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jribdrizztzrevenge: I still have no clue what you did12:09
drizztzrevengeheh okay12:09
drizztzrevengeso i tried to change the root user directory to home/root using the users and groups gui component12:09
drizztzrevengeand it looked like it worked12:09
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drizztzrevengebut it didn't actually at the system level, my ubuntu login just thinks it did i think12:10
drizztzrevengebut i dont have synaptic installed12:10
drizztzrevengeso i dont know how to fix this12:10
drizztzrevengeer wait excuse12:10
jribwhat user are you logging in as?12:10
drizztzrevengeit will install12:10
drizztzrevengebut it won't let me run any of its programs because it cant use /root to create its config place12:11
drizztzrevengemy account12:11
jribwhat's the name?12:11
jribfor simplicity's sake12:11
jribalright, so you changed the home directory for rickjames to /root?12:12
drizztzrevengei changed the directory for /root to /home/root -.-12:12
jribthat doesn't make sense12:12
drizztzrevengei know12:12
drizztzrevengenow i do anyway12:12
drizztzrevengebut everytime i try to run synaptic it tells me it cant create a file in /home/root12:12
drizztzrevengewhich is its config file i assume12:13
jribok, are you able to get a shell?12:13
drizztzrevengeyeah, i use console12:13
drizztzrevengeexcuse me12:13
jribwhat is the output of this command: getent passwd rickjames12:14
jribhow about: getent passwd root12:16
jribok, I see12:16
jribit used to be /root12:16
jribwhy did you do this by the way?12:17
drizztzrevengeuhm....because i am nub and was experimenting12:17
drizztzrevengei then read an article that basically said its impossible12:17
drizztzrevengei haven't really done anything to make my computer freak out in a couple days, i'm learning how to maintain this crazy system pretty well12:18
jribah ok, well you should play in a virtual machine12:19
drizztzrevengeyeah...i noticed...12:19
jribcan you do  gksudo gedit /etc/passwd  ?12:19
drizztzrevenge(gedit:9232): libgnomevfs-WARNING **: Unable to create ~/.gnome2 directory: No such file or directory12:20
drizztzrevengeCould not create per-user gnome configuration directory `/home/root/.gnome2/': No such file or directory12:20
drizztzrevengei'm sure you see the problem here then? lol12:20
jribtry:  sudo nano /etc/passwd12:21
drizztzrevengeyeah it opened up soemthing12:21
jribalright, change the /home/root to /root12:22
drizztzrevengekay. how do i save it?12:22
drizztzrevengeor do i just exit?12:23
jribctrl-o to save12:23
jribctrl-x to exit12:23
jribcheck for mistakes!12:23
drizztzrevengeso it should say "root:x:0:0:root:0/root:/bin/bash" ?12:25
drizztzrevengeer wait12:25
drizztzrevengeso it should say "root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash" ?12:25
drizztzrevengenow i should restart?12:25
jribI don't think you need to12:26
drizztzrevengecool thanks alot man12:26
jribmight be a good idea to restart anyway though in case some stuff failed12:26
drizztzrevengeyeah for sure, i' gonna12:26
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Pirate_Hunterhere i am01:06
jribless traffic here01:06
Pirate_Hunteri know much better01:06
Pirate_Hunterso i need to comment everything after line 20 will do so, but cna u tell me why01:06
jribbecause you are getting a lot of errors, so we will start by making sure that the important stuff works, then work on the extra stuff01:07
Pirate_Hunterkk np01:07
Pirate_Hunterim doing it right now01:07
Pirate_Hunterkk don01:08
jribok, now:  sudo apt-get update01:08
Pirate_Hunterno errors this time01:09
jribnow add the extra ones you want -- do you really need all those?01:09
=== jrib wonders why mpd is not cooperating...
Pirate_HunterI dont know what they do? i just ticked them all01:10
jribok, then you don't need them :)01:10
Pirate_Hunterbut you cna tell me something01:10
jribif I know01:10
Pirate_Hunteri know you said to stick to windows for my work01:11
Pirate_Hunterbut I want to integrate everything to ubuntu so i would liek if i could steal some of your time and tell me how to create a simple vpn connection01:12
Pirate_Hunteryou still here or are you gone? no way to find out01:13
jribah well i've never done that so I can't really help, try: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=vpn&titlesearch=Titles or ask in #ubuntu01:13
Pirate_Hunterjrib np thanx for your help my latest update was screensaver hack, im wondering how does that keep my comp clean01:14
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jribwhat output do you get when you try the command you said did not work?11:17
bolloxmcgeewget http://janvitus.interfree.it/ubuntu/2C4C84CC.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -11:18
bolloxmcgeeafter i put in that i get11:18
bolloxmcgeeResolving janvitus.interfree.it...
bolloxmcgeeConnecting to janvitus.interfree.it||:80...11:18
bolloxmcgeeHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK11:18
bolloxmcgeeLength: 4,460 (4.4K) [application/octet-stream] 11:18
bolloxmcgee100%[====================================>]  4,460         --.--K/s11:18
bolloxmcgee22:11:33 (43.51 KB/s) - `-' saved [4460/4460] 11:18
jribyes, that means it worked11:18
jribuse http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org in the future please11:18
jribproceed to the next step11:18
bolloxmcgeethen i put in sudo apt-get install nspluginwrapper11:18
jribthat's not the next step11:18
bolloxmcgeewhats the next step?11:19
jribyou still have to finish adding the repository11:19
jribthe instructions are in english if you scroll down11:19
bolloxmcgeewhere is my sources.list?11:20
jribopen them with this command: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list11:21
bolloxmcgeei think ive got it11:23
bolloxmcgeei'll pastebin what i get in a second11:23
bolloxmcgeei put the reposotries in the list, now im getting nspluginwrapper11:24
bolloxmcgeeive done it all but it still isnt working11:26
bolloxmcgeeits up on pastebin11:26
jribbolloxmcgee: url?11:31
bolloxmcgeejrib: i still dont have write permissions to the /usr/lib/firefox/plugins directory11:31
jribyou don't need it11:31
bolloxmcgeewhat url?11:31
jribto the pastebin11:31
jribyeah it installed fine11:32
jribuse ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:33
bolloxmcgeebut the flash player still isnt working....its corrupt11:33
jribput extract the flash stuff there11:33
bolloxmcgeesrry man what do you mean?11:34
jribdid you download the flash tar.gz?11:34
bolloxmcgeeshould i just extract it all straight into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins?11:35
jribthen extract flashplayer.xpt  and libflashplayer.so to ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:35
bolloxmcgeecould i not just extract all the files to there?11:35
jribthen you will get junk11:36
bolloxmcgeei tried extracting just flashplayer.xpt to the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins direcotry, but im told again i dont have permission11:37
bolloxmcgeeim using the GUI btw...11:37
jribextract to ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:38
jribdoes that make sense?11:38
bolloxmcgee ~/.mozilla/plugins/ <-- that exactly?11:38
jribyeah, ~ means /home/YOUR_USERNAME11:38
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bolloxmcgeejrib: that still isnt working, i still dont have the write privilages.....11:41
jribwhat is the result of this command:11:41
jribls -ld ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:41
bolloxmcgee No such file or directory11:42
jribdo this: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins11:42
jribtry extracting again11:43
bolloxmcgeethat should be in my home directory right?11:44
jribyes, to ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:44
bolloxmcgeewell its not11:44
bolloxmcgeeall thats in my home directory is11:45
jribgo to view -> show hidden files11:45
jribanything that starts with a '.' is hidden11:45
bolloxmcgeethere there11:46
bolloxmcgeestill all corrupted....11:46
jribwhat does "all corrupted" mean?11:47
bolloxmcgeelike, it shows the flash box, but the buttons are all over the place and dont work11:47
bolloxmcgeeand there is absoloutely no playback....11:47
jribyou used nspluginwrapper to convert flash already?11:47
bolloxmcgeeohh yea11:48
jribwhat is the output of: ls ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:48
bolloxmcgeei installed Gnash SWF viewer11:48
bolloxmcgeeflashplayer.xpt  libflashplayer.so11:48
bolloxmcgeethats the output11:48
jribyou haven't run nspluginwrapper yet11:48
jribthe command is on the janvitus page11:49
bolloxmcgeenspluginwrapper -v -a -i11:49
jribwhat is the output of: ls ~/.mozilla/plugins/11:50
bolloxmcgeelashplayer.xpt  libflashplayer.so  npwrapper.libflashplayer.so11:50
bolloxmcgeeshould it now work?11:50
jribyou probably want to remove gnash and restart your browser now11:50
bolloxmcgeeok kool11:50
bolloxmcgeegnash is now gone11:53
bolloxmcgeejrib: it works!!!!!11:55
bolloxmcgeethanks so much man!!!11:55
bolloxmcgeei know i am a complete n00bie11:55
jribyou'll get the hang of it11:55
jribwith time11:55
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bolloxmcgeelol, yea, ahh i should be studying for my junior certificate right now, but this is more fun....lol11:56

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