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=== cjwatson spots the source of some resizing problems in ubiquity
evandby the way, thoughts on hobsee's question?  I figured tag it and we'll deal with it when there's a mythbuntu source package, but I'm not entirely sure03:30
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evandwhat was the source?03:31
cjwatsonevand: tag/deal> fine by me03:33
CIA-19ubiquity: cjwatson * r2089 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):03:37
CIA-19ubiquity: * Make sure that the bounds of the spin button in the partition edit03:37
CIA-19ubiquity:  dialog always include the current size of the partition, even if for03:37
CIA-19ubiquity:  some reason it is outside the minimum/maximum resize ranges reported by03:37
CIA-19ubiquity:  partman (part of #95619).03:37
cjwatsonin fact, parted_server is reporting it properly, but then they get rounded by human_resize_range03:38
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cjwatsonso really ubiquity ought to be getting more accurate information from somewhere, but that's harder ...03:38
CIA-19ubiquity: cjwatson * r2090 ubiquity/debian/changelog: clarify changelog a bit03:40
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evand\o/ completely automated noninteractive install05:56
evandah yeah, whoops06:04
evandyes, ubiquity06:04
cjwatsonwell done06:04
evandI wouldn't say that until I've cleaned up the code a bit :)06:05
cjwatsonI guess you still have some testing to do of individual component preseeding06:05
evandoh yeah06:05
evandrunning the gtk frontend with seen support is an interesting experience06:05
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saispowin 407:40
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ka1hello, are there a list of packages used after an installation with d-I ?08:06
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cjwatsonka1: some of it's done programmatically and varies depending on your hardware, so not quite exactly, but it's basically ubuntu-minimal + ubuntu-standard + ubuntu-desktop10:19
ka1ok thank but I would like to know what packages I need with d-I because I use d-I to restore my system with an archive  and I have removed base-installer and debootstrap and my problem is that I have the mirror of a debian install cdrom10:30
btm_ka1: you're aware that those ubuntu-* packages are meta packages that install most of the system, right? (dpkg -s ubuntu-standard)10:40
ka1ho you have not understand what I want say10:42
ka1do you speak french ?10:42
cjwatsonthe mirror of a Debian install CD will not help you to install Ubuntu10:44
ka1yes I know that but this chan is also development of d-I ?10:51
evandka1: as it pertains to Ubuntu.  The official channel for d-i development is #debian-boot on oftc10:52
ka1ok thank you very much evand10:53
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cjwatson"d-I" is a capitalisation I've not seen before11:01
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