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bryyceseb128: welcome back!10:36
seb128hey bryyce10:36
seb128thanks ;)10:36
tepsipakkiseb128: hey, I was wondering why all those gnome uploads were made by !seb128 :)10:40
seb128tepsipakki: I was on holidays for a week ;)10:40
tepsipakkisheesh, so long :)10:40
tepsipakkiI'll be off for 2,5 weeks starting on Thursday.. it's a bit hectic trying to figure out what has to be done before that10:41
seb128I've enough mail catching up to do after a week :p10:42
seb128brb, restarting to try glib update10:42
tepsipakkibryyce: I noticed you marked bug 42553 as bitesize?10:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 42553 in xorg "wacom input devices enabled by default, why?" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4255310:42
bryycetepsipakki: yeah...  I hope to take a look at it on bug day.  10:44
tepsipakkiwell, it's trivial to drop wacom support (OOTB), but is it what we want?-)10:44
bryycetepsipakki: I guess that's the big question10:45
bryyceI would really like to understand *why* it is hardcoded10:45
bryyceobviously it's there for a reason, but why was it decided to hardcode as opposed to other mechanisms?10:45
tepsipakkilikewise for the synaptics10:45
bryyceI have an (old) wacom I could test...10:46
tepsipakkiwhat other mechanisms do you mean?10:46
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bryycewell, that or xorg input hotplug or something10:46
tepsipakkiinput hotplug would be the ultimate solution, I think10:47
bryyceif 1.4 comes out in time, I think we may have it :-)10:47
tepsipakkiI don't know where we are atm10:47
tepsipakkiafaik it isn't necessarily ready at the time :/10:47
tepsipakkiinput-hotplug, that is10:47
bryyceyeah probably true10:48
bryycebtw, you mentioned that xauth and xinit would be in debian..  I see xauth, but not xinit yet -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Xorg/versions_current.html.  Does it go by a different name?10:50
tepsipakkiit hasn't been uploaded yet, I guess10:51
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tepsipakkior, hasn't passed NEW yet10:52
bryycemy goal for the next few weeks is to get that right-most column to as close to 100% green as I can get :-)10:53
bryycetepsipakki: another thing I've been thinking about, is that it would be somewhat useful to have a regression test or acceptance test of some sort10:55
bryyceso when a change is made, there'll be something to run to at least give a sanity check that it doesn't break the whole wold10:55
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bryyceok bedtime... ttyl10:56
tepsipakkiok, g'nite10:57
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