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chilai need some help03:44
chilawith ispconfig03:44
chilacan someone help me03:44
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chila_can anyone help with configuring ispconfig03:52
chila_am I doing this right03:53
chila_or is no one really talking03:53
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chilahello again04:00
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chilai need help still04:08
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henoHi. would bug 19889 and bug 65047 typically be the domain of the server team?02:30
heno(ah, no ubugtu here)02:30
henohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysklogd/+bug/19889 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-snmp/+bug/6504702:31
henoshawarma: ^ ?02:34
=== shawarma looks
shawarmasnmp and sysklogd smells like server stuff, so I'd say yes.02:40
shawarmaheno: ^^02:40
henoshawarma: ok, thanks. These are high impact bugs that we should consider SRUsfor, so if anyone on the team has a chance to poke at them, that'd be great02:42
heno(it will also make elmo very happy :) )02:42
shawarmaheno: ia64 is not even an officially supported platform? Do we do SRU's for those then?02:44
shawarmaI don't mind doing it, I'm just wondering.02:45
henoshawarma: if they are ia64-specific, then no, but are they?02:46
shawarmaheno: The first two comments suggest so, as does the bug we link to in Debian. I'm looking at it right now.02:47
shawarmaheno: Yeah, the original reports talks about snmpd (the daemon) while the last comment (on an intel core duo) looks like an entirely different issue. 02:49
shawarmaheno: I'll put it on my todo list (near the top).02:49
mralphabetsomebody mentions reproducable on i38602:49
henoshawarma: great thanks! I'll find out what our policy on ia64 is02:50
shawarmamralphabet: No. a) He's talking about the client crashing, b) he's not on Dapper.02:50
shawarmamralphabet: ...if we are speaking of the same person, of course.02:50
shawarmamralphabet: this guy? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/net-snmp/+bug/65047/comments/202:51
mralphabetsorry, I was looking at the sysklogd one02:51
shawarmamralphabet: Oh, ok. I haven't checked that one yet.02:51
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mralphabetdidn't mean to get signals crossed there ;)02:53
shawarmamralphabet: Oh, don't feel bad for piching in. It's quite alright.02:58
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bkudriahello. i'm on feisty, and i'm trying to get phpmyadmin to work with mysql-server03:34
bkudriai've changed the mysql password for the 'root' user03:34
arthur_kalmHi everyone, this is driving me a little crazy... our servers cannot maintain accurate time. Every time I check up on them they are a minute or two behind. Now what I really don't understand is, I already set up ntpd. I know that the server in the configuration file works because I had manually set the time to it. So is there a way to increase the number of times ntpd updates time with the server? 03:34
bkudriabut phpmyadmin bounces me back to the login page, without an error.  what is wrong?03:34
arthur_kalmbkudria: have you checked phpmyadmin's logs to see what the actual error is?03:35
bkudriaarthur_kalm: checking logs?  pshaw, no! :)03:40
=== bkudria proceeds to check the logs furtivly
bkudriaerr, does phpmyadmin *have* logs?03:41
bkudriahmm, login works with firefox, not with konqueror - doesn't sound like a server-side issue03:43
bkudriagrrr, and now firefox logged me out and is doing the same thing.  what is going on?03:45
bkudriaaah, got it03:48
bkudriauses cookies by default, and this breaks things03:48
bkudria*I* shall file a bug!03:48
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bkudriafor anyone else who is confused, if you are trying to get phpmyadmin cookie auth (the default) to work on an amd64 system, you need to install php5-mcrypt.  i think it works fine on an x86 system04:08
shawarmabkudria: Why would you think that?04:09
bkudriashawarma: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phpmyadmin/+bug/11404404:09
bkudriathis problem fixed in gutsy04:09
bkudriaalthough there is a different mcrypt bug in gutsy which makes things worse, for now04:09
bkudriabut in feisty, installing php5-mcrypt miraculously fixes it instantly04:10
lionelthis bug would be a good candidate for SRU04:12
bkudriawhat is sru?04:13
lionelStable Release Update04:15
lionelpushing the fix in Feisty04:15
bkudriaaah.  yep, seems like it04:15
bkudriasince it is only adding a package to Depends:04:15
lionelreally small change, but it would save people time :)04:16
=== lionel is adding this on his TODO
bkudriaphpmyadmin is a popular package04:16
lionelI know04:16
shawarmaI actually thought it was in main.. 04:19
lionelhe no :)04:27
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