
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loolWeird; I didn't see any changed content in the commit mail from cjwatson10:45
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cjwatsonlool: the one that just removed *.o files?12:00
cjwatsonlool: right, that was actually a bug in the source package construction, not visible in bzr; I was just syncing up the changelog12:01
cjwatsonlool: would you be able to test a hildon-desktop change for me? I've fixed it to build properly on amd64, but I'm not in a position to test that I haven't broken anything else12:04
cjwatsonfailing that, review from somebody who knows glib/gtk well wouldn't hurt12:05
inzLooks good to me at least ;)12:10
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vikramb11no activity ?12:15
loolcjwatson: Oh ok12:16
loolcjwatson: I'm not in a position to test either; I don't have gutsy bootstrapped anywhere12:16
loolcjwatson: gsize changes look okay; GINT_TO_POINTER/GPOINTER_TO_INT stuff looks ok12:19
loolEw, the upstream version reusing hildon_desktop_home_item_set_is_background() was a bit crude12:19
cjwatson~[A 12:20
=== lool pondered whether that was a smiley
cjwatsonvikramb11: five minutes isn't long to wait :)12:20
cjwatsonno, it was local lag and repeated reattach attempts causing screen and irssi to get a bit confused12:21
cjwatsonI think perhaps I'll commit those hildon-desktop changes but not upload12:21
cjwatsonI don't want to screw things up for folks at the sprint12:21
cjwatsonlool: thanks12:22
loolThe thanks are to you fox fixing it :-P12:22
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inzIs there any (easy) way to test "64-bit compilation" without a 64-bit machine?01:41
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cjwatson_inz: not that I can think of02:07
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inzcjw, then I guess I need to either steal my gf's machine or go to the hardware store ;)02:10
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loolinz: Perhaps qemu?02:14
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loolHmm unfortunately, casper fails to find the gutsy amd64 CD when run in qemy03:07
loolqemu-system-x86_64 even03:07
loolNot specific to amd64 it seems  :-/03:27
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cjwatsonlool: specific to qemu?03:49
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loolcjwatson: I think so04:16
loolAnd vmware wasn't updated yet for 2.6.22; /me gives a try to kvm to get a gutsy env04:16
loolModule doesn't build; ah04:16
loolkvm seems based on qemu; I doubt it will do any better04:17
loolcjwatson: Ah, you can't boot on USB and IDE won't work with Ubuntu's kernel, but you can boot on IDE cdrom and pass the cdrom image as an USB disk at the same time: casper finds it   \o/04:19
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cjwatsonhildon-theme-layout-4 accepted and publishing now06:35
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Mithrandirmdz: hiya, how's it going?07:50
mdzMithrandir: a bit slowly, unfortunately07:51
mdzMithrandir: I thought hildon-desktop was going to be ready on friday?07:51
Mithrandirit was, but all of its dependencies weren't, unfortunately.07:52
Mithrandirhow's the specs progressing?07:52
MithrandirI haven't really been online before now, so I haven't seen anything by email.07:53
mdzMithrandir: I spent much of yesterday finishing the bootstrap of hildon-desktop07:54
mdzand now we have it running in a chroot07:54
mdzwith Xephyr07:54
mdzthough it looks very strange07:54
Mithrandirmissing theme bits, or something else?07:54
mdznot sure yet07:55
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Mithrandirmdz: have you had any progress on the specs or focues squarely on bootstrapping?08:02
mdzMithrandir: I have personally been spending most of my time on bootstrapping, because this is the only opportunity we have to set up gutsy development environments08:02
mdzMithrandir: kyle has been working on the kernel spec08:02
Mithrandirdo you know what the rest has been doing?08:03
mdzMithrandir: we have discussed some design issues, the kernel, worked together on setting up development environments, did some whiteboarding yesterday08:12
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mdzMithrandir: what have you been doing about autogen with the maemo packages you've imported?08:16
mdzMithrandir: adding the build-dependencies, or pregenerating?08:16
Mithrandirpregenerating in most cases08:19
MithrandirI'm somewhat tempted to change that into adding the build-depends.08:19
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mdzMithrandir: I've been doing that for the sake of expediency08:39
Mithrandirthat's fine with me, at least.08:40
Mithrandirbut, we're off for food here now.  I'll see if I can drop by later; leaving messages on IRC is probably better than email until I go to debconf.08:40
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cjwatsonhildon-theme-plankton failed to build for the same reason as before, https://launchpad.net/+builds/+build/34783009:01
cjwatsonmdz: ^--09:01
mdzcjwatson: hmm, I uploaded a new version since that one09:02
mdzwhich probably hasn't built yet09:02
cjwatsonthis is the one uploaded an hour ago09:02
mdz4.8.2-1ubuntu3 is latest09:02
cjwatsonI see there's another one in accepted though, ok09:02
mdzI'm bootstrapping a pbuilder here to try to avoid this, but it's taking a while to download (and failed the last time)09:04
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mdzrusty_: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.gutsy11:41
mdzrusty_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeedManagement explains the setup11:58
rusty_mdz, shouldn't we have sdk-default-icons in the mobile seed?12:14

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