ion_Sounds good.12:28
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madduckKeybuk: is it just me or why did the installation of upstart just pull in a finger client?10:35
madduckare you using finger?10:35
madducki am currently challenged by the task of authenticating users via unix sockets10:36
madduckand since upstart also uses unix sockets (i think), this attracted my attention.10:36
madduckanyway, if you or anyone has some input to the issue in the mailing list post, i would love to hear it.10:36
madduckbut for now: sorry for spamming the channel10:37
shawarmamadduck: I was recently made aware of SO_PEERCRED.10:38
shawarmamadduck: Doesn't that solve your problem?10:38
shawarma-> /msg10:38
madducksomeone else just said this10:39
madducki am reading up on this now. -> /msg10:39
Keybukmadduck: I've no idea why it would pull in a finger client10:39
madduckshawarma: or #netconf/irc.debian.org10:39
Keybukit shouldn't do, there's not one in the dependencies10:39
madduckKeybuk: i can't figure it out either. maybe it's the scottish beer in my head?10:39
Keybukupstart uses SO_PEERCRED for authentication of commands10:40
Keybuk(one of the reasons it uses unix domain sockets and not a fifo10:40
Keybuk the other being the ability to pass file descriptors from initctl)10:40
madducki am prototyping in python, so i hope it can do it.10:40
madducki'll read up now.10:40
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=== Keybuk is catching up on some LCA talks :p
Keybukwasabi: in particular "Eat My Data: How everybody gets file I/O wrong" :p11:24
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=== Keybuk giggles at "gdb test_core"
Keybukfreudian typo, that02:04
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AlexExtreme"Retain loading from /etc/event.d" << does that mean that it'll use jobs in both event.d and the new jobs.d?05:02
AlexExtremecool, that'll make upgrading easier ;)05:03
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Keybukthey'll fight over job names right now05:09
AlexExtremethat's no problem for me, really05:11
AlexExtremeanyway, /me gets on with porting profiles to the new code05:12
AlexExtreme<ot>hmm, i like your new blog theme</ot>05:15
Keybukthe port should be quite easy, since now most of the hard work is taken care of for you by conf.c05:28
AlexExtremebrb, testing latest bzr code05:33
Keybuk732 is current05:34
AlexExtremeyep, got that05:36
AlexExtremeseems to work. although, moving all the jobs to jobs.d from event.d before booting the new /sbin/init wasn't one of my greatest ideas :p05:36
AlexExtremehad to sync and reboot -f05:37
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AlexExtremeKeybuk: should CONF_PROFILE also go into the ConfItemType enum in conf.h?06:15
Keybukactually, you'll want that to be CONF_PROFILE_DIR, no?06:17
Keybukand then add a case for it and parse directories of profiles?06:17
Keybukright, CONF_PROFILE_DIR in ConfSourceType06:17
Keybukand CONF_PROFILE in ConfItemTypoe06:17
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AlexExtremeKeybuk: is it right that there's a Job entry specifically defined in the ConfItem struct?06:52
Keybukit's in a union06:52
Keybukso there should be a Profile *profile there as well06:53
Keybukso in the appropriate case bits you refer item->profile06:53
AlexExtremeright, forget i said anything :p06:53
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