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mdzrusty_: the kernel installation failure is a bug, and nothing in particular to do with the fact that it's chrooted: bug 11626612:33
mdzrusty_: as a workaround, touch /etc/kernel-img.conf12:36
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cjwatsonmdz: "Remove boot from mobile STRUCTURE for now, as it breaks germinate" - yes, it should be left out12:56
cjwatsonfor a similar reason it isn't in desktop etc. either - inclusion in ship etc. is enough to get the contents of boot onto images12:57
mdzcjwatson: yes, the final image build process may not be seed-based anyway12:57
mdzat least not the first cut12:57
mdzit's more "filesystem image + some bits"12:57
cjwatsonfine by me, was just backing up your change and mentioning that "for now" can be "for good" as far as I'm concerned. :-)12:58
mdzcjwatson: what's the syntax to override a package to main?12:59
mdzcjwatson: the ubuntu-mobile metapackage should go into universe12:59
cjwatsonbefore or after it's been published?01:00
mdzcjwatson: before01:00
mdzif possible01:00
cjwatsonmain should be the default then01:00
cjwatsonbut if it's not, 'q override <sourcepackage> source main/' or 'q override <binarypackage> binary main//'01:01
cjwatsonfor -> universe, 'U <sourcepackage>' or 'u <binarypackage>' are shorthands, since that's common01:02
cjwatsonafter publishing, see change-override.py --help01:02
cjwatsonalso see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArchiveAdministration which explains all this01:03
mdzcjwatson: hopefully I got it in time01:04
mdznot sure I can tell01:04
cjwatsonq -Q accepted info01:05
cjwatsonor q -Q done info ubuntu-mobile01:05
cjwatsondon't think you got i386 in time, you'll have to change-override that01:05
cjwatsonit's no big deal ...01:06
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lool"Ubuntu's mobile and embedded project advances" http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS8791125713.html09:19
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rusty_anyone know the progress of getting sdk-default-x11 and hildon-theme-plankton into gutsy?06:56
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mdzrusty_: sdk-default-icons is already there06:58
mdzrusty_: hildon-theme-plankton has built and just needed to be acked as a new package (which I have just done)06:58
mdzso it will be published in the archive within the hour06:59
rusty_ok, i made a typo on the sdk-default-icons07:00
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bspencerrusty_, are you online?07:30
rusty_How do i delete a launchpad project that i screwed up?07:38
rusty_i was attempting to create a project called "zi9-config", and somehow have the url for the project pointing to https://launchpad.net/rusty-lynch-intel07:39
rusty_where 'rusty-lynch-intel' is my user name07:39
rusty_... heading to a room ...07:40
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tko_FYI: http://blogs.gnome.org/lucasr/2007/06/13/spinning-off-hildon/08:06
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jonnylambIs it me or are {planet,blogs,live}.gnome.org all unreachable?08:18
lucasr|thesisjonnylamb, same here08:19
tko_lucasr|thesis, thesis?08:24
lucasr|thesistko_, yeah, mastering stuff08:24
lucasr|thesistko_, boooooooring!08:24
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lucasr|thesistko, ping09:03
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Mithrandirtko: yay, rocking!10:32
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mdzrusty_: the ubuntu-mobile metapackage is in the archive now, and looks to be installable10:55
rusty_i'll give it a try10:55
mdzrusty_: (meaning hildon-theme-plankton is in as well, since that's a dependency)10:56
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rusty_mdz, other then me adding the wrong package in my last commit (i added sdk-default-x11 instead of sdk-default-icons), the ubuntu-mobile package works11:16
mdzrusty_: is that fixed in the current bzr tree now?11:17
rusty_yea, i just pushed a fix11:17
mdzwow, python segfaults when I try to merge it11:18
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robrrusty_, we received 2 Q1 Ultras today...i have one and i had margie put the other one in your office11:52
sabotageoh cool!11:52
=== sabotage goes to find margie to get mine
robrwe expect a ton more, we only got 2 today11:53
sabotagebummer, only two came today :(11:53
sabotageyeah, I just saw her11:53
robri'm setting it up now and will see if i can get it to boot linux11:55
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rusty_sabotage, how is that media app going?12:11
sabotageI need to check in with Halley12:11
sabotageinitially he was a bit put off that the direction he was given from Cathy was different that what I was passing along12:11
sabotageyesterday afternoon though, he was going over DBus tutorials12:12
sabotageand apparently he now understands the need for the API implimentation before the UI12:12
rusty_is halley looking over the quick prototype code i gave you guys?12:13
sabotageNot sure, lemme go check up on him quickly12:14
sabotagerusty_ can you email me the path again. I didn't save the link :(12:20
rusty_how about in irc?12:23
rusty_i think12:24
sabotageclose ;)12:25
rusty_i have some fixes that i made yesterday 12:26
rusty_sabotage, ok, i just pushed my changes12:29

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