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RichEdhi edubunteros ... meeting delayed for a bit ... we'll probably start around :30 past the hour02:18
=== jsgotangco [n=jsg123@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograme waves02:35
=== RichEd waves back ...
RichEdright kicking off with TECHNICAL02:35
ograsorry, i'm a bit confused now02:36
ograweird day02:36
ograso, tech02:36
=== RichEd hands the mike to oliver ...
ograwe released tribe1 on last thursday02:36
ograsince then i have redone much of the ltsp architecture, it doesnt ues nfs anymre but nbd and uses a squashfs image instead of a plain failesystem over the network02:37
ograall in all its booting about twice as fast now02:37
RichEdogra: for all LTSP or just the classmate02:37
highvoltageogra: that sounds weird (but extremely wonderful)02:37
ogra(boottime was our biggest concdern this release)02:37
RichEdgood news on the half speed boot :)02:37
RichEdsorry double speed / half time :)02:37
highvoltageogra: I never liked NFS02:38
ograRichEd, thats ltsp only, but much of the code i write for this overlaps with the classmate02:38
highvoltageogra: so tribe 1 already supports the nbd LTSP?02:38
ograhighvoltage, sbalneav measures 73sec vs 140sec yesterday with the first implementation02:38
=== DarkSun88 [n=Ma@ubuntu/member/darksun88] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograthats still not the end of speedups02:38
ograwe'll get to a minute or below02:39
DarkSun88Hi all02:39
highvoltagecan you encrypt the filesystem?02:39
RichEdhi DarkSun8802:39
highvoltageoh great02:39
ograbut thats not supported yet02:39
ograneeds initramfs support02:39
highvoltagewell, just that it's technically possible is great02:39
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograbeyond that, we now support swapping over the network from initrmfs02:39
RichEdhi Hobbsee02:39
ograit detects if you have less than 48M and automatically adds swapspace from the server02:40
ograso its actually possible to boot 28M clients02:40
highvoltagegeez. ltsp is maturing very fast.02:40
ograas long as you make nbdswapd create the swapfiles in a tmpfs02:40
=== highvoltage starts tribe 1 download
ograi'll write a howto for that after or for the gutsy release02:40
ograall the changes are *not* in tribe 102:41
ograthey are my work of the past week ... started all right after tribe1 was out02:41
Hobbseeheya RichEd02:41
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highvoltageaah. so best would be to update my sources.list to gutsy, install new ltsp-server, then do a ltsp-build-client?02:41
ograso make sure to haave ltsp-server and ltsp-server-standalone 5.0.16 at least02:41
ogra(.16 is just building, but i'd suggest to wait for it)02:42
highvoltageI'll test it and make some noise about it. this is fantastic progres indeed.02:42
ogratogether with sbalneavs rewrite of ldm we'll have the best and fastets ltsp ever :)02:42
ogradid i mention that ldm can do unencrypted X transport now ?02:43
highvoltageand no one will ever have to use ltsp 4.2 any more02:43
highvoltageno you didn't02:43
highvoltagesbalneav mentioned that he was working on it before the summit02:43
ograthe password handling goes still through ssh, but all X traffic is unencrypted if you set LDM_DIRECTX=True02:43
ogranah, thats from Gadi and a totally new idea02:43
ograinstead f calling ssh -X we set DISPLAY=clientip:dpy02:44
ograso all features (localdev, sound) persist, and you have soe password security bu the same speed for X as XDMCP had02:44
ograso nobody can complain or has to use XDMCP anymore02:45
highvoltageuhm... what does that leave then?02:45
ograanyway, thats it so far from tech02:45
highvoltageit seems that LTSP will be just about complete02:46
=== Hobbsee_ [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ogravery technical today :)02:46
=== RichEd gives oliver a round of applause for all of the improvements
=== highvoltage too *clap* *clap* *clap*
ograhighvoltage, yes, if we have the gui maintenance tools we can just lean back and tunr a screw here and there for a while02:46
highvoltagethen the authentication team must just get going, so that we can have local apps too.02:47
ograthe nice thing is that the squashfs/unionfs/nbd setup opens a ton of new opportuities02:47
ograstarting from just using a liveCD squashfs instead of the client built one ... so you have a desktop kiosk ;)02:47
highvoltageyeah, you could mount over a set of applications on another nbd mount over a union based on machine02:47
ograor instead of a tmpfs you can use a second ext2 writeable image on the server and have persistent workstations02:48
ograthere are millions of new options we can gnerate products on :)02:48
ograi was eager to make that switch since ages but never had the balls :)02:49
=== highvoltage advises people who have shares in disk companies to sell their stock now
ograthis time i did and t seems it turns out very well02:49
ograso thats it about tech ... any questions ?02:49
ograRichEd, btw, classmate is stil waiting for the wlan driver from Ben02:50
RichEdogra: has he got it working and waiting to get it to you, or still busy ?02:50
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A67049.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
ograi had some apology mails from him and he knows its urgent but didnt send me anything yet02:50
ograi dont know to be honest02:51
ograi hope to get something soon02:51
RichEdokay ... on a related note, willvdl and I met with some Intel people today in Cape Town ... they are here for the WEF02:51
RichEdIt was (Sir) John Davies who heads up the sales side of Willie's development.02:51
ograah, very cool02:52
RichEdHe is also head of the Intel World Ahead programme that is looking at "the next billion PC users"02:52
RichEdSo they do the Classmate, and some other low spec, low energy rugged devices02:52
ogra"canonical ... the company that does business with knights" :)02:52
RichEdAnother link in the Intel chain, so they will introduce me to various people on the ground.02:53
RichEdfinished with tech ?02:53
ograyep, unless there are open questions02:53
=== highvoltage can't think of anything
RichEdanyone ? questions ?02:54
RichEdMove on to Artwork then ...02:54
ogrado we have anything for art?02:54
highvoltageogra: I'll ask you questions when I test, there's bound to be some then02:54
ograhighvoltage, right02:54
RichEdPete is not around for art ... anyone else have anthing to raise / say ?02:56
ograi also need to document the new stuff i guess :)02:56
highvoltageis aliasvegas still around? I haven't heard from her in a long time02:56
ogranope, i dont think so02:56
RichEdcx33 is in and out ... not as much as usual02:56
ograand pete wanted to cut his participation time a bit02:56
RichEdI'll clear up his and her commitment when I see him next time in #edubuntu02:56
highvoltagewe didn't really have an artwork bof at the uds, did we? perhaps that is something we should re-visit at some stage.02:56
highvoltageRichEd: ok02:56
ograwell, we'Re supposed to get easy changeable artwork from ubuntu, dont we ?02:56
RichEdken wimer has agreed to help out ...02:56
RichEdto take any suggestions or examples from us, and then make them professional for the product02:56
ograso that would be the ubuntu art stuff with changed colors and different logo02:56
ograi know ken is working on an easy procedure for derivatives here02:56
RichEdogra: yes, we can vary it, but keep it within the general flavour theme02:57
ograonly ldm is a bit different, but i'll care for that and do a gdm ripoff for the art02:57
RichEdogra: cool ... you can hack it if you want, and ken will polish the idea02:57
Hobbseeogra: edubuntu wouldnt have use for an edubuntu-restricted-extras as ubuntu & kubuntu has, would it?  (not the manager, just a metapackage of all the extra packages for codecs, etc).   If so, the ubuntu-restricted-manager is now done sanely for multiple flavours.02:58
=== Hobbsee has only just remembered, sorry
ograHobbsee, edubuntu uses ubuntu as a base ...02:58
ograso an ubuntu-restricted-somethig will be used02:59
ograwe dont need extra packages for this02:59
=== calc [n=ccheney@conr-adsl-209-169-124-200.consolidated.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Hobbseeogra: fair enough.  wasnt sure if there were specific needs for edubuntu.  <goes back to lurking>02:59
ograHobbsee, there is an edubuntu-kde metapackage planned ... that should indeed depend on the KDE variant ;)02:59
Hobbseethat'd be cool03:00
ograwell i'm all for it, but am waiting for someone to take up the maintenance of that03:00
ograwe dont have many KDE peoplein edubuntu so it should be someone from the kubuntu crowd who maintais the seeds for it03:00
RichEdanything more in art then ?03:01
ogradoesnt look like03:02
RichEdMoving on to Documentation ...03:02
RichEdwillvdl has some stuff to add here but he does not seem to be online atm ...03:02
RichEdogra: has sbalneav done any more LTSP doc stuff ?03:02
RichEdand anyone else with a doc topic ?03:03
ograand i'm more happy having him coding on the new ldm than having him writing docs03:03
ogradocs are something we *can* fix out of sync ... code needs to be tested early in a release cycle03:03
RichEdokay ...03:04
ograso dot drag him away from the code ;)03:04
RichEdWeb Sites then ...03:08
RichEdagain will has some updates ... but he is not here as above03:08
ograpips1 and him discussed some website stuff last week iirc03:08
ograbut i wasnt following closely03:08
RichEdFrom my side, I am working with Gerry (the new PRO & marketing guy in Canonical) to put some generic edubuntu & ubuntu education stuff on the ubuntu.com web site03:08
RichEdAlso, sort of related, I did an interview with THE Journal last week ... Technology in Higher Education03:08
RichEdCirculation of 90,000 in the US03:08
RichEdAnd an online version.03:08
RichEdAlso: Hello,03:08
RichEdWe're reviewing Edubuntu in our next issue. So two things03:08
highvoltagethere's some problem with the server atm, it needs a bit of a software update for drupal 503:08
RichEdKathy Ishizuka03:08
RichEdTechnology Editor03:08
RichEdSchool Library Journal03:08
highvoltageI've been meaning to ping the sysadmins about that, will do so today/tomorrow03:08
RichEdand <quote>03:08
RichEd. Also, our reviewer is so enthusiastic about the product that we'd like to provide CDs at the American Association of School Librarians conference this October, where he will be featuring his top tech picks.03:08
RichEdSo edubuntu is making some nice waves in the US ...03:08
=== ogra got a thank you mail tday from an ubuntustudio user who runs it over ltsp :)
ogra"But WOW!! What a terrific system we now have, and what a terrific job03:09
ograyou guys have done!!  UbuntuStudio's desktop is what win vista should03:09
ograhave been - brilliant and elegant.03:09
RichEdcool :)03:09
ogra"UbuntuStudio running03:09
ograon a dual-quad xeon (8 cpu's) Intel server motherboard with 6 gb ram, 603:09
ograremovable SATA hard disks, as an ltsp server.  The ltsp software was03:09
ograinstalled following the guidance in the UbuntuLTSP/LTSPQuickInstall. The03:09
ograserver is driving six high-res Neoware terminals, and I had the Rolling03:09
ograStones playing on the speakers at my terminal where I took the03:09
ograscreenshot. "03:09
RichEdAnd this from a Canonical Partner:03:09
RichEd>>> Right now we are looking to place a server w/20 Edubuntu (for the03:09
RichEd>>> extras it provides) clients. The ultimate goal is to add 200 thin03:09
RichEd>>> clients thoughout the school.03:09
RichEdSo a good week for PRO03:10
ograthat will need a little server farm03:10
highvoltageogra: :)03:10
=== RichEd sings old macdonald
RichEdogra: they do low spec devices specifically for Open Source, and want to put a sales bundle together for:03:10
RichEdIt looks like we could set up a fairly standard package like this for03:11
RichEdschools, municipalities, internet cafes, etc.03:11
RichEdWe should put a bundle together!03:11
ograwell, it would be nice if i could get one of the devices in advance03:11
RichEdOkay ... Community03:11
ograto find any possible drawbacks03:11
RichEd(ogra: I'll ask them for one)03:11
ogragreat, thanlks03:11
RichEdpips1 is busy with the commuity site, and has some people contributing (like David Trask)03:12
ograor at least they should tell me the specs, i have a ton of thin clients around here, its likely i have the one or a similar one they want to use03:12
RichEdogra: they build the devices ... you can see specs here:03:12
ograoh, right, i still havent pulled off the pic of my camera03:12
RichEd Specifications are as follows:03:13
RichEd    * Freescale MPC5200B PowerPC SoC up to 400MHz03:13
RichEd    * 128MB 266MHz DDR RAM03:13
RichEd    * 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet03:13
RichEd    * 2x USB ports03:13
RichEd    * 1x RS232 Serial port03:13
ograwe dont support ppc anymore03:13
RichEd    * Stereo Audio out, Microphone and Line-input03:13
RichEd    * RoHS Compliant03:13
ograsince edgy03:13
RichEdthey put projects together to acheive aims, so perhaps they can look at this with some partners03:14
ograwe still have a ppc build but no officially supported one03:14
=== licio [n=licio@ubuntu/member/licio] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
RichEdwell we can test their device and help them iron out kinks - hopefully03:14
ograthe specs look great though03:14
ograwould make a nice ltsp setup03:14
ograbut we wouldnt be able to officially support it03:15
RichEdindeed :) looks quite neat as well03:15
ograunless our marketing strategy changes03:15
RichEdWell they are a partner ... so maybe we can bend over a bit03:15
RichEdOkay last topic, Management:03:16
ograbut we dont give support for the pcc packages03:16
ograthats the main prob03:16
RichEdFrom my side: I must get some projects going to help build community, as soon as I have finished the planning exercise we are busy with.03:16
RichEdI've asked people to comment on the first draft of the objectives which are here:03:16
RichEdFeel free to mail me comments / suggestions.03:16
RichEdNote that I will need to relate the objectives back to the company strategy (i.e. the ones that the paid people will commit to) ...03:17
RichEdBut ideas for community goals are welcome ...03:17
=== mvo [n=egon@p54A65B4C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
RichEdback in a sec ...03:17
=== cliebow_ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== beuno [i=martin@ubuntu/member/beuno] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
RichEdAnything else for today ?03:21
=== ogra doesnt think so
ograLaserJock old me he wanted to work on the addonCD enhancements over the weekend03:22
ograhe seemed to have some concrete ideas about grouping the app istall entries03:22
ograbut he hasnt come back to me yet03:22
RichEdokay ... hopefully he will share them with us for comment03:23
RichEdanything else ?03:24
RichEdokay ... lets wrap it up ... and let ogra make plans for sweden :)03:24
RichEdgoing once ...03:25
RichEdgoing twice ...03:25
RichEdokay ... done ...03:25
RichEdThanks all, and again thanks to ogra for the LTSP improvements03:25
=== RichEd waves goodbye ... and moves back to #edubuntu
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coreymon77is ther still no word about the next community council meeting?06:07
coreymon77its already halfway through the month!06:07
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
juliuxcoreymon77, check http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda for the next date06:13
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
=== gouki_ [n=gouki@ubuntu/member/gouki] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
coreymon77it says that it will be announced06:16
coreymon77which is kinda surprising06:16
coreymon77since there are supposed to be 2 a month and its already halfway through the month06:17
coreymon77im just hoping that it will be soon06:18
=== merriam [n=merriam@85-211-180-104.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
dholbachcoreymon77: I asked the other CC members for a date we agree on06:26
dholbachcoreymon77: it will be announced as soon as we have a suitable date06:26
coreymon77oh ya06:26
coreymon77and im in the eastern time zone06:26
coreymon77so could you possibly make it so that the time isnt rediculous for m06:27
dholbachI can't promise that06:27
dholbachbut we'll announce shortly06:27
coreymon77could you try?06:28
dholbachwrite to community-council@lists.ubuntu.com06:28
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@unix0.york.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
bashelierhey dholbach06:34
bashelierdholbach: do you have an aproximative idea of the date ? in one week ? :)06:34
dholbachbashelier: roughly, yes06:35
dholbachbut I can't make promises, so please try to be patient and wait for the announce :)06:35
bashelierdholbach: I'll do, thanks :)06:36
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