asacit should basically be your prefs entry12:27
asacyou see that?12:27
gnomefreaki know the bad part but how do i fix it12:27
asactake care that you changelog entry for mt9 ends up on top12:28
gnomefreakit is on top12:28
gnomefreakit the conflict12:28
asacshow me the conflict section please12:28
asacyes show it please12:28
asaci will try to explain12:28
asacyes of course12:28
asacthe whole conflict12:28
gnomefreakoh crap12:29
gnomefreakdidnt look any further tha the ======= line12:30
gnomefreakbut way down there is >>>>> merge source12:30
asaccan you add a bit more context below the MERGE SOURCE12:30
asacyou don'tneed to if things are proper below that12:30
asacok its pretty simple12:31
asacin the TREE section is what you changed12:31
asacand in the MERGE SOURCE is what changed in the same place in mozillateam branch12:31
asacso thats a conflict and bzr doesn't know what to do12:31
asac(which is obvious, because there are multiple ways this could be ment to be12:32
asacoption a:12:32
asac  - your change is a change that has never been released, so document it in a changelog entry on top of all12:32
asacoption b:12:32
asac  - your change was initially done on top of 1.1.1-something ... so put your changelog entry in there12:33
asace.g. below the first 1.1.2-1 entry12:33
gnomefreakabove 1.1.1+u2-0ubuntu1 or below itr12:33
gnomefreakabove mt8 im assuming12:34
asacif you put it above ... then you need to use a higher version than the latest12:34
asac1.1.2.dfsg1-2 is latest12:34
asacotherwise you just need to put your changelog entry in the proper place12:34
asace.g. above mt812:35
gnomefreakits in proper place do i remove all the === and >>> lines?12:35
asacyes if its in proper place you remove them12:35
gnomefreakok now do i commit12:36
asacwhat version did you choose?12:36
gnomefreaki added it above mt812:36
asacah ok12:36
asacyou say12:37
asacbzr resolved12:37
asac... bzr should detect that the file has been resolved12:37
asacdoes it work?12:37
asacthen please show me the bzr diff debian/changelog12:37
asacjust to verify :)12:37
asacyes looks good. well done12:40
gnomefreaknot yet12:40
asacmore conflicts?12:40
gnomefreaki have uncommited changes :(12:40
asacyou have to commit  with a message that explains what you did in merge12:40
asace.g. merging up to revision XXX from mozillateam branch12:40
gnomefreakwhat do i commit? debian dir?12:41
asac+ resolved conflict in changelog by doing bla bla bla12:41
asacgnomefreak: all12:41
asacyou have to commit all at once now12:41
asacotherwise you won't commit the pending merges12:41
gnomefreakhow do i do it all at once?12:41
asacyou should see the pending merges with bzr status at the moment12:41
asacgnomefreak: just bzr commit12:41
asacwithout any file12:42
asacgnomefreak: Note: usually you shouldn't do that ... just for merges12:42
asacremember to explain in log message how you resolved the conflict12:42
asacthen you can push12:42
gnomefreakah ok i will let me seee if i can do this god i hope it works12:42
=== bluekuja [n=andrea@ubuntu/member/bluekuja] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: just try to reflect what you did12:43
asacgnomefreak: :)12:43
asacyou resolved the conflict of the merges manually12:43
asacnow you commit the merge12:43
asacif you have done that, let me know so i can merge your changes to mozillateam branch for release12:45
gnomefreakim about to push12:45
asacyeah :)12:46
gnomefreakbrb smoke while it pushes12:46
asacgnomefreak: have you looked at your name in bzr changelog?12:48
asacyou should set your name and email properly12:48
asacgnomefreak: you can set your EMAIL environment in .bashrc12:48
gnomefreakno i didnt i thought it was @ubuntu.com12:50
gnomefreakwhat do i add? i lost it from last time i had it set12:51
asacexport EMAIL=gnomefreak@ubuntu.com12:52
gnomefreakoops it was waiting for my passphrase12:52
asacin $HOME/.bashrc12:52
gnomefreakok its added12:53
asacpush done?12:53
gnomefreakyes but Lp hasnt updated yet12:53
asacgnomefreak: can you prepare an orig.tar.gz?12:53
gnomefreaksure but will be a while i need to grab upstream source i dont htink i have it atm12:54
asaclook how nice it merged :)12:54
gnomefreakyay thank you :)12:54
asacwould be great if you can push the orig12:55
asacjust use the current upstreawm version on top12:55
asaci will bump it and rename the orig accordinlgy12:55
asaconce i have the orig, I will push it (given that binaries are in) :)12:55
gnomefreakpush orig to where?12:55
asacgnomefreak: you messed things up12:56
asaclook at the patch12:56
asacit contains loads of garbage12:56
asaccan you fix that as well?12:56
asaci guess only the changes of first patch in that file are needed12:57
gnomefreakwhat do you mean? let me look at this12:57
asacyes look into it12:57
asaci think the first 10 lines is what you want12:57
asacthe rest you don't12:57
asacabout 2380 lines of garbage12:57
gnomefreakwhy the hell did it do that12:58
asacgnomefreak: because you operated on a borked orig.tar.gz :)12:58
asacyou had all.js~ inside it12:58
asacaehm ... i mean you edited inside dpatch-edit-patch12:58
asacand somehoe managed to keep the vi backup file12:58
asacwhen you exited12:59
gnomefreakdidnt know i did that12:59
asacjust remove everything in that patch that affects all.js~12:59
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... its important to look into the result :)12:59
asac... next time :-P12:59
asacjust remove it with editor12:59
asaccommit the updated prefs patch12:59
asacand push12:59
gnomefreakdo i need to use dpatch or can i do it by opening patch in editor12:59
gnomefreakah ok12:59
asacyou can edit by editor12:59
asaci think all from line 21 downwards can go01:00
asac+pref("browser.toolbars.showbutton.go",      false);01:00
asacis that really what you want?01:00
asaci mean "false" ?01:00
asacso you disable the go button?01:01
gnomefreakno i want it true01:01
gnomefreaklet me look at this :(01:01
gnomefreakcan i edit that too while in here01:01
asacyou can ... but remember that editing patches directly is advanced :)01:02
asaconly edit dpatches if you have a clean tree01:02
asacotherwis debian/rules clean will fail to unapply01:02
gnomefreakare you looking at patch atm01:02
asacbut i think you know that01:02
gnomefreaki have a clean tree now :)01:02
asacthen edit the patch directly01:02
asacif you are sure that you want true01:02
gnomefreakok the diff -urNad ubuntu-1.1.x~/modules/libpref/src/init/all.js~ ubuntu-1.1.x/modules/libpref/src/init/all.js~01:02
gnomefreaki think those are lines 20 2101:03
gnomefreakdo i want them?01:03
asacyou don't want the all.js~ patch01:03
asaclook at it01:04
asacthats about 2000 lines of garbage01:04
gnomefreaki can end patch with pref("browser.helperApps.neverAsk.openFile", "");?01:04
asacall removed01:04
asacyes ... why not?01:04
asacits where the all.js patch ends atm anyway01:04
gnomefreakwasnt sure if i could01:05
asacall from all.js~ is a second patch01:05
asacjust keep a final newline below01:05
asace.g. one return at the end01:05
asacafter that line01:05
asacit doesn't matter01:05
asacbut otherwise patch will always complain that the patch doesn't have newline01:05
gnomefreaktheres one there01:05
asacyes then fine01:05
asacif you are done the file should have a total line cound of 2001:06
gnomefreakyep empty line == 2001:06
asaclooks good then01:06
asacremember to change to true01:06
asacthen commit01:06
asacwith a sane message :)01:06
gnomefreakok commit this01:06
asaclike remove all.js~ garbage from patch +01:07
asacmake  showbutton pref effective by setting pref 'PREFNAME' to true01:07
asaclet me know if you pushed so i can merge it here01:07
asac... and you can push the orig.tar.gz to your youmortals account i guess :)01:08
asacjust let me know where i can grab it so i can prepare the build tomorrow morning01:08
gnomefreakok  give me a few and i should have tar done within an hour i hope01:09
asacgnomefreak: ok ... first push please01:09
asacso i can intervene while i am awake :)01:09
asacpush bzr i mean :)01:09
gnomefreaki have to finish typing and thinking first01:10
asacyeah ... keep your time01:11
asacbetter do it right once01:11
asacthen wrong multiple time :)01:11
gnomefreakam i gonna have to do anything now? since i edited the patch?01:11
gnomefreakor just clean than build orig01:12
gnomefreakabout 23 minutes left on source download01:12
asacgnomefreak: you have to commit the patch01:13
asacand push it01:13
asacread above about what a sane commit message might contain :)01:13
asac01:07 < asac> like remove all.js~ garbage from patch +01:13
asac01:07 < asac> make  showbutton pref effective by setting pref 'PREFNAME' to true01:13
gnomefreakno i got that far01:13
asacah ok ... you pushed?01:13
gnomefreakim talking locally since i edited patch by hand anything i need to do before build orig?01:13
gnomefreakits pushing now01:14
gnomefreakits pushed01:14
asaclooks better01:14
asacmuch better :)01:14
gnomefreakyou got it already?01:14
gnomefreakso maybe its only LP that is slow as garbage01:15
asaclaunchpad webpage updates in batches01:16
asachttp mirror should be almost instant01:16
asacgnomefreak: ok ... you don't need to do anything special01:16
asacjust build the orig for the version currenlty in changelog01:17
asaci will rename as i bump it on mozillateam branch01:17
gnomefreakok thats easy enough01:17
asaconce i have done that you merge from mozillateam branch and do mt changes on top of that again01:17
gnomefreaki will post the orig. so you can wget it when done01:17
asacgnomefreak: thats great01:17
asacmaybe i will wake up tonight so i can pull and test01:17
asacotherwise i will do this first thing in the morning01:18
gnomefreakfirst thing in morning for you is middle of night for me01:18
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... you don't need to be awake01:19
gnomefreak3 minutes ago was more like 15 wasnt it?01:20
gnomefreakoh god i have to update feisty repo01:20
asacin lp you don't see all sub checkins01:21
asacbut they are visible in bzr log01:21
asace.g. thats what you see in pastebin01:21
asacjust for education01:21
asacnow you are just gnomefreak@ubuntu.com01:22
gnomefreakyep saw that :) thank you for that line01:22
asacmaybe you need to set EMAIL="John ... <gnomefreak@ubuntu.com>" ?01:22
gnomefreaknot bad idea01:22
asacactually i don't konw what it works for me :)01:22
asacexport NAME="Alexander Sack"01:23
asacexport DEBEMAIL="asac@ubuntu.com"01:23
asacthats what i have explicitly set01:23
asacanyway, thats not asac@jwsdot.com ... which apparently is used by bzr01:23
asacmaybe its in my user account settings properly01:23
gnomefreaki have debmail debfullname also01:24
asacgnomefreak: look at man bzr01:24
asacat the bottom there are other env variables01:24
gnomefreakand PATH=~/bin:$PATH01:24
asacin man bzr ?01:25
asacgnomefreak: PATH has nothing to do with email :)01:25
gnomefreakyeah i know i dont ever remember seeing it though01:26
asacsource download finished?01:31
gnomefreakyeah im extracting it01:31
asaclet me have a smoke01:31
gnomefreakthan i have to move shit and build :)01:31
asacah ... you don't have to move shit :)01:31
asacyou could extract somewhere in /tmp/01:31
asacthen copy shit :)01:31
asacat least it will not bring you a mozilla/ directory :)01:31
asacjust remember to remove empty mozilla/ dir if you do this in bzr tree01:31
gnomefreakafter mozilla dir is empty i can remove it01:43
gnomefreaknot in bzr01:43
asacif its empty you can definilty remove it01:45
asacyou should01:45
gnomefreakah ok01:45
asacat least if you did this in bzr branched directory :)01:45
gnomefreakits building im gonna grab a bite to eat since dinner was a few hours ago and ill uplaod asap01:46
gnomefreaktake about an hour to upload01:46
=== smm83 [n=shane@12-216-188-54.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: thanks01:47
asaci will be in bed soon01:47
asac@now berlin01:47
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: June 13 2007, 01:47:57 - Next meeting: Edubuntu in 12 hours 12 minutes01:47
gnomefreakuploading now01:48
asacgot to start at 8:30 or something tomorrow01:48
asacgnomefreak: does the tarball look sane?01:48
asace.g. size01:48
gnomefreakhold a minute ill give you main page were it will end up01:48
gnomefreak40.5 MB01:49
asaccan you give me  the first too console pages of tar tzf /path/to/orig.tar.gz ?01:49
asacor the last two :)01:49
asacthen i can sleep better :)01:49
gnomefreakill pastebin what i show in terminal when its done01:50
asacok ... just need a few lines out of it01:50
asacnot complete01:51
gnomefreakabout 40 minutes on upload and <1 minute for pastebin01:53
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/562987  500+ lines :(01:54
gnomefreakasac: when its done you can get it http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/iceape_1.1.2.dfsg1.orig.tar.gz01:54
gnomefreakabout 40 minutes or so01:55
asacwow ... we are below 600 bugs in firefox02:08
asacbut i fear that is just temporarily the case ... crash report season has not yet begun for gutsy02:09
asacand apport is probably going to be turned on soon :/02:09
gnomefreakiceape 1.1.1 has no bugs :)02:10
gnomefreakwish list and enigail maybe02:11
gnomefreakbtw where do you have the reply-to-list extension for tbird 2.0?02:11
asaciceape is not yet in :)02:12
asacdon't worry, we will soon get our share of bugs for iceape :-P02:13
asaci don't hbave that extension02:13
asacits somewhere on the net02:13
asaclook at my blog02:13
asacthere should be a link02:13
asachard to find with eyes wide shut :)02:16
asacok i am asleep now02:16
asaccu tomorrow02:16
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gnomefreakasac: its done you can grab it from http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/iceape_1.1.2.dfsg1.orig.tar.gz02:37
gnomefreakI dont think this one works. was replytolist-0.2.0.xpi for 1.5.0.x or 2.0.0.x? it doesnt seem to work but will play with it a bit more02:40
=== gnomefreak gone for tonight maybe try to build 1.1.2 for feisty tomorrow
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gnomefreakok for the next 4+ hours only easy questions will be answered its wayyyyyyyyyyy to early07:59
Admiral_Chicagocan i see my window partitio on linux?08:01
Admiral_Chicago...just kidding08:01
=== gnomefreak more awake than i thought i would be after smoke
Admiral_Chicagoi messed around with irssi too much, lost my config file...08:09
gnomefreakasac: you updated mozillateam iceape branch?08:09
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: hope you had backup of it08:09
Admiral_Chicagohehe, it needed to be cleaned out anyways...its okay08:09
gnomefreakif you need a sample on ei can post mine08:10
Admiral_Chicagocan i see your autocmd line, I'm trying to do a /nicklist screen after X seconds.08:10
Admiral_Chicagoand I couldn't figure that out.08:10
gnomefreakok let me find it08:11
gnomefreakautosendcmd = "/umode +wQ;/quote capab identify-msg;/nicklist screen;wait -freenode 100000";08:11
Admiral_Chicagowhats all the umode stuff?08:12
Admiral_Chicagomy line looks like this...08:12
Admiral_Chicagoautosendcmd = "/^quote nickserv identify password";08:12
Admiral_Chicagouser mode?08:13
gnomefreaki dont remember what they do :( its been a year +08:13
Admiral_Chicagookay thats fine...08:13
Admiral_Chicagoautosendcmd = "/^quote nickserv identify password;/nicklist screen";   ?08:14
gnomefreakiirc they are to add umodes before joining channels because i had a problem anything over 20 channels would not join and i wasnt identifing in time08:14
gnomefreakfor screen+irssi08:14
gnomefreakbut i dont use screen anymore08:14
Admiral_Chicagowould that line be okay?08:15
gnomefreakshould be08:15
gnomefreaknot sure why the ^ though08:16
Admiral_Chicagoit was what I was given, has always worked08:16
gnomefreakasac: whats the -2 for in 1.1.2.dfsg1-2?  im working on a version for feisty atm and im not sure if a # is > dfsg108:25
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=== Admiral_1hicago [n=FreddyM@adsl-68-255-109-184.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakthis damn reply to list exdtension isnt frigging working08:35
Admiral_Chicagohehe, known bug...08:36
gnomefreakno its been fixed08:36
gnomefreakwe patched it already08:36
gnomefreakyes long time08:36
Admiral_Chicagoi don't touch thunderbird too much, i'm much more familiar with FX than TB08:37
gnomefreaksupport for it seemed to die in final release :(08:40
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asacgnomefreak: you appear to have a bad memory :)09:00
asacgnomefreak: i wold you that -2 was a glitch on my behalf :)09:00
gnomefreaki could have told you that09:01
gnomefreakthats right :(09:01
asacanyway ... versions are just versions ... nothing really important :)09:01
gnomefreakdo you have a version in mind?09:01
asacso -2 is as good as -109:01
gnomefreaki want to be less than yours09:01
asaclet me look09:01
asacis tarball up?09:02
gnomefreaki gave you link above09:02
=== asac grabbing
asacyeah ... got it09:03
asacdo you want to use a lower tarball version (before -) or a lower ubuntu/debian revision (after -)?09:03
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreaklower ubuntu version so i can build for feisty repo09:04
asaciceape_1.1.2.dfsg1+u1-1 will be the gutsy tarball i guess09:04
asaciceape_1.1.2.dfsg1+u1-0ubuntu1 will be the gutsy tarball i guess09:05
asacso use09:05
gnomefreakk that looks good to me, i was mainly concered about the dfsg part of it09:05
asacbut let me first push my revision09:05
asacto bzr09:06
asacthen you should merge that changelog to your branch09:06
asacand add yours on top09:06
asacotherwise you will have a conflict :)09:06
asac(if you like resolving them you can go right ahead ) :)09:06
gnomefreakmerge to my branch than pull from there09:06
asacgnomefreak: merge from mozillateam branch to your local branch09:08
asacwhether you push things up to your published branch or not is your decision09:09
asaclike what you did yesterday, remember?09:09
asacgnomefreak: i did the changelog entry in your name :)09:13
gnomefreakok i think i can do that. ty. did you push yet?09:14
asacok pushed ... oh  ... i changed the changelog entry back to my name :) ... otherwise it would be wrong09:17
asacjust try to merge ... should just work i guess09:18
asacok spinning testbuild before i produce sources for upload09:19
gnomefreakuncommited changes again :09:21
gnomefreakwhat is the command to see the uncommited changes? bzr status i thought09:22
gnomefreak* debian/patches/35_psm_wakeups.dpatch  was the issue :( i didnt change that patch09:27
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac_damn ... i was off09:28
asac_if you said something :)09:28
asac_last i got was09:28
gnomefreakyeah i figured it out kind of09:28
asac_09:21 < gnomefreak> uncommited changes again :09:28
asac_09:21 < gnomefreak> :(09:28
asac_09:22 < asac> before or after merge?09:28
asac_09:22 < asac> after merge is normal09:28
asac_09:22 < asac> if there is no conflict you just have to commit the merge to verify that everything went right09:28
asac_those where the last lines i said :)09:28
gnomefreakuncommited change was debian/patches/35_psm_wakeups.dpatch i dont rmemeber changing that09:29
gnomefreaki didnt see anything that you pasted you said09:29
asac_gnomefreak: its latest09:29
asac_its the merge to 1.1.2 for you09:29
asac_so don't bother09:29
asac_if there is no conflict ... you should commit all with commit message09:29
asac_merge from mozillateam branch to 1.1.2XXX (however the lats changelog version is called)09:30
gnomefreaki used bzr revert to fix it does that revert the commit or does that revert the changes to that patch?09:31
asac_that does bring you to pre merge state09:31
asac_you have to merge again09:31
asac_gnomefreak: you have to commit09:31
asac_not revert09:31
asac_otherwise you don't apply the merge09:31
gnomefreakk doing that now09:31
asac_just like above09:32
asac_at best revert everything (e.g. just bzr revert)09:32
asac_then merge and commit09:32
asac_its always that way09:32
asac_1. merge09:32
asac_2. resolve conflicts09:33
asac_3. commit09:33
gnomefreak4 push09:33
asac_4. add new mozillateam revision or something09:33
asac_5. when happy, publish (aka push)09:33
asac_of course you can push the merge as well09:33
asac_so 4. push would be ok as well09:34
gnomefreakpractice makes almost perfect ;)09:35
asac_gnomefreak: btw its hug day :) ... so maybe help a bit on random bugs when iceape is spinning for you :)09:35
gnomefreaki may wait till 6am to do that though09:36
asac_oh right :)09:36
gnomefreakits still really way too early09:36
gnomefreak3:30 here09:36
asac_yeah ... you haven't slept at all apparently09:36
gnomefreaknot much09:36
gnomefreakmaybe 2 hours09:37
asac_look what is named as "uploaded by"09:38
asac_Uploaded By:  ubuntu-desktop-effects09:39
asac_Maintainer:  MOTU-Media09:39
asacwhy does it appear that way?09:39
gnomefreaki dont know09:42
gnomefreakmaybe ubuntu,com address is linked to that team for me09:43
gnomefreakbut the muto media i have no clue09:43
gnomefreakok removed that email from that team09:44
gnomefreakso that should fix that09:44
gnomefreakstill dont understand why uplaoded by me anyway09:47
asacyeah i did that09:47
asacactually iceape currently fails to build09:47
asacapparently some myspell patch missing09:48
asacor configure is not properly updated09:48
Admiral_Chicagobtw, if anyone comes across bugs in French, assign them to me for translation09:48
gnomefreak1.1.1 or 1.1.209:48
asac1.1.2 ... i guess i have to update 99_configure.dpath09:49
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: will do :)09:49
asaclets see09:49
asacAdmiral_Chicago: how about spanish :)09:49
Admiral_Chicagoi can do that too asac09:50
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: any other languages we should know about?09:50
Admiral_Chicagonot great in either department and I don't practice as much as i should but enough to translate09:50
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: thats it...09:50
gnomefreakok cool :)09:50
Admiral_Chicagotranslated. I told him/her to write in french if they prefer and i'll translate09:57
asacAdmiral_Chicago: maybe offer that translation service in -bugs as well :)09:57
asacdamn the sparc buildd has problems09:58
asacit doesn't build a thing09:58
gnomefreaki see that09:58
asacneither iceape nor gnash have been tried09:58
asacis there a way to see the sparc build queue?09:59
gnomefreaki clicked on it but it didnt give me anything usefull so im not sure09:59
gnomefreakasac: you might want to ping an archive admin or someone in -devel not sure who would know that10:00
asacyeah ... i guess they know ;)10:01
asacwhoever *they* is10:01
gnomefreakhobbsee would know if i had to guess10:01
Admiral_Chicagohehe, what if every single bug with French was assigned to me...that would suck...10:02
gnomefreakasac: i asked :)10:03
asacso good10:10
asaclets go back to work :)10:10
gnomefreakit seems that one fails to build or hasnt been built none get pushed10:11
=== Admiral_Chicago starts with more bughelper love
Admiral_Chicagoasac: you want the tag stuff in thunderbird's info file too?10:11
gnomefreakasac: let me know what you find out with 1.1.2 ill start looking at bugs in a few minutes10:11
Admiral_Chicagowhat about the master stuff?10:11
gnomefreakAdmiral_Chicago: do you have a way of finding our bugs with no tags ill start tagging them if you can get a list up with bughelper10:12
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: yes. give me a second.10:12
gnomefreaksweet ty10:12
Admiral_Chicagoanything with the tag next to it needs tags added as well. no tag == wrong tag procedure10:13
Admiral_Chicagolet me build a list.10:14
Admiral_Chicagorunning bughelper now...10:15
asacAdmiral_Chicago: tags are currently mandatory for Needs Info and Confirmed tags10:17
asacaeh states i mean10:17
asacother states don't need a tag10:17
asacmaybe we should even say that any of the mt- tags from Needs Info and Confirmed are illegal10:18
asacAdmiral_Chicago: btw, there is a new tag: "mt-reject-candidate" for Needs Info10:18
asacmaybe thats not yet in the clue file10:18
gnomefreakare we using needs info tag?10:19
asacno please not :)10:19
asaci still fail to see a bug that needs such a broad tag10:19
gnomefreakwell we need a tag to use if a bug doesnt fall into a tag we already have10:19
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i'll have to add it and run bughelper again...10:19
asacok cool10:19
Admiral_Chicagothats okay, i'll just dump it to a different file and do a diff10:20
asacgnomefreak: why? in that case we should look and see if we can find a concrete tag for that case10:20
asacgnomefreak: actually, we need examples to discuss if we reall lack a tag10:21
gnomefreaki tagged it as need tester10:21
gnomefreakbug 11579810:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 115798 in firefox "Firefox menus don't hold the "Menu" window class" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11579810:21
asacgnomefreak: i think the bug has not yet a clear testcase10:22
asacso its probably mt-needtestcase atm10:22
asaca testcase contains all info needed to reproduce10:22
asace.g. what to setup, how to test, how to see that there is a problem even.10:22
asac"All the menus in Firefox hold the "Unkown" window class instead of "Menu", "DropdownMenu" or "PopupMenu""10:23
asacthat appears to be something really low level X10:23
asacreporter should state how he sees this10:23
asacits not clear to me10:23
gnomefreakits more than likely a beryl issue10:23
asacyeah ... but first you have to understand what the problem is imo10:23
asacand i don't understand what the reporter wants to tell us at all10:24
gnomefreakits fixed10:24
asacmaybe ask him how he gets the info about window class10:24
gnomefreakWTF would you need 6700 fonts for10:27
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer10:27
asacthe benefit is definitely dubious10:27
Admiral_Chicagobughelper should be called energizer instead10:28
Admiral_Chicagoit keeps going and going with these bugs..10:28
gnomefreakwhat tag is used for a bug marked upstream already?10:41
gnomefreaki dont se one that fits it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/Tags?highlight=%28mozilla%2910:41
gnomefreakbrb smoke10:41
Admiral_Chicagosebastain isn't very receptive to this translation idea...10:44
Admiral_Chicagogot an example link gnomefreak ?10:44
gnomefreakbug 11703610:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117036 in firefox "Printing a page with flash content miss the flash content" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11703610:46
gnomefreakah slow10:46
Admiral_Chicagoi had to run the bughelper script again, i should have a shorter file to give you10:46
gnomefreakasac: keycodes set in upstream or in ubuntu?10:47
gnomefreakkeycode labeling might be better put10:48
Admiral_Chicagoif its confirmed upstream, wouldn't it be in progress?10:48
gnomefreakinprogress i thought was for if we were working on it10:49
gnomefreakonce upstream we are waiting for a patch or feedback from them so why wouldnt it be needsinfo10:50
asacyes upstream confirmed should be in progrss for us10:50
gnomefreakstill would like a tag for a bug that is upstream10:50
asacwe are working on them .... e.g. we just monitor if there is progress :)10:50
asacgnomefreak: what do you mean? examples?10:51
asacwe have mt-upstream10:51
asacand mt-postupstream10:51
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: http://paste.stgraber.org/155210:51
gnomefreakits already filied upstream10:51
gnomefreakBugs that need to be triaged upstream.10:51
gnomefreakBugs that are ready for upstream submission.10:52
Admiral_Chicagothere are some wrong ones in there (the mt-reject-candidate10:52
Admiral_Chicagorunning that now, and going to use meld, but in the mean time, i wanted you to have somehting to keep you busy10:52
gnomefreakpostupstream should be after upstream subbmission10:52
gnomefreaknot before or -upstream and -post... would be the same10:52
Admiral_Chicagohttp://paste.stgraber.org/1553 <- likely dups according to bughelper if anyone wants to take a look10:53
asacgnomefreak: no mt-upstream means: we have to figure out if there is an upstream bug10:53
Admiral_Chicagopastebinit is a deal useful package.10:53
asacmt-postupstream means: we know that upstream has no bug for it, and we have all info needed to submit a but upstream10:53
gnomefreakBugs that are ready for upstream submission. means we need to look for one and mark it as upstream10:53
Admiral_Chicagopastebinit <filename> ...brilliant10:54
asacgnomefreak: if its not clear from the text, feel free to improve it in wiki :)10:54
gnomefreakasac: how bout one that it is upstream already and waiting for feedback from them so we can keep up to date on it10:54
gnomefreakthis way if we miss an email we have a way of finding them fast (we can check them once a week or so)10:55
asaci always thought that we could search for bugs that have an upstream bug associated10:55
asacbut we cannot10:55
gnomefreak300+ emails you can miss a few10:55
asacso yes, maybe we should have a tag for that10:55
gnomefreakbit wordy10:56
asacyeah :)10:56
Admiral_Chicagoasac: does kde not use standard MIME types, I heard something like that recently...10:57
gnomefreakty Admiral_Chicago for the link10:58
asacgnomefreak: ok i pushed new revision of iceape to mozillateam ... 99_configure.dpath was not updated which is why it failed to build10:58
asacgnomefreak: you probably want to merge that10:58
gnomefreakasac: will do10:58
asacAdmiral_Chicago: i have no idea about kde ... i think the problem is that its not known how kde handles mime types10:58
asacat least its all blurred for us10:59
asacand since kde developers only care for konqueror, there has been little cooperation between mozilla and kde developers in past10:59
asac... which is unfortunate10:59
Admiral_Chicagoasac: i was listening to LUGradio and this guy from KDE said the MIME type implementation was done before it became standardized which kde 4 should start to fix10:59
gnomefreakwould kubuntu or us make a kde-firefox-support10:59
Admiral_Chicagomaybe Riddell would know11:00
gnomefreakok you must have just pushed that11:00
asacAdmiral_Chicago: yes i think kde now waits for cure from freedesktop org11:00
asacthey want to use xdg11:00
asacbut don't ask me about details11:00
asacany idea when kde 4 will arrive?11:01
Admiral_Chicagohehe, Aaron Seigo's discussion on LUGradio's last show.11:01
Admiral_Chicagorelease day is looking to middle October (17th iirc)11:01
asacok ... lets hope that things are getting better then :)11:03
Admiral_Chicagoif it's Free Desktop compliant...no problem11:03
Admiral_Chicagothe implementation should not be a problem that is11:06
gnomefreakhmmmmm maybe make mt-upstream once it has been marked upstream and use mt-preupstream for the ones taht are now mt-upstream?11:13
Admiral_Chicagognomefreak: http://paste.stgraber.org/155411:17
Admiral_Chicagolatest bughelper update returns this11:17
Admiral_Chicagoi'm sending it to the list as well.11:19
Admiral_Chicago but it'll probably be outdated soon11:19
=== cjwatson [n=cjwatson@82-69-40-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakoutdated is fine i doubt people will be touching them unless its us for the most part11:21
gnomefreakasac: you may want to look at bug 117379 im not sure if this is an upstream setting or if its done ubuntu side11:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117379 in firefox "same event.keyCode for "+" and "=" on JavaScript Firefox" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11737911:22
gnomefreaksee the isseu with using inprogress is that it greys out the task as it does with fix released and commited11:25
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacgnomefreak: its not a bug11:28
asac+ and = are the same key on US keyboards11:28
asacthus -> same keycode11:28
asacDOM_VK_ADD is the + key on numpad11:28
asacthe event will probably contain modifier info that allows the programmer to see that Shift is pressed as well11:29
asacAdmiral_Chicago: can we send that announcement to -bugs as well?11:32
asaci will try to get this mail on the hug day wiki page11:37
gnomefreakRESOLVED WORKSFORME  lmao11:37
gnomefreakit works for him so he rejects bug11:37
gnomefreakasac: bug 11791511:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117915 in firefox "Firefox navigator.language always return en-US" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11791511:38
gnomefreakasac: upstream mozilla11:38
gnomefreaksee link above11:38
gnomefreakset needsinfo and tag needtester im thinking11:39
=== gnomefreak really needs coffee
asacgnomefreak: its mt-needtester11:47
gnomefreaki know i shorten it for the IRC post11:48
asacsomeone should test with upstream firefox releas11:48
asacif it really isn't a case11:48
asacotherwise i will reopen upstream bug11:48
gnomefreakwhat do you perfer?11:49
RiddellAdmiral_Chicago: hmm?11:53
gnomefreakhjmf: you around?11:53
gnomefreakasac: Riddell what are thoughts on a package for kde-firefox-support? Is this possible or needed anymore? at one point there were talks about it but i never heard the outcome11:56
Riddellgnomefreak: what would it do?12:00
gnomefreakintergrate better in kde than it does now, pretty much same way firefox-gnome-support works12:00
gnomefreakasac: i think opening 117915 is a good idea, i got the testcase from there (didnt test) and it seems out of 5 people only the mozilla triager was unable to reproduce.12:02
DarkMageZi believe i'm reproducing what they're saying12:03
gnomefreakasac: also either your push wasnt accepted or bzr is really really slow or its not gonna merge12:03
gnomefreakDarkMageZ: are you using default ubuntu firefox or upstream firefox or a hacked version of firefox for either?12:04
DarkMageZfeisty firefox12:08
DarkMageZbasically my locate is set to en-au but that preference in about:config still says en-us12:08
DarkMageZi set my language in firefox manually to test12:08
gnomefreakcan you test with upstream firefox?12:08
DarkMageZsuppose, which version should i test against?12:08
asacDarkMageZ: can you please verify that this is the case for upstream firefox as well?12:08
gnomefreaki hate unconfirmed bugs12:08
asacDarkMageZ: test two cases: install the prelocalized version available at ftp.mozilla.org12:08
gnomefreakim assuming so does everyone else12:08
asac2nd test to install the default firefox and install the locale xpi12:08
asacthen start with -UILocale en-AU switch at command line to use that xpi12:08
asacmy guess is that 1st test yields the expected behaviour, but 2nd doesn't12:08
gnomefreakasac: your firefox is english?12:08
asacit doesn't matter atm12:08
asacatm it only matters if it happens with upstream firefox12:08
DarkMageZmozilla doesn't provide an en-au.12:09
gnomefreakasac: does firefox use google.com.au default for spanish?12:09
asacgnomefreak: why would it?12:09
gnomefreakguy complains its using .au instead of .mx12:09
=== gnomefreak was reading DarkMageZ post while typing
asaci don't think that search engines are localized12:10
gnomefreakbug 11845612:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 118456 in firefox "Firefox looks up in Google Argentina, though I'm in Mexico." [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11845612:10
gnomefreakhe claims it is12:10
gnomefreakmaybe we didnt add a mx.xip and that is why its using ar?12:11
asaci don't know .... google does wierd redirects as well12:11
asacand tries to guess your locale by IP12:11
asacgnomefreak: tell him he should try with a fresh profile12:12
asacthings like search plugins are only pulled in from locale on fresh profile creation12:12
asacso if he ever used the au locale he might end up on that google page forever12:12
DarkMageZin the initial bug report it says his locate is set to es-es. was he refering to system locate? how do i check system locate?12:15
DarkMageZbut i will confirm that mozilla linux firefox is racist against everyone who doesn't live in the US. when i set my firefox locate to en-au first. it looks like general.useragent.locale isn't being updated with the correct new locate.12:19
DarkMageZi'll retest my findings against ubuntu firefox.12:20
asac.... i added a paragraph that points to Admiral_Chicago's hugday post on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2007061312:25
asacDarkMageZ: you check system locale by typing locale12:25
asacin console12:25
asacDarkMageZ: we use system locale ... so probably the preference has no effect12:25
DarkMageZlocate in terminal doesn't show the system locate12:25
asacDarkMageZ: to overwrite this you have to pass -UILocale es-ES for example12:25
asac*locale* :)12:25
DarkMageZok, so my system language is set to en-au12:25
DarkMageZand feisty firefox is being racist as well12:25
asachave you tested upstream firefox with en-au .xpi ?12:25
asacand pass -UILocale en-AU  for upstream firefox to make that locale effective12:26
DarkMageZusers shouldn't have to do that12:26
DarkMageZit should detect based off system locate or manually set via gui. firefox (mozilla & ubuntu) ignore both12:26
asacDarkMageZ: there is no en-au locale package at all12:26
asacplease don't stick to that locale for testing12:27
asacuse some locale that exists12:27
asacDarkMageZ: please don't question that12:27
asacDarkMageZ: we (ubuntu) detect your locale from system12:27
asacbut there is no en-au localization available12:28
asacplese test with some existing locales12:28
DarkMageZwhich locate would you recommend?12:28
asacpick any from http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/
asacfor upstream firefox you have to pass the -UILocale es-ES12:28
asacfurther please test with pre-localized build for that locale as well12:29
asacis the .xpi (to test with en-US upstream firefox)12:29
asacand http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/
asacfor the pre-localized build12:29
asaci guess that pre-localized build is the only thing that works12:29
asacif so, let me know so i can reopen the upstream bug12:30
DarkMageZare these locate .xpi's supposed to translate the ui as well?12:34
DarkMageZ(mozilla) ok, so the .xpi files + changing language in the firefox gui to the corresponding .xpi results in the titlebar being translated & google being translated. but this does not affect general.useragent.locale12:37
DarkMageZalso tried ./firefox -UILocale it (for the it.xpi)12:38
asacDarkMageZ: is the useragent pref displayes as default in about:config12:44
DarkMageZgeneral.useragent.locale = en-Us12:45
DarkMageZbut google sucessfully translated12:45
DarkMageZi've got the it.xpi & set the language to it in the gui. then even went as far to try ./firefox -UILocale it12:46
DarkMageZ(with lots of restarting of the firefox)12:46
DarkMageZinfact, mozillafirefox has gone as far as to remove the en language from the addons section12:47
DarkMageZbut the gui & general.useragent.locale is still en-US12:48
asacDarkMageZ: is the GUI localized?12:48
asacDarkMageZ: try to pass -contentLocale it as well12:49
DarkMageZ"./firefox -contentLocale it" ?12:49
asacyes, but  -UILocale it as well12:49
asacDarkMageZ: are you testing the en-US + it.xpi scenario ... or the pre-localized build atm?12:50
asacfor prelocalized build you don't need to pass anything. If it doesn't work with that its definitly a bug!12:50
DarkMageZ"./firefox -UILocale it -contentLocale it" en-us + it.xpi12:50
asaccheck that UI is localized and if its still bad in your locale setting, please try the prelocalized build12:50
asacif that doesn't work either, then I will kick the one who rejected the bug12:51
asacotherwise I will just be nice and reopen :)12:51
DarkMageZthat doesn't translate the gui, same result as without -contentLocale it12:51
gnomefreakhttps://beta.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=Unconfirmed&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_contact=&field.status_upstream=&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch.used=&field.tag=&field.has_cve.used=&search=Search   :)12:52
asacgnomefreak: what is that?12:52
DarkMageZanymore tests for en-us + it.xpi ?12:52
gnomefreakthat is what is left in unconfirmed12:52
asacno ... could you confirm that GUI is in italian language?12:52
gnomefreakasac: its your bug that is left there ;)12:52
asacDarkMageZ: if it was properly localized in GUI then go to prelocalized build12:53
asacgnomefreak: what does it mean ... its left there?12:53
DarkMageZgui not localized into it (lithuanian)12:53
asachmmm DarkMageZ please try to install the locale switcher extension then12:54
asacmaybe try it-IT12:54
asacor try es-es locale12:54
asacfor that i am sure that its es-ES that you have to pass to -UILocale and -contentLocale12:55
gnomefreakthere are no unconfirmed firefox bugs left except the one you ask for master maintainers the 50 there were there 2 days ago are now gone and moving to tbird ones now i think (or in an hour or so) im about bugged out12:56
asacah :)12:57
asacyeah ... confirm it ;)12:57
asacgnomefreak: have you fixed all triaging bugs (e.g. invalid tag/stae combinations?) ?12:57
asacgnomefreak: if not ... please keep away for a while, because I added that task to the hugday page12:57
gnomefreakasac: not those yet12:57
DarkMageZusing the locate switcher extention. switching to lithuanian and restarting firefox doesn't translate the gui12:58
asacgood ... then stay away from them ... since i guess its a good thing to start12:58
gnomefreakyou sent that to hugday guys? are you sure that is safe12:58
asacDarkMageZ: forget about the lithuanian locale ... its probably not tested or something ... use es-es ... and use command line switches12:58
asac-UILocale es-ES -contentLocale es-ES12:59
gnomefreaki may work on the bugs that are tagged to see what is going on with them12:59
DarkMageZi feel sorry for the lithuanians then, but we'll get back to them later12:59
asacDarkMageZ: maybe you miss some fonts or something :)12:59
asacfor them12:59
asacDarkMageZ: yeah ... lets first verify this bug properly01:00
DarkMageZi've deleted the firefox folder and reextracted it for extremeism. now going to install the es-es.xpi01:01
asacDarkMageZ: good01:01
asacDarkMageZ: maybe move you profile away as well (e.g. the $HOME/.mozilla directory)01:02
asacDarkMageZ: but keep a backup so get your settings back once you have finished the test :)01:02
DarkMageZwell ahead of ya :P i've generated 4 different .mozilla's sofar01:03
DarkMageZok, es-es.xpi installed. now starting with "./firefox -UILocale es-ES -contentLocale es-ES"01:04
asacdoes it show up in spanish ?01:04
DarkMageZgui translated :)01:04
asacyeah ... now you can test for real :)01:05
DarkMageZgeneral.useragent.locale = en-US01:05
DarkMageZhttp://gemal.dk/browserspy/language.html reports en-US (thanks capt obvious)01:07
DarkMageZgoing for pre-localised01:07
asacok ... i guess that that one works01:08
DarkMageZworks as in is broken?01:08
DarkMageZit should report es-es? should it not?01:08
asacno ... that in the prelocalized build the useragent locale is right01:08
asacDarkMageZ: can you please try the actual bug use case?01:09
asacfor that open Tools -> Error Console01:10
asacthen test alert("navigator.language: "+navigator.language)01:10
asacand press Execute :)01:10
asacbut i guess it should return the same as useragent locale shows01:10
DarkMageZconsola de errors :P01:11
asacyeah ;)01:11
DarkMageZnavigator.language = en-us01:11
asacas expected01:11
asacnow the prelocalized one and then we are finished01:11
DarkMageZexpected = broken ?01:12
asacno ... expected == works :)01:12
asacaeh ... in this case its broken obvioulsy01:12
asacit should be es-es01:12
DarkMageZpre-localised = es-es01:15
asacok thanks01:16
asaci reopen the bug then01:16
asacand add that info01:16
asacDarkMageZ: did you get es-es in errorconsole?01:16
asac(or not so grewat:)01:17
asacok reopened and confirme the bug upstream:01:18
ubotuMozilla bug 285267 in General "navigator.language js property doesn't reflect browser default language" [Normal,New] 01:18
DarkMageZoh, something interesting i noticed the other day. the nspr-dev package to pkg-config is mozilla-nspr01:18
asacmozilla-nspr is really old and should not be on your system anymore :)01:19
=== gnomefreak didnt think mozilla-nspr was around
DarkMageZthis is a fresh feisty install from like within 5 days01:19
gnomefreakah that would explain that01:20
gnomefreakDarkMageZ: it might be a transtional package?01:20
asacDarkMageZ: where did you get mozilla-nspr from?01:20
asacgnomefreak: please figure that out :)01:20
gnomefreaklol ill check after orig is built01:20
asacafaik mozilla has been removed from feisty01:20
DarkMageZlibnspr-dev        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mozilla-nspr.pc01:20
gnomefreakits not in feisty01:21
DarkMageZthe diamondx plugin was looking for nspr.pc but couldn't find it so i had to fix its make files01:21
gnomefreakmaybe leftover01:21
asacDarkMageZ: libnspr-dev01:22
asacis the package that ships nspr.*pc01:22
asacdunno how its exaclty called01:22
asacah sorry01:22
asacyes then its ok01:22
DarkMageZnono, libnspr-dev ships mozilla-nspr.pc01:22
asacthough ... what version does libnspr-dev have for you?01:22
DarkMageZi had to fix diamondx to look for mozilla-nspr.pc01:23
asacyeah ... looks right ... nothing to bother01:23
asacyes ... mozilla-nspr01:23
asacyes in gutsy we have nspr.pc now01:24
asac(gutsy)asac@hector:~/fsf/bzr/build-area$ dpkg -L libnspr4-dev | grep pc$01:24
asacDarkMageZ: will you package diamondx ?01:25
asacor is it just an example?01:25
DarkMageZjust an example to test the xembed01:25
DarkMageZaka wmode01:26
DarkMageZit'll be cool when wmode is working01:27
DarkMageZhopefully that'll fix my last 2 issues with flash01:27
asacthat are?01:27
DarkMageZmenus being hidden under flash objects01:27
DarkMageZand weirdness @ www.guildwars.com01:28
asacDarkMageZ: can you code?01:28
DarkMageZhaha, technically yes. practically no01:28
asacah ok :) ... because someone needs to rewrite the totem plugin code :) ... its broken and upstream is too proud to throw it away on their own :)01:29
DarkMageZyeah, the totem firefox plugin is ftl01:29
DarkMageZi would have rewritten that if i could.01:30
asacif you want to try :) ... let me know :)01:31
DarkMageZthe mplayer-mozilla plugin isn't bad01:33
DarkMageZcould still be better, but isn't bad01:33
asacyes ... however that doesn't help much01:34
asacfor totem case :)01:34
DarkMageZi'm getting annoyed @ gstreamer based technologies recently.01:35
DarkMageZit has made me tempted to study c next year. as the visualization stuff out of gstreamer based apps is crap (totem & rhythmbox)01:36
DarkMageZwhile amarok kicks ass ( all 3 use libvisual, but totem & rhythmbox pump it via gstreamer)01:36
asacstudy C ? what language do you speak?01:37
asacC is just a hands-on language :) ... read it, do it :)01:37
DarkMageZi started learning it, but i never finished to the point where it was practically usable01:38
gnomefreakasac: how far in did iceape fail01:39
asachmmm ... it just has 10 concepts or something to learn ... the rest is practice01:39
asacgnomefreak: it didn't fail01:39
asacgnomefreak: now with latest from mozillateam branch01:39
asacgnomefreak: have you merged?01:39
gnomefreaknothing to do it says01:39
gnomefreaki have been trying ever since you said you pushed01:39
asacgnomefreak: what do you see in bzr log on top?01:40
gnomefreakso i said screw it and started building01:40
gnomefreakcan i bzr log <URL>01:40
asacits really not in lp website01:41
=== DarkMageZ just found the old hello world he did in c
asacyes, hello world doesn't cover all concepts ;)01:42
gnomefreakbzr log its in01:42
asacgnomefreak: i am branching through http to see if its just the website01:42
asacgnomefreak: in your bzr log?01:42
asacof your branch?01:43
gnomefreaki just did bzr log <mozillateam URL> | less and it showed it01:43
asacgnomefreak: you can use sftp to merge from mozillateam branch01:43
asacthat should be up to date01:43
asac(you have access to mozillateam branch as a member)01:43
asachttp appears to not be up-to-date01:43
gnomefreakhow do i do it with sftp?01:44
asacgnomefreak: same as always:01:44
asacbzr merge sftp://gnomefreak@bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/iceape/ubuntu-1.1.x01:44
gnomefreakah ok01:44
asacif you are in your local bran ch01:44
gnomefreaki am im gonna wait for it ot fail though if it fails01:45
gnomefreakits been building for a while01:45
asacgnomefreak: it will not succeed01:45
asacyou need the merge01:45
asacit will bail out with something hunspell or something01:45
asacpretty in the end01:45
asacof the build01:46
asacso better abort and merge01:46
asacthen build and succeed :)01:46
gnomefreaki am01:46
DarkMageZi remember why i stopped learning c. i learnt that if i want to store a string. i'd need an array of char01:56
=== gnomefreak hasnt praciticed C in ~10 years
asacDarkMageZ: yes01:58
asacactually you need a null terminated list of chars01:59
asacso a char*01:59
DarkMageZso the var can be char* and the value could be my string with null on the end/02:00
gnomefreakasac: i cant commit the patch02:01
gnomefreakgives me a traceback02:01
asacwhy? you probably need to resolve a conflict02:01
asacyou have to merge02:01
asacresolve conflicts02:01
asacthen commit all02:01
gnomefreakno conflicts python errors02:02
gnomefreakmerge is fine02:02
asachow does bzr status look like?02:02
gnomefreakoh dont commit patches/99*02:03
asacno ... you have to commit the merge ... not a single file02:03
asacremember what i told you yesterday?02:03
asacmerges you need to commit all at once (after resolving potential conflicts)02:03
gnomefreakk yeah i remember02:03
asaci find it a bit confusing as well (as like what does committing a merge actually mean?)02:04
asacbut it usually does what you expect :)02:06
=== DarkMageZ [n=richard@ppp12-153.lns4.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacDarkMageZ: more or less yes ... char* points to a memory area that contains letters and at the end of string there is a 002:06
DarkMageZso http://pastebin.ca/563995 fails cause printf is pulling the var as an int?02:13
DarkMageZno, i fail. scanf is reading int cause i called %d. same applies to printf02:18
asacDarkMageZ: does it crash?02:32
asaci haven't used scanf for 15 years or so :)02:33
DarkMageZsegfaults :)02:33
asacscanf wants initialized memory02:34
asacyou just pass a pointer to nirvana to i02:35
asacthere are two options on how to achieve that02:36
asacbluekuja: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/granparadiso02:37
asacthats the branch where we will prepare the firefox-granparadiso package02:37
bluekujawhen we will start?02:38
asacnow :)02:38
asacit should have been ready last week :) ... so the earilier the better02:38
gnomefreakasac: you may want to look at bug 49534 im leaning towards this being a kdebase issue more than a tb issue02:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 49534 in thunderbird "Mozilla Thunderbird doesn't restart when Kubuntu session is reloaded" [Medium,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4953402:39
asacbluekuja: can you branch that to your local disc?02:39
gnomefreakasac: granparadiso is ready to build for gutsy already?02:40
bluekujaasac: of course02:40
bluekujaI do it now02:40
asacgnomefreak: no ... we start to do it now :) ... i just created a fresh branch based on the trunk02:40
gnomefreaki already have it built for gutsy02:41
asacwe have to rename source package ... binary packages02:41
asacyes ... as firefox-trunk :)02:41
gnomefreaki screwed up last week meant to build for feisty but built on gutsy02:41
DarkMageZasac, that example works (tho replaced %d with %s). i'll figure out how that works.02:41
bluekujaasac: branching it out02:42
asacgnomefreak: where is the orig.tar.gz for alpha5 firefox trunk?02:44
asacis it in your repo already?02:44
gnomefreakthe latest for feisty is in feisty repo02:44
asacah ... but thats from CVS, right?02:44
asace.g. not with official alpha5 source tarball embedded, right?02:45
gnomefreakyes 2007060802:45
asacok cool ... then granparadiso should just work (e.g. with official tarball)02:45
gnomefreakno official tarball02:45
gnomefreaknot with official tar02:45
asacbluekuja: ok i prepare an orig.tar.gz for granparadiso tarball ... which we can use then02:45
gnomefreakits CVS :)02:45
asacbluekuja: once your branch has finished pulling let me know :)02:45
asacgnomefreak: yeah :)02:45
bluekujaasac: of course :)02:46
asacgnomefreak: probably not a big difference though :)02:46
gnomefreakasac: how far did you get with 1.1.202:46
bluekujaasac: it's quite big hehe02:46
asacgnomefreak: 1.1.2 is waiting for 1.1.1 binaries to finish02:46
gnomefreakif you can find an official tar since its a nightly and way beta02:46
asacsparc is lacking behind a lot02:46
gnomefreakok i will check farm to see if sparc has started02:46
asacbluekuja: yeah ... unfortunately i pushed a source tarball once .... and bzr just branches every revision ... so you download a lot, but get only a tiny debian/ dir02:47
asacgnomefreak: it probably hasn't02:47
asacgnomefreak: it has to respin everything i guess02:47
gnomefreakthey look the same as this morning02:47
asacgnomefreak: last time i looked it was still working on glibc02:47
gnomefreakits done with that02:47
asacgnomefreak: i think the second sparc build makes progress (while the first is blocked on glibc)02:48
gnomefreak artigas is now02:48
asacgnomefreak: no glibc?02:48
asacgnomefreak: great ... then things should go ahead more quickly now02:48
gnomefreaki see 3 sparcs02:48
asacyeah but 1 of those is out-of-order02:48
gnomefreakBUILDING sparc build of glibc 2.5-10ubuntu2 in ubuntu gutsy RELEASE (AUTO)02:48
gnomefreaki guess artgas is glibc02:49
gnomefreakor is name the anme of the pc02:49
bluekujaartgas is the name of the machine I think02:50
gnomefreakyes it is02:50
gnomefreaki looked at it02:50
bluekujaasac: mmm...branching seems to be stoned now02:52
asacstoned? it just takes time02:52
bluekujarouter doesnt send any new data02:52
asacbluekuja: it downloads a 40MB source tarball that i accidentially checked in on initial push :)02:52
asacbluekuja: hmmm02:52
asacbluekuja: what bandwidth do you have ?02:53
bluekuja6 mbs02:53
asacyeah that should be enough :)02:53
asacorig.tar.gz is just uploading ... so maybe try to branch at another place in parallel?02:53
asacorig.tar.gz will take about 3.5 minutes to finish upload :)02:54
bluekujaasac: I re-try to branch02:56
bluekujamaybe lost the connection02:56
bluekujanow works02:56
bluekujadamn stoned again | [=========================                                  ]  Fetch phase 1/402:56
bluekuja | doesnt move more02:56
asacbluekuja: just keep it running02:56
asacyeah ... thats normal02:56
asacif you really see that there is no network traffic on your network device it would be time to bother02:56
asacbut not if the progress bar doesn't move anymore :)02:56
asacbluekuja: its just the first time that it takes that long02:57
asacafter that you only get updates02:57
bluekujaI leave it working02:57
bluekujaI hope it will download everything02:57
bluekujawithout failing02:58
asacyeah it will02:58
bluekujaasac: then we start packaging it from 0?02:58
bluekujaor you already started ?02:58
bluekujae.g what we have to do02:58
asacwe branch from the current firefox-trunk package02:58
asacwhich already builds almost the same code base02:58
asacits more like renaming packages, adapting patches, configure options et al02:59
asacso a good thing to start with :)02:59
bluekujawhen done it will be pushed in ubuntu?02:59
bluekujaso we will have new firefox?02:59
bluekujaoooh cool02:59
asacyes ... it will not replace firefox02:59
asacit will be in either as firefox-granparadiso02:59
asacor firefox-preview02:59
asacor granparadiso03:00
bluekujasounds really great03:00
asaci am curently trying to figure out with mozilla contact, what name they want03:00
hjmfI've confirmed bug 11757503:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117575 in firefox "[GUTSY]  Cannot execute /usr/lib/firefox/x-www-browser-bin." [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11757503:00
asacthe idea is that we help mozilla project to get feedback on their alpha/beta releases03:00
bluekujagranparadiso looks great03:00
bluekujait means great heaven03:00
hjmflooks like there is something wrong with the scripts that call firefox in gutsy03:00
asacbluekuja: yeah its the code name03:00
asacfor firefox 303:01
asacx-www-browser-bin ?03:01
asacthats wrong03:01
asacthere is an alternative called x-www-browser03:01
asacwhich points to firefox03:01
gnomefreakyes without the -bin03:01
hjmfasac: looks like /usr/bin/firefox doesn't handle well x-www-browser as $003:01
asacoh damn ... thats really a bug in firefox script03:01
asaci remember that we had that problem when we renamed firefox/thunderbird  iceweasel/icedove03:02
asachjmf: any idea if we can easily resolve $0 in case its a link?03:02
asacbecause that would be the only solution that we can push upstream imo03:03
asaceverything hard coded like if $0 = x-www-browser is far too debian specific to land there03:03
bluekujaasac: branched03:03
bluekuja20 revisions03:03
asacbluekuja: good03:03
hjmfasac: I'll look at it when I'll have some free time (maybe in an hour)03:03
asacbluekuja: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/firefox-granparadiso-3.0~alpha5.orig.tar.gz03:04
asacyou can place that in a directory called tarballs next to your branch03:04
asacand then fix debian/changelog to have the right name03:04
asacthen bzr bd --merge . does work03:08
asacthough you have to commit your changelog modifications locally first03:08
asaci think verifying that that works would be a good first step03:08
bluekujaright name = firefox-granparadiso then03:08
asachmm dunno :) lets just use granparadiso .... should be not too hard to change later03:08
asace.g. as soon as i have feedback03:08
asacyou can choose03:08
asacif you use granparadiso you have to rename orig of course03:08
bluekujaah yeah03:08
bluekujagonna use the name on the tarball03:08
asachjmf: maybe ls -H $0 works?03:08
asachjmf: hmmm neither -H nor -L appears to work03:09
gnomefreakok im going to go laydown ive been up since 1am its now 9:10  thats my 8hours ;) ill be back soon i hope03:10
asacgnomefreak: cu03:11
bluekujaasac: added changelog entry03:16
bluekujanow need to try with bzr bd03:16
bluekujaasac: zr: ERROR: There are modified files in the working tree. Either commit the03:17
bluekuja  changes, use --working to build the working tree, or --ignore-changes03:17
bluekuja  to override this and build the branch without the changes in the working03:17
bluekuja  tree. Use bzr status to see the changes03:17
bluekujaI've already committedf03:17
asacbzr stat ?03:19
bluekujauknow tarball03:19
bluekujaforgot to ad03:19
bluekuja*add it03:19
asacyeah ... maybe wrong version in changelog03:19
bluekujaok tarballs added03:20
bluekujaCould not parse changelog:       mozilla-xremote-client.03:20
asacok firefox-granparadiso should be ok as name03:21
bluekujaok great03:21
bluekujaasac: I cannot build it normally? or we need to use bzr bd?03:21
asachmmm ... you can now go to ../build-area/firefox-gran.../03:22
asacand build it there03:22
asacit should have been produced by bzr bd03:22
bluekujalets see03:22
asacbluekuja: you can do as you like03:22
bluekujaI prefer building on a normal way03:23
bluekujalets start03:23
asacyeah ... but bzr bd finds and merges with orig.tar.gz for you03:23
asacwhich is handy03:23
asacyou can go to build-area afterwards03:23
asacand work there03:23
asacthere all is normal :)03:23
bluekujaproblem is Could not parse changelog:       mozilla-xremote-client.03:23
bluekujaand it reports some errors03:24
bluekujaon python code03:24
asacyeah ... is it extracted in build-area?03:24
asacgo there and then try to build03:24
asacand see what is wrong03:24
bluekujahe dont create03:24
bluekujahe just stops03:24
asacwierd you have probably messed up changelog?03:25
bluekujajust used a different name03:25
asacshow the diff please :)03:25
asacthere must be something wrong in your modification03:26
asacor ... look at the diff on your own first :)03:26
bluekujai didnt use firefox-trunk03:26
bluekujaas name03:26
bluekujain changelog03:26
bluekujamaybe that messed it up03:26
asacyes you have to change Source: in control as well03:28
asacchange in both: control and control.in03:28
asacbinary package names should be ok for now03:28
bluekujaasac: same error03:29
bluekujawhy mozilla-xremote-client. ?03:29
asaclook at the diff03:29
asacbecause parser gets confused03:29
asacand chokes somewhere03:29
asacif you really don't have any whitespaces mixed up03:30
asacshow me the diff03:30
hjmfasac after a quick look, this fixes for me:03:31
hjmfin line 141 of /usr/bin/firefox instead of03:31
hjmfchanged to:03:31
hjmfMOZILLA_BIN="MOZILLA_BIN=$(basename ${progname})-bin"03:31
asacouch ... does that work in bash and sh03:31
hjmfthe script is /bin/sh03:31
asacwhy progname?03:31
asacinstead of progbase?03:31
asacah ... ok03:32
hjmfprogname is the return of all the stuf of symlink look, -h03:32
asacwhy not change how progbase is computed?03:32
hjmfprogbase is left unchanged since the begining of the script03:32
bluekujaasac: is ok to have a bz2 inside tar.gz with bzr?03:32
asacfirefox has embedded tarball layout03:33
asacit will be deflated during build03:33
bluekujaoh ok03:33
hjmfmaybe somebody forgot to reasign progbase after looking for the symlink03:33
hjmfasac: ^03:33
asacdo they look up the symlink already?03:33
hjmflet me fix in another way :) give me 1 minute03:37
hjmfasac: ^03:37
asachjmf: will that work even for multi links?03:37
bluekujaasac: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/10023403:37
bluekujadont look at new upstream release03:37
bluekujajust to write something for now03:37
asacbluekuja: you don't have a debian revision03:37
hjmfasac: it gets fixed if you just append to line 11403:37
asace.g. -0ubuntu003:37
hjmfthat whole piece of code is about multilinks03:37
bluekujaasac: oh ok03:37
bluekujalets see03:37
bluekujaasac: nope03:38
bluekujastill that error03:38
asachjmf: do they deal with both relative and absolute links properly03:39
asachjmf: oh yeah i see03:39
asachjmf: pretty nice actually :-P03:39
hjmfDo I attach the patch to the bug? or do you append that line directly?03:41
hjmfasac: ^03:41
asaci don't know ... i guess you should really do a proper patch and get it upstream .... to get the credits ;)03:42
asacits definitly a bug :)03:42
bluekujaasac: I started building03:43
asachjmf: i mean they put effort in it and alot and then fail to finish proper :)03:43
bluekujaasac: gonna leave for an hour, gonna have results when I'm back03:43
asacbluekuja: what was it?03:43
bluekujaasac: something in the changelog03:43
bluekujadidnt see03:44
asacyeah ... tricky03:44
hjmfasac: I'll do both things :)03:44
bluekujaanyway it started03:44
bluekujawhen ill be back we will have build results03:44
asachjmf: you have to patch the mozilla.in file in source tree03:44
asacmost likely there are more than one duplicates of it03:44
asacbluekuja: bye ... i am away soon but will probably be back later03:48
hjmfasac: yeah, such pretty obvious bug should have an upstream match, looking03:51
hjmfasac: are you around?04:44
asachjmf: yeah04:47
asaci think half an hour or so04:47
hjmfasac: I haven't been able to find a dup upstream. You might take a look to the report I've made04:47
hjmfbugzilla bug 38430304:47
hjmfbugzilla bug 38430404:47
hjmfbugzilla 38430404:47
asacmozilla bug 38430404:47
ubotuMozilla bug 384304 in Startup and Profile System "/usr/bin/firefox is not able to handle symlinks due error in the script" [Major,Unconfirmed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38430404:47
hjmfI never remember that :)04:48
hjmfThe question I have is, how do you find the version of the source code?04:48
asacwhere do you look?04:49
hjmfI have no idea :?04:50
asachjmf: its always save to look at latest HEAD if its fixed ... then at MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH (latest revision on that) for firefox 2.004:51
hjmfhmm my MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH is one week old04:53
hjmfI'll download the lastest to check04:53
asacwhat do you want to know then?04:53
asachjmf: yeah ... its not that important04:53
asacmost likely there was no change04:53
hjmfjust wanted to know if there was a file to look at it04:54
hjmfas I wasn't sure if MOZILLA_1_8 was enough info for them04:54
asachjmf: you can use cvs status -v on the file to see which version you have04:54
hjmfah ok04:54
asacbut actually they know what you are talking about04:54
bluekujaasac: back04:54
asacwhen you say: latest 1.8 branch04:54
asacor trunk04:54
asacjust name the patch: for 1.8/1.8.0 branches04:55
asacand for trunk04:55
asac(not now ... but maybe next time)04:55
asacactually i bet that they will complain that you didn't do the diff with cvs -Nup04:56
asacbut then chew it and get over it :)04:56
hjmfcool :)04:56
hjmfthanks asac :)04:56
asacmaybe ...who knowns04:56
asachjmf: you need to request review :)04:56
asacactually at best verify if it exists on trunk as well05:00
bluekujaasac: build failed05:00
asacin what?05:00
asacwhere? how long did it take until it failed?05:00
bluekuja1 minute05:00
bluekujaNo file to patch.  Skipping patch.05:00
hjmfasac: request review?05:00
asacotherwise they will not know05:00
asacyou can edit patch05:00
asacand then flag the review field with ? and add the reviewer you want to summon05:00
asacbluekuja: how does the top level directory of your source tree look like?05:00
asacbluekuja: what files are in there05:00
asaci guess you don't have a tar.bz2 ball in there05:00
hjmfhmm there is already a requestee: cls@seawood.org05:01
bluekujaI haven't05:01
asacthen you did not extract the orig properly05:01
asacyou need debian + content of tarball05:01
asacin one directory05:01
asacotherwise build will fail05:01
asacby defininition05:01
asacits just one tar.bz2 file05:01
asacin addition to debian/05:01
asacdunno what you did with that05:01
asacbluekuja: you can extract that file from orig.tar.gz :) then you should be fine05:03
asachjmf: really?05:05
asachjmf: yeah05:05
asachjmf: someone did that for you05:05
asachjmf: e.g. requested review for you :)05:05
bluekujaasac: yup05:06
bluekujaneed to leave again05:06
bluekujafor an hour05:06
asacbluekuja: i am away then05:06
hjmfasac: lol, thank you!05:06
asacjust take care that that tar.bz2 is in top-level dir05:06
hjmfasac: cu05:06
asachjmf: actually benjamin already took a look05:09
asaclets see if they forget about it now :)05:09
asacok out ... will probably be back in 3-4 hours or so05:40
hjmfasac: hopefully they don't forget, It will be nice to see how evolves my first bugzilla report :P06:17
hjmfasac: have fun06:17
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asacbug 11989910:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119899 in thunderbird "After-the-fact Filters on custom header won't match for IMAP messages" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11989910:49
unpersonFor ftp connections, does firefox attempt to use the PORT or PASV method of data connections?10:53
asaci think it first tries active ... then PASV ... but not 100% sure10:56
gnomefreakasac: bug 112349 di we change anything to cause this? I noticed this as well have alot of gutsy users11:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112349 in firefox "Firefox / Thunderbird fonts are smaller than system fonts rest when reducing the font resolution" [Undecided,Needs info]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11234911:01
asacgnomefreak: what is the user running? feisty/gutsy?11:04
gnomefreaki see it here as well11:04
gnomefreakand have11:04
gnomefreakasac: also the reply-to-list plugin (after some reading) fails to work on 2.0.0.x final as it did work in beta and rc releases, it doesnt work here either. Maybe we need to talk to the maintainer/coder of the plugin?11:13
asacok ... i have reports about this font issue for icedove as well11:13
asacalready wondered why i didn't retrieve a report for tbird 2.011:13
asac... which was in far before icedove 2.011:14
gnomefreakasac: i remember a few i though11:14
asacyou remember a few what?11:14
gnomefreakthe font i wrote off as being beta bug and it would go away11:14
asacmaybe its that some font package was updated in gutsy?11:14
gnomefreakdont know everything outside of ff and tb look fine11:15
asacgnomefreak: you say that ffox has font issues as well?11:15
asacor just tbird?11:15
gnomefreakmainly thunderbird11:15
gnomefreaksome sites show up very small fonts on firefox but that can be the pages11:16
asacgnomefreak: yeah11:18
asaccan you look in the advanced config dialog and take a look at the font settings?11:18
gnomefreakwho wants to test a firefox issue in another browser since the reporter cant be botherd11:19
asac(e.g. the advanced config dialog is what you get in firefox with about:config)11:19
asacno idea ... i have no other browser ... actually there is only konqueror11:19
gnomefreakwhat am i looking for in here11:19
gnomefreakok found fonts11:20
asacwhat fonts do you see?11:22
gnomefreaka shit load of them11:22
gnomefreakfreetype2 seems to be alot11:22
gnomefreaksans-serif is another11:23
gnomefreakserif is another11:23
gnomefreakaa_bitmap and bitmap and outline  (never heard of outline font)11:25
gnomefreaktt_bitmap & fixed and so on11:26
asacwhat font is configured for serif? sans-serif?11:28
asaclike serif.x-western11:29
asacabd serif.x-unicode11:29
asacplease try if setting those to 'Bitstream Vera Sans' helps11:32
gnomefreakfor both we have listed x-baltic x-central-euro x-cyrillic x-unicode x-user-def x-western11:33
gnomefreakplus locales11:33
asacyes ... but there is Times in there, right?11:33
asactry if setting to Bitstream Vera Sans help11:33
asacfor unicode and x-western11:33
gnomefreakhow do i change the setting to bitstream vera sans11:34
gnomefreakand what one to change?11:34
asacto give it a try11:36
gnomefreakok found them so i right click and under modify type bitstream vera sans in there?11:36
asacyeah just paste the string i gave you11:37
asacas value11:37
gnomefreakfont.name.serif.x-unicode and the other three look to be set to Helvetica11:38
asacgnomefreak: you need the font package installed: ttf-bitstream-vera11:38
asacthats interesting11:38
asaci didn't see it here11:38
gnomefreakits installed11:38
asaclet me check i am currentyl upgrading my gutsy11:38
asacgnomefreak: you can also try to set it to Times11:38
asacinstead of Helvetica11:39
asacthats what I had here (before the currently running upgrade)11:39
asacand it didn't look too bad11:39
gnomefreakyes it is here serif was set to times the sans serif wasnt11:40
gnomefreakwill try restarting ff and see what happens11:40
asacyeah :)11:40
asactry bitstream (like above for sans-serif) ... as times is a serif font, but lets see11:41
unpersonasac, Thanks for the response about the ftp thing.  If that's the case I'm even more puzzled about my problem.11:42
gnomefreaklooks pretty much the same, I dont remember what pages were affected most of them LP like blueprints showed small11:42
asacunperson: what is your problem?11:42
unpersonasac, I thought perhaps firefox might be set to do PASV ftp by default to avoid firewall issues.11:43
asacso whats your problem?11:44
unpersonasac, I'm running an ftp server at home behind a router.  I thought I got all the port forwarding stuff setup right, and it works with the linux CLI ftp client and with Opera in Linux, but not with firefox (1.5 on linux).11:44
asacdoes your server support PASV?11:44
unpersonI was trying to figure out what FF might be doing differently.11:44
asacdoes CLI work with active mode?11:44
unpersonIt does.  What's more, I tried connecting with the CLI ftp client set to passive mode and that worked.11:44
gnomefreakmaybe im going blind, ITs ahrd to tell if it changed11:45
asacgnomefreak: actually i can't tell if it looks bad or what11:45
unpersonasac, Yes.  The CLI works both ways.11:45
asacunperson: are you on feisty?11:45
asacor dapper or what?11:45
unpersonAnd actually to add even more confusion, I just asked a friend to try it (via AIM) and it worked with FF 1.5 on Windows XP!11:45
gnomefreakasac: maybe lets start with tbird fonts see if they will "think" firefox changed. maybe change them to Times by default in ff11:46
asacgnomefreak: actually i talked about tbird all the time11:46
asacyou can get the about:config dialog through Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor11:46
unpersonasac, No.  Actually, I'm trying to remember what version of Xubuntu is on the computer I'm using for the clients.11:47
gnomefreakasac > (e.g. the advanced config dialog is what you get in  firefox with about:config)   so i assumed you wanted it done in ff11:47
asacunperson: cat /etc/lsb-release11:47
asacto see what you have installed11:47
asacgnomefreak: no ... you should try where you can see the bad font most obvious :)11:47
unpersonI think it's either dapper of edgy.11:47
gnomefreaklooking at settings now11:48
asacunperson: run the command above in the console11:48
asacgnomefreak: yes please do11:48
unpersonSo that's dapper I guess.11:48
asacunperson: ok its dapper then11:48
asacgnomefreak: i have good fonts here in my gutsy chroot11:48
asacgnomefreak: but i never recognized bad fonts :)11:48
gnomefreaksame settings here let me change and see11:48
unpersonAlso odd is that my friend verified that it didn't work on his linux machine (running FF 2.0).11:49
asacgnomefreak: yes, maybe play around a bit and try to figure what looks decent11:49
asacunperson: what linux does he use?11:49
unpersonasac, Yeah, unfortunately I don't know for sure what he's using now, so it's not very useful data.  And he's gone offline for the moment.11:49
gnomefreaktimes doesnt help (im not sure if changing the font is the answer, can we change default font size maybe?11:50
asacgnomefreak: i think font should be the right way11:51
gnomefreakmainly the font issue is in the popup when opening an email not in the tbird main11:51
asacits in the mail text i guess11:52
gnomefreakbut all mail is the same11:52
unpersonasac, My wild guess is that firefox is trying to use a passive (a.k.a. PASV) data connection and is ignoring what port the server says to use and trying to connect the data connection on some arbitrary port that isn't forwarded at the router.11:52
unpersonasac, But I'm really confused why it would behave differently on XP.11:52
unpersonasac, Unfortunately I have to run now.11:52
asacgnomefreak: go to the fonts config dialog and play around if you get a good appearence without tweaking font size11:52
unpersonasac, I mainly just wanted to thank you for responding earlier.11:53
asacunperson: yes ... no problem11:53
asacunperson: if you find the reason, i would be happy to hear11:53
asacunperson: sounds strange11:53
unpersonIndeed.   If I can verift the reason I'll be back.11:53
unpersoner, verify.11:53
gnomefreakmuch better11:54
asacbitstream vera?11:54
gnomefreaklet me find a good one first11:54
gnomefreakfont config11:54
asacah :)11:54
gnomefreakchanging size11:54
asactry bistream vera11:54
asacno pleaes not11:54
asacthat won't bring us anywhere11:54
gnomefreakyou told me to11:54
asace.g. won't help us to get a grib on the problem11:54
asaci said:  go to the fonts config dialog and play around if you get a good appearence without  tweaking font size11:54
asacgnomefreak: just select different fonts11:55
gnomefreakk mono space is put back to 1211:55
gnomefreakno differnet fonts are just making it harder to read11:57
asacdid you try bistream vera?11:57
asacthats wierd11:57
gnomefreakyes much harder to read11:57
gnomefreakit clumps the letters together11:58
gnomefreakthe size of font is still a 12 where as the size of main screen is 16ish  but i tried 8+ fonts and all were harder to read11:58
asacgnomefreak: do you have gsfonts package installed?11:59
gnomefreakis it default install?11:59
gnomefreakyes installed11:59
asacno ... but i remember that i installed it at some point and it messed things up a lot11:59
asaccan you remove it? or is everything removed from your system then?12:00
asacah i mean gsfonts-x1112:00
gnomefreaklet me check i know it was brought in by something12:00
asacwhen ... recently?12:00
gnomefreakthat is not installed12:00
gnomefreakasac: its been hard to read since i got on gutsy. 2.0 in feisty repo doesnt show this issue i dont think but i will check later this week on that when i have laptop in my hands12:01
asacgnomefreak: if 2.0 in feisty repo doesn't have that, then its probably something outside the realm of tbird12:04
asac(though tbird probably doesn't play well with whatever has changed now)12:04
asacgnomefreak: does starting with PANGO disabled help?12:05
asacMOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 thunderbird12:05
asacand see if12:05
asacMOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=0 thunderbird12:06
asacmakes a difference12:06
gnomefreakboth do the first one more than second12:07
asacboth do what?12:08
asaclook different? how?12:08
asacmore ugly, less ugly12:08
gnomefreakless ugly easier to read12:08
asacso what is best?12:09
gnomefreakbut define ugly12:09
asacgnomefreak: you claimed to see ugly fonts in tbird :)12:09
asaci cannot judge :)12:09
gnomefreaki would say the fitrst one MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=112:09
asactry MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=0 and 1 instead12:09
gnomefreakfirst. when changing to the other fonts they got clumped together (ugly if all letters look interlocked)12:09
gnomefreakstick with enable disable looks the same as it is normally with both 0 and 112:11
asacso you say ... whatever you use it looks better than without?12:12
gnomefreakyes :(12:12
gnomefreakand i hate pango12:12
asaci really don't understand, i have:12:13
asacwithout -> looks good12:13
asacwith MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=0 or MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 --> ugly12:13
asacMOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=0 or MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO=1 -> good (e.g. MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO has as expected no effect, as its just not ment to be used)12:14
gnomefreakugly if you mean plain yes that it is. but its easier to read12:14
asacgnomefreak: can you make screenshot of12:15
asac2.  MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=012:15
asac3. MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=112:15
asac1. without :)12:15
asac1. without :)12:15
asac2.  MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=0 thunderbird12:15
asac3. MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 thunderbird12:15
gnomefreakgive me a minute and i will have them and look for a place to post them12:15
asacyou can upload to a folder on preview repo12:16
gnomefreakuploading now12:19
asaccool ... lets see12:19
gnomefreaki have 312:19
gnomefreak0 1 and normal12:19
gnomefreakpango is disabled here by default anyway isnt it?12:20
asacactually i have no idea12:20
asaclets first look12:20
gnomefreakno locales == no pango i thought12:20
asacno ... that was true for firefox in feisty12:21
gnomefreakor US == no pango12:21
asacbut never for thunderbird12:21
gnomefreakall 3 will be at http://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/ now i think12:21
gnomefreakyep they are there12:22
asacfor me all look the same12:22
gnomefreakbrb smoke12:22
gnomefreaki know12:22
gnomefreakthats what i said12:22
gnomefreakenable 1 looked best iirc12:22
asacbut MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO made a difference?12:22
asaccan you please upload that?12:23
gnomefreakmaybe its me12:25
gnomefreakhttp://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/  they are there, im thinking its me :(12:26
gnomefreakbrb smoke12:26
asachmmm all look the same :)12:27
asacbut thats wierd12:27
asacmaybe there is no other support compiled in at all?12:27

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