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effie_jayxhey all12:31
effie_jayxis edubuntu somwhow lighter that ubuntu?12:31
effie_jayxI installed on a pentium II and pentium I as desktops and they run great?... how I couldn't install ubuntu is still a mistery to me12:32
stgraberit's also based on Gnome, only the set of software is different (and artwork)12:32
stgraberif you want something lighter than Ubuntu/Edubuntu you may want to have a look at Xubuntu12:33
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effie_jayxstgraber,  xubuntu install cd didn't boot12:40
effie_jayxthe edubuntu cd booted and installed ... on two gateways... a gateway 2000 desktop (pentium I and 256 ram)... and pentium II gateway E-2300 and 196 ram12:41
effie_jayxI am in shock12:41
effie_jayxI had prepared myself for mini cd install ...12:42
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borg7_I have a 2 NIC LTSP setup I just installed dansguardian.  When I try to boot up a client it gets DHCP but it doesn't pull from TFTP. Any thoughts?03:59
=== tuxus [n=mvephoto@S010600095b20fbc2.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #edubuntu
tuxushi.. I'd like to install edubuntu on my main system and run all the kids comps off it through ltsp. I do have a couple of questions, and was hoping I'd get some answers here04:17
tuxusMy firewall is a Smoothwall box (smoothwall.org) which also acts as my dhcp server. Can I keep it that way if I give all the pc's on the network static IP's or MUST I relinquish the dhcp server status to the Edubuntu server?04:19
tuxusAlso, I haven't seen much documentation on (network) printing. Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on that?04:20
tuxus(g2g now, but I'll check back later for any feedback.)04:20
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effie_jayxhey guys...04:35
effie_jayxwhats the equivalent of the alternate install for feisty in edubuntu?04:35
jsgotangcoeffie_jayx: the main edubuntu cd itself is alternate since its a server install from the start04:38
jsgotangcothe other cd is desktop04:38
effie_jayxserver install04:38
effie_jayxgot it04:38
jsgotangco(it installs LTSP by default)04:38
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sbalneavEvening all04:44
borg7_I have a 2 NIC LTSP setup I just installed dansguardian.  When I try to boot up a client it gets DHCP but it doesn't pull from TFTP. Any thoughts?04:48
sbalneavborg7_: So, you have the terminals hanging off a separate nic on the server?04:48
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sbalneavWhat does it say with the tftp? File not found, etc?04:49
borg7_negative... it trys but times out04:49
borg7_It just notates that tftp times out04:50
borg7_The PXE client does get DHCP from the server04:50
sbalneavnetstat -an | grep :6904:50
sbalneavwhat does that return?04:51
borg7_one sec... having trouble w/ vnc and ssh brb to let you know04:52
borg7_it says :6904:56
sbalneavWhich version of edubuntu are you running?04:57
sbalneavMight want to do an ltsp-update-kernels04:59
borg7_i've got that covered05:00
borg7_updated it twice05:00
sbalneavwhat does your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file look like?05:01
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:01
sbalneavSeems standard.05:07
sbalneavWhat are the addresses of the two interfaces?05:07
borg7_eth0 - ltsp side -
borg7_eth1 - internet side -
sbalneavok, lets do this:05:10
sbalneavsudo invoke-rc.d openbsd-inetd restatr05:10
sbalneaverr restart05:11
borg7_sbalneav: If I turn off dansguardian I can get the client to boot pxe05:11
borg7_dansguardian is the issue05:11
borg7_it seems05:11
sbalneavI have no idea what dansguardian is.05:11
borg7_a web content filter05:11
sbalneavWell, I'd say if a web content filter is mucking up your tftp server, there's a problem with that package :)05:12
sbalneavDoes it do some kind of iptables filtering?05:13
sbalneavIf so, you'll need to get it to stop filtering udp:6905:13
borg7_i'll look around the config files for a bit05:15
sbalneaviptables -L with it on should show you what it's blocking05:15
sbalneavbe right back05:25
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tuxussbalneav: "just" the man who can answer my question..05:35
=== sbalneav waits patiently for the question.
tuxusMy firewall is a Smoothwall box (smoothwall.org) which also acts as my dhcp server. Can I keep it that way if I give all the pc's on the network static IP's or MUST I relinquish the dhcp server status to the Edubuntu server? Also, I haven't seen much documentation on (network) printing -perhaps because I haven't looked hard enough.. Is printer sharing a fairly straight forward setup?05:37
tuxussbalneav: we've "met" earlier today, when I was wpgmb :o)05:37
sbalneavAre you statically assigning IP addresses on the smoothwall box?05:38
tuxusso far I have been, yes. Easier to control/monitor kids - ahum, other users' - activities05:38
sbalneavYou'll then have to statically assign IP addresses on the edubuntu server too, you'll have to modify /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf05:39
sbalneavyou can have two STATIC dhcpd servers on the same segment, as they'll just ignore addresses they dont know about, so they won't trip over each other05:39
sbalneavhowever, you can't have two DYNAMIC dhcpd servers on the same segment.05:40
sbalneavAs for the printer sharing, is it a jetdirect network printer?05:40
tuxusHave several oldies-but-goodies... LaserJet III and II and IIP's05:41
tuxusso, no - not with a etherjet or something module05:41
sbalneavSo, you can just hang it off the server.  All the ltsp clients will see it just fine.05:42
tuxus(or was etherjet IBM's baby? forgot..)05:42
tuxusthing is... my server, and probably my main workstation at the same time, will be locked in my office, while the other units are dispersed over 1st and 2nd floor. Can I hang a printer off one of the clients, that can be shared that way?05:43
sbalneavHmmm, we've got usb printers going, but not // printers yet.05:44
sbalneavget a usb -> // printer cable, should work fine.05:45
tuxusokay.. what about a parallel to usb adapter?05:45
tuxusok. Next: cd/dvd burner "sharing".. If I don't want to invest in burners for everyone, can I have one burner/floor and share it amongst clients?05:46
tuxus(provided they learn to burn thru cli over network)05:47
sbalneavWe don't have any support for burning.05:47
sbalneavreading yes, and memory sticks and floppies.05:48
tuxusOk. So, in order to burn a clients' mp3 directory, I could either 1]  ssh into the server, or 2]  be at the server, and simply access their /home?05:49
tuxusI had that notion. Great.05:51
tuxusNext: (desktop) personalization.. possible, enabled by default, not possible?05:52
sbalneavEach userid's got it's own home dir, so backgrounds, themes, sounds, etc.  all are tied to the userid05:53
sbalneavwhichever user logs into whatever terminal, that's what they get.05:53
tuxusWhat about a shared directory? Can I create a group with a directory for that group, and make all users part of that group?05:53
sbalneavThat;s what we have at Legalaid.05:54
tuxus(hmmm. there's GOTTA be something ltsp can't do.. lol )05:54
sbalneavWell, the cd burning :)05:55
borg7_sbalneav: I don't think the tftp server in feisty is running on port 69... possibly port 640...05:55
borg7_when i did a netstat -an it said pretty much all of the udp ports were
tuxusok - how about THIS one... can I set a time-out on a session, so it logs off after x minutes of idle time?05:56
borg7_(that's w/ dansguardian turned on)05:56
sbalneavThat means they listen from anywhere.05:56
sbalneavand yes, it is on 69, unless dansguardian, or you, have moved it.05:56
sbalneavtuxus: No, not a log off, but you can get it to lock.05:57
borg7_it establishes 2 tcp connections with the client... but port 640 doesn't establish w/ dansguardian turned on05:57
borg7_... config files were no help05:57
sbalneav640 isn't a standard port listed in /etc/services.05:57
tuxusSbalneav. ok. that's pretty much default for a "regualar" desktop05:58
tuxusI've read in a forum that one person said he was told having two nics in the server is better. Why would that be?05:58
tuxus(Edubuntu server running ltsp, that is)05:58
sbalneavWell, it puts all the ltsp traffic on it's own nic, and won't interfere with an existing dhcpd server.05:59
tuxusso - My smoothwall would come in the server at eht0, and the ltsp would hang off eht1, going to the switch?06:00
tuxuscould you use a Cisco 1604 ISDN router? Have one collecting dust.. (came in a box @ garage sale, with documentation)06:03
tuxusfree, ofcourse06:03
sbalneavI suppose, you'd need an isdn line.06:04
sbalneavLast time I checked, those were about $259/month06:04
tuxus.. oh yeah... and the proper AC adapter might help too  :o)06:04
tuxuswant it - it's yours.06:04
sbalneavHeh, nah, thanks for the offer, though.06:06
tuxusalso have two internal 100Mb Zip's... boy, time flies...06:06
tuxusanywhoo.. d/l the discs this PM; I figured I won't have time in the near future to swing by your office06:08
tuxus(yawn) g2g  - If ("if" - who am I kidding) I have any other questions, I'll look here for you. Thanks to all, and to all a good-night!06:09
sbalneavYou know where to find me06:10
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sbalneavEvening Corey06:39
Burgundaviahey sbalneav06:42
borg7_got it working sbalneav!07:10
sbalneavborg7_: what was it?07:13
borg7_I d/led a script that installed dansguardian... but come to find out it installed a few other packages also... tinyproxy, clamav, firehol07:14
borg7_firehol is an easy to use iptable package07:14
borg7_it blocked access to the tftp07:15
borg7_so i allowed it... yippee07:15
borg7_thanks for the direction... i'm in need of sleep so goodnighty07:18
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jsgotangcohey highvoltage09:10
highvoltagehey jsgotangco09:11
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willvdlanyone know how to find out a device's UUID?11:34
ogrause vol_id11:37
=== jinty [n=jinty@] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltagewillvdl: did you also get a message from Rolf Backstrom from Mosambique?11:43
willvdlhighvoltage, in email or phone?11:44
willvdlI haven't received any that I know of11:44
highvoltagewillvdl: email, about a week back11:44
willvdlogra, thanks. this mount by UUID is a bit annoying11:44
highvoltagewillvdl: I mean 2 days ago11:44
ograwillvdl, well, UUIDs dont change ... device names do nowadays11:44
highvoltagewillvdl: I'll forward to you /RicheEd11:45
willvdlhighvoltage, not that I recall11:45
crimsunogra: hi, I handled the alsa-plugins merge while you were away (pinged you two days ago)11:45
ogracrimsun, thats fine ... just go ahead with such stuff, no need to ask me for permission ;)11:45
willvdlogra, I realise that but since the upgrade it has mangled my UUIDs and now my devices are /sda* making it rather tricky to mount my drives since I can't find them11:46
crimsunogra: if you feel that the inclusion of the a52 alsa-lib plugin (which grows libasound2-plugin's dependencies by ~2 MB, taking up extra space on the CD), then I can disable it11:46
ogranah, thats fine11:46
ograspace is not an issue for us anymore (on the server CD at least, the desktop CD has no ltsp bits, so no asound modules)11:47
crimsunah, ok.11:47
willvdldarn, seems the only way to discover the partition label, UUID and device is to run a partitioner11:53
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RichEdhi ... how many people do we have for the edubuntu meeting ?01:57
RichEd(ogra is away to sweden)01:58
ograRichEd, ?01:58
ograin july, no ?01:58
RichEdogra: sweden ... we spoke about that last week ...01:58
=== ogra checks
ograURGH !!!01:58
RichEdnope tomorrow ...01:59
ograi was convinced thats for july , oh crap ...01:59
RichEdoops ... you did not respond to a ping yesterday so I thought you were on the road01:59
=== ogra hangs his head in shame
RichEdhow long does it take to get there from Germany ?01:59
ograno idea, i have to check if there are still flight options02:00
RichEdany chance of getting there at all ? even if you are late ?02:00
RichEdcan you have a quick look ?02:00
ograthere is a flight on thursday afternoon02:01
ograand a return on monday02:02
ograah, no also a return on sunday, just more expensive02:02
RichEdwhen would you get there ... thursday evening ?02:03
ogra16:00 but on a different airport than the mail said02:03
ograso it might be 1h extra for taxi riding02:03
RichEdcan you see if you can book ? and we'll just move the moodle stuff to friday ... i'll sort out the agenda with anestis02:03
RichEdget that going ... we can wait with the meeting for a bit ... and keep it short so you can get organised02:04
RichEdapologies from me if I was any part of the confusion re months ... it just crept up on us I think.02:06
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ograRichEd, no, thats my fault i was to much distracted due to coding the last days and didnt pay enough attention02:09
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@] has joined #edubuntu
RichEdhello highvoltage ...02:16
RichEdmeeting delayed for a bit ... ogra has to make a quick urgent flight booking02:16
ograif the webserver would like me :/ grmbl02:20
=== Kamping_Kaiser smacks dapper's dhcpd
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, what meeting?02:22
RichEdKamping_Kaiser: isn't it the weekly edubuntu meeting slot ... or do i have times mixed up02:22
=== RichEd checks the fridge
Kamping_KaiserRichEd, i have no idea. workign full time has scrambled my brain02:23
RichEdhi stgraber02:24
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
ograok, got it02:29
RichEdgood ...02:33
RichEdshall we move to the meeting room ?02:33
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SolifugusIs it true that Edubuntu automatically starts serving DHCP anonymously by default, on boot?11:28
=== ball [i=cfe6102c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-18aaa767bbf62933] has joined #edubuntu
SolifugusThis is a very stupid thing to make default.11:35
SolifugusAnd I just got in a lot of trouble for it.11:35
SimonAnibalUmmm, maybe if you're running it in server mode11:37
SimonAnibaland have the side that's supposed to be pointing at your thin-clients out towards the network at large11:37
SimonAnibalI've never had a problem with Ed/K/Ubuntu serving DHCP unwanted11:38
SolifugusYes.. I installed this for a lab, but didn't have time to stick around and configure it.11:39
SimonAnibaldo you have two network interfaces on it?11:39
SolifugusYes.. of course.. one for internal lab and the other for the larger network and internet11:40
SimonAnibalon for your thin-client network and one pointing out towards the rest of the network?11:40
SolifugusYes.. of course11:40
SimonAnibalWell, if you have the right cables plugged into the right interfaces, Edubuntu shouldn't server DHCP outwards11:40
SolifugusAnd--I read carefully to ensure that I was specifying the correct ethernet for the right thing...11:40
SimonAnibalOn the other hand, it must server DHCP inwards11:40
ballSimonAnibal: the X terminals get their IP addresses (and kernel name?) from the server?11:41
SolifugusYes.. but anonymously by default?11:41
SolifugusShould be by mac address11:41
SimonAnibalanonymously? I don't understand11:41
SimonAnibalDHCP servers can't really be anonymous, they respond to every DHCP request11:42
Solifugusdhcp should be served by mac address to each client11:42
Solifugusit sounds like its just giving addresses to any machine that asks for one11:42
SimonAnibalthat's DHCP's job11:42
Solifugusthat's one way to set it up.. but not a safe way...  not generally recommendable..11:43
SimonAnibalby default, ALL DHCP servers serve IP addresses to anyone that asks11:43
SimonAnibalI've never seen a DHCP server NOT do that11:43
SimonAnibalAnd I've been a network administrator for several years now11:43
Solifugusthat's a very bad idea for a default dhcp config11:43
ballSo, do I tell Edubuntu server the MAC address of each X terminal?11:44
SolifugusYes... by default.11:44
SimonAnibalSolifugus, why use DHCP if you have to go through the trouble of setting up each computer's IP. Just use manual11:44
ballSimonAnibal: so that each terminal can run an identical image would be my guess11:45
SimonAnibalWhy have a DHCP server at all if you don't want it to hand out IP addresses?11:45
ball(assuming they're identical machines)11:45
balls/image/ROM image/11:45
SolifugusSimonAnibal: several reasons... (1) so you know what machine has what address and that cannot get messed up. (2) so you don't have to configure this on the client...  (3) for security.. so you know who's allowed on your network and thus who isn't11:46
SimonAnibal*shrug* I don't know much about how LTSP works11:46
ballDoes edubuntu include a TFTP server, for handing out kernels to the terminals?11:46
SimonAnibalSolifugus, that is an interesting perspective, though I must admit I'd never heard of it. If someone were to be connected enough on your network to even request a DHCP lease, though, denying them an IP isn't going to keep them from looking around11:47
SimonAnibalThey can just manually set one up and go to town11:47
SolifugusAlso.. LTSP uses NFS to mount a system image.. and NFS requires a name for each IP address (don't know why)... That's easier to control if you issue IPs by mac address.. you just just name them in /etc/hosts11:47
SimonAnibalWell, I can't speak for LTSP. I only know how I've seen DHCP used, and it's always been to make networking easier, not secure11:48
Solifugusball: LTSP uses TFTP to pass the kernel and some initial startup that than uses NFS to mount /11:48
SimonAnibalsecurity should be in place well before the point where someone could ask for DHCP11:48
SimonAnibalAnyhow, I'm out. Have a great evening!11:49
SolifugusSimonAnibal: It is (or should be) common sense... security is in everything.. this is just one aspect.11:49
SimonAnibalSolifugus, Common sense to some, maybe. Not common sense to me, though.11:50
ballIs / mounted read-only?11:50
Solifugussometimes you do want to give IP addresses out anonymously... in certain ranges.. for laptops, for example.. but knowing what limited ranges you allow them in, enables you to control what they have access to/thru at other points.11:50
SimonAnibalSolifugus, I can see why you would want to do it the way you are speaking about. However, making that a default would mean expecting that every single person wants it that way, wants to spend all the time required to make that useful, and knows how to do that11:51
ballSolifugus: as has been pointed out though, someone could just set their own IP address.11:51
Solifugusball: LTSP mounts it read/only by default... to run X so you can then remote into the server via X and access its regular accounts.11:51
SimonAnibalI think it's more reasonable to make the default the easiest and most immediately useful state, and expect that anyone that has a pre-conceived idea of what they want DHCP to do knows how to make it do that11:52
Solifugusball: Yes they could.. But only you know what mac addresses should have what IPs and therefore who is legitimate.11:52
Solifugusand you can find the rogues11:52
Solifugusor disallow them access to what you wish11:53
=== Burgundavia [n=corey@ubuntu/member/burgundavia] has joined #edubuntu
Solifugusotherwise.. your network might as well be open to the world11:53
ballHello Burgundavia11:54
SimonAnibalSolifugus, :-/ it would have to be open to the world for me to consider your model worthwhile11:54
ballSolifugus: provided someone can physically get to a jack, it pretty much is.11:54
Burgundaviahey ball11:54
SimonAnibalSolifugus, *shrug* to each their own, the default works just the way I expect and want it to. Anything else sounds like too much work for not much added benefit.11:56
SimonAnibalSolifugus, Have a great evening!11:56
SolifugusSimonAnibal: Sure.. if there will be a dangerous default like that, it should at least be clearly warned about...11:57
Solifugusthis is a serious bug in edubuntu11:57
ballWhat is a bug?11:58
ballThat it comes with a DHCP server?12:03
SolifugusThat it is configured with a dangerous default.. without clear warning.12:03
ballWhat is the dangerous default?12:04
ballDoes it hand out IP addresses to all who ask?12:04
ball...or hand out IP addresses on the wrong interface?12:06
=== racter [n=jake@c-67-167-206-34.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #edubuntu
ballhello racter12:13
ballracter: are you in Illinois?12:13
ballKankakee at present.12:15
ball(work in Kankakee)12:15
ballDo you use Edubuntu in Chicago?12:15
racteryeah i'm running a community lab & we use it in a thin client setup (http://dai5ychain.net/)12:16

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