superm1_tgm4883, thats essentially what we are doing with ubiquity12:29
DaveMorristhe advantage of the alt is needing less ram12:29
superm1_is installing that env to disk, and then taking out whats not needed12:29
tgm4883or have an alternate install in the boot up menu that requires the user to create and mount a swap partition12:29
superm1_oh thats a possibility12:30
superm1_well actually its a little known fact, but linux can use swapfiles12:30
superm1_so if they are given the option to create a swapfile on a mountable writable disk12:30
tgm4883in ubiquity?12:30
tgm4883or would that have to be earlier12:31
superm1_well as a boot option, Start or Install Mythbuntu (W/ swap file)12:31
superm1_or something to that effect12:31
superm1_and when that option is chosen, once the live env starts, open up a gui that chooses somewhere to put the swapfile12:31
superm1_from the avail partitions on usb drives, hard drives, etc12:31
tgm4883question, where are you putting the swap file on the hard drive?  wouldn't that mess with the mythbuntu partitioning?12:32
superm1_oh good point12:33
tgm4883where as a swap partition could be used by the live env, then kept as the swap partition for mythbuntu12:33
superm1_so it'd have to be somewhere that is not being used to install12:33
superm1_but that assumes that you come in with a swap partition already there12:33
tgm4883true, unless you can do that from the live env, or have an alt install method that loads the alt partition manager, then the live env12:34
tgm4883Ideally, if the partitioning was first, then the swap partition could be used in all installs12:35
tgm4883some sort of mounting of the swap partition in the live env12:36
superm1_the swap can be of use to the live frontend too though12:36
superm1_the alt partition manager is being removed from the next ubiquity version12:39
superm1_that i need to merge with12:39
tgm4883is it possible to have ubiquity make a swap partition and then shift everything to that instead of the ramdisk?12:39
superm1_if so, thats gonna be tough12:43
kruulidunno but cant you put the swap on a usb stick? most people got one laying around .. but im just pulling stuff out of my ass .. so dont know if its even possible? :p12:44
superm1_kruuli, that's what I was thinking12:44
superm1_would be a good idea12:44
superm1_you can12:44
kruulioh cool ^^12:44
tgm4883that would work12:44
superm1_kruuli, hopefully we dont have to come to that though, I anticipate a vanilla ISO that isn't launching these extra services and needing to upgrade apps will be much better12:46
superm1_and more apt to fit in that little 256 MB12:46
superm1_especially since we're not starting the gnome bloat12:46
tgm4883once final, installing should be able to be done without updating first12:46
tgm4883so this may be a moo point?12:47
DaveMorriscould we offer the chance to have gnome for the dm when they are installing?12:47
superm1_DaveMorris, in the current incarnation, that would be very difficult12:47
superm1_because adding anything to the install is less straightforward than one would hope12:47
DaveMorrisI mean they pull them down from the web12:47
kruulihell yeah! past 83% now! :DD12:48
superm1_I wonder how big the disk would be if it included ubuntu-desktop12:48
superm1_kruuli,  :)12:48
tgm4883why would you want gnome?  unless were also adding more options to the type of machine (ie desktop, frontend, backend)12:48
superm1_tgm4883, that'd be the reason i see12:48
DaveMorristgm4883 some people just prefer gnome12:48
DaveMorrissome people prefer kde12:48
superm1_we could offer on a DVD possibly12:49
tgm4883DaveMorris, true, but on a mythtv system without a desktop?12:49
DaveMorrisfor configuring etc12:49
DaveMorrisI exit out of mythtv to play music at parties with xmms12:50
superm1_oh see we use mythvideo and VLC with playlists12:50
superm1_for our parties12:50
superm1_we have some 250 music videos that are cycled through12:50
=== DaveMorris has over 4k songs ripped from the CD's I own
DaveMorrisand mythmusic sucks as UI for that12:51
DaveMorrisand I like the way you can find a song in xmms and press 'Q' which then queues it to play.  And if someone keeps on manually selecting songs to play it stays in the queue12:52
superm1_you might look into amarok though for managing that at parties12:53
superm1_its got a bit nicer of an interface for people to handle12:53
DaveMorrison a 23" PAL screen?12:53
superm1_and that way they can "search" for artists12:53
superm1_oh ya12:53
DaveMorrisrhythbox is un usable on it12:53
superm1_bump up the DPI12:53
superm1_and font sizes12:54
superm1_and its surely doable12:54
DaveMorrisoh, I can see it, its just coz the font it big, so the actuall UI ends up twice the size of my screen12:54
superm1_amarok is pretty customizable when it comes to UI though12:55
superm1_you should at least give it a look12:55
DaveMorrisI will do12:55
kruulimythbuntu is now up and running! :D12:58
superm1_yay :)12:58
kruuli<-- happy camper12:58
kruulithanks again yall for all the help you provided12:58
kruuliill hit the sack for now and start the configuration tomorrow :D12:58
superm1_kruuli, thanks for your input in getting things going here12:58
superm1_kruuli, you should start do it now actually12:59
kruuliwhy is that? :o12:59
superm1_its not necessairly straightforward to get into12:59
superm1_after the first time its launched12:59
superm1_in mythbuntu's current incarnation12:59
kruulioh ok .. theres noway to start that guide again?12:59
superm1_well i guess its not too bad, just you have to exit the frontend and then login to the regular session01:00
superm1_with the user you created01:00
superm1_and open mythtv-setup from that01:00
kruuliok how do i exit the frontend?01:00
superm1_and then pick exit01:01
kruuli(better take notes right away cuz im prolly gonna need to go thru the guide again) :p01:01
kruulioh ok and then just login again with my mythuser.. how do i start the mythsetup again?01:01
superm1_login with the user you created during install, not 'mythtv'01:02
superm1_there is an icon on the desktop01:02
superm1_for it01:02
superm1_it will stop the backend, open setup for you01:02
kruulii see .. sweet will try it right away01:02
superm1_its kinda hard to come up with a cleaner way to do things than that01:03
superm1_but mythtv-setup's launch is going to be moved into ubiquity once i sort some other bugs01:03
kruulithink that is pretty strait forward tbh :)01:04
superm1_well what do i know :)01:05
superm1_bug 9377401:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 93774 in mythtv "mythtv-setup scan only finds channels when it already has 'transports' defined" [Low,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9377401:05
superm1_DaveMorris, is that fixed in 0.20-fixes?01:05
superm1_or just head01:05
DaveMorrisI assume fixes since it was fixed a while ago01:06
superm1_Ok i'll close it up01:07
ubotuNew bug: #102964 in mythtv "Waited too long for video out to pause" [Low,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10296401:10
ubotuNew bug: #109950 in mythtv (multiverse) "mythtv-database configuration cannot connect to MySQL database" [Undecided,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10995001:10
DaveMorrisnight all01:11
superm1_night DaveMorris01:11
kruulinn DaveMorris01:12
ubotuNew bug: #93774 in mythtv "mythtv-setup scan only finds channels when it already has 'transports' defined" [Low,Fix released]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9377401:15
kruulieverything seems to be working just fine01:30
kruuligonna get some sleep now01:30
kruulithanks again! :)01:30
superm1_night kruuli01:30
superm1_glad things worked out well for you01:30
kruulinn mate01:30
kruuliyeah me 2 :p01:30
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imbrandonsuperm1, Daviey , i'll do the multi alias tonight while i'm at work07:13
imbrandon( e.g. in the next ~3 hours  )07:13
imbrandonshouldent be that hard07:13
superm1imbrandon, great07:14
superm1that will at least give us something while canonical tries to sort this mailing list business07:14
superm1mdke sent an email around to jono elmo and sabdfl, but i'm not sure whats coming of it07:15
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OpenMediaWhats the multi alias?07:25
superm1OpenMedia, for a make shift mailing list07:26
superm1until canonical gets ours sorted out07:26
OpenMediaSo who is going to be at Ubuntu Live?  Bit pricey from NZ but i'm trying to organise it07:26
superm1I will be :)07:26
superm1i'll be talking at the Ubuntu talk07:26
superm1for mythtv07:27
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OpenMediaOne reason we want to attend07:27
superm1imbrandon and keescook will both be there too07:27
=== CDG52 [n=cdg52@cpe-76-188-166-88.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1so much to possibly talk about, still have to sort out the presentation07:27
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CDG52any idea why mythbuntu would reboot after it loads frontend? i got it fully installed on one hd but i ran out of space07:28
superm1CDG52, yes07:29
CDG52so i installed it on a 20gb drive i got it to configure and right after config it reboots and now everytime it utrns on it reboots07:29
CDG52whys it rebooting?07:29
superm1if the drive is filled, it can't write out the theme cache to ~/.mythtv07:29
superm1so it would kill mythfrontend07:29
CDG52so it reboots?07:29
superm1and restart X07:29
superm1but not 'reboot'07:29
CDG52i dont think the drive is failing07:29
CDG52but it is old07:29
CDG52heck the other drive was older it was a 1.5gb07:30
CDG52atleast i stuck a 20gb in it07:30
superm1i cant believe you got away with the 1.5 as long as you did :)07:30
CDG52hey it lasted a whole 10mins of tv!07:30
CDG52then it frooze07:30
superm1CDG52, what kind of video card do you have in there right now?07:30
CDG52um whatever this compaq came with07:31
CDG52i suppose it would be a built in intel video07:31
superm1ah okay07:31
superm1well i was going to say if you have an nvidia or ati - you should at least turn on proprietary drivers07:31
CDG52i think i had it07:32
CDG52hmm so is there anyway i can atleast get the backend to start without the front or does that require a new install07:32
CDG52because i just found a windows front end that i could use07:32
superm1the backend does start when the pc starts07:33
CDG52but xreboots07:33
CDG52which makes the computers screen black07:33
CDG52and leaves me screwed07:33
superm1its every time, so its like an endless reboot cycle?07:33
CDG52every time i turn it on07:33
CDG52once xrestarts it just sits there07:33
CDG52pretends to be running07:34
superm1but doesnt reboot07:34
superm1just sits at that blank screen?07:34
CDG52not exactly sure07:34
CDG52every time i reboot it does the same thing also07:34
superm1could you hit CTRL-ALT-F107:34
superm1and see if you get a prompt07:34
CDG52so for all i know is it is rebooted07:34
CDG52ok let me boot it up07:35
superm1can at least login and see where things are sitting07:35
CDG52what do you mean07:36
superm1if you hit ctrl alt f1 and get a prompt07:36
superm1you can login there07:36
CDG52o yeah07:36
CDG52it shows it07:36
superm1and see what processes are still running07:36
superm1and what the Xorg.0.log says07:36
CDG52if you could remind me where that is07:37
CDG52its in /etc/X11/xorg07:37
CDG52ah is that different from ubuntu?07:37
superm1same thing07:38
superm1/etc/X11 has your xorg.conf07:38
CDG52o wait right07:38
superm1that has the settings for X07:38
CDG52says font paths arnt there07:38
CDG52says X11/fonts/misc is gone07:39
CDG52same with cyrillic07:40
CDG52and Type107:40
superm1those shouldnt be show stopping07:40
superm1though for starting X07:40
CDG52i couldnt find anything and thats the last error07:40
superm1checkout /home/mythtv/.xsession-errors07:40
superm1and see if that says anything informative07:40
CDG52i/o warning: failed to load external entity " debain-menu.xml"07:42
CDG52i shortened that07:42
superm1thats ok07:42
superm1thats normaly07:42
CDG52same with rc.xml07:42
superm1still not a big deal07:42
superm1nothing about mythfrontend crashing07:43
superm1because no ram07:43
superm1or disk space or anythign like that?07:43
CDG52database scheme upgrade failed, unlocking?07:43
superm1that could possibly be it07:43
CDG52how would i stop that?07:44
superm1well that sounds like some level of corruption right in the database07:44
superm1if it couldnt upgrade the schema07:44
superm1which can be caused by a variety of things07:44
superm1this wasnt the disk that filled up right?07:44
CDG52this is a newly formated 20gb07:45
CDG52old drive but just formated it07:45
superm1you might have hit the really random bug that we have noticed on the forums where there is sometimes a database corruption07:45
superm1for no particular reason07:45
CDG52so anyway to redo the database?07:45
superm1from that console, sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 mythtv-database && sudo apt-get install mythtv07:45
CDG52ugh lots of typing07:46
superm1it will ask you to drop the database, which you just say okay07:46
superm1then remove /home/mythtv/.mythtv and restart the comp07:46
superm1it will ask you to redo mythtv-setup07:46
CDG52mine said nothing07:47
CDG52it asked for a password then showed the new line thing for my user07:47
superm1try that as two commands07:47
superm1sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 mythtv-database07:47
superm1followed by07:47
superm1sudo apt-get install mythtv07:47
CDG52u wouldnt know hte rootpassword?07:48
superm1if you'ld like to become root, then just sudo su07:48
CDG52i tired07:48
CDG52that didnt work07:48
superm1your logged in as the user created during install right?07:48
CDG52all it does it push me back into that user07:49
CDG52if i logout07:49
CDG52and tyupe in root07:49
CDG52and hit enter for password07:49
CDG52it says login incorrect07:49
superm1you cant do that,07:49
superm1the root password isnt setup on ubuntu07:49
superm1just do the command as sudo07:49
superm1sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 mythtv-database07:49
superm1and see if it is handled that way (without worrying about the fact that you can't sudo su)07:50
CDG52its printing no output07:50
superm1that's really really strange07:50
CDG52your telling me07:50
CDG52i tried sudo reboot07:51
CDG52and still nothing07:51
CDG52didnt even reboot07:51
superm1type groups07:51
superm1and see what groups it says your in07:51
CDG52user adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner powerdev mythtv lpadmin admin07:52
superm1well your in admin07:52
superm1thats the one that can sudo07:52
superm1type whoami07:53
superm1does your regular username come up?07:53
CDG52eh im gonna do safemode ubuntu07:53
CDG52or as its called recovery07:53
CDG52this is working07:55
superm1really odd stuff there though07:55
CDG52um install mythtv07:56
CDG52doesnt work it says already done07:56
CDG52o wops07:56
CDG52it says package not avalible07:56
superm1do you not have network in recovery mode?07:56
CDG52i do have it07:56
CDG52i just did a apt-get update07:57
CDG52hmm some upgrades07:57
CDG52ill install those then try it again07:57
CDG52ok it worked07:59
CDG52its installing now07:59
superm1good good07:59
CDG52hey got a question about irc08:00
CDG52idk if you know08:00
CDG52any idea how to get chanserv to sit in ur room to keep it alive?08:00
CDG52like this room08:00
superm1you have to request it from the freenode guys08:00
CDG52i was wondering that08:01
CDG52ugh setup again08:02
superm1and getting things like ubotu and ubuntulog need to be requested from the Ubuntu Ops08:02
CDG52hey quess what happened again08:02
CDG52after the setup08:03
superm1you didnt go through all the steps again08:03
superm1and things didnt come up?08:03
CDG52i did08:03
CDG52iwent through the 3 page setup thing08:03
CDG52and it said strange08:04
CDG52on one of the windows while filing the database08:04
CDG52then it asked me to do it again08:04
CDG52i went through it08:04
CDG52and i took me to a blackscreen08:04
superm1i really wonder what this black screen is all about for you, whats really happening on it08:04
CDG52no idea08:04
CDG52ok so new issues08:05
CDG52log says08:05
OpenMediaCan you press Alt+Tab on the back screen and pull up other windows?08:05
CDG52mythtv @ localhost08:05
CDG52denied access08:05
OpenMediaHas your machine changed name since it booted?08:05
CDG52no alt-tab08:05
OpenMediaSounds like an X permission issue08:05
superm1when you removed mysql-server-5.0, you did drop the database right08:05
superm1when it asked you to08:06
CDG52i did everything yo usaid08:06
CDG52followed what you siad08:06
superm1well i'm about pretty confused here then what it could be.08:07
CDG52hmm yeah08:07
CDG52i would just burn a new cd and reinstall it08:07
CDG52but im out of cd's08:07
superm1perhaps atm, it might be better to just use a regular ubuntu install - and mythtv on top of it08:07
superm1until we have some other things sorted out with mythbuntu08:07
superm1because your using about as bleeding edge as it gets with the stuff we're working on08:08
CDG52ever hear of tvtime?08:08
CDG52any good for just casual tv watching not recording?08:08
superm1can't say i've ever used it myself, but i have heard that it does the purpose intended well08:09
superm1none of my cards were ever supported by it08:09
CDG52think my old one would be?08:09
superm1it should be actually08:09
CDG52o goodie08:09
CDG52well i think im gonna get ubuntu with tvtime and try out mythtv also08:10
CDG52but i do want to test out mythbuntu08:10
CDG52as much as i can08:10
CDG52if only i had a way to send you all my logs whenever something happens08:10
superm1CDG52, if nothing else, put our RSS feed in your reader08:10
superm1thats a very good idea08:11
CDG52you could know exactly what is going on with this issue08:11
superm1i'll throw a spec together for that08:11
superm1a script that will gather all info and send it via sendmail or something to that effect08:11
CDG52i know thers some program out there already which dumps your hardware to a file08:11
CDG52could help you08:11
superm1lshw can do it, but I think logs are the most relevant thing here08:11
CDG52im willing ot try this out on many box's08:11
superm1awesome.  once we have the next ISO all ready, that will help us immensely08:12
CDG52what is the rss?08:12
CDG52i dont see it on the site08:12
superm1there we go, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/gathersysteminfo08:14
superm1there is here: http://www.mythbuntu.org/rss.xml08:14
CDG52o by the way08:15
CDG52in the installer08:15
CDG52there is a big time issue08:15
CDG52when you go to pick your time08:15
superm1what happens?08:15
CDG52it applies the timezone twice it apears08:15
superm1you sure?08:16
CDG52because in ubuntu 7.4 or w.e is out it shows the same time my bios has08:16
CDG52but in mythbuntu it shows it -4 hours08:16
CDG52which is my timezone08:16
CDG52actualy im -5 but i run in newyork time08:16
CDG52which says its -408:16
superm1i'm merging a new ubiquity version atm, i'll pay attention to the timezone code as soon as i finish08:16
superm1(i've been merging it the last 2.5 hours or so: yuck)08:16
CDG52unfortunitly ive never gotten into any languages like C++ or C or C#08:19
CDG52only web stuff like php and some asp08:19
CDG52and well VB08:19
CDG52but i started with windows08:19
CDG52still use it oto08:19
superm1ubiquity is python, debconf, sh, and C08:20
CDG52i started learning some python, and i know some sh, but have no idea about debconf and only a little C08:21
superm1i've been learning python by force here in modifying ubiquity08:22
CDG52ok now i have to ask08:25
CDG52what is ubiquity08:25
CDG52i can not find it online08:25
superm1the installer08:26
superm1what i've been pouring my soul into the last few weeks :)08:26
CDG52weird name for an installer08:27
superm1there is some history to the naming of it, but i dont know it08:28
superm1its in the readme08:28
superm1i think it comes from guadalinux08:28
CDG52what timezone are you in08:32
CDG52ah so its not as bad for you08:32
CDG52im in EST08:32
CDG52and i gotta be up for work at 808:32
superm1get to bed mate :)08:33
superm1i've gotta get up for work at 9 ish08:34
superm1so i've got another 30-40 minutes before i should be alseep08:34
CDG52im just waiting for ubuntu to finnish08:34
superm1it will still be there in the morning :)08:34
CDG52but i wont, ill be at work08:35
CDG52plus i dont need to be to awake, i sit around and make people look pritty all day on the computer08:36
CDG52i work at a photo studio as a graphic editor08:36
CDG52and IT08:36
superm1i see08:38
superm1odd mix there08:38
CDG52well i needed to learn photoshop over the years since i do webdesign08:39
CDG52and i got really good at it08:39
CDG52and it was easier to get that job then an IT job08:39
superm1oh they aren't at the same place08:39
CDG52no they are the same place08:39
CDG52once i started working they found out i was good at IT08:39
CDG52so they have me do all the IT now too lol08:39
superm1that works out well then08:40
CDG52yup, hired me for photoshop, but they raised my pay once they found out i could be there IT08:40
CDG52pay me a few more a hour and eliminate a position why not?08:40
superm1works out great for you then08:41
CDG52know anything about hard drives? i had one get fryed from a cpu going out on me, and the drive spins up and all but isnt noticed by the computer08:43
CDG52so i think its just the logical bord08:43
CDG52know of any way to tell without me getting a new logic bord?08:43
superm1that is a pretty good assumption, but good luck getting a new logic board08:43
superm1you would need one from an identical drive to verify08:43
CDG52ebay a bad plater version lol08:43
superm1i would verify that the same diagnosis occurs on another machine though08:44
CDG52i have, tried it on three08:45
CDG52none of them will notice it08:45
superm1then I would say that board is the most likely suspect, but in order to replace it you want one from the exact same line, because of lot of servo tracking info is written into the firmware on the logic board08:46
superm1morning laga08:46
lagaywhy does life have to be so cruel before 9 am :(08:49
=== OpenMedia hands laga a large coffee
superm1laga, why is it cruel?08:49
lagasuperm1: because it's before 9 am08:49
lagaOpenMedia: thanks :)08:49
OpenMediaNo worries. Need to have a chat at some point about the Ubuntu Live talk. Trying to make it but it is a bit of a hike from Auckland08:50
superm1OpenMedia, are there other things you wanted to see there?08:50
OpenMediaI'd to offer a myPVR unit for a demo box.08:50
OpenMediaMy day job is a Linux architect and consultant. I want to see everything ;)08:51
superm1OpenMedia, I'll have to talk to Andrew to double check on the hardware he is bringing, but that could prove useful :)08:52
OpenMediaJust trying to organise funding. NZ$ != US$ :-(08:53
superm1OpenMedia, I hear you there, even to fly a few states over is pricey for me too.  If I wasn't talking, there is no way I could justify jumping that far across the country08:54
lagaoh! on what subject will you be talking?08:54
superm1laga, http://www.ubuntulive.com/cs/ubuntu/view/e_sess/1345408:55
OpenMediaYeah we should have taken some HW to LCA2007 as it looked a lot sexier than their demo machines :)08:57
=== laga yells at his ISP for being slow
OpenMediaNeed to have another play at Mythbuntu/Feisty and the myPVR mods to knoppmyth this weekend. Got most of the code over and working.08:58
superm1what sort of mods do you guys apply for your hardware to be best supported?08:59
lagai'm still flabbergasted how much open source stuff is going in oregon. (former GF was from portland)09:00
OpenMediaAt the moment on knoppmyth quite a bit because of ALSA and NVidia. on Feisty almost nothing. Our code does all of the autoconfig for NZ TV, IR Blaster, LIRC, audio etc09:00
OpenMediaPlus we have a custom MythTV build of 0.20-fixes because of the backports we need for MHEG-5, plus a bunch of DVB playback fixes09:00
OpenMediaI've put in some tickets to MythTV's trac for the backports.09:01
OpenMediaOne other cool thing we have worked on is a web based virtual remote09:01
lagaOpenMedia: that's a good idea :)09:01
lagaOpenMedia: especially because some people got allw orked up over you making feature requests09:01
superm1OpenMedia, if you get us a list of the patches you need (and the tickets they are attached to), I would be glad to add them to gutsy builds09:01
OpenMediaWe are only acting as a conduit for people who would never use a mailing list. I'm a long time developer so I understand the MythTV teams frsutration09:02
OpenMediaWe did a lot of work on the MythTV MHEG-5 and RedButton MHEG-5 stacks so that they work in NZ :)09:03
lagaheh, yep09:03
lagai saw that discussion09:03
superm1laga, are you coming to ULive???09:03
lagasuperm1: no :(09:03
OpenMediahttp://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3590 - MHEG backport09:04
OpenMediahttp://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3591 - Jerky video on LiveTV09:04
OpenMediaWe are very interested in integrating all of our IP and tweaks as GPL additions to Mythbuntu. It basically provides a more future proofed platform for existing customers.09:07
lagais it still IP if it's GPL?09:08
superm1OpenMedia, I'm completely for that as well.  As we get closer and closer to other areas stabilizing, I see them as very valuable additions09:08
OpenMediaBasically putting the IP into GPL.09:08
OpenMediaI'd like to see much better NZ support in Mythbuntu and Mythdora, plus we have done a lot around HW testing etc.09:09
CDG52hey any one have any idea why i cant pick up channels lower then 30?09:09
CDG52in mythtv and tvtime i get the same deal09:09
CDG52yet in windows i get them fine09:09
OpenMediaWrong tuner type selected - do you need to select us-cable?09:10
CDG52thats waht i selected09:10
OpenMediaDon't know enough about us tuners i'm afraid09:10
CDG52darn o well thanks09:11
OpenMediaAnyhow gotta bale guys. Going to get the wife to try a mythbuntu install on one of my test beds tomorrow. Should prove interesting :)09:11
superm1OpenMedia, make sure you know about the update09:12
superm1that you have to do upon boot09:12
superm1for the installer to work09:12
OpenMediaIs it on the webpage?09:12
superm1sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk09:12
superm1it is mentioned there yes.09:12
superm1under the comments at the bottom09:12
OpenMediaSweet. I'll print it off.09:12
superm1I added a bug to get those two patche sets in09:13
superm1next time I go around to update our packages, i'll get them in09:13
superm1bug 11998409:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119984 in mythtv "Add Fixes needed for NZ MHEG-5 support" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11998409:13
OpenMediaCheers. I've a couple of other odd ones I need to look at. If you are ok i'll look at adding them to Launchpad myself.09:13
superm1Sure go for it.09:14
OpenMediaNIght all09:14
superm1If you can link them to the upstream bugs too, thats ideal09:14
superm1night OpenMedia09:14
OpenMediaNo worries09:14
=== OpenMedia [n=sellis@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
superm1CDG52, you can't pick up channels lower than 30??09:14
superm1thats very bizarre09:14
ubotuNew bug: #119984 in mythtv "Add Fixes needed for NZ MHEG-5 support" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11998409:15
superm1laga, about a lot of open source stuff going on in portland, I dont get it either09:17
superm1why couldnt they say chose Chicago.  would have been much more centralized09:17
superm1(and convenient for me :))09:17
lagasuperm1: heh09:18
lagaor, well, germany. ;)09:18
lagawell, we have lots of open source stuff here.09:18
lagasuperm1: mythtv.org is hosted in portland, too09:18
lagaat the open source labs09:18
superm1but that would mean that i had to sort out my passport mess and jump over that pond inbetween here and europe09:19
lagai guess it's easier to come here than to go to the US09:19
lagai was supposed to come to the US this summer, but $things didn_'t work out too well ;)09:20
superm1oh where were you going to come?09:21
superm1ah hence the "former" GF09:23
lagaheh, yep09:24
superm1Daviey, ping09:32
superm1laga, about what time does Daviey usually show up?09:33
superm1... i dont want to stay up too much later09:33
lagayesterday, he showed up at 5pm my time09:34
lagait's 9am here now. go figure & good night :)09:34
=== laga gets confused by nfsv4 and decides to use nfsv3 again
superm1why is v4 confusing?09:35
lagabecause i'm too tired to read the documentation properly, to be honest. and this guide i have found doesn't explain what it tells me to do so i'd rather not break my system :)=09:36
lagahey, at least i admit that i'm too lazy to read the docs. ;)09:37
DaveMorrissuperm1: he might show up after 9 when he gets to work, but go to bed ;)09:39
superm1mornin DaveMorris :)09:39
superm1okay okay....09:39
=== laga sighs
laganow i remember09:41
laganfs-kernel-server doesn't properly support UID mapping. nfs-user-server doesn't support large files.09:41
lagatime for nfsv4.09:41
=== OpenMediaSupport [n=steve@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyguess i missed superm1_bed then10:26
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@cubert.itri.bton.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DaveMorrisWhat vm software do people use for testing mythbuntu?  So I can grab some screen shots etc10:38
DavieyDaveMorris: for usability use either vmplayer or virtualbox (deb on site)10:40
DaveMorriswhich is foss?10:40
Davieyor qemu - but virtualbox is nice10:41
lagavirtualbox is not completely FOSS10:48
Davieylaga: can be10:48
Davieydepenends if you build from source or debs10:48
lagabut then it's not as nice anymore :)10:48
Davieystill nicer interface than qemu imo10:48
lagaand faster, although kqemu helps a lot10:50
DavieyAIUI virtualbox is built on qemu10:54
Daviey@ my local lug a guy benchmarked the various options.  Wasn't much in it IIRC10:54
DaveMorrisI'll give virtuialbox a go then, I wanna grab screen shots for the install docs etc10:55
DaveMorrisDaviey: what was the hardware though?10:55
DaveMorrisgot a url for the results?10:55
DavieyDaveMorris: ask popey10:55
=== DaveMorris still needs to write his slides for his LUG presentation
DavieyDaveMorris: everybody will point and laugh, you know that?10:58
DaveMorris[rant]  why dosen't the update manager pull down the nvidia kernel module when ever I update my kernel, ffs it breaks on everytime[/rant] 10:58
lagaDaviey: mean!10:58
DaveMorrisI'm unsure of how technical to make the content :/10:59
DavieyDaveMorris: get this - i've had two kernel upgrades go bang on my laptop.  Both discovered when i turned on the lappy at the lug.  Makes you look like a right plonker10:59
DavieyDaveMorris: think of your audience11:00
Davieywill most know even what a cluster is?11:00
=== DaveMorris thinks taking laptops to LUG's is like a cock measuring contest
DavieyIt is. and my laptop has a numeric keyboard11:01
DavieyDaveMorris: don't you guys take computers?11:01
DaveMorrisDaviey: good point, Laga my talk is on "Low Cost Linux Clusters for Graphical Rendering"11:01
DavieyThat's what our revolve around.  Everybody sitting behind a computer11:01
DaveMorrisyeah around 1/2 the people do.  But they don't need them so I can't really see the point11:02
DaveMorrisI leave mine at home (well it is old, but it does work)11:02
=== Daviey brought down the switch that everybody was connected to last time
DaveMorrisI suppose I should give a small bit of background for clusters and graphical rendering11:08
Davieyand distributed compiling11:09
DaveMorrisit dosen't use distributed compiling11:13
DaveMorriswhy would it use that?11:13
DavieyI don't follow?11:13
DaveMorriscompiling is when you build a program11:14
DaveMorrisdid you mean distibuted rendering11:14
Davieyi mean distributing the build over multiple hosts11:14
Davieycan shave huge amounts of time on a large compile11:15
DaveMorriswe don't do that, you able to change a scons file to build on a cluster?11:15
DavieyDaveMorris: look at 'distcc'  -  uses the standard gcc compiler, and the local os / archetecture doesn't matter.  Ie Windows & Mac can be used to build linux biniaries11:16
DavieyYou can use a cluster, but distcc just sits as a daemon on a machine that sends/recives jobs11:17
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=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== Gabril [n=gabril@ns2.webix.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== spoky99 [n=spoky99@85-18-47-196.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
spoky99hi all03:19
DaveMorrishey spoky9903:20
spoky99hi Dave03:27
spoky99i post in my old bug (119055) the attempt with vmware03:28
spoky99I'm really don't in able to install mythbubtu :)03:29
spoky99what time is there?03:29
=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rogue780|mythsrvI hate PT tests.03:42
spoky99what is PT tests?03:44
spoky99(there is 3.45 PM)03:45
spoky99(here is 3.45 PM)03:45
=== SalvaConNome [n=mattia@host63-166-static.104-80-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_bedspoky99, inside that VM did you actually update ubiquity04:01
superm1_bedbefore running?04:01
superm1Daviey, you came on like 30-40 min after i went to bed :)04:06
lagamorning superm104:06
superm1morning laga04:06
spoky99hi superm104:07
superm1hi spoky9904:07
spoky99i post in my old bug (119055) the attempt with vmware04:08
superm1yes I saw, but that output is characteristic of not running the ubiquity update04:08
spoky99superm1: don't work04:08
superm1sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk04:08
superm1from within the VM before running ubiquity04:08
spoky99superm1: before select the installation into the desktop?04:09
spoky99i try!04:09
superm1if you right click the desktop, you can open a terminal04:10
superm1and do it from there04:10
spoky99yess I know!04:10
a5benwillissuperm1: Ping04:11
superm1Hi a5benwillis04:11
a5benwillishi! anything new with mythbuntu?04:11
spoky99I could configure every time the ssh and the static ip, whithout this.. I could not go out from my net04:12
superm1a5benwillis, lots of activity happening on my part, but nothing publicly released04:13
superm1since alpha104:13
a5benwillisah, I have alpha, just wondered if there were any new releases to try yet.04:14
superm1a5benwillis, waiting on hitting a few milestones before doing so04:14
superm1the next one is going to have to be 7.10 based though04:14
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=== DaveMorris [n=dave@cubert.itri.bton.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
spoky99superm1: all is going well :D without error!!04:47
spoky99superm1: can I try to install in the same way also into the real desktop?04:47
superm1Yes spoky9904:47
spoky99many thaks!!04:48
=== crookes_ [n=kev@82-36-248-213.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
spoky99superm1: don't start, mybe is a problem whith the dvdreader, (is one benQ model 1650V)  I cange with one normal CDrom reader05:37
spoky99superm1: the strange think is that is one machine that I use for the tests, and is the first time that don't work05:39
=== superm1_ [i=malimonc@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
spoky99superm1: don't start, mybe is a problem whith the dvdreader, (is one benQ model 1650V)  I cange with one normal CDrom reader05:53
spoky99superm1: don't start, mybe is a problem whith the dvdreader, (is one benQ model 1650V)  I cange with one normal CDrom reader05:53
superm1_spoky99, i'd anticipate it to be troubles with that reader if anything05:54
spoky99now... I had a problem with apt-get install --reinstall ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk  :D05:55
spoky99non one thing goes weel :D05:56
=== crookes [n=kev@82-36-248-213.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_spoky99, make sure to apt-get update first05:56
spoky99I make it from the machine05:56
spoky99now via ssh05:57
spoky99superm1: I made a mistake.. was open the first installation windows :(05:58
spoky99superm1: often I don't read all the line of the error, I'm lazy and.. is in english, is not easy for me! :D06:02
superm1_spoky99, well with next build this shouldnt be an issue hopefully06:03
spoky99superm1: I hope that I helped you!06:08
spoky99superm1: it work! with the cd work!! :D06:09
spoky99 thanks!06:10
superm1_Daviey, pingggg06:10
=== crookes_ [n=kev@82-36-248-213.cable.ubr05.shef.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieysuperm1_: pong06:24
Davieysuperm1_: but be fast :) hometime \o/06:24
superm1_Daviey, I synced to the upstream ubiquity06:25
superm1_erg merged06:25
superm1_we can no longer build 7.04 images now06:25
Davieyand it just worked?06:25
Davieyany issues06:25
superm1_well just worked... haha06:25
Davieygutsy all the way?06:25
superm1_it took 4 hours to merge our changes06:25
superm1_to the new version06:25
Davieysuperm1_: good effort!06:25
superm1_the new version depends on a bunch of gutsy stuff though06:26
superm1_so there is no way we can build the 7.04 images anymore06:26
superm1_and 7.10 images can't be built because I've come across VLC and transcode being broken in gutsy06:26
Davieyvlc and transcode should be dropped until fixed then :)06:27
Davieyneither are vital to a build06:27
superm1_well if only that was possible06:27
superm1_transcode is06:27
Davieyis it?06:27
Davieyfor a User Job?06:27
superm1_its a dependency of mythtv-backend06:27
superm1_and mytharchive06:28
superm1_and mythtv-transcode-utils06:28
Davieyah, yes of course06:28
DavieyIf it's causing major problems; will feisty version slot in for now?06:28
superm1_unfortunately no06:28
superm1_I think i'll have resolutions for both of them though, it appears they just need a minor fix in gutsy06:29
Davieyanyway ttfn - be back in 1-2 hrs06:29
spoky99hi all06:29
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=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rikishinovhi guys06:35
superm1_hi rikishinov06:35
rikishinovcan you give any pointers how to get some pictures, which I made for the mythbuntu, reviewed?06:35
superm1_rikishinov, some pictures, as in artwork?06:36
rikishinovyes, I made logo for the project, and would like to share it with others, and get some feedback maybe..06:38
=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_rikishinov, post it somewhere, and provide a url in here07:04
superm1_we can all look it over07:04
rikishinovsuperm1_, I managed to get some stuff to http://img104.imageshack.us/my.php?image=mytbuntuxc2.png07:19
rikishinovsuperm1_, ...any thoughts?07:21
lagathat looks nice :)07:48
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=== rogue780|mythsrv [n=rogue780@c-68-55-176-33.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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rogue780|mythsrvcan anyone recommend a good movie editing program that is equal to or surpasses iMovie?08:21
=== varka_ [n=varkatop@p54A5F4F0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rogue780|mythsrvI see what's happening here. people keep trying to upstage my mythbuntu usplash...mr rikishinov thinks he can upstage me just be cause he "knows" how to use the GIMP. tsk tsk tsk...08:23
rogue780|mythsrvbut on the other side, I like his more than mine08:23
Davieyrogue780|mythsrv: your a fine one to talk - you upstaged my usplash08:25
Davieyand did a better job!08:25
a5benwillisI like the little tv08:32
a5benwillislike it better with "tv" in it too08:32
=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieyrikishinov: those images are awesome08:38
Davieyyou certainly know your way around the gimp!08:38
Davieysomebody doesn't take praise too well eh?08:44
lagamight have been too much for him08:45
a5benwillisanybody able to actually watch recordings via mythweb?08:51
rogue780|mythsrvI know of someone who does in nebraska08:52
a5benwillisto much buffering, maybe theres a setting somewhere.08:52
rogue780|mythsrvI could ask him how--he's using edgy08:52
a5benwillisas am I08:53
a5benwillismaybe its my upload bandwidth at home..08:53
a5benwillissposed to be at least 256k08:53
=== OpenMedia [n=sellis@60-234-129-166.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
a5benwillisstupid crappy ISP08:58
a5benwillisonly getting 59k upload speeds08:59
OpenMediabits or bytes ;)09:01
tgm4883I like rikishinov's work09:23
tgm4883and while I would like to get away from blue (since kubuntu and xubuntu are blue) I think since mythtv is blue we should stay with that09:24
tgm4883just my 2 cents09:24
a5benwillisOpenMedia: Thats abt 480kb09:28
a5benwillisnot enough to watch myth recordings for some reason.09:28
laga480kbit/s ought to be enough09:29
lagaisn't it 256kbit/s for video and 64kbit/s for sound?09:29
lagacheck the ffmpeg command line it's using09:29
OpenMediaBe thankful you aren't in NZ. Here we usually get capped at 128Kbits upload09:32
a5benwillisI wish I could see what command the asxstream is using... dont know how though09:37
lagaa5benwillis: AFAIK, that'll just deliver the raw recording over http09:37
lagaa5benwillis: are you running svn trunk?09:37
lagaa5benwillis: what's wrong with the flash streaming?09:38
a5benwillisasxfile just has "/mythweb/pl/stream/1122/1181347200"09:38
a5benwillislaga: how do I get to that?09:39
a5benwillisjust click on the image?09:39
lagaa5benwillis: first, install ffmpeg. then, go to the "recorded shows" screen in mythweb and click on the thumbnail09:39
a5benwillislet see09:39
a5benwillislet ME see09:40
a5benwillislooks good09:40
a5benwillisno soundthough09:40
a5benwillissearching google for a fixlol09:41
lagai have a fix09:42
a5benwillisooh ohh where?09:42
a5benwillissudo aptitude install alsa-oss09:42
lagainstall liblame-dev, apt-get source ffmpeg in a directory of your choice, cd <newly created ffmpeg directory>09:42
lagayou need to recompile ffmpeg with mp3 support09:43
a5benwillisdo this on my workstation or the server?09:43
lagacan you do that yourself or do you want me to walk you through it09:43
lagaon your server09:43
lagawhere mythweb lives09:43
a5benwillisi think I can handle it. I thought it was a workstation issue lol09:44
a5benwillisactually, may need some help with ffmpeg...09:44
a5benwillisdont wanna break anything else inmyth...09:44
lagano worries, that's separate09:44
lagamythtv ships its own ffmpeg libraries09:45
lagado you have those deb-src entries enabled in your sources.list for apt?09:45
a5benwillisI installed everything for myth via src09:46
lagarun "sudo apt-get build-dep ffmpeg" then09:46
lagathat'll install the build-time dependencies09:47
a5benwillissystem sluggish.. top sais ffmpeg usin 99% of cpu09:47
a5benwillisbetter now09:48
lagawhat cPU?09:48
a5benwillisduocore 2 1.809:48
a5benwilliserm core 2 duo 1.8 lol09:48
lagaheh, you've still got one core free then09:49
a5benwillisi didnt check the other core when I looked at top.. It fealt pretty bad though09:49
lagasorry if my typing is even worse than usual, i'm almost falling asleep here09:49
a5benwillisno no dont do that!!! I need your help :D09:49
lagai know09:49
a5benwillisok debsdoownloaded09:49
a5benwillis<-bad space bar09:50
lagathen create some kind of temporary directory, you probably don't want to clutter your home directory with ffmpeg stuff09:50
lagarun apt-get source ffmpeg09:51
lagachange to that new ffmpeg source directory09:52
lagarun "./configure --help | grep lame" to find out the correct configure option to enable lame support09:54
a5benwillis --enable-mp3lame09:55
lagaopen debian/rules in your editor and add it to the configure call09:55
lagai'll show you mine09:55
a5benwillisok, I dont know where that is?09:56
lagai just stuck it somewhere at the top of the file09:57
a5benwillisah, k09:58
lagawow. i even put a "my change" in there. ;)09:59
a5benwillisso all I need is mychange10:00
lagaif you want to be really spiffy, you can also open debian/control and add liblame-dev to the build-depends10:02
a5benwillisI shouldnteven need --enable-mp3lame with configure since its in the rules?10:02
a5benwillislooking at control now10:03
laga<- tired. please write full sentences :)10:03
a5benwillisdo I have to add that to control. I admit that I dont exactly know what to add and where...10:04
lagano, you don't have to, but it'll give you the good feeling that your package is "proper". eg the build scripts will know that we now need liblame to build ffmpeg10:04
a5benwillisis it easy to tell me where to add it to the control file?10:05
a5benwillistrying to googleit at the same time to learn :)10:06
lagajust read some debian package maintainer guides10:06
lagaio bet superm1 can recommend one to you10:06
lagathere's also a good one linked from the *dapper* release notes10:07
superm1_just got back.  those graphics are great10:07
superm1_i really like hvaing the TV in there10:07
superm1_in the middle10:07
lagahttp://www.pastebin.ca/562466 - a5benwillis can you see this?10:07
lagaa5benwillis: http://www.pastebin.ca/562468 - make it look like this10:07
superm1_where did that fellow run off to?,10:08
a5benwillislaga: that was easy10:08
lagaa5benwillis: ;)10:09
lagaa5benwillis: we should update the changelog as well, huh?10:09
lagaa5benwillis: use "head debian/changelog" to find out the current version10:09
a5benwillisso now just " sudo ./configure --enable-mp3lame10:09
lagaa5benwillis: no :)10:09
superm1_what are you kids working on?10:09
lagasuperm1_: recompiling a5benwillis' ffmpeg to include mp3 support10:10
superm1_doesn't medibuntu's have that10:10
a5benwillistrying to get sound workingin my flashvide10:10
lagasuperm1_: it's needed for the flash streaming in mythweb10:10
a5benwillis./configure without --enable-mp3lame?10:11
lagaa5benwillis: no10:11
superm1_laga, i'm pretty sure medibuntu does this already10:11
superm1_with mp3 support10:12
superm1_for ffmpeg10:12
lagaa5benwillis: let's update the changelog first. this hasd the side ffect that dpkg won't complain since we will re-install with the same version number10:12
a5benwillisi had medibuntu and it still didnt work, superm110:12
lagathat didn't really make sense. ;)10:12
a5benwillisok, ready to update changelog10:12
lagaa5benwillis: got the current version number? head debian/changelog10:13
a5benwillisumm, no10:13
lagait probably looks like "3:0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu1"10:13
a5benwilliswhere do I find it?10:14
lagaa5benwillis: run "head debian/changelog"10:14
lagai just increased the last number10:16
lagarun "dch -v 3:0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu2" and be prepared to enter the changelog10:16
a5benwillisdch not found10:17
lagaa5benwillis: it's in the devscripts package10:18
a5benwillisthis is all new to me. Am I actually changing a changelog other than on my system?10:20
lagait's all local10:20
lagano worries :)10:20
a5benwillisI seemy entry at the top10:20
a5benwilliswith an *10:20
lagano you can put in something like " * add --enable-xvid and --enable-mp3lame to confflags" and quit the editor10:20
lagalet's run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot now10:22
a5benwillisERROR: XviD not found10:22
a5benwillismake: *** [build-stamp]  Error 110:23
lagadid you put in --enable-xvid as well? you don't need that10:23
lagathat was just my stuff10:23
lagatake it out if you don't need it10:23
a5benwillisyeah, its happy now10:24
a5benwillisjust a make and make install after this right?10:25
a5benwillisLOL i SUCK...lol10:26
lagacan you read? :)10:26
laga22:21 < laga> let's run dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot now10:26
a5benwillisYEAH, THATS RUNNING NOW10:26
a5benwillissry caps10:26
a5benwillisso ./configure next10:26
lagaNO WORRIES10:26
lagajust let it run10:26
lagait's building the package now :)10:27
a5benwillisgonna take a while?10:27
a5benwillis<- pretty fast system here :P10:27
laga10 minutes i'd guesstimate10:27
a5benwillisk, brb. br break10:28
lagabr? beer?10:28
a5benwilliswas bathroom break10:28
a5benwillisbut its closed, bummer10:28
a5benwillispeople heading home here.10:29
a5benwillisslackers :-)10:29
lagabathroom is closed?10:29
a5benwillislocked... dodnt feel like finding the key10:31
a5benwillisok done building10:31
lagacd ../10:31
=== kruuli [i=kruuli@c-b3b772d5.013-36-73746f51.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasudo dpkg -i ..10:33
lagajust install those new debs, but don't install the *-dev* packages10:33
lagayou usually don't need them10:33
kruuliHeya :>10:33
lagamake *sure* to install the libavcodec and libavformat ones as well.10:34
a5benwillisso install all of the debs?10:34
a5benwillisthere are 8 of them10:34
a5benwillissry 910:34
laga22:33 < laga> just install those new debs, but don't install the *-dev* packages10:34
superm1_laga,is there anyway around the flash player needing mp3 support in ffmpeg?  What do we do come release time then?10:35
lagai forgot to install libavformat and libavcodec and was still missing mp3 support. :)10:35
lagasuperm1_: transcoding will take place in the backend by the time 0.21 is final10:35
lagasuperm1_: that or xris will remove the streaming again.10:35
superm1_laga, so this is just a temporary solution10:35
lagai hope so.10:35
a5benwillisok, think theyre all installed10:37
a5benwillisand i have sound!!!!10:38
a5benwillisthanks laga!!10:38
lagai could have just uploaded my debs, but that was easier10:38
a5benwillisand I learned a little10:38
a5benwillisthat was all new to me10:38
a5benwillisso now ffmpeg is transcodingthis ont he fly?10:39
a5benwillisif I stop the the player does it continue to transcode in the background or does it stop?10:39
a5benwilliscpu looks much better now as well!!10:40
lagaa5benwillis: if you are interested in making debian packages: http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/10:41
lagaa5benwillis: yes, it'll stop after some time10:41
a5benwillislaga: Thanks alot! I have to head home from work now but I really appreciate it.10:41
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a5benwillisbookmarked that site10:42
superm1_!packageguide > a5benwillis10:42
superm1_oh if your not registered with freenode you wont see it.10:43
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/index.html - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/New for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperResources - See also !backports10:43
a5benwillisgot it10:43
a5benwillisback ina bit!10:43
ubotuNew bug: #120092 in ffmpeg (main) "Apps are depending on libpostproc0d when gutsy has libpostproc1d" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12009210:45
lagasuperm1_: nice work :))10:46
superm1_laga, its the show stopper stuff stopping a 7.10 build of mythbuntu :)10:47
lagai'll try to finish the mythweb stuff till next weekend.10:47
superm1_you mean by right10:48
lagai'm already way too excited. gonna get the results for my finals tomorrow.10:48
lagaum, yes10:48
superm1_well in the interim to accelerate the builds of these problems with VLC and transcode, I might just put these on mythbuntu.org for now10:49
superm1_so I can kick off a 7.10 build tonight10:49
superm1_and see what's broken10:49
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lagai hope it's not too much :)10:49
=== superm1_ too
=== CDG52 [n=cdg52@cpe-76-188-166-88.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
CDG52hey does anyone know why mythtv making picture lag compared to audio?11:31
CDG52im using a old wintv card11:31
CDG52that uses the input jack for audio11:31
CDG52in tvtime it runs fine11:31
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kruuliis there a fast way to upgrade my geforce 4 MX card in the terminal window?12:13
OpenMediaUpgrade the nvidia driver?12:16
kruuliheh sorry for my noobishness .. but how do i go about doing that? can i just log out of myth and use the browser and go to nvidia.com like i whould in windows?12:23

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