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BassettsHi, there is a report made for a Lenovo 3000 C200 (8922 4MG) already, but I have the 8922 AZG. should I make a new report or add to the current one?01:08
NailorPropably you should add to the current one01:23
NailorIf you got a feature that works in your version but not in the other (or vice versa), you could add a mention about it01:23
Bassettsok, I think they might be different specs though?01:25
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NailorBut in those minor versions the spec differences can bee country-related (eg. different language windows in default installation) or some other minor things, like faster cpu01:26
NailorOr keyboard layout etc01:26
Bassettsthe cpus are different01:26
Bassettsone has core duo, the current one with a test report01:27
Bassettsmine has a celeron m01:27
NailorDunno is that so big difference01:27
Bassettswell this is my laptop http://www5.pc.ibm.com/europe/products.nsf/$wwwpartnumlookup/_TZ0AZXX?open&sourcesite=cema01:28
Bassettsthis is the one with a report: http://www5.pc.ibm.com/europe/products.nsf/$wwwpartnumlookup/_TZ04MXX?open&sourcesite=cema01:28
NailorOthervice they seem identical01:29
NailorYou could test your laptop and if you encounter huge differences, you could file another wiki page01:29
NailorBecause propably people try to find wiki page for 3000 C200, not for the minor versions01:30
Bassettsmaybe the current wiki page should have the model number removed01:30
Bassettsand if there are specific problems with 1 model make a note?01:30
NailorI think that's a good policy01:30
NailorAt least we've done so with Asus V6J01:30
NailorEven though there's a small amount of different versions of it :p01:31
Bassettsam I allowed to edit the report that is currently up there then?01:31
NailorIsn't that the point of the wiki anyway =)01:31
BassettsI am not used to wikis =D01:32
NailorThe history of changes is saved, so the other can revert/ajdust the page if they see it appropriate =)01:32
Bassettsthe URL of the page will change so shall I update the testing table aswell?01:32
Bassettsok :)01:33
NailorI'm just thinking of links to that page..01:33
NailorIf you can avoid changing the url, pleae do01:33
Nailoror othervice there should be build a redirect. Dunno though how it goes since I'm not so familiar with moinmoin wiki01:34
Bassettsok, well the current url is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Lenovo3000C200_89224MG01:35
Bassettsto merge it would end up as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Lenovo3000C20001:35
NailorYou propably should add that redirect to the older page01:36
Bassettsthe page Edubuntu/DownloadRedirect has this for a redirect: #REFRESH 0 http://www.edubuntu.org/Download01:37
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NailorEither that or the redirect01:38
Bassettsok so I should transfer the current page to the new name, then add the redirect to the old page01:38
Bassettsthen edit the new page to make it for any model and add my input01:38
NailorRedirect is propably meant for telling "This page has moved, you'll be redirected to..."01:40
NailorAh, refresh01:40
NailorRedirect is more like a permanent redirect01:40
Bassettsand this is permanant01:40
Bassettsok, I hope i do this right01:42
BassettsOK the redirect works01:47
BassettsNailor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Lenovo3000C20002:01
Bassettslook ok so far?02:01
NailorSeems ok to me =)02:02
Bassettsobviously I need to edit the specs, well cpu anyway02:03
Bassettsand does it matter that I put an extra 512MB ram into my machine?02:03
BassettsNailor is it possible to change what the function keys on the keyboard do?02:25
Bassettsthe brightness up doesnt want to make the brightness go up, down works02:25
Bassettsfound answer  i think02:29
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