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darkmatterklepas: ping11:10
darkmatterget it while its hot11:10
Madpilotdarkmatter, nice - I wish you hadn't gone with making all three window management buttons identical, though (the three in the top right of most windows)11:16
nothliti don't think hes worked on the metacity yet?11:18
darkmatternope.. I havent11:19
darkmattermy metacity lives on paper atm11:20
Madpilotah, OK11:20
darkmatterthats blendish11:20
darkmatterlooked good in the screenies :P11:20
Madpilothow does it look paired with a metacity theme that does proper window controls?11:20
darkmatternothlit, its the older version... the new on (the WIP) has some pretty snazzy code going in :)11:21
darkmatterMadpilot: looks good with most mcity deco's11:21
nothlitwow its a lot brighter in person lol11:27
darkmatterwait till the WIP is done.. lots of app specifics11:28
darkmatterneeds a lot more work and a lot of debugging11:28
darkmattermaybe a dev team... or two11:28
nothlitwow the tooltips are great =D11:29
darkmatterthe roundish corners were a pain... especially considering the lack of transparency in gtk11:30
nothlitdarkmatter: the expanded dropdown list text padding is big compared to the rest11:33
darkmatteryeah.. it has to do with the exported setting (some of the rc stuff is pulled from the dev version).. still needs tweaking11:34
nothlithmm the text seems bottom shifted in the task bar, and the selected task is a little difficult to distinguish11:35
darkmatteryeah... *alpha* :P11:35
darkmatteralso the new mail thing in evo looks odd11:36
nothlitdarkmatter: oh lol, should i stop with the bug reports then? =p11:37
darkmatternah.. bug reports are good11:37
darkmatterjust stating the obvious11:37
darkmatternothlit: I'll do an update later today... drop the value on the panel text a bit to darken that blue, etc11:43
nothlitdarkmatter: cool :)11:45
darkmattertry to finish balancing the widgets too... but most my times being spent on the newer, more colourful version11:45
darkmatterit a true metatheme.. has application subfolder by name... for the moment will need manual editing of launchers with alacarte11:46
nothlitcolourful? what direction are you heading with it?11:47
darkmatterbut I want to use zenity or something and write a config app tha'll automate that garbage11:47
nothlitgtkdialog is pretty nifty if you want something more powerful11:47
nothlitit can even use glade11:47
nothliti used it to make a bash+gnutils powered wifi applet for fluxbuntu :D11:48
darkmatternothlit: colurful in terms of jusat the basic metaphor of stop/go (for active text, etc in apps like banshee)11:48
darkmatterI also want to attempt to parse text labels once I start on the engine11:48
nothlitdarkmatter: i hope you'll keep it subtle :)11:48
darkmatterkey word: attempt11:48
darkmatterjust to have slight oulines on buttons for yes/no, ok/cancel, etc11:49
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darkmatternothing to bright.. softish.. but the green/red stop/go, yes/no metaphor (just a though atm11:53
darkmatterbut yeah.. keeping it light11:53
darkmattersubtle.. themes not going into crazyville11:53
nothlitthat sounds pretty nice, outline? inner glow? subtle colouration?11:53
darkmatteryup.. maybe an inner glow.. just inside the outer perimeter11:53
nothlitif it doesn't get too crazy or complicated, it'd be interesting to use it as another light source to display/play with the form11:53
darkmatterif it'll work11:53
darkmatterbut I am going to do subtle glows in several areas.. prelight in menus... havered buttons (tried with pixmaps... but had to enlarge the alpha margins.. left way to much outer padding)11:53
darkmatterbut in engine will be much easier11:53
darkmatteronly need about 3 pixels11:53
darkmatternothlit: the effect (glow) will be approximately as subtle as the grad on the prelight menuitem http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=538501546&size=o11:56
darkmatterI need to pastel the text slightly.. to saturated atm.. and the orange should be more rust/redish.. but thats the general *colourful* metaphore I'm after12:00
darkmatterplus the multiple shades, and some text effects in engine (got pointers on #clearlooks on gimpnet a while back.. you can do etching, shadows, glows around text, etc)12:00
nothlitwow, sounds pretty exciting12:00
darkmatterjust gives you more light sources to play with12:00
darkmatterit clearlooks blackrock (?) I believe the branch I was pointed to is called12:00
darkmatterits pretty neat12:00
darkmatterso the entire idea is to do like the scrollbars.. keep the theme uber clean and rely on special effects for the bling ;)12:00
darkmatternothlit: the mcity will be colour blended, 32pix titlebar, borderless, all 4 corners rounded.. thinking of going "_^X" for the glyphs12:08
nothlitdarkmatter: borderless? wouldnt having a container, even if it doesn't appear to have a border help you establish the form of your theme?12:15
darkmatternothlit: lol... thats what I meant... its only like one pixel or so. the reason why is with the design of the toolbars/menubars (not yet implemented)an actual visible container is disruptive (plus you cant match the sides to the toolbar/menubar colours)12:19
darkmatterits a two-tone thing with the menu/toolbars12:19
darkmatterboth blue.12:19
darkmatterbut darker menubar.. upper corners rounded12:19
darkmattertollbars have no corners... bit have a bit of a glowy thing going near the edges12:19
darkmatterall soft tones12:20
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darkmatterw00t!!!! US patent office FTW! http://www.betanews.com/article/US_Patent_Office_to_Try_Open_Source_Approach/118159165205:10
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nysosymhi all :)09:36
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nysosymhi kwwii , how are u? :)11:10
kwwiinysosym: good, and you?11:10
nysosymfine all the time :)11:10
nysosymwhat do u do this time?11:10
kwwiiI am working on the ubuntu mobile UI11:11
=== kwwii is in california at google atm
nysosymfine, any results too see, or top secret? :D11:11
nysosymkwwii: a crazy german joke: Warum essen Kannibalen so gerne schwangere Frauen? - Ganz einfach: wegen der Kinderberraschung und der Extraportion Milch!11:13
kwwiihalf and half11:13
kwwiinysosym: ouch11:13
nysosymyes very macabre11:14
kwwiibrb, gotta restart my desktop11:14
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nysosymwb kwwii :)11:14
nysosyma lot to do at moment?11:15
kwwiiI was thinking about asking everyone to offer up their ideas for gutsy artwork (with the expressed statement that nothing is 100% and nothing is sure to be included)11:15
kwwiiI had hoped that some community people would create their own themes but it seems that people like criticizing the work of others more than making their own work11:16
nysosymyes that's typical... :-/11:16
kwwiihehe, yeah11:16
kwwiibut complaining that they cannot effectively help is also typical11:16
nysosymwho has u asked for stuff in gutsy?11:18
nothlitkwwii: ooh any thoughts then? https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/communitytheme/gutsy/sketches/ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/CommunityTheme/Collaboration+Progress https://people.fluxbuntu.org/~nothlit/communitytheme/gutsy/colours/mock_proposed/11:22
nothlit=/ the mailing list on the subject completely died when the direction got more concrete11:23
nothlitkwwii: does sabdfl have a direction he wants already for the official artwork? or does his influence come from the feedback11:25
kwwiiI guess I will be leading things a bit more11:27
kwwiiand for Gutsy I do not think that we will be radically changing things11:28
kwwiiwell, that is poorly expressed11:28
kwwiiwe can do new things, but we still need to keep a definite branding based on what we have had until now somewhat11:28
kwwiiso...we are not going to radically change colors or such11:28
kwwiiand as far as a background goes, we need to avoide including too much detail11:29
kwwiiso like, the colors we use need to fit into the existing colors and branding11:30
nothlithmm not much detail? so more swishes or some nice layered effects?11:31
kwwiiwell, not too many sharp lines, etc11:32
nysosymkwwii: and photos from african places?11:34
nysosymwith ubuntu colors :D11:34
kwwiiprobably a bad idea11:34
nysosymor some vektor works11:34
kwwiino pics of things one can recognize11:35
kwwiieveryone tends to like doing african-like things but ubuntu is much more than just africa11:35
nothliti don't think ubuntu has a distinct identity yet beyond corporate branding or vague references to ^11:36
kwwiiwell, the corporate branding is very important11:36
nysosymsure but the name comes from an african word, the colors match with african very well. Mark loves South Afrika. I think the association with africa is consequent11:37
kwwiibut it is not a good idea art-wise11:37
nothlitno? abstracted macros could do a lot11:38
kwwiiI think that going back to something like we had in breezy and before is the best idea at this time11:38
kwwiianything too specific is bad11:38
nysosymhmm ok, but i think nice brown mountains with elefants in vektor art would be nice. All with the current ubuntu color palette.11:40
nysosymSmooth or hard curves/lines looks good, but these a little bit outdated11:41
kwwiiI know that mark will veto anything with a defnite africa look11:42
nysosympeople wanna have a nice collection of realistic places, where they can associate some emotions11:42
kwwiiwhat about people who do not like africa or africa-like stuff11:42
kwwiibut the fact that places can be associated with emotions is exactly what we want to avoid11:43
nothlithow can people not like a whole continent of variety11:43
kwwiibelieve me, it is that way11:45
nysosymfor example the macro of leaves in leopard or vista, i know so many people who love this picture. Nothing specific but very interesting, descent, but u can (i've u want) have a look to many details like rain-drops11:45
kwwiibut that is not default11:45
kwwiiwhat we use as defualt and what we include are two different subjects11:45
nysosymi think the goal should be, that anyone see a screenshot of ubuntu and he should think "Yes, that's ubuntu".11:47
nothlitwhats wrong with detail, i think f7 proves without a doubt that distinctive objects can work for a default11:49
nysosymLike the example of the leave macro it's not default, but the most people associatie this picture with vista. Thats the reason why the devs are laughing at WWDC 07, as steve show the screen of Leopard.11:49
kwwiinothlit: nothing wrong with the right kind of detail :-)11:50
kwwiinysosym: we are only discussing the default here though :-)11:50
kwwiias far as I am concerned if people would create themes I would see to it that they are included11:50
kwwiiI did not write the automaticeArtworkBuilder wiki page for nothing :-)11:51
nothlitkwwii: whats the limits on detail, just basically 3d or 2d loops/swirls etc?11:53
nysosymi understand, that any detail is okay, only limits are ubuntu colors and a neutral motive11:54
kwwiinothlit: no definite limit in that sense11:55
kwwiiit just has to be easy and simple enough for everyone to use11:56
kwwiiand the icons and names underneath need to be readable11:56
kwwiithe best test is to put a bunch of icons on the desktp and see how busy it looks11:57
nysosymsomething like this ^^11:58
kwwiiin that example I would say that the colors are too far from the branding, but not way off...the most critical aspect would be the white lines and and gradients11:59
kwwiiwhat color would the text underneath the icons be?11:59
kwwiiand how well could you read it?11:59
kwwiisee what I mean?11:59
nysosymsure :)12:00
nysosymbut didn't have gnome a feature that the fontcolor change with the maincolor of the wallpaper?12:01
kwwiiwell, with that wallpaper neither black nor white would work12:03
kwwiiblack would be too dark on the orange and white would be too light on the white12:03
TheSheep.oO(xfce just has frames around the icon labels...)12:04
nysosymand gnome has a shadow12:06
nysosymmy favorite style is something like this12:08
TheSheepnysosym: mine favorite:12:10
TheSheepbah, wrong shot, doesn't show the background \:(12:10
nysosymbut my example doesn't match very well with many icons12:11

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