superm1_kruuli, thats something coming in our next alpha.  I can point you to how to do it on command line though12:28
superm1_if you'd like12:28
superm1_kruuli, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/Install/WhatNext/Feisty#head-9562662ba6464e40b7a094b8b06c778dfa7b723412:28
superm1_scroll to the NVIDIA section12:28
CDG52does anyone know how to set up the windows media center remote with lirc?12:31
CDG52i have the OVU4003/00 transmitter12:31
CDG52that came with the remote12:31
kruulisuperm1 great! ill try this right away12:31
superm1_CDG52, see the lirc howto12:32
superm1_at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_Lirc_Feisty12:33
CDG52i looked at it but i couldnt find my remote12:33
superm1_it guides you through setting up a mceusb2/mceusb remote12:33
superm1_which is what the mce remotes are12:33
CDG52ah cool12:33
CDG52i didnt see it when i looked before but ill check again12:33
rogue780|mythsrvI'm gonna try to reclaim my title as usplash image maker dude12:50
superm1_well this new guy did make some pretty wicked mock ups12:51
kruuliawsome .. mythvideo worked great with a new pair of drivers :>12:55
rogue780|mythsrvindeed he did. I'm very impressed12:55
superm1_any ideas where he ran off to?12:56
CDG52hmm ive done everything that was said on that page but all all i get is "I couldnt laod the required kernel modules12:56
kruulihas anyone had any experience with a usb connected TV card? friend saw mythbuntu at my house today and got impressed :p hes has the PVR 350 based USB model can you make it work?12:57
superm1kruuli, the pvr-usb2?12:57
OpenMediaI've used some USB devices but none with MPEG212:57
kruuliyeah superm112:57
OpenMediaGot the HVR-900 analogue + DVB-T, plus a freecom DVB-T12:57
kruulioverkill OpenMedia :>12:58
OpenMediaNah.. Can't actually use the DVB-T at the moment as they have turned the NZ tests off12:58
superm1kruuli, there is a way to get them going, but its one piece of hardware that i've not worked with12:58
OpenMediaGot one customer who wants 7-9 tuners in his box, with 3 of them running 24hrs12:59
superm1if you figure out whats involved with making it work in linux, we can add support to mythbuntu12:59
OpenMediaGet the model number as I might know someone who is using it.12:59
kruuliok cool will do that12:59
superm1CDG52, try 'sudo depmod -a' and the remodprobing01:00
superm1OpenMedia, thats insance01:00
OpenMediaProblem with Hauppauge is they keep tweaking the chipsets. if it has MPEG-2 HW then check the ivtv mailing list or ivtvdriver.org01:00
superm17-9 tuners???01:00
OpenMediaAbility to record every channel at the same time.01:00
kruulithink i saw something about some driver that enabled usb tvcards .. dunno if it meant all cards ..ill try finding it right away01:01
superm1kruuli, i'm pretty sure this is the common usb2 one01:01
CDG52i did that01:07
CDG52the sudo depmod -a01:07
superm1check /etc/lirc/lirc-modules-source.conf make sure that your module is listed there01:09
superm1accidently hitting escape in the wrong place can cause it to not showup01:09
CDG52i dont understand01:10
CDG52no matter what i do it refuses to put them there01:10
superm1you can manually do it then01:11
superm1it happens if you misaccept a dialog during that dpkg-reconfigure01:11
superm1just make LIRC_MODULES="mceusb2"01:11
superm1and then rebuild using m-a01:11
CDG52im trying now01:12
kruuliyeah thats the one i was talking about superm101:14
kruulihum .. seems kinda choppy to get that card to work01:14
kruuliif he were to buy a new one .. what card should he buy?01:14
OpenMediaDoes he have to have USB?01:15
CDG52any idea why also when i plug in my ir receiver, it will let me use it and light up the light and like 5 seconds later it wont blink the light if i push a button?01:15
CDG52yeah still have the same issue01:15
kruuliOpenMedia nah dont think so .. but is there a better usb card then the pvr usb2 card if he has to have it?01:15
OpenMediaDepends on if he can support digital TV or needs analogue.01:16
kruulineeds to be analogue i believe01:16
superm1CDG52, when you rebuilt the modules, did you follow the rebuild steps at the bottom of that howto01:18
superm1including the cleaning step01:18
superm1and such01:18
kruulineed my beauity sleep .. nn all an thank you again superm1 for you help :)01:20
superm1nn kruuli np01:20
superm1whats the error when trying to load now?01:21
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@71-12-14-250.dhcp.gnvl.sc.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== rogue780|mythsrv [n=rogue780@c-69-255-213-160.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1rogue780|mythsrv, http://www.mythbuntu.org/~supermario/mythbuntu/7.10-screenshots/gdm_theme.png01:38
superm1there is what it ended up like01:38
a5benwillisello guys01:38
superm1hi a5benwillis01:39
a5benwillisany cisco people out there?01:39
=== rogue780|| [n=rogue780@c-68-55-176-33.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
a5benwillislooking for a piece of software....01:40
a5benwillisstupid winders01:40
rogue780||miss me? I ****ing hate comcrap01:40
superm1rogue780||, did you get my post?01:40
superm1rogue780|mythsrv, http://www.mythbuntu.org/~supermario/mythbuntu/7.10-screenshots/gdm_theme.png01:40
rogue780||that looks cool. I've been experimenting with ways to let the user select a session after gdm authenticates the user (well sort of...it's a bit more complicated than that, and it allows lirc to be used to select the session)01:43
rogue780||and also w/the idea that each user has a different default session01:43
superm1oooh that sounds nice01:43
superm1atm the workaround for the session thing was to just make the default session the administration session01:43
rogue780||I thought that the first option of my two had the most promise01:44
superm1they still have to login normally though01:44
superm1so still need a keyboard one wy or another01:44
rogue780||unless you have gdm setup to autologin the mythtv user. then a menu appears asking which session they want, which can be selected using their remote control of choice, and if after 10 seconds no session is selected, the default session loads and it's all ready to watch tv01:46
superm1ah, so they would be able to run mythtv-setup and such01:46
superm1right there hten01:46
superm1thats an interesting way to go about it01:46
superm1but there is one inherent problem01:47
rogue780||that's the theory. I've only done some preliminary stuff on it01:47
rogue780||they haven't set up a control yet?01:47
superm1the mythtv user pourposly doesnt have sudo perms01:47
superm1so you can only do so much in that session option for administration01:47
CDG52so has anyone lmpw wju wjem o [;ig om ,u wore;ess receiver, it works for about 5 seconds like the buttons will make the lights flash on the receiver, but not working on computer, and then after 5 seconds the receivers light doesnt do anything01:48
rogue780||there are *ways* around that...none of which are considered couth (sp)01:48
rogue780||how am I still logged in as rogue780|mythsrv ? that's funny01:49
superm1CDG52, sounds like a receiver going bad to me01:49
superm1or a usb port not giving enough ower01:49
rogue780||someone should kick that usurper01:49
CDG52the receiver works fine on my windows box01:49
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [+o superm1] by ChanServ
=== rogue780|mythsrv [n=rogue780@c-69-255-213-160.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu-mythtv [requested]
=== mode/#ubuntu-mythtv [-o superm1] by ChanServ
CDG52it might be that the usb on this computer are bad01:49
rogue780||err CDG52 not sweet to your problem...01:50
rogue780||bad timing01:50
superm1what are you think for these $ways rogue780|| ?01:50
OpenMediaTried a different USB port? also run lsusb to make sure the device is still present.01:50
CDG52i did try a different usb port, there are only two though01:51
CDG52i have yet to try lsusb01:51
rogue780||well one obvious one would be to give mythtv sudo perms by default...but there are good reasons why it doesn't. another would be to give the user the ability to "su root" by the click of a button when need be...but that is also fraught with problems as well.01:51
CDG52yes it does show up with lsusb01:51
superm1rogue780||, as much as i'm for easy administration, I dont want the mythtv user to have any more permissions than to run mythtv-setup, start or stop the backend01:52
superm1too dangerous with automatic login01:52
superm1perhaps an alternative01:52
superm1is to force a logout if you choose the admin option01:52
superm1and then give them the opportunity to log back in01:52
superm1as a regular user01:53
rogue780||I think the best solution would be to have it set up so that it auto logs in as mythtv, then in the setup menu there is an option to login to administrative mode, the user enters a pin number with the remote, the session closes, gdm resets and autologs into administrative mode.01:53
superm1well auto login as administrative, don't know how to allow such gdm changes01:53
superm1because to change gdm stuff you need admin priv in the first place01:53
rogue780||I'll think of a way.01:54
superm1having a password is a safe way to do it I think, and just having people log into the admin session01:54
superm1but I like having a little popup for 5 seconds or so that will offer to logout to go to the admin session01:55
CDG52so with my issue of not getting lirc to work, i decided i would try to record my own file by hitting buttons01:55
CDG52and i type in sudo modprobe lirc_mceusb2 and it says "FATAL: Module lirc_mceusb2 not found."01:55
superm1then the module wasn't built01:55
superm1when you did the rebuild steps, for some reason or another01:56
CDG52i followed all of them exactly as it said01:56
CDG52from that site01:56
CDG52c/p it all01:56
superm1can you pastebin /etc/lirc/lirc-modules-source.conf ?01:56
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:57
CDG52ah ok01:57
CDG52weird that file is empty01:59
CDG52wops miss spell01:59
CDG52one sec01:59
superm1OK looks good02:00
rogue780||so I told comcast that my interent has been going in and out of late and they told me to disconnect my modem from my router and plug my computer into the modem directly. so as I was doing removing the cable from my router I said to myself (I talk to myself quite a bit, I think it's a sign of genius), "hmm...I wonder which cable it is." The guy on the other line informs me that it is not the round one, and then told me it w02:01
rogue780||as in fact the one connected to my computer. so I told him, "I meant, which one of the 10 that I have plugged in."02:01
superm1can you pastebin the output of all the rebuild steps?02:01
superm1what happens (perhaps there is a little error there that your missing)02:01
CDG52which part is the rebuild part?02:02
tgm4883lol @ the comcast guy02:03
rogue780||then later he asked me to go to "My Computer" and the control panel...02:03
superm1the part you wree following before :)02:03
rogue780||and eventually I was told to open internet explorer02:03
rogue780||he was awesome02:03
rogue780||hey superm1 mythbuntu works on my "windows box" but not on my sempron64...but feisty does02:04
superm1rogue780||, well the next mythbuntu disk will be gutsy based, so perhaps the new xorg and casper will be more friendly02:04
superm1to you sempron6402:04
superm1i built a reference disk this morning, but i wont be back home until another 2 or 3 hours02:05
superm1so i can see whats broken atm on gutsy02:06
superm1okay looks just right02:08
superm1and you should be able to modprobe mceusb2 now02:08
CDG52o hey that worked02:09
rogue780||I love modprobe02:09
CDG52ah it started02:09
CDG52it said02:09
CDG52starting lirc deamon: lircd.02:09
CDG52then it went to another line02:09
CDG52isnt it not supsoto do that?02:09
CDG52o hey it works!02:10
rogue780||glorious huzzah!02:10
CDG52now time to figure how ot make it work with tvtime02:11
tgm4883the comcast tech that hooked up my new cable box decided he was much smarter than I and changed where all my cables were going behind my mythtv box02:14
tgm4883my tech and rogue780||'s tech must be one in the same02:14
OpenMediairw is your friend02:15
rogue780||the comcast guy who hooked up my internet had no idea what to do with the slackware box I purposely gave him and gave up trying to set up my internet02:16
CDG52so im confused, i set this all up and got my keys in and irw see's my keys but none of it will work02:17
rogue780||apparently if you don't have windows they can't set up your Internet and make you do it. I had to fight to get the install fee refunded...around here they don't do self installs for some reason02:18
superm1okay kids see you later :)02:18
rogue780||CDG52, do you have both a .lircrc and lircrc files?02:18
rogue780||see ya mario02:18
CDG52i have .lircrc02:18
CDG52what are hte lircrc files?02:18
tgm4883my comcast guy kept going on an on about the extra functions of the comcast remote.  He tried to make me feel special by telling me that he doesn't tell his average customers these things, and hes telling me that I would probably use these features since he saw the computer next to my TV02:19
rogue780||CDG52, hold on half a second02:19
rogue780||you're trying to get mythtv working right...just to be clear?02:19
tgm4883mind you the extra feature he was talking about was that the volume button can be made to control my surround sound02:19
rogue780||wow! amazing02:20
tgm4883like im really going to use their remote anyway02:20
tgm4883the whole time he is explaining all this to another guy who apparently was his trainee02:20
tgm4883"some people have tuner cards in their pc's....) trying to show off02:21
tgm4883i just let him do his thing and be on his way02:22
tgm4883I cant believe that dont do self installs where you live02:22
tgm4883where is that btw?02:22
rogue780||I'm near baltimore on an Army base02:24
rogue780||you need to have a ~/.lircrc and ~/.mythtv/lircrc file02:24
rogue780||they need to be identical02:24
rogue780||so you can just make a link02:24
tgm4883Bummer, here I just signed up  at best buy, got a free modem, and a $100 gift cert to best buy02:25
rogue780||where are you?02:25
rogue780||I'm from Oregon02:26
tgm4883Sweet what part02:26
OpenMediaOregon is the place to be at the moment. Still trying to organise ubuntulive02:26
rogue780||first 15 years in Medford, last 4 in Eugene02:26
tgm4883Sweet, im originally from Klamath Falls, but now live in Salem02:26
rogue780||OpenMedia, aren't you in NZ?02:27
OpenMediaYup. Auckland02:27
=== OpenMedia is now known as OpenMedia_Steve
=== xeno_ [n=xeno@00095b9d62d3.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
xeno_I don't see mythTV as a supported package on my feisty machines.  It's there with apt-cache,...02:51
xeno_but I am unable to access it with synaptic package manager.02:52
=== dannyboy79 [n=daniel@rrcs-67-53-185-163.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
dannyboy79anyone know about mythrename.pl?02:52
dannyboy79anyone here?02:53
dannyboy79guess not. goodbye02:54
=== dannyboy79 [n=daniel@rrcs-67-53-185-163.west.biz.rr.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv ["Ex-Chat"]
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=== dannyboy79 [n=daniel@rrcs-67-53-185-163.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
dannyboy79anyone here03:00
=== tgm4883 [n=thomas@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
dannyboy79is something just not working here?03:04
=== hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
dannyboy79hugolp: can you see what I am typing?03:06
dannyboy79tgm4883: are you here but not responding?03:06
OpenMedia_SteveI'm here03:06
tgm4883im here03:07
dannyboy79well do you know how to use mythrename.pl? superm1, the developer of Mythbuntu helped me set it up03:07
dannyboy79but it's not working03:07
dannyboy79it's a root cronjob that is suppose to take the recordings and name them something logical and then put that logical named symlink into a different folder but it doesnt' work.03:08
OpenMedia_SteveIs there no output?03:08
OpenMedia_SteveWhat happens when you run it manually on the command line?03:09
dannyboy79correct, the folder is empty but I did notice that the mythtv recordings folder has a bunch of files that are different than what they were, just numbers though, they still aren't readble03:09
=== OpenMedia_Steve [n=sellis@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
dannyboy79let me try03:09
=== OpenMedia_Steve [n=sellis@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
OpenMedia_SteveSorry closed the wrong window.03:10
OpenMedia_SteveDid you mention what the output was on the command line?03:10
dannyboy79well this is what the crontab looks like: 0,30 * * * * /usr/local/bin/mythrename.pl --link /media/400gb/mythtv/readable-recordings03:10
OpenMedia_SteveAnd if you just run it on the command line?03:11
dannyboy79huh??? i03:12
dannyboy79it turns out that it's not even there anymore????03:12
OpenMedia_SteveWhat mythrename.pl ?03:12
dannyboy79I have to re-gunzip it and re-edit the file, then let me see.03:12
dannyboy79it's located within /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/mythrename.pl.gz03:13
tgm4883Well that could be the problem03:14
dannyboy79well now that I look in it, I can't find where to change the mysql password and what not???03:15
dannyboy79so you've never heard of this before? you don't use it?03:15
tgm4883When you run it from the command line, does it create the symlinks?03:16
dannyboy79it asks me to run it with options and a filename??03:21
dannyboy79I think I figured out the problem, it wasn't executable and also, I noticed that the name within the crontab was calling for mythrename when the file within /usr/local/bin/ is called mythname.pl03:21
dannyboy79is there a reason why I am not seeing others talking when there's 22 users within this channel? i am new to irc so I am curious?03:24
tgm4883yea, while our computers are logged into hhere, we are not always at our computers (or are looking at different screen)03:25
tgm4883this is usually the case with development channels03:26
tgm4883since we are logged in, if someone wants to talk to us they just say our name, and we will get a notification (as long as we are logged in)03:27
OpenMedia_SteveI use mythrename.pl on myPVR units.03:28
OpenMedia_Stevewe run perl /usr/local/bin/mythrename.pl --link /myth/pretty03:30
OpenMedia_SteveWe have a script in /etc/cron.hourly that runs it03:31
rogue780||is there a way to see the last few commands executed by someone accessing the computer through ssh from the host system?03:46
OpenMedia_SteveLook at their history?04:11
rogue780||OpenMedia_Steve, you know how o do that remotely?04:17
OpenMedia_SteveNeed to login to check04:19
CDG52sorry to ask another dumb question but how do you mount a samba share?04:25
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=== xeno_ [n=xeno@00095b9d62d3.click-network.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
CDG52ah never mind04:52
superm1imbrandon, any news on the multiple aliasing?07:13
=== CDG52 [n=cdg52@cpe-76-188-166-88.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== grndslm [n=grndslm@24-116-87-97.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
CDG52hey anyone here?07:36
CDG52got a question about lirc if anyone can help07:37
CDG52im trying to set my power button up on my remote to turn off my screen07:40
CDG52lirc is running, it see's my remote it just isnt interacting with anything07:40
OpenMedia_SteveOk MCE2 remote?07:50
OpenMedia_SteveWhat do you want it to do? Shutdown the Myth box or something else?07:51
CDG52i want to turn off my monitor lol07:52
OpenMedia_SteveVia power management?07:52
CDG52o and any idea why irexec has to be running?07:52
CDG52o i know the code07:52
OpenMedia_Steveirexec is the best way to send the commands for an MCE remote onto MythTV07:53
CDG52irexec has to be running for my remote to work, even though under prog = irexec07:53
CDG52so to get the remote to work i gotta go into console and run irexec07:53
CDG52else it wont pick it up07:53
OpenMedia_SteveI run it as part of my window manager startup8-)07:54
OpenMedia_SteveI have the following in my config07:55
OpenMedia_Steve    prog = irexec07:55
OpenMedia_Steve    button = Power07:55
OpenMedia_Steve    repeat = 007:55
OpenMedia_Steve    config = /usr/local/bin/toggleMythFrontend07:55
CDG52yeah no where in the install it said that lol07:55
OpenMedia_Steveits kinda standard for MCE2 and MythTV07:55
OpenMedia_SteveAnyhow you could insert your own script to power off.07:55
OpenMedia_SteveMy toggleMythFrontend is a quick way to recover from a frontend lockup.07:56
OpenMedia_SteveFirst power button press kill mythfrontend, second restarts X07:56
OpenMedia_SteveWe also program the custom keys07:57
OpenMedia_Steve    prog = irxevent07:57
OpenMedia_Steve    button = TV07:57
OpenMedia_Steve    config = Key ctrl-alt-T CurrentWindow07:57
OpenMedia_SteveThen map CTRL+ALT+T inside MythTV07:57
OpenMedia_Stevesuperm1: Any thoughts on suggesting some standards for remote hot keys to be mapped into MythTV?07:57
OpenMedia_SteveOur standards are covered at http://openmedia.co.nz/openmedia/content/view/27/59/ and work really well on MCE remotes07:58
superm1OpenMedia_Steve, you mean like "general" standards07:58
superm1the Ubuntu Media Center team has specs on such things07:58
superm1that they are writing07:58
superm1and working with upstream on07:58
superm1(upstream being lirc.org)07:58
OpenMedia_SteveHot keys have to do what they say they do, or consumers get confused.07:59
superm1OpenMedia_Steve, thats very good08:00
superm1that you document such things08:00
superm1for mythbuntu at least, lirc is a low priority for us since all this work is going on with UMC08:00
superm1and its a rapidly changing front08:00
OpenMedia_SteveWe have a couple of guides at http://openmedia.co.nz/openmedia/content/blogcategory/71/70/ as well as our support pages.08:01
OpenMedia_SteveI don't have a single customer who can cope with the standard MythTV docs. Just to hard for them08:01
superm1yea sometimes its indeed hard to put myself in the shoes of someone new to it08:03
OpenMedia_SteveDealing with "customers" has been very enlightening.08:04
OpenMedia_SteveThey still don't understand that the EPG data doesn't update every second.08:04
OpenMedia_SteveI keep getting questions about how to decode those secret signals that they put around adverts.08:04
CDG52how would i run two commands at once in the remote program?08:09
OpenMedia_SteveSuch as?08:09
CDG52never mind08:10
CDG52ok question again sorry about these08:12
CDG52if "dpms force off" turns off your monitor08:12
CDG52how would i turn it back on?08:12
CDG52"xset dpms force off"08:12
CDG52"xset dpms force on" turns the monitor on08:14
CDG52but its a blank screen08:14
=== Gabril [n=gabril@ns2.webix.de] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
OpenMedia_SteveHmm. You need to know what state you are in when you press power to invert it.08:16
CDG52i think i jsut found it online08:18
CDG52let me test08:18
CDG52ok cool it works08:20
CDG52as long as the screen isnt on already it will work otherwise the screen blanks....08:20
CDG52ok fixed that issue08:21
CDG52chagned the order of stuff08:21
=== OpenMedia_Steve [n=sellis@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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=== jimmy [n=jimmy@ppp95-13.lns1.mel4.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
jimmyhey guys01:22
jimmymy installer has crashed at 83%01:22
jimmyduring the configuring MythTv stage01:22
jimmyanyone here01:24
jimmyyeh, the second it gets up to configuring MythTV it crashes01:28
lagajimmy: on the live cd: run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade01:33
lagare-run the installier01:33
jimmyso just go into terminal and type that in?01:36
laga"sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"01:37
jimmywill try that in a sec mate01:38
=== rikishinov [n=riku@b80a.ttorni.tontut.fi] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
jimmycrashed with same error02:18
jimmyactually no02:18
jimmydifferent error02:18
jimmytried to do that apt-get stuff02:22
jimmyhad an error doing that, saying Pipe Broken02:22
jimmyno disk space..02:22
lagasad :(02:23
jimmyeven though there is a blank 80gb in there02:23
lagasorry, wait for superm1 then02:23
lagait's not writing to the hard disk yet02:23
lagai need to go now02:23
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jimmyanyone else have any ideas why the install failes when it gets to configuring MythTv ?03:26
superm1_rikishinov, ping03:33
rikishinovhi superm1_03:37
superm1_rikishinov, you dissappeared before I could mention to you that your artwork was very nice03:37
rikishinovsuperm1_: thanks, so any thoughts about the design... which color should it be...03:38
superm1_rikishinov, well what I wanted to do was toss you and the two other guys who were interested in artwork related things together03:38
superm1_and let you figure it out and bring the results back03:39
superm1_so among the 3 of you whatever decided :)03:39
rikishinovand who are these two guys?03:41
superm1_rogue780||, and a buddy of mine from school03:41
superm1_(but he's not on IRC, so I was thinking i'll just send the three of you an email and you can sort things out that way)03:42
ubotuNew bug: #120195 in ubiquity (main) "installer crashes at configure mythtv (dup-of: 119055)" [Undecided,Unconfirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12019503:50
rikishinovout and bring the results back04:01
rikishinov16:39 < superm1_> so among the 3 of you whatever decided :)04:01
rikishinov16:40 < rikishinov> and who are these two guys?04:01
rikishinov16:41 < superm1_> rogue780||, and a buddy of mine from school04:01
superm1rikishinov, pm me your email address if you can04:01
superm1you have to register w/ freenode to pm if you're not already04:01
rikishinovsuperm1: I'm going to register in a bit..04:03
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rogue780|mythsrvwhy is rikishinov never here when I am?06:56
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[g2] sorry for the repeat if anyone is in ubuntustudio, but does anyone know something about Ubuntu Media Center ?07:37
rogue780|mythsrv[g2] , what about it?07:46
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[g2] rogue780: It's supposed to use Elisa and I see a very brief website here http://en.ubuntumediacenter.org/08:00
[g2] I'd think you guys or the studio guys would know about it08:01
CDG52hey does anyone know a command to bring ubuntu out of sleep?08:02
CDG52im working on putting it into my remote08:02
CDG52but my only issue is the computer goess to sleep after some time08:02
rogue780[g2] , all I know is it uses Elisa...so you know more than I08:03
tgm4883[g2] , what is your question08:27
tgm4883CDG52, wouldn't that be a ACPI BIOS function?08:28
CDG52im not sure, but i think i figure it out, all i did was turn off the screen saver08:28
tgm4883Is the computer actually shutting down?08:29
CDG52just turning off the monitor08:29
CDG52yeah i got that part08:30
CDG52and i learned how to turn it on08:30
CDG52which worked fine up untill like 30mins then the screen would be black again08:30
CDG52but i figure that out to08:30
CDG52does anyone know if the media player inside mythtv was built for mythtv or is another program?08:30
tgm4883you mean the internal player?08:31
CDG52the one for watching movies and such08:32
tgm4883well you can set it to use other programs like xine08:33
tgm4883but I think the internal player was built for mythtv08:33
CDG52unfortunitly im having issues with mythtv but the media player/gallery is really nice08:34
CDG52mythtv is very slow and the audio lags compraed to video08:34
[g2] tgm4883: I'm curious whether it's a Ubuntu sponsored "release" and who's running it08:34
CDG52but the media player runs nicly08:34
tgm4883[g2] , i dont think it is, as the only "sponsored" releases are (K)(X)ubuntu08:35
tgm4883CDG52, specs?08:35
[g2] tgm4883: well I mean like studio or I'd imagine mythtv08:36
tgm4883[g2] , I don't think studio is official either08:36
[g2] not "sponsored" in the sense of [K|X] Ubuntu08:36
CDG52its a 2.6 Celleron with 512mb ddr ram, its a compaq i got from a client, with a old hauppage card, one without the encoder on bord08:36
CDG52so it requires a audio cable into the line in08:36
tgm4883well then what do you mean by sponsored?08:37
tgm4883CDG52, can you watch a previously recorded program with not recording a program?08:37
[g2] tgm4883: Mark and other are clearly in support of some releases other than K|X|Ubuntu..08:38
CDG52ive never tried watching a previously recorded program08:38
[g2] then I think some ppl brand stuff like Mint Linux which is Ubuntu derived, but not a Ubuntu project08:38
tgm4883CDG52, Sounds like the computer can't keep up with recording a program and playing back the program at the same time.  Try recording a program without watching it, then watching it later08:39
tgm4883[g2] , well in order to use the *buntu name, I believe that there are some qualifications that you must meet first08:41
tgm4883So i think that would make it seem favorable in the eyes of Mark08:41
CDG52i htink the computre isnt processing the line in port08:43
CDG52and all its doing is unmusting it08:43
CDG52making the sound go a moment faster then the image08:43
tgm4883CDG52, the computer.....wait, is the video playing smooth?08:43
CDG52for the most part, i have had a few gitters08:44
CDG52now on the otherhand tvtime works great08:44
CDG52and has no lag at all no gitters08:44
CDG52crystal clear picture08:44
tgm4883[g2]  if the forums are any indicator, then the only "sponsored" distro is Ubuntu Christian Edition08:44
tgm4883CDG52, how far is the audio off?08:44
CDG522 seconds maybe 3?08:44
tgm4883theres your problem08:45
tgm4883Your grabbing the wrong audio08:45
CDG52should i grab the number two choice?08:45
tgm4883Your system is playing back the audio from the live feed, while the video is 3 seconds behind because it is being written to the hard drive first08:45
CDG52thats what i thought was going on08:46
tgm4883lol, i thought you had a different problem08:47
tgm4883now were on the same page08:47
tgm4883sec, let me look something up08:47
tgm4883arg, i cant find it08:52
tgm4883but its a common problem with software encoders and has a solution08:52
tgm4883http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2516825 here is a thread on it, check post 29 by majoridiot08:53
CDG52thank you08:54
CDG52ever notice filling the database takes forever?09:00
tgm4883but its really only noticable once09:02
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CDG52mine recalls the channel line up every time09:03
CDG52um nvm09:04
CDG52o hey look no more lag09:04
CDG52o crap09:04
CDG52now i have two audio streems09:04
tgm4883yea, one needs muted09:04
CDG52ah alright09:05
CDG52got it09:05
CDG52now all i gotta do is reporgram my remote for it09:06
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OpenMediaSupportDon't you mean morning ;)10:44
kruuliheeh well its more like night here i guess :p10:45
kruuliOpenMediaSupport you never told me what tv tuner card may pal should get? he had a pci slot free .. so we are thinking about the PVR 350..10:46
OpenMediaSupportkruuli: Yeah sorry about that. Depends how he wants to drive the screen. Personally for analogue I'd use a PVR-150 as the tuner is better than the PVR-50010:46
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kruulithe pvr-150 is better then the pvr-305 for analogue? why is that?10:54
OpenMediaSupportNah 150 better than 500 because the dual tuner in the 500 has more reception issues10:55
OpenMediaSupport350 is more expensive because it has the TV Out.10:55
lagaword is that support for the tv-out of the 350 will be dropped. because no developer uses it10:57
kruuliif i have a graphic card with tv out theres no need for the tv out on the 350 right?11:00
OpenMediaSupportYup. Plus the 350 can only do SD out anyway11:08
OpenMediaSupportkruuli:  What country is your friend in?11:08
kruulisweden mate11:11
OpenMediaSupportBetter get him to also look at DVB-T cards. Heard HD Digital transmission are just starting11:11
kruuliyeah .. the "native" channels sends in HD11:13
kruulibut hes behinde a analog cable anyway as the house provides it that way11:13
superm1rogue780, ?11:27
OpenMediaSupportMy thoughts exactly :011:29
superm1OpenMedia, are your guys' patches tagged for the 0.21 milestone?11:52
superm1on svn.mythtv.org?11:52
OpenMediasuperm1: Some of our required patches are already in SVN for 0.21.12:22
OpenMediaWe need a bunch of backports to run off 0.20-fixes.12:22
superm1OpenMedia, good.  I was asking, because I saw the number of tickets is dwindling12:22
superm1its at around 94 now, so 0.21 should be on its way the next two-three months based upon past history12:23
OpenMediaSweet. Nice to have the new storage containers. What I really really want is the MythMultiplex work for DVB though.12:24
OpenMediaRest of our patches are around additional myPVR specific menus and gui elements.12:24
superm1ah to record multiple channels on the same multiplex?12:24
OpenMediaYup thats the one. Problem is some windows products already do this.12:25
superm1is this in trunk yet? or just "being worked on"12:25
OpenMediaSeparate branch at the moment - http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/browser/branches/mythtv-multirec12:26
superm1is this the same branch that will allow multiple recorders to be blocked by one recording?12:26
superm1i'd imagine it to be along the same lines12:26
OpenMediaTo radical at the moment. Don't know about the other problem.12:26
superm1the other problem is like when you have a STB12:27
superm1that multiple inputs record from12:27
superm1say a firewire input and a svideo input12:27
superm1but some channels are only available to say the firewire input12:27
superm1you want to block out the svideo if you activate the firewire12:27
OpenMediaOne feature that would be nice is if you are recording two programs on the same channel+input that you can't under/overrun rather than cut over.12:28
superm1the last i heard it brought up was in a thread about this mythmultiplex stuff12:28
OpenMediaI don't know if that actually made sense.12:28
superm1na, i dont follow that12:28

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